Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

Hello everyone. Baldisore the Gnome has been bugging me to let him do a little writing, so I'm now turning you over to him.

How to Piss Off Straight People

by Baldisore T. Gnome

    1. First, we get everyone in Hollywood who is gay to work on nothing but gay oriented movies. After that, the only movies that will be left for straight people will be westerns and cop movies. How long could you survive on westerns and cop movies?

    2. After we have left nothing but westerns and cop movies for straight people, we then get businesses who have large numbers of gay people working for them to offer gay discounts. We would never again pay full price at a department store or amusement park, which would really bug the straight people.

    3. Finally, we get Congress to offer to legalize gay marriage. Then we say, "No thanks. My boyfriend and I already live together, and we get much larger tax refunds by filing separately. What do you think we are, stupid?" Then we could laugh ourselves into a fit, while we watch the straight people stand around and scratch their heads. By this time they should really be getting pissed off.

Well Baldisore, that was, um, interesting. Please let me remind everyone at this time that the views expressed by Baldisore T. Gnome are his own, and do not necessarily represent the views of this author or web site. This story is © 2005 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy and distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story, and any similarities to actual people or events ar purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Also, The Human Rights Campaign is currently only at 60% of their goal of one million signatures on their petition. Whether you agree with gay marriage or not, this petition is about more than that. It's purpose is to prevent Congress from writing discrimination against gay/lesbian/transgendered people into the US Constitution. If you have not signed it yet, please give it some consideration. The petition can be found at: Thanks, and they will appreciate all the support they can get in defending our rights in the US.

Also, we have been over this subject before, but to no avail. One of my readers has added my address to their address book, and is now infected with a virus. The virus is forging return addresses from their address book, and mailing itself out. If you are not sure of your status, please do everyone a favor and scan your computer. I know that all but one of my readers doesn't have to be told this, so please do not be offended. If you are not sure of your status though, please remove my address from your address book, and use the provided link to send e-mail to me. If I continue to get notices from people that I don't know and have never sent e-mail to, that I am sending them infected e-mail, I will have no choice but to close my address and no longer post an address for my stories. I do not wish to do this though, so whoever is infected, please have a little consideration for others. That is your responsibility for being granted access to the internet, and everyone agrees to that when signing up for internet service. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 4

Things continued along quietly for the boys, but they would not let their guard down. The last pool party of the season was an event to remember. Rusty's family left the boys alone for the day, while visiting relatives out of town. That was a good thing too, because the party was very crowded. The patio and pool area was packed with twenty four boys and girls by the time all of the guests had arrived. Then there were the four adults, making Rusty's back yard very crowded. The first ones to suggest skinny dipping was Snoopy and Chris. Tom and Bryce watched in shock as one by one, the boys and girls at the party began losing their swimsuits. When Tom and Bryce were finally de-pantsed by Calvin and Ricky, they finally stopped fighting it and enjoyed the sight of all of the naked boys and girls around them.

Snoopy and Chris were also the first couple to start making love on the patio, in view of all of the guests. They were quickly followed by Joe and Jennifer, then everyone began pairing off with their lovers. Tom had never seen most of these boys and girls naked, and the sight of Snoopy and Chris making love made him incredibly hard. Tom could not believe that a boy as small as Snoopy could have such a large cock. Snoopy was very proud that it had seemed to grow even more since summer, and was now a little larger than Calvin's cock. Chris was very proud that his boyfriend now had one of the largest cocks that anyone had ever seen. The two boys had the largest audience as well, with everyone being very interested in how Chris could handle such a large cock. Everyone watched in amazement, as Snoopy's cock slowly disappeared inside Chris. Chris sweated profusely as his insides were filled to capacity by Snoopy's massive cock. Everyone expected Chris to feel some discomfort, but he smiled as he felt his lover's cock going further and further inside him. Before long, the back yard was filled with the moans of pleasure coming from so many boys and girls making love. Tom and Bryce also attracted an audience, as a lot of the younger guests were interested in seeing two adult men make love.

After the orgy had finished, the rest of the evening and night was filled with food, laughter, swimming, kissing, and young people gently arousing their lovers. The party also made Bryce realize that although he wasn't attracted to one sex more than the other, he was very attracted to Tom, and wanted their relationship to be a monogamous one. No woman or man would catch his eye as long as Tom was there. It turned out to be the best party that any of the guests had ever experienced.

The new garage at Rusty's house had been finished, and now the construction was beginning on Rusty and Allen's love nest, as well as Allen's parents house. The construction foreman told the boys that they would be able to move into their new place on the weekend before Halloween. That was also the weekend before the show at school, so they would be able to christen their new place with the band's final practice. That weekend finally rolled around, and Allen and Rusty were excited to get home on Friday after boxing and karate.

When the boys walked in the door, Mike handed them each a set of keys and said, "It's all ready for you two. You can go ahead and move in any time you want."

Allen and Rusty began moving immediately after supper. That meant Joe could also move into Rusty and Allen's old room, which he began doing as soon as Allen and Rusty had enough of their stuff out of the way. Joe was very happy too, because this would give him more room in his new home, and more privacy when Jennifer came over. Rusty and Allen finished moving late that night, and settled down for their first night in their new place. It felt so much like sharing their own apartment together, that Rusty and Allen felt as if they were now a truly committed and independent couple. As soon as they were moved in, Rusty and Allen immediately shed their clothes. Then they relaxed in each other's arms on the sofa, to watch a little TV before going to bed.

"This is just what I want the rest of our lives to be like babe." said Rusty, as he caressed Allen's body.

Allen leaned his naked body into Rusty and replied, "We have the greatest parents in the world, to help us be together like this." Then Allen reached down between Rusty's legs, and began to gently stroke his cock.

"This feels so right." said Rusty, who then turned Allen's face toward his own, and gave Allen a soft kiss on the lips. "I want us to be like this until we're an old couple together. I want us to be like this for the rest of our lives."

"That's the exact same thing I want babe." replied Allen.

Allen and Rusty held each other closely, feeling the warmth of each other's bodies until it was time to go to bed and make love. As soon as the bed was down, and the lights were off, the boys climbed into their new bed together. They took each other into their gentle arms, and pressed their soft lips together. As Allen and Rusty kissed passionately, they caressed each other with their smooth hands. After a long and satisfying kiss, Allen backed off slightly.

"This is exactly what Robert wanted for me and you back on our beach." said Allen. "I still remember that place like we were there yesterday."

"I'll never forget it either." replied Rusty softly. "That's where you became my mate for the rest of my life, and made me the happiest guy in the world."

"And now I want you to make me the happiest guy in the world." said Allen. "Please put your beautiful cock inside me, and make love to me now."

Rusty immediately knelt between Allen's legs, and gazed down at his lover. They'd had the contractor install several large skylights in their home, and the moon now shone beautifully off Allen's body. "What are you looking at babe?" asked Allen, as he giggled.

"I'm looking at the most beautiful sight that has ever been created!" replied Rusty breathlessly. "The moon is showing how perfect you really are. Lay there for just a minute!"

Rusty then got up and got his camera out. Rusty had gotten a very high mega pixel camera, with an extreme low light setting. Rusty set the camera for as little light as possible, then had Allen relax completely. Rusty then spent ten minutes posing Allen's head, arms, legs, and cock, until everything was in just the right position. Allen remained motionless as Rusty took several pictures of him from different angles. Then Allen wanted to do the same thing with Rusty. When Rusty laid on the bed and let the moon reflect off his body, it was the sexiest sight that Allen had ever seen. Allen took his time posing Rusty exactly the way he wanted him, then took several pictures of the boy who defined love for him. Then Allen and Rusty resumed the positions they were in before they began taking pictures. First Allen erotically lubed Rusty's stiffening cock, then Rusty gently lubed Allen's soft pucker.

"I love you so much babe." said Rusty softly, as he lined his cock up with Allen's hole.

Both boys moaned in pleasure as Rusty slid his cock all the way into Allen. Then he leaned down and pressed his lips against the only lips he longed to feel anymore. Rusty began to gently and passionately hump in and out of Allen. Rusty's cock felt perfect to Allen, as it slid in and out of him in the pale moonlight of their room. Instead of picking up his pace gradually, Rusty maintained the same pace as his cock slid back and forth. This now felt perfect to Rusty, and there was no need to rush things. That was fine with Allen, as Rusty's cock felt so good inside him now that he never wanted this to stop. Rusty's tongue explored Allen's mouth deeply, as his cock slowly slid back and forth inside Allen. At the same time, Allen gently caressed every inch of his lover's beautifully smooth body. The boys had no concept of time, or the world around them, as they felt love the way it was suppose to feel. Both boys moaned lovingly into each other's mouths, feeling the air pass from one set of lungs to the other.

After about thirty minutes, Rusty's breathing began to get heavier into Allen's mouth. Allen could feel Rusty's air filling his lungs completely, as he felt Rusty's cock throb and begin to thrust faster. Allen sucked on Rusty's tongue as hard as he could, which sent Rusty's body over the edge. Allen held Rusty's body tightly as every inch of it shook and trembled. At the same time, Allen felt Rusty's cum shooting forcefully into him, filling his insides with complete satisfaction. Rusty trembled as he realized that he couldn't stop cumming, not that he would if he could. By the time Rusty's cock had been drained, he had ended up having the most massive orgasm of his life. Rusty's exhausted and limp body rested fully on top of Allen, but Allen enjoyed feeling all of Rusty's weight resting on him. Allen continued to stroke Rusty's limp body, and kiss him passionately.

Allen finally broke the kiss, and softly said, "I've never felt anything like that in my life. That was the most intense feeling of love and pleasure that I've ever felt."

"I've never felt anything like that either." gasped Rusty, still breathless from exhaustion. "Your the only one I can ever be with like this again Allen. Your body is the only one that I can ever feel next to mine. Your lips are the only ones I can ever caress with mine. I'm completely committed to only you now babe, and I want us to make it official now. Our parents would love to plan the ceremony for us as soon as possible."

"I've always wanted us to be together Rusty, even from our time together as little kids." said Allen. "I knew when I was six years old that I wanted a boyfriend someday, and most of the time I dreamed that it would be you. I've dreamt so many times of you asking me to marry you that I've lost count. I would love for us to have a ceremony, and for you to be my husband. Let's tell our parents in the morning!"

"Nothing could ever make me happier than this day has." replied Rusty. "Now it's your turn to make love to me."

Allen knelt between Rusty's legs, and had Rusty lube his cock for him. Rusty was eager to run his slick hand over Allen's cock, and made sure it was well lubed. Then Allen reached down and lubed Rusty's pucker. Allen ran his fingers lightly over the opening, occasionally slipping the tip of a finger inside his lover. When Rusty began moaning lightly to Allen, Allen pressed his cock against Rusty's hole. Allen's beautiful cock slid into Rusty effortlessly, causing both boys to moan now. Allen began going back and forth inside Rusty as he leaned down to press his lips against Rusty's. Their lips were once again sealed so tightly that they shared each other's air, as Allen thrust slowly and deeply into Rusty, then quickly pulled back. Rusty reached back behind both of them between Allen's cheeks, and grabbed ahold of Allen's balls. Rusty gently massaged the plum sized orbs with one hand, as he felt Allen's cock continue to slip in and out of him. Rusty could tell Allen liked the way he was handling his balls, so Rusty continued.

Allen wasn't able to last nearly as long as Rusty did. After only ten minutes, Allen began panting heavily into Rusty's mouth. Rusty began to suck and blow the air in and out of Allen's lungs, as Allen began to thrust in and out of Rusty faster and with more force. Allen groaned loudly into Rusty's mouth as he began shooting his cum deeply inside Rusty. Rusty grabbed Allen's hips, and pulled Allen's cock into himself as hard as he could on every in thrust. Both boys moaned in ecstasy as Allen's orgasm subsided. As Allen's cock softened, it slipped out of Rusty, and the two boys held each other in a tight embrace. Allen and Rusty fell asleep with their lips pressed together, and their tongues in each other's mouths.

The next morning when Rusty got up, he began downloading the pictures from his camera into his computer. Allen and Rusty waited in their shorts for the pictures to download, then Rusty pulled up the first one of Allen.

"Oh my God dude!" exclaimed Rusty. "This is even better than I thought it would be! Get me an eight by ten sheet of semi-gloss photo paper, and load it in the printer!"

"I'll just get several, and we'll do them all on semi-gloss." replied Allen.

Allen loaded the paper into the printer as Rusty fine tuned the picture, and added a lightly fuzzy border to it. The boys stared as the photo began coming out of the printer. The moonlight shining off Allen's body had given his smooth skin a milky glow. The angelic smile on Allen's face, plus the sensuous pose that Rusty had placed him in, made it one of the most captivating photos that either boy had ever seen. Rusty was getting incredibly hard just by looking at the picture of his lover, causing the head of his cock to poke out of the fly in his shorts.

"I see someone really likes it!" giggled Allen boyishly. "Now, let's do one of you!"

The poses that Allen had Rusty in were decidedly more erotic, but very tasteful. The moonlight complimented Rusty's skin almost as much as it had Allen's, as Allen fine tuned his favorite shot of Rusty. Allen gave the picture just a little warmer glow, and a little more fuzziness in the border. Then the boys watched as Rusty's picture came out of the printer. It was the sexiest photo that Allen had ever seen, and now it was his turn to harden up.

Rusty lightly flicked at the head of Allen's cock as it poked out of his shorts, and asked, "Who likes it now babe?"

Both boys giggled madly as they put one arm around each other. Then there was a knock at their door. "Come on in dad!" yelled Rusty.

Mike opened the door and laughed as he asked, "How did you know it was me?"

"I know your knock anywhere!" replied Rusty. "Besides, you're right about on schedule." Then Rusty and Allen both began to snicker.

"Well, I just wanted to see how you did with your first night in your own place." said Mike, as he walked over to where Rusty and Allen were sitting at the desk. "So, what are you boys doing this morning?"

"Starving!" snickered Rusty. "We haven't had a chance to stock our little love nest yet. We were also working on some pictures we took last night."

Mike picked up the pictures as he said, "Let me take a look." Mike stared at them for a few moments, then exclaimed "Wow!"

"I'm sorry dad, you picked them up before I could tell you that they were nudes." said Rusty apologetically.

"That's not why I was saying wow, Russ." replied Mike. "These are beautiful. The lighting, the composition, not to mention the poses. And the subjects happen to be two very good looking young men. Looking at this makes me proud to be your dad, Russ."

"You're biased though, because you're my dad." replied Rusty modestly.

"I don't think so." said Mike. "I think these shot are so tasteful and beautifully done that they should be displayed in a gallery somewhere. Can you make a copy of these for your mother and me? I'm sure Allen's parents will want a copy too when they see them!"

"Sure dad, anything for you." laughed Rusty lightly.

"While your mother and I are out stocking your boys' new apartment, we'll pick out some really nice frames for these." said Mike. "They should be framed by something equally as beautiful."

"Now you're just trying to make me blush dad." said Rusty.

"Son, I took a little photography in high school and college, and you boys just put everything I've ever shot to shame." replied Mike. "Well, as soon as you run us a couple of copies, get dressed a little and come on down to breakfast. Your mother will like these just as much as I do, if not more."

Then Mike left the boys in their apartment. If he had seen their cocks poking out of their shorts, he hadn't let on. Rusty knew that he probably did notice, but that he wouldn't have said anything. Rusty wouldn't have minded even if he had though, because as far as he was concerned, he had about the coolest dad there was. Rusty and Allen copied the pictures for Mike and Emily, then got dressed to join Rusty's family for breakfast.

As the boys joined the breakfast table, Rusty handed Mike the photos and said, "Here dad, just like you wanted."

"Great!" replied Mike. "Emily, come see the works of art our son and his boyfriend came up with!"

Emily sat a pitcher of orange juice on the table, and took a look at the pictures Mike handed her. After studying them for a few minutes, Emily said, "Wow! These really are works of art. I would call them beautiful, but that word just isn't good enough for these. I'll bet if you boys put these on a billboard near the school, you'd give every girl, and quite a few boys, a bunch of heart attacks! I know right where these are going as soon as we find the right frames for them."

Then Joe took a look at the pictures, and smiled at Rusty. "Now I know why it was so hard for Jennifer when you guys broke up!" said Joe. "Not too bad at all my brother! You too Allen. You both are breaking quite a few hearts by being together!"

Beth wanted to see the pictures too, but Emily thought it would be best to let Rusty and Allen make their escape after breakfast first. As everyone enjoyed breakfast together, Rusty got everyone's attention.

"Joe reminded us of something a little while ago." said Rusty. "Mom, Dad, Allen and I have given this quite a bit of thought last night and this morning. After last night we both know that neither of us could ever touch, or even look at anyone else the same way we do each other. Allen and I know that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together as lovers and mates. We're going to be just as much in love with each other when we're seventy as we are right now. We'd like you guys and Allen's parents to begin planning a ceremony for us during spring break this year. I want Allen to officially be my husband, and he wants the same thing from me."

Mike got up and went over to hug Rusty, then said, "Congratulations son! I hope you and Allen will have a long and happy life together!" Then Mike had Allen stand for a hug as he continued, "You're just as much my son now Allen. I'm so happy for both of you, and I hope you and Rusty will be very happy, son!"

A tear came to the corner of Emily's eye as she said, "Judith and I knew we would get to see this someday! We're going to make sure you boys have a very special and beautiful ceremony. I'm so happy for both my sons!"

"Does this ever seem like a dream babe?" Allen asked Rusty softly.

"Every beautiful day like this one seems like a dream my love!" replied Rusty. "It's one that I hope never comes to an end either!"

Allen and Rusty then kissed passionately at the breakfast table, while Rusty's family looked on. Rusty and Allen both knew how blessed they were right now. After breakfast Allen and Rusty waited for the rest of the group to come over, as Mike, Emily, Beth, and the babies went out shopping for the boys. Allen waited in the apartment for everyone to show up, as Rusty waited at the garage to point everyone to the private entrance to their place. Allen then showed everyone the entrance to the main house, in case anyone needed anything from Rusty's parent's kitchen. When Bryce got there, he decided to run to the convenience store quickly, to stock Allen and Rusty's kitchenette with refreshments and snacks. Bryce filled the bottom of their good sized refrigerator with soft drinks upon returning.

Then the boys got serious about their final practice. All of the songs were now as finished as they were going to be, and the boys wanted to know all of them in their sleep. Bryce smiled as the boys played the best that he had ever heard them play. Joe was busy at first, getting all the final settings on the sound board right, then Bryce noticed Joe start a tape recorder. Joe was proud of the way his friends were sounding now, and he wanted them to hear themselves before the end of the day. After Joe had recorded several of their better songs, Mike and Emily came in carrying bags.

"Damn!" exclaimed Mike to Joe and Bryce. "They sound better than most groups that play professionally today!"

Joe laughed as he replied, "And to think, they only started this as a way to have fun together!"

As the boys continued to practice, Mike got Joe and Bryce to help him and Emily with the rest of the bags. The boys decided to take a break so Allen and Rusty could help with the last of the bags.

"You guys didn't have to buy out the store for us!" snickered Rusty to his dad.

"Yeah, what are you going to get us as wedding gifts this spring now?" asked Allen, as he snickered too.

"What did you mean by that Allen?" asked Calvin, as he smiled widely. Calvin already had a feeling that he knew what Allen meant.

"Okay, I guess it's announcement time!" said Rusty. "Hey everyone, can I have your attention?!" Everyone then quieted down as they looked at Rusty, and Rusty continued, "Allen and I have an announcement to make. We've decided to have a commitment ceremony this spring, during spring break. I want Allen to be my husband, and he wants me to be his husband too. We always had a feeling from the time we were little kids that we would be together forever, and now we want to make it official. Our parents are going to plan the whole ceremony, and we hope all of you will be there. We may ask some of you to play a special part in the ceremony, but we love all of you just as much. We think of everyone here as one great big happy family."

Rusty's announcement was met with a chorus of cheers and whistles, as everyone hugged Rusty and Allen, and patted them on the back. Then Emily handed Rusty two very beautiful picture frames and said, "Here son. I thought your pictures would look very good in these frames."

Rusty hugged his mom, then got the pictures out to put them in the frames. Everyone wanted to see the pictures then, so Rusty passed them around the room after they were safely in the frames. Everyone commented how nice they looked, and that Rusty and Allen should be proud of them. Rusty was starting feel very proud of them, so he hung them on the wall where everyone who visited would be able to see them. Rusty and Allen didn't know it, but those pictures would be the basis of several fantasies of their friends that night.

The big day finally rolled around, and all of the boys were very excited. Not only did the less experienced guys play better than they did when they had their first show, but they would be playing their own material too, which they thought everyone would like. Then they would have the big dance that evening as well. The principal finally had the boys excused about an hour before the show, so they could go to the auditorium to get ready. Joe had once again arranged for some special effects during the show, but still no pyrotechnics. Joe made sure the sound board and effects were ready, as the boys set up and tuned their instruments. The bell for the final class of the day finally rang, and soon the boys heard their classmates begin filing into the auditorium. Joe had also hooked up a recorder for this show too, but this time all of the boys knew about it. What they didn't know is that Snoopy had called his friend from California, and she would be in the audience today.

The principal finally came backstage, and asked, "Are you boys ready to start?"

"I guess we're as ready as we're going to be." replied Allen.

Allen would be starting off solo, so he took his mark as the other boys got into position. Allen and Rusty would be together on the second song though, followed by Rusty going solo on Bryce's special song. Most of the remaining songs would be with Allen and Rusty both.

The principal went to the microphone in front of the curtain and said, "As most of you students know, we have a little show planned for you as a thank you for a great first quarter. If any of you attended classes this summer, you will no doubt remember our guests today. I'm sure most of the rest of you have seen their CD around the school this year. It's my pleasure to introduce Youthful Discretion!"

The curtain rose to a great applause, as Allen stepped up to the mic and said, "Thanks everyone. We're happy to be playing for you today, and we have a surprise for most of you. Today's show will be new material that we hope to put on a major label someday. I hope everyone likes what we have for you today."

The band then began to play, and Allen began the first song. The boys all relaxed immediately when they began playing, and the first two songs went well. The boys received applause after each song, so it seemed as though their classmates enjoyed them. Then Rusty sang the next song. It was a very emotional song, and the students listened carefully. As the song ended, Rusty and the boys received a thunderous applause.

After the applause died down, Rusty stepped back up to the mic and said, "Thanks everyone. I wanted to remind everyone of the dance tonight. If you haven't made plans for it yet, please find a date and come on out. The dance is open to all sexual orientations, so it doesn't matter who you bring. We just want to get everyone together to have a good time tonight, so my boyfriend and I hope to see a lot of you there."

Rusty received more applause for his announcement than he thought he would, which made the boys feel pretty good. The rest of the show went very well, and the boys had a great time. It also seemed as though most of the students had a great time too. When the boys finished the last of their new material, the audience gave them a standing ovation. After a five minute ovation, the boys came back out to do two songs that they had done for the summer show. After those two songs, the boys received another ovation. The principal tried to get the students to let the band go for now, but they wanted one more song.

Rusty came back out to the mic and said, "We'd love to do another song, but all we have left that we know are duets, and Allen's voice is getting a little tired."

The audience still would not stop the ovation, so Snoopy's friend jumped up onto the stage and said, "Hi there Rusty. I wouldn't mind doing the duet with you, as long as it's one of the songs off the CD you guys gave me."

Everyone in the audience immediately recognized her, and the applause became even louder. Rusty nervously replied, "Sure. It would be an honor."

Joe quickly started the recorder back up as the other boys took their places. Then Rusty and Snoopy's friend began one more duet from the CD. She and Rusty sounded very good together, but although it was fun, it wasn't like singing with Allen. They did get through the song well though, and she went backstage with the boys after the song was over.

"I just wanted to tell you boys how great you sound." said Snoopy's friend. "There are many people with platinum albums that don't sound as good as you boys do. It was also a lot of fun singing with you Rusty."

"Wow!" exclaimed Rusty. "I can't believe I sang a song with you! I won't forget today for quite a while!"

"By all rights, I should be saying that to you." laughed Snoopy's friend. "Now, was your sound man recording us out there?"

"Yes ma'am." replied Joe. "I'm sorry, but I had to record my best friend singing with you, in case he thinks it was a dream later. I promise we won't include that on the CD that we make, except for our personal copies."

Snoopy's friend reached her hand out to shake Joe's as she replied, "Just don't forget to send me a copy of it too. I'd also like a copy of it without Rusty and myself singing, so I can take it to a friend of mine. She has her own label, and I think she might be interested in you boys."

The boys talked with her for a while longer, until they had to pack everything up so they could get ready for the dance. As the boys said good-bye to Snoopy's friend, they thought that they would never forget today. Little did they know that later on at the dance, there would be another reason that they wouldn't forget today, compliments of Ralph Finnegan.

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