Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 5

The Alliance had the gymnasium decorated beautifully that night, as kids began arriving for the dance. Rusty and Allen were very pleased when they got there, as it looked like there was a very good mix of gay, lesbian, and straight couples at the dance. They saw boys dancing with other boys right next to other boys dancing with their girlfriends, and everyone was getting along great and laughing with each other.

"Damn dude, isn't this just how it's suppose to be?" Rusty asked Allen.

"I wish the whole world could see this, and use it as an example." replied Allen. "It's the best feeling in the world to see gay and lesbian kids getting along like this with straight kids."

Then one of the boys on the football team came up and said, "Hey there Allen, I hear we have you to thank for putting on such a great dance. You did a great job man, and you should be proud of yourself."

"Well, I did have a few other kids helping me put it together." said Allen modestly.

"Then you and your friends that helped are number one in my book." said the football player. "My girlfriend and I are having a great time tonight. I'll see you two love birds around school. Have fun tonight, and do everything I wouldn't do."

The football player smiled and snickered as he turned to go back to his girlfriend. Then Rusty and Allen went to get refreshments before they started dancing. Rusty and Allen made a great looking couple once they got out to the middle of the dance floor. During the slower songs, Rusty and Allen would hold each other close and kiss often. As they were finishing up a faster dance before going back to a slow one, the starting defensive tackle and his girlfriend bumped into Rusty and Allen on purpose.

"Hey Rusty, how ya doin?" asked the large, dark-skinned boy.

"I'm great, especially considering how well the dance is going." replied Rusty. "It looks like the team will go all the way to the championships this year, don't it?"

"Yeah, and I might get that scholarship after all if we do well enough." replied the boy, as he flashed a bright smile. "It really helped us to get rid of Steve and his no-talent goons. I do have one problem though. My girlfriend says that I need lessons on how to dance the slow dances, and that I should get you to teach me. Do ya think that might be possible? If I could dance slow like you do with Allen, my girlfriend and I would end up having a really good night!"

"Just a second." replied Rusty, who then turned back to Allen. "Hey babe, do you mind switching for the next song. Demetrius wants me to teach him to dance slow while you keep his girlfriend warmed up for him."

"I guess I could do that, but I better not see you kissing him with too much feeling!" snickered Allen.

"Thanks babe." said Rusty. "And I promise, no tongues."

As the next slow dance started, Rusty put his arms around Demetrius. As Rusty pulled Demetrius's body snugly against his, he said, "The first thing you have to do in a slow dance is to hold your girlfriend really close, like I'm holding you now. Do you feel how our bodies are pressing together?"

"Yeah man, I can feel every contour of your body." replied Demetrius.

"That's how a slow dance is suppose to feel." said Rusty. This might be a little awkward because you're so much larger than me, but I'm going to lead now. Usually the larger person does that. One of the reasons I'm holding you so close is so you can feel my leg start to move, and move yours the same way. Concentrate on how it feels when my leg starts to move. Can you feel my leg with yours?"

"You're right Rusty, I can feel your leg as it starts to move!" replied Demetrius. "What's the other reason why you're holding me close?"

"Because you have a damn fine body dude, and it feels good to hold it against mine!" said Rusty as he smiled. "If you hold your body this close to your girlfriend, it will get her incredibly hot! Anyway, once you get your rhythm going, then you lean your upper body even closer and give her a very nice kiss. I would demonstrate that but you could break me in two, AND I'm engaged to Allen."

"No shit man!" exclaimed Demetrius. "You two guys are going to get married?"

"Well, we can't actually get married, but we are planning a commitment ceremony over spring break." replied Rusty. "We know there will never be anyone else for either of us."

"That's so cool!" replied Demetrius. "Are you going to invite me and my girlfriend?"

"If you want to see Allen and me get hitched, I'd love to invite both of you." said Rusty.

"I'd love to be there." replied Demetrius. "It feels really nice to dance this close. Are you going to show me that kiss now. I need to know how that's going to work while we're moving."

Rusty was shocked at first, as he looked over toward Allen and Demetrius's girlfriend. Allen could tell what was going on, so he turned the girl away from Rusty and Demetrius. Then Rusty and Demetrius slowly drew closer until Rusty pressed his lips against the large but currently gentle boy's full lips. Demetrius put one hand on the back of Rusty's head so he could hold the kiss longer than Rusty had planned, then massaged Rusty's lips with his own. Then Rusty felt Demetrius's tongue against his lips. Rusty didn't want to go that far because he promised Allen he wouldn't, but Demetrius forced his tongue into Rusty's mouth. Rusty finally gave in and caressed Demetrius's tongue gently with his own. Then the two boys finally broke the kiss.

"You really just wanted to know what it felt like to kiss another guy, didn't you Demetrius?" asked Rusty, a little breathlessly.

"Yeah." admitted Demetrius bashfully. "My girlfriend's brother plays basketball for the University up in Gainesville, and the last time he was home he kinda came on to me. I love my girlfriend, and having sex with girls is awesome, but he made me wonder what it might be like to at least do it once. After that kiss with you, I think I might do it."

"Well, if you need anyone to talk to before or after, Allen and I would love to help." offered Rusty.

"Thanks Rusty, you're a nice guy and Allen is lucky to have you." replied Demetrius, as he enjoyed the closeness of Rusty's body for a few more seconds. "Your body feels kinda nice being so close to mine."

"Okay Demetrius, I want you to lead as we make our way back toward your girlfriend." said Rusty.

As Demetrius took the lead, Rusty laid the side of his head against Demetrius's chest. Demetrius gave Rusty's back one gentle stroke along it's entire length, and almost couldn't resist cupping Rusty's butt in his hand. The two boys finally made their way back to Allen and Demetrius's girlfriend, Then they switched back to their regular partners. During the next slow dance Rusty looked over toward Demetrius and his girlfriend, to see Demetrius holding her very close against his body. As the two danced, Demetrius gave her a very passionate kiss. After the kiss, Demetrius spotted Rusty and gave him a thumbs up. Rusty and Allen both smiled and gave Demetrius a brief wave.

"I take it Doctor Rusty has set another couple on the course to happiness." said Allen as he smiled.

"The couple who's happiness I am most concerned with is us, my love.' replied Rusty, just before locking his lips against Allen's.

Toward the end of the dance, Allen said to Rusty, "This has been such a cool night. I love how everyone has been able to get along, and to be comfortable in showing affection to the people they love."

"Yeah, the straight kids at this school are about the coolest straight kids in the world." replied Rusty. "Hell, a lot of them even want us to invite them to our ceremony. Maybe we should have it in the auditorium on the last day before spring break."

Allen laughed before replying, "Our principal may be a pretty open minded guy, but somehow I don't think he would go for that."

Suddenly everyone in the gymnasium heard a scream come from just outside. Rusty and Allen ran to the door, and almost froze in shock like everyone else did. Two boys had been stripped naked, and tied to a light pole outside the gymnasium. Rusty and Allen did manage to keep their wits about them though, and ran to help the two boys after telling someone to call 911. The first thing Rusty and Allen did was to take off their shirts, and hold them against the knife wounds in both boy's lower torsos. Once Rusty and Allen had stopped the flow of blood, they tried to assess what they were dealing with. Both boys had bruising around the crotch, and their attacker or attackers had written FAG across their chests in their own blood. One boy also had a bowling pin lodged in his rectum, while the other one had a baseball bat lodged in his. Rusty and Allen thought it was best not to remove those until help arrived, in case they might be bleeding there too.

One of the chaperones at the dance had called 911, and was now with Rusty, Allen, and the two boys. "If things like this are going to happen, I don't think we can hold any more events like this." said the chaperone.

"It wasn't a student that did this!" said Rusty, as he tried to control his temper, and keep the boy he was with from bleeding to death. "It was Ralph Finnegan! I know it was Ralph, and I'm going to make sure he pays for this!"

"If you think you know who it was Rusty, it would be better to let the police handle it." advised the chaperone. Then she turned to the other shocked students and asked, "Does anyone know who these two boys are?"

Shane stepped forward and said, "I met them earlier at the dance. The blonde boy's name is Stevie Mercer, and the other one is his boyfriend, Gary Freeman. They both decided to come out tonight, which was why they came to the dance. Rusty, do you think this was Ralph?"

"I know Ralph did it, and I won't rest until he gets exactly what he deserves!" replied Rusty.

The paramedics arrived and took over for Rusty and Allen. They applied pressure bandages to the wounds, then removed the objects from the boy's rectums. There was some bleeding there too from both boys, so the paramedics got that under control. Then they had to start IV's on both boys to keep their veins from collapsing due to loss of blood. The paramedics worked quickly to get the boys ready to transport, then told the police they were taking them to the hospital across the freeway from International Drive because it was the closest. Then the police began questioning the kids at the dance, starting with Rusty.

"Okay Rusty, the hospital will do everything they can for those two boys, so try to concentrate on helping us now." said the police officer. "Can you tell me what you know about what happened?"

"Allen and I heard screaming coming from out here, so we ran out of the gymnasium." said Rusty, who was on the verge of tears. "Then we saw Stevie and Gary tied to the light pole, and bleeding pretty bad. No one said they saw it happen, but I know who did it."

"Who do you think did it, and why would they do something this horrible?" asked the police officer.

"His name is Ralph Finnegan, and he hates us." replied Rusty. "He probably knew that Allen and I planned the dance tonight, and he wanted to get even with us. We put his cousin Steve in prison for a very long time, possibly for the rest of his life. Steve tried to kill me and my friends because he hates gay people, and his cousin hates gay people even more than Steve does. Ralph said he would get even with us at Steve's trial."

"So, you have an enemy that would hurt anyone to get even with you, right?" asked the officer.

"I'm sure he's the person that did this." replied Rusty.

"Okay, we'll have a talk with Mister Finnegan, and see what he has to say." said the officer. "I know he would never admit to doing this if he did, but we can at least find out if he has an alibi for tonight. Did you or Allen touch the objects that were found in the boys?"

"No, we thought it would be best to let professionals handle that." replied Rusty. "I hope when you go talk to him that he puts up a fight, and you have to shoot him!"

"Rusty, listen carefully to me." said the officer. "You have to be careful about saying things like that. I know that you are under a lot of stress right now, so I didn't hear what you just said. Things like that could come back to haunt you though, because you never know how this is going to turn out, and I'd hate to see things go wrong for you."

"I'm sorry sir, it's just that I'm so mad right now." said Rusty. "Stevie and Gary didn't ask for what happened tonight. No one deserves to have something like that done to them, except maybe for the person who did something like that."

"You're absolutely right about those two boys not deserving this, but if Ralph did this, we will catch him." said the officer. "Once we do, it's up to the court to decide what he deserves. I don't blame you for feeling the way you do, but you have to work within the law on this Rusty. Do you understand that?"

"Yes sir." answered Rusty solemnly.

"This may help a little bit." said the officer. "The paramedics said if those two boys make it through this, it's because of you and Allen. You gave them any chance they have of surviving their attack."

The police finally finished with Rusty and Allen, and Shane and Terry let their friends borrow their shirts. They were going to go home, but they knew Rusty and Allen would want to go to the hospital. Allen called home on his cell phone while Rusty drove to the hospital. Allen and Rusty didn't know the two boys very well, but they felt somewhat responsible for the condition they were in now. The hospital wasn't very far away, so Rusty and Allen made it there pretty quickly.

Rusty and Allen ran up to the emergency room desk and asked, "Where is Stevie Mercer and Gary Freeman? How are they doing now?"

"They're already in surgery now." replied the nurse. "Are you friends or family?"

"I guess you could say we're family, in a way." replied Rusty.

"Okay then, you can wait in the surgical waiting room." said the nurse. "The rest of the family is on their way. Just follow the red line over there until it crosses a blue line. Then the blue line will meet a yellow line, so start following the yellow line. Just before the yellow line goes through a set of double doors that says Do Not Enter, go through the door on your right."

"Isn't that kinda like leaving a trail of bread crumbs?" asked Allen.

The nurse smiled and said, "This system is better than bread crumbs. The birds can't eat the painted lines."

Rusty almost smiled at that for the first time in a while, then the boys were off in search of the yellow brick road. After beginning to think maybe the nurse was crazy, Rusty and Allen finally came across the surgical waiting room. Rusty went to the desk and asked, "Is there any news yet about Stevie Mercer and Gary Freeman?"

"They're still in surgery right now." replied the nurse. "The doctors will be out when they have any news at all."

A few moments later, Rusty and Allen was joined by a nicely dressed man who said, "My name is Richard, and I'm the hospital's spiritual counselor. Do you boys need any assistance right now?"

"Are they that bad?" asked Rusty.

"Stevie and Gary both lost a lot of blood." replied Richard. "Their attacker also beat them up pretty bad. The doctors are putting all the blood they can find into the boys while they fix them up though."

"They can have some of ours if that will help." said Rusty.

"That's a great gesture boys, but hopefully they will be out of surgery by the time your parents can get here to sign the consent forms." replied Richard.

"Um,... our parents aren't on the way here." said Allen.

"Then I'm guessing you boys aren't actually family." said Richard.

"No sir." replied Rusty. "We were at the school tonight when they were attacked. We're the two who helped them until the paramedics could arrive."

"Then you boys should be proud of yourselves." said Richard. "From what I have been told, they wouldn't have made it to the hospital without you. You have every right to be here too. Now, can I offer you any spiritual assistance?"

"If God owes you any favors, could you pray for them?" said Rusty.

"Well, it doesn't quite work that way boys." said Richard. "God doesn't owe anyone any favors, but he does listen to prayers, and grants those that are worthy. I've already been praying for them, and it wouldn't hurt for you boys to do the same."

"We will sir." replied Rusty. "They didn't deserve what happened to them just because they're a certain way though."

"If that means what I think it does, I don't believe that God punishes people for being gay." said Richard. "They are just being the people that God made them to be, so that means that you and your boyfriend don't have to worry about that either. Besides, no one deserves what happened to Stevie and Gary. The person that did that to them is the one who is the animal."

"So, you don't think homosexuality is wrong?" asked Allen.

"I think having a loving and committed relationship is more important than who it's with." replied Richard. "Anyway, some of the nicest people I have ever met have been gay. I don't believe that it's wrong, or a sin. What is wrong is the way some people treat others just because they don't understand them and don't want to."

"We're having a commitment ceremony this spring." said Allen. "You wouldn't be interested in doing the ceremony for us, would you?"

Richard smiled and said, "It would be an honor to officiate the commitment of two young men who want to commit their love and their lives to each other. Just give me a call sometime to work out the details." Richard then handed Allen his card. "Now, I see that Stevie and Gary families are arriving, so I have to go speak with them. If you ever have any questions though, feel free to call me anytime."

While Richard was speaking with the families, Rusty and Allen both silently prayed for Stevie and Gary. After what seemed like ages, a doctor finally came out. Rusty and Allen moved over to where the families were so they could hear what the doctor said.

"Both boys are out of surgery now." said the doctor. "They both lost almost an entire body's volume of blood, but we were able to find enough to replace what they lost. They are both in very serious condition though, and it's too soon to say if they if they can recover from the shock to their bodies. One of the boys had to be resuscitated on the operating table, but that isn't unusual for the amount of injury they sustained. The attacker also tried to permanently disable both boys genitals, but we'll have to wait until they recover from the blood loss before we worry about that. They may need surgery again though, as soon as they can stand it. Right now though, both boys have had a catheter inserted past their prostate so they can urinate properly. All we can do right now is wait. If they live through the night, they should be out of the woods. That's really all that we know right now."

The families were visibly shaken by the doctor's news, and Rusty and Allen thought they should just slip out until morning. Then they were confronted by a crying woman. The woman then stopped crying and dried her tears.

"I'm Stevie's mother." said the woman. "Are you boys friends of theirs?"

"In a way, I guess." said Rusty. "We helped them out tonight until the paramedics arrived. I'm very sorry about what happened to them ma'am."

"There's no need to be sorry boys." said the woman. "What happened tonight was our fault. We should have put a stop to the boys acting the way they did. I was worried when they said they wanted to let everyone know that they were gay. I was worried that something like this would happen, and it sure enough did. I should have split them up long ago."

"You've got it all wrong though." said Allen. "This didn't happen because Stevie and Gary loved each other and cared very much about each other. There is nothing wrong with them loving each other that way. The one who is wrong is the piece of shit that did this to them, and I hope he gets caught and gets what he deserves. Stevie and Gary love each other because that's who they are, and they can't change that. No one can change that."

"That last part was exactly what they said to us when they came out to us." said the woman. "I'm sorry boys, I didn't mean to sound that way. This has been a rough night for us. I know the boys will need each other even more if they pull through this. You two are welcome to stay if you want. We were going to go to the ICU waiting room right now."

"Thanks ma'am, we'd be happy to stay." replied Rusty.

Well, it looks like Ralph has made his presence known, and he sounds like he has less of a conscience than his cousin. What will happen next? Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 6.