Allen 3:

Season's Change

by tim the story guy

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 6

Rusty and Allen waited in the waiting room for any news on Stevie and Gary, but eventually dozed off. Stevie's mom came out to the waiting room, and almost hated to wake the two boys. The adults had been offered a place in the hospital to rest for a few minutes though, and didn't think there would be any change in their sons' conditions.

"Rusty. Allen." said Stevie's mom as she gently shook the two boys.

"Are they awake?" asked Allen, as his eyes fluttered open. Then Rusty also woke up.

"No, I'm afraid not." replied Stevie's mom. "I was wondering if you two wanted to sit with Stevie and Gary while us adults got a little rest?"

"Sure!" replied Rusty. "We'd love to!"

Rusty and Allen went into the ICU ward. Rusty sat by Stevie, while Allen sat by Gary. Both boys were hooked up to machines to monitor their vital signs, had tubes running from their arms to several IV bottles, and were covered with a fair amount of bandages. This brought back some very vivid memories, especially for Rusty. As Rusty and Allen held the hand of the boy they were sitting with, and looked into their eyes, Rusty said, "I promise the guy that did this to you guys won't get away with it!"

Rusty and Allen sat with the two badly injured boys for several hours, hoping for any kind of movement. Then Rusty thought he saw Stevie's eyes flutter slightly. Rusty gave Stevie's hand a slight shake, and Stevie's eyes fluttered again. Then Stevie's eyes slowly opened.

"Owww." moaned Stevie softly.

"What hurts dude?"asked Rusty.

"Everything." replied Stevie weakly. "How's Gary?"

"He's still out." replied Rusty. "He'll come to eventually though. In the meantime, I'll get the nurse for you. I just want you to know that I know who did this to you guys, and I'm going to make sure he gets what is coming to him." Then Rusty rang the nurse call for Stevie.

"How do you know who attacked us?" asked Stevie. "Who are you?"

"My name is Rusty." replied Rusty. "The guy sitting with Gary is my boyfriend Allen. We helped you last night until the paramedics arrived. The guy who attacked you is named Ralph Finnegan. He hates me, my boyfriend, my friends, and anyone else who is gay."

"Did you see him do it?" asked Stevie.

"No, but I know it was him." replied Rusty. "We can prove it if you can identify him. Do you think you can remember what he looked like?"

"I don't think I'll ever forget how he looked." cried Stevie. "Especially since he tied me up and made me watch what he did to Gary first!"

"I'm so sorry this happened to you guys." said Rusty.

At that time, the nurse came in and began checking Stevie over. She called out for some medication for Stevie's pain, then checked the boy over thoroughly. While the nurse was checking Stevie over, Gary coughed a few times and then began to come around. Gary immediately complained of pain too, so the nurse also ordered some pain medication for him. As soon as Stevie had been checked, the nurse began to check Gary over. While this was happening, Allen went to find the boys' parents. When the parents came in, Rusty and Allen promised they would come back, then left. It was time for them to go home and get some rest.

Mike met the boys as they pulled in and asked, "Did you boys stay at the hospital all night?"

"Yeah dad." replied Rusty. "We're sorry we didn't call. Allen and I kinda fell asleep, then Stevie and Gary woke up."

"That's great!" said Mike. "How are they?"

"They're in a lot of pain, and they got beaten up pretty badly." replied Rusty. "I think they'll pull through it though."

"Did either of them say anything about what happened?" asked Mike.

"Stevie says he can identify the guy that attacked them." said Rusty, "We all know it was Ralph Finnegan though."

"It probably was son, but remember what the police told you last night and let them handle this." replied Mike. "They called me last night and said you were a little upset."

"I'll remember dad." promised Rusty. "I'm not going to let him slip through their fingers though."

"Just don't try to do anything by yourself son." said Mike. "Your friends are on their way over. I don't know if they are up to practicing today though, but they all want to be together today. I'm sorry you guys had to go through what you went through last night, and I hope the other two boys will be fine. I'll get the police to go to the hospital when the boys feel up to it, so they can identify their attacker."

"Thanks dad, you're the greatest." replied Rusty, as he hugged his dad.

At that time, the other boys began to arrive. Rusty and Allen took them upstairs to their apartment, where the other boys pampered Rusty and Allen. None of the boys were as interested in practicing as they were in talking about what had happened at the dance. It was eventually decided to let Rusty and Allen rest, then the boys would go back to the hospital.

Mike also called several parents together at his house that day, as well as the school principal. Ralph was legally an adult, and was not attending any school, so something had to be done about him. The principal informed all of the parents that he would get a restraining order against Ralph on Monday, and have the school's security force beefed back up so they could also cover school sponsored events, but he didn't know what else he could do at this time. Some of the parents had other ideas, but it was decided that more violence was not the answer, and that they would only be sinking to Ralph's level. It was finally decided that until the adults found out what could be done about Ralph, their kids should travel together in groups of at least four. In the meantime, Ben would have a private investigator check into Ralph's background to see what could be done about him.

Later on, after Rusty and Allen had rested, all of the boys went back to the hospital. Stevie and Gary were still in ICU, but would be moved to a regular room the next day if their conditions kept improving. For now though, Rusty and Allen were the only ones allowed to see them.

Rusty went over to Stevie's bed and asked, "How are you guys doing now?"

"It's not too bad as long as the nurses keep up with the pain medication." said Stevie. "He really messed us up though. Gary's balls were damaged pretty badly, and he's going to need surgery for that. They say my dick was crushed and bruised so badly that they may only be able to save about one or two inches of it." Then Stevie began to cry pretty heavily, as did Gary. Rusty and Allen comforted both boys until they stopped crying, then Stevie continued, "The nurses told us what you guys did for us. We wouldn't have made it here if it hadn't been for you, and we're so grateful to both of you. We hope that both of you will be our friends."

"We'd love to be your friends." said Allen. "We also have a bunch of guys downstairs that would love to be your friends too."

"We'd like to meet them then." said Gary. "We should be in a regular room tomorrow."

"We'll try to get them in tomorrow then." said Rusty. "I know they will love you. You've probably already met a few of them at the dance though."

"By the way, the dance was really cool until we tried to sneak out and fool around." said Gary. "That's when we were attacked."

"Well, don't worry." said Rusty. "I know things might look bad right now, but we'll talk to the doctors and see if there's anything at all we can do to help you. We will help you if we can."

Rusty and Allen continued to talk to Stevie and Gary for a few more minutes, then let the boys' parents come back in. They filled in their friends on how Stevie and Gary were doing on the way back to their apartment. Once there, the boys decided they needed to have a sleepover with Rusty and Allen, then go back to the hospital the next day.

The next day Allen and Rusty found out that Stevie and Gary had been moved, but there could only be six people in the room at a time. The first ones to go in with Allen and Rusty were Shane, Terry, Snoopy, and Chris. Rusty made all of the introductions, and then the boys started talking together like they had known each other for years. At one point the subject came up about Stevie's badly damaged penis.

"Have you seen it yourself yet?" asked Shane. "It may not be as bad as they say."

"The doctors warned me not to look at it." replied Stevie. "From what they say, I don't even want to see what he did to me."

"Do you mind if we take a look?" asked Terry.

"I guess not, just don't tell me how bad it is." replied Stevie.

Shane pulled back the sheets, then Terry carefully lifted Stevie's gown so it blocked his view. The boys went silent, as they couldn't believe what they saw. Much of Stevie's penis was flattened, withered, scarred, or purplish. Snoopy reached out and gently touched Stevie's dick. It looked as though he were about to cry, then he turned around and whispered to Chris. The two boys whispered back and forth for a few moments, before Snoopy turned back to Stevie. By this time, Shane had covered Stevie back over.

"Stevie, I talked it over with my boyfriend, and I want to help you to be as good or better than you were before." said Snoopy. "I have enough cock for several people, and would probably have to consider reduction surgery at some point anyway. If there's any way to use mine to help repair yours, I would love to do that."

"I couldn't let you do that dude." said Stevie. "If you have that much cock, I'm sure it's beautiful and I don't want it to be disfigured because of me."

"You don't understand dude, I have way too much." replied Snoopy. "Let me show you."

Snoopy lowered his pants and underwear, then held his cock out for everyone to see. Stevie and Gary both gasped loudly as they saw the largest cock they had ever seen before. Chris smiled as he reached over and stroked Snoopy's cock, causing it to begin stiffening.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Stevie. "How big is that monster?"

"Right now it's at eleven inches when it's erect, and it's still growing." said Snoopy. "It's at the point where it's beginning to hurt Chris, no matter what we do. The last time I went to a doctor, he said it may eventually grow to a length that may make sex difficult if not impossible. I don't want to see that happen, and you need help with yours. How big was your dick erect?"

"I guess it was about five and a half inches when it was stiff." replied Stevie.

"Then let's split mine evenly." said Snoopy. "We'll both have six inches, and it may even continue to grow more."

"They said that they have to save the head of my dick." said Stevie. "It would be to difficult for them to repair that part. Five and a half of yours would be fine. I just can't believe that you want to give me a part of your cock. Gary and I will love you forever, and think about you every time we make love Snoopy."

"Go ahead and give it a feel." said Snoopy, as he moved close to Stevie and placed his cock in the boy's hand. "It'll be part yours if the doctor says he can do it. I want you to know how your new cock is going to feel."

Stevie wrapped his hand around Snoopy's cock and gently stroked it. It was a bit too long, but it was one of the most wonderful feeling cocks that Stevie had ever felt. Only Gary's cock felt better in his hand. As Stevie gently stroked Snoopy's cock, Snoopy leaned down and kissed him on the cheek.

"I can't believe you would do something so wonderful for me." said Stevie emotionally. "You have to be the kindest guy in the world to do that for me."

"Nah, you just need help, and I have more than enough for both of us." said Snoopy. "It will be an honor for us to share the same cock. The same cock that is going to shoot any moment if you keep stroking it so well."

Chris got down in front of Snoopy, and put the end of Snoopy's cock in his mouth while Stevie kept on stroking it. After a few moments, Snoopy moaned loudly. Then he began shooting his cum into Chris's hungry mouth. Stevie breathed heavily as he watched Snoopy shoot into Chris's mouth, and felt his large cock pulse in his hand. Stevie would have loved to have a taste of the cum he felt coursing through Snoopy's cock, but Chris was his boyfriend, thus he had a right to be taking Snoopy's cum now. Snoopy's cock finally stopped shooting, and Chris stood back up as he licked his lips.

"Chris left the head of our cock a little messy Stevie." said Snoopy. "Would you like to clean it off for us?"

Snoopy was still holding back one more shot of cum as he felt Stevie's lips come in contact with his cock. As soon as the head of his cock was completely in Stevie's mouth, Snoopy let the final shot go. Stevie felt a shot of cum shoot from Snoopy's cock, and swallowed hungrily. It was almost as sweet as Gary's cum, and Stevie loved the taste. Then Snoopy bent down and kissed Stevie gently and quickly on the lips.

"With everything you've been through, you deserved to have something like that done out of love." said Snoopy softly. "Did you enjoy the shot of cum I saved just for you?"

Stevie gazed into Snoopy's eyes and replied, "That was the second best thing you've ever given me, and I enjoyed every ounce of it. I love Gary with all my heart Snoopy, but you will always be a very special friend to me."

Snoopy smiled and said, "Cool! Now, let me find that doctor and see what he can do for you!"

Next it was time for Rusty and Allen to take Calvin, Ricky, Devon, and Sean in to see Stevie and Gary. After the introductions, the conversation eventually turned to Gary's condition with his testicles. The doctor had told Gary before the boys showed up today that one of his testicles had died, and the other one wouldn't be able to produce as much as it use to anymore. As a matter of fact, he may have trouble at times achieving an orgasm. The news had left Gary kind of upset, and wondering if he would ever have a normal sex life again. As soon as everyone had focused their attention toward Stevie, Calvin went back over and stood close to Gary.

"I think I might be able to help you like Snoopy is helping Stevie." said Calvin softly.

"What do you mean?" asked Gary.

Calvin carefully opened the front of his pants, and pulled out his cock and balls. Then Calvin moved in very close to Gary. Gary reached out and stroked Calvin's cock gently."

"That's a really nice cock, Calvin." said Gary. "I've never seen one that big and beautiful, except for Snoopy's."

After Gary stroked Calvin's cock for a few moments, Calvin said, "I think you'll like this even more."

Calvin grasped his cock, then held it up away from his balls. Then Calvin had Gary examine his balls very carefully. Gary felt each of the plump orbs carefully. First one, then another, and then a third. When Gary realized this, his eyes opened widely.

"You,... you,... you have three?" stammered Gary.

"Yes, I was born with three testicles." replied Calvin softly. "The only one who knew this until now was Ricky. We've talked about it a few times, and we're both afraid that if anyone finds out, people will treat me like a freak. Ricky likes it that I can make more cum than anyone else, but we always worry that this will get out. I'd like to do us both a favor, and give you one of my balls. We'll just have them replace your dead ball with one of mine, and we'll both be normal again. Could you please use one of mine for me?"

"I'd love to, if you're sure about it Calvin." said Gary tearfully. "I can't believe how nice all of you guys are."

"We just want you to know that there are nice people in the world, and very few like the guy that attacked you two." said Calvin.

"This goes way beyond nice though Calvin." said Gary.

"Maybe, but you two look like really cool guys, and we all want you to be our friends." said Calvin. "We're the type of people that would do anything for our friends too. Now, let me find that doctor and see if we can help you."

By the time everyone left the hospital that day, they all really liked Stevie and Gary very much. Stevie and Gary had made several friends that day, and they considered them the best friends they had ever made. Little did Ralph know, but his attack had brought these boys closer together than they would have ever been without him. Rusty wanted to let Ralph know this, but Allen said that it might only make him even worse. Rusty agreed, but he was determined that Ralph would see the two boys he attacked with them from now on.

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