Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 7

Calvin and Snoopy did meet with Stevie and Gary's doctor, but the doctor wanted to speak with all the parents involved before speaking with any of his colleagues about surgery. Something like this would require the best neurosurgeon that could be found, if it were even possible.

The boys went back to Rusty and Allen's apartment to discuss Ralph Finnegan. They had been through this once with his cousin Steve, and they wanted Ralph stopped. First, Rusty went to speak with his dad.

"So dad, have the police arrested Ralph yet?" asked Rusty.

"I'm afraid it's not quite that simple son." replied Mike. "The police did go talk to Ralph, but he had an alibi for last night."

"He's lying though dad!" exclaimed Rusty. "Stevie and Gary knows who attacked them! Either Ralph is lying, or Stevie and Gary are lying. Who would you believe?"

"I didn't say that Ralph isn't lying son." said Mike. "He had an alibi though, and his uncle confirmed his alibi. The police will have to investigate this more before they can take any action."

"That's bullshit dad!" exclaimed Rusty. "Are they going to wait for Ralph to kill one of us? Which one of us is Ralph going to kill dad?"

"You know that I don't want that to happen son." said Mike. "To be honest, Ralph makes me sick to my stomach. He actually told the police that he doesn't have anything against gay people. He said that he had several friends in Miami that were gay, and that he actually likes gay people. I think he's the biggest liar the world has ever known, but the police have to have something solid to go on, to prove that Ralph is a liar."

"Then I want to get that proof for them dad." said Rusty. "Let Allen and me go to Miami for a week, and I'll prove that he doesn't have any gay friends."

"I can't let you boys run off to Miami by yourselves for a week." said Mike. "What if you run across his family there, and they're even worse? If you boys feel you have to do this, I'm going to go with you. I would never be able to live with myself if anything happened to you boys."

"Thanks dad, I love you so much." said Rusty, as he hugged Mike. "You're the greatest dad any kid could have."

"I love you and Allen too son." said Mike. "You boys make me so proud of you. Now, let's make some preparations to take a little trip."

Rusty went to tell Allen and the other boys about the trip to Miami, and all of the boys seemed hyped to get some dirt on Ralph. Allen and Rusty began getting ready for the trip though. They knew that Ralph had to be stopped somehow.

The next day, the doctors talked to all of the parents involved in Snoopy and Calvin's gift to Stevie and Gary. The boys chief doctor had gotten in touch with one of the best neurosurgeons that anyone knew of, Doctor Paul Bessemer.

"The testicular transplant between Calvin and Gary should be fairly routine in terms of neurosurgery." said Doctor Bessemer. "There are always risks involved in any surgery, including the risk of impotency in this case, but that is a minimal risk. As long as the nerves and blood vessels feeding the transplanted testicle are reattached properly, there should be a good chance of recovery and proper function. The work that will be done on the penises of Dustin and Stevie is somewhat riskier. We are talking about transplanting and reforming a fair amount of tissue in both boys penises. In Dustin's case, it should be a fairly routine penis reduction, although it will be performed differently than usual in order to transplant the tissue to Stevie. In Stevie's case, we will be completely reforming his penis. The risks to both boys will include impotence, erectile dysfunction, and incontinence. The risk to Stevie will be greater than to Dustin, but the risk to Dustin will be more than in the case of Calvin and Gary. I have examined Stevie's damaged penis, and the risks to him are worth taking. Our only alternative in his case would be to amputate the penis completely. Dustin has a perfectly functioning penis however, although it is abnormally large, so the risk to him should be considered the greatest."

"Does everyone involved still wish to pursue these procedures?" asked the regular doctor.

"I would do what Calvin is doing if I were in his position." said Tom. "I trust his judgment, so I'll support his decision."

"I want to do this then." said Calvin. "I want my new friend to have the best possible chance at a normal sex life."

"How about you Mr. Holt?" asked the doctor.

"Snoopy and I discussed this at great lengths already." replied Greg. "I've told him that he has a beautiful penis, even if it is huge. The big problem is that it's becoming difficult for him and his boyfriend to have pleasurable sex now. Snoopy also feels like some kind of freak. After talking most of the night, I've decided to let him go ahead and do this if he still wants to."

"I don't know if I can let Snoopy take that kind of risk for me though." said Stevie.

"I still want to Stevie." said Snoopy. "If I don't do something about the size of my penis, I won't be able to make love to Chris for much longer. If that happens, I may as well not even have a penis. Then there's your penis, that Ralph tried to destroy. He can't be allowed to get away with that, and I want to help you have a normal penis again. This will still be as much for me as it is for you though. Please let me do this for you Stevie."

"Okay Snoopy, and thanks." replied Stevie.

"In that case, the boys should be strong enough by Friday to undergo the surgery." said the doctor. "I will need Calvin at the hospital by nine o'clock on Friday morning, and then Dustin should be here two hours later."

The doctor then left the boys and their parents instructions to prepare for the surgery. Calvin and Snoopy felt good about what they were going to do for their new friends, and Stevie and Gary felt grateful to have friends who cared so much about them. After leaving the hospital, Calvin and Snoopy stopped at Rusty and Allen's apartment to join the rest of their friends. Everyone wanted to wish Rusty and Allen luck on their trip to Miami starting the next day.

"Don't worry, Calvin and Snoopy." said Allen. "We'll be back on Friday to see how all you guys are doing after the surgery."

"Thanks guys." replied Calvin. "We hope you guys get enough on Ralph to have him put away."

"We'll do the best we can." said Rusty.

The next day, Mike called the school and had Rusty and Allen excused for the week. Then the three of them left for Miami after being told to be careful by Emily. Rusty and Allen were excited as Mike pulled onto the Florida Turnpike and headed south. Mike had already run a background check on Ralph, so they would have someplace to start when they reached Miami. Mike and the boys talked, as miles of orange groves passed by outside. Eventually the orange groves gave way to the swamps of southern Florida. Then the swamps gave way to homes and buildings as they came to North Palm Beach.

Finally, after passing through Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale, the boys spotted the stadium north of the city. Mike stayed to the east side of the stadium, and headed toward downtown Miami. Mike decided that he and the boys should try to enjoy the week in Miami as much as possible, so he booked them a suite at a hotel in Miami Beach. As soon as they came to the downtown exit, Mike took the expressway east toward the beach. After Mike had parked the car, he and the boys checked in at a high rise hotel on the beach. Mike and the boys took the elevator up to the next to top floor as Rusty held Allen's hand tightly. Mike looked down to the two boy's hands that were clasped together and smiled.

"He still gets really nervous about elevators." said Allen. "I don't know if my poor baby will ever get completely over that." Then Allen placed his free arm around Rusty's shoulder.

"That's completely understandable." replied Mike. "I'm just glad he has you to help him at times like this."

The elevator door finally opened, and Mike led the boys to their suite. Everyone set their bags down and Mike flopped down into the easy chair, while Rusty and Allen sat together on the sofa. Mike noticed the two boys constantly looking at each other as they sat together.

"I'm completely use to the idea of you two boys being lovers." said Mike. "If you two want to share a kiss, please don't mind me. I think it's great that you two love each other as much as you do."

With that, Rusty and Allen placed their lips together as Mike watched. As the two boys kissed passionately, Mike thought to himself how they looked like they belonged together forever. When the boys finally broke their kiss, Mike was gazing at them and smiling.

"I'm going to be so proud of you two when you exchange your vows this spring." said Mike. "My boys have become two very fine young men, and that's all I've ever wanted for you."

"Well dad, I promise that Allen and I will find some way to make you a proud granddad too." promised Rusty.

"That would make me very proud of both of you." said Mike. "What do you guys say we just relax on the beach this evening, and get to work tomorrow?"

"That sounds great dad!" replied both boys in unison.

Everyone donned their bathing suits, and made their way back down to the beach. Mike had a great evening frolicking in the surf with the two boys, then watching them after he became tired of the water. After the boys had tired themselves out, Mike took them out for a very fine dinner. After dinner, Mike and the boys went back to the hotel. Mike went to his bedroom to lay down, while Rusty and Allen went to theirs to make love. Mike was serenaded to sleep by the sounds of love making coming from the next room.

When Mike went in to wake the boys the next morning, they were still wrapped in each others arms and sleeping peacefully. They looked so beautiful together that Mike almost didn't want to wake them. Mike leaned down and gave both boys a kiss on their foreheads, then gently shook them awake.

"How are my two fine young men this morning?" asked Mike softly.

"Morning dad." yawned Rusty. "I love waking up in Allen's arms. It makes me feel so ready to face the day."

"I can tell that son." said Mike as he smiled.

Allen yawned widely and said, "Good morning everyone."

"Good morning Allen." replied Mike. "Let's get ready this morning and get to work. First we'll go by Ralph's old neighborhood down here. I've already showered, so the bathroom is all yours."

Mike left the room to go back to his, and the two boys headed naked to the bathroom together. By the time they were done showering together, Mike was back out in the main room. Mike smiled as he caught a glimpse of their naked butts wiggling back to their room to get dressed. When the boys had dressed and rejoined Mike, he took them out to breakfast.

After breakfast, Mike headed toward the address he had been given as Ralph's Miami address. Not surprisingly, it turned out to be in a trailer park, where several yards had some kind of vehicles on blocks.

"I feel like we should be on the lookout for the Jerry Springer camera crew!" quipped Rusty, as they pulled up to Ralph's address.

Mike and Allen couldn't help but to laugh uncontrollably, which only encouraged Rusty to continue.

"If I see any drunken, ugly, overweight women wearing wedding rings, trying to lure me with cakes or cookies, I'm outta here!" snickered Rusty.

Mike and Allen were now laughing so hard that they couldn't even open their doors. Rusty got out of the car and said, "Yee haw! What y'all waitin' fer? Let's go see if anyone likes Ralphie!"

Mike and Allen finally recovered enough to get out of the car. Mike went up to the address listed for Ralph, even though it looked like no one was home. Mike knocked on the door and waited, but no one answered the door. After a few minutes, Mike was considering leaving a note on the door. He had no idea how he would word such a note though. "Please call me about putting Ralph in jail" would definitely not work. As Mike was considering what to say in the note, one of the neighbors came outside.

"Howdy y'all." drawled the man in a friendly tone. "Are y'all looking for the Finnegan's?"

"Yes, we were." replied Mike. "We're trying to get information about Ralph Finnegan."

"Why would you want information about that no good piece of garbage?" asked the man. "If you ask me, the day he left was the best day in the history of this neighborhood. If y'all want an earful though, I'd be happy to talk. Come on in."

"Thanks." replied Mike, as he held his hand out to the man. "My name is Mike Cooper. This is my son Rusty, and his friend Allen."

"Howdy, my name is Zeke Halsey." said the man. "You and the boys come on in."

Mike and the boys followed Zeke into his trailer, and Zeke's wife brought them all refreshments. Mike and the boys spent a few minutes getting to know their hosts, then they got down to business.

"We're not after information on Ralph because we like him." said Mike. "We're from Orlando, and that's where Ralph went after he left here. His cousin was put on trial for trying to kill my son here, and his friends."

"That sounds like something Ralphie would do." said Zeke. "I guess it must run in the family."

"I'm sure it does." replied Mike. "When Ralph showed up, he took over where his cousin left off. He almost killed two young boys. They're in the hospital now, and will be having surgery this week to fix the damage that Ralph did to them. Ralph told the police that he was nowhere near the boys, and his uncle backed up his alibi."

"Well folks, I can guarantee you that Ralphie and his uncle are lying." said Zeke. "That whole family has some serious problems upstairs. Their elevators have never been able to reach the top floor, and you can pretty much bet that nothing any of them says has the least bit of truth to it. My boy should be home in a few minutes, and he can tell you all about Ralphie."

"I take it then that Ralph has done this kind of thing before?" asked Mike.

"My son has a friend." said Zeke. "The two boys have been friends since they were little kids. About two years ago, when they were both fifteen, my son's friend told my son that he's gay. The boy has always been a nice boy, and it ain't no one's business to judge him. I told my son that too, and the two boys remained the best of friends. A few months before Ralphie disappeared, he caught my son's friend out alone. He beat that poor boy so bad that my son didn't know if his best friend would live or die for a whole week. By the time the cops around here had enough evidence to arrest Ralphie, he had disappeared. I'll bet they'll be really glad to know that Ralphie is in Orlando."

At about that time, Zeke's seventeen year old son came home. "Mike, Rusty, and Allen, this is my boy Luke." said Zeke. "Luke, this is Mike, Rusty, and Allen. They're from Orlando. It seems like that's where Ralphie went to when he left here."

"I wanna go to Orlando then!" said Luke. "My friend Elliott still isn't the same as he was before Ralph attacked him, and I want Ralph to pay!"

"Ralph is very dangerous though Luke." said Mike. "He has already put two boys from Orlando in the hospital. The police should be the ones handling him. I have an idea though, if you fine people would like to help take him off the streets."

"It would be a real pleasure to help take him off the streets Mike." said Zeke. "I'm sure my son and I would go along with whatever you have planned."

"Okay then." replied Mike. "All of us need to go see the local State Attorney tomorrow. We'll convince them to issue a warrant to Orlando to have Ralph arrested. Then I need you and Luke to come to Orlando to tell the authorities there what you know about Ralph. We'll see if we can get him charged in both places so he has no where to run."

"That sounds like a mighty fine plan Mike, count me in!" said Zeke.

"I'm glad we talked to you today, instead of Ralph's family." said Mike. "We might be able to take care of this sooner than we thought."

"Besides, talkin' to them would have done as much good as pissin' on a spark plug!" chuckled Zeke.

"I'm gonna go tell Elliott what we're doing pa." said Luke.

"Can we go too, and meet Elliott?" asked Rusty.

"I guess if it's okay with your pa." replied Luke.

Rusty and Allen both looked at Mike with their best puppy dog eyes, then Zeke said, "Let the boys have a little fun Mike. We'll get to know each other better while they're gone."

"Okay Russ, but don't get in any trouble." said Mike.

"When have I ever got into any trouble?" replied Rusty innocently. It didn't help that Allen was the first one to burst out laughing.

Hopefully the noose will be closed around Ralph's neck soon. We'll find out soon how everything comes out. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 8.