Allen 3:

Season's Change

by tim the story guy

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 8

"Heya Elliott!" called out Luke, as he led Allen and Rusty to Elliott's room. "I got some new friends for ya to meet!"

"Hey there Luke, come on in!" replied Elliott, as he smiled. "Who ya got with ya pal?"

"This first one here is Allen, and the other one is his boyfriend Rusty." replied Luke. "Rusty and Allen, this is the sweetest dude in the whole world, Elliott."

"Hi guys!" said Elliott, who then got up out of his chair to limp across the room to shake hands.

"Oh dude, you didn't have to get up!" said Allen.

"That's okay dude, the doctor says it'll help to move around a little." replied Elliott, who's head then twitched to the side. "I still have to use a chair when I'm gonna be somewhere where I'd have to be on my feet all day though, like school. So, you guys are boyfriends too, huh?"

"Yeah, we love each other a lot." replied Rusty. "We're even planning on having a commitment ceremony in the spring."

"That sounds really sweet dudes." said Elliott. "Maybe Luke and me will get the nerve to do something like that someday."

"You wanna hear something even sweeter babe?" asked Luke.

"What's that babe?" asked Elliott.

"Rusty and Allen here are going to help us put Ralphie in jail where he belongs!" beamed Luke.

"Aw heck!" exclaimed Elliott. "You dudes know ole Ralphie? I'm sorry bout your luck there!"

"Yeah, he put a couple of friends of ours in the hospital up in Orlando." replied Allen. "We've got that sicko right where we want him now though."

"I'm sure glad to hear that, after what he did to me." said Elliott. "The doctors say that I'm still getting better though. At least Luke and me can make love every once in a while now."

"I can't tell y'all how happy I am about that either!" snickered Luke.

"Probably no happier than me, now that I can have that hot body of yours again!" replied Elliott.

Luke then put his arms around Elliott, and the two boys began kissing passionately as Rusty and Allen watched. Within a few moments though, Rusty and Allen were kissing too. Luke and Elliott began stripping each other as they kissed, and Allen and Rusty followed suit. In a few minutes, all four boys were naked and still kissing. Luke laid Elliott back on his bed as Rusty and Allen got down on the carpeted floor. Luke and Elliott got into a sixty-nine position, while Rusty and Allen did the same. The room was filled with the sounds of all four boys eagerly sucking their boyfriend's cocks. Luke loved the taste and feel of his boyfriend's six inch uncut erection, as was evidenced by his moans of satisfaction. Luke was just a little longer by about a half inch, and uncut as well. Elliott was always happier with Luke's hot cock in his mouth. All four boys continued to moan louder and louder as they approached their orgasms.

Allen was the first to offer his warm cum to Rusty, who immediately began swallowing every drop that he could from Allen's throbbing cock. Then Rusty and Luke began cumming at the same time. Elliott and Allen both began hungrily swallowing the cum from their boyfriend's cocks. Finally Elliot began to cum for Luke, as Luke sucked hard on his throbbing cock. Elliott gasped loudly as Luke drained his cock, then all four boys relaxed in their lover's arms. After a few minutes, Rusty and Allen got up. Before putting their clothes back on, they both gave Luke and Elliott a warm hug.

Then Rusty said, "Even though you dudes are in Miami, and we're in Orlando, I hope we can be really good friends from now on."

"We'd both like that an awful lot." replied Luke. "I'm sure we can find a way to see each other every once in a while."

"Cool then." said Allen. "You're both invited to our commitment ceremony this spring too!"

"We'd like to be there for that a lot!" replied Elliott.

The boys continued to talk and got to know each other for another hour, until it was time for Rusty and Allen to get back to Mike. Before they left with Luke, Elliott told them that he wanted to go to Orlando when Ralphie was caught, to help put him away. Once the boys got back to Luke's house, and Mike was ready to go back to the hotel, Allen and Rusty gave Luke another hug. Then the boys said good bye for the time being.

Mike and the boys went back to the hotel, and Allen held onto Rusty on the elevator ride once again. Mike smiled once again as he saw Allen comforting his son. Once in the room, Mike ordered room service. Then he and the boys ate on the balcony overlooking the ocean. Mike had originally planned to spend the whole week in Miami, but now wanted to get back to Orlando since he felt they had enough to take care of Ralph. The boys also had a nagging feeling that they should get back to Orlando first thing tomorrow.

Ralph couldn't believe his good fortune. First he had ruined the fag dance at his enemies' school and gotten away with it, and now he had spotted that faggot Ricky out without his queer boyfriend. Not that Ralph was afraid of any fag, but what he planned to do would be easier without Calvin around. Ralph sat in his car as he watched Ricky walk down the sidewalk. As Ricky came to an open space in the curb, Ralph put his car in gear. Ricky saw the headlights coming from behind him, but by the time he turned around it was too late. Ralph hit Ricky at about thirty miles per hour, and sent Ricky's body flying out into the middle of the street. Fortunately for Ricky, someone had been close enough to see the crime and immediately called for help.

The police and ambulance arrived at the scene in a few minutes. While the paramedics did what they could for the gravely injured boy, the police got a description of the hit and run vehicle from the witness. The witness however did not get a clear view of the driver. The police wanted to find this vehicle badly because if the victim died, and it didn't look good at the moment, they wanted to get the driver for murder. The police did ID the boy in the street, and called Ricky's parents as well as Tom and Calvin. The only thing they told everyone was that Ricky had been in an accident, and they needed them at the trauma center as soon as possible. Ricky was finally loaded onto a helicopter, and flown to the trauma center near downtown.

Calvin cried all the way there, as Tom drove as fast as he could get away with. They reached the hospital about ten minutes after Ricky arrived there, but there was no sign of Ricky's parents yet. After Tom checked in with the nurse, a doctor came out to speak with him.

"Are you Ricky Makenzie's father?" asked the doctor.

"No, but I might as well be." replied Tom. "Ricky pretty much lives with my son now. How is Ricky?"

"I guess you'll do if he lives with you." said the doctor. "Ricky is in very bad shape I'm afraid. We already know that he has major internal injuries and broken bones, and he may also be suffering from trauma to the head. If he lives through the CAT scan, we need to rush him to surgery. We need someone to sign to be responsible for that, and time is working against us."

"Where do I sign?" asked Tom. As Tom signed the consent forms, he said, "Please do everything humanly possible for Ricky doctor. We all love him very much, especially my son. Please don't let us lose him."

"We'll do everything we can sir." replied the doctor. "It may be a good idea to ask the man upstairs about that last one though. There's one more thing too. Ricky's blood type is AB negative, and we don't know how much we have available. If you know of anyone at all with that blood type, please have them rush here as soon as humanly possible."

"I have that type." said Calvin. "My brother does too, and he should be here soon. Ricky can have every last drop of my blood if he needs it sir."

"We're not suppose to take more than one pint son." said the doctor.

"I have five quarts though, can't you at least take a quart of it?" pleaded Calvin.

"I'm not suppose to do this, but we can take two quarts, and that's it." replied the doctor.

"You don't understand sir!" begged Calvin. "Ricky is a part of me. If he dies, I'll have no reason to live. Please sir!" Calvin was on the verge of tears again at this point.

"You both have to promise me that you won't breathe a word of this to anyone, or I could lose my license." said the doctor. "I will take three quarts, but then I want Calvin admitted as a patient. We'll want to keep a close eye on him until tomorrow after that kind of blood loss. Are you sure about this?"

"Yes!" Calvin almost screamed.

Once the doctor arranged the operating room, and had Calvin taken to a treatment room, Tom stepped up again and said, "Calvin was born with three testicles, and was suppose to have surgery on Friday to donate one to a friend of his who only has one."

"I'm afraid you will have to postpone that for two weeks." said the doctor. "There is no way that I will clear Calvin for that any sooner. Calvin should be fine though, but I would suggest that you begin praying for Ricky right away. We'll need all the help we can get with him. I also think there is a police officer around here who wants to talk to someone about Ricky, and please let us know when his parents show up."

Then the doctor went back in to begin preparing for surgery. Tom found a quiet corner, and sat down with his head bowed.

"Dear God." prayed Tom. "I know I don't go to any church on a regular basis, but I'm hoping you can hear me anyway. Please take care of my boys, especially Ricky. I know you have a plan for everyone, but I'm begging you not to have that plan include taking Ricky from us now. Calvin is risking his own health right now to save Ricky, so that should tell you how much we love and need him. Please God, see it in your grace to let us keep Ricky."

By the time Tom had finished his prayer, he was crying heavily. News of what happened to Ricky traveled very fast, and soon Bryce came into the hospital to be with Tom. He was followed in by Greg and the boys. After that, Ricky's parents finally showed up at the hospital.

"I hope you and your son are happy about what you caused to happen to Ricky!" said Ricky's father to Tom. "Being gay caused Ricky to be a target for some maniac!"

"How dare you!" Tom almost yelled. "You were willing to give up on your son because he is gay! Do you know where Ricky's husband is right now?! He had himself admitted to the hospital so he could donate three quarts of a rare blood type to Ricky, and where were you? One of you has to have the same blood type!"

"Don't you lecture me on my son!" said Ricky's father.

"You're right!" said Tom. "It's way too late for that now! I have a little news for you though. Ricky was gay long before he met Calvin, and would have continued to be gay even if they had never met. And you still would be trying to hide from the reality that your son is gay!"

Ricky's dad was almost ready to take a swing at Tom, but fortunately for him, a police officer walked up before he could. "I need to get some information from Ricky's parents. There is a good chance that he may not make it, and we want to be ready to charge the person who did this with murder if Ricky should die."

The officer knew when it came out that way that he should have rephrased his statement, but that was exactly what Ricky's dad needed for reality to finally set in. Ricky's dad began crying uncontrollably, so Tom helped the police officer as best as he could. In the meantime, Ricky's mother checked in with the nurse so she could donate her AB negative blood to her son. Soon afterward, Calvin's brother finally arrived and donated some of his blood as well. Ricky's fate was now in the hands of his doctors and God. Everyone that was waiting for word on Ricky was told by the hospital staff that they should now pray as much as they could for him.

Rusty was awaken at four in the morning by a horrible nightmare. He woke up screaming as Allen tried to hold onto him. When Mike rushed into the room, Rusty was nearly hysterical.

"We have to leave now dad!" cried out a shaken Rusty. "Something is terribly wrong at home! I just know it! We have to leave here now dad!"

When Rusty began crying hysterically, Mike told Allen to pack. Then he rushed to his room to pack as well. The three were checking out of the hotel in fifteen minutes, and heading to Mike's car. Rusty could not stop crying, nor shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong at home. Mike got to the freeway as quickly as he could, then drove as fast as he could back toward Orlando. Allen continued to hold Rusty as his boyfriend cried into Allen's shoulder. What should have been a three and a half to four hour drive was made in under three hours. Mike pulled into the driveway at about seven in the morning, and Rusty immediately rushed into the house. When he saw his mother sitting up and looking very worried, he knew his worst fears had been confirmed.

I was going to stop here for now, but then I considered the amount of death threats that I would receive. With that fear in mind, here we go again.

As soon as Mike followed Rusty inside, Emily said, "Mike honey, you need to take Rusty and Allen to the hospital downtown as fast as possible. Ricky was hit by a hit and run driver last night, and he's in very bad shape. The doctors still aren't sure if he will make it."

Without a word, Mike and the boys flew out the door and headed downtown. By the time Mike made it downtown, Rusty and Allen both were pretty upset. Mike and the boys found out that everyone who was there for Ricky was waiting in the waiting area for the trauma ICU. Rusty and Allen saw all of their close friends there except for Ricky and Calvin, and as all the boys began hugging, Rusty and Allen began to cry.

"Why Ricky?" cried Rusty. "Ricky is one of the nicest and sweetest people in the world! How did this happen?"

"Ricky went out to the store near Tom's house last night." replied Shane. "It was less than a half mile away, so he didn't even think about anything happening. Then a car pulled out onto the street, and aimed right at him. The eyewitness didn't see the driver too well, but we all know very well who it was. The car hit Ricky at about 30 miles per hour, and threw him out into the street."

"How is he doing right now, and where is Calvin?" asked Allen tearfully.

"Calvin had to be admitted to the hospital too." replied Chris. "There wasn't anyone else at the hospital when they got here, so Calvin talked the hospital into letting him donate three pints of blood to Ricky. We aren't suppose to know about that though. Ricky didn't look too good from the last report we got after they brought him back."

"Brought him back?" asked Rusty.

"Yeah, at about four this morning his heart stopped for a little over two minutes." said Snoopy. "The doctors didn't think they would be able to revive him, but they kept at it until Ricky came back. We haven't heard anything since then."

"Have they let anyone see him?" asked Allen.

"His parents went in for a little while, and they were pretty upset when they came out." said Shane. "Then they let Tom go in to see him. When Tom came out, he had to go outside for a few minutes."

"I have to go see him!" said Rusty. "The nurses have to let me in to see him. I need to tell him to hang in there, and that we all love him. Then I have to tell him that Ralph is not going to get away with this!"

"A few of us have tried, but they won't let us kids see him right now." said Snoopy.

"They'll let me in!" replied Rusty. "This is the hospital where I had my accident, and they still owe me big time. They may have settled with my parents, but they never have squared that with me!"

Rusty then went to talk to the nurse. After a brief argument with the nurse, then a talk with one of the doctors, then nurse took Rusty back to see Ricky. While that had been happening, Mike was talking to Tom, Bryce, and Greg.

"I feel like I failed everyone." said Mike. "I tried as hard as I could to get something done about Ralph before anything else happened, but it wasn't enough."

"If anyone is to blame Mike, I am." said Tom. "I should have never let Ricky go out alone at that time of the night. I knew that maniac was out there somewhere, and I should have done more to protect Ricky."

"I went through a lot of emotions when Trent died." said Bryce. "I guess I didn't completely work through all of them when I had a chance to get at the man who killed him. Anyway though, at one point I blamed myself for what happened. I figured that I didn't do enough to help Trent be happy with who he was, and if I had, it might have made a difference. It took me a long time, and a lot of talking from my parents to realize that Trent idolized me. They told me that Trent was as happy as he could be that I was his brother, and that he was never disappointed with me. What happened to Trent wasn't my fault, and what happened to Ricky wasn't either of your guys fault either. The only ones to blame here are Ralph, and a society that would let him grow up to believe the way he does. Please don't blame yourselves though, because that won't help anything."

"How did I get lucky enough to find you?" said Tom, who then wrapped his arms around Bryce in a hug.

The nurse led Rusty up to a bed in the ICU, but Rusty could not recognize who was in the bed at first. A fair amount of Ricky's head was wrapped in bandages, as was much of his torso. Both of his arms were in casts, and he also had a cast from the waist down both legs. There were wires coming from his head and chest, tubes in his nose and mouth, and several IV lines that were inserted wherever a place could be found. Rusty was also told that Ricky had a catheter in his penis, and a tube in his rectum that allowed his bowels to move. Then the nurse left Rusty alone with Ricky. Rusty found an open spot on Ricky's cheek, so he bent down and gave his friend a warm kiss on the cheek.

"As bad as I was messed up after my accident, you had to go and beat me didn't you?" said Rusty emotionally. "We all love you very much Ricky, so we hope you hang in there dude. A lot of us would never be the same again if you left us, so please don't my friend. I know I don't ever say this enough, but after Allen, you are my very best friend dude. It's not just me though Ricky, all of us really need you. I promise you dude, Ralph will never do this to anyone else again, no matter what I have to do to prevent it. I don't want you to worry about that though Ricky, just concentrate on hanging in there and getting better."

The fingers on Ricky's right hand were sticking out of the cast, so Rusty stood there for quite a while, holding Ricky's fingers and crying. The nurse peeked in and saw the distraught boy with his friend, so she held off on ending Rusty's visit as long as she could. The nurse finally came back in, and led Rusty back out to the waiting area. Rusty sat in a chair next to Allen, and collapsed into his boyfriend's arms.

Even though it was a school day, no one in the waiting room was going anywhere. The boys didn't know it, but when their principal had learned of what happened to Ricky, he canceled all classes for the day. Everyone just sat and waited in the hospital. A few hours after Rusty had visited with Ricky, Ricky's chief doctor came out to the waiting room.

"I need the attention of those who are waiting for Ricky Makenzie." announced the doctor. When almost everyone in the room turned their attention to the doctor, he continued, "Ricky is still unconscious, and we don't know how long that will last. However, his vital signs have become stable now, and they are improving. It looks as though Ricky may be out of the woods now, and he is a very lucky boy to have so many good friends."

Everyone in the room began hugging each other, and crying tears of joy and relief. No one there ever wanted to come this close to losing someone they loved again.

I think this is a much better place to end this chapter. What will become of Ralph now, now that he has angered so many people? Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 9.