Allen 3:

Seasons Change

by tim the story guy

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Allen 3: Seasons Change

by tim

Chapter 9

Rusty was as upset as he had ever been in his life, even after the ordeal with Robert Wilson. He didn't care what his dad said any more, he was going to take care of Ralph once and for all. All he needed was a plan. Rusty talked to Allen about what he wanted to do, but Allen didn't want Rusty to do something wrong just because Ralph did. Sure, Allen loved Ricky as much as everyone else, but Ricky needed all of his friends now. He didn't need any of his friends to get in trouble and be sent away. Rusty then thought he would talk to Bryce, seeing as how Bryce had been through that before.

"Rusty, listen to me very carefully." said Bryce. "When Trent was killed, I completely lost my mind. I was so eaten up with rage that I couldn't think of anything else. Do you know what I realized when I killed the man that killed Trent? Trent would never have wanted me to do something like that. Trent was so full of love that what I did was the last thing that Trent would have wanted me to do. On top of that, I was very lucky that I didn't go to prison for killing that man. Please Rusty, let the police and courts handle this."

"This isn't ever going to stop though!" replied Rusty emotionally. "We had Steve sent to prison, and his cousin took over for him. If we have Ralph sent to prison, someone will come along and take over for him. It's never going to end unless someone says that it better end, or else!"

"Please Rusty, spend some time alone tonight thinking about what you want to do." said Bryce. "Ask yourself if getting even with Ralph is the right thing to do. Is he worth possibly going to prison for? Would Ricky want you to do this? Please think about it Rusty."

Rusty didn't get the reaction from Bryce that he was looking for, so he went to see Calvin. If anyone would understand how he felt, Calvin would. Calvin was still asleep when Rusty went in, so Rusty gently shook his friend awake.

"Hey Calvin, how are you doing?" asked Rusty when Calvin opened his eyes.

"I'm okay dude, just a little tired." replied Calvin. "Is there any word on Ricky?"

"You mean no one has told you dude?" asked Rusty. "You did it man, Ricky is out of the woods. He's still unconscious, but the doctor says that he should make it now."

Calvin began crying as he said, "That is the best thing I have ever heard Rusty. I couldn't have made it if I had lost him!"

Rusty took Calvin in a hug and said, "Everything will be fine dude. We all love you and Ricky so much, and all of us will always be there for both of you. I wanted to talk to you about something though. Someone has to put a stop to what happened last night. I'm going to catch up with Ralph and make sure he never hurts anyone again, and I was wondering if you had any ideas."

"Please don't do it dude!" replied Calvin.

"Not you too!" replied Rusty. "I would think you would understand if anyone would Calvin. This shit has to be stopped, and the police and courts can't do it. Look at how well they did after we had Steve put away!"

"You didn't let me finish dude!" said Calvin. "Don't do it until I can get out of here to help. I want a few shots at that piece of shit myself dude! I deserve that much after what he did to Ricky."

"You got a deal dude!" said Rusty, as he shook Calvin's hand.

Myra Finnegan felt sick to her stomach as she watched the afternoon news. Last night her car had disappeared, and she eventually found out that Ralph had taken it out. Then she heard on the news of a hit and run that nearly killed a local boy. The description of the car that was involved fit her car perfectly, and the driver was a general description of Ralph. The owner of the vehicle was now being sought by the police on attempted murder charges. Myra didn't care what her husband thought now, but something had to be done. She knew that her husband's family needed serious help, and that fact probably led to her son being in jail now. And now Ralph didn't care who's life he destroyed. Myra was convinced that it wouldn't be what was left of her family though, as she nervously made a call to the county sheriff's office.

When the phone was answered, Myra said, "Hello, my name is Myra Finnegan. I'm calling about the hit and run last night. My nephew Ralph took my car last night, and now it fits the description of the car that was involved."

"Okay ma'am." replied the officer. "Did you notice any new and unexplained dents or scratches on your vehicle this morning?"

"I haven't looked yet sir." replied Myra.

"Okay ma'am, I'll hold while you go out and check." said the officer. "We really need to know before we proceed."

Myra went out to look at her car. When she seen the dents, scratches, and blood stains on the front of her car, it was enough to make her throw up. After she recovered from that sight, she went back in and picked up the phone. "It was him sir!" cried Myra hysterically. "Oh God, please help me! Please tell those poor people who's son is in the hospital that I'm so sorry about what Ralph did!"

"Okay ma'am, please try to keep calm." said the officer. "Is Ralph there right now?"

"He's out somewhere right now." cried Myra. "He should be here soon though. He watches that talk show where people are always fighting every afternoon."

"Okay ma'am, here's what we are going to do." said the officer. "We don't want to scare Ralph away, so when he shows up I want you to dial 911 without him noticing, then hang up. We have the enhanced service here, so we will be able to tell it was you, even if you hang up. Then we will send a few officers out to pick Ralph up. Can you do that?"

"Yes sir, I have to now." sobbed Myra. "I can't let him destroy what's left of my family."

"Okay then Myra, just try to calm down for now." said the officer. "We don't want Ralph to figure out that you know. We will make sure that Ralph doesn't hurt you or anyone else."

"Okay." replied Myra. "I'll do my best. I just want this nightmare to be over."

The sheriff's office called Mike at the hospital, and he offered to go along in case family services were needed. Rusty found out what was happening and wanted to go along too, but Mike refused to let him go in case there was any trouble. The actual reason though was that Mike wasn't sure he would be able to keep from losing his temper, and he didn't want Rusty to see that. Rusty immediately went to Calvin's room and told his friend what was going on. Calvin insisted on sneaking out of the hospital right away, so Rusty helped him do just that.

Meanwhile, Stevie's brother had finally found out what animal had put his little brother in the hospital. Chase didn't care anymore that his little brother was beaten so badly for bring gay, because he still loved his brother no matter what. Now it was time for him to find this Ralph Finnegan asshole, and make things right again. "You can be in love with whoever you want little brother." said Chase to himself. "If anyone fucks with you, they'll have to answer to me!"

"We'll be there in a little while dude." said Luke to Elliott, as he drove toward Orlando. "No one messes up my boyfriend and gets away with it! I don't care about sending Ralphie to prison, it's too good for him."

"Just make sure that no one can tell you were the one who did it Luke." replied Elliott. "I couldn't stand to see you go to prison."

"That's why I brought my daddy's gun that ain't been registered yet." said Luke. "No one will ever be able to trace it."

That afternoon was shaping up to be very busy. It seemed as though a popular talk show host had found out that Ralph was a fan, and who Ralph was. This infuriated the talk show host because he had a certain reputation to protect. He didn't want to be associated with the likes of Ralph Finnegan, which was why he was headed to Ralph's house with a camera crew and a few of his more fanatical and tough fans. They would teach this Ralph Finnegan a lesson for him on the air today.

Don't you feel kinda sorry for Ralph right about now? lol

When Ralph came home that afternoon, he didn't say a word to his aunt Myra. That suited Myra just fine, as she was afraid she might give herself away anyway. It was easy for her to dial 911 without Ralph noticing. At the same time, Mister S was setting his crew up outside the Finnegan home. Just as the cameras began to roll, and the studio audience began chanting the host's first name over a monitor, the police pulled up along with Mike. Then Rusty and Calvin pulled up, followed by Chase. As Chase pulled up, so did Luke and Elliott. Everyone was surprised when a group of terrorists pulled up, angry because Ralph's stunt had raised the alert level of the local police, thwarting their plans for that day.

Ralph had just begun watching his favorite talk show, when he noticed that the cameras were set up outside what appeared to be the house he was in. "What the fuck!!!" screamed Ralph. "What the fuck did you do to me Myra?!"

When Ralph saw everyone pulling up on the TV, he jumped up and chased his aunt Myra down. Myra became very frightened, especially when Ralph pulled out a gun and held it against her head. Then Ralph guided Myra slowly toward the door.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it soon looks like we will have a police standoff here!" said the talk show host. "We have no idea what the outcome will be, but we will be right here to bring it to you!"

When Mike saw Rusty and Calvin pull up, he screamed out, "Russell Cooper! You and Calvin get out of here now!"

"We want a piece of that asshole!" yelled Calvin.

"I'm not going to argue with you boys!" said Mike. "It could be dangerous here, and I want both of you out of here!"

Then the officer in charge said, "We want everyone out of here! That includes the damn camera crew! If everyone doesn't leave now, we're going to start making arrests!"

At that time, Ralph came out of the door. He was holding Myra tightly against him, with the gun pressed to her head. The cameras continued to roll as Ralph shouted out, "I want everyone to get out of here! I swear I'll blow this bitch's head off if y'all don't get out of here!"

"We can't do that son." said the deputy. "Don't make things harder on yourself. If you let her go and give up peacefully, we'll see what we can do for you."

"I already know what you're going to do for me!" screamed Ralph, who now had quite a few guns aimed at him. "You're going to put me away for a long time, and I ain't gonna let that happen! I'll take as many of you with me as I can, starting with this bitch!"

"Ralph, it doesn't have to be like this." said Mike, who's social worker side was now taking over. "I'll admit, I was mad enough at you to see harm come to you too, but that won't solve anything now. You've hurt a lot of people already, but we can help you. You don't have to hurt anyone else."

By this time, tears were streaming down Myra's face, as Ralph turned nervously from cop to cop. At that point, Luke pulled out his gun. A few of the officers now turned their attention to him, as Elliott limped over to Luke and screamed, "Please don't hurt my Luke! Luke, put the gun down! You can't let it end this way!"

This distracted Ralph enough to turn his attention, and his gun, toward Luke. As soon as that happened, Myra grabbed Ralph's arm and turned the gun back toward her nephew. A single shot rang out, as the bullet went through Ralph's abdomen and tore through his spine. Ralph let go of the gun and dropped to the ground, as Myra held onto the gun and cried. The police immediately moved in to help Ralph, and controlled his bleeding until the paramedics could arrive. Everyone else watched the events unfold with stunned expressions. The FBI arrived at the same time as the paramedics, and took the terrorists into custody, as the talk show crew turned their focus to abused women who fight back. Meanwhile, the paramedics were taking care of Ralph, and getting him ready to go to the hospital by helicopter.

Rusty and Calvin had been mad enough at Ralph to want to see him hurt, but now their feelings were somewhat mixed after seeing him get shot. Mike was busy talking to the police, who were ready to take Luke in for possession of an unlicensed handgun. It took a lot of convincing by Mike, but the police let Luke and Elliott go in his custody until their parents could come to Orlando. When Mike got the boys home, they quietly joined Allen up in Rusty and Allen's room. Mike called Tom to get him to come over and get Calvin. Meanwhile, Calvin kept himself busy as the other boys talked to their boyfriends. Elliott was just grateful that his boyfriend was okay, but Allen was a little upset that Rusty had snuck Calvin out of the hospital to confront Ralph.

"You know that Ralph is crazy!" said Allen. "You could have all been killed, and then how could I go on without you?"

"I'm so sorry babe." replied Rusty sincerely. "I wasn't thinking too clearly until Ralph came out with a gun. I guess Calvin and I just didn't think he was that crazy. I promise that I will never do anything like that again though. It was really creepy when I saw Ralph get shot."

"I guess I wouldn't know, I was out when Robert got shot." replied Allen.

"Take my word for it Allen, you were lucky you didn't see it." said Calvin. "It was even worse than when Ralph got shot today."

"Yeah, I heard that it was pretty bad." replied Allen. "I'm really sorry that happened too."

"Hell dude, I'm the one that's sorry about that." said Calvin. "That sick old man of mine almost killed you. That would have been pretty hard for me to live with. I think I've seen my share of that kind of crap though. I almost wish that I hadn't snuck out of the hospital today."

"Let's make a pact then." said Rusty. "No more violence from now on. We only use our boxing and karate for competition and as a last resort."

"I'm all for that." said Allen.

"You can count me in too." said Calvin.

"I know we still don't know you guys that well, but we'd like to be a part of that too." said Luke. "That is, if my dad doesn't skin my head for what we did today."

"I'm sure he'll understand." said Allen. "Ralph did put you two through an awful lot before he came here."

"That's still no excuse though." said Luke. "We should have let the adults handle this."

"Well, maybe things happened the way they did today for a reason." said Allen. "Who knows what he would have done to his aunt if he hadn't been distracted."

"You got yourself a pretty smart boyfriend there Rusty!" said Elliott.

"Yeah," said Rusty as he smiled, "Allen's one of a kind. I'd be lost without him."

When Tom got to Mike's house, he was a little disappointed with Calvin. He knew that the past twenty four hours had been the roughest of Calvin's life though, so he understood what Calvin was going through. Tom did have some news for everyone though, although he didn't know how it would be taken.

"I got a report from the doctors about Ralph before I left the hospital." said Tom. "The bullet went through Ralph's spine and severed his spinal cord. He'll never be able to get around without a wheelchair for the rest of his life. If it had went through higher though, it would have been much worse."

"I guess that's even worse than prison." said Calvin. "Now he'll have to face what he's done for the rest of his life."

"Well, I'm pretty sure he'll still be incarcerated for at least several years." replied Tom. "He's under pretty heavy guard at the hospital."

"I for one ain't going to worry too much about what happens to Ralph." said Rusty. "I don't mean to sound cruel, but he's the one who did this to himself. It would have been easier for him to just stay out of our lives."

"I'm not going to blame you boys for not feeling much sympathy for Ralph because you're right Rusty." said Mike. "I just don't want any of you to think what happened today was a good thing."

"It wasn't necessarily a good thing, but it's what he did to himself." said Rusty. "Maybe it will make him think about what a loser he is."

"I'm pretty sure he'll go through that." replied Mike.

"Well, I better get Calvin back to the hospital." said Tom. "I'm sure his doctor will want to chew him out good."

As Tom and Calvin were leaving, a car pulled in carrying Luke's and Elliott's dads. The two men from Miami weren't very happy with their sons after having to drive to Orlando to get them, but Mike did talk to them on the boys' behalf. After a nice long conversation with Mike, the other dads calmed down somewhat. They would still have to talk to the local police though, and get Luke's car out of impound. Luke's dad agreed though that if the boys behaved themselves, he may let them come back to visit with Rusty and Allen in a few weeks.

The doctor was livid when Calvin returned to the hospital. He did however agree to let Calvin spend a few minutes with Ricky, and then he had to go right to his bed and stay there. Tom also arranged for a closed circuit camera to be fed into Ralph's room, so Ralph would have to watch the two boys together. Calvin sat down beside Ricky's bed, and held onto as much of his hand as he could.

"Please come back to me Ricky." said Calvin, as tears began to form in his eyes. "I can't make it without you dude. You saved me from a life that I wanted to end before I met you. I would have never known how great life could be if it hadn't been for you. You've taught me so much about life and love, and I have so much more to learn from you. You're the reason that I look forward to every new day now, and I would be nothing without you. You have to come back to me Ricky."

Calvin sat there and cried as he held Ricky's hand, and tried to will the love of his life to fight to return to him. Ralph did not want to see any more, so he built up enough strength to throw the nearest hard object through the TV screen. When Tom heard that, he knew that Calvin and Ricky had gotten to him.

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