Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

Here goes Book 4 everyone. Before I begin, I would like to talk about my 2008 campaign. I have another campaign promise ready. If elected, neither M nor myself will ever mistake a sixty three year old man for a two pound bird. In the light of recent events, I wanted to clear up that point.

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 1

From the last chapter:

"I just wanted to tell you boys that you did a fantastic job this weekend." said Mike. "I know you boys had your moments in California where things didn't look so good, but I hope those times are gone. Sean and Devon, you two are every bit as loved and cared about as any other member of this band. These boys picked you as their friends for a reason, and I doubt anything will ever change their minds. I know for a fact that everyone in this band loves both of you as if you were a part of them. It's going to be important for you boys to remember that, because this band is going to be bigger than anything that any of us can imagine. The record company owner can't even give us an idea of what to expect, and she has been at the top herself. If you boys commit your friendship to each other every day though, I know you will continue to do fine, and have fun on one of the wildest rides you've ever been on."

Everyone in the band took turns sharing hugs, and telling each other what their friendship meant to them. It was enough to make Devon and Sean both cry lightly, for the joy of having such good and close friends.

The boys went on upstairs to Rusty and Allen's place after Mike had talked to them. Aaron and Erik also joined the boys. As soon as they got upstairs, Allen asked, "What are we going to do now guys? There were so many things that I still wanted to do, but pretty soon we won't be able to leave the house without being mobbed."

"Like what things babe?" asked Rusty as he smiled.

"A lot of things." replied Allen. "I still like going to the parks around here, especially Universal. And then I always wanted to build up the nerve to try the world's tallest human slingshot over on International Drive."

"Well, you guys may want to get your fill of that soon." said Erik. "I can tell you from experience that fame won't let you do things the way you use to for much longer. Pretty soon you'll have to start buying out small parks for a few hours, or going places as a VIP group. If you go out into the park with everyone else without a security team completely surrounding you, your fans will mob you just like Allen said."

"Well then baby, are you ready to have that cute little butt of yours blasted into space tonight?" Rusty asked Allen. "I was always hoping you would build up the nerve to want to try that. It looks like too much fun!"

"What the hell, let's go guys." replied Allen.

"What's this let's crap?!" laughed Shane. "Do we all look just as crazy as you two?"

"Oh come on Shane!" laughed Calvin. "You're not afraid of some little ride, are you?"

"Come on Shane, let's go with them!" smiled Snoopy. "It does sound fun. How high does this slingshot shoot you Allen?"

"Well, I heard from a friend at school that it goes up three hundred and sixty five feet, more or less." replied Allen.

Most of the boys looked at Allen like he was crazy, except Rusty, Calvin, Ricky, and Erik, who were laughing at the reaction of the other boys. Then Rusty called downstairs to get his dad to round up transportation for everyone. When Joey and Skip heard what was going on, they wanted to go along too. They couldn't talk Jennifer into it though, as she had no intention of having herself launched that high in the air. She just wished her two guys good luck, and told them to have fun.

Fortunately the small park that the slingshot was located in wasn't very crowded, since it was during the week. Most of the people who were there were people on vacation, who hadn't had a chance to hear the latest entertainment news. Everyone took a seat on the small bleachers in front of the slingshot, with Rusty and Allen up first. The operators did immediately recognize the boys, and discreetly welcomed them to their ride. First was Rusty and Allen. As Allen nervously approached the ride, he noticed that this slingshot was a bit different than most others. Most of these rides were converted from the old bungee slingshots, and had a steel cage around the seating unit. This one however was built as a new generation slingshot, and had no cage around the two seats with two shoulder harnesses. The operator checked the harnesses, then fastened the safety belts to the harnesses. After checking to ensure that his cables weren't crossed, the operator started the ride. As the springs stretched the cables tight, they also pulled the seat back so Rusty and Allen were facing straight up as they were pulled down into the platform, into launch position.

"Aw fuck Rusty, what in the hell are we doing?!" asked Allen nervously, as he lay next to Rusty.

"I think it's called going on the most kick-ass ride we've ever been on!" laughed Rusty.

"Are you boys ready?" asked the operator.

"Um,... um..." replied Allen.

"I think he means hell yeah!" laughed Rusty.

The operator laughed as he gave a short countdown, then released the ride from it's base. Mike laughed as he could still hear Allen scream from three hundred and sixty five feet in the air. By the time the ride was over though, Allen was laughing right along with Rusty, and immediately wanted to get in line again. After all of the boys had rode the slingshot once, and the ones who wanted to rode again, it was time to move on to the swing ride. Of course it was no ordinary swing ride. This one took its riders up a tower, as the seats went around at two hundred feet in the air. Then the swing traveled up and down the tower three times before the ride ended. The boys were not alone on this ride either, as a group of three boys and two girls joined them. The five kids who rode the swing with them were local, and had recognized the group. Since they didn't act too crazy, the band didn't mind them riding with them.

When the ride was over, one of the boys came up to Rusty and Allen and said, "Hi guys, my name is Andrew. My friends are Ron, his girlfriend Macie, Pete, and his supposed girlfriend Diane. We're not weird or anything, we just wanted to hang out with all of you guys. We all have your new CD, and it's the only thing I've played for the past week. You guys are really great, and we really appreciate you letting us hang out with you, even if it's just for one ride."

"Well, we were going to go ride the go-karts next." replied Rusty. "Would you guys like to hang out with us a little longer?"

"That would be way too cool!" replied Andrew.

Everyone who was on the swing ride then headed over to the big go-kart track. Everyone took turns talking to the kids who had joined them as they waited for their turn. Since the entire group was now at seventeen, they decided to split up into two groups. Andrew waited back to go on the ride with Rusty and Allen.

As they waited, Andrew quietly asked Rusty and Allen, "Is it true that everyone in your band is gay?"

"Yes, we are." replied Rusty. "I hope that isn't a problem now."

"Not at all dudes." replied Andrew. "I'm actually gay myself. My friends know it, and they're completely okay with gay people. I was asking because of Pete. I think I love him, and I think he only has Diane as his girlfriend because he doesn't want to think that he might be gay too."

"What makes you think that he might be gay too?" asked Allen.

"It's just little things." replied Andrew. "When it's just him and me, he goes out of his way to be nice to me. He's so nice that it makes me feel good. When everyone else is around, he's not as nice to anyone. He also smiles a lot when it's just us, which he also doesn't do much when everyone else is around. I think he would be so happy if I could convince him that if it were him and me, instead of him and Diane, there would be nothing wrong with that. The bad thing is, I don't think Diane cares nearly as much about him as I do. She's always looking at other boys, and I heard a rumor that she thought Pete was gay at first, and the only reason she goes out with him is to show everyone that she's so good that she can make gay guys be straight."

"I hope that ain't true." said Rusty. "If it is, it's such a crock of shit. All it would really mean is that she knows how to manipulate someone who's confused. I've been there too dude. I had a girlfriend before Allen and I got together. When I realized that I was gay though, she didn't stand in my way. She knew that I had feelings for Allen that I could never have for anyone else. I feel really bad for Pete if that's what's really happening."

"If you guys want to hang out a while longer, we can go to the adventure golf course after this." said Allen. "Rusty and I can watch things for you, and tell you what we think is going on."

"I can't even begin to explain how cool you guys are!" replied Andrew. "You barely even know me, but you're willing to help me with this. I knew that there was a good reason that I liked all of you guys so much. You'll always be my favorite band now. By the way, what happened to that girlfriend of yours Rusty?"

"She's going out with our sound men now." laughed Rusty. "It's kinda hard to explain, but here goes. Her and Joey fell in love with each other. Then Joey realized that he was bi, and also loved Skip. She still loves Joey though, and didn't want to lose him. Since Joey didn't want to lose her either, they decided that all three of them could be a happy couple together. It seems to be working for them though."

"Do you mean that she has sex with two guys at the same time, and the two guys have sex with each other and her at the same time?" asked Andrew.

"That's about it!" smiled Rusty. "It really seems to have helped all three of them though. Skip is completely gay, but he's learned to appreciate naked women now, even when they're in bed with him."

"Damn, I'd love to be a fly on their wall!" laughed Andrew.

After the go-kart rides were over, Andrew talked his friends into following the band to the nearby adventure golf course. Rusty made sure to put Pete in a group with two gay lovers, and right next to the group with Andrew. Rusty went with Pete's group, and Allen went with Andrew's group. Rusty could tell right away that even though Pete was suppose to be with Diane, he kept looking over at Andrew's group. It didn't help that Calvin and Ricky were with Pete's group, and being as affectionate as they could get away with. That did make Diane want to be affectionate with Pete, who let her have her way only twice. Then Pete saw Rusty and Allen getting together between holes. They both discreetly looked at Pete, and could tell that he longed for something that he didn't have.

At the end of the course, Allen went to Andrew and said, "Rusty and I want to talk to you alone dude. Can you come to our house tomorrow after school?"

"Is it what I thought it was?" asked Andrew.

"We'd rather not say until we have a chance to talk to you about it first." replied Allen. "We'd hate to see you go off without all of the information you need, and do something to make the situation worse. Don't do anything until we talk tomorrow. And Andrew, we'd like you to be our friend. Would you be our friend?"

"I don't know what to say!" replied Andrew emotionally. "I love you guys, and I'd love to be your friend."

Allen gave Andrew his and Rusty's address, then gave Andrew a hug. Rusty also came over and gave Andrew a hug before everyone left. Pete saw this, and looked a little irritated. That was enough to get Allen to approach Pete.

"I hope you don't think we're trying to take your friend away Pete." said Allen. "If you're Andrew's friend, we'd be happy to consider you our friend too."

"That's cool guys, but it's not really that." replied Pete. "I always seem to make other people's friends. No one ever approaches me first. Then there's Andrew, who everyone always approaches to be their friend."

"It might seem that way, but do you want to know something?" said Allen. "As far as he's concerned, his absolute most important friend is you. He's told us that a couple of times. It's pretty special to have friends like that, because quality is more important than quantity."

"I guess so." replied Pete. "I just wish I could make friends first, without having to take in everyone else's friends."

"Someday you will learn what it takes to draw people to you first, and you'll never have that problem again." said Allen. "Now, we were planing on going to Universal on Saturday, and we were going to ask Andrew to go. We haven't yet though, and I want to ask you first. Would you like to spend the day with us on Saturday Pete?"

"Sure, thanks." replied Pete sheepishly with a smile.

Then Allen gave Pete a brief hug before returning to Rusty. Rusty smiled as he greeted his lover with a hug, and said, "Babe, you're better than Doctor Phil!"

The next day, Rusty and Allen had been home a few minutes when they saw a strange car fly into the driveway. Then they saw Andrew scurry out of the car, and up to their door. Rusty and Allen were going to take a shower, so they were in nothing but their boxers when Rusty answered the door and let Andrew in.

"I'm sorry Andrew, we were going to try to take a quick shower." said Rusty, as Andrew came in and Rusty shut the door. "You must have flew all the way from your school today."

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't stand not knowing what you guys think." replied Andrew.

"That's okay buddy." smiled Allen. "As soon as Rusty and I take a quick shower, we'll get down to business. I'll go first while you make our friend comfy dear."

Then Allen dropped his shorts, and headed to the bathroom naked. Rusty almost drooled as he watched Allen's butt wiggle away from him and Andrew.

"God, I love him so much!" exclaimed Rusty, as Andrew giggled.

A few minutes later, Allen came back naked, drying himself off. Rusty got up and stripped off his shorts, then headed to the shower. As he passed Allen, the two boys shared a hug and a tender kiss. Andrew watched Rusty and Allen kiss, and he could also see their cocks rub back and forth against each other. When Rusty and Allen broke their kiss, Allen finished drying himself, then went to his dresser to put on some clothes. Once Allen was dressed, he came over and sat next to Andrew.

"I hope you guys know that you just made me horny as hell there!" snickered Andrew.

"Well, hopefully we should be able to help you with that soon." smiled Allen.

"So, I wasn't imagining it?" asked Andrew.

"Pete kissed Diane exactly twice last night." said Allen. "Rusty and I both agree that both times he looked like he was kissing a dead fish. Either he doesn't like kissing girls, or he has some serious necrophilia issues and should stay away from the marina. Then there were the times he was watching you, which I'll bet was a lot more than you would imagine."

"Aw babe, you're telling him all the good stuff without me!" said Rusty, as he came back naked, and drying himself.

"How many times did Pete look at me Rusty?" asked Andrew.

"Allen and I came up with thirty two times, in just eighteen holes!" smiled Rusty. "The guy is so smitten with you that it isn't funny dude. We have to handle this right, so he'll be happy before he drives himself insane."

"So, do you think he might love me?" asked Andrew as he smiled.

"There's no thinking about it Andrew." replied Allen. "It's an absolute certainty that he loves you."

"The big problem is though that he's afraid to admit that to himself, or anyone else." said Rusty. "He's trying to ignore those feelings, until he can force himself to have different feelings. A lot of guys go through that, although sometimes not as much as he is."

"What are we going to do then?" asked Andrew.

"Well, trying to force him to face that he's gay won't work." said Allen. "He apparently thinks that someone will think that it's wrong, so he can't let himself be gay. Our friend Calvin couldn't stand the idea of his real father finding out that he was gay, and he almost killed himself over it."

"Not to mention that he almost killed Allen too." added Rusty. "What we have to do is persuade him that being gay isn't wrong first. Then we can work on him being gay not being wrong too."

"How do we do that?" asked Andrew.

"We show him how good it is to have someone you love, no matter who it is." said Rusty. "I did the girlfriend thing too, before I realized that I was in love with Allen. I could have kept doing the girlfriend thing too, but I knew that I was meant to be with Allen. Pete will keep doing the girlfriend thing until he has a long list of ex-girlfriends. Then he will become very lonely, and wonder why his life turned out so bad. We won't let that happen though. He has to know that having you is better than having any girlfriend he could imagine, and I think we can help him with that. Don't force him to face being gay though Andrew. You have to let him come to that himself, then be there when he does. He's really going to need you when that happens."

"In the meantime, be the best friend to him that you can." said Allen. "Let him know that there's nothing you won't do for him. Always make sure that he's happy before you worry about yourself being happy. Let him know that you appreciate his friendship, and it means the world to you. Then when he does face this, he'll instantly know how much you love him."

"We'll start tomorrow." said Rusty. "Allen has already asked Pete to go to Universal with us. We'll have to do the VIP group thing, but I'm sure Pete will get a kick out of that. You have to go with us, and we'll start sowing the seeds in his mind that he was meant for you."

"I don't know how I'll ever repay you if this works out guys." said Andrew.

"We're friends, you don't have to worry about that." said Allen "The only thing we expect is for you guys to be good friends."

"Yeah, you and Pete may be the last normal new friends we get to make for a while." said Rusty. "We're becoming so famous that we won't be able to make friends normally anymore, and we want you as our friends before that happens."

"Now Andrew, are you a virgin?" asked Allen.

"Um,... well,... Pete is kinda the only guy I've ever wanted." replied Andrew shyly. "I've wanted to save myself for him."

"That's very sweet Andrew, and you should do that." said Rusty. "You will have to know what to do though, or when the time comes, Pete is going to be very scared of doing anything."

"Rusty and I don't want to have sex with anyone else." said Allen. "However, there isn't anything wrong with you watching us so you'll know what to do."

"Just so you know, if you have to cum too, you'll have to take care of that yourself." said Rusty. "Neither of us will help you with that one. We just want you to watch us and learn what to do."

Rusty and Allen then walked over to their bed, and motioned for Andrew to come over to the bed and have a seat. Andrew watched excitedly as Rusty and Allen undressed each other. Once they were both naked, Rusty and Allen laid down on the bed and embraced each other. Andrew slowly stroked himself through his pants as Rusty and Allen kissed passionately. Allen finally turned around on the bed, then he and Rusty lovingly took each other's cocks into their mouths. Andrew watched intently as Rusty and Allen pleasured each other in his presence. Rusty and Allen pleasured each other for the next ten minutes, as much as they could without making each other cum.

Then Rusty pulled off Allen's cock, and turned Allen onto his back. Rusty put Allen's legs up onto his shoulders, then gently pushed his cock into Allen. Allen moaned in ecstasy as Rusty's cock slowly drove all the way into him. As Rusty began thrusting in and out of Allen, he leaned over and placed his lips against Allen's. By this time, Andrew was dropping his pants and shorts, and began stroking himself sensuously. Rusty spent five minutes making love to Allen before releasing his cum into Allen's rectum. Andrew moaned as Rusty and Allen traded places, and Allen thrust his cock into Rusty. Andrew looked down at the boy who at one time had a girlfriend, but now enjoyed being penetrated by his boyfriend. Rusty was enjoying it so much that Andrew knew that Pete had to be with him now. Allen, Rusty, and Andrew moaned together as Allen and Andrew began cumming. Andrew shot his cum onto himself, then scooped it off and swallowed it as Rusty and Allen cleaned each other.

"Now you know why we have to get you guys together." said Rusty, as he and Allen embraced. "Allen or I neither one could have ever been happy until I got over trying to be straight, and we became lovers. I almost lost Allen after I realized that I love him, and it felt like someone reached into my chest with their hand and pulled my heart out dude. If I had lost Allen, I couldn't have went on. We can see that you two are a lot like us, and we have to help you two be as happy as we are. You and Pete will be lovers, count on it."

"I love you guys, I know Pete will too when this is all over." said Andrew. "I want Pete and I to be just like you guys."

Andrew and Pete arrived at Rusty and Allen's place together early the next morning, and were told they had to wait for Calvin and Ricky, and Sean and Devon. Once everyone who was going had arrived, Mike and Rusty piled everyone into two vans. Beth, Jennifer, Joey, Skip, Emily, and the twins were going as well, so both vans were full. When both vans pulled up at the park, Mike checked in at the VIP window. Everyone was quickly ushered into the VIP lobby, where they were given a warm welcome by the park. When everyone was deciding what they wanted to do first, Beth chimed in with her favorite ride, based on a lovable alien who had to find a way to phone home during his movie. The group piled in the VIP bus, and headed out on the short drive to the first ride.

When everyone was ushered in the back door between pre-shows, they got their card that allowed the animated figure at the end of the ride to say their names. Then they headed to the platform. Allen and Rusty were surprised to see an old friend of theirs on the platform.

"Tim!" exclaimed Rusty. "What are you doing back here at Universal?"

"Things didn't work out very well at that park in Ohio." replied Tim. "I was eventually fired for being gay, and because they wanted to give my job to someone they could pay over a dollar an hour less. I know that's a big surprise, but I came back here at my old pay rate. Universal has always known how to take care of their employees."

"That really sucks man." said Rusty. "I knew that park in Ohio treated people badly, but they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it."

"Well, I'm better off being back here." replied Tim. "I really never want to think about that other park again."

"Then we'll take care of it for you." smiled Rusty. "Our band has become a huge hit, so we'll ask our fans to boycott that park in Ohio."

"Thanks boys, that's very nice of you." said Tim. "Well, here's your ride."

"Okay Tim, but call us later." said Rusty. "I'll leave our number for you, and I'll leave Greg's too. I know he would love to hear from you now that you're back in Orlando."

At the exit to the ride, Rusty got a pen and piece of paper from the VIP guide. Then he left his and Greg's number, and ran back in quickly to give it to Tim. Then the group was off to the next ride. On the way there, Rusty and Allen sat next to Andrew and Pete. When Rusty knew that Pete was looking, he embraced Allen and gave him a passionate kiss.

"I love you so much babe." said Rusty to Allen, when he broke the kiss. "I feel like the luckiest guy in the world to be with you."

"Is that how you really feel Rusty?" asked Pete.

"Absolutely!" replied Rusty. "I use to have a girlfriend. As a matter of fact, it was Jennifer."

"No way!" exclaimed Pete. "What happened?"

"I realized that I was living a lie dude." replied Rusty. "I knew that I loved Allen, and I had loved him for quite some time. I was trying to lie to myself, and everyone else though. Isn't that right Jennifer?"

"Yeah, Rusty's a really hot guy, but a terrible liar." smiled Jennifer. "I wished back then that it had worked, but I knew that he needed to be with Allen. That's why we were able to stay friends. There was nothing either of us could do about it, it was just the way it was meant to be. I'm really happy for Rusty and Allen both."

"You're always happier when you're honest to yourself dude." said Rusty. "If someone else doesn't like your being honest, then they're the ones with the problem. I could have continued lying to myself, and I'd probably be miserable or I'd regret my life by now. Instead, I'm happier than I can imagine being. And I know my awesome boyfriend is happy that I'm happy."

Rusty and Allen could tell that Pete was now thinking about what Rusty had said. Andrew could tell that his best friend was thinking now too, and now it was his job to be there for Pete.

Before the end of the day, Pete did get a chance to speak with Jennifer too. "I would think having a boyfriend tell you that he's really gay would hurt the girl quite a bit." said Pete.

"That really depends on who the girl is, and how well she knows the boy." replied Jennifer. "Like I said, I knew that Rusty was gay before he even admitted it to himself. Rusty's a good friend though, and I didn't want him putting himself through that. When we broke up as boyfriend and girlfriend, it was because I told him that he needed to go be with Allen. With Joey it was a bit tougher, but the three of us have found a way to make it work. I'm glad we did too. I still love Joey as much as ever, and I've really begun to like Skip too. So Pete, what is your girlfriend like?"

"Well, she'd be more convincing if she didn't look at other guys so much." replied Pete.

"That's awful Pete!" said Jennifer. "I don't see how she could treat you like that, unless....."

"Unless what?" asked Pete.

"Unless she sees you as some kind of trophy." replied Jennifer. "I hate to say it, since I'm a girl too, but there are girls like that. It's good that you have close friends like Andrew to get you through the rough spots though."

"Do you think there are going to be rough spots?" asked Pete.

"With her looking at other guys, she probably won't be your last love." replied Jennifer. "That just isn't showing you much respect, and you look like a nice enough boy to deserve being treated with respect. I'm sure it will be okay though. She will move on to her next trophy, and you will move on to someone who you truly love."

"I thought I loved her though." said Pete.

"With what you said about how she acts, do you really believe that Pete, or is that just what you're telling yourself?" asked Jennifer. "You really need to think about that, and be completely honest with yourself. I personally think you could be much happier than you are now. I heard Andrew talk about how happy you can be sometimes."

"Yeah, with a friend like him, it's easier to be happy sometimes." smiled Pete. "Sometimes I think that if you looked up friend in the dictionary, Andrew's picture would be there. I'm very glad he's my friend."

"Even though you know that he's gay?" asked Jennifer.

"Before I knew Andrew was gay, I had always thought it was a bad thing." replied Pete. "It's kind of hard to see it that way when you look at him though."

"Yeah, Andrew does look like a very sweet and caring guy." smiled Jennifer. "Some boy is going to be very lucky someday when they end up with him. I can see why you think so much of having him as your friend."

"Thanks Jennifer, I really appreciate you talking to me like this." said Pete.

"What are friends for?" replied Jennifer, as she gave Pete a light hug.

Andrew called Rusty and Allen the next day to tell them that Pete looked different. He now seemed to be thinking a lot more, and looking at Andrew while thinking most of the time. Rusty told Andrew to get on the phone to Pete, and really start pouring on the friendship.

"I'm glad you called me over tonight Andrew." said Pete, as he walked into Andrew's room. "I'm starting to think that things won't last much longer between me and Diane."

"I'm so sorry to hear that Pete." replied Andrew. "What's going on?"

"It's just the way she always looks at other guys." replied Pete. "And even when she is trying to concentrate on me, it doesn't seem like she respects me like she should."

"Well my best friend, you know that if you need someone to talk to, or you just don't want to be alone, I'm always here for you." said Pete. "I care about you very much, and I'd do anything I could to help you."

"Thanks Andrew." smiled Pete. "You have no idea how glad I am to have a friend like you."

"No more than I am to have a friend like you Pete." smiled Andrew back. "If you find yourself hurting over this, and you need a nice hug, I'd be happy to give you one Pete."

"Do you think I could get one now Andrew?" said Pete, almost emotionally. "I'm so confused by things right now dude. I just need to be with someone like you right now, who I know really cares about me."

Andrew nervously stepped up to Pete, and put his arms around his best friend. Andrew could feel Pete's body tremble slightly, as he hugged Pete close to him. He knew that was probably because Pete was confused though.

"If things are really that bad Pete, just break it off with Diane." said Andrew. "We can hang out together while you forget about her, and just do friend things. That's all you really need right now anyway. You have your whole life to mess it up over some girl, so you don't need to be in a hurry."

"How did I know you would make this look so positive?" snickered Pete, as he hugged Andrew even tighter. "I'd love to just do friend things with you Andrew."

It wasn't a commitment of love by any means, but it made Andrew happy none the less. Pete also looked more relieved after his talk and hug with Andrew. Pete knew that if he were gay, he would have no problem having a mate for the rest of his life. Pete did like Andrew a lot, but he just didn't see that happening, or he wouldn't let himself see that happening.

The next day, Mike got a call from the record company. One of Orlando's favorite performers, who also owned a chain of Key West themed restaurants, was playing two shows at the local arena on Friday and Saturday. His opening act had suddenly canceled, and he was now in a pickle. It was short notice, but since the boys were already there in Orlando, the record company owner thought it might be good exposure for them. Mike said he would ask the boys if they were up to it, then call her back that evening. The boys nervously agreed to be the opening act for the singer's shows, and Mike committed them to it. The next day when the local radio stations announced the change, the rest of the tickets for both shows disappeared within the hour. The singer immediately announced two more shows, a matinee on Saturday and an evening show on Sunday, and those tickets lasted less than two hours. The boys were now committed to four shows over the weekend, and all of them were sold out.

By Friday, Pete knew that he was happier when he hung out with Andrew, so he found Diane to have a talk. "Hi Diane, I need to talk to you." said Pete.

"What's wrong Petey?" asked Diane.

"First of all, I hate the name Petey." replied Pete. "I've told you that it makes me feel like you think of me as a five year old boy, but you still keep calling me that."

"Well, I'm sorry then Pete." replied Diane. "I'll stop using that name."

"That's not even all there is to it Diane." said Pete. "The only time you ever show any affection is when you see someone else doing it, and then it seems forced. I also don't like how I'm always catching you looking at other boys. Is that what you really want Diane? If it is, I can't keep going through that."

"Are you breaking up with me Pete?" asked Diane.

"Yeah Diane, I think we would both be happier with someone else." replied Pete.

"It's that fag Andrew, isn't it?" asked Diane.

"Andrew is my best friend, so I don't ever want to hear you call him that name again, and I really don't care what he does with his sex life." replied Pete. "I don't think I'll have many problems finding a girlfriend who treats me with more respect than you Diane. I want to break up with you, and you immediately call me gay. Did you ever think that I just don't like you anymore?"

"That was pretty mean Pete!" replied Diane.

"Not any more mean than you treating me like some kind of trophy, or looking at other boys while you say that you love me." replied Pete. "This has been coming for a while Diane, and Pete has nothing to do with it. He's gay, and I'm straight. He is the best friend I've ever had though. I wish you luck finding a nice boyfriend, but if you want some advice, you may want t learn how to treat him better or it will end the same way as us."

With that, Pete cut Diane out of his life. He expected it to hurt somewhat, but was surprised when he actually felt better. He had to talk to Andrew about this, to see if he should have felt a little bit bad about breaking up with Diane. When Pete got to Andrew's house, Andrew told him that Rusty and Allen had left him a pair of tickets for tonight's show, and asked his best friend to go with him. Pete accepted his offer with a smile, and Andrew was happy that nothing seemed to interfere with their friendship.

The band had to get to the arena right after school on Friday. Since the headline act had already run through his sound checks, the stage was turned over to the boys. As they set up their equipment, Joey and Skip were getting use to the sound board. The record company seemed like they were sparing no expense, since the boys were now their number one act. Joey and Skip thought the sound board was incredible for a live show. The record company had also hired a lighting crew for the boys, and the lighting director was going over some of the cues with the boys as they set up. As the doors opened that evening, the boys weren't sure exactly who the crowd was coming to see. The headline act was hoping that it would be a good mix of his fans, and his opening act's fans. That way his music could be exposed to a slightly younger audience than usual. He also hoped that his fans would support the boys who were opening for him.

When the lights went down, and Youthful Discretion was announced, the boys heard a deafening applause as they took their places. The boys then went into their first number, and Allen waved to Andrew and Pete as Rusty sang the first song. After Allen and Rusty took turns singing the first four songs, it was time for them to do Still the One. Rusty and Allen wanted to do the song differently during their shows from now on, and had been practicing all week. Rusty and Allen switched off from one line to the next, and sang the choruses together. The crowd loved it, and let the boys know it. After two encores that evening, the boys had run through all of the material from their album, but the crowd wanted more. Rusty whispered to all of the boys, then they began playing Jealous, the song Rusty had sang to Allen at the talent show last spring. That struck an emotional note with Rusty and Allen, and with the crowd.

The announcer tried to get the crowd to quiet down enough so that the headliner could begin setting up, but they had to have one more song. The boys had no idea what to do now, until Calvin went around and told everyone to play Always, the song he had sung to Ricky when he asked Ricky to marry him. This meant that Terry would step up and play lead guitar on his steel guitar. Rusty told the crowd that this would be the last encore, and he thanked everyone for their support. Then he turned the microphone over to Calvin. This would be the first time Calvin had ever sung vocals, so he was very nervous.

Ricky looked over to Calvin and said, "I love you babe. I know you can do it."

Calvin smiled as the boys began playing, and launched into a very beautiful version of the song. It seemed as though everyone liked Calvin's singing just as much as they liked Rusty's and Allen's. The crowd did give the boys another deafening round of applause, but finally let the show continue. The headliner thought he might be in trouble, but the crowd was so pumped up that they enjoyed him just as much as they had the opening act. After he too did several encores for his show, he called Rusty and the other boys back out.

"After having one of the best shows that I've had in a while, I just wanted to tell you boys how much I appreciate you opening for me on such short notice." said the headliner to Rusty. "You guys have the best new band I've heard in quite some time. I know that a lot of this audience came to see you, then stuck around to enjoy my show, and I have to say that you boys have some truly great fans too. If you boys know my cheeseburger song, I'd like to do it one more time tonight with all of you joining me."

Rusty and the other boys were honored to join the headliner for one more song, and everyone played a very high spirited version of the song that brought the crowd to their feet. It turned out to be more fun for everyone on the stage than they ever thought of having that night. As everyone left the stage, Allen motioned for Andrew and Pete to follow them backstage. It was a great night for everyone, and they couldn't wait to talk about it.

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