Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 10

From the last chapter:

"Hello dad, how is everything?" asked Lee, not sure if he wanted his dad to answer.

"It couldn't be better Lee." replied Lee's dad curtly. "Our son was on television, and we couldn't be prouder. Wait, I take that back, we could be prouder. We would have been prouder if he hadn't been kissing another boy like some kind of animal!"

"Come on dad, that was a pretty tame kiss!" replied Lee. "If you wanted animal, I could have done much better than that! You wouldn't understand though. I can't help it that I'm gay, and you'll never understand that, will you?"

"How can you admit that you're... that way?" asked Lee's dad. "I sure didn't raise you to be... that way!"

"You can't even say the word gay, can you dad?" asked Lee.

"Maybe not, but I can say this." replied Lee's dad. "I hope you like it out on tour, because you can stay there! Don't ever come back here!" Then Lee's dad slammed the phone down on his son.

Lee turned to Mike as tears welled in his eyes, and cried, "They threw me out!"

"Don't worry son, I'll take care of you now." said Mike, as he wrapped Lee in his arms.

Mike held onto Lee through the entire show. He wanted to be there just offstage, but the boys knew something was up with Lee, and they understood. Once the show was over, Mike took Lee to Liam, and let Liam take over after telling him what had happened with Lee's dad. Liam didn't even try to make love to Lee that night, as he knew Lee just needed to cuddle and be held.

The next morning the boys had to get to the busses early, to head to the next stop of the tour in Charlotte. As the busses crossed into North Carolina, Ben, Judith, and Aaron were just waking up from a restful night's sleep in Sharon and Erik's Beverly Hills mansion. Well, at least Ben and Judith rested. Aaron shared the bedroom with Erik, and the two boys made love well into the previous night. As luck would have it, there was a smaller estate available next to Sharon and Erik's mansion. Ben and Judith didn't know if they wanted to commit to a residence in California, but Sharon convinced them that Aaron would do well in the TV business, and would need to split his time between Florida and California for quite some time into the future. Sharon called the agent handling the estate, and she agreed to meet with them in about an hour at Sharon's place.

"Okay, before we go over and take a look at the estate, let me tell you a little bit about it." said the agent named Celeste. "It's one of the smaller estates here in this part of Beverly Hills. If you'll be going back and forth between here and Florida though, it'll be perfect. The last resident used it as his bachelor residence, until he got married. They usually keep their bachelor homes, until they know if the marriage will last. This actor's new wife has convinced him that it will though. He did have a service go through cleaning the entire building, and stripping it to bare walls. I can give you a list of decorators, any of whom can make it look just the way you want it."

"This all sounds very expensive." said Ben.

"Sharon, did you explain to Ben and Judith about the success of Camelot High, and how much Aaron can expect to earn in his first year on the show?" asked Celeste.

"Yes Celeste dear, but it is taking a while sinking in." laughed Sharon lightly.

"Okay then, I'll take a shot at it too." smiled Celeste. "Ben, I can assure you that Aaron will make much more in his first season on the show than it will take to cover the expense of buying this mansion, and setting it up the way your family wants it. Camelot High is currently one of the most successful shows on the air. My kids refuse to miss any episodes at all. I even watch it with them most of the time, and it's one of the better shows aimed at kids and young adults. They absolutely loved the episode with Aaron, as did most of their friends. I saw that episode too, and I can guarantee you that Aaron will share the same success that the show does. He's a very talented young man, although not quite at the level of Erik yet. They do compliment each other very well though. You won't regret establishing a part-year residence here, and the mansion next door is perfect for that."

"It's just very hard for us to take all of this in so quickly." said Judith. "We know that Aaron is talented. So is his brother Allen, who's out on tour with his band this summer. We're being pulled in a lot of directions at the same time, but we'll try to catch up as quickly as we can."

"That's perfectly understandable Judith dear." said Celeste. "I didn't realize you had another son who's in a band. What band is he with?"

"Him and his mate Rusty are the lead singers with the band Youthful Discretion." replied Judith. "This is their first tour, and they'll be working on their second album after the tour finishes."

"Youthful Discretion?!" exclaimed Celeste. "That's all my kids ever play anymore! I think I should be showing you folks a much larger estate! When the band is out here in the studio, you may need the room my dear. I just came from the estate next door on the other side of Sharon's. The owners just placed it with me on the market this morning. It seems as though their marriage didn't work out, and neither of them wants a place quite so large anymore. I think it would be perfect for your family, and I'd like to show it to you instead of the smaller estate. You can still look at that one if you want, but I think you would be better off with something larger. The current owners of the larger estate haven't lived there in about a month now, and it's ready to show right away. Why don't we all head over there, and take a look at it?"

The tour of the two and a half story mansion took over an hour. The half story was where the mansion had three levels on one side of it. The tour included the huge kitchen, dining room, reception room, great room that included living and entertainment areas, study room, and a number of bedroom suites. There were also ample servants quarters off to the side of the kitchen and dining room areas. The back yard caught Aaron's interest. The large pool had a very nice looking pool and shower room off to one side, as well as a guest suite over top of the pool room.

"The current owners wanted to do something with the rest of the back yard, but I think the size of it overwhelmed them a bit." said Celeste. "They wanted to do a walk through garden and arboretum, but the planning consumed so much time that they never got fully underway with it. As you can see though, they did make a little bit of a start on it. It's just that with the back yard past the pool area covering ten acres, it was a little difficult making more than a start. They do have paths laid out that covered the hillside area in the back though, and it's quite a walk all the way around it."

"I can see why they never made much progress." laughed Judith. "A yard this size could overwhelm anyone!"

"I would definitely interview for a groundskeeper first!" laughed Celeste. "With a little work and the right idea though, this could look very nice."

"If we get this place, could I have a rollercoaster back here mom?" asked Aaron.

"Well, it would certainly fit!" laughed Celeste.

"We'll talk about it son." smiled Judith. "I don't know about your father, but I really don't have a clue what we could do back here anyway."

"I'm stumped too dear!" laughed Ben. "We'll see how well your show does son, and consider it."

"Did you hear that Erik?" said Aaron. "We get to plan a rollercoaster!"

"Well, as long as the city zoning board will go along with it." said Celeste. "You don't want to get too excited until you sound them out on it first."

"We're the only neighbors that would be in close enough proximity to complain though, and I don't see that happening." said Sharon. "I'd just be happy to have Ben and Judith as neighbors here."

"This place does look very expensive though." said Ben.

"Then let's go back to Sharon's, and talk numbers." said Celeste. "I'll explain the financial aspects of Aaron's contract to you, and we'll see if that fits into buying this estate. I'm sure it will though, considering your other son is in a very successful band. Do you have the numbers on what he expects to make too?"

"Yeah, I have those numbers." replied Ben.

After getting back to Sharon's place, Celeste sat down with Ben and Judith to go over numbers. Celeste was a wiz when it came to figuring out incomes of celebrities, and soon showed Ben and Judith that they could comfortably afford the larger estate. That news made Aaron and Erik very happy.

By the time the busses pulled into Charlotte that afternoon, Lee was feeling much better. Liam made sure of that on the way to Charlotte. Mike was still thinking of what he could do about the situation, as he watched the boys begin to set up for the show. The boys played another sold out show that night, even mingling with the headliners on stage during their set. The banjo player for the headline act had fun having Snoopy play a song alongside himself, and the lead singer had Rusty and Allen both sing with her. The show in Charlotte helped the boys really begin to relax with performing onstage almost every night. On the way to the hotel that night, Mike made sure he was on the bus with Liam and Lee.

"I've given your situation some thought Lee, and I have an idea how I want to handle it." said Mike. "I won't do anything without your okay though. When we get to Orlando, I want to call your father. I have a friend there with the DCF, and I'll have her in on the discussion. I want your father to say what he said to you, but to me and her instead. Then I can take steps to take you into our family, just like I did with Joey. At least with us, you'll have a home for as long as you need it. What do you say?"

"Well, dad sounded pretty serious when he threw me out." replied Lee. "It's not like I have anywhere to go anyway. Besides, you people have been really nice to me so far. I guess I'd be okay with that."

That night at the hotel, there was a little mix up. The private set of suites that had been reserved were given out by the time Mike and the boys gotten there. The desk clerk didn't seem too sympathetic with Mike's problem at first though.

"I'm sorry a mistake was made sir, but there's not much I can do about it tonight." said the clerk. "There's a big concert in town tonight, and the hotel is getting pretty full. I can give you four suites together on the second floor, but that's the best I can do."

"No shit, there's a big concert in town tonight!" replied Mike. "The group of boys I'm with was one of the bands that performed! Now you expect me to march them through the lobby, and squeeze into four suites?"

"I'll get the night manager for you sir." replied the clerk casually.

"No, I want the hotel manager!" said Mike. "The promoter specified what our accommodations were suppose to be here, and someone screwed up badly. I don't care if you have to wake the manager up either!"

At about that time, the lead singer for the headline band was making her way behind the back of the front desk, and overheard Mike. She got to the desk at the same time as the night manager came up.

"Do you people know who I am?" asked the singer.

"Of course we do ma'am." said the night manager.

Then she picked up the entertainment section from the newspaper that was laying on the counter, turned it to a picture of the boys, and asked, "Do you know who these boys are?"

"Of course we do ma'am." replied the night manager.

"Then why aren't they in the suites next to us, like they were suppose to be?" asked the singer. "You have a bunch of rowdy fans up there instead, and none of us will get any rest tonight. I had to sneak out, just so I could come down here to complain. Now when our tour gets to Savannah tomorrow, two out of the three bands won't have had any rest, thanks to your stupid mistake! And this man you're attempting to argue with is the manager of those boys who's picture I showed you."

The manager turned to his clerk and asked, "Why wasn't that floor kept secure? You know our policy in dealing with celebrities!"

"They said they were the other band." replied the clerk.

"You moron!" yelled the night manager, who wasn't quite as understanding as the clerk thought he would be. Then he turned to Mike and said, "I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am sir. I can have those suites emptied for you, but it might take a little time."

"How long is it going to take to clean up the mess they're making?" asked the singer. "They're up there throwing one hell of a party! I don't have anything against drinking myself, but the rest of my group needs their rest, and by the time you get those suites cleaned up, it'll be time for all of us to head out to Savannah!"

"How can I make this up to all of you?" asked the night manager.

"I think it's a little late for that." replied Mike. "Most of my boys are probably asleep on the busses now, and it sounds like they might be better off that way."

"Well, I need security to get a handle on what's going on up there, so my musicians can get back out to our busses." said the singer. "They've decided that would be best for them. I don't know what the other two girls and I are going to do though. Our busses are a bit too cramped for all of us to sleep in. I do know one thing though, our promoter and both of our recording companies are going to know about this."

"We don't have actual security here though." said the night manager. "It's just me and the desk clerk, at least until I fire him."

"Then I suggest you find some quickly." replied the singer. "You and your desk clerk aren't going to be any match for that mob!"

"If we can get you out of here, why don't you and the other two ladies take my space on the bus?" asked Mike. "I can sleep with your band, and I know the boys won't bother you. I'll make a quick call, and see if I can get the some of the stage hands over here. The arena is only two blocks away, so they can be over here in a few minutes."

"That's very gentlemanly of you Mike." replied the singer. "I can see where all those boys get their manners from now."

"Please folks, we can fix this." begged the night manager.

"So can we!" laughed Mike.

Ten minutes later, a dozen of the biggest stage hands had shown up at the hotel. The people who had taken Mike's suites didn't dare venture out into the hallway, even though they were pretty drunk by this time. Everyone in the headline band was safely escorted out of the hotel, and to the busses. Mike then gave each of the stage hands a very nice check, if they would stay with the busses and provide security for them while they were parked there. Then Mike went to all of the drivers, and told them to leave together in the morning as one group of busses.

All of the band members of both bands were still asleep, as the busses pulled out for Savannah the next morning. As the singers for the headline band woke up, they heard the boys beginning to stir out in the rest of the bus. They put their clothes on for the day, then ventured out to a bus full of surprised boys. When Mike got up with the other group's band, he immediately placed a phone call to his recording company owner. She wasn't very pleased to hear about the mix-up, and assured Mike that she would make sure the promoter addressed the situation.

Out in California, Ben met with Celeste again, as Judith and Sharon took the boys to the studio. Ben and Judith had decided that given the time that would be spent in California with Aaron's acting career, and Allen's singing career, they did need the larger mansion. Ben was able to put one quarter of the cost of the mansion down, and Celeste found him a bank that would be more than willing to give him a one year note for the rest. Then Ben and his family would be able to move in right away. After the business was over, Ben gave Mike a call.

"Mike Cooper here." said Mike, as he answered his phone.

"Hey Mike, this is Ben." replied Ben. "How's the tour going so far?"

"Well, we all slept on busses last night." said Mike. "Even our headline act had to sleep on the busses too. I just hope we don't run into any more hotels like that one in Charlotte last night. The boys are getting along really well with the ladies in our headline act though. They really are very nice young ladies."

"I'm sorry to hear you had hotel problems." said Ben. "At least when the tour stops in Orlando and Southern California, you won't have that problem. I'm glad to hear that everything else is okay though."

"You didn't go out there and buy a mansion, did you Ben?" asked Mike.

"Well, we figured that with the time Aaron would be spending out here at the studio, and the time the band would be here working on albums, we would need a residence here too." replied Ben. "As for the mansion part, I don't think you can get anything else here in Beverly Hills. On a positive note, our new mansion has more than enough room for everyone. Aaron and Erik are trying to figure out if they make enough to put a rollercoaster in the back yard."

"They'll probably find some way to pull that off!" laughed Mike. "You know boys and their toys. Just wait until the other boys get together with them."

"I'm looking forward to that, no matter how it goes." replied Ben. "They can build an entire park back there if they want to."

"Okay Ben, but just don't let them know that!" laughed Mike. "I think your son wants to talk to you now. He seems to be impatiently waiting for the phone."

"Okay Mike, go ahead and put Allen on." replied Ben. "I'm sure you're doing a fine job with the boys. Just keep it up."

"Okay, I will Ben." said Mike. "Here's Allen now."

"Hi dad, I love you and mom." said Allen, as he took the phone from Mike.

"We love you too son." replied Ben. "We're so proud of you and the other boys."

"So, how is California going this time around?" asked Allen. "And what was Mike telling you not to tell us about toys?"

"Well, we just got out here the day before yesterday, but everything is fine so far." laughed Ben. "We have us a second home here now. Mike was just talking about Aaron and Erik trying to put the back yard to use. I'm sure they include you guys on the plan when your tour gets out here though."

"That means we'll have to wait until the first of August to find out, huh?" asked Allen. "The suspense is going to kill us!"

"Well son, at least you have the tour to keep you occupied." replied Ben. "The recording company owner tells me that your album is on the rise again, with the start of your tour."

"Yeah, you'd think these hotel people would know who we are by now, wouldn't you?" asked Allen. "Well, after Mike and the other group finished with that one in Charlotte, I don't think we'll have that problem again."

"He didn't go into much detail son." said Ben. "What happened last night?"

"We were suppose to have the suites right next to the headline band, so that floor could stay secure." replied Allen. "The hotel ended up giving our suites to a rather rowdy bunch of fans though, and the headline band was miserable from the second they got there and saw what had happened. All of us ended up sleeping on the busses last night."

"Well, I'm sure both of your recording companies will make sure that never happens again." replied Ben. "Well, I'm going to go join your mother and brother at the studio. You guys take it easy on Mike, okay?"

"We will, but I don't think he minds us boys being boys." replied Allen. "As a matter of fact, he's in the process of picking up a new brother for Rusty. His name is Lee, and he's a great guy. I'm sure Mike will tell you more about it after we get to Orlando though. He's going to have Amanda try to make it permanent, even though Lee is from Michigan."

"I'll look forward to meeting him when you boys get out here then." said Ben. "I love you very much Allen."

"I love you and mom too." replied Allen.

As soon as Ben got off the phone with Allen, he called a taxi to take him to the studio. Judith, Aaron, and Erik were excited to hear that he had closed the deal on the mansion, and they could move in right away. Aaron and Erik had already figured out that they could do what they wanted to in the back yard, and Ben rolled his eyes as he laughed. After the first day production meeting was over, everyone piled into a limo, and headed to the new mansion. Judith and Sharon began planning the interior decorating, while Aaron and Erik headed out to the back yard.

"The first thing we have to do is call a pool service, and get the pool cleaned and maintained." said Aaron.

"Hiring a groundskeeper to clean up some of the mess the last people left behind wouldn't hurt either." replied Erik. "Let's take a look at the paths they laid out going toward the hillside."

Aaron and Erik took each other by the hand, and set out to look at the back of the property. After about five minutes of walking the path, they found a clear spot to stop.

"Wow, I had no idea that ten acres was so huge!" said Aaron.

"Yeah, and it's nice and private back here for now!" replied Erik.

Aaron then took Erik into his arms, and the two boys pressed their lips together. Aaron and Erik wanted to take full advantage of the privacy they had now, as they began removing each other's clothes. Then the boys found a grassy area, and laid down on the ground as they kept their embrace. As the two boys kissed passionately, Aaron's hands caressed Erik's back and butt cheeks. Then their cocks stiffened, and began rubbing against each other.

Erik broke the kiss and said, "Let me get your cock wet with my mouth babe. Then I want to lay back, and look into your beautiful eyes as you put it inside me, and make love to me."

"I like that babe!" smiled Aaron.

Erik then lovingly wet Aaron's cock, and laid back on the grass so Aaron could kneel between his legs. Aaron placed Erik's ankles up on his shoulders, then lined his wet cock up to Erik's pucker. Erik smiled as he felt Aaron's cock push into him, and Aaron smiled back into Erik's love filled eyes. Then Aaron began to passionately and lovingly thrust in and out of Erik. Passion consumed the two boys, as their bodies became one, and the rest of the world was muted out. The only thing Erik was aware of was how great it felt to have Aaron's cock fill him, then slide almost out, before filling him again. Aaron was totally engulfed by the feeling of Erik's rectum massaging his cock as it slid in and out.

"I love you so much Erik!" moaned Aaron. "I wish it were possible for us to marry, then have a family together. I wouldn't want that life with anyone but you!"

"Oh God babe, that would be so perfect!" moaned Erik. "We could raise our family together, to be the most perfect family in the world!"

"We have to find a way..., to make that happen someday..., my love!" moaned Aaron, as he began to pant too. "I'm going to cum for you my love!"

Erik moaned and writhed, as he felt the largest orgasm Aaron had ever had empty into his rectum. Aaron was also moaning loudly, as he was consumed by his intense orgasm. Aaron was completely spent as his orgasm ended, and he laid back in the grass. Erik then got up, and put his cock to Aaron's lips. Aaron wet Erik's cock as much as he could, then spread his legs apart for Erik. Then the boys repeated the same scene, except with Erik making love to Aaron. After Erik's orgasm wracked his body, the two boys laid naked in the grass together as they rested in each other's arms.

After what seemed like a short time to the boys, but was a little over an hour, they heard Ben's voice say, "There you boys are! We were starting to get a little worried."

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Erik, as he tried to cover himself with his hands. The evidence of love-making still covered both boy's cocks.

"Don't worry babe, dad doesn't mind seeing us like this." laughed Aaron.

"He's right Erik." chuckled Ben. "I know how much you two boys love each other, and your expression of that love is a beautiful thing. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you shouldn't be proud to express your love to each other. I wouldn't go making love in front of just anyone yet though."

"You really don't mind, do you?" said Erik, as he relaxed and uncovered himself.

"I think you two boys look perfect and beautiful together like that, right down to your private parts." smiled Ben. "Now, why don't you two get dressed and come up to the house? Aaron should pick out his room before his mother has it done in pink!"

"Oh no!" laughed Aaron. "Not pink!"

The two boys laughed as they got dressed, and then shared a brief kiss before following Ben back to the house. Aaron and Ben did talk Judith out of doing any of the rooms in pink, as she and Sharon were now in full decorating mode. Aaron did mention the pool to Ben, and he agreed to call a pool service right away, as well as a domestic agency to hire a groundskeeper. Judith and Sharon were now to the point of calling a decorator, to help them with the interior details, as Ben and the boys chuckled.

The show in Savannah that night went much better than the one in Charlotte had, especially the accommodations. Word had already started getting around about the fiasco at the hotel in Charlotte, and no one wanted to repeat that. After Savannah, the tour would back track to Charleston, then head into Florida. After three sold out stops in Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa, the boys would return to three sold out shows in Orlando. After returning home briefly, and giving everyone a week to rest, the tour would start the rest of it's trek toward the west coast. Starting in Washington DC, they would go up the east coast, work their way into the midwest, swing down through the west gulf coast area which included the headliner's hometown, head up to the northwest, and finish up on the southern west coast. By that time, Mike felt everyone would need time to unwind in Southern California. It was starting to look like a good thing Ben had gotten a large mansion there, as he was sure the parents in Orlando would want to meet their families in Southern California.

After a few days, the pool service had finished their job, leaving the pool sparkling clean and beautiful. Aaron and Erik knew they were going to have fun with the pool. The new groundskeeper was working well for his new bosses too. With a lot of work, Diego was getting the back yard in great shape. Aaron and Erik loved watching him work too, especially when he would remove his shirt. Diego was in his early twenties, and had a nicely toned and bronzed chest. After only one day, Aaron and Erik made an offer of friendship to Diego, as well as an offer to help him work on his English skills. Erik thought that someday he might be able to pitch Diego as one hell of a hunk actor.

On Thursday of that week, Aaron and Erik attended the final pre-production meeting, before production started the following week.

"Okay boys, I want to let you know where we see this going now." said Phil. "Sy and I have been talking to the writers all spring, waiting for Aaron's show. We thought it would do well, but we didn't know how well. Now we do though, and apparently there's a lot of chemistry between you two. The show always did well before, but we see this going even higher now. This season will concentrate on developing your characters into becoming inseparable friends. Next season, we plan on throwing in a few relationship problems before getting to the big revelation. At the end of next season, we want to bring you two out as a couple. This has always been risky before, but we think you two have the right chemistry to make it work like it never has before. If you two remain a couple in real life at that time, this could be the biggest break gay people have ever seen. I know that next year it's going to be scary, especially when the coming out episode approaches, but Sy and I think this will be a breakthrough series. We'll set so many precedents, and build so much support for gay rights, that you two will be icons for gay people around the world. Can you boys handle that?"

"As long as we have plenty of support and help, we can handle anything together!" smiled Erik. "How about you babe?"

"I'll be nervous as hell, but I'll have Erik to help me through." replied Aaron. "Plus, I know that my family loves and supports me unconditionally. I'd love to give this a shot!"

"Great!" exclaimed Phil. "Now I have some good news for you Aaron. As the season progresses, we're going to work you into equal billing with Erik. You and Erik will be equally responsible for the success of this show by that time, so you deserve equal billing Aaron. Are you okay with that Erik?"

"I think it's perfect!" replied Erik, as he smiled and put an arm around Aaron. "That's how we both want to be for the rest of our lives, together and equal. Now, will Aaron and I get to kiss on camera for the coming out episode?"

"Of course dears!" exclaimed Sy. "We wouldn't dream of leaving that out!"

The final meeting of the week left both boys incredibly happy, and eager to begin production on the series. That happiness would grow the next day, as they talked to a European company about their plans for the back yard. The company representative named Stephan looked over the back yard site, and even smiled a few times. Then he came back over to the boys.

"It is very unusual for someone to want us to build a ride on the scale we work with for private use only." said Stephan. "Are you boys sure about this?"

"Well, Aaron and I can easily afford this." replied Erik. "We love rides, and we're both too famous and too busy to go out to the parks much anymore. Besides, Aaron's brother is in a band, and they're all teenagers just like us. This will be something that they can enjoy as well, not to mention all of our closest friends. We definitely want to do this, as long as the city zoning board will let us get away with it."

"Okay then, here's what I see." said Stephan. "You are in an earthquake zone, so our support structures will have to reflect that. The codes for building here are very specific about what we need to do. That will impose certain limits. The topography of your ride area will help neutralize some of those limits though. On the level area here nearest the house, I see a tall but not overly tall structure. As the ride course gets to where the land drops away toward the back, we can do something very spectacular and thrilling back there. This may not be the tallest ride in the world, but it will definitely break any local records. I've recorded the property dimensions and topography onto my computer. Give me about a week to work out what I have in mind, and I'll give you estimates and specs to take to your local zoning board. This will definitely be the most spectacular private ride ever built."

"That sounds great to us!" said Aaron.

At least Aaron and Erik aren't letting money and fame go to their heads, are they? Will Mike's plan work? Will the rest of the tour go smoother than the rough night in Charlotte? I'll try to answer those questions in future chapters. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 11.