Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 11

From the last chapter:

"It is very unusual for someone to want us to build a ride on the scale we work with for private use only." said Stephan. "Are you boys sure about this?"

"Well, Aaron and I can easily afford this." replied Erik. "We love rides, and we're both too famous and too busy to go out to the parks much anymore. Besides, Aaron's brother is in a band, and they're all teenagers just like us. This will be something that they can enjoy as well, not to mention all of our closest friends. We definitely want to do this, as long as the city zoning board will let us get away with it."

"Okay then, here's what I see." said Stephan. "You are in an earthquake zone, so our support structures will have to reflect that. The codes for building here are very specific about what we need to do. That will impose certain limits. The topography of your ride area will help neutralize some of those limits though. On the level area here nearest the house, I see a tall but not overly tall structure. As the ride course gets to where the land drops away toward the back, we can do something very spectacular and thrilling back there. This may not be the tallest ride in the world, but it will definitely break any local records. I've recorded the property dimensions and topography onto my computer. Give me about a week to work out what I have in mind, and I'll give you estimates and specs to take to your local zoning board. This will definitely be the most spectacular private ride ever built."

"That sounds great to us!" said Aaron.

That evening, Aaron and Erik went back to Erik's house. They thought they would spend the night in Erik's room, since Aaron's needed quite a bit of work yet. When they walked into the living room with their arms around each other, they saw Sharon and Celeste on the sofa together. Sharon had apparently thought her son and Aaron would spend the night in Aaron's room. The two women were locked in a passionate kiss. As Celeste caressed Sharon's breasts gently, Sharon was stroking her fingers in and out of Celeste's vagina. It was obvious to the boys that the two women were very much in love.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Aaron to Erik as quietly as he could. "Your mom and her girlfriend almost look hot together dude!"

At that point, Sharon noticed the two boys staring at her and Celeste. Sharon looked almost panic stricken as the boys approached her and Celeste. As it looked like the two women were going to dive for their clothes, Erik held his hand out to stop them.

"Don't worry mom, I think you and Celeste look very beautiful together like that." said Erik. "I just didn't have any idea that you might be gay like me. I can see how much you and Celeste love each other though, and it makes me feel nice to see you in love with someone."

"I never meant for you to find out like this though son." said Sharon, as the two boys sat down across from Sharon and Celeste. "I wanted to sit down with you soon, and talk about this. Let Celeste and I put some clothes on, and we can discuss this some more."

"Okay mom." smiled Erik. "It's not like I haven't seen naked women before though. I meant it though when I said you two look very beautiful together like that."

"Thanks Erik." said Celeste, as she started putting on her blouse and skirt. "Your mother raised a very sweet young man, who has an equally sweet boyfriend."

"Thanks ma'am." blushed Aaron. "Erik is right though. You two looked very awesome making love like that."

"Well, maybe when we all get accustomed to this relationship, we can all express our love to our mates together." laughed Celeste.

"Um, I don't know if I'm ready for my mom to see me make love to Aaron." replied Erik.

"Well son, you did get to see me in a rather intimate position with Celeste just now." smiled Sharon.

"That was an accident though mom." laughed Erik.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that sweetie." replied Sharon. "I hope it didn't make you feel bad."

"Nah, like I said, you and Celeste looked very nice like that." replied Erik. "I did give me an incredible urge to make love to Aaron right here on the spot though!"

The boys laughed as they moved and sat next to Sharon and Celeste. Sharon gave Celeste another warm kiss, then Erik and Aaron shared an intimate kiss as well.

"God, you two boys look incredibly perfect when you kiss like that!" remarked Celeste.

"Thanks ma'am." replied Erik. "Or will I be calling you mom soon?"

"I love your mother very much Erik." replied Celeste. "If she becomes comfortable enough for that, it would make me a very happy woman."

"Well then mom, go for it!" said Erik to Sharon, as he smiled.

"You have to remember son, Celeste is my first lesbian relationship." smiled Sharon.

"I hope she's the only relationship you have from now on too mom." replied Erik. "You and her look like you were meant to find each other."

"So you don't mind seeing us together, even though it means there's no way your father and I could ever get back together?" asked Sharon.

"I knew neither of you were happy mom." replied Erik. "I'd rather see both of you happy. And you and dad have been separated for so long that I know we could never be a real family together. When I saw you and Celeste just now though, I knew you had found someone who will make you happy. I think you've been lesbian for a while now mom, you just hadn't admitted it to yourself yet."

"How did I raise such a bright and wonderful son as you?" asked Sharon as she smiled.

"Because you're a great mom, and I love you." smiled Erik. "If you were to marry Celeste, I would be so happy for you too."

Then Erik got up, and gave his mom a hug as Sharon kissed him on the cheek. After that, Erik moved to Celeste and gave her a hug too.

"I can tell you make my mom very happy." said Erik, as he hugged Celeste. "If you and her ever do get married, I'll be proud to think of you as my second mom."

"It would be a pleasure to be a family with Sharon and you." replied Celeste, as she hugged Erik back.

"Now mom, Aaron and I are going to go over to his room and rough it." smiled Erik, after breaking the hug with Celeste. "I want my great mom and her great girlfriend to have the house to themselves tonight, so they can be free to make love all night without being disturbed by two horny kids."

"You don't have to do that son." replied Sharon, as she smiled.

"I know, but I want to mom." said Erik. "I want this night to be very special for you and my hopefully new second mom. I want you to be able to explore your love for her without any interruptions. Aaron and I will be fine in his room."

"Thank you so much son, for everything." said Sharon. "I love you two boys very much."

"I love you and your girlfriend too mom." smiled Erik.

Neither boy was surprised the next morning when they went back to Erik's house, and Celeste was still there. Sharon and Celeste were sitting at the breakfast counter, sharing a cup of coffee together before Celeste had to leave for work.

"How did things go last night mom?" asked Erik. "How long did you two go at it?"

"Things went very well last night son." replied Sharon as she smiled. "I can't tell you all the ways Celeste and I explored our feelings, but we made love well into the night."

"I think he wants me to say that you are the best lover I've ever had dear!" laughed Celeste. "It would be incredibly easy to say that too."

"So then, it's serious huh?" asked Erik as he smiled.

"It's very serious son." replied Sharon. "Making love to Celeste last night was the greatest thing I have ever felt. It made me wonder why it took so long for me to realize that I'm lesbian. I know now though that I love Celeste very much, and I've asked her to move in with us."

Sharon and Celeste then shared a warm and passionate kiss in front of the boys. After a few moments, Aaron reached down and stroked Erik's erect cock through his pants.

"Babe, are you getting erect watching your mom kiss her girlfriend?" asked Aaron playfully.

"It's just exciting to see her with a woman she's found, who she loves very much." replied Erik, as he enjoyed Aaron's hand. "I'm actually glad that my mom is lesbian, and has found a great lover. The only thing that would make me harder is to have you making it that way babe."

"Don't dare me my love, I'll make you feel good in front of anyone!" said Aaron.

"Yeah, I'm sure you'd go down on me right here in front of my mom and Celeste!" laughed Erik.

Aaron got a very devilish look on his face, then reached down and yanked Erik's pants and underwear down. Before Erik could stop him, Aaron dropped to his knees and swallowed Erik's cock. Erik then tried to stop Aaron, but Aaron wasn't about to stop until he made Erik cum. Sharon and Celeste watched almost in shock, as Aaron ran his lips back and forth over Erik's cock. Erik realized he couldn't stop Aaron now, so he laced his fingers in Aaron's hair, and enjoyed Aaron's lips caressing his cock. Sharon and Celeste watched as they put their arms around each other, then Sharon slipped her hand under Celeste's robe. Erik moaned as Aaron sucked him toward an orgasm. Celeste also moaned as she felt two of Sharon's fingers slide into her vagina. After several minutes, Erik began approaching an orgasm, and so was Celeste. Aaron began swallowing when he felt Erik's cum shoot into his mouth, as Erik and Celeste both moaned out loudly.

Erik immediately pulled his pants up after his orgasm, as Aaron licked his lips and said, "Don't ever dare me babe!"

"I'm so sorry mom, I didn't think he would do that!" said Erik.

"Don't worry about it sweetie." laughed Sharon. "After all, I use to bathe you when you were a little boy. It's not like I've never seen your penis before. I'm glad you two boys love each other so much."

"Well, I'll bet you've never seen Aaron's penis before!" said Erik, as he got an impish look on his face.

Before Aaron knew what was happening, Erik grabbed his pants and underwear and pulled them to the floor. Aaron was still erect from sucking Erik's cock, so his jumped right out for everyone to see. When Aaron tried to pull his pants right back up, Erik giggled as he stepped on them and knocked them out of Aaron's hands.

"Don't worry about it Aaron, I think yours looks just as nice as Erik's!" laughed Celeste.

Erik finally let Aaron pull his pants up, and Sharon and Celeste continued laughing as the boys went to Erik's room.

"So, should we e-mail the other guys about what we want to do in your backyard?" asked Erik.

"Why do they need to know about our sex lives?" asked Aaron with a straight face. Then he laughed and said, "Oh, you mean the rollercoaster! Sure, I'm sure they're finding some way to check their e-mail."

"It's just a shame that it would never be done before they get here." said Erik. "Maybe it will be before they record their next album though."

"I hope so too." replied Aaron, as he began typing an e-mail to Allen.

Youthful Discretion's tour busses pulled into Charleston early that afternoon, so Allen checked for a wireless connection on his notebook. After sifting through the spam in his mailbox, Allen saw a message from Aaron that had just come in. Allen smiled as he read the e-mail, then went to the other guys.

"Hey guys, Aaron and Erik wanted to know what we think of their idea to build a rollercoaster in the back yard of our place in Beverly Hills." said Allen. "He says that it's going to be really big. What do you guys think?"

All of the boys answered yes enthusiastically, so Allen sent an e-mail back to Aaron before having to help set up for the show.

That week saw Erik and Aaron beginning work on the next season's episodes of Camelot High, and the boys in the band swinging down into Florida. Celeste was now settling in with Sharon and Erik, and the boys liked being around the two female lovers. Aaron could tell that his mate really enjoyed the fact that his mother was lesbian now. The boys had a blast working on the show together that week. For the first time in a few seasons, it was fun for Erik again. That Friday, Stephan came back out to see the boys.

"I've really had a few exciting ideas planning this out boys." said Stephan. "You have quite a drop off behind the house, which gives us some very interesting possibilities. The difference between the highest and lowest land elevations is one hundred and fifty feet. What I see here is the crest of the third hill being one hundred and fifty feet, then it drops down the hillside to the lowest elevation, which will make the third drop on the ride a total of three hundred feet."

"Wow!" exclaimed Erik. "That's pretty respectable!"

"It's a record for this state." smiled Stephan. "The reason for that is the mass of the supports for building in an earthquake zone. With this ride mostly following land topography though, the supports will be very small anyway, except for the first part of the ride. That's where most of our work and expense will be. I can give you a preliminary plan right now, which you can take to your zoning board for approval. I really hope they let us do this, as this will draw a lot of attention, even though it's a private ride."

"Everyone will want to be our friends, huh?" laughed Aaron.

"That's very possible." laughed Stephan.

That evening the boys were preparing their last show in Miami. They made sure that their friends Elliott and Luke had front row seats and backstage passes for the final Miami show. The boys put on the best show of the tour so far that night, and were in a great mood as they had Elliott and Luke come up as they left the stage, to join them backstage. Mike went into the dressing room with them, to make an announcement before letting the boys have their party.

"I know you boys just had a heck of a show out there, and you are really up about that." said Mike. "I don't know if anything could make you guys even happier, but I'll try anyway. Your album is back in the number one spot on the charts again!"

Mike then left the dressing room, as the boys cheered wildly. After a bit of a party there, all fourteen boys moved the party back to the hotel. Once the party mood finally began to die down, the boys began clearing furniture away from the middle of the floor in one of their suites. Once a large enough area had been cleared, the boys began lining the floor with mattresses and cushions. Then the boys all stripped down, and found a spot on the floor with their lovers. Finally all seven couples made love, until they fell asleep there on the floor.

That night in California, Erik and Aaron sat in an embrace in Erik's living room as they watched a movie. Sharon and Celeste had joined the boys for the movie, and were enjoying some intimate contact as well. During the movie, Erik and Aaron began sharing warm and passionate kisses as the women watched and smiled. Then Sharon and Celeste put their lips together gently, as the boys had their turn to watch them express the love they shared. By the end of the movie, Aaron and Erik had removed each other's shirts, and were caressing each other's chests as they embraced and kissed. That sight was so beautiful to Sharon and Celeste that it made Sharon forget about Erik being her son.

Sharon and Celeste then removed their clothes, and began massaging each other's breasts as they kissed. As Erik and Aaron looked over, Sharon leaned down and began sucking lovingly on Celeste's breasts. Then the two women began stroking each other's vaginas with their fingers. That was enough to make Erik and Aaron not care that the women could see them, as they removed the rest of each other's clothes. Then Erik and Aaron got into a sixty nine position, and began making love to each other. Celeste smiled as she nudged Sharon, and pointed over to the two boys. Sharon smiled as she watched her son's cock being caressed lovingly by Aaron's lips, and her son making love to Aaron's cock. Then Sharon and Celeste got into the same position as the boys, and put their tongues as far into each other as they could. Erik glanced over as he made love to Aaron, and saw his mom's tongue caressing Celeste's vagina as deeply as it could. He also saw Celeste making passionate love to his mom. A few moments later, Sharon glanced over to see her son making love to Aaron more passionately than any man she had ever seen make love before.

Both couples made their love-making last as long as possible that night. They all enjoyed making love while watching the other couple make love too. Neither Erik nor Aaron had ever had any thoughts about women and sex before, but they thought that Sharon and Celeste looked very beautiful making love together. Sharon and Celeste had both had experience with men before, but they had never seen any man enjoy sex as much as Erik and Aaron were. The two boys looked absolutely perfect together as they made love. Celeste and Sharon both finally approached their climax, as Erik and Aaron both began building toward their orgasms. All four began moaning very loudly at the exact same time, and all four orgasms were perfectly timed together. Once everything was over, Sharon motioned for the boys to join her and Celeste on the same sofa. The two naked boys walked over with their arms around each other, and sat closely next to the two naked women. Then Erik leaned into his mom, as Sharon put an arm around her son.

"Mom, you and Celeste look so perfect together." said Erik, as he rested his head against the side of his mom's breast. "I hope you two get married soon. I'd love to have Celeste as my second mom."

"We'll see what happens when she asks me son." smiled Sharon. Then Sharon rested her hand on Erik's flaccid cock and continued, "You and Aaron are so perfect together too son. I hope you remain together for as long as both of you boys live."

Erik didn't feel anything sexual in the contact, just an immense amount of love. He snuggled into his mom's breast and replied, "That's exactly what I want mom, and I'm sure Aaron does too."

Aaron saw the love between Erik and his mother, and it made him sad that he never felt that with his real mother. Sharon could see exactly what was in Aaron's mind when she glanced over at him, so she moved her hand over to rest it on Aaron's flaccid cock.

"Aaron, I hope you and my son can get married someday." said Sharon. "I already think of you as Erik's husband, and my new son-in-law, and I love you as my own son. I hope you'll love and take care of Erik for the rest of your lives."

"Thanks mom, I will." smiled Aaron, as he felt a mother's love. It was amazing to Aaron that he had never felt love from his real mother, but had now felt that love from Judith, and now Sharon.

Sharon finally removed her hand from Aaron's cock, and put her arm back around Celeste. "Sharon, I want to marry you as soon as it's possible for us to do so." said Celeste. "In the meantime, I would love for us to share a commitment ceremony. Would you be my wife Sharon?"

"I would love that Celeste." replied Sharon. "I have never felt such an intense love from anyone as I have from you. We can commit ourselves to each other as soon as you want, and I'll be waiting for the day we can be married."

Celeste smiled as she pulled out two small boxes. Celeste placed one ring on Sharon's finger, and had Sharon place the other on hers.

Erik smiled as he said, "That just made me very happy. I'm happy that my mom is going to be married again, and that she found a woman she loves so much."

The next morning in Miami, Mike carefully entered the last of the boy's suites that he came to, after not finding anyone in the other suites. The sight he saw there almost took his breath away. Fourteen sleeping naked boys were spread out over the floor of the suite. Some had their smooth butts pointed into the air, while other's had their flaccid cocks exposed to the morning air. All fourteen boys had the same blissful smile on their faces though.

"Man, if I wasn't straight and married!" chuckled Mike to himself. Then Mike cleared his throat loudly and shouted, "Okay boys, time to get up and get back home to Orlando! Come on everyone, get up!"

"Morning dad." smiled Rusty, as he rolled over face up and yawned. "Is it okay if Luke and Elliott go back with us for the week? They already asked their parents."

As the other boys slowly woke up, Mike replied, "Sure son, they're welcome at our home anytime. I know they'll probably stay with you and Allen though."

Mike watched as the boys got up, kissed their mates good morning, and trotted off to the bathroom naked, two at a time. Once all of the boys were finally dressed and packed, they followed Mike out to the busses.

As they began to pull out to Orlando, Rusty sat down next to Mike and said, "I'm sorry about this morning dad. We all wanted to make love together last night though. I hope you're okay with what you saw."

"Son, I've come to completely accept the love you boys have for each other." replied Mike. "I think the sight of you boys this morning after sharing a night of love-making was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen."

"Thanks dad, you are so far beyond cool!" smiled Rusty.

When Youthful Discretion's busses pulled up in front of Mike's house, Tom, Bryce, Greg, and Toby were there waiting. Devon's parents arrived a few minutes after the busses, and in a complete surprise, Chris's arrived shortly after that. The welcome home party was rather festive, as Emily had Beth and Jennifer there to help her. Joey and Skip both immediately ran to Jennifer, and both gave her a warm kiss. Then Joey and Skip both joked that only making love to each other had been getting boring.

"Geez, you two have been on the road less than a month!" laughed Jennifer. "I'll still be happy to help both of you relieve your boredom though... after the party! I hate to think what you're going to be like though after the tour, when I meet you in California!"

Rusty had also called Andrew and Pete, Robin and Patrick, and Gary, Stevie, and Mark before getting to Orlando, so they were all at the party too. Calvin was also glad to see Ted and Chin there as well. Once the party finally started winding down, and everyone began going home, Andrew and Pete asked if they could spend the night at Rusty's and Allen's place.

"Sure guys, but we have Luke, Elliott, Lee, and Liam staying here too." said Rusty. "Liam is our British fan club President, and Lee is going to be my new brother soon. I see Liam having to make lots of trips here to the States to keep our British fans up to date on us."

"Wow Liam, will you be able to get that kind of time off from school in England?" asked Andrew.

"I'm actually old enough in England so that I don't have to attend school anymore, unless I plan on going on to University somewhere." replied Liam. "If I wanted to, I could graduate primary school, get a position, and have my own flat."

"What are you talking about Liam?" asked Allen. "You already have a job as our fan club President! Don't tell me that we forgot to tell you what the position pays!"

"You guys are the best mates I've ever had!" smiled Liam.

"Hey, how else are you suppose to be able to get over here often to see Lee?" asked Rusty as he chuckled.

The six boys had a wonderful night, as Andrew and Pete got to know Lee and Liam much better. Before going to sleep that night, Rusty and Allen made love in their bed, Lee and Liam made love on the sofa bed, and Andrew and Pete made love on the pull-down wall bed, and Luke and Elliott made love on a spare mattress Rusty had put down on the floor.

The next morning, Mike had Lee join him and Amanda downstairs. Mike set the phone on speaker, and had Lee dial his home.

"Hi mom, is dad still there?" asked Lee when the phone was answered.

"The person who use to be your father is here Leonard, but I don't think he wants to talk to you." replied Lee's mom coldly.

"What a bitch!" muttered Mike under his breath.

Amanda had just barely heard Mike's comment, and almost laughed.

"I just need to talk to him for a second mom." said Lee.

"Okay Leonard, but please try not to call me mom." replied Lee's mom.

"What do you want him to call you?" asked Mike quietly. "Stupid bitch?"

Amanda heard that one too, and really had to hold back her laughter.

"What the hell do you want faggot?!" snarled Lee's dad into the phone.

"I just wanted to say that the dad of one of the guys in the band is willing to take me in, but he needs some papers signed by you." replied Lee, trying to hold back his tears. "He really wants to know why you would throw me out the way you did though."

"Is the fag lover there?" sneered Lee's dad.

"Yes, I'm here sir." replied Mike, now chomping at the bit.

"And you know Lee is a worthless little faggot?" asked Lee's dad.

"I know that Lee is gay." replied Mike. "Other than that, he seems like a fine young man."

"He must give damn good head then!" sneered Lee's dad. "I should have made him go down on me before I threw his worthless ass out of here, except that the thought would make me sick!"

"Sir, I'll have you know that I've never even thought of doing ANYTHING with another male, much less an underage boy!" snapped Mike, who'd had enough by now. "The fact that you would even think that about your own underage son makes me wonder what kind of animal you are!"

"And you need me to sign some papers?!" laughed Lee's dad. "That's tough shit! Let the little fag die on the streets! I ain't signing for anyone to save his worthless ass, and he ain't coming back here!"

"You're right that Lee isn't returning there sir!" said Amanda, now wanting her say. "My name is Amanda Stewart, and I'm a caseworker with the DCF here in Florida. That is where Lee is at now, and my department is filing with Michigan to have him made a ward of our state. I hope you realize that I've heard everything you've said this morning, and it will go into the report we file with Michigan to have Lee remain here for his own safety. You will no longer have to sign anything for Lee to be properly cared for, and I suggest you hope Michigan doesn't decide to pursue action against you. Good-bye sir!"

Amanda ended the call, but Lee's dad had already done his damage. Mike took one look at Lee, then took the boy into his arms as Lee broke down into tears.

"I'm so sorry you had to hear those awful things he said son." said Mike, as he rubbed Lee's back. "You'll never have to hear them again now though. Your mine and Emily's son now, and we're going to give you the love and care that they should have. We love you Lee, and it'll be okay now."

"I love you and Emily too Mike." replied Lee as he cried. "It still hurts to hear him think worse of me than garbage."

Mike held Lee close to him for the next thirty minutes, while Amanda looked on and smiled.

Well, I know Lee will be much better off now. Mike really seems to love the boy like a real parent should, and that will help Lee start his new life. It also seems that Erik is very happy to learn that his mother is lesbian. I'm sure they'll make a wonderful family together. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Remember to check my message board for news about my site as it becomes available. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you once again in Chapter 12.