Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 12

From the last chapter:

"And you need me to sign some papers?!" laughed Lee's dad. "That's tough shit! Let the little fag die on the streets! I ain't signing for anyone to save his worthless ass, and he ain't coming back here!"

"You're right that Lee isn't returning there sir!" said Amanda, now wanting her say. "My name is Amanda Stewart, and I'm a caseworker with the DCF here in Florida. That is where Lee is at now, and my department is filing with Michigan to have him made a ward of our state. I hope you realize that I've heard everything you've said this morning, and it will go into the report we file with Michigan to have Lee remain here for his own safety. You will no longer have to sign anything for Lee to be properly cared for, and I suggest you hope Michigan doesn't decide to pursue action against you. Good-bye sir!"

Amanda ended the call, but Lee's dad had already done his damage. Mike took one look at Lee, then took the boy into his arms as Lee broke down into tears.

"I'm so sorry you had to hear those awful things he said son." said Mike, as he rubbed Lee's back. "You'll never have to hear them again now though. You're mine and Emily's son now, and we're going to give you the love and care that they should have. We love you Lee, and it'll be okay now."

"I love you and Emily too Mike." replied Lee as he cried. "It still hurts to hear him think worse of me than garbage."

Mike held Lee close to him for the next thirty minutes, while Amanda looked on and smiled.

Next it was Rusty's turn to cheer Lee up after the exchange with his real parents. Rusty threw an arm around Lee, and said, “You're my brother now Lee. Our dad will get this legal as soon as he can, and you can be Lee Cooper if that's what you want. I promise I'll be the best brother you could ever want too. I'll make you forget about everything that's happened up until the time you became my brother.”

I know he means that Lee.” said Liam. “Your life is going to be simply brilliant from this time on. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend as you.”

Rusty then turned Lee over to Liam, and Liam gave his boyfriend a warm and loving kiss.

All of you guys are the greatest.” said Lee, after Liam had broken the kiss. “I know that my parents would have eventually found out that I'm gay, so I'm lucky to have had the best friends and the greatest lover in the world around when it happened. I'm going to be so proud to have you as my brother now Rusty. If it weren't for that and having a great boyfriend, I don't know how I'd make it.”

Well, you'll make it fine now brother.” smiled Rusty. “Let's get out and have some fun today now, before we have to meet with our headline act today.”

What did the ladies want anyway?” asked Allen.

I don't know, but they said we'd like whatever it was.” replied Rusty. “The other guys are going to meet us at their hotel at three this afternoon.”

Meanwhile out in California, Erik was waking up with Aaron wrapped tightly in his arms. “Good morning love.” said Erik cheerfully, after waking Aaron with a kiss to the cheek. “Stephen should send us the plans for the ride today. Are you ready to go to the zoning board after we finish at the studio?”

Yeah, I just hope they say yes.” replied Aaron.

That's why I'm having the studio's lawyer meet us there.” said Erik as he grinned. “If he can't get it done, no one can. Now, let's go see what mom and Celeste have ready for breakfast.”

Sharon and Celeste were sitting close together at the table, as they greeted the boys to breakfast. “Good morning boys.” said Sharon.

Hi mom and mom.” smiled Erik. “Good, you have breakfast ready. Aaron and I have to get to the studio soon.”

I know, the limo is already waiting for you two.” replied Sharon. “You two have a good time at the studio today. I'll be going out with Celeste today. She has a few new listings to look at, and wants me to learn enough to help out. We should be home well before you boys though.”

I hope so.” smiled Erik. “Aaron and I were going to the zoning board after we finish at the studio.”

Good luck then boys.” said Celeste.

Thanks mom.” replied Erik affectionately.

The boys went ahead and ate breakfast quickly. After Erik gave Sharon and Celeste both a kiss on the cheek, and Sharon demanded the same from Aaron, the two boys were off.

Lee, Liam, Luke, Elliott, Pete, and Andrew all thought the dark glasses Rusty and Allen wore were kind of funny. It did keep the boys from being recognized for a little while though. As soon as they came off the slingshot ride though, a few people did spot them. Fortunately it was in a very small park, and the boys were about ready to leave anyway. After a round of mini golf, it was time to meet the ladies of the other band at their hotel. Rusty and Allen's group met the other boys in the band outside the hotel, then went up to the suite together.

Hey boys, come on in.” said the lead singer, a little bit unenthusiastically.

What's wrong?” asked Rusty. “I thought you had exciting news for us today.”

I did until our friend Brad stopped by today.” replied the singer, who then pointed toward a rather famous male singer sitting in the suite.

Hi sir, it's really nice to meet you!” said Rusty.

You guys are friends of these ladies, so Brad is fine.” replied Brad.

So, what was the news our friend had that involved you, but now seems like there's something wrong?” asked Allen.

I'm suppose to play the arena tonight, but my band is stranded, and there's no way to get them here in time.” replied Brad. “I wanted you boys in the front row, but now I guess I'm going to have to postpone the show. The funny thing is they wouldn't fly with me, saying it was too dangerous. Now I'm here, and they're stranded. For what it's worth now, they did say they may have been wrong. My fans are going to hate me for having to postpone.”

Why do you have to postpone?” asked Calvin. “All you have to do is get someone who knows your music to sit in for them tonight.”

Where am I going to find people like that on short notice?” asked Brad.

All of us know your music.” said Shane. “We listen to it all the time. I'm sure we can pick it up in time for the show.”

Are you boys serious?” asked Brad.

Of course we are!” smiled Calvin.

We need someplace to rehearse really quick then!” said Brad.

I'll call dad and have him get our stuff to the arena!” said Rusty. “They should let us go ahead and get in there early, since the alternative would be for you to postpone the show.”

After Rusty gave Mike a quick call, everyone headed over to the arena. The manager there was happy to cooperate after he knew what the situation was. Mike went ahead and backed up to the loading dock as soon as he got there, and the boys grabbed enough equipment to practice. The road crew for Brad then helped Joey and Skip start setting everything else up. The boys were picking Brad's songs up so well that it really impressed him. After about an hour, Brad told them to take a half hour break.

You boys are so good that I think this is going to work.” said Brad. “Snoopy, if you didn't already have a band, I'd ask you to join mine in a heartbeat, not that the rest of you boys aren't as good though. It's just that I have two banjo players in my band, and Snoopy outplays both of them put together. Son, you sound like an entire banjo section all by yourself! I've never seen anyone pull off three finger plucking like that!”

Geez Brad, thanks!” smiled Snoopy.

You other boys are great too.” said Brad. “I almost wish you were my regular band. It's too bad you're so damn popular.”

After the break, the boys practiced for another hour. Then it was time for the warm up band to set up and do a sound check. By this time, Brad's crew had everything set for the show, with Joey and Skip's help. Joey and Skip actually managed to pick up a few things from the more experienced sound and lighting men.

As Rusty and the gang were about to help their new friend, Aaron, Erik, and the studio lawyer were sitting down with the zoning board chairman.

You have to realize that you live in a very exclusive residential community boys.” said the chairman. “A rollercoaster in the middle of a residential area would cause major noise issues, not to mention the fact that residents in the community might not appreciate the sight of something like that practically in their backyard.”

This is a private structure though, and you haven't even asked the people in the area if they would mind.” said the lawyer. “I've looked over zoning regulations in the area, and there aren't that many regulations against private recreation if it's contained within the property of the owner.”

Yeah, it's not like we're going to be running this all day long to make a profit.” said Aaron. “It's just for me, my mate, my family, and my friends. Besides, I live in the last property on the end of the street. Most of it runs off into a dead end gully that's a part of my family's property, and the only neighbor that borders the property is Erik and his family.”

It's not that easy boys.” said the chairman.

I've looked into that too.” said the lawyer. “Unless this violates a regulation, which it doesn't, you have to at least give us a public hearing, and let these boys neighbors decide whether or not to let them do this. If the people of the community don't object, the boys should be allowed to proceed.”

Okay, I'll grant you the public hearing a week from tonight.” said the chairman. “Don't get your hopes up too high until they say okay though. Some of the people in neighborhoods like this can be very picky.”

We'll convince them.” smiled Erik.

As the warm up band was playing in Orlando, Brad went over the song order with the boys. They had sounded so good that Brad wasn't very worried about it. Then the time finally came for the boys to take the stage, and wait for Brad's entrance. After Brad made a rather flashy entrance, he stepped up to the mic.

Hello Orlando!” said Brad. “How are the best fans in the world?” That gave him a nice round of applause, then he continued, “I have a very special treat for you fans tonight. I've given my regular band the night off tonight. Filling in for them are a very nice and talented group of boys, who amazingly know all of my songs. I want everyone to give a nice round of applause to Youthful Discretion!”

After the thundering applause died down, the show got underway. The boys did a great job with Brad's songs, and his road crew even commented that he had never sounded so good in concert. Since the female back up singer had been stranded with his regular band, and he had two duets as a part of his show, Brad had Rusty then Allen take turns joining him on stage. The crowd never minded at all that it wasn't the regular female back up singer with him, as both Rusty's and Allen's voices sounded very nice together with Brad's. When the show was over, Brad had never received such loud applause.

I don't know how to thank you boys for tonight.” said Brad. “If it hadn't been for you, I would have had a lot of angry fans out there tonight. As it is, we gave them a heck of a show. If your guys career ever turns sour, please look me up.”

It was an honor to play with you tonight Brad.” said Rusty. “I think we should see how our next album does before we consider your offer though.”

I can't blame you.” laughed Brad. “I wish you boys all of the success in the world.”

Thanks Brad.” said Allen.

The next morning, Amanda stopped by to see Mike. “Hi Mike, I have some unsettling news for you this morning.” said Amanda.

Please don't say they're not going to let Lee stay here.” said Mike.

It's nothing like that.” replied Amanda. “After my boss heard what Lee's father had to say, then relayed that to his counterpart in Michigan, they immediately agreed he should stay here. The police there went to question Lee's father this morning though, and it seems he has left town. They don't seem to know where he is now, but I have a horrible feeling he may be on his way here.”

I hope you're wrong Amanda, but with my experience, I'd say you're not.” said Mike. “That's about all we need right now.”

Don't worry Mike, I'll have my friend in the police department put a pair of undercover officers keeping an eye on Lee.” said Amanda. “If that creep of a father of his gets near him, he'll wish he had stayed in Michigan. My boss managed to get a restraining order against Lee's father when he heard the man had disappeared.”

Thanks Amanda, that helps a lot.” said Mike. “It's just that Calvin's real father had a restraining order against him too, and that didn't work out so well.”

I promise that nothing like that will be allowed to happen Mike.” replied Amanda.

Mike had a tough job ahead of him now. Lee and the other boys needed to know what was happening, so they would know to look out for Lee's father. Mike called all of the boys in the band over, along with their parents. Then he called Rusty, Allen, Lee, and Liam down to wait for everyone.

Once everyone was there, Mike said, “Okay everyone, I got some news this morning that...” At that point, Mike was interrupted by the phone, which he went ahead and answered.

Hi Mike, how is everyone?” asked the recording company owner.

We're doing pretty good.” replied Mike. “The stop in Orlando is giving us a chance to rest up so far. What can I do for you this morning?”

I just wanted to let you know that we're making preliminary plans now for a second album.” replied the owner. “Do the boys want to record there in Florida, or back out here in California?”

Well, I think most of us are getting over what happened the last time we recorded in California.” replied Mike. “I know the facilities you use there are better, so it won't be too much of a problem. Besides, we can always charter a bus if necessary.”

That's great Mike!” replied the owner. “I'm going to schedule us to start the day after Christmas then. I know that's still a long way off, but studio time can be booked up quite far in advance at times, and I want to make sure we have plenty of time for this. Just make sure the boys have enough new material ready by then.”

I'm sure that won't be a problem.” said Mike.

Once Mike hung up, he said, “Okay, that was the recording company owner. She wants the boys back in the studio the day after Christmas to record their second album. Now let's get back to why I called everyone here. I got news this morning that Lee's father has disappeared. The police in Michigan went to question him this morning, but he had apparently been tipped off.”

Aw shit Mike, do you think this might be another episode like Calvin's dad?” asked Tom.

Amanda and I both think he may be on his way here.” replied Mike.

So, our kids may be in danger because of Lee's crazy father?” asked Greg.

I'm so sorry everyone!” said Lee, on the verge of tears. “Maybe I should just face him, and get this over with.”

Like hell you will!” exclaimed Calvin. “My real father acted the same way, and he only wanted one thing. He wanted me dead. We're not letting anything happen to you Lee!”

Calvin is right.” said Rusty. “You're my brother now Lee, and I'm not letting anything happen to you!”

I can't let you guys be in danger because of me though.” said Lee.

I hope it won't come to that.” said Mike. “Amanda is going to have undercover officers watching Lee starting this evening. If he gets close to Lee, they'll place him into custody.”

And if he gets by them, he'll be the only one in danger!” said Calvin. “I can solve all of his mental issues with one punch!”

Yeah Calvin, I'm with you!” said Rusty.

I really don't want you boys putting yourself in that kind of position.” said Mike.

That's too bad Mike.” said Allen. “We all love Lee quite a bit. If he's in any danger, we're going to be there to protect him.”

Yeah, there are a few of us who know what to do to protect Lee.” said Snoopy.

Then it's settled.” said Calvin. “Lee, you now have four new shadows until your father is caught. Me, Rusty, Allen, and Snoopy are going to be with you constantly starting right now. That man will never lay a finger on you!”

Boys, there are a lot of consequences to consider here.” said Tom. “The hands of all four of you could be considered deadly weapons by the police. That carries a lot of impact for anything you do.”

Yeah, but the man is already a threat to Lee.” replied Rusty. “According to the self-defense laws in Florida, if he's a serious physical threat, we have the right to defend ourselves with any means available.”

Besides, I wasn't man enough to stand up to my real father, and it almost got Allen killed.” said Calvin. “I'll never let that happen to another friend of mine! I mean NEVER too!”

We can't talk you boys out of this, can we?” asked Mike.

Sorry dad, Lee's my brother now.” said Rusty. “He has four new bodyguards until this is over, and nothing is going to change that.”

I really don't know what to say guys!” said Lee emotionally.

I do Lee.” replied Rusty. “I love you so much brother, and I'm not letting anything happen to you.”

I love you too Rusty!” cried Lee.

Rusty immediately took Lee into his arms, and gave his brother a warm and comforting hug. Rusty broke the hug after five minutes, and gave Lee a kiss on the cheek. Then the other boys took turns giving Lee a hug. It was impossible for Mike and the other parents not to shed a few tears at such a display of love between friends. Mike knew that Lee was now indeed a permanent member of the family, and was very proud of how Rusty felt about his brother.

The boys then began getting ready for the first of their shows in Orlando. The police escort arrived as the boys were getting ready to head to the arena to set up and check their equipment. Lee and Liam were always within arms length of Calvin, Rusty, Allen, and Snoopy from the time Mike informed them of Lee's father. The undercover officers didn't know what to think about having to watch six boys now. It did enable them to see the boys in concert though, as Rusty had Lee and Liam both stand at the side of the stage. The first of four shows was a huge success, and the first night passed quietly. It was a little cramped back at Rusty and Allen's apartment though, as Rusty and Allen had to find room for Lee, Liam, Luke, Elliott, Snoopy, Chris, Calvin, and Ricky. Since Rusty and Allen had a good sized bed, they shared it with Lee and Liam. Luke and Elliott made room on the sofa bed for Snoopy and Chris, which left Calvin and Ricky on the smaller pull down bed. The boys spent a very cozy night, but that didn't stop any of them from expressing love to their mates.

The next day about midday, the boys noticed the undercover officers going on alert. “Oh shit guys, he's here in town now!” exclaimed Lee. “I know it, I can feel him!”

Don't worry brother, we're with you!” replied Rusty.

Shit babe, I can feel it too!” said Allen.

So can I!” said Ricky.

Okay guys, today we're going to be very careful and cautious.” said Calvin. “If anything doesn't feel right, make sure Lee is covered. We're going to get this creep if he gets past the police! Did anyone have any dreams last night?”

I did.” replied Rusty. “I saw all of us leaving Orlando for the rest of the tour. We all seemed very happy. I hope that wasn't just wishful thinking.”

Well, I trust your instincts Russ.” smiled Calvin.

The atmosphere was very tense that afternoon, as the boys got ready to go to the arena for the second show. The boys felt a little relieved though when they noticed that they had been joined by another pair of undercover officers. Lee still wouldn't feel better until his father had been caught. Once at the arena, the officers decided everything looked clear. They then went ahead to check out the backstage entrance to the arena.

Here we go guys.” said Calvin, as the boys started making their way to the backstage entrance.

Allen was the first to sense that something felt wrong. He ran ahead a little, and stepped between two trucks. The other boys were now very alert. As they approached where Allen was waiting, Lee's father stepped from behind a trailer.

You boys stop right there!” said Lee's father, as he pulled out a handgun. “I don't want to hurt anyone I don't already have to!”

Why dad?” asked Lee, on the verge of breaking.

How can you still call me dad, after trying to have me put in jail?” asked Lee's dad.

Maybe it's because that's where you belong!” replied Calvin.

You have a smart mouth kid!” said Lee's father. He then raised the gun and said, “If you boys step away from my son, I'll try not to hurt any of you!”

That's not going to happen.” said Rusty. “Lee's my brother now!”

That's a shame.” replied Lee's father.

Okay everyone, I hope this chapter was worth the wait. My what an ending too, with Lee's father holding the boys at gunpoint! Will someone die here? I guess we'll have to wait until the next chapter to find out. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget that my site has moved to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 13. By the way, I'm just kidding. I know everyone would kill me if I stopped here. lol. Now, let's see who survives.

Snoopy was the first to strike, with a kick to the man's midsection. Although Lee's father was knocked backward by the blow, he still managed to hold onto the gun. Allen had to act quickly now, or one of his friends was likely to get shot. Allen stepped out, and delivered an elbow chop to Lee's father's forearm. Allen heard at least one of the bones in the man's forearm snap, as the man dropped the gun in pain. Then Lee's father turned to Allen, and delivered a punch with his good arm. Rusty was infuriated when he saw Allen knocked to the ground, so he lunged forward. Rusty and the man traded a few punches to each other's face, before the man swept Rusty to the side with his good arm.

Alright!” said Calvin, who was now standing in front of Lee's father. “Now it's my turn!”

Calvin delivered one shot to the man's lower chest, immediately dropping Lee's father to the ground.

As Lee's father laid there motionless, Lee asked, “Is he...?”

I don't know, but Calvin got him with a pretty dangerous hit.” replied Snoopy, who was checking to make sure Rusty and Allen were okay.

The officers finally came back, and went to the suspect who still laid on the ground. After checking Lee's father, they looked at Calvin, who was still standing near the man.

Hey, it was self defense.” said Calvin. “The man had a gun, and he was willing to kill all of us.”

That's true officer.” said Allen, who was now back to his feet. “Something had to be done, or he would have killed us. Is he dead?”

No son, he's still alive.” replied the officer.

I have the suspect's gun!” called out another officer.

He's just unconscious right now.” said the first officer. “The paramedics are on their way here. Once he's released, we'll lock him up to face charges for today.”

Good, I want to face him in court over what he's done!” said Lee.

After the officers left with Lee's father and the paramedics, Rusty asked, “What happened there Calvin? I thought that punch killed him.”

It must have only shocked his heart enough to knock him out.” replied Calvin. “Now, let's go get cleaned up. We have a show to do!”

Okay, that's a much better place to stop. hehe. Don't forget to send your comments, and join me again for Chapter 13.