Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

Okay everyone, I know that I risk sounding like a certain Reform party candidate from the 90's, but I'm back in this presidential race! Sorry Hillary, maybe Bill can make you feel better. M and I are looking forward to reaching out to the voters on the internet, until everyone realizes that things couldn't be screwed up any worse than they are now. All of my earlier campaign promises are still in effect. And yes M, that includes lowering the age of consent nationwide. And for you younger readers, it still includes lowering the voting age to twelve. I figure if our current leaders want to act like they're twelve, then twelve year olds should be able to vote. Anyway, you may notice that the gloves are now off in my campaign. That is because the candidates from both parties are the biggest crop of jokes yet. Really, why can't decent people run for president? Look at the Republican candidates. We have cross-dressing homophobe, Rudi Giulliani. I know New York loves him, but he gives the rest of us the creeps! Then there is John McCain, who would be so willing to prove that he's worthy of taking over for our current president, that he would declare war on 7-11 if he could. Let's face it, not all Arabs are bad, just those with guns. In the interest of not declaring war on 7-11, let me rephrase that. Make that Arabs living in the Middle East who have guns. Oh hell, I'm going to get letters on that one, aren't I? To set the record straight, there are many decent Arabs out there. They are good, law-abiding people who don't own guns. The ones who own guns are mostly those with a cause, and they are just as scary as Christians with guns. Okay, I better change subjects before I get in too far over my head. But just so everyone knows, I have nothing against Christians either. Christians who believe the Bible is a book filled with messages of love, tolerance, and compassion are good and decent people. I have many friends like that, and I am truly thankful for them. The ones who believe the Bible is a guide for them to express their hatred and intolerance for anything different, or anything they don't understand, aren't worth the sweat off my back though. As luck would have it, they are the most vocal ones at this time. Now let's move on to the Democrats, before my poll ratings drop any further. Hillary has already had two terms as President. Some may say that was her husband, but we all know Hillary wore the pants in that family. Bill hardly ever had his pants on when he was inside the White House. And no, I don't have anything against sex either. Hell, I was cheering the guy on! I thought the whole issue was extremely funny. Then there is Barak Obama. Let's face it, I don't trust anyone who smiles when he has absolutely no reason to do so. Everyone has feelings, and it's totally expected. If you smile when you have no reason to do so, you're either hiding something, or you don't believe anyone should have feelings. Where do I start on John Edwards? I guess I could start on the fact that he's a Republican in Democrats clothing. Be yourself John, it's not a bad thing! Not being yourself is what led to you stinking up the last election. Hell, if you switched to the Republican party, I might be tempted to vote for you! Finally there's Joseph Biden, the man who's current poll ratings are lower than the margin of error. If the error in ratings were too far his way, he would have to vote for someone else multiple times to make up for it. It's over Joe, drop out! Let's face it, the rest of the Democratic candidates aren't worth mentioning here. I probably have more votes lined up than any of them do. There are two reasons why I am back in the race. Wait, make it three. First, I can do better, and that includes our current administration too. Second, I'm bored and I need some cause to occupy my time. Changing this country from its current form of dictatorship back into a democracy would occupy my time nicely. Third, and most important, I need a nice place to live. I rather like the idea of living in the White House. My future First Man and I would do it up really nicely too. We would make it a warm and inviting place to visit, rather than the chamber of horrors that it is now. Well, that ends the announcement of the resumption of my presidential campaign. I hope to endear all of you to my campaign in the upcoming days, weeks, and months. Hell, I have a year and a half to do that, and I stand a better chance of it than some candidates do.

This story is © 2007 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story may contain sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Also, my web site address has changed yet again. You can find it now at: And don't forget about the mailing lists for all of my stories (except those that have been discontinued). If you would like to be notified of updates, send me an e-mail telling me which stories you would like to be added to the list for. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 13

From the last chapter:

The officers finally came back, and went to the suspect who still laid on the ground. After checking Lee's father, they looked at Calvin, who was still standing near the man.

Hey, it was self defense.” said Calvin. “The man had a gun, and he was willing to kill all of us.”

That's true officer.” said Allen, who was now back to his feet. “Something had to be done, or he would have killed us. Is he dead?”

No son, he's still alive.” replied the officer.

I have the suspect's gun!” called out another officer.

He's just unconscious right now.” said the first officer. “The paramedics are on their way here. Once he's released, we'll lock him up to face charges for today.”

Good, I want to face him in court over what he's done!” said Lee.

After the officers left with Lee's father and the paramedics, Rusty asked, “What happened there Calvin? I thought that punch killed him.”

It must have only shocked his heart enough to knock him out.” replied Calvin. “Now, let's go get cleaned up. We have a show to do!”

Despite the altercation outside, the boys put on a great show. Lee and Liam were now able to take their places in the front row, where they could see their friends play better. After the boys left the stage, the ladies in the opening act even complimented them on putting on a great show.

Once they were in their dressing room, Calvin laughed as he said, “Maybe we should put up a ring in our dressing room, to release our built up aggression before each show.”

I don't think so Calvin!” snickered Rusty. “We had enough bruises to cover with make-up tonight. I wouldn't want to have to do that before every show.”

All of the boys laughed at that, as they unwound from the show. The rest of the Orlando shows went fine, and the boys had a week off before starting the rest of the tour. The headline act was going to go back home to Texas before rejoining the boys on tour. The boys needed a week to unwind too. All they wanted to do was stay around Orlando, and just be themselves. They spent the day after the last show hanging out with Mark, Stevie, and Gary at the naturalist community where Mark lived. It was a completely new experience for Luke and Elliott, who had a hard time not showing it was their first time in a place like that. The other kids there finally managed to put the newcomers at ease though, and the boys all had a great day being free of their clothes. Once again the activities director asked the boys in the band to play a few songs for them. The boys were ready for that, and actually liked performing naked. The rest of their time at home wasn't nearly as stimulating, except at night. Rusty and Allen, Lee and Liam, and Luke and Elliott were getting very comfortable making love to their lovers together.

Back down in the main house, Mike and Emily were also making up for their time apart. Mike was also enjoying spending time with Beth and the twins. Joey, Skip, and Jennifer also spent a lot of time in Joey's room, making up for their time apart. Jennifer now loved Joey and Skip equally, just as Joey loved Skip and Jennifer, and Skip loved Joey and Jennifer. None of them knew if a three-way relationship would work at the beginning, but now none of them could imagine not having all three of them together.

On the last day in Orlando, the boys and Mike decided to throw a party at Mike's house. All of the boys friends were invited, so the house and back yard were full that day. Toward the end of the party, Luke's dad showed up to take Luke and Elliott back to Miami. Rusty and Allen gave the boys a warm hug, as they said good-bye to their friends. Then they invited Luke, Elliott, and their families out to Los Angeles at the end of the tour. When Luke's dad said they would never be able to afford a trip like that, Rusty and Allen replied that they would cover all of their expenses. Then Rusty and Allen refused to let them go until Luke's dad agreed.

Mike and Emily also made arrangements for Emily and the rest of the family to join them in Los Angeles at the end of the tour, which included Jennifer. Meanwhile, Jennifer, Joey, and Skip had disappeared to Joey's room for their good-bye. The good-bye lasted well into the night. At one point, after Joey had made love to Jennifer, he discovered that his condom had broken inside her. Since Jennifer was on birth control anyway, Joey didn't even mention it. Later on, after Skip had made love to Jennifer, he made the same discovery.

Oh shit Jennifer babe, my rubber broke!” exclaimed Skip.

Don't worry Skip, Jennifer is on birth control, right love?” asked Joey.

Um... uh...” started Jennifer. “I don't know how to tell you guys this. While you two were away on the tour, I had no reason to use it. I kinda forgot to restart when you came home. I'm so sorry guys!”

Don't worry babe, we love you no matter what happens.” replied Skip. “If you become pregnant with a child by me, we'll all figure out what to do about it together.”

Yeah love, the three of us are a family now.” replied Joey. “We can all handle anything together. Besides, she may be just as likely to become pregnant by me. My rubber broke too.”

Whatever happens, I love you both the same.” said Jennifer. “If I do become pregnant, I could never end it. As far as I'm concerned, both of you would be the baby's fathers. We'll just have to wait and see what happens now. I still should have been more careful though.”

Like Joey said, the three of us are family now.” replied Skip. “If our family grows, it won't affect our love one bit. We'll all still love our entire family, no matter who the real father of your child is. As far as I'm concerned, the baby will be lucky in that it'll have two fathers.”

I agree with Skip.” said Joey.

It's no wonder I love both you guys so much!” replied Jennifer.

The next day, as the band prepared to leave to rejoin the tour, Erik and Aaron were getting ready for a public zoning hearing that evening. They had already talked to quite a few neighbors, and gave them assurances that they would be considerate of the neighborhood when it came to operating their coaster. Most of the younger neighbors were happy to go along with Erik and Aaron, if it meant they could have access to the coaster too. The boys knew the public hearing would be a slam dunk.

As the band's tour buses headed into the night, toward their first stop in Washington D. C., the zoning commission chairman in Beverly Hills called the hearing to order. Aaron and Erik were called, and the boys made their pitch to the neighborhood.

After Aaron and Erik sat down, the chairman asked, “Would anyone now like to speak on behalf of the neighborhood?”

'I would.” replied a young man named Ben. “Most of my friends in the neighborhood are famous like me, and we have no problems granting the boys permission to go ahead with their plans. Their particular street is isolated enough that such a structure at the end of the street wouldn't pose any problem for us. As far as we know, the bulk of it would be built down in the gully at the back of their property anyway.”

Would anyone else like to speak?” asked the chairman.

Yes, my name is William, and I own a large national corporation.” replied the man named William. “Although my children seem to love the idea of these boys building a rollercoaster in the neighborhood, I have concerns about the impact it will have on the image of the neighborhood. We're talking about a structure that's the height of a fifteen story building here. It will be seen from around the neighborhood.”

How about if it's painted to blend into the scenery?” asked Aaron. “We could have the lower part painted the same color as the majority of the surrounding plants and trees, and the upper part painted sky blue. The neighborhood can even pick out the painting designer, so they can trust it will be done to their satisfaction, and we'll pay the bill.”

I guess that would address any aesthetic issues.” replied William.

What about noise issues though?” asked a resident named Mary. “I have worked hard in the entertainment industry for years, and now that I'm in a position where I can relax more, I don't want our neighborhood's serenity ruined by noise.”

We understand that ma'am.” replied Erik. “Aaron and I are both in the entertainment industry too, and we know how hard it is sometimes. We will be having the supports of the ride filled with sand, which will drastically reduce the amount of noise it makes. We are also going one step further, and basically letting the neighborhood set the hours that it can operate. From the input we've had thus far, we are confining the hours we operate it from noon to eight pm. If those hours don't suit any of our neighbors though, we would be happy to take that into consideration. We really don't want this to be bothersome to anyone ma'am.”

Okay boys, I guess I can be satisfied with that, as long as it's a part of the zoning permit.” said Mary. “I don't want to be unreasonable about it either.”

Okay then, does anyone have any objections to the permit being granted?” asked the chairman.

Aaron and Erik held their breaths, but no one seemed to want to object now. When the chairman finally approved the permit, Aaron and Erik gave each other a hug. Then they went around and thanked all of their neighbors for coming out, and considering their request favorably. Stephen had informed the boys earlier that if the permit was granted, his company could start preparing the site the following week.

The boys were excited to arrive in Washington the next day, as their bus passed by most of the historical sites in town. The bus finally pulled up to their hotel near the arena, and the boys piled off the bus to check in. A rather official looking message was waiting at the hotel for Mike, and he smiled as he read it. Once the boys were all together in one of their suites, Mike went in to talk to them.

Boys, I have an exciting announcement!” said Mike. “You have been invited to the White House, tomorrow morning before we leave for our next stop! Isn't that great?!”

Yeah dad, that's swell.” replied Rusty unenthusiastically.

But it's the White House!” said Mike. “It's a great honor to be invited there, and this was by the President himself!”

The boys all whispered amongst themselves for a few minutes, then Calvin said, “Mister Cooper, it's not that we don't appreciate being invited. Do you know what we consider an honor though? We consider it an honor that so many fans have bought our album. We consider it an honor that we play to sold out arenas everywhere we go, and our fans applaud us so loudly. Being asked to appear somewhere by one single person is not so much of an honor, if that person expects us to accept because of who he is. Especially considering none of us particularly agree with the job he's doing.”

If it's all the same dad, we'd like you to decline the invitation.” said Rusty. “Just tell them that we can't come due to prior commitments.”

Okay boys.” replied Mike quizzically. “Maybe next time?”

Maybe, depending on who's in the White House!” snickered Rusty.

As the boys were getting ready for the show that evening, the lead singer of their headline act came into the dressing room. The boys were in the process of getting dressed, so some of them had little clothes on, and a few had none on.

We're so sorry ma'am.” said Rusty, as some of the boys looked around desperately for cover. “We didn't know anyone would be stopping by.”

Don't worry boys, y'all look really nice anyway.” laughed the singer. That put the least clothed boys at ease, as the singer continued, “I just heard through a source of mine that you boys turned down an invitation to the White House. Is that true?”

Yes ma'am, we didn't think it would be appropriate for us.” replied Rusty.

I knew I liked you boys for some reason!” laughed the lead singer. Then she looked around at the naked and nearly naked boys in the room, and said, “It's a damn shame y'all are gay! You boys look REALLY nice, and I'm sure all the girls are disappointed. Anyway, I'm sorry about intruding.”

I'd be willing to bet most of these guys don't see it as an intrusion ma'am.” snickered Rusty.

Yeah ma'am, thanks for the compliment.” said Snoopy, seemingly proud now of his naked body.

You are a very sweet looking boy Snoopy!” replied the lead singer. “It's a pleasure to compliment a cute body like yours! I'll be going now boys. Have a good show tonight.”

Once the singer was gone, Chris went to Snoopy and laughed as he said, “I saw her looking at your cock like it was the most incredible piece of meat she had ever seen! I'll bet if you had asked her to stroke it for you in front of the other guys, she would have been all over it!”

I guess we'll never know.” smiled Snoopy. “I've gotten to the point where you're the only one I want doing those things with me Chris.”

Snoopy and Chris immediately hugged each other, as they shared a passionate kiss. Allen finally said, “Okay you guys, we have a show to do! You can continue that after our set.”

The boys had another great show, with another standing ovation at the end. Rusty was the first one out of his costume and dressed after the show. He had noticed that Joey and Skip hadn't looked the same since leaving Orlando, and he wanted to see if they would talk about it.

Hey guys, what's up?” asked Rusty, after finding his friends packing their sound board.

What do you mean?” asked Joey.

Come on Joey, I know you guys too well.” replied Rusty. “Especially you Joey. After all, you are my brother now. I know something is bothering you though, and has been since we left Orlando. Would it help to talk?”

I guess it might.” replied Joey. “On our last night in Orlando, Skip and I both made love to Jennifer. When my rubber broke inside her, I didn't think anything of it. After all, she was suppose to be on birth control. When Skip's rubber broke inside her, he mentioned it, Then we found out that Jennifer had forgotten to go back onto her birth control before we got home.”

Holy shit!” exclaimed Rusty. “You guys think one of you may become a father?!”

Yeah, but we don't know which one it will be.” replied Skip.

Is it that important?” asked Rusty. “You guys have committed yourselves to sharing everything in each other's lives.”

Yeah, and we meant it.” replied Joey. “Skip and I would be happy to share fatherhood without knowing which one of us were the actual father. If Jennifer does have a baby though, the baby would need a last name. One of us would have to be determined to be the actual father.”

That would just be for the benefit of the baby though.” said Rusty. “I know you guys pretty well, and I know you love each other enough to share being a father. You can't tell me that one of you would act differently over the other because of being the actual father, would you?”

I know I couldn't.” replied Skip.

I couldn't either.” smiled Joey. “I love Skip and Jennifer too much for that.”

Then you guys should be happy for each other.” said Rusty. “You are both going to get a chance to be fathers to yours and Jennifer's baby, if she does have one. It won't matter who the actual father is, because you all love each other too much to let that matter.”

I guess you're right Rusty.” smiled Skip.

Yeah Rusty, you helped a lot.” smiled Joey. “I'm glad to have you as my brother!”

I'm glad I could help my brother, and his two lovers.” replied Rusty.

The next four stops on the tour went exactly as planned, and Joey and Skip didn't seem to be as bothered as they had been upon arriving in Washington. Due to public demand though, the promoter did have to add as many seats as he could squeeze into the facilities in Baltimore, Dover, Trenton, and Philadelphia. They would have added shows at those facilities, but that was impossible due to other commitments at the venues. When the boys got to New York, the promoter finally informed Mike that the increase in demand was mostly due to the boys. Even though Madison Square Garden had been booked by other clients on the day before and the day after the boys show, the promoter had come up with an alternate plan. He wanted the boys to play in Central Park on the afternoon before and after the Garden show. Mike was concerned that some fans wouldn't be able to see the stage that was being set up, but the promoter informed him that he had also set up a video wall seventy feet tall by one hundred feet wide. That would allow anyone in the park to see the show.

The boys had to get busy right away, setting up at the stage in Central Park. As they ran through the sound check with Skip, Joey got busy on adjusting the lighting so the group's image on the video wall would be sharp and clear. The Central Park shows would just be the warm up band and the boys, so as the warm up band was getting set, the promoter started letting people into the park. Joey and Skip knew that the other band had set up in a hurry, so they stayed with the other band's sound men until they had the show running smoothly. The other band's sound men really liked some of the settings Skip had used, and the band sounded great by their second song. As soon as the warm up band finished their set, they rushed over to Madison Square Gardens to set up there. The road crew changed sets quickly, and the boys took the stage. By this time the promoter had packed over one hundred thousand people into the park, and he still had the sold out show at the Garden, and another equally packed show at the park the next day.

Rusty went up to the microphone, and yelled out, “Hello New York City!” After the loudest applause the boys had ever heard, Rusty yelled out, “We love New York!”

Then the boys started their show. The applause at every break was thunderous, and the boys were having a great time. Rusty and Allen took turns looking up at the video wall while the other was singing, and the image of the show was spectacular. The boys didn't want to leave the park, but after three encores they had to get to the Garden, or they would never get set up before the first band took the stage. That still turned out to be a monumental task, and the boys didn't finish until after fans had started coming in. By the time their set at the Garden was over, the boys were beat. They decided to go right to the hotel and sleep, because they had one more show in the park the next day before leaving immediately for their next stop. The Sunday afternoon show in Central Park was indeed as packed as the Saturday afternoon show, but the boys had rested up and had a great time with it. The boys arrived in Boston late Sunday night, but wouldn't have their show until Tuesday evening. The promoter caught up to Mike again as they checked into the hotel.

Mike, there's been a change here in Boston.” said the promoter. “Don't worry though, the first show is still Tuesday evening. Since we gave ourselves plenty of time to get the show to Buffalo, we added Wednesday evening to Boston, and we've changed the venue. The arena is too small, so we've moved the show to Foxboro Stadium.”

Good lord!” exclaimed Mike. “Why have the boys become so popular so quickly?”

You haven't been watching the news, have you Mike?” asked the promoter as he laughed.

I guess I'm kind of out of the loop.” admitted Mike.

First of all, the boys are now closing in on the U. S. record for sales.” said the promoter. “Second, there has been a lot of talk about the boys turning down the White House. The President's people tried to keep it from getting out, but it did anyway. Then the White House tried to make it seem like the boys were just being silly, so your recording company owner got into it with them on your behalf. The fans seem to love the idea that your boys had the guts to turn down the President of the United States!”

I'll be damned, the boys knew what they were doing, didn't they?” laughed Mike.

It's either that, or they stumbled into the best publicity they could have ever hoped for!” replied the promoter with a sly smile.

Mike had fun telling the boys the news. The next morning, as Mike and the boys were seeing the sights in Boston, crews arrived at the Martin mansion in Beverly Hills. First they would have to clear underbrush from the ride path, before they could lay out the footers for the ride supports. Then the footers would have to be surveyed out to the precise fraction of an inch, or the ride would not fit together properly. Once all of the footers had been poured, then they would finally be able to begin assembling the ride, which was now being built in the company's U. S. facility. It would take approximately one month to begin assembling the ride. Aaron and Erik excitedly went out to see the progress from day one after returning from the studio, and looked somewhat disappointed. The foreman chuckled as he reminded the boys of the schedule Stephen had given them. If they wanted to see anything spectacular happening, they would have to wait about a month.

The next day, Judith needed something to do, so she prepared a large cooler of Gatorade for the work crew. The men appreciated it so much that Judith decided she should make her refreshment trips a regular thing.

The boys in the band had all day Tuesday to set up for their show. The lighting had been set up the previous evening though, so it could be set properly for the time of day they would be playing. The lighting had to be right too, because the promoter had trucked the video wall from the Central Park shows to Boston. The first of two Boston shows looked and sounded great inside the huge stadium. Joey and Skip had tweaked the sound settings to make the boys sound better outdoors. The new settings worked perfectly, and the crews from the other two bands ended up asking Joey and Skip if they could copy their settings. Since the show was down inside a huge stadium, the applause the boys received was the loudest yet. After two sold out shows in Boston, it was time to shuffle off to Buffalo.

On Friday, Sy announced that he wanted to use a few songs in episodes they would be taping in the upcoming weeks. Aaron didn't know it, but Sy had been drawn into the frenzy over Youthful Discretion. When Sy announced the songs he wanted to use, Aaron couldn't help but to laugh.

You want to use songs from my brother's band?” laughed Aaron.

Yes, but not because your brother is in the band.” replied Sy. “Their songs are great, and the boys in the band are absolutely delicious!”

Down Sy, they're all taken!” laughed Erik.

Well, they were excited about me being on Camelot High, so I'm sure they'd love to have their songs on the show.” said Aaron. “I'll ask Allen tonight.”

When Aaron and Erik got home, they were surprised to see that the crew had actually poured a few of the footers. Then they caught up to the foreman before he left, so they could compliment him.

Well, your mother has been so nice to my men that it's motivated them to work faster.” chuckled the foreman. “I'm seriously considering asking her to take a position as my assistant! Now I have to call the ride company, and tell them we'll be ready for their first pieces a week ahead of schedule.”

Aaron and Erik laughed in excitement at that news.

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