Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 14

From the last chapter:

On Wednesday, Aaron and Erik were going to go for a swim in Aaron's pool after the crew had left for the day. They walked into the pool house as Joe and John were getting ready to make love. Both men were already naked, so Aaron and Erik stripped naked so they could put their swimsuits on.

Hi guys, don't mind us.” said Aaron, as he and Erik gazed at Joe's and John's naked bodies. “Erik and I are just getting ready to go for a swim.”

It's too bad we don't have swimsuits, so we can join our favorite younger friends.” said John, as he and Joe also checked out Aaron's and Erik's naked teenage bodies.

Who says you need swimsuits?” asked Erik. “Just swim in your tighty whities!”

And what do we wear home?” chuckled Joe.

The same thing most boys do half the time.” laughed Aaron. “Nothing but your pants!”

Joe and John thought about it for a moment, and put their briefs back on. Then the two boys and two men went out to the pool to have some fun and cool off.

In Orlando, Mike, Lee, and Liam were getting ready for what promised to be a rough week.

The next day at Aaron's house, the men were going nuts trying to outdo each other. The young lady that had been hired to serve refreshments came out in a very short skirt, and a low cut top that showed a little of her ample cleavage. The men had a pool going as to what her bra size would be, if she were wearing one. All of the guesses were in the D cup range. Joe and John laughed as they watched their co-workers fall all over themselves every time the young lady named Tawny came out.

The first day of court in Orlando was jury selection. Lee's father tried to get himself seated as close to his son as he could, but Mike caught on to that right away. He had Liam move Lee to a spot where his father couldn't get anywhere near him. Mike won that first round easily. The state attorney really knew his stuff too. The first three prospective jurors were a Catholic priest, a housewife and mother of three children, and a grandmother. He accepted them without even asking any questions, and the defense attorney couldn't come up with any good reason to have them dismissed.

Why aren't you using your any of our three free dismissals?” asked Lee's father. “What the hell am I paying you for?”

We have a certain criteria for using those, based on the nature of the case.” replied the lawyer.

And the kindly old grandmother doesn't fit that criteria?” asked Lee's father. “One look at her tells me she will want me to hang!”

She may be tough, but not as tough as a law enforcement officer or someone who is a fan of the band your son is associated with now.” replied the lawyer. “We're in their back yard now, and Lee is very publicly tied to them, not to mention that you took on a few of the boys in the band as well. Their fans would want to give you ten death sentences, and have them all carried out at the same time, just to make sure. The grandmother may be tough, but at least you may be able to convince her that you've turned over a new leaf. Do you think any fans of the band would be more understanding? I know what I'm doing.”

As if to prove a point, the next prospective juror was a young female, just out of high school, and wearing a Youthful Discretion t-shirt. Lee's father could tell from the look in her eyes that she wanted him dead. His lawyer fortunately didn't have to use the first of their three free dismissals on her, since she was clearly an avid fan of the band. Lee's father decided that it would be in his best interests to trust his lawyer for now though. Mike had to work at holding back a laugh. He knew the defense lawyer would run out of free dismissals very quickly, since not all of the boy's fans would be bold enough to wear a Youthful Discretion t-shirt to court.

By the time lunch rolled around the defense had used all of their free dismissals, and the state attorney had only used one. The state attorney was doing a very good job of loading the jury with men and women who would be very sympathetic to a child who had been abused by his father.

Judith and the boys arrived at the next stop in Kansas City, to another sold out show. While the boys were setting up, Judith was talking to the ladies in the headline act.

Are all of the shows going to be sold out?” asked Judith.

We talked to the promoter last night, and he said there were maybe a dozen seats left at the show in Seattle.” laughed the lead singer. “Other than that, you can't get a ticket for this tour anymore.”

Oh my, I hope this doesn't go to the boys' heads!” replied Judith.

From what I've seen, they're coping better every day with all of this.” replied the lead singer. “If this were happening to me at sixteen or seventeen, I'd never be able to handle it. Could you do us a favor, and tell the boys we'd like to talk to them when they're set up?”

Sure, anything for you.” replied Judith. “What's it about?”

We want them to contact their recording company on our behalf.” replied the lead singer. “Even though we won a Grammy, talks with our recording company just aren't going as well as we'd like. We want our next album to have even more of a rock sound, and they don't seem to be willing to let us give up country. We want to switch to the same label as the boys.”

I'm sure they'll love to help.” said Judith. “I don't think you'll get any problems from their label either.”

Out in California, Aaron and Erik had just returned home from their day at the studio. They went out back, and caught up with Joe and John as the crew was quitting for the day.

I've never seen these gorillas build a station platform so fast!” laughed Joe to the boys.

Where did you guys come up with that water girl?!” laughed John. “I'll bet you had most of the guys out here cumming in their pants most of the day! I've never seen a crew with so many boners that lasted all day!”

Well, she use to make porn films.” snickered Erik. “She wants to get out of that though, and do legitimate acting. The problem is that with her background, no one will hire her. I told her if she'd do me this little favor, I'd call in a favor at the studio and get her a role somewhere. All she really needs is one break, and I'm sure she could do well.”

Well, you may not want to let these guys find out she made porn films.” laughed Joe. “We'd never get your ride built then!”

We'll try to keep that a secret.” snickered Aaron. “Now, would you guys join us for a swim?”

Yeah, but we should wash all this sweat off first.” replied John.

You can use the pool shower on the side of the pool house.” said Aaron.

Do you mean shower outside naked?” asked Joe, as he began to develop a bulge in his jeans.

Why not?” asked Erik. “Aaron and I do it all the time. The fence keeps the neighbors from being able to see anything. And even if they could, I'm the neighbors. Our folks are use to seeing us out there naked.”

Yeah, but how would they feel about seeing two adult men out there naked?” asked John.

They trust us to make good friends, and they trust our friends not to take advantage of us.” replied Aaron. “They've never said anything about us being naked around our friends, and I don't think they would say anything this time either. We could even swim out there naked, and it wouldn't be a problem.”

That sounds like a great idea babe!” snickered Erik.

Erik and Aaron then led Joe and John to the pool house, and began removing all of their clothes. Joe and John could tell now that the boys were serious about swimming naked, so they decided to go along with it. As Joe and John began to strip, Erik and Aaron shared a kiss. By the time Joe and John were naked, Aaron and Erik were laying on the floor in a sixty nine position.

We decided to have a little fun first.” said Erik, as the two men stared at them. “Why don't you two studs lay down here next to us, and have some fun too?”

Joe and John went ahead and laid next to Aaron and Erik. Joe and Erik were on top, and both laying in the same direction. That gave them a good view of each other, so they watched each other as they made love to their lovers. John and Aaron had to settle for glancing over occasionally, and watching each other's lovers cocks sliding in and out of their mouths. John thought the sight of Erik's butt raising up and down while his cock went in and out of Aaron's mouth was breathtaking. All of them were moaning loudly within five minutes, and a few moments later they all began savoring the cum from their lover's cocks.

After resting a minute, and letting their cocks deflate, Erik and Aaron led their two naked friends out to the pool shower. There were six shower heads on the end of the pool house, so that was plenty for everyone. After everyone had rinsed the sweat from their bodies, they all ran over to the pool and jumped in. Aaron and Erik were thoroughly enjoying the sight of Joe's and John's muscular butts coming up above the surface from time to time. Then Joe and John almost froze in terror when they spotted Ben at the side of the pool.

Okay, I guess everyone has decided to swim naked today.” said Ben. “I hope you boys don't mind if Aaron's old man jumps in.”

Joe and John then watched as Ben removed his clothes, and laid them where they wouldn't get wet. Once they saw Ben remove his underwear, and his semi-erect cock sprang free, Joe and John finally smiled again. The two men were amazed at how Ben swam with them and the boys, as though it were no big deal at all. After quite a while, they noticed Ben floating at rest over near the side of the pool, so they swam up to him.

Hi Ben.” said Joe. “John and I have to admit that when you first came out, we thought you might be upset that we were all swimming naked together.”

Should I be?” asked Ben. “You two aren't planning on forcing yourselves on the boys, or hurting them are you?”

Never Ben!” replied Joe. “They are great kids, and great friends as well. We would never hurt them, or let anyone else hurt them either.”

Then don't worry about it.” smiled Ben. “I know the boys like swimming naked, and so does the rest of our family. They also expect their friends to be completely comfortable around them, and comfortable with what they like to do. I'd even be willing to bet that they made love to each other in front of you two by this time. I have you pegged as two pretty decent guys though, and I know you won't do anything that will hurt them. I also know how fond they are of you two as friends, so I don't have any problems with what was going on out here. It was just friends swimming together, right?”

Absolutely!” smiled John. “And if anyone were to try to hurt either of them, we'd make sure they never made that mistake again.”

I'm glad to hear that guys.” said Ben. “Besides, after some of the things Aaron's brother Allen has been through, I had you guys checked out. I hope that doesn't bother you.”

Nah, I would have done the same thing if it had been me.” replied Joe.

That's good, because I don't want to harm the friendship between you and the boys.” said Ben. “Don't you guys think it's almost time to come out to your wives though? I mean, so far you've been lucky not to have brought any kids into this situation, and it's just a matter of time before they find out. Is it fair to them to lead them on, and risk bring children into this so they could be hurt by it too?”

Not really, I guess.” replied Joe.

It would mean finding ourselves out of our homes though Ben, and we'd never have the chance to be fathers.” said John. “Every man kind of wants to be a father someday.”

Hell man, I'm a lawyer!” replied Ben. “If I can't help you adopt a family at some point, no one can! As for having to leave your homes, I've talked to Sharon and her lover Celeste about this. Sharon does have a guest house next door, and she'd be willing to rent it out to you if you needed it. How great would it be to live in a neighborhood like this, at the same price of living in a less classier neighborhood?”

You people would do that for us?” asked Joe.

You and John deserve the chance to be happy together Joe.” replied Ben. “And our boys couldn't ask for better friends than you. I'm sure that you would do anything to protect them, and never hurt them yourselves. What about it men? Can we straighten this out, and get you two together on a permanent basis?”

First Joe hugged Ben tightly, then John hugged Ben as he said, “There's no way we could ever thank you enough for helping us like this Ben. You've made Joe and me incredibly happy!”

I could have guessed that by the way your boners were crushing into my balls!” laughed Ben. “You guys are either incredibly happy, or incredibly horny!”

Are we being ignored out here or something?” asked Erik, as he and Aaron swam up.

Aaron, your dad is going to help us out of the relationships with our wives so we can be together, and Erik, your mom is going to rent your guest house to Joe and me!” replied John.

Cool!” exclaimed both boys together.

You guys are going to love living together as the couple you deserve to be!” said Aaron as he smiled.

Is Sharon prepared to rent to us starting tonight?” asked Joe.

You guys can move into the guest house whenever you want, and Celeste will make out the lease for you.” replied Ben.

Then I guess we really should get our wives together tonight, and get this over with.” said Joe. “Does that sound okay with you babe?”

I can't wait to live my life with you as your lover Joe.” replied John.

Ben, Aaron, and Erik watched and smiled, as the two men shared a passionate kiss in the pool. That night went about how Joe and John expected, and they were thrown out by their wives, who threw in a few expletives to boot. Joe and John tried to let the names bounce off, then packed only their clothes and a few possessions. Once they got to Sharon's house, Sharon and Celeste comforted the two men. Then they helped Joe and John move into their new home together. Sharon and Celeste knew that the two men had gone through some pain when letting their wives know of their feelings for each other. They also knew Joe and John would soon recover though, as they began their new lives together. The two lesbian lovers were happy to help the two gay lovers start their lives over again.

The next day in Orlando was opening statements by the defense and the state attorney. Before he even began, the defense attorney made a motion for a change of venue. The state attorney successfully argued that they would find no place in Florida that had not heard of the boys involved in the case. The judge agreed, and denied the motion. Then the opening arguments began. It was going to be the defense's position that Lee was taken from his family unfairly, and his family would have never harmed him. The lawyer was going to make Lee's father out as the real victim, and the man felt compelled to take drastic measures. Lee's father's story would be that he would never have hurt anyone, and all he wanted was to have his family back together again.

In the state attorney's rebuttal, he was going to prove that not one statement made by the defense had any truth to it. Not only would he be calling Lee to testify in the trial, to back up the statements from the scene of the fight, but he would be calling caseworkers from Florida and Michigan to testify to the conditions Lee was living under at home. He would also be offering videotaped evidence, to prove that Lee's father was not the loving father he wanted to appear to be. As court was recessed for lunch, someone involved in the defense slipped a note into Lee's pocket without him or Liam being aware of it. As Mike and the boys sat down for lunch, Lee finally discovered the note in his pocket.

Dear son,

Please give me another chance. I know I screwed up. I should not have reacted the way I did when I found out that you needed help. Your mother and I love you, and want to help you recover from being the way you are now. I know we can be a happy and loving family, if you'll give us a chance to try to make things up to you. I'm so sorry for coming to Orlando, and handling things the way I did. Please don't testify against me, and give me a chance to be a good father.

Your loving father.

The note upset Lee, and Mike could tell something was wrong. “What's wrong son?” asked Mike.

I don't know how, but my father had a note slipped into my pocket somehow.” replied Lee, as he handed the note to Mike.

That bastard!” exclaimed Mike as he read the note. “You're not the one who needs help Lee. That sicko who calls himself your father is the one who needs help! He would have killed you boys if Rusty, Allen, Calvin, and Snoopy hadn't been with you!”

I know dad.” replied Lee, which went straight to Mike's heart. “You're my dad, and as far as I'm concerned, all of those guys are like brothers to me. Rusty is the greatest brother anyone could ask for, and you are the best dad in the world. What really bothers me is that he can still get to me, and get garbage like that note into my pocket! Am I safe from him dad?”

I'll make absolutely sure of that son.” replied Mike, as a tear of joy ran down his cheek. “I love you just as much as I love my other children, and I'll do anything I have to to protect you son.”

When they got back to the courtroom, Mike gave the note to the state attorney. He looked the note over, and gave it to the judge. The judge immediately had an upset look on his face. The judge called the court back to order, then made an announcement.

This court will NOT tolerate any instances of witness tampering!” barked the judge. “This note from the defendant, in his handwriting, and slipped into his son's pocket is enough to have the defendant removed from this court for the remainder of the trial, and have him held in contempt of this court! This will be the only warning I will issue on this subject! Any further violations will be dealt with in the most harsh measures allowed by law! Does everyone at the defense table understand this?”

Yes, your honor.” replied the defense lawyer, as he shot Lee's father a look of contempt. Once he sat back down, the defense lawyer said, “So help me, if you try one more stunt like that you'll be looking for another lawyer! And don't think I'll give a damn if you end up in jail for the rest of your life! Do you understand me? I'm in charge here, and you won't make one more move without being told to!”

Mike heard that, and almost laughed out loud. The state attorney caught the close call, and quickly glanced at Mike with a blank expression. Then he let a smile escape across his face.

The defense had three witnesses planned once he was called to proceed. The first was Lee's mother. Then if there were time today, the defense would call a friend of the family, who had been conned into thinking Lee's family use to be a happy family. Lee's father probably wouldn't be taking the witness stand until the following day. Lee's mother seemed very upset, and the defense attorney pretended to handle her testimony compassionately. The state attorney had no intention of being so compassionate.

Ma'am, can you tell the court how you feel about homosexuality?” asked the state attorney.

Well, I have no opinion about it.” replied Lee's mother. “I've never known any homosexuals.”

So, you want us to believe that you don't know your own son?” asked the state attorney. “He lived in your house for nearly sixteen years! You had to have run across him from time to time!”

I object!” called out the defense attorney.

I withdraw everything except the original question your honor.” replied the state attorney as he smiled.

Okay, I'll allow that, but please be careful from now on.” replied the judge. “The witness will answer the original question.”

Of course I know my own son, but he isn't a homosexual!” replied Lee's mother. “I've raised Lee from the day he was born, and I know he isn't like that!”

Do you want us to believe the kiss between your son and his boyfriend that was televised on national television was some kind of accident?” asked the state attorney.

I know it wasn't what you're making it out to be!” replied Lee's mother.

Well then, we'll let the jury decide that.” said the state attorney. “I submit as exhibit A the videotape of the televised kiss, so the jury can decide if Lee is gay and his parents refuse to accept it, or if it was just some kind of accident.”

As the videotape played, Lee's mother and father looked disgusted by what their son and Liam were doing. The defense attorney rolled his eyes, as he began to feel this case would not go well.

Do you still want us to believe that you don't think your son is gay ma'am?” asked the state attorney. “Isn't that why he's been treated so badly by his natural family?”

I object your honor!” called out the defense attorney.

Objection sustained.” replied the judge. “I have to ask the state attorney not to ask questions intended to prejudice the jury. The jury will disregard the last question.”

The state attorney didn't let that bother him. He had put that question in the minds of the jury now, and that's all he wanted. The state attorney continued on Lee's mother, not letting up until she finally admitted that she knew Lee was gay. That was where the question the state attorney had put in the juror's heads would come into play. The friend of the family came up next, and didn't seem as willing to cooperate with Lee's parents as she had been before. By the time the day was over, the state attorney was very confident that the case was going better than he expected.

That evening in Lincoln Nebraska, the bands had a rest night before their show the next evening. The ladies in the headline band spent their evening talking to Youthful Discretion's recording company owner.

We just want to know if you would have a problem with our next album being more of a rock album.” said the lead singer. “We're tired of being treated the way we have been by Nashville lately. The people we've dealt with in New York and Los Angeles have been much nicer. We even went back to our recording company, telling them we will stick more to our country roots. They told us they didn't care, and if we did another album with them, all the songs would be written by their songwriters. We think that sucks, and we'd love to tell Nashville to stick it where the sun doesn't shine.”

I think you would do great as a rock band, and I'm excited that you proposed that.” replied the owner. “I think that for your recording company to want to take away all creative control from you is terrible. If you recorded for me, I would guarantee you one hundred percent of the creative control. You ladies have already proven you deserve that.”

Then we'll have our agent get out to Los Angeles to talk to you right away.” said the lead singer.

I'll look forward to that.” replied the owner. “And I'll look forward to my company having a great relationship with your band for years to come.”

Out in Beverly Hills, Joe and John were settling in for a nice evening in their new home. The first ones to stop by were Erik and Aaron.

Hi guys, we just wanted to make sure everything was okay.” said Erik.

Yeah, we know you guys have things you probably want to do tonight, so we won't stay long.” added Aaron.

Don't be silly boys.” laughed Joe. “After all, we have all made love in front of each other. I don't think you guys could intrude too much after something like that!”

Thanks Joe.” snickered Erik. “When you guys go to work in the morning, could you thank the other guys for voting Tawny he best water girl ever? It really made her happy that the guys like her so much.”

Sure boys, no problem.” chuckled John.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Joe went to answer the door, to find Sharon and Celeste there.

Hi guys, we just wanted to make sure you were settled in okay.” said Sharon as she smiled. “Is the guest house furnished how you want it?”

If not, Sharon and I can get ahold of anything you need.” added Celeste.

The guest house is beautiful.” replied Joe. “John and I almost feel guilty renting it for what you're charging.”

Well, we're renting it to you because we like you, and you're our son's friends.” replied Sharon. “It's not like we need the money. Is there anything you need?”

You ladies wouldn't know where we could get a good set of wheels cheap do you?” asked John. “Our wives have both said that they're going to ask for our cars in a settlement. Joe and I want to keep the divorces as quiet as possible, so we're kind of at their mercy. What we brought over here seems to be all that we're going to get away with.”

Mom, what about the cars dad gave me for when I get old enough to drive?” asked Erik. “I'm already there, but I seem to be taking the limo everywhere I need to go now. I'd love for Joe and John to pick from one of them.”

You don't have to do that Erik.” said Joe.

That's a great idea son!” exclaimed Sharon, seemingly not listening to any objections. “Come on guys, let's go out to the garage!”

Sharon led everyone to the garage, then flipped on the lights. “Okay Joe and John, the Beamer is Celeste's car, and the Benz is mine. The rest are cars Erik's father got for him. Do you have one you want to save son?”

I really have to put a hold on the Ferrari.” replied Erik. “Aaron and I would just look so cool in that one. You guys can take your pick from what's left though.”

Erik, your dad obviously spent quite a bit of money buying these for you.” said Joe. “I don't know if we can do this.”

It was my money he spent on these!” laughed Erik. “They're mine anyways, and I really want you guys to pick one. And please make sure it's the one you both really want.”

Even if it's the Porsche?” asked John.

Erik went to a safe on the bench near the door, opened it, and took out a set of keys. Then he went to Joe and John, and held the keys out to them as he said, “Aaron and I love you guys. It's a pleasure for me to give these to you, the best friends two kids like us could have. As soon as your divorces are final, mom will sign the title over to both of you. You guys were meant to be a couple, and we were all meant to be the best possible friends.”

I don't know what to say Erik!” replied John, as he and Joe smiled emotionally. “I hope our friendship lasts forever!”

The next morning in Orlando, Mike and Lee were talking before court started. “Are you going to be okay today with your father being on the stand?” asked Mike.

You're the only father I know now dad.” replied Lee. “I know that man who calls himself my father will just get up there and lie, so I'm ready for that. I just hope this strategy about me being openly and proudly gay doesn't backfire.”

Well son, the state attorney does seem to know what he's doing.” replied Mike. “Your being so proud of being gay is going to be what he shows drove your father to try to hurt you boys.”

Okay, I just hope I'm ready to be the proudest gay person in the world when I have to be on the stand.” said Lee.

I think you'll do just fine son.” smiled Mike. “All you have to remember is that I am very proud of you for being happy with who you are.”

Once the judge called the court to order, the defense attorney called Lee's father to the stand. The attorney had had time to gather himself back together, and to get Lee's father back under control.

Can you tell us how this all started sir?” asked the defense attorney.

Sure.” replied Lee's father. “I don't know if Lee is... gay or not, but I know we use to be a happy family. Then other people began to interfere with our happy family, and took Lee away from his home.”

Did you and your wife try to keep that from happening?” asked the lawyer.

Of course we did, but Lee had been turned against us by that time.” replied Lee's father. “We tried every way we could to work with the system to get Lee back. The longer he stayed away though, the more he was being turned against his own family.”

How did that make you feel?” asked the lawyer.

It upset me and my wife both.” replied Lee's father, as it now looked like a few people might be buying his sob story. “We had been happy before, and I knew we could be again if other people would leave our family alone. I knew Lee had emotional problems, but we could have worked with him on those, and made sure he was as happy as he deserved to be. We weren't being given that chance though.”

Lee did notice a few jurors were looking at him for his reaction, so he tried as hard as he could to look offended by his father's lies.

What happened to make you come to Orlando sir?” asked the lawyer.

My wife and I wanted Lee back badly.” replied Lee's father. “The people who had taken him had returned to their home here in Orlando, then called me and my wife to gloat over turning our son against us. I begged them to let Lee return home, and that only made them worse. I guess that caused me to snap. The only thing I could think of was going to Orlando, and bringing my son back home where he belonged.”

The police are alleging that you took a gun to Orlando with you.” said the lawyer. “What were you going to do with it, if you did indeed even have a gun?”

It was a stupid mistake.” replied Lee's father. “I knew I shouldn't have handled it that way, but I never intended to hurt anyone. I would never have fired the gun. I could never bring myself to shoot anyone, especially a kid.”

The lawyer went on and on, it seemed like. He was doing as good of a job of making Lee's parents look like victims that he could. He hoped he was making Lee's father look like a man who had been pushed further than he should have been, and couldn't take the pain and stress anymore. The lawyer finally wrapped things up around noon, and smiled as he went back to the defense table.

After the lunch recess, it was the state attorney's turn with Lee's father. “Sir, do you recognize this gun?” asked the state attorney, who held up a gun sealed in an evidence bag. “Is this the gun you brought with you to Orlando?”

Like I said, it was a stupid mistake.” replied Lee's father. “I never would have fired it though.”

So, you want the court to believe that a law abiding citizen would buy a gun, with no intention of ever firing it?” asked the state attorney.

Yes, that's exactly what I expect people to believe.” replied Lee's father.

Okay then, would a criminal buy a gun with absolutely no intention of ever firing it?” asked the state attorney, as Mike had to keep himself from snickering.

I object your honor!” the defense attorney almost yelled.

Your honor, by this man's own admission, he is a criminal!” replied the state attorney. “He admits to violating a restraining order, and pulling a weapon in the commission of that crime, which is a felony act under Florida law!”

Objection overruled.” said the judge.

I repeat sir, do you expect us to believe that you bought a gun with the intention of committing a criminal act, with no intention of using that gun?!” asked the state attorney forcefully.

I would never have used it.” replied Lee's father.

Did you know that it's a felony in Florida to brandish a gun in the commission of any crime, whether you use it or not?” asked the state attorney.

No, I didn't.” replied Lee's father. “If I had, I never would have had the gun on me.”

And you still insist you had no intention of using the gun?” asked the state attorney.

That's right.” replied Lee's father.

Your honor, now that we've established ownership of the weapon, I would like it entered as exhibit B.” said the state attorney. “I also have statements from four minors involved in the incident that I would like admitted as exhibits C, D, E, and F. Okay sir, let's go to the fight outside the arena. When you stopped the five boys in the group, did you say you didn't want to hurt anyone you already didn't have to? What did you mean by that? Who was it you already had to hurt?”

I object your honor!” said the defense attorney.

What's the matter now?” asked the state attorney. “Is the truth going to be prejudicial to your client's case?”

That was all Mike could take, and he ended up snickering rather loudly.

Order in the court!” said the judge, as he banged his gavel. “Mister state attorney, I am capable of deciding on an objection myself. Now for the defense, what is the basis of your objection? Are you afraid the defendant's answer will be prejudicial to his case?”

This time it was Lee's turn, as he let out a full laugh. The judge just smiled as he let Lee pass with that one.

Your honor, I do intend to call a witness who was there, who can corroborate the minor witnesses written statements.” said the state attorney.

In that case, the objection is overruled.” said the judge. “The defendant will answer the question.”

Who were you already going to have to hurt?” asked the state attorney.

I wasn't going to hurt anyone!” replied Lee's father. “It was just one of those things that was said in the heat of the moment.”

Was it said in anger?” asked the state attorney.

No, it was said in frustration!” replied Lee's father.

In all four of the written statements, the boys named Rusty Cooper, Allen Martin, Calvin DeBarry, and Dustin Holt said that you pointed the gun directly at them and your son Lee.” said the state attorney. “Why did you do that?”

I wasn't going to shoot anyone!” screamed Lee's father. “I just wanted my son back!”

Wasn't your son the one you were already going to hurt when you showed up at the arena with a gun?” asked the state attorney.

No!” exclaimed Lee's father. “I love my son!”

If you love your son sir, why did you tell him that you hoped he liked traveling with his new friends, because he wasn't allowed to come home?” asked the state attorney. “That is what you said after you saw him on television kissing another boy, right?”

He misunderstood what I said!” replied Lee's father.

He misunderstood what you said?!” exclaimed the state attorney. “If that's the case, why did you say to Mike Cooper that you should have had your son perform oral sex on you before you threw his worthless ass out of your house? Those were your exact words, weren't they?”

I would never consider anything like that!” exclaimed Lee's father.

Sir, the social worker who was there taped that conversation, and I have it right here.” said the state attorney. “Before I have this admitted as exhibit G, do you really want to continue claiming how much you love your son, knowing what you said on that tape?” When Lee's father refused to say anything, the state attorney asked, “Do you think silence is your best defense now sir?”

Lee's father still wouldn't say anything, so the state attorney shook his head in despair as he had the court play the tape. The defense attorney objected before the tape played, but it was overruled due to the fact that Mike and Amanda both knew the conversation was being taped, which was all that was required under law. The jury looked shocked and disgusted by the conversation that took place on the tape. Lee's mother put her head down in her hands while the tape played, while Lee's father looked confused.

Once the tape ended, the state attorney asked, “Do you have anything to say in your defense?”

I... I... I...” stuttered Lee's father.

Did you come to Orlando with the intention of killing your son, and anyone else who got in your way?” asked the state attorney.

No, I was just going to make him straight.” replied Lee's father in defeat.

I have no further questions for the witness.” said the state attorney.

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