Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

Hi everyone. Please bear with me, as it has been a while since I wrote one of these types of disclaimers, and I may not know how to be funny anymore. Baldisore wanted me to start off by saying he is pleased with the sex in Beverly Hills, but the boys on tour aren't having nearly enough sex. He says that he's concerned about the sexual health of the boys, but I think he's just horny. We all know how gnomes are. I could ruin his sex drive by getting him together with Paris Hilton, but I'd rather not resort to anything THAT drastic yet. This story is © 2007 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fiction disclaimer and story, and any similarities to actual people, gnomes, or events are purely coincidental. In spite of what Baldisore thinks, this story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you, please visit a straight erotic story site. If you should not be reading this type of story, don't get caught doing it. Also, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit my web site at: I have a new hosted author on my site named Josh. Josh's first story is titled Boy In the Rain, and I hope you check it out at the hosted authors page on my site. Josh is a very talented young man from Africa, so please let him know if you like the story. If you are interested in my write-in campaign for President, please check out my Campaign 2008 page. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for any of my stories, please send me an e-mail telling me which stories you would like to be added to the list for. After the last chapter, it was pointed out to me that the prosecution always starts first in a criminal case. While this may be true, I can't stand Lee's father, and wanted to let him hang himself first. hehe. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 16

From the last chapter:

He misunderstood what you said?!” exclaimed the state attorney. “If that's the case, why did you say to Mike Cooper that you should have had your son perform oral sex on you before you threw his worthless ass out of your house? Those were your exact words, weren't they?”

I would never consider anything like that!” exclaimed Lee's father.

Sir, the social worker who was there taped that conversation, and I have it right here.” said the state attorney. “Before I have this admitted as exhibit G, do you really want to continue claiming how much you love your son, knowing what you said on that tape?” When Lee's father refused to say anything, the state attorney asked, “Do you think silence is your best defense now sir?”

Lee's father still wouldn't say anything, so the state attorney shook his head in despair as he had the court play the tape. The defense attorney objected before the tape played, but it was overruled due to the fact that Mike and Amanda both knew the conversation was being taped, which was all that was required under law. The jury looked shocked and disgusted by the conversation that took place on the tape. Lee's mother put her head down in her hands while the tape played, while Lee's father looked confused.

Once the tape ended, the state attorney asked, “Do you have anything to say in your defense?”

I... I... I...” stuttered Lee's father.

Did you come to Orlando with the intention of killing your son, and anyone else who got in your way?” asked the state attorney.

No, I was just going to make him straight.” replied Lee's father in defeat.

I have no further questions for the witness.” said the state attorney.

Your honor, I would like to redirect.” said the defense lawyer, before Lee's father was dismissed.

Okay, but I suggest you keep in mind the testimony and evidence we've just heard.” replied the judge.

Sir, did you or your wife have any idea that your son was gay before you saw him kiss another boy on television?” asked the lawyer.

Not at all.” replied Lee's father. “Lee was brought up in a Christian setting, and we thought he knew better. I admit that it was a shock to learn the way we did, but we love our son and want to help him recover from being gay.”

I can't imagine what a shock it must have been.” said the lawyer. “Something like that would have made me take leave of my senses.”

Object!” called out the state attorney.

Objection sustained.” replied the judge. “The attorney for the defense will keep his editorial comments to himself, or I will hold him in contempt of court!”

I apologize sir, and I'll control my comments better.” replied the lawyer, who then turned back to Lee's father. “What were you feeling when you saw your son kissing another boy?”

I was shocked, confused, hurt, and upset.” replied Lee's father. “I didn't know what to think. I knew that wasn't my son though. I knew someone had influenced him into behaving that way. I feel it's the people he's with now, and I wanted him out of that situation so my wife and I could help him.”

What about the things you said, and taking a gun to Orlando with you?” asked the lawyer.

I wasn't thinking when I said those things, or bought that gun.” replied Lee's father.

Is it safe to say that the events diminished your capacity for rational thought?” asked the lawyer.

I object!” shouted the state attorney. “If the defense has any thoughts at all of claiming insanity or diminished capacity, he knows full well that any such claim needs to be substantiated by a court approved psychologist!”

In that case your honor, I request a recess until such an evaluation could be obtained for my client.” said the lawyer. “It is his right to the most complete defense possible.”

The state attorney was mad now. He knew the defense attorney did this deliberately, in an attempt to delay the trial as long as possible after it had started, and turn the jury against the state.

I have no choice but to grant the request.” replied the judge. “How long will it take you to find an acceptable psychologist to evaluate your client?”

I would say at least two or three days.” replied the defense lawyer.

Your honor, the defense has done this deliberately!” said the state attorney. “This is just a tactic to inconvenience the jury as much as possible!”

Even if it is, the request has to be granted.” replied the judge.

Mike then whispered into the state attorney's ear, and the state attorney smiled. “Your honor, we can provide a highly qualified psychologist to evaluate the defendant this evening, and resume the trial tomorrow morning. If you'll grant a one hour recess, we can provide the court and defense with the psychologist's credentials.”

Then I'll grant the one hour recess.” replied the judge. “If the credentials are satisfactory to this court, we'll recess until tomorrow morning.”

Mike immediately called Judith's friend, who had taken over for Judith there in Orlando. She was immediately cooperative when Mike explained the situation, and faxed her complete credentials to Mike at the courthouse. Mike handed the faxed information to the state attorney just before the hour recess ended.

Your honor, I have the credentials of the psychologist here in my hand, and she has agreed to evaluate the defendant at the jail this evening.” said the state attorney.

I object!” called out the defense attorney, as the state attorney handed the faxes to the judge.

You're lucky I don't find you in contempt for submitting you defense improperly!” replied the judge. “You may want to use caution with your objections! From what I can see here, this psychologist is very highly qualified. Much more so than this court is use to dealing with. I'm surprised such a highly qualified private psychologist would agree to this on such short notice.”

Her only interest is to help the defendant if he needs it, and to see this resolved without any further delay.” replied the state attorney. “If the defendant is in need of psychiatric care, any delay could be very detrimental to his mental health.”

Then the court will order the defendant to be evaluated this evening, and the defense will resume tomorrow morning.” said the judge.

At the end of the sound check in Lincoln, the headline band called the boys out to the stage. “It looks like we may be joining your label boys.” said the lead singer. “We want to do two numbers for you boys as our way of thanking you. These will be on our next album.”

The boys took their seats in the front row of the arena, while the headline band prepared to play. The boys were shocked and blown away by the first song. It was far different than anything the band had been playing on tour. The second song was a bit more of a ballad, but much more of a rock ballad than a country ballad. When the band finished, the boys joined them up on the stage.

Those songs really rocked!” said Rusty. “Does this mean what we think it does?”

We all decided it was time to expand our horizons.” replied the lead singer. “The owner of your recording company is very supportive of our decision to devote our next album to rock music. We want you boys to know how much we appreciate your help in doing this.”

As the boys were waiting for the show to start that evening, Allen got a call on his cell phone. “Allen here.” said Allen, as he answered the call.

Hi Allen, how are you guys doing?” asked Derek. “This is Derek from Cincinnati.”

Hey there Derek!” replied Allen. “We're doing great! How is everyone in Cincinnati?”

Everyone is fine.” replied Derek.

How come we didn't see you guys at our show there?” asked Allen.

We tried to get tickets, but they sold out too fast for us to get them.” replied Derek.

You guys don't ever have to wait in line for tickets to our show!” said Allen. “We had a bunch of tickets waiting for you guys, but we never heard from you, and I had lost the number you gave me. Then by the time we got into Cincy, we didn't have the time to look you guys up.”

I'm sorry, I should have called you guys.” said Derek. “Besides, we're getting ready to move, and things have been hectic around here. I know that's no excuse though.”

Don't worry about it Derek.” said Allen. “I just want you to know that we were serious when we told you that we're friends now. Don't ever hesitate to call us, even if it's just to say hi once a week or so. Now, what's this about moving?”

Most of us are going to be moving to Michigan, near Doug and Darren's park.” replied Derek. “Most of our parents all got together, and decided it would be the best thing for everyone to take Doug and Darren up on their offer.”

Who all is moving?” asked Allen.

Wayne and Phillip, my family, Kevin's real dad and his family, Alex and his mom, Billy's and Lester's families, and Kevin's and Carter's friends Stephen and Louis.” replied Derek. “Kevin's mother started all this, trying to make things tough on everyone.”

Well, I hope everything goes well for everyone there.” said Allen. “I'm sure Doug and Darren will make sure of it though. I just wish you could have come to see us when we were in Cincy.”

Yeah, I do too.” replied Derek. “What's done is done though.”

In that case I want to charter a plane, and bring all of you guys out to Los Angeles for the last show of our tour.” said Allen.

You really don't have to do that.” replied Derek. “Something like that would cost you a fortune.”

Maybe, but I can afford it, and I really want to do it.” replied Allen. “Just talk it over with everyone, and get back to me. We've really missed seeing you guys since that weekend Doug and Darren got all of us together at their park.”

We miss you guys too.” said Derek. “I'll talk it over with everyone, and let you know what they say.”

Meanwhile out in California, Joe and John went out to dinner after the crew knocked off for the day, in the Porsche Erik had given them. They had heard back from their ex-wives about the terms they demanded for divorce. The women wanted quite a bit in the way of possessions, but Joe and John were ready to agree as long as it didn't include alimony. The women seemed agreeable to that, and left that out of the terms for divorce. Joe and John knew they would agree to whatever the women wanted, so they could be free to live their lives together. Besides, their friends Erik and Aaron and their families seemed to be willing to help them have the kind of life together they could have only dreamed of before.

Joe and John made sure to thank their young friends after dinner that evening, as the four of them swam naked in Aaron's pool. As a part of the thank you, Joe and John gave the boys a nice kiss to their cheeks. Before the thank you could get carried away, Ben showed up at the pool and stripped down. After Ben had dove into the pool naked, Sharon and Celeste showed up. Sharon had Sy on the cell phone, who wanted to let Aaron and Erik know they would be starting an hour later the next day.

Erik said that would be fine, and he thanks you for letting him know Sy.” said Sharon into the phone. “He and Aaron, their two construction worker friends, and Aaron's dad are having a naked swim in the pool, and they didn't look too interested in breaking things up early anyway.”

You really know how to make a guy suffer Sharon, knowing I'm stuck on the other end of the line here!” laughed Sy.

Well, you know you're welcome here anytime Sy.” replied Sharon as she smiled. “My mate Celeste and I were thinking of joining them anyway.”

Okay, I'm on my way over!” exclaimed Sy excitedly.

The next morning, as everyone was waiting for the judge to enter the courtroom, the defense looked nervous. Judith's friend hadn't given any indication of how she was thinking the previous evening as she interviewed Lee's father. She said she would give them a copy of her report the next morning before court started. Judith's friend Patricia finally walked into the courtroom, then gave the state attorney and defense attorney both a copy of her report. The defense attorney didn't look very thrilled with it though, as the court was called to order and the judge came in.

Okay, since there may be a change in plea here, we need to hear from the psychologist who interviewed the defendant first.” said the judge.

Yes your honor.” replied the defense lawyer unenthusiastically. “The defense calls Patricia Lowell to the stand, but I request permission to examine her as a potential hostile witness.”

I'm assuming you don't agree with her report.” replied the judge. “Go ahead and proceed.”

Miss Lowell, exactly what are your qualifications?” asked the lawyer.

I graduated with a Master's degree from the University of Florida, with doctorate work in family psychology.” replied Patricia. “I am fully licensed by the states of Florida, Georgia, and Virginia.”

Have you ever dealt with patients recovering from homosexuality?” asked the lawyer. “How about family members who are trying to get psychiatric help for other family members suffering from homosexuality?”

I don't believe homosexuality is a psychiatric condition sir, and neither does any other competent psychiatric professional.” replied Patricia. “I have dealt with younger patients who are trying to cope with problems that arise from their sexual orientation though.”

Well, there are certain faiths that disagree with you Miss Lowell, so I'd say your beliefs are a little closed minded!” said the lawyer.

Objection!” called out the state attorney.

Objection sustained.” replied the judge. “The witness is not on trial here, and neither is anyone's beliefs about sexual orientation! The defense will contain their remarks to questions aimed at the witness's qualifications and her report!”

Yes your honor.” replied the defense attorney. “I only have one more question Miss Lowell. What exactly qualifies you to condemn someone because of their religious beliefs?”

I am not condemning anyone's religious beliefs here.” replied Patricia. “I'm...”

No further questions Miss Lowell!” interrupted the defense attorney.

Then the state attorney got up, and asked, “What are your recommendations stated in your report?”

I recommend no change in plea to diminished capacity or temporary insanity.” replied Patricia.

What is that based on?” asked the state attorney.

I found the defendant to be defensive and deceptive.” replied Patricia. “I had to ask him several times to answer my question truthfully, even the least incriminating questions. Based on his answers, I believe the defendant had complete control of his mental state. He knew exactly what he was doing at all times. His actions were not based on concern for his son, but rather his refusal to accept conditions he had no control over.”

What is your recommendation regarding the defendant and his son?” asked the state attorney.

The defendant is a danger to his own son, and anyone who is with his son.” replied Patricia.

I object!” called out the defense. “That statement calls for speculation!”

Objection overruled!” replied the judge. “We have already determined Miss Lowell's qualifications as a psychologist!”

Can you continue Miss Lowell?” asked the state attorney.

In my opinion, the states of Michigan and Florida were correct in removing the defendant's son from his custody.” replied Patricia. “It's hard to say how much damage the defendant has already caused his son. The defendant's actions here in Florida were based on hatred and anger. Since he had full control of his faculties, he needs to be dealt with by the justice system.”

Thank you Miss Lowell, I have no further questions.” said the state attorney confidently.

The defense had his doubts about what he was going to do next, but he had nothing to lose in calling Lee's father back to the stand. “Do you have anything you want this court to know?” asked the lawyer, once Lee's father had been sworn in again.

I don't care what that so-called psychologist says, I wasn't acting out of hate and anger.” replied Lee's father. “I know that my son wasn't gay until he met the people he's with now. I can help him with his confusion, but I'm not being given the chance.”

I have no further questions your honor, and the defense will rest.” said the lawyer.

Then the state attorney got up and asked, “How well do you know your son?”

I know him better than you or the people he's with!” replied Lee's father.

Well then, let's see about that.” said the state attorney. “I have talked to Lee quite a bit, so I already know the answers to the questions I'm going to ask. How old was Lee when he fell in love for the first time?”

How am I suppose to know something like that?” asked Lee's father.

The same way I did sir, by talking to the boy.” replied the state attorney. “Lee is a very nice young man, and is very easy to talk to. The questions I asked him were answered immediately, without any reservations at all. If you know your son so well, you'll know the answers to the questions I'm asking. Now, could you answer the first question?”

I would guess around thirteen or fourteen then.” replied Lee's father.

You guess?!” exclaimed the state attorney. “Your son fell in love for the first time at the age of twelve sir. Maybe you'll have more luck with this one. When was Lee's first sexual experience with another person?”

Fourteen?” replied Lee's father.

You like that number, don't you?” asked the state attorney, eliciting a few snickers from the jury. “As it turns out though, you're right this time. Now, was it with a boy or a girl?”

That's easy!” exclaimed Lee's father.”It was with a girl! Like I said, my son was not gay before these people he's with came along!”

Okay then, you're dismissed sir.” said the state attorney. “We'll answer that last question when I call my first witness.”

The state attorney wasted no time in calling Lee to the stand. Lee refused to look at his father as he walked to the stand. Once Lee was sworn in, the state attorney smiled and said, “Hi Lee, I want you to relax. All you have to do is answer any questions truthfully. Will you have any trouble answering any questions, even though they may involve your sexual orientation?”

I'm proud of who I am sir.” replied Lee. “I have no problem telling anyone who I am.”

Lee, do you consider yourself straight or gay?” asked the state attorney.

I'm gay, and I'm proud to be gay.” replied Lee.

How long have you known you're gay?” asked the state attorney.

I guess I was sure when I was thirteen, but I've been gay my whole life.” replied Lee.

Does that mean you've never had any sexual interest in any female?” asked the state attorney.

Never, it's always been other boys.” replied Lee.

Then was your father's last answer wrong?” asked the state attorney.

I've never even thought of having sex with a girl.” replied Lee. “My first time was with another boy, and every time since has been with other boys.”

Did you ever give your father any reason to believe you've had sexual intercourse with girls?” asked the state attorney.

Nope.” replied Lee. “I'm sure he began to suspect I was gay before I left Michigan.”

I object!” called out the defense attorney. “The witness's answer is speculation!”

Sustained.” replied the judge.

Let me rephrase that then.” said the state attorney. “Do you personally know of anyone your father talked to about his suspicions about your sexual orientation before you left Michigan?”

Yes, my foster father, Mike Cooper.” replied Lee.

Now let's move on to when your father saw you kiss another boy on television.” said the state attorney. “What did he say to you after he saw that?”

He said that he hoped I liked it on tour with the band I was traveling with, because I wasn't allowed to come home.” replied Lee.

When you saw your father in Orlando, and he had a gun with him, what did he do?” asked the state attorney.

He took the safety off the gun, then pointed it at us.” replied Lee. “He took turns aiming it directly at each of us. He said he would shoot someone if I didn't go with him, and I believed he would have.”

I only have one more question Lee.” said the state attorney. “You have read the statements from your friends who were with you outside the arena. Are there any untruthful statements on any of their statements?”

Not that I could see.” replied Lee. “Everything they said in their statements was exactly what happened.”

Thank you Lee.” said the state attorney.

The defense attorney got up and asked, “Why did you kiss that other boy on television Lee?”

I didn't know we were being filmed, but I would have kissed him anyway.” replied Lee.

Did you hate your parents?” asked the lawyer. “Is that why you did it? Did you know it would upset your parents, causing them to say things they didn't mean?”

I told you, I didn't know we were on TV!” replied Lee.

I object!” said the state attorney. “The defense is badgering the witness!”

You knew it was wrong to be homosexual, didn't you Lee?!” continued the lawyer, refusing to be interrupted. “You know what God thinks about homosexuals, and you just wanted to hurt your parents, didn't you?!”

Your honor, I object!!!” the state attorney almost shouted.

Objection sustained!” said the judge loudly. “I shouldn't have to tell the defense that we are not trying the evils of homosexuality, and you have no right to accuse a minor witness of not being truthful without any evidence of that! You better give me one good reason why I shouldn't find you in contempt of this court!”

I'm sorry your honor, I got carried away.” smirked the defense lawyer.

That isn't quite good enough!” replied the judge. “At the end of these proceedings I'm having you held in contempt! Maybe then you'll learn how to control yourself in my courtroom! If you have any more questions for the witness, they better be pretty damn good and relevant!”

I have no further questions.” said the lawyer meekly.

The state attorney then called Mike to the stand and said, “We've all heard the recording of the conversation between you, Lee's social worker here in Florida, and the defendant. How did that make you feel Mike?”

When I heard that... PERSON, say he should have raped his own son, I was mad.” replied Mike. “People like that shouldn't be allowed to have children.”

I object.” said the defense lawyer, still reeling from his last bout with the judge. “That opinion is prejudicial, and has no bearing on this case.”

I'm trying to establish if the defendant is the type of person who could commit the crime he's accused of.” said the state attorney respectfully.

I understand, but we have to leave personal opinions out of this.” said the judge. “Objection sustained.”

Okay. I'll rephrase.” said the state attorney, who turned back to Mike. “Does Lee deserve the things that have been said and done to him by the defendant?”

I've been taking care of Lee ever since Memorial Day.” said Mike. “Lee is the nicest and sweetest young man you would ever want to meet. The things he has done with his boyfriend Liam were done because the two boys love each other. No one deserves what Lee has been through, especially not Lee.”

The prosecution rests, your honor.” said the state attorney.

You're going to tear him apart now, aren't you?” Lee's father asked his lawyer.

Take my advice, that man is going to cause you to hang for this.” replied the lawyer. “You'd be best off to let it go.” Then the defense lawyer said, “I have no questions for the witness.”

Now it was time for the jury to decide what would happen next.

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