Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 17

From the last chapter:

When I heard that... PERSON, say he should have raped his own son, I was mad.” replied Mike. “People like that shouldn't be allowed to have children.”

I object.” said the defense lawyer, still reeling from his last bout with the judge. “That opinion is prejudicial, and has no bearing on this case.”

I'm trying to establish if the defendant is the type of person who could commit the crime he's accused of.” said the state attorney respectfully.

I understand, but we have to leave personal opinions out of this.” said the judge. “Objection sustained.”

Okay. I'll rephrase.” said the state attorney, who turned back to Mike. “Does Lee deserve the things that have been said and done to him by the defendant?”

I've been taking care of Lee ever since Memorial Day.” said Mike. “Lee is the nicest and sweetest young man you would ever want to meet. The things he has done with his boyfriend Liam were done because the two boys love each other. No one deserves what Lee has been through, especially not Lee.”

The prosecution rests, your honor.” said the state attorney.

You're going to tear him apart now, aren't you?” Lee's father asked his lawyer.

Take my advice, that man is going to cause you to hang for this.” replied the lawyer. “You'd be best off to let it go.” Then the defense lawyer said, “I have no questions for the witness.”

Now it was time for the jury to decide what would happen next.

After closing arguments, in which the state attorney reinforced the idea that Lee's father was a crazed man who was bent on making his son something he wasn't, and the defense attorney made one more attempt to convince the jury that Lee was manipulated into turning on his own parents, the judge sent the jury to deliberate. The state attorney knew that this could take a while, so he wasn't surprised when the judge ordered that the jury be sequestered overnight.

Before the boys took the stage in Oklahoma City that night, they gave Lee a call. “How's my brother doing today?” asked Rusty.

I'll be better once the jury comes back with a verdict.” replied Lee. “I think the state attorney here did pretty good though. My dad tried to say how he still loved me, and we let them know what a crock of shit that was.”

I would hope so, after he pointed a gun at all of us, and said he didn't want to hurt anyone that he already didn't have to!” said Rusty.

Well, all of your guys' statements included that, so I'm sure that will help.” said Lee. “Anyway, Liam said he had a plan to help me relax tonight. I think it included something about whipped cream and a cherry.”

I like Liam!” laughed Rusty. “You just let your boyfriend take care of everything for you tonight. From the sound of it, Liam knows a few tricks of his own!"

Liam did take care of Lee that night. He started off my telling Lee to just lay on their bed and relax. Liam smiled as he pulled out the can of whipped cream he had promised. Liam also produced a jar of very warm hot fudge. First Liam covered Lee's chest with whipped cream, leaving two empty pools where Lee's nipples were. Then Liam filled the empty pools with the hot fudge.

Oh baby, that's really pretty hot!” gasped Lee.

Just hot enough to make my love's nipples stand up without burning them.” smiled Liam.

Then Liam began licking the cream off of Lee's chest, working toward Lee's nipples. Once Liam had everything off of Lee except two rings of whipped cream around his nipples, filled with two pools of hot fudge, he opened his mouth widely. Liam covered the whipped cream and hot fudge on Lee's left nipple, and began licking at the mixture with his tongue, making sure to massage Lee's nipples well with his tongue. Once Lee's left nipple was clean, Liam repeated the process with his right nipple.

Then Liam looked down at Lee's raging erection and chuckled, “It had just the effect I wanted it to!”

Then Liam went down in the bed, and covered Lee's cock with whipped cream. After that, he took the still hot jar of hot fudge, and covered Lee's balls with that. That made Lee's cock even harder. To top off Lee's cock, Liam took out a cherry, and placed it in the mound of whipped cream on the head of Lee's cock. Lee looked down at Liam's masterpiece and giggled. Then his giggle turned into a gasp, as Liam took all of his cock into his mouth. Lee groaned loudly when Liam's teeth chewed lightly on his cock, trying to chew the cherry up enough to swallow it. Then Liam sucked and licked on Lee's cock, cleaning all of the cream off of it. After that, Liam moved on to Lee's balls, licking all of the hot fudge off of them. Then Liam went back to Lee's cock, taking the head of it into his throat. Lee moaned deliriously in pleasure, as Liam made love to his cock as passionately as he could. After about five minutes of deep throating Lee's cock, Liam could tell by the change in Lee's moaning that he was close to cumming. Liam dipped his finger into the hot fudge which had cooled off by now, then pushed it into Lee as far as he could. When Lee felt Liam's fudge coated finger hit his prostate, he yelled out in pleasure as his cock exploded into Liam's hungry mouth. Liam backed off so the head of Lee's cock was in his mouth, then sucked hard on Lee's cock trying to get every precious drop of Lee's cum. Liam moaned softly in pleasure, as he felt Lee's cum running down his throat and into his stomach. Then Liam removed his finger from Lee's rectum and licked it off. Before the fudge could set up too much to use, Liam dipped his cock down into it. Then he placed his fudge covered cock up to Lee's pucker, and pushed it gently into him. Finally, Liam looked down into Lee's euphoric face.

You have cream and fudge all over your face!” gasped Lee.

Then clean it off for me!” grunted Liam, as he leaned down to meet Lee's face with his.

As Liam thrust in and out of Lee, Lee lovingly licked Liam's face clean. Once Lee had Liam's face clean, Liam's thrusts became more urgent. Then both boys moaned loudly as Liam's cum filled Lee's rectum. When Liam's orgasm was finally over, he pulled his cock out and showed it to Lee.

I made a mess of myself, didn't I?” asked Liam.

Yeah, now bring it up here to my mouth so I can clean it off you!” replied Lee eagerly.

Liam straddled Lee's face, then lowered his cock down into Lee's mouth. Lee licked and sucked hungrily, cleaning the fudge and cum off of Liam's cock. Once his cock was clean, Liam went back down and lifted Lee's legs apart into the air. Lee moaned once again as he felt Liam's tongue licking the fudge from around, and just inside his pucker. Once Liam was finished, he dived back up into Lee's arms. Then both boys hugged each other tightly, and drifted off to sleep in a firm embrace.

That night in Oklahoma City, Calvin was conducting a class on how to long dick your lover. Several of the boys watched eagerly, as they saw over eight inches of Calvin's nine inch cock pull out of Ricky's butt, then thrust back in all the way. Ricky was definitely enjoying having the other guys watching Calvin's cock going in and out of his hole. After Calvin finished putting his cum into a thoroughly satisfied Ricky, he began helping the guys who wanted to learn the technique to practice it on their lovers.

The next day in Orlando started off with waiting. The jury began deliberating again bright and early in the morning, and everyone began to realize it was going to take a while. Lee's father sat in the courtroom, trying to get Lee to look his way, but Lee wasn't going to buy it. Lee knew it was going to be a long day.

Out in California, Sy had given Erik and Aaron a script for the end of the season, and said, “This is the episode where we want Aaron's brother and his band to appear. We were thinking at first that it would be a simple performance of a couple of their songs, but then we decided that you two should interact with them in speaking roles too. We feel that this will be as good for the show as it will be for the band. Do you think your brother and his band might have some interest in doing a little acting Aaron?”

I can ask him Sy, but I'm sure they'll love the idea!” replied Aaron.

Great!” exclaimed Sy. “It would be so delicious to have so many cute and hot young boys on the same episode!”

Down Sy, they're all taken too!” laughed Erik.

Yeah, but there's nothing wrong with having dreams.” replied Sy. “And if they can be hot dreams, that's even better!”

Erik and Aaron got through the day's filming as quickly as they could. Joe and John told them that they would be topping off the lift hill that afternoon, and the boys wanted to be there to see it. Once they got home, the boys rushed out to Aaron's back yard.

You boys are just in time!” said the foreman. “We just hooked up the crest of the hill to the crane, and we're getting ready to lift it into place.”

Waiting high up on one side of where the track piece needed to go was Joe and John, ready to bolt it into place. Another pair of workers were waiting on the other side of where the track would go, ready to bolt that piece in place too. Then the foreman signaled the crane operator, and the piece of track slowly began to lift from where it sat on the ground. Aaron and Erik watched in awe as the piece of track was lifted high into the air. Then the crane slowly swung the piece over to where the men were waiting to put it into position. Once it was close enough, Joe reached out and carefully guided the heavy piece into place. When it was successfully in place, John signaled the crane operator to hold it where it was. Then the two pairs of men went to work on securing the piece into its final position.

Well boys, there you have it!” said the foreman. “The highest part of your ride is bolted into place now. We still have quite a bit of track to put in place, but this is always the biggest moment. Well, this and when the last piece fits in like it should!” Then the foreman laughed, followed by Aaron and Erik.

It was now late afternoon in Orlando, and the state attorney was ready to give up on getting a verdict today. Just as everyone was about to leave though, the bailiff came in and told everyone that the jury had reached a verdict. After the judge entered the courtroom, he called for the jury to be brought in. Lee's heart was in his throat as the jury came in and took their seats, and his father tried not to look as nervous as he was.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached verdicts on all charges?” asked the judge.

Yes your honor, we have.” replied the jury foreman.

Then the defendant will rise as the verdict is read.” said the judge. Once Lee's father and his lawyer were standing, the judge said, “You may go ahead and read the verdict Mister Foreman.”

On the charge of possessing and brandishing a firearm in the commission of a felony, we find the defendant guilty.” said the foreman. “On the charge of endangering the safety of minors, we find the defendant guilty. The last charge took us the longest to agree on, but our vote was unanimous in the end. On the charge of assault with a deadly weapon for the intent of committing murder of a minor, we find the defendant guilty!”

What?!” shouted out Lee's father.

Lee immediately cried out in relief, and threw himself into Mike's arms. Lee's father started to move toward Lee and Mike, but was quickly subdued by the bailiff.

Order in the court!” yelled the judge, as he banged his gavel loudly several times. “The defendant will control himself, or be removed from the court!” Once the bailiff had Lee's father subdued, the judge said, “I would like to thank the jury for their service in this case. The jury is now dismissed. The defendant has been convicted on all counts, and will be remanded back to the custody of the county jail to await sentencing. Lee, I would like to wish you luck in getting over this rough time in your life. I think you are on the right track by being with Mister Cooper and his family, and the court will prepare a statement to that effect for the DCF. This case is adjourned until sentencing.”

Lee was so happy that he cried half the way back to Mike's house. That evening, Mike, Emily, Jennifer, Beth, and Liam helped Lee celebrate the events of the day. His father wouldn't be able to hurt him again, and it was a huge relief for Lee. Now the plan was for Mike to spend the next day in Orlando to have some quality time with Emily, then he, Lee, and Liam would rejoin the band in Dallas Texas. Then in about one month, Emily, Beth, Jennifer, and the twins would join everyone in California, for the last show in Los Angeles. So far it was turning out to be a summer that no one would forget. Now if only Jennifer could figure out why she was getting tired so easily, but she didn't want to bother anyone with it yet.

Oh God Mike, it's still just as good as when we first met!” moaned Emily, as Mike's cock rested inside her.

Every bit as good dear.” replied Mike softly, before leaning in to kiss Emily passionately. “My love for you will never fade Emily.”

Mine will never fade for you either dear.” replied Emily, after Mike had kissed her. “With as much cum as you pumped into me tonight though dear, you may want to prepare for our family to grow again.”

Making children with you is the most pleasurable and joyous feeling in the world Emily.” smiled Mike. “Every time I look at our children, I can see the love we share for each other. I would love as many children as you could stand to have.”

That's good Mike, because when I felt the twins inside me, I also felt a part of you in there.” said Emily, as she used her muscles to massage Mike's cock inside her. “I could never grow tired of that feeling, or the feeling I feel right now. I want you to hold me tightly tonight, and stay inside me until morning.”

You love my cock, don't you dear?” chuckled Mike softly.

Every beautiful inch of it Mike.” smiled Emily, as she gazed into Mike's eyes and smiled.

The next day was spent by Liam and Lee going to one of the parks in Orlando. It would just be two boys in love, sharing their day together without any cares. Jennifer finally worked up the nerve that day to call a doctor, to find out if there was anything wrong. The doctor said she could see Jennifer in one week.

Mike and Emily spent the day making love several times, while getting Beth to watch the twins. Emily wanted to experience the same things that the boys did during sex, which was a shock for Mike. The morning started with Emily sucking Mike's cock to an orgasm, and swallowing all of his cum. Emily had to admit that she kind of liked pleasing her husband that way, but not all of the time. Then that afternoon, Emily had Mike put his cock into her rectum. That kind of hurt at first though, and she couldn't understand what the boys saw in it. Then the hurt disappeared, and she could see exactly why the boys liked having sex that way. Mike began getting into it too, and pumped his second load that day into his wife's rectum. That night though, they made love the way they traditionally did it, and Mike was drained by the time his third orgasm of the day had hit.

The next day Mike and the boys said good-bye to Emily and Jennifer, then took off to the airport to get to Dallas. The flight was short and uneventful, except that Mike had two very happy boys with him. The flight crew could tell that Lee and Liam were a couple, and thought the boys looked good together. They were the crew's favorite passengers on that flight. Judith had a limo waiting at the airport, to bring Mike and the boys to the hotel.

They want us to act?” laughed Allen into his phone. “Do they have some kind of death wish? I mean I'd love to be an actor, but I don't know if we could pull it off like you and Erik.”

Erik and I would make it really easy on you guys though, and it's just a few lines.” said Aaron. “Let me send you a copy of the script, and see what you think. I think it would be really cool for all of us to act on the show together, instead of you guys just playing a few songs.”

I'm sure our recording company owner would agree with that.” replied Allen. “Hey, Rusty's dad just walked in. Let's see what he thinks about it.”

What I think about what Allen?” asked Mike, as he walked into the room with Lee and Liam.

Aaron is on the phone, and says his director actually wants the band to act in the show he wants us to do.” replied Allen.

I say you boys may as well give it a shot.” said Mike. “You're so famous now that no one would notice if you boys couldn't act.”

That one cracked Lee and Liam up, and Mike chuckled too as Allen shot him a mock scowl. Then Allen talked back into the phone and said, “Our resident comedian and film critic says we might as well do it. Send the script overnight to our hotel here, and I'll show it to the other guys. We'll see if we think we can handle it. How's the coaster coming anyway?”

They topped off the lift hill this week.” replied Aaron. “It was kinda neat to watch all those sweaty guys working on it, especially Joe and John.”

Joe and John?” asked Allen. “I suppose you know that you have to tell me more now!”

Joe and John caught me and Erik having sex.” replied Aaron. “Then we found out that they were lovers too. They were married so none of the guys would suspect that they're gay. They were really unhappy though, so Erik and I helped them realize they needed to be together. Now they're renting Erik's guest house, and living together as the couple they were meant to be. And damn are they ever hunks!”

Okay, now I can't wait to get out there!” laughed Allen. “Well, I better let you go so I can say hi to Rusty's dad properly.”

Okay brother, say hi to him for me too.” said Aaron. “I love you.”

I love you too brother.” replied Allen. “We'll see you soon.”

So, how did the trial work out dad?” asked Rusty, as Allen hung up.

They convicted Lee's father on all three charges.” replied Mike.

It's a real relief too!” added Lee. “Now I don't have to worry about being happy with my great new dad, and awesome new brother!”

I'm happy to have you as a brother too Lee.” said Rusty as he smiled. “I love you brother.”

I love you too, and everyone else in our entire family.” replied Lee.

Yeah, you're almost like a brother to me too now.” said Allen. “That reminds me, my brother Aaron is going to be sending us a script. It seems like his director wants all of us to do a little acting for the show too.”

He knows we're not actors, right?” asked Rusty as he laughed.

That's what I told Aaron.” smiled Allen. “He promised me it wouldn't be too much though, and he and Erik would help all of us with it.”

You guys should do it.” said Lee. “It sounds like it might be kinda fun! I just can't wait to see California. I've always wanted to go there.”

So boys, how has Judith been doing as manager?” asked Mike.

I think mom might be plotting something.” laughed Allen. “She's been getting really chummy with the headline band. Her and the girls act like old friends now.”

Yeah, I think she's even planning on going with them to their hometown tomorrow.” said Rusty.

At least she's enjoying it.” smiled Mike. “Who knows, she may even stay on for the rest of the tour.”

At that point, Mike's phone rang. Mike answered the call and said, “Mike Cooper here. What can I do for you?”

Hi Mike, this is Liam's mum.” replied Liam's mother. “We finally have our plans made to come over for a visit. How has Liam been doing in dealing with what happened before he left London?”

You wouldn't even believe the change ma'am.” replied Mike. “He and one of my boys have gotten together, and they're as close as can be. I think the boys really needed each other. They both went through a lot at the beginning of the summer, but now they're very happy together.”

Well, I'm glad to hear that they are happy, although we'll have to see how it works out with them being from different countries.” said Liam's mother. “We can talk all of that over with Liam when we get there though. His happiness really is the most important thing to us.”

It's important to me too.” replied Mike. “When you get here though, you may find that Liam and Lee will want to be together with you. When do you plan on catching up with us?”

We've checked your schedule, and thought we would catch up with you in Seattle Washington.” replied Liam's mother. “Then we could arrive in Los Angeles at the same time as you do. I guess if Liam is as taken with your son as you say he is, it'll be a pleasure to have him along. May I speak with Liam?”

Sure ma'am, let me hand the phone to him.” said Mike.

Liam took the phone from Mike, and said, “Hi mum, this has been the best holiday of my life so far! How are you and father?”

We're fine son, and I'm glad to hear that you are happy now.” replied Liam's mother. “I hear you have an American boyfriend now.”

Yes mum, and he's absolutely gorgeous!” chuckled Liam. “The band was really serious about my being the President of their British fan club too! They said it will have me traveling between England and America quite a bit, and they'll even pay me handsomely for the position!”

Well, that will solve one hurdle with having an American boyfriend, and your father and I will be happy with you having such a respectable position.” replied Liam's mother.

Yes, who knows what kinds of opportunities this could lead to!” said Liam. “And I know you'll absolutely love Lee too. He's such a great guy.”

I can't wait to meet him in Seattle then.” said Liam's mother. “The four of us will have a great holiday before meeting back up with the tour in Los Angeles.”

I know we will mum, and I can't wait to see you and father again.” said Liam. “Of course part of that may be looking forward to introducing you to Lee. I love you mum, and I'll see you and father in Seattle.”

I love you too son, and I'm glad you are doing so well now.” replied Liam's mother. “We're looking forward to seeing you and your boyfriend in Seattle.”

After Liam ended the call, Lee smiled as he said, “So, you're introducing me to your parents huh? This sounds serious!”

It better be you goof, after all that whipped cream I used on you!” laughed Liam. “Besides, I'm very hopelessly in love with you now. You'll love my mum and my father. They are so loving and supportive of my being gay, and I know they'll see what I see in you.”

So, he went through with the whipped cream idea huh?” laughed Rusty. “I think you'll fit into this family very well Liam.”

Thanks mate.” replied Liam. “I don't know what I ever would have done if it hadn't been for having great best mates like you guys.”

Well, we're friends for life now, so we never have to worry about that.” smiled Allen.

Since the boys had a few days off in Dallas, they decided to visit Six Flags Over Texas the next day. The park management was thrilled that the boys wanted to visit, and arranged for VIP access and security for the boys. Of course Rusty and Allen insisted that their fans not be kept too far away, since they didn't want to turn anyone away from them by acting like snobs. The park manager assured the boys they could find just the right balance of public contact. Everyone was impressed by the appearance of the park as they came in from Dallas on one tour bus. The parking staff then directed the bus to a secure entrance to the park. After meeting with their guide for the day, and being assured that park security knew exactly what they wanted, it was time to see the park. The boys were glad that this park wasn't in direct competition with their friends Doug and Darren in Michigan. They were just as impressed with the inside of the park as they had been while driving up to it. The rides were incredibly fun, and the staff was very friendly. The other guests at the park were very thrilled to be so close to the band that day, and the boys were comfortable with the level of security the park provided.

The group entered through a service gate in the Spain and Mexico areas of the park, so they naturally rode the bobsled coaster first. It wasn't the most thrilling ride in the world, but it was fun. Since the trains were on the small side, the boys got a chance to talk to a few fans near the platform who were waiting to ride. After that, the group headed over to the nearby log flume, which they found out was one of the oldest operating flume rides. Once again it was not too thrilling, but still fun. Next though were the more thrilling rides. After leaving the first area they visited, and staying to the left, they came across a massive steel coaster that was aptly named The Titan. At over two hundred feet high, the ride gave the boys the thrills they were looking for. Plus it had the coolest looking trains they had ever seen, with the possible exception of Doug and Darren's tallest coaster. What really impressed them though was how the train came off the lift hill, and dived into a tunnel that came out near the nearby wooden coaster. Staying to the left after leaving that ride took them to the tallest wooden coaster in the park, named The Texas Giant. It was over one hundred and forty feet tall, and was one of the most twisted masses of wood they had ever seen.

After that, the group headed back toward the observation tower, riding a few smaller rides and coasters along the way. After passing through an area called Boomtown, the group took two left turns and ended up in Gotham City. The coasters known as Batman and Mister Freeze were as exciting as the two rides on the opposite side of the park. The launched take-off on Mister Freeze was a favorite of the boys. The next area, known as Goodtimes Square provided three unique thrills. One was an extremely tall parachute drop ride, and another was a coaster named Flashback. It was what was known as a shuttle coaster, and it traveled through three one hundred foot loops forward, then again backwards. The last coaster was a wooden coaster named Judge Roy Scream. What made this ride unique was that it was disassembled at a park in Houston, then moved to Dallas and recreated exactly the way it had been in Houston, including the small lake that it had been built beside. The boys had a great time at the park, and felt it was pretty close to what their friends Doug and Darren had built. They agreed completely though that it beat any park they had been to in states that shared a border with Michigan.

Judith had had a good day too, and the ladies in the headline band announced that they had booked a private party at the waterpark next to the theme park the boys had been to that day.

Well, Mike and the boys are back together again, and it sounds like they are having a great time. If you haven't been to the park mentioned in this story, by all means get to Texas sometime for a visit. It is a very nice park. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit my web site at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 18.