Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

Hi everyone, this is Tim again. I apologize for Baldisore's last disclaimer, and don't worry, he won't be taking over the story anytime soon. This story is... wait a minute, let me see who is at the door.

Hello again Tim.

Nador! Not you again! What is it this time? Have you gotten a bigger rubber band for your slingshot?

Very funny Tim, but this time I have returned with a weapon that you cannot possibly defeat!

What is that Nador? It looks like a cheap squirt gun!

Laugh now Tim, until I shoot you with my shrink ray gun!

Right, a shrink ray gun made of plastic, and stamped Made In China on the side. You really keep me entertained Nador. Wait a minute! What's happening to me?! Nador! What have you done to me?! I'll get you for this, you ugly worm faced alien!

Now that Tim has been reduced to the size of a gerbil, you Earthlings have no one to save you! I will be very benevolent about being the supreme leader of this planet though. I promise that no one will be probed anally more than twice a day, and we'll only use the probe that's twelve inches long and four inches thick once a week. You Earthlings will become very used to being probed by us. Now, my first order as supreme leader of the planet Earth is... What's happening?! Tim is getting larger again! This can't be happening! That was a very high quality Made In China shrink ray gun! Oh no! My plans have been ruined!

Tim isn't getting larger yet, but he will be soon! Let me just put this silly thing in reverse!

Thank you so much M, it feels really great to be back to my normal size. Now, while I put Nador in a hamster cage where he belongs, why don't you destroy that ray gun?

You're welcome Tim. There, I crushed it with one hand! After all, it was made in China.

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 18

From the last chapter:

The group entered through a service gate in the Spain and Mexico areas of the park, so they naturally rode the bobsled coaster first. It wasn't the most thrilling ride in the world, but it was fun. Since the trains were on the small side, the boys got a chance to talk to a few fans near the platform who were waiting to ride. After that, the group headed over to the nearby log flume, which they found out was one of the oldest operating flume rides. Once again it was not too thrilling, but still fun. Next though were the more thrilling rides. After leaving the first area they visited, and staying to the left, they came across a massive steel coaster that was aptly named The Titan. At over two hundred feet high, the ride gave the boys the thrills they were looking for. Plus it had the coolest looking trains they had ever seen, with the possible exception of Doug and Darren's tallest coaster. What really impressed them though was how the train came off the lift hill, and dived into a tunnel that came out near the nearby wooden coaster. Staying to the left after leaving that ride took them to the tallest wooden coaster in the park, named The Texas Giant. It was over one hundred and forty feet tall, and was one of the most twisted masses of wood they had ever seen.

After that, the group headed back toward the observation tower, riding a few smaller rides and coasters along the way. After passing through an area called Boomtown, the group took two left turns and ended up in Gotham City. The coasters known as Batman and Mister Freeze were as exciting as the two rides on the opposite side of the park. The launched take-off on Mister Freeze was a favorite of the boys. The next area, known as Goodtimes Square provided three unique thrills. One was an extremely tall parachute drop ride, and another was a coaster named Flashback. It was what was known as a shuttle coaster, and it traveled through three one hundred foot loops forward, then again backwards. The last coaster was a wooden coaster named Judge Roy Scream. What made this ride unique was that it was disassembled at a park in Houston, then moved to Dallas and recreated exactly the way it had been in Houston, including the small lake that it had been built beside. The boys had a great time at the park, and felt it was pretty close to what their friends Doug and Darren had built. They agreed completely though that it beat any park they had been to in states that shared a border with Michigan.

Judith had a good day too, and the ladies in the headline band announced that they had booked a private party at the waterpark next to the theme park that the boys had been to that day.

Out in California, Erik and Aaron were just wrapping up shooting for the day. “Cut!” yelled Sy. “I think we can call it a day boys.”

Then the ground began to shake lightly, and everyone held onto something solid until they realized it was a minor tremor. Erik couldn't help but to snicker as he looked over to see Aaron, who had a death grip on a roof support column, even though the tremor had passed.

Babe, you're really going to have to learn to get used to those little ones!” snickered Erik. “I'll bet that one doesn't even make a mention on the evening news tonight.”

He's right Aaron dear.” said Sy. “We get those little shakes all the time. If there's anything to worry about, one of us will always make sure that you're very well taken care of. Now, why don't you boys head on home, and relax for tomorrow.”

Sure thing Sy, we'll see you in the morning.” replied Erik. “Are you okay now babe?”

Yeah, I'm fine.” replied an embarrassed Aaron. “I guess you're right, and I need to get used to a little shaking from time to time.”

Erik and Aaron made it home to find the crew knocking off for the day. “Why are you guys knocking off early?” Erik asked Joe.

John was suppose to do all of the high rigging today, so he was the only one with a harness.” replied Joe. “That little shake we got earlier jammed his harness though, and we can't get it to work now.”

Don't worry boys, if I can't get it fixed by morning, I'll just bring my spare harness tomorrow.” said John.

Joe, John, you do know you live next door now, right?” asked Erik as he snickered.

Yeah, it might have taken you a whole five minutes to run home and get it!” laughed Aaron.

And then how fast do you think I'd have to run after ruining these guy's excuse to knock off early?” asked John as he chuckled.

I guess you have a point.” smiled Erik. “I guess there's only one thing we can do now.”

Pool party!” replied Aaron excitedly.

We'll be over as soon as these goofballs we work with clear out for the day.” laughed Joe.

Aaron and Erik were already naked in the pool when Joe and John came back. Joe and John just smiled to the boys, then stripped down naked and jumped into the pool. The four friends were having a good time, when Celeste and Sharon showed up, followed closely by Ben. All three shed their clothes, and jumped in with Erik, Aaron, Joe, and John. Erik and Aaron were about to ask Joe and John something when the parents showed up, and after a few minutes of thinking it over, the boys decided to go through with it and swam over to Joe and John.

We hope you guys don't think this is out of line.” said Erik, as they swam up to each side of their friends. “You guys are adults, and hung a lot better than Aaron and I. We've got to see you plenty of times, but we were wondering if we could feel you. Don't worry though, it's not like we're trying to have sex with you guys. We just want to feel what such huge cocks feel like.”

Joe and John both looked at Sharon and Ben with looks of terror on their faces.

Oh come on guys, relax!” laughed Ben. “The boys said they didn't want to try to have sex with you, and I know you would never take any kind of advantage of them. I think they're just a little curious, which is normal. Of course if you don't feel right about it, by all means let them know. I hope I've taught Aaron well enough to respect other's feelings.”

Ben is right guys.” laughed Sharon. “If we thought for a moment that you would try to take advantage of them, we wouldn't be as comfortable as we are with you and them together like this.”

What about it guys?” asked Aaron. “We won't try anything that'll make you feel uncomfortable.”

Joe and John whispered among themselves for a moment, then Joe replied, “I guess there wouldn't be any harm in it, as long as nothing is going on.”

John then leaned back, and gasped lightly as he felt Erik's hand close around his cock. Joe had the same reaction to Aaron's hand closing around his cock. The two men leaned back against the side of the pool and closed their eyes, as Erik and Aaron stroked them very softly and gently, trying not to masturbate them.

You guys are hung really nice.” said Erik, just soft enough so the other adults couldn't hear it. “I hope Aaron and I are both like you when we get older.”

You boys have a good start at it.” replied John softly. “I think there's a chance you could be someday.”

Thanks guys, it was really special for you to let us do this, especially with the parents out here watching.” said Aaron.

It's okay boys, it was our pleasure.” smiled Joe.

Once all seven of them were in the same part of the pool together, Ben said, “I think my wife could have a very successful practice out here. I met with a man just before leaving the office who wanted to hire a lawyer. He wanted to sue the state because no one warned him about the tremor this afternoon, and he spilled coffee on his best suit and ruined it.”

That IS a good one!” laughed Joe.

What do you say to something like that?” asked John as he laughed too.

I told him to take the suit to the cleaners, and buy a cup with a handle on it so he could hold onto his coffee the next time!” laughed Ben.

I've grown used to it.” said Celeste. “Every time we have any shake at all, one of my clients will threaten to sue me because they're afraid their house now has some kind of invisible damage that will keep them from selling it.”

Even if it did, why would that be your fault?” asked Aaron.

It isn't, and I always tell them that they are perfectly welcome to try to find another agent, if anyone will accept them.” laughed Celeste.

Well, the times when we'll be here will certainly be interesting!” smiled Ben.

Mike, Judith, and the boys had fun that evening. After the waterpark closed for the day, it was time for the private party that the headline band had set up. Everyone rode a few of the slides together, then the boys continued having fun as the adults found some lounge chairs and talked.

So Mike, how do you like managing the boys?” asked the lead singer.

It's been great so far.” replied Mike. “I do miss helping other people, but I wouldn't trade this past spring and summer for anything.” Then Mike looked out at the boys having fun and said, “This has been the absolute best time of my life.”

Well, they're very lucky to have you and Judith with them.” said the lead singer. “A lot of bands get stuck with managers they either can't trust or can't get along with when they first start out. They would never have to worry about that with you or Judith either one though. Have you had fun while taking over for Mike, Judith?”

I can see why Mike likes managing the boys so much now.” replied Judith. “It's been a lot of fun for me too. I don't want to give up my practice in psychology just yet, but I've decided to spend the rest of the tour with Mike and the boys. Ben and I talked it over last night, and he agrees with that. He's having no problem handling Aaron's career out in California, and thinks Allen would benefit from me remaining with the tour.”

That's good to hear Judith.” said the lead singer. “You've become a good friend to us, and we'd hate to see you leave before the tour gets to LA.”

The next day in California, Aaron and Erik got home to find that everyone had knocked off for the day on the ride, and Joe and John were already back at their place. Aaron and Erik went on over, and knocked on their door.

Who is it?” called out John from inside the guest house.

It's us dude!” replied Aaron through the door.

Come on in boys.” answered John.

Aaron and Erik walked in to find John and Joe sitting naked on the couch, with their arms around each other. Their cocks were slick but now flaccid. “Oh shit, we missed it!” laughed Erik.

We couldn't help it.” smiled Joe. “It's not often that John and I get the chance to make love in the afternoon. If it helps any though, we gave each other a very good load.”

It tasted great too!” chuckled John. “Look at that Joe, we've caused the front of their pants to bulge out!”

Yeah babe, they look so sweet like that!” laughed John.

I'm glad you guys think it's funny!” smiled Erik. “So, why did you guys knock off so early today?”

There was a little accident, and by the time the state inspector left, the foreman decided to call it quits for the day.” replied John.

What happened?” asked Aaron. “We don't want anyone getting hurt while building our ride!”

Accidents do happen though boys.” replied John.

Yeah, especially when someone does something they should know better than to do.” added Joe. “John took both sets of his rigging to work today. He never could get the set from yesterday to work properly, so he used his good set. One of the guys who was also working up on the structure got ahold of John's old set, and John told him he could have it just for parts. The guy ended up trying to fix it though, and thought he did. Then he slipped while using the old rigging. It let him drop twenty feet before someone caught him. Another thirty feet, and he would have hit the ground hard.”

Is he okay?” asked Aaron.

He ended up with a twisted arm and sprained back, but he'll be fine.” replied John. “It would have been a lot worse if he had hit the ground from fifty feet up. The state inspector did give our foreman a chewing out though. He said it was the foreman's responsibility to check any equipment being used, and he should have checked that rigging before allowing it to be used. At least I knew better than to try to use it.”

Would the injured man mind if you guys told us where he lives, so we can go visit him?” asked Erik. “Since it's our ride, we want to make sure he'll be okay.”

I'm sure he wouldn't mind boys.” replied John, who then gave Erik and Aaron the man's name and address.

And let your boss know that Erik and I will pay the entire crew a bonus if they finish the ride with no more accidents.” said Aaron. “We'd hate to think anyone else got hurt just so we could have fun.”

I'm sure the crew will appreciate that.” smiled Joe. “It might motivate them to think before they do something they shouldn't.”

That night as the band played their first show in Dallas, Erik and Aaron went to the injured man's house and knocked on the door. The door was answered by a very muscular man in his late thirties. His arm was wrapped in an elastic bandage, and he moved very slowly as he answered the door.

What can I do for you boys?” asked the man.

I'm Aaron, and this is Erik.” replied Aaron. “We're the ones your crew is building the ride for. We just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing after we heard about the accident.”

Well, that's mighty nice of you boys.” replied the man. “I'm Arthur, but everyone calls me Artie. Would you like to come on in?”

Sure Artie, we'd love to!” smiled Erik.

Artie let the boys in, and said, “Go ahead and have a seat there on the sofa. I have to run to the freezer and get a couple of ice packs. Would you like anything to drink? I have cola, juice, or cold water.”

A couple of colas would be fine.” replied Aaron. “Let us help you with it though.”

Aaron and Erik followed Artie to the kitchen, and took their sodas while Artie got two ice packs out of the freezer. Artie reached into the fridge for a beer for himself, but Aaron insisted on carrying it for him. Then they went back to the living room, and Erik helped Artie get situated with his ice packs. Once Artie was settled, Aaron opened his beer for him and handed it to him. Then Aaron and Erik sat next to each other on the sofa, and sipped their colas.

Thanks for the help boys.” said Artie. “My wife left to visit family today, and was gone by the time I called to tell her I would be laid up for two weeks.”

That sucks.” replied Erik. “How long is she going to be gone?”

She went to visit her family up in Northern California for a week.” replied Artie. “I'd hate to call and ruin her trip, but I'll have to give her a call in the morning.”

Why ruin her trip then?” asked Aaron. “We could have someone come by to help you for a few hours a day until she comes back.”

I wouldn't want to put you boys to that kind of expense, although it would be a lot easier than convincing the wife to cut her trip short.” replied Artie.

Don't worry about it Artie.” said Erik. “You got hurt building our ride, and we want to do this for you. Let your wife enjoy her trip.”

Wow, I don't know how to thank you boys.” said Artie. “You're every bit as nice as Joe and John says you are.”

Thanks.” replied Aaron. “How are you feeling?”

Pretty sore.” replied Artie. “The arm isn't too bad, but the doctor said I sprained my back pretty good. He suggested massage therapy, but with my wife away, I don't know how I could do that. It would be a stretch getting her to do it, much less getting anyone else to do it.”

Then we'll call a massage therapist, and have them stop by starting tomorrow too.” said Erik. “If you don't mind, we could help you with it this evening.”

You really don't have to do that.” said Artie.

I know, but we want to.” smiled Aaron. “After you've had your beer, let's put the ice packs back in the freezer until we help take the kinks out of your back.”

Once everyone had finished their drinks, Aaron put the ice packs back in the freezer. Then Erik suggested they have Artie lay face down on his bed. The boys watched as Artie removed his shirt, then lay face down on the bed.

Once Artie was on the bed, Aaron said, “We may have to lower your pants just a little Artie, so we can get to your entire lower back.”

Artie undid his pants, and pushed them down over his butt to mid thigh. Aaron and Erik smiled at the sight of Artie's muscular butt, then got down to business. As Erik massaged Artie's upper back, Aaron went to work on his lower back. Aaron couldn't resist running his hands up slightly onto Artie's rump, as he worked on the man's lower back.

God boys, that really is helping!” moaned Artie softly. “I have to ask something though. Are you two boys gay?”

Yes we are Artie.” replied Erik, as he worked firmly on Artie's shoulder blades. “Is that a problem?”

Not really, I guess.” replied Artie. “I think we have two guys on our crew who are gay, and I'd like to be able to understand them better. They seem like very nice guys, but I'm sure you know that. It's Joe and John.”

Joe and John are more than nice.” said Aaron, as he kneaded the flesh of Artie's lower back and upper butt. “They are incredible friends, who love each other very much. There isn't anything they wouldn't do for another friend though. We're so happy that we know them.”

Yeah, they always did strike me as being thoughtful of others.” said Artie, as he enjoyed what Erik and Aaron were doing for his back. “I sure wish I had listened to John today. He was trying to look out for me, and I kind of just blew it off.”

Well, if you wanted to be closer friends with them, you couldn't find better friends.” said Aaron. “Them being gay shouldn't be any problem to you either. They are very much in love with each other, and would never dream of doing anything to make another friend uncomfortable around them because of their sexual orientation.”

I'm sure after this, they wouldn't make me uncomfortable.” replied Artie softly.

Aaron and Erik looked at each other, and smiled impishly. Then Aaron began massaging down lower onto Artie's butt, running his hand into the crack.

Mmmmm.” moaned Artie, now more relaxed than he had ever been in his life.

Erik joined Aaron, and each boy took a different side of Artie's back. Aaron massaged the left side of Artie's back and his left cheek, and Erik massaged the right side of Artie's back and his right cheek. They each took turns running a hand through Artie's crack. Aaron was the first one to get bold enough to let his hand travel down to the flesh between Artie's pucker and balls. The next thing Artie felt was Erik's hand rubbing lightly over his balls.

If my wife hadn't been holding out on me lately, I probably would have stopped you boys by now.” said Artie softly.

Do you want us to stop Artie?” asked Erik.

Hell no!” replied Artie. “I just don't know how much further I can go with this.”

If it starts to make you uncomfortable Artie, just let us know.” said Aaron. “We don't want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

Then Aaron ran his hand down, and ran his fingers over the underside of Artie's cock. Both boys smiled as the man's cock responded almost immediately. Erik and Aaron took turns softly rubbing the underside of Artie's cock, as it stiffened against the bed. Artie moaned softly again, so Erik and Aaron gently turned the man onto his back. Artie's cock rose eight inches, straight up into the air. Then Aaron and Erik took turns switching between caressing his balls, and gently stroking his cock.

I know I shouldn't want this, but I can't wait for you boys to jack me off until I cum!” exclaimed Artie softly.

Then just relax and enjoy.” smiled Erik.

Erik and Aaron smiled as they took turns masturbating Artie. A few minutes later, as Aaron was stroking his cock, Artie began to moan and writhe on the bed.

Oh God, I'm going to shoot!” gasped Artie.

Aaron and Erik watched eagerly, as Artie's cock throbbed in Aaron's hand, then began shooting up and onto Artie's stomach. The last few spurts ran down over Aaron's hand. Then Artie stared wide eyed in amazement as Aaron offered his hand to Erik, and Erik began licking it clean. Artie was speechless as both boys then licked all of his cum off of his stomach.

When Artie could speak, he said, “I liked that, but I was afraid for a moment you two were going to want to suck me. If I'm going to go that far in cheating on my wife, it should be with someone more available than you guys. I just don't know if I could do these things to another guy.”

It's okay Artie.” smiled Erik. “You are a very nice man, but Aaron and I love each other very much. We couldn't make love to anyone like that except to each other. It was really fun making you cum though!”

Yeah, I guess it was!” laughed Artie.

We hope it felt good to you Artie.” said Aaron.

It felt more than good boys, and I'm glad you did it.” replied Artie. “And you'll be happy to know that my back feels a little better than it did before you guys came by.”

We're glad we could help then!” smiled Erik. “Now, let's get your pants back up, and get some ice back on your back.”

And we both think you have a nice cock Artie.” said Aaron. “We're honored that we were the first guys you let do anything like that to it.”

If it's that nice, then I guess I don't really need the pants back on.” laughed Artie.

Erik and Aaron helped Artie get settled with the ice packs again, then sat around a few minutes talking to their new friend, as they occasionally glanced at his now flaccid cock.

Well, it sounds like Erik and Aaron had fun. lol. Judith must be too, for wanting to stay on the tour. There may be one problem though. It now sounds like Ben and Judith are considering staying in California permanently. Since that would affect quite a few people, I guess we'll have to wait and see how it goes. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 19.