Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by Snoopy

Hi everyone, this is Snoopy. Chris and I had a discussion with Tim about not being in the story enough. He does realize now that he hasn't been paying enough attention to some of us, and is letting me and Chris write this chapter. This chapter will be written in the first person perspective by me, so when you see “I said” or “I did”, or anything like that, I'm referring to me. I think this is going to be fun, as I haven't had a chance to write anything before, even though my dad Greg is a writer. Shane has written some, when he first went to stay with Greg, but this is a first for me. Oh, and if you start wondering how I know what's going on in California while we're out on tour, I'll be on the phone with Aaron quite a bit while I'm writing this.

This story is © 2007 by Tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without Tim's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teen males, including Chris and I. As a matter of fact, Chris says he's going to help by making me feel really good while I'm writing. I know better than that though, Chris doesn't need any excuse for that. He's always loved how big I am, and never needs any excuse for sexual contact with me. Anyway, if this subject offends you, or you shouldn't be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Also, please visit Tim's web site at: You can find Tim's most recent updates there first, as well as stories by other authors, information about his Presidential campaign, and some really sweet pictures. Well, I think they're sweet anyway, but I've always loved pictures of naked guys. I also love how Chris is kissing my cock really softly right now, while he's caressing it with both hands. His lips are as soft as a cloud. This is going to be fun! Thanks, and enjoy the story while I enjoy Chris squeezing the head of my cock into his throat. I love it when he does that!

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by Snoopy

Chapter 19

From the last chapter:

Aaron and Erik watched eagerly, as Artie's cock throbbed in Aaron's hand, then began shooting up and onto Artie's stomach. The last few spurts ran down over Aaron's hand. Then Artie stared wide eyed in amazement as Aaron offered his hand to Erik, and Erik began licking it clean. Artie was speechless as both boys then licked all of his cum off of his stomach.

When Artie could speak, he said, “I liked that, but I was afraid for a moment you two were going to want to suck me. If I'm going to go that far in cheating on my wife, it should be with someone more available than you guys. I just don't know if I could do these things to another guy.”

It's okay Artie.” smiled Erik. “You are a very nice man, but Aaron and I love each other very much. We couldn't make love to anyone like that except to each other. It was really fun making you cum though!”

Yeah, I guess it was!” laughed Artie.

We hope it felt good to you Artie.” said Aaron.

It felt more than good boys, and I'm glad you did it.” replied Artie. “And you'll be happy to know that my back feels a little better than it did before you guys came by.”

We're glad we could help then!” smiled Erik. “Now, let's get your pants back up, and get some ice back on your back.”

And we both think you have a nice cock Artie.” said Aaron. “We're honored that we were the first guys you let do anything like that to it.”

If it's that nice, then I guess I don't really need the pants back on.” laughed Artie.

Erik and Aaron helped Artie get settled with the ice packs again, then sat around a few minutes talking to their new friend, as they occasionally glanced at his now flaccid cock.

The next day while we were preparing for our first Dallas show, Aaron and Erik were interviewing people to help their new friend Artie. They had to find him a massage therapist, and someone to help him with daily tasks. After seeing a few professional home care aides, Aaron and Erik interviewed a younger guy named Peter who was seventeen, and wanting to work to save up money for his last year of high school. Although there were no outward signs, Erik and Aaron were both sure Peter was gay. The feeling they got was that Peter wanted to save up money because he wanted to be on his own as soon as he turned eighteen.

So Peter, why do you want to work taking care of a guy while he recovers from an injury?” asked Erik. “I'm sure there are other jobs out there.”

There may be, but I like helping people.” replied Peter. “This sounds perfect for me. It sounds a lot more helpful than flipping burgers at a fast food joint.”

You said you want to save up money for your last year of high school.” said Aaron. “It isn't going to be that expensive, is it?”

Maybe not, but things aren't that great at home these days.” replied Peter. “Saving up as much as I can will help out a lot, since I only have one more year of high school left. I also have to think about life after high school, and it'll be here soon.”

Okay, the guy you would be caring for has a pretty badly twisted arm and sprained back.” said Erik. “His injuries aren't too serious, but they have left him in a lot of pain. You would be helping him do things to alleviate as much of that pain as possible, and helping him take care of his house until his wife returns. The job may include working with him while he's naked. Would you be okay with that?”

That's no problem, as long as he doesn't have a problem with it.” smiled Peter.

I don't think he will, and I think you'll be perfect for this job.” replied Aaron. “His wife will be away for two weeks, and we want you to go over to his house and start right away. We'll pay you five hundred per week, so that will be a thousand altogether. Is the money okay, and can you start right now?”

What's the address?” asked Peter, with a really nice smile.

The massage therapist Erik and Aaron had hired had just finished with Artie, and got him set up with ice packs in his lounge chair when Peter showed up and knocked.

Come on in, the door is open!” called out Artie, who was feeling too comfortable to get up.

Peter went on in and said, “Hi, my name is Peter. Erik and Aaron sent me over to help you out with things around here while you recover.”

Hi Peter, I'm Artie.” replied Artie as he smiled. “The boys sure did send over a fine looking young man to help me out.”

Thank you sir.” replied Peter bashfully. “Where would you like me to start?”

Maybe you could get us something to drink out of the fridge, while we get to know a little something about each other.” replied Artie. “I could use a beer after the therapy session I just had. You can help yourself to whatever you want, then pull up a chair next to mine.”

Peter returned a few moments later with two beers, and looked questioningly at Artie.

I probably shouldn't be giving beer to a minor, but I guess one won't hurt anything.” chuckled Artie. “Go ahead and pull up a chair Peter, then you can open our beers and we'll talk.” After Peter pulled up a chair next to Artie's, opened both beers and handed one to the man, then took a drink of his beer, Artie asked, “So Peter, how old are you anyway?”

I'm seventeen now, but I'll be eighteen in October.” replied Peter.

You must be a pretty responsible young man then, if Aaron and Erik thought you could handle this job at your age.” said Artie.

I like to think so.” replied Peter. “I think I act a lot more mature than most guys my age. Helping someone like this is the kind of job I wanted, and it don't hurt that the pay is as good as it is for two weeks of work.”

Why would someone your age be so worried about money already?” asked Artie. “You still have a little time left before you have to concentrate on such serious matters.”

I want to save up some money because things aren't going as well as they could be at home.” replied Peter.

I find that hard to believe Peter.” said Artie. “You seem like a very responsible, nice, and good looking young man. If my wife and I can ever start having a family, I'd want my son to be just like you.”

I doubt that sir.” replied Peter, then taking a big drink of his beer.

Why not?” asked Artie.

Okay, here goes.” replied Peter. “I just hope I don't screw this job up before I start. I'm gay sir, and I don't think my parents are really thrilled about it. They haven't been mean or violent about it, but they've made it clear that they'd be happier if I weren't.” Then Peter emptied his can, waiting for Artie to tell him to leave.

You must have been thirsty Peter.” smiled Artie. “Why don't you get us both another beer, and we'll continue our talk. In the meantime though, please call me Artie instead of sir.”

Thanks sir, I mean Artie!” replied Peter, as his frown changed into a smile. Peter went to the kitchen, got two more beers and returned to Artie, and asked, “You really don't mind that I'm gay Artie?”

I may be married Peter, but I still know that it can be fun for two guys to do things together.” winked Artie. “Whatever any two people do when they have sex is purely up to them, and not anyone else's concern. Your being gay doesn't make one bit of difference to me, and if my son were still like you, I would love him just the same. I don't see how your parents could treat you like they have a problem with you being gay.”

I can't tell you how glad I am that I got this job Artie!” said Peter. “I've always wanted someone to tell me the things you just did.”

I'm glad you got this job too Peter.” replied Artie. “As for you turning eighteen in October, I'd be happy to rent you our guest house when you're ready for that. It may not be the same as a guest house in one of the better neighborhoods, but it's still nice. My wife and I have been discussing renting it out anyway.”

I'd love that Artie!” smiled Peter. “I guess I better get to work for you now. Do you want me to start by cleaning and picking things up a little bit?”

Sure Peter.” replied Artie. “How would you feel about doing housework in just a pair of shorts, so I have something to watch?”

I'll do it nude if you want me to!” laughed Peter.

If it makes you feel comfortable, go ahead!” smiled Artie. “I'll need to shower later anyway, and I can't get to my back very well right now.”

Peter stripped down to his shorts while Artie watched in interest. Peter loved it that Artie was watching him with a smile on his face, so Peter reached down and lowered his shorts too. Artie smiled even wider as Peter's seven inch, seventeen year old cock sprang to attention. Peter wasn't the least bit ashamed of already being erect, as he began doing housework with Artie watching him intently. After an hour, Peter had the washer and dishwasher going, and was finishing vacuuming the living room. He was still stiff, and Artie was still watching. Peter was now looking forward to helping Artie bathe, even though he had never been with an older person before. The idea of an adult man being interested in him was really turning him on though.

Well, these ice packs are getting pretty thawed now.” said Artie, as Peter shut off the vacuum. “We might as well get my shower out of the way.”

Peter followed Artie to his bedroom, and helped Artie remove his shirt that had been completely unbuttoned in the front since he first arrived. Artie first got the idea Peter was interested in him when he felt Peter's fingers graze lightly over his chest. Peter then ran his hands over Artie's butt as he helped him remove his pants and briefs. Artie moaned softly as he felt Peter's hand gently caress his cock to its full eight inches.

Before you go any further Peter, I have to say something.” said Artie. “The only person I've ever felt compelled to have sex with before has been my wife. I enjoy that very much, and have been trying to start a family with her since we first got married. The first time I ever let another guy touch my cock was yesterday, when Erik and Aaron jacked me off. It felt so good that I didn't want to stop them, kind of like it's starting to feel now. I might let you jack me off, and I may even return the favor to you. You do have a very nice looking cock, and I haven't been able to stop looking at it since you first took off your shorts. I just don't know if I can go as far as I think you want to.”

We don't have to do anything you don't want to Artie, but your cock feels really nice in my hand.” replied Peter. “Let me lay you back on the bed, so you can be comfortable.”

Peter helped Artie lay back, then he laid beside the man. Then Peter continued stroking it, as he looked appreciatively at the first adult male cock he had ever had in his hand. Peter smiled brightly into Artie's face when he felt Artie's hand wrap around his cock.

After a few minutes, Peter said, “I can't stop what I'm feeling Artie. If you don't want to do this though, just tell me and I will somehow.”

Then Peter's face drew closer to Artie's. Artie watched nervously as Peter's lips drew closer to his. When Peter's lips made contact with Artie's, they were the softest lips Artie had ever felt in his life. As Peter felt Artie return the kiss, he began to fall in love with the man.

After Peter broke the kiss, he said, “I have to do something very special for you now Artie. I hope it doesn't upset you, or make you uncomfortable.”

Peter then turned around on the bed so that he was face to face with Artie's cock, and Artie was staring directly at his. When Artie felt his cock in Peter's mouth, and felt Peter's soft lips against the shaft, he moaned, “I want this Peter!”

As Peter made love to Artie's cock, Artie caressed Peter's cock softly as he smiled. Artie couldn't explain the feelings he was having now, as he stuck out his tongue and drew closer to Peter's cock. Then Artie licked his tongue across the head of another guy's cock for the first time in his life. It tasted so good that Artie immediately took all of Peter's cock into his mouth. Then Artie and Peter both moaned in pleasure as they made love to each other's cock. As Artie drew closer to an orgasm, Peter began making love to his cock passionately. Artie couldn't come close to explaining the feelings he was now feeling, but he knew he wanted this to go all the way. He wanted to give all of his cum to the young man who seemed to want it badly, and he was almost looking forward to feeling Peter's cum shooting into his mouth. As Artie began to moan and writhe, Peter sucked longingly on his cock. Peter felt an incredible amount of pleasure as he felt Artie's cum coating the inside of his mouth, and then his throat. Peter swallowed hungrily, wanting every drop of Artie's cum inside him.

Once the last drop of Artie's cum had been swallowed, Peter said, “Thank you for letting me have your love inside me Artie. I'm going to cum for you soon now. If you don't want to swallow it, I'll understand.”

Peter smiled as Artie sucked his cock even more passionately. He knew Artie wanted his cum now, and he couldn't wait to give it to him. When Peter began moaning louder, Artie sucked his cock harder. When Peter began cumming in Artie's mouth, Artie's first reflex was to spit it out. Artie fought that back though, and began to swallow instead. Artie was soon glad he fought back his reflex, as Peter's cum actually tasted good. Peter moaned loudly as Artie sucked and swallowed ravenously on his cock. Once Peter's orgasm was over, he turned back around. Then he and Artie shared a deep and loving kiss.

After five minutes, Artie broke the kiss and said, “I can't explain the things you've just made me feel Peter. I do know that the feelings are stronger and more intense than those I have when I'm with my wife though. I'm very happy that we did this Peter.”

I love you Artie.” replied Peter. “If you ever need my love, I'm here for you. I guess we'll have to wait and see how this works out.”

Then Artie and Peter got up, and Peter helped Artie with his shower. Peter soaped all of Artie's body lovingly for him, then Artie did the same to Peter's body. Artie and Peter then pressed their soapy bodies together, and shared a passionate kiss as the water spayed their bodies. Once the shower was finished, and Peter and Artie had dried each other off, Artie didn't bother putting clothes back on. Peter sat Artie on the sofa, then fixed Artie up with ice packs. Peter then went back to the kitchen, and returned with a beer for Artie, and a can of pop for himself.

No more beer?” asked Artie as he smiled.

Maybe next time.” replied Peter, as he sat next to Artie and slid in closely. “Right now I want to be able to enjoy the feelings I'm feeling for you.”

Peter then laid his head against Artie's chest, and Artie rested his hand on Peter's thigh. After a few minutes of silent contact, Artie said, “I never imagined I could be gay Peter, but I'm sure now that I love you very much.”

Peter playfully licked Artie's nipple, and replied, “I love you too Artie.”

About the time that Peter and Artie both became erect again, and began gazing lovingly at each other's cocks, the doorbell rang. “Who is it?” called out Artie.

It's me, Aaron.” called out Aaron from the other side of the door.

Are you okay with Aaron and Erik seeing us like this Peter?” asked Artie. “I personally want them to see the great thing they've done for me, and that I'm proud to have you as my lover.”

Then it'll be fine.” smiled Peter.

Come on in boys, the door is open.” called out Artie.

Aaron almost let out a gasp as he saw Artie and Peter on the sofa together. Both their cocks were erect, and they both had their hands on each other's thighs. Aaron tried to turn and stop Joe and John from following them in, but it was too late. Artie and Peter saw the two men, and both sat upright immediately.

Artie, did you just have sex with this boy?” asked Joe, as he and John smiled.

It's not that we could blame you.” said John. “He is an incredibly attractive young man!”

It's not what it looks like guys.” said Artie.

I'm sorry Artie.” said Aaron. “When I saw what was happening, I tried to stop them.”

What do you mean that it's not what it looks like Artie?” asked Joe. “Did you have sex with another male for the first time today?”

Yeah.” replied Artie lowly.

From the way both of you are erect, and were sitting together when we came in, is it safe to assume you love him?” asked Joe.

Okay, I guess it is what it looks like.” replied Artie. “I really owe you guys an explanation though. I know you two are gay. It's not common knowledge yet, but I figured it out. I never thought about what that meant to you guys though, so I always kind of blew you off. Like when John tried to tell me not to use the harness. I know you guys were concerned, and were looking out for me, but I blew it off and ended up hurt. I'm really sorry about that, and I think I understand you guys a lot better now.”

Don't worry about it Artie.” said John. “So, was having sex with this fine young man enough to make you realize that you're gay?”

I'm kind of confused about that.” replied Artie. “When Peter and I made love, the feelings were more intense than anything I've ever felt before. By the time Peter cummed into my mouth, I really wanted it. I don't want to be without Peter now, and I'm sure that I love him. I still want to have a family with my wife though.”

If you have sex with her again though, is it ever going to be the same again?” asked Joe.

I don't see how it could ever be the same again.” replied Artie. “What I'll really be wanting is to be making love to Peter. I'll be thinking of Peter all the time I'm with her. I love Peter more than I've ever loved her.”

Then Artie put his arm back around Peter, and pulled Peter in close to him again. Peter leaned back into Artie's chest and smiled, then Artie and Peter softly caressed each other's thighs again. Joe and John smiled at each other when they saw the love between Artie and Peter, and Aaron and Erik smiled at each other too.

I don't think it's all that confusing Artie.” said Joe. “I think right now you want two things. You want the love you share with Peter, and you want to be a father. Most men want the latter. I think you were meant to find Peter though, and I think you were meant to discover that you're gay, and want to give your love to Peter. I would concentrate on that while your wife is away, and make your feelings for Peter clear to yourself. It won't do you any good to be a father, if you're miserable in the meantime.”

I'm glad I have friends like you and John.” said Artie. “I can think of you two as friends now, can't I?”

Of course you can Artie, and Joe and I will be there for you whenever you need us.” smiled John.

The three men and two boys spent the rest of the evening getting to know Artie's new boyfriend better, and everyone approved highly of Peter as Artie's first boyfriend. The pair looked so nice together that Erik promised to bring his camera the next time, and take pictures of the good looking couple.

We had a great show in Dallas that night. The crowd responded very well to our first act, which they appreciated very much. Chris and I had always liked them though. Their music was very sarcastic at times, and really entertaining. Then when we were announced, the crowd roared even louder. It had taken us quite a bit of effort to get used to that, but we loved the reaction from the crowd now. Rusty and Allen was as great as ever on the stage that night, looking like a couple who had been together forever. Over the course of the tour, Chris and I had moved our spots closer and closer together, until now we were standing next to each other, smiling at each other as we played. The crowd could see that all of us loved what we were doing, and that made them like us that much more.

After our set was finally over, Chris and I announced that we were going back to the hotel next to the arena so I could write for this chapter. As I sat down in front of my laptop, I knew this was going to be quite a different experience for me. First I gave Aaron a call, to find out what had been happening in California. I had the phone set on speaker so Chris and I could both hear the call. As Aaron told us about their new friends Artie and Peter, and about Artie discovering his homosexuality with the younger guy, Chris and I both began getting erect.

Once the call was over, Chris said, “We should take our clothes off before you start writing.”

Do you really think it would help if I wrote naked?” I asked.

It wouldn't hurt!” laughed Chris.

Then Chris reached down and pulled my shirt up over my head. As Chris worked at unbuckling my pants, I unbuckled his and slipped his pants and underwear to the floor. As Chris finished working on my pants, I gazed lovingly at his beautiful cock, which was practically right in my face. As far as I was concerned, Chris had the most beautiful cock in the world, and I loved just looking at it. Chris finally got me unbuckled, so I lifted my butt up off the chair. Chris smiled as he pulled my pants and underwear down to the floor. As I got into the writing, and it started getting easier, Chris knelt down in the floor between my legs. I smiled as I looked down and saw him nuzzling my cock into the side of his face, occasionally licking the shaft with his tongue. By the time the other guys came into the room, I was quite a way into the story, and Chris was making love to my cock.

That's one way to write, I guess!” laughed Rusty.

I looked down and saw Chris's lips go from the head of my cock, all the way to the base, with the head of my cock sliding effortlessly into his throat, and replied, “Actually, it's the only way to write! Now I'll have to think of a way to make love to him while I write after he makes me cum!”

Of course I had to stop while I felt my cum shooting directly into Chris's throat. After my orgasm ended, I came up with a great idea. I laid the laptop in the floor, then laid in front of it on my stomach. Chris smiled eagerly as he lubed his cock, then climbed onto my back. Writing on the computer as I felt Chris's cock thrust in and out of me was an experience I'll never forget, and it provided the other guys with some entertainment as well. After Chris's orgasm was over, he laid on my back as I finished the chapter, with his cock still buried inside me.

Aaron and Erik didn't know it when I had talked to them, but the next day would change their friend Artie's life forever.

I'm sorry everyone. Tim told me not to write a cliffhanger, but I couldn't resist. I'm sure Tim appreciates me letting him be the one to tell all of you what happens with Artie though. He already told me, and I'm sure it'll have you on the edge of your seats. By the way, Chris tells me that I can be a tease sometimes. hehe. Please send all comments to:, and make sure to let him know if you liked my writing in this chapter. Also, don't forget to visit Tim at: By for now everyone, and I'll see you again as we continue to head west in Chapter 20. Thanks for reading.