Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

Greetings Earthlings, this is once again Nador, from the planet Xailon. It took us some time, but we have finally overcome your puny slingshot defense. Tim and his cohorts M and Baldisore must have seen us coming, and ran like cowards. Now no one can save you! We will be releasing a list of locations where you Earthlings are to report for anal probing. We are very much looking forward to probing the rectums of every human on this planet. Once we have finished, we will probe the more interesting humans a second time. Please do not try to resist, as we will get inside your rectums one way or the other. We hope to establish our own government on your planet, so we can perform anal probes on all of you forever. Attention Xailonians, Tim and his friends are approaching. What is that you have with you this time Tim? Another one of your puny weapons, like your slingshot?

No Nador, I'm through being subtle with you. This is a tazer, and it does this! Baldisore, when he stops twitching on the ground, probe him with your entire hand!

Please Tim, stop! We'll do anything, just please have Baldisore remove his hand from my rectum!

I'll do that if you'll leave this planet, and never return Nador.

It's a deal! Attention all Xailonians, retreat from Earth at once!

Well everyone, Earth is once again safe from evil aliens thanks to me, Baldisore, and M, otherwise known as the Rectal Defenders. We're working hard for your butt. Now on to more important stuff.

This story is © 2006 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people, events, or anal probing aliens are completely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Also, please visit my web site at Finally, since writing for Nifty does not pay the bills, this will be the frequency of my updates for now. This is due to my work schedule. I am trying to cut back on the number of stories that I have active right now, so that it won't be too long between updates. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 2

From the last chapter:

"After having one of the best shows that I've had in a while, I just wanted to tell you boys how much I appreciate you opening for me on such short notice." said the headliner to Rusty. "You guys have the best new band I've heard in quite some time. I know that a lot of this audience came to see you, then stuck around to enjoy my show, and I have to say that you boys have some truly great fans too. If you boys know my cheeseburger song, I'd like to do it one more time tonight with all of you joining me."

Rusty and the other boys were honored to join the headliner for one more song, and everyone played a very high spirited version of the song that brought the crowd to their feet. It turned out to be more fun for everyone on the stage than they ever thought of having that night. As everyone left the stage, Allen motioned for Andrew and Pete to follow them backstage. It was a great night for everyone, and they couldn't wait to talk about it.

"Wow guys, look at the spread in here!" exclaimed Ricky, as the boys entered their dressing room. "I can't believe they set all this up while we were out there. It looks like they expect us to be hungry and thirsty."

"From what I hear, they probably could have had this room lined with girls when we got back here!" laughed Calvin.

"Girls?!" laughed Pete. "You guys ain't holding anything back from me are you? I don't know if I could take all of you coming out as straight tonight!"

"Not a chance dude, you're the only straight guy around here!" laughed Rusty. "We are happy that you like all your gay friends enough to be that concerned though. That's really nice to find these days."

"Well, to be honest, I'd rather be with all my gay friends tonight." replied Pete. "I broke up with Diane today."

"You what?!" exclaimed Andrew. "Why didn't you say something earlier dude? Are you okay?"

"I didn't want to bring the mood down tonight." replied Pete as he smiled. "Besides, I don't feel at all bad about it. I think I knew it was coming, even before I talked to Jennifer. And with friends like all of you, especially you Andrew, I don't need a girlfriend right now."

"Thanks for saying that Pete." smiled Andrew. "Can I get a hug from my best friend?"

"Okay dude, but don't try anything strange just yet!" laughed Pete.

After Pete and Andrew shared a brief hug, the boys talked as they unwound from the show. Allen and Rusty now felt good about getting their two newest friends closer.

A few minutes later, Mike came in and said, "Boys, the show tonight was fantastic! By the time you finish these shows, you will be the most sought after band in the country. I've already received two offers for you to play on Memorial Day weekend. One is from that park in Ohio where most of you boys went last summer."

"Do you mean the same assholes that fired Tim for being gay?" asked Rusty.

"Okay, I'm not hearing a lot of support for that idea." chuckled Mike. "I had to mention it though because they need to boost their attendance, and they made a pretty big offer."

"Rusty's right though." said Allen. "Tim is our friend, and we'd much rather support him. We could care less if that place goes out of business for the way they treat gay people. They would deserve it. Now, what about that other offer?"

"The other offer came from two boys who became extremely rich, and built their own park." replied Mike. "Their official grand opening is on Memorial Day weekend, and they want a top band to play at their park. You might like this too. They are very close to the other park, and stand to be their main competition. The boys names are Darren Chambers and Doug Atherton, and they are also a very out gay couple. They said that they could beat any offer you got for that weekend."

"What's their number?" smiled Rusty.

"Don't you think the other band members should have a say son?" asked Mike.

"Okay dad." replied Rusty. "All those in favor of playing for a homophobic gay bashing park, say yes." When not one person spoke up, Rusty said, "All those in favor of playing for a gay couple like us, who wants to put that other park out of business, say yes."

Mike had an enthusiastic answer in just a split second, so he smiled as he gave Rusty the number to call. Rusty immediately dialed the number.

"Hey Doug, that's our business phone ringing." said Darren. "I wonder who could be calling us at this time of the evening on business."

"Maybe it's our competition giving up already." laughed Doug. "I'll find out babe." Doug then flipped the phone open and said, "Thunderdome Amusement Park, this is Doug Atherton. Can I help you?"

"Hi Doug, this is Rusty Cooper from Youthful Discretion." replied Rusty. "We just heard that you want us to play for you on Memorial Day weekend. If you haven't asked anyone else, we'd love to."

Doug covered the phone and said, "Holy crap Darren, it's Youthful Discretion! They want to play for our grand opening!"

"All right!" exclaimed Darren. "Give them whatever they want!"

Doug uncovered the phone and said, "We'd love to have you as our special guests Rusty. How much do you guys want to be paid to play for us?"

"Well, we let my dad handle the business end of things." replied Rusty. "Whatever you offered him earlier is fine with us though. We just want to help you rub your competition's face in the dirt."

"I take it you know about them then." laughed Doug. "They aren't exactly the nicest people in the world, are they?"

"No, they're not." replied Rusty. "They fired a friend of ours just because he's gay. We don't like that kind of crap, and we think they deserve to pay for that."

"That's amazing!" exclaimed Doug. "They did the exact same thing to a friend of mine and Darren's. We're so going to put them under now!"

"Well, I hope we can help." laughed Rusty. "I'll turn you back over to my dad now, and we'll definitely see you on Memorial Day weekend. All the guys are looking forward to it."

"Thanks guys, this means a lot to Darren and myself." said Doug. "With this and the world's tallest coaster, we should be able to make their park a ghost town that weekend."

"Just make sure to promote our appearance as much as you can." said Rusty. "So, you have the world's tallest coaster huh? How big is it?"

"It tops out at five hundred and twenty feet, and has a three hundred and fifty foot loop." replied Doug. "It should be a real draw when we open, but you guys will pack people in here like crazy."

"Five hundred and twenty feet?!" exclaimed Rusty. "We so have to visit you guys before you open!"

"You guys are welcome here anytime." replied Doug. "We've already started selling annual passes, so we're going to have a soft opening starting on the first Saturday in May. It'll just be season pass holders, but you still might want to visit us the weekend before that starts. We should be in the process of training our entire staff then."

"It's a deal Doug!" replied Rusty. "Thanks for calling us to play for you."

Rusty then turned Doug back over to his dad, and began telling the other guys about the park. It was quickly decided to have Mike plan a trip for the last weekend in April, even if they had to fly to do it. Then Rusty and Allen turned their attention back to Andrew and Pete.

"So Pete, it really didn't bother you to break up with Diane?" asked Allen.

"Yeah, it's the strangest thing." replied Pete. "I thought it would bother me, but when she tried to blame it on Andrew, and accused me of being gay, I realized that I really didn't like her."

"So, it bothered you a lot to be accused of being gay?" asked Rusty.

"It's not that guys." replied Pete. "The real problem is that she would stoop to any level to get her way, no matter how much she hurt anyone else. When she tried to blame me breaking up with her on Andrew, that really hurt. Andrew is the closest friend I've ever had, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I care about him more than anyone else I know. As far as the gay thing, I've known Andrew was gay since he knew it himself. It's one of the things that makes him who he is, and I hope he never changes. I don't think being labeled gay or straight is that important."

"You stuck up for me like that?" asked Andrew. "I don't know what to say except I love you Pete. I'm so glad to have a friend like you."

"Well, I'm glad you guys are such close friends too." said Allen. "I think you two need each other to balance out each other's lives. I'm also glad we met you two."

"We should be the ones who are glad to have met you guys." smiled Pete. "How many guys can say they are friends with a famous band?"

"I guess you have a point." laughed Allen. "We'll try not to let it go to our heads though. So, do you guys want to go to Michigan with us when we go in April?"

"Sure!" replied Andrew and Pete in unison.

At that point, Rusty and Allen knew that Andrew and Pete would eventually be much closer. The two boys thought so much alike that they could probably finish each other's thoughts. The rest of the weekend went great for the boys. Andrew and Pete spent quite a bit of time together, and Pete seemed happier with each new day. The concerts were a huge success. The boys had their friend Tim picked up by a limo for their Saturday evening show. After that show, Tim told the boys that his park had a few unannounced dates left in their Mardi Gras promotion, and asked if they might be interested if he could talk to someone in charge of lining up musical acts. The boys said that they would love to do it as a favor to him. Then they told Tim that Greg had been asking about him, and that he should call Greg the next day.

Tim did call Greg the next day, and Greg went over to Tim's house to pick him up. Once they got to Greg's house, Greg said, "You look much better than you did the last time I saw you Tim. I think getting out of Ohio did you a world of good."

"The way the past year has gone, I'm surprised you think I look better." replied Tim. "There are a lot of ways that last year is one year I would like to forget."

"How's that Tim?" asked Greg.

"Well, I lost both of my parents, then I got fired from the park in Ohio for being gay." replied Tim. "I guess that wasn't enough though, because my youngest brother was killed in September. That one really hurt because he believed in me so much."

"Oh my God Tim!" said Greg, as he put an arm around Tim. "I can't imagine how awful it must be to go through that much in less than a year!"

"It was bad, but I made it through." replied Tim. "I had to. My brother wanted to see me finish my book so bad, and I finally did that for him. I just wish I had better luck getting an agent to represent it."

"How many have you sent it to?" asked Greg.

"Nine so far, but I haven't had any interest in it yet." replied Tim.

"Well, why don't you let me take a look at it." said Greg. "Maybe I can see why you haven't had any offers on it yet. It may be one little thing that the agents don't like, or it could even be as simple as the letter of query you are sending out."

"Thank you Greg, that would be great." replied Tim. "I really would like to get my book published someday."

"Good then Tim." said Greg. "If you have a manuscript ready, I'll pick it up when I take you home."

Greg and Tim talked for a few more hours, then Greg took Tim on home before the boys were done with their concert. Tim gave Greg the manuscript, and thanked him again. Greg told Tim he would try to get back in touch with him by the end of the week.

Back at school the next week, the boys were getting more attention again, but this time the other kids tried to control themselves better. Everyone thought that if things stayed this way, they could handle that. They couldn't blame their classmates anyway, as their weekend concerts had received quite a bit of attention. Also that week, Calvin, Rusty, and Aaron increased their training schedule at the gym. Calvin would be in an important tournament in two weekends, and Tom had entered Rusty and Aaron in a tournament the following weekend. Rusty and Aaron did want to keep up the boxing for now, but they weren't sure about it if their futures turned out well in music and acting.

Tim also called that week, and said that his park still had an open date on the weekend after Rusty and Aaron's tournament, and the park seemed really interested once he could convince them that he actually knew Youthful Discretion. The boys agreed to it as long as the park would pay them what they had paid their top performer so far, so Tim gave them the contact information for Mike. Then Tim called Greg later that week. Greg said that he was till going over the manuscript, and wanted a few weeks to look it over good.

That weekend, the boys found themselves with an open weekend. The other major theme park chain in Orlando was glad to do the VIP thing for the boys on Saturday, so the boys began planning to make a day of it. They ended up inviting all of the family of the band, plus Andrew, Pete, Pat, Robin, Gary, Stevie, and Mark. Then the boys laughed at the reaction they got when they gave the number of people to the VIP coordinator at the park. Everyone had a good time at the park on Saturday, and when it was over, Andrew and Pete asked Allen and Rusty if they could stay the night.

Once everyone had left Allen and Rusty's place that evening, Rusty turned to Pete and asked, "You do realize that Allen and I are lovers, right?"

"I kinda got that impression a few times!" laughed Pete.

"What Rusty is trying to get at is that we make love to each other every night." said Allen. "There isn't a night that we've missed in quite some time, and we probably won't start now. Are you going to be okay with that if you stay here Pete?"

"Um, I guess so." replied Pete. "We'll just try not to listen while you guys do that."

"Speak for yourself Pete!" laughed Andrew. "I may be able to pick up a few pointers!"

The boys all laughed at that, then talked about general stuff until bedtime. Once it was that time, Allen said, "Okay guys, the sofa folds out into a pretty nice bed that should be big enough for both of you. I'll turn the lights off before Rusty and I strip down and do what we're going to do. If we get too loud, please let us know."

Pete and Andrew let the sofa out, then prepared their bed. Once that was done, Allen turned the lights out, then went to the bed where Rusty was waiting for him. As Pete and Andrew lay in the sofa bed, they could hear Rusty and Allen begin to make love. Rusty and Allen started off with kissing passionately for a few minutes. Then Pete and Andrew could clearly hear Allen ask Rusty to put his cock inside him, and make love to him. By this time, Andrew had his underwear off, and was gently stroking himself. After a few moments of listening to Rusty make love to Allen, Andrew could tell that Pete was laying there thinking about something.

"Pete." said Andrew softly. "Would you mind if I made my best friend feel good?"

"Do you know what you're asking?" replied Pete.

"Yeah dude." replied Andrew. "My best friend is laying there and seems like he needs something. I only want to help my best friend out, and make him feel good. Can I do that for you Pete?"

"Are you sure that's all it is buddy?" asked Pete.

"I swear." replied Andrew.

"Well, we have been best friends forever." said Pete. "I guess I wouldn't mind having my best friend help me out this time."

As Rusty and Allen both began moaning louder, Andrew pulled Pete's underwear down. Andrew looked at Pete's stiffening cock in the darkness of the room for a few seconds. At almost six circumcised inches, Pete's cock looked beautiful to Andrew. Then Andrew slowly lowered his lips over Pete's cock. Pete immediately gasped from the intense pleasure of Andrew's lips on his cock.

"Oh God!" moaned Pete louder than he intended. "It's been so long since I've talked Diane into doing this that I almost forgot what it feels like! As long as we're best friends, see if you can make it feel better than she ever did."

Pete didn't want to admit it yet, but it already felt better than Diane ever made him feel. Something about the fact that Andrew was the one making him feel that way made his cock harder than it had ever been. Pete was in a world he had never been in before, as he ran his fingers through Andrew's hair.

"Oh God Andrew, its never felt this way before!" moaned Pete. "Please don't stop what you're doing to me right now!"

Andrew was now doing everything he could to make sure he gave Pete the best oral sex he had ever given anyone before. Andrew was sucking Pete's cock as lovingly as he possibly could, while listening to his best friend moan in pleasure. Pete was feeling so good now that we began holding himself back as long as he possibly could. After what seemed like hours, but was really only ten minutes, Pete could hear Rusty cumming into Allen. At that point Pete could hold back no longer. Pete blasted the most intense orgasm of his life into Andrew's still sucking mouth. Andrew was now busy, hungrily swallowing every shot of Pete's cum.

As Pete's orgasm slowed down, he moaned, "Oh dude, Diane would never swallow my cum like that! I like the fact that you did that!"

Andrew nursed Pete's cock until it had completely stopped, then gently licked it clean. Then Andrew climbed back up into the bed, and rested his head on Pete's shoulder. After Pete recovered for a few minutes, he said, "I don't see any need to be in a hurry to find a new girlfriend, as long as I have a best friend that will do that for me every once in a while."

"I'll do that for you any time you want me to Pete." replied Andrew softly. "Are you okay with what we just did?"

"My best friend just made me feel better than I've ever felt!" smiled Pete. "Of course I'm okay with that."

As Rusty and Allen switched places, Pete put an arm around Andrew, and drew Andrew up a little more onto his chest. Then Andrew draped an arm over Pete, and the two boys fell asleep to the sound of Allen making love to Rusty.

The next morning, Rusty and Allen came up with a ruse to get Andrew and Pete away from each other to talk to them. Rusty took Pete off to the store with him to pick up a few things for the apartment, while Allen kept Andrew there to talk to him.

"Rusty and I heard what happened last night between you and Pete." said Allen, once they were alone. "We want to make sure both of you guys handle this right, because we want to see you and Pete together."

"It felt so good to make my best friend feel good last night." said Andrew. "I loved every minute of making love to his beautiful cock. When I pleasured him to the point of cumming in my mouth, it was better than I ever hoped for."

"I'm glad you liked it then." smiled Allen. "Now all we have to do is make sure you two keep enjoying what you did last night. In Pete's mind, he's still straight. Maybe not as much as he'd like to think, but we have to let him come to that realization slowly. To him, last night was just letting his best friend make him feel good. The fact that he liked it as much as he did will be a big help though."

"I don't want to scare him away though." said Andrew. "What should I do to make sure that I don't do that?"

"Now that you made him aware that you will do that for him, let him control it for now." replied Allen. "Let him come to you when he needs to feel good. Whatever you do though, don't try to push him at all into doing anything to you. When he's ready to take that step, he'll let you know."

"I'd be content just to make love to his cock for the rest of our lives." said Andrew.

"Well, hopefully we can get you guys doing a bit more than that before it's over." laughed Allen softly. "Rusty and I both know that Pete will realize that he's gay eventually, but like I said, he has to be the one to let you know that he's ready to do the same things with you that you enjoy doing to him. For now, just be there and ready whenever he wants to do anything, and let him decide exactly what he wants to do. It will be natural for him to eventually want to see what it's like to be on your side of the relationship."

"That will be so cool!" replied Andrew.

Meanwhile, Rusty was talking to Pete on the way to the store. "So Pete, are you okay with letting Andrew make you cum last night?" asked Rusty.

"You guys heard that huh." replied Pete. "I couldn't believe Andrew could make me feel the way I felt last night."

"Well, that's because he's a good friend, and he cares a great deal about you." said Rusty. "To him he was making his best friend feel as good as he could. It's really cool that you're okay enough with it to say that you enjoyed it."

"Yeah, that doesn't mean anything, does it?" asked Pete.

"It definitely means that you two are good enough friends that you would do anything for each other." replied Rusty. "It's very hard to find people that are that close as friends anymore."

"Yeah, I guess so." replied Pete. "I care about Andrew a great deal too. I couldn't imagine not having him as my friend. I know that he enjoyed doing what he did to me last night, and I'm okay with that too. It's kind of cool that we both got something out of it."

"I'm really glad to hear that Pete." said Rusty.

"Can I ask you something Rusty?" asked Pete.

"Sure dude, you can ask me anything." replied Rusty.

"I know you went out with Jennifer before you realized that you loved Allen." said Pete. "What was it like when you realized that?"

"Well, I'll be honest Pete." replied Rusty. "For a few short moments, it felt like I didn't even know who I was anymore. Jennifer was very understanding though, and she helped me get through that. Then everything began to make perfect sense. Allen and I could never be separated as friends by anything, and there was a very good reason for that. I began looking back, and I could see that I had been in love with Allen for some time. At that point, I wanted him in my arms more than anything in the world. I was a lot like you, in that I didn't see anything wrong with someone being gay. That was a good thing for me, when I realized that I was gay myself. It helped me accept myself, and now mine and Allen's love for each other is the greatest thing in the world as far as I'm concerned."

"Then I'm right that I don't have anything to worry about as far as what happened last night, right?" asked Pete.

"Just enjoy it as much as you can, and don't worry about what it means." replied Rusty. "The only thing it means right now is that you two care enough about each other to do anything for each other. And I also think it was great that you defended Andrew to Diane."

"Well, Diane was being a bitch about it, and she had that coming." smiled Pete. "I swear, I don't know what I ever saw in her. If I keep finding girls like that, I'm not going to worry about a girlfriend just yet."

"I still think it was great, and I'm glad we had the chance to talk like this." said Rusty. "You're a great guy Pete, and I'm glad that you're mine and Allen's friend now."

"Me too." smiled Pete.

Pete helped Rusty pick up a few things at the store, then they went back to the apartment. The four boys spent the rest of the afternoon talking and laughing. Rusty and Allen both noticed that Pete and Andrew seemed as close as ever, if not closer.

Calvin trained hard that week for his tournament, and Ricky was by his side to help him all the way. In this tournament, Calvin would be seeing more Olympic hopefuls that he had never faced before. Tom did research them for Calvin though, so he could prepare him. Since Ricky did not want to take a chance on weakening Calvin for the tournament, he prepared Calvin two nights before the matches began. Ricky laid in the bed, begging Calvin for more of his cock. Calvin was already sliding as much of his cock as he could into Ricky though. After holding back as long as he could, Calvin began cumming deeply into Ricky. When Ricky felt that, he wrapped his legs around Calvin, pulling his husband as deeply into him as he could. After Calvin's orgasm was over, he covered Ricky's body with his, and the two fell asleep that way.

All of the boys went to Calvin's tournament, as it was being held in South Florida. Rusty and Allen helped Andrew and Pete get permission to go with them to the tournament. Once they got to the hotel in South Florida, Andrew finally got alone with Allen.

"Hi Allen, I just wanted to tell you that this week has been a dream come true for me." said Andrew happily. "I did exactly as you said, and let Pete be the one to initiate any activity. I ended up making love to his cock two more times this week! I think it keeps getting better all the time. I don't know how I'll ever thank you and Rusty for your help."

"Wow dude, three times in less than a week?!" exclaimed Allen. "I have to say that I'm a little surprised!"

"Me too dude." laughed Andrew. "I honestly thought that right now it might be every week or so. It's been more like every other day though. I think Pete is enjoying sex more now than he ever has before!"

"It certainly sounds that way Andrew." replied Allen. "We were thinking that it might take months to get Pete to the point of accepting that he has feelings for you. The way it's going though, it could only be a matter of weeks."

"That would be too much to ask for, but I'll take it." laughed Andrew.

When Allen and Andrew rejoined everyone, it was time to go out for dinner. After a very nice dinner, at one of the better restaurants in town, everyone went back to the hotel to rest up from the trip. Of course there wasn't a lot of resting going on in most of the rooms just yet. As Allen and Rusty laid down on their bed in a sixty nine position, Andrew and Pete couldn't help but to watch.

Then Pete asked, "Since they're busy now Andrew, how would you like to make me feel good tonight?"

"You know that I'd love to do that anytime you want Pete." replied Andrew.

Andrew and Pete then stripped down, and laid on their bed. Andrew gazed at Pete's cock longingly for a few seconds, then began to make love to it. Pete moaned in pleasure as he watched his cock slide in and out of Andrew's mouth. After a very hot and passionate scene that lasted over ten minutes, Rusty, Allen, and Pete began to moan. All three boys began to cum at the same time, with Pete's orgasm lasting the longest. Then Rusty turned around into Allen's arms, as Andrew climbed up the bed into a casual embrace from Pete.

"I think I might have a surprise for you tomorrow night Andrew." said Pete softly.

To Andrew, that could have meant anything, but Pete wouldn't give any further explanation right now.

The tournament the next day was quite a bit of fun, with Calvin easily making it through the lower rounds. Calvin would advance to the next day, and was now seen as one of the favorites. All through dinner that night, Andrew seemed anxious to get back to the hotel. Rusty and Allen knew that whatever the surprise was must be eating Andrew up, but it still looked kind of comical. That night, Andrew and Pete watched Allen make love to Rusty. Then as the two were switching places, it was time for Pete's surprise.

"Have you fallen in love with me Andrew?" asked Pete.

Andrew fumbled for a few seconds, then replied, "I can't lie to you Pete. I have been falling in love with you for a while now. Its been since well before you broke up with Diane."

"I always wondered how I would take having another guy fall in love with me." said Pete. "If it had been just any guy, I probably wouldn't like it too much. Since it's my best friend though, I seems kinda cool to hear you tell me that. It also makes this a little easier. Andrew, can I put my cock inside you tonight? Diane never let me put my cock inside her, not that I would have enjoyed doing that with her. I care about you though, and I want to see what it's like."

"I would love to have your cock inside me Pete!" smiled Andrew. "Let's lay next to Allen and Rusty, so Rusty can help you if you need it."

Pete went ahead and knelt between Andrew's legs the same as Rusty was kneeling between Allen's. As soon as Rusty lubed his cock, he handed the tube to Pete.

"Make sure you get enough on your cock to completely cover it Pete." said Rusty. After Pete had lubed his cock, Rusty said, "Now go ahead and put it up to his hole like mine is lined up to Allen's. That's perfect Pete. Now, go ahead and push your cock into Andrew slowly Pete. You don't want to go too fast, because that hurts until you both get use to it."

Pete couldn't believe that he was pushing his cock into his best friend's butt, but as it slid in slowly, Pete realized that it felt incredible. Rusty started off thrusting slowly in and out of Allen, and told Pete to match his pace. After a few minutes, Pete no longer needed any coaching. Pete looked down at the look of pleasure on Andrew's face, and knew that he was making his best friend feel as good as he did now. That was also evidenced by Andrew's erection, which was bobbing up and down as Pete slid in and out. Pete couldn't help but to watch it, and after a few moments, he slowly reached down and wrapped his hand around Andrew's cock.

"Oh God Pete!" moaned Andrew.

Now Pete was stroking Andrew's cock, as his cock slid in and out of Andrew. The two boys could only keep that up for about five minutes, until it became too much.

"I'm gonna cum!" grunted Andrew, as Pete stroked his cock.

"I'm almost there too!" moaned Pete, as his cock slid in and out of Andrew.

Andrew began to cum first, and Pete aimed it up onto Andrew's chest and stomach. Then Andrew's rectum clenching around Pete's cock brought on Pete's orgasm. After the two boys stopped cumming, they finally noticed that Rusty and Allen had finished. Pete just knelt there, with his cock still buried deeply inside Andrew.

Pete looked over to Rusty and asked, "Does this mean that I'm gay?"

"It means that you just had an incredible sexual experience Pete." replied Rusty. "It doesn't have to mean anything more than that unless you want it to. As far as being gay, you're the only one who could answer that question. Just ask yourself if it would be a bad thing to be gay. I use to think I was straight, but now I love the fact that I'm gay. I know that being gay is not a bad thing."

"I guess I'll have to think about that." said Pete. "I do know that my cock still feels great inside Andrew. I've never had a problem with Andrew being gay though, so I guess it would be silly to suddenly think there's something wrong with it. I think I'm more worried about what my dad would think if I were to be gay."

"Who says that he even has to know right now." said Rusty. "If you like what you and Andrew have been doing, and want to do even more, just make sure you do it where he could never find out about it. If you figure out that you are gay though, and the time ever comes to tell your dad, we can help you with that. Just look at the guy that your cock is still buried in Pete, and ask yourself what he means to you."

"You know how I feel Pete." said Andrew softly, as he made his rectum softly caress Pete's cock. "I care about you very deeply, and I would never do anything to hurt you. Is it bad that I love you Pete?"

"You're the first person who has ever said that, and who I can feel really means it." replied Pete. "If I am gay Andrew, it's only because of you. I care about you very much too."

"Pete, Andrew is going to make some guy a very fine lover." said Allen. "I kind of hope it's you, because you two look like you belong together. Just ask yourself who has made you the happiest throughout your whole life. You now know how much Andrew really loves you."

"I promise I will think about it all night if I have to." said Pete. "There is something I'm curious about first though."

Pete then drew his cock gently out of Andrew, and slowly leaned down. Andrew watched in surprise as Pete stuck out his tongue, and licked some of the cum from his stomach. Pete thought about the taste for a moment, then leaned in and licked up some more. By the time it was over, Pete had licked Andrew's stomach and chest clean.

"I guess that will give me something to think about." smiled Pete.

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