Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim

Hi everyone, I'm back at the keyboard for this chapter. I hope everyone enjoyed Snoopy's writing in the last chapter. Nador wants to say something this time around, as a public service to make up for his previous misdeeds. I'm letting him out of his hamster cage now, so here he is. BTW, I'm Tim, and I approve this message.

Hello everyone, this is Nador. A presidential candidate of yours named Fred Thompson has publicly stated that he believes global warming does not exist. He attempted to validate his ridiculous claim by stating that Martians and Saturnians also face the same crisis, which means that they must drive SUV's and run their air conditioning at 60 degrees. Mister Thompson has no idea what he is talking about though. I can prove that, and that the man is insane. You see, I have been to Mars and Saturn personally. There are no more Saturnians on the planet Saturn. They believed that their global warming crisis was a hoax, just as Mister Thompson does. It led to an ice age on Saturn that has lasted for thousands of years thus far. All life on Saturn has been extinct for quite some time. We pieced together their existence though, from artifacts we have discovered there. All of our evidence shows that they were an ignorant and reckless species, just like Fred Thompson. To even reach 60 degrees on Saturn takes some heavy duty heating, not air conditioning. Offering air conditioning on Saturn would be like offering water to a mermaid. They wouldn't have any need for it, even if they did exist. As for Mars, the Martian people have been driven deeply underground, which is why your unmanned missions there have never discovered their existence. They have to live close enough to the core of their planet to provide heat, while insulating themselves from the rather brutal temperature extremes on Mars. They are a very quiet and unassuming species now, after having also wrecked their environment. We did try to warn them though, but they would not listen until it was too late. My species does provide humanitarian aid to the Martians now, which is the only way they are able to exist. They also have no need for SUV's and air conditioning. If Mister Thompson is going to state that he knows of conditions on other planets, and the habits of their people, I suggest that he actually go there first, so he knows what he's talking about. I get the feeling that quite a few Earthlings would rather see him on another planet anyways. Thank you for your attention, and I hope you heed these words.

Thank you very much Nador, there may be hope for you yet. This story is © 2007 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy this story for distribution, or post this story on other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story, and any similarities to actual people (except for Fred Thompson) or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Also, please visit my web site at: All of my stories are updated there first. You can also visit my hosted authors page there, which contains stories by Jason Finigan and Josh Rogers. My site also contains cool merchandise, great links to other sites, and information on my Presidential campaign. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for any of my stories, and be notified of new chapters the moment they are posted to my site, please send me an e-mail telling me which stories you want to be added to the list for. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 20

From the last chapter:

After our set was finally over, Chris and I announced that we were going back to the hotel next to the arena so I could write for this chapter. As I sat down in front of my laptop, I knew this was going to be quite a different experience for me. First I gave Aaron a call, to find out what had been happening in California. I had the phone set on speaker so Chris and I could both hear the call. As Aaron told us about their new friends Artie and Peter, and about Artie discovering his homosexuality with the younger guy, Chris and I both began getting erect.

Once the call was over, Chris said, “We should take our clothes off before you start writing.”

Do you really think it would help if I wrote naked?” I asked.

It wouldn't hurt!” laughed Chris.

Then Chris reached down and pulled my shirt up over my head. As Chris worked at unbuckling my pants, I unbuckled his and slipped his pants and underwear to the floor. As Chris finished working on my pants, I gazed lovingly at his beautiful cock, which was practically right in my face. As far as I was concerned, Chris had the most beautiful cock in the world, and I loved just looking at it. Chris finally got me unbuckled, so I lifted my butt up off the chair. Chris smiled as he pulled my pants and underwear down to the floor. As I got into the writing, and it started getting easier, Chris knelt down in the floor between my legs. I smiled as I looked down and saw him nuzzling my cock into the side of his face, occasionally licking the shaft with his tongue. By the time the other guys came into the room, I was quite a way into the story, and Chris was making love to my cock.

That's one way to write, I guess!” laughed Rusty.

I looked down and saw Chris's lips go from the head of my cock, all the way to the base, with the head of my cock sliding effortlessly into his throat, and replied, “Actually, it's the only way to write! Now I'll have to think of a way to make love to him while I write after he makes me cum!”

Of course I had to stop while I felt my cum shooting directly into Chris's throat. After my orgasm ended, I came up with a great idea. I laid the laptop in the floor, then laid in front of it on my stomach. Chris smiled eagerly as he lubed his cock, then climbed onto my back. Writing on the computer as I felt Chris's cock thrust in and out of me was an experience I'll never forget, and it provided the other guys with some entertainment as well. After Chris's orgasm was over, he laid on my back as I finished the chapter, with his cock still buried inside me.

Arron and Erik didn't know it when I had talked to them, but the next day would change their friend Artie's life forever.

The next day when Peter showed up at Artie's house, he went right on in. Artie had told Peter that there was no reason to knock anymore, and he could feel free to let himself in. Artie had even given Peter a spare key, in case he couldn't get to the door when Peter showed up.

Hey Artie, where are you?” called out Peter.

I'm in the bedroom with my massage therapist!” replied Artie. “Come on back!”

Peter went ahead and made his way to the bedroom, where he found the therapist thoroughly massing Artie's lower back. Artie looked very relaxed, as the therapist massaged as much pain and stiffness from Artie as he could.

You look like you're enjoying that!” smiled Peter. “Why don't I go ahead and clean up out there right now? Then we'll see what else I can do for you.”

Yeah, I do have quite a bit you can do for me Peter, so you might as well get the cleaning out of the way first.” replied Artie.

After Peter finished in the kitchen, he when out to start on cleaning and vacuuming the living room. At that time the therapist left, so Peter helped Artie get his clothes off, and helped him to the living room. Then as Artie watched, Peter stripped naked and began cleaning the living room. Artie loved watching his boyfriend do the housework naked, and couldn't stop smiling at Peter.

When Peter finally finished with the vacuum and turned it off, he smiled at Artie's erection and said, “I see you enjoyed that too!”

Come sit with me on the couch babe, and I'll show you how much!” replied Artie.

Peter smiled brightly as he sat next to Artie on the couch. Then Artie pulled Peter into him, and pressed his lips to Peter's. As Peter and Artie shared a warm and loving kiss, they wrapped a hand around each other's cocks, and stoked each other very gently.

When Artie finally broke the kiss, he smiled into Peter's face and said, “Peter my love, I want to feel your cock inside me today.”

Are you sure Artie?” asked Peter.

I've given this a lot of thought overnight Peter.” replied Artie. “I haven't felt the feelings of love that I do for you in a long time, and I want to feel so much more. I really do want to feel you inside me, making love to me. Can we go to my bedroom? I want to cover your beautiful cock with my mouth for a few minutes, before I take you inside me.”

Let's go make love then!” replied Peter with a smile, as he started getting up.

After Peter helped Artie up, he followed him eagerly to the bedroom. Once Peter and Artie were laying in a sixty nine position on the bed, Peter swallowed Artie's cock lovingly. Artie smiled lovingly at Peter's cock, then took all of it into his mouth. Then the two lovingly sucked each other for the next few minutes.

Artie finally backed off and said, “I love you so much Peter! Please make love to me now!”

Artie then rolled onto his back, and Peter knelt between his legs. As Peter lubed his cock, he said, “I'm going to make love to you very gently Artie.”

Don't be too gentle Peter.” replied Artie. “That may be fine at first, but I'm really looking forward to really feeling you inside me!”

Peter smiled again as he lifted Artie's legs up onto his shoulders. Then Peter put his cock up to Artie's pucker, and pushed it into him gently. Artie gasped and groaned slightly at first, then looked lovingly into Peter's face.

That was certainly different!” said Artie, as Peter rested his cock. “I think I'm going to get used to this very quickly though.”

With that, Peter slowly pushed his cock all the way into Artie.

Artie's wife Jessica didn't want to return home so quickly, but her family wasn't going to let her off easily this time. The last two times she had become pregnant with Artie's child, her family covered for her. This time though, her parents insisted that she talk things over with her husband before going through with it. As Jessica entered the front door, she thought she heard Artie moaning in the bedroom. Instead of calling out to him though, she quietly made her way to the bedroom door. Jessica stood there in shock, as she saw Peter thrusting his cock in and out of Artie's butt. Both the boy and her husband had their eyes closed, and looked like they were enjoying every second of what they were doing.

Oh God Peter!” moaned Artie with his eyes still closed. “I love you so much! I was beginning to think making love would never feel this good again! Now I know that I love you with every ounce of my being! You're the only one who will ever make me feel this way again.”

I love you just as much Artie!” moaned Peter with his eyes closed too. “I'm ready to fill you with my love Artie! Oh God Artie, I'm cumming!”

Oh Peter, your love feels so good shooting deep inside me!” moaned Artie very loudly, his eyes still closed. “I've never known what love feels like until now!”

After the last of Peter's orgasm had shot into Artie, and Peter began lowering himself down into Artie's arms, Jessica yelled out, “What the fuck are you two faggots doing?!”

Artie instinctively jumped out from underneath Peter, sending a shot of pain through his back.

I can explain Jessica!” said Artie, through almost clenched teeth.

Explain what, why you just let some boy shoot his cum up your ass?!” screamed Jessica. “And here my parents though we should talk about me getting an abortion! I should have told them to mind their own business, and just killed your seed like I did the last two times!”

What!” yelled Artie, now forgetting the pain in his back. “You've had two abortions, knowing how much I've wanted a family?! How could you be such a cold hearted bitch?!”

Yeah, I've had two abortions you clod!” yelled Jessica. “As soon as I get back up north, you can make it three too! Now I want both of you faggots to get out of my bedroom, while I pack the rest of my clothes!”

Artie slipped on a pair of shorts, but Peter had left all of his clothes out in the living room. He had no choice but to get up in plain view of Jessica, and walk quickly past her out the door. Artie caught up to Peter as he was putting on his shorts.

I feel like I don't belong here Artie.” said Peter. “I think I need to leave for now.”

You do belong here my love.” replied Artie. “She's the one who shouldn't be here. I can never feel anything for that monster again, after killing two of my children! Besides Peter, I'm really going to need you when she leaves. It's my back.”

Oh God Artie, I'm sorry!” replied Peter. “Of course I'll stay then. I don't want to be in here when she comes out though.”

Okay then Peter, take the keys hanging by the back door, and I'll come to the guest house to get you when she's gone.” said Artie. “It's the key with GH inscribed on it. I meant it when I said I love you more than anyone else in the world Peter.”

I love you too Artie.” replied Peter, as he tried to smile. “I'll get the rest of my clothes on, and wait for you in the guest house.”

Artie waited for what sounded like a very angry Jessica to come back out of the bedroom. When she came out, she said, “I'll send my brother for the rest of my things you pig! You make me sick, and I don't want to look at you again!”

I just want to know before you leave, how can you kill our unborn children so casually?” asked Artie. “What kind of monster can do that?”

Those weren't our children, you fag!” yelled Jessica. “It's my body, and I'll do what I want!”

If you were some kind of two bit slut, and got pregnant without a husband, I could buy that Jessica.” replied Artie. “I'm your husband though! Those were OUR children you murdered! If it was just the fact that you don't like children, you should have told me! I would have made damn sure you didn't have to deal with them.”

You were my husband, but not anymore!” yelled Jessica. “It's really none of your business now! Why does it matter so much to you anyway? Did you want to have a little boy so you could do perverted shit with him, and turn him into what you are?”

There's nothing perverted about who I am!” replied Artie loudly.

Then why did I see you laying on your back like a woman, letting a little boy fuck you?” yelled Jessica.

That little boy is a lot more grown up than you'll ever be you bitch!” yelled Artie back to Jessica. “He wasn't fucking me either! He was making love to me, which is a lot more than you've done in quite a while. I think you're just pissed because you heard the truth, and heard me tell him how much I love him!”

You sick piece of shit!” yelled Jessica. “Get out of my way Artie! I'm leaving now, and I never want to see you again!”

Good!” exclaimed Artie. “That makes two of us!”

With that, Jessica stormed past Artie with her bags, telling him that he'd be hearing from her lawyer soon. She left Artie standing there, hurting emotionally and physically. Artie shook it off though, and headed to the back door. It felt to Peter like he had been waiting an eternity when Artie finally showed up. Peter had once again removed his clothes, and waited for Artie naked, with his arms outstretched.

Do you really love this more than you ever did your wife?” asked Peter.

Oh God Peter, you don't even know how much more!” replied Artie emotionally. “There can never be any comparison. I love you more than I ever thought possible to love another person! Would you consider being my mate Peter?”

I'd love that more than anything in the world Artie.” smiled Peter, as he stepped into Artie's arms. “I could have never dreamt of ever having a great husband like you!”

Your great husband's back is killing him though!” replied Artie through both a grimace and a smile. “I think there are a few beers in that fridge over there. My buddies and I use this as our football hangout. Could you grab me one my love?”

Peter gave Artie a quick kiss, and said, “Anything for my husband! Go ahead and take your shorts off while I get the beer. Then after you've had a few drinks and start to relax, I'll see what I can do about your back.”

Peter came back with two beers, and he and Artie drank together as they sat on the sofa and talked. “What am I going to do Peter?” asked Artie.

About what?” asked Peter.

She's already had two abortions, and now she plans on doing it again.” replied Artie. “I really do want to be a father, and she knows that.”

Any boy or girl would be lucky to have you as their father too.” said Peter. “If you think she's going to do it as soon as she gets back up north, you might want to act quickly. States have been granting more and more rights to the fathers of unborn children these days. Aaron's father is a lawyer, and if anyone would know what you can do, he might. Do you want me to call Aaron right now?”

If I can save my son or my daughter, I have to try.” replied Artie.

Hi, this is Aaron.” said Aaron, as he answered his phone on a break between takes.

Hey Aaron, this is Peter.” replied Peter. “Artie's wife came home today, and caught me making love to Artie.”

Holy shit!” exclaimed Aaron. “Are you okay?!”

I'm fine.” replied Peter. “She only stayed long enough to pack more of her stuff. Aaron, she's been pregnant twice before, and has had an abortion both times. Now she's pregnant again, and says she's going to abort the pregnancy as soon as she gets back up north.”

How could she do that, knowing how much Artie wants children?” asked Aaron.

She's a monster, that's how.” replied Peter. “I'm glad she caught us now, and heard me and Artie profess our love for each other as I made love to him. As a matter of fact, it's kind of funny now. She saw me kneeling between Artie's legs, with my cock inside him as deep as it would go. She saw how much Artie loved it too. What isn't funny though is her wanting to kill another one of Artie's children. Is there anything your dad might be able to do about this?”

I'll call him right now, and have him call you right back.” replied Aaron. “Erik and I are on our way over. We're ahead of our shooting schedule anyways.”

Okay Aaron, we'll be waiting for you.” said Peter. “If we're not in the main house when you get here, then we'll be in the guest house in back.”

Aaron immediately called Ben, and told him what had happened between Peter, Artie, and Artie's wife. Ben thought there might be something he could do, but he would have to talk with one of his new friends there before calling Artie back. He knew they would have to act before the end of the day though, so he was going to make it as quickly as he could. As soon as Aaron finished talking to his dad, he and Erik took off.

As soon as Peter and Artie had finished their beer, Peter had Artie lay face down on the bed in the corner of the main room. Then Peter began to lovingly massage the pain and kinks from Artie's back. Peter started off firmly on Artie's upper back and shoulders, and became more gentle and precise as he moved gradually to Artie's lower back. When Artie let out a deep sigh of relief, Peter moved on to massage the cheeks of Artie's butt. After about fifteen minutes, Peter had the kinks worked out of Artie's back fairly well. Then Peter rolled Artie carefully over onto his back, with Artie's half hard cock starting to point upward.

I know one of your muscles that definitely hasn't had enough work on it today!” smiled Peter.

Then Peter lowered himself down, until his lips gently touched Artie's cock. Peter worked on massaging the head with his lips and tongue, running his lips gently around Artie's cock. Artie let out a soft moan of pleasure, so Peter gently caressed the entire shaft of Artie's cock with his lips. Artie smiled as he looked down at Peter, as Peter made love to his cock.

After about ten minutes of blissful pleasure, Artie moaned out, “I love you so much Peter! I love you more than anyone else on Earth!”

As Artie was moaning that, Aaron and Erik walked in. “Too bad she didn't see this!” snickered Aaron. “She may have been able to pick up a few pointers!”

No one else can make me feel like this!” moaned Artie. “Peter, I'm going to cum for you now!”

Peter began sucking hard and lovingly on Artie's cock, as he felt Artie's cum shooting into his mouth forcefully. Artie moaned loudly, as Peter swallowed every drop of his cum. Aaron and Erik smiled as they watched the two lovers sharing their love.

After Artie's orgasm was over, Aaron asked, “So, how did it feel to have Peter inside you for the first time today?”

It was incredible!” replied Artie, as he and Peter sat up on the bed. “It felt even better than this just did, and I look forward to many years of us making love.”

I look forward to giving my love to you too.” said Peter, as he put his arms around Artie and gave him a brief kiss.

It looks like you two were meant to find each other then.” said Erik. “I'm glad Aaron and I were the ones to get you together.”

Now, we have to figure out what to do about your wife.” said Aaron. “Has dad called you back yet?”

He was going to talk to a friend of his first.” replied Artie. “I'm expecting him to call back again any time now.”

As soon as Artie said that, his phone went off. “Artie here.” said Artie, as he answered the phone.

Artie, I've come up with a few possible scenarios for your situation.” said Ben. “We have to act quickly though, before the courts here and up north close for the day. I think we can get an injunction to prevent your wife from aborting this pregnancy, on the grounds that she's done this twice before without your knowledge while you were married. You should have had the right to have some input on those decisions, since you are her husband. Once we do that, we can fight her in court to have the pregnancy continued, and have you gain custody of the child when it's born. How fast can you meet me at the courthouse?”

Well, your son and his boyfriend are here now.” replied Artie. “If they don't mind driving me in my car, we can be there in twenty minutes or so.”

Not a problem Artie!” said Erik.

Okay Ben, Erik said yes.” said Artie. “I'll meet you there in twenty minutes.”

Good, that should give us plenty of time to get the injunction, and have it issued in her family's county up north.” replied Ben. “We will most likely have to go there too, as I expect her to file an appeal immediately. I can drive you up there for that.”

Can my boyfriend Peter go along too, when we go up north?” asked Artie. “He's the one my wife caught me with. I'll need him though, to help with my back.”

I don't see any harm in that, although we may not want him in the courtroom up there.” replied Ben. “Okay, get to the courthouse now, and I'll meet you there.”

By the time Artie got there, Ben had already scheduled an emergency hearing for the injunction. Ben's friend had given him a list of judges to request, who would be sympathetic the the rights of an unborn child's father. As luck would have it, the first judge on the list was ahead of schedule in his court, and granted the emergency hearing.

Okay, I understand that the petitioner's wife has had two previous abortions without the petitioner's knowledge or consent.” said the judge. “Is that correct?”

Yes your honor, that's correct.” replied Artie.

And now she is pregnant for a third time, and is seeking an abortion to end this pregnancy.” said the judge. “What is your input on her intended actions?”

I have always wanted to start a family with her, your honor.” replied Artie. “I have told her that many times, which is why I believe she never told me about her first two pregnancies and abortions. I would have never consented to it. Now she wants to go ahead and end the life of my third child, knowing very well how I feel about that.”

How is it that she told you about her current pregnancy?” asked the judge.

Her family forced her into it.” replied Artie.

Are there any other circumstances that I should know about?” asked the judge. “Please be honest with me too. You'll find that I'm a very fair minded person.”

I know that you can see there must be some other circumstances regarding her telling me about this pregnancy, and her reaction to my wishes.” replied Artie. “To be completely honest, things haven't been going well between me and Jessica for the past year. I'm quite frankly surprised that they have been going well enough for her to be pregnant again. She has assured me that the child is mine though, and I have no reason to doubt her, especially after today. With things not going so well lately, our love has also faded. I recently found someone though who has rekindled those feelings inside me, and Jessica walked in on us in the act, when she came home unexpectedly.”

Is this new woman more likely to respect your wishes to have a family?” asked the judge.

I'm afraid that would be impossible sir.” replied Artie. “I never knew these feelings existed inside me sir, but this new love interest is another man.”

So then, this would be your last possibility of fathering a child with your mate?” asked the judge.

Yes sir.” replied Artie. “My current relationship is very serious, and I could never dream of having any type of affair as long as we're together. Not even to father another child.”

Thank you for being so honest.” said the judge. “I know that for someone in your position, it must have been very difficult. My decision though is not difficult. Regardless of your new knowledge of your sexual orientation, you are still married to your current wife. As the father of this unborn child, you do have specific rights which have been violated up to this point. I will issue the injunction, and immediately forward it to the county where she has gone to seek the abortion. Just so you know though, she sounds likely to appeal the injunction in that county, and you'll most likely have to appear there to face her in court. I hope that it will help to attach my thoughts on the injunction, and my reasons for issuing it, but you'll still have a fight on your hands to have her pregnancy continued. I really do wish you all of the best luck that I can with that, and I hope you do have the opportunity to father this child.”

Artie was elated with the judge's decision, as they left the courthouse. Ben told Artie to go home and relax a bit, and prepare for the trip north. Ben also told Artie that he would make sure by the end of the evening that anyplace within three hundred miles of her location that could provide an abortion, would know of the court injunction against her.

After another sold out show in Dallas that night, it was time to continue the tour. That night during the show, Devon found himself up near Sean between songs at one point. The two boys couldn't resist sharing a brief kiss during the show. All of the boys in the band were relieved that either no one noticed the kiss, or they just didn't care that Devon and Sean shared a moment of affection onstage. The next night in Houston, the show went very well once again. The boys did however notice that some of the applause they got from younger males was a little more fanatical than usual, and it was their first sign that the kiss between Devon and Sean had not gone unnoticed.

The next day, Ben called Artie on the phone. Peter was there with Artie, as he had been since getting caught by Jessica. Peter had enjoyed sharing a bed with Artie the past few nights, after informing his parents that a friend needed him to say with him for a while.

Hi there Artie.” said Ben. “Your wife has filed an appeal of the injunction, so we have to be ready to face her in court tomorrow. I've been busy preparing the case though, and researching the court in that area.”

What do you think our chances are?” asked Artie.

I don't think that you being gay will be an insurmountable problem there.” replied Ben. “From what I've discovered, a majority of judges there do believe that a father has some rights in cases like this. The one thing that might hurt us though is the fact that Peter is seventeen. Your wife is apparently still pissed that she caught Peter performing anal sex on you, and is apparently prepared to make a deal of it. It seems as though Peter may get dragged into this anyway. Not only do we have to make your relationship with another man seem perfectly acceptable now, but we have to make the fact that he's seventeen seem acceptable too. At least the age of consent is on our side here, and I'm working with a few friends of mine on resolving the age issue.”

What are the odds though?” asked Artie.

I'm not going to lie to you Artie.” replied Ben. “It looks like fifty fifty at best. You are going to have a lot of impact on that though Artie, so I want you prepared for it. We can still knock this one out of the park if you can get the judge on your side.”

I'll do my best Ben.” replied Artie. “Thanks for everything you've done so far.”

No thanks are necessary Artie.” replied Ben. “I have to do everything I can to help save your child. I know that with you raising him or her, and Peter helping, the child will never suffer from a lack of love and caring.”

Also that day in San Antonio, the boys were preparing for a live interview on a country radio station that was helping promote the concert. Of course they were promoting it due to the headline band, but they insisted on interviewing the boys for some reason.

Well boys, I'm glad we could find chairs for all of you.” said the DJ, as he started the interview. “From what I've read and heard, you boys have been having a great tour so far.”

It's been a lot better than any of us could have expected.” replied Allen.

The fans at our shows have been incredible.” added Rusty. “We want to thank everyone who has supported us so far.”

So then, you expect that to continue after what happened two nights ago in Dallas?” asked the DJ.

The only thing that happened was that two people who are like brothers to us expressed the feelings they have for each other.” replied Rusty, now getting a little defensive. “We've never mislead anyone out there, and our show last night was every bit as well accepted as the rest of the tour has been. As long as our fans are happy, it's really none of your business!”

I'm afraid you may be wrong about that.” replied the DJ. “Our station is promoting that concert, and we can pull our promotion at any time. Especially if we've found out that not only is one of the acts unpatriotic, but gay as well.”

First of all, we don't have to justify ourselves to closed-minded jerks like you!” said Allen, now as hot under the collar as Rusty. “Our fans are the only ones who matter to us! As for being unpatriotic, the only thing we did was turn down an invitation that we didn't have time for, and felt was insincere anyways!”

Well boys, we'll see what happens when we pull our promotion of this concert!” said the DJ. “I have a little more clout than you seem to realize, and you need to learn a little respect for that!”

At that time, the studio phone flashed for an incoming call. The headline band had been listening, and the lead singer was as mad as Rusty and Allen were. As soon as the DJ put the call on air, the lead singer said, “Listen here you little weasel! Your station was promoting this concert on the basis of our band, not those boys. You aren't even the major promoter of this concert anyway, and neither of our bands are in any trouble with our major promoter. My band has been through this crap before over things I've said onstage, and we're not worried about jerks like you anymore. You can just pull your puny promotion of our show anyway, because we don't want you. It'll save us the trouble of telling you to take a long walk off a short pier. Those boys are friends of ours though, and that's important to us. We're going to stand behind them no matter what. Rusty, we want you and the other boys to walk out on that chump right now!”

Yes ma'am, it'll be a pleasure!” replied Rusty.

Rusty and the other boys walked out of the studio without another word, leaving the DJ with his jaw hanging open. Then the DJ vowed over the air to disrupt the show that night to the point where it would not go on. That evening after their sound check, Rusty and Allen snuck around the side of the arena, to where they could see if anything was happening. As cars began lining up to get into the parking lots, about one dozen protesters took up a position as close to the arena as they were allowed. They were carrying hastily made signs with crude language, and none of the signs seemed to follow the same theme. As fans began filing past the protesters to get to the arena, they began to mock and laugh at the hastily prepared protest. Some of the fans even spat at the protesters, and a scuffle almost broke out a few times. Once the signs had been trashed by the fans after about a half hour into the protest, the protesters decided to quickly retreat from the arena area. It was enough to make Rusty and Allen snicker as they headed back into the arena for the show.

I have an idea to thank our fans.” said Rusty, as they were getting ready for the show. “Mike, how many band photos do we have onhand?”

Well, I've been having more and more made from the same negative throughout the tour.” replied Mike. “I'd have to say in the neighborhood of about twenty thousand of them, packed in boxes underneath the buses.”

Are the rest of you guys up to signing autographs all night?” asked Rusty. “We have a few days before our next show in Albuquerque.”

All of the boys replied yes, so Rusty asked Mike to get the road crew to set up an autograph area on the arena concourse. The opening act had a great show, and the crowd liked them quite a bit. Then it was time for the boys to take the stage.

After their introduction, and a great response from the crowd, Rusty stepped up to the mic and said, “Hello, San Antonio! Welcome to the Stick It To the Establishment Tour! Allen and I saw all of you out front as you came in, and we're proud to have fans like you!” After the applause from that remark died down, Rusty continued, “There's no way we could ever thank our fans for everything they've done for us, but tonight we want to try. After we leave the stage, we're setting up an autograph area outside of section one twenty, on the main concourse. We have plenty of our band photos, so anyone who wants one autographed by all of us is welcome to stop by!”

That got even more applause from the crowd, and Rusty and the band launched into the best performance of Still the One that they had done so far.

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