Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

Hi everyone. M and I thought it was about time we begin our campaign, so here goes. I plan on going over three subjects this time, then I will tackle the other major issues the next time. Warning: If you do not like harsh criticism of the way our country has been run lately, please skip the disclaimer. I'm sure you won't like it.

The environment: Let's face some facts here, which I know the government is not normally use to doing. When we lose a major metropolitan city to a storm, it's time to admit that our environment is getting very fucked up very quickly. Scientists are already saying that the polar ice caps are melting faster than ever before now. The major currents of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans run very close to our polar regions. How much cold fresh water can melt off into these currents, before they are drastically altered? That question is best left unanswered, because it ends with a new ice age. We need to stop polluting our atmosphere, regardless of the cost. I'm sure the cost of a new ice age would be much higher. Vehicles are a major polluter, but the technology exists now to make vehicles that do not use fossil fuel. If open wheeled race cars can run on clean burning organic fuel, why can't passenger cars? Pinning our hopes on a new technology that hasn't even been tested yet, and may be 20 to 30 years down the road is not a good idea. The person who suggested it is heavily invested in the oil industry, and is only trying to pad his investments as long as he can. As for mass transit, magnetic levitated trains run on electricity, not diesel fuel. They can also run at speeds in excess of 300 miles per hour. I know that only answers the question of inter-continental travel, but I'm sure a solution exists for trans-continental travel as well. As for electricity production, coal fired plants are unnecessary. Our hydro-electric capacity could be much greater, using already existing facilities. Tidal generators are a viable alternative for coastal areas. We have vast open areas in the western US that could be used for wind and solar energy production. We do not need to pollute our environment to produce electricity. The only ones who really want us to continue doing that are oil and coal mining companies.

Dependence on foreign oil: The above measures would completely eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. Trust me, this would be a very good thing. Why should our economy hinge on some nut in the desert, with a towel wrapped around his head? We have given these people way too much control over us for way too long. I say protect Israel, Egypt, and Lebanon, and let the rest do what they will to each other. And no, I'm not being racist against Muslims. I have friends who are Muslim, outside the Middle East, and they are very good people. This is more of a slam against the greedy oil barons of the Middle East.

Foreign conflict: How many of you here in the US felt that Hussien was a great and imminent threat to your safety and security? If you did buy into that, I would like to talk to you about timeshares. I am currently offering shares at a great resort, about 300 miles west of the Canary Islands. It's called the Atlantis Resort. Okay, so they have a slight flooding problem, but I promise that it's nothing major. Just so we're clear, I can understand getting rid of the Taliban, as they were arm in arm with several terrorist groups. All that really takes though is establishing a government in Afghanistan that can defend itself. Hussien never had any ties to the Al Qiada though. The only terrorism he believed in was terrorizing his own people. I would have thought their neighbors in Iran developing nuclear weapons capability was much more of a threat. But then again, I'm sure the Iraqi oil fields seemed like a much easier conquest than the Iranian oil fields. I think it's time we choose our crusades more carefully, and for better reasons than making a profit for Haliburton.

Okay, that's enough campaigning for now. This story is © 2006 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments about the story to: Also, don't forget to visit my web site at: Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 3

From the last chapter:

"Pete, Andrew is going to make some guy a very fine lover." said Allen. "I kind of hope it's you, because you two look like you belong together. Just ask yourself who has made you the happiest throughout your whole life. You now know how much Andrew really loves you."

"I promise I will think about it all night if I have to." said Pete. "There is something I'm curious about first though."

Pete then drew his cock gently out of Andrew, and slowly leaned down. Andrew watched in surprise as Pete stuck out his tongue, and licked some of the cum from his stomach. Pete thought about the taste for a moment, then leaned in and licked up some more. By the time it was over, Pete had licked Andrew's stomach and chest clean.

"I guess that will give me something to think about." smiled Pete.

The next day, Calvin made it easily to the final match. This would prove to be his toughest match though. Calvin and the other boxer traded points throughout the entire match. When it was over, Calvin honestly didn't know who had won.

Then the PA announcer finally came out to the ring and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by a vote of two judges to one, from Orlando Florida, Calvin Wilson!"

Calvin shook the other boxer's hand, and told him what a great match he had fought. Then Tom and Ricky made it out to the center of the ring to join Calvin. Calvin's cheering section was cheering as loudly as they could, as Calvin was awarded the trophy. After a brief victory dinner, everyone headed home to Orlando. All of the boys ended up staying at Rusty and Allen's that night, except for Pete and Andrew. They decided that they needed a long and private talk. Pete never did come out and say that he loved Andrew, and wanted to be his boyfriend, but Andrew knew that it was now on the tip of his tongue.

That week Rusty and Aaron began training for their upcoming local tournament. After the two boys sparred together on Wednesday, Aaron asked, "Rusty, would Tom be mad if I decided not to pursue boxing?"

"I think he would be disappointed, but he would want you to do whatever you felt was best for you." replied Rusty. "So, you've been thinking about that too, huh?"

"It's just that this summer, I'll be in Hollywood with Eric, taping the next season of the show." replied Aaron. "Eric thinks I'll be every bit as popular and famous as he is. That will be so cool for me and my boyfriend both to be TV stars!"

"I hope you are too." smiled Rusty, as he gave Aaron a light hug. "That's kind of what I'm thinking about too. I know the Olympics are very important to Calvin, but I don't see myself going that far. Besides, this summer we will most likely be on a tour with someone. The music is much more important to me than boxing is."

"So, when should we tell Tom?" asked Aaron.

"I guess it wouldn't be fair to Tom to let it go too much longer." replied Rusty. "We should make a decision right after the tournament, then we can tell him together."

"That sounds good." smiled Aaron. "Right after I beat you, we'll decide when to tell Tom."

"We'll see about that!" laughed Rusty.

Wednesday was also a day that would change Andrew's and Pete's lives forever. Diane hated ever giving up, and she wasn't about to give up on Pete either. One of her friends had a brother who was a well known bully at their school. As Andrew was waiting for Pete at his car after school on Wednesday, he was approached by another boy.

"Hey faggot, what are you doing out here alone?" asked the boy. "Don't you know that it's dangerous out here?"

"Go find someone else to annoy Carson, I'm waiting for a friend." replied Andrew, trying not to act scared.

"Well, I don't see your friend anywhere around right now!" replied Carson.

Carson then moved toward Andrew, who tried to escape. Carson cut him off though, and knocked him to the ground. Andrew got back up, and held his fists in front of himself, in a defensive posture.

"My my, doesn't the faggot look tough now!" laughed Carson. "What if I decide to kick you instead though?"

As soon as Andrew looked down at Carson's feet, Carson landed a hard punch to Andrew's face, knocking Andrew back down. Andrew blacked out immediately, so Carson gave him a kick to the ribs, then left him there on the ground. Pete cursed himself for being late when he didn't see Andrew waiting at his car. Then Pete approached the driver's side, and saw his best friend laying on the ground.

"Oh no!" screamed Pete, as he rushed to Andrew's side. "I'm so sorry Andrew! Please wake up! I promise I'll never be late again Andrew!"

Then Andrew began to slowly regain consciousness, and Pete held him close to his chest. Pete took a clean towel out of his backpack, and gently cleaned the blood from Andrew's face.

"Please Andrew, wake up." said Pete, almost on the verge of tears. Then Pete leaned in, and gave Andrew a kiss on his lips. "I love you Andrew." cried Pete. "Please tell me who did this."

"It was Carson." said Andrew weakly. "Could you give me another kiss, and tell me you love me again? That felt really nice."

Pete gave Andrew a longer, and more loving kiss, then said, "I love you Andrew. You are the only one I could ever love like this. I don't care what this means anymore. The only thing that's important is how much I love you. I'll never let this happen to my boyfriend again."

"I love you too Pete." smiled Andrew, through his puffy and bruised lips.

"I'm going to take you to your house Andrew, then I'm going to give Carson a message for Diane." said Pete. "I know that bitch is behind this!"

Pete took Andrew home, and helped explain to Andrew's parents what had happened. They already knew that Andrew was gay, and had accepted it. They now looked happy that Pete had accepted things as well, as it seemed like they knew that this would happen between the two boys eventually. After giving Andrew yet another, even more passionate kiss, Pete took off to find Carson. He finally caught up with the bully at the neighborhood park.

"Hey Pete, what's up?" asked Carson. "Diane really wants to talk to you sometime."

Pete knocked Carson off his bicycle with one punch, then pinned him to the ground. "Don't you hey Pete me, you asshole!" yelled Pete. "If you ever even look at my friend Andrew again, I'll make you wish you'd never seen either of us!"

Pete got off Carson, and Carson started to stand back up again. Pete knocked him right back down before he could get to his feet, then gave him a kick. "Tell that bitch Diane that she's the last slut in the world I would ever want to speak to again. My boyfriend Andrew is better than she could ever dream of being!" Then Pete spat on Carson, and went back to his car.

Pete felt much better by the time he got back to Andrew's house. Andrew's parents had already called Pete's parents by that time, and told them that Pete may want to spend the night, because Andrew had a rough day and wasn't feeling too good about it. When Pete came in, Andrew's parents told him that his parents said he could spend the night if he wanted to. Pete smiled as he jumped on the offer.

Meanwhile, Ben had stopped by the gym with Allen after his Karate class, to pick up Rusty and talk to Ricky. After he asked the other boys to excuse him and Ricky, Ben said, "Ricky, I know what I want to talk to you about is going to be painful, but I feel it's very important. In taking care of your parents estate for you, I came across quite a bit of information. Mike and Tom were actually at one point having quite a bit of influence over your parents and how they treated you."

"What happened in such a short time between the hospital and California then?" asked Ricky. "The way they talked then, they hated gay people worse than they ever had before."

"Do you remember that counselor they were threatening to make you see before the accident?" asked Ben.

"How could I forget that?" replied Ricky. "It sounded pretty scary, and they weren't giving me any choice."

"That counselor is part of a national organization of so-called Christian counselors, who claim they can cleanse people of the sin of homosexuality." said Ben. "Of course we know that it's not a sin to be homosexual, but these people brainwash gay people and their families into believing that it is. Judith was the one who had me on the lookout for them, because she's had to deal with the aftermath of the damage they can do. These people have no training at all in psychology, and their methods of brainwashing are considered dangerous by all legitimate mental heath professionals."

"Did they brainwash my parents into thinking that I was evil?" asked Ricky, unsure of whether or not he wanted to know.

"Your parents had quite a bit of contact with these people, including several lengthy sessions." said Ben. "I believe they used their methods on your parents Ricky."

"Why?!" cried Ricky, as he began to break down. "They killed my parents Ben!"

Ben took Ricky into a hug as the boy began to sob heavily. Ben comforted Ricky for quite a while, then said, "Ricky, it's important to remember that I think your parents really loved you. They would have been able to show that if they hadn't been brainwashed. I also believe that they realized the real truth before the end came for them. I'll bet right now they want you to get past this, and continue to be the sweet and loving person that you are."

As Ricky still cried lightly, he finally said, "But I'll never have them back to hear that from them. I would have really liked to hear them say that they loved me."

"They do Ricky, and you can count on that." replied Ben. "I know you can't have them back, but there is something you can do."

"What's that?" asked Ricky, as he finally tried to dry his tears.

"You can help make sure this never happens to anyone else." said Ben. "I'm sure that your parents would want you to do that. I want you to give me the power of attorney to file a wrongful death lawsuit against these so-called counselors for you. Who knows how many lives they have destroyed before now, and how many more they destroy before they're stopped. We wouldn't be seeking any kind of out of court settlement either. The money means nothing, because they can't replace what you've lost. We want this case to be heard, so these people will be exposed."

"I trust you Ben, so go ahead." said Ricky.

Ben gave Ricky another hug, and a kiss on the forehead, then took him back to Calvin. Then Ben whispered to Calvin to comfort Ricky as much as he could that night.

As Andrew and Pete prepared to go to bed together that night, Andrew asked, "Can I take all your clothes off for you Pete?"

"Only if I can do the same for you." replied Pete as he smiled. Once the boys were naked and in bed, Pete said, "Andrew, I want to make love to you tonight. I'm really nervous, because I want to do things that I've never done before, but I'm very sure about this."

"I'll help you as much as you need it Pete." said Andrew. "I love you very much, and I've waited for this for a long time."

"Thanks for waiting." smiled Pete.

Andrew then put his arms around Pete, and the two boys hugged each other tightly. Next, Andrew placed his lips against Pete's, and began a very passionate kiss. After a few minutes, Andrew pushed his tongue against Pete's lips. Pete immediately opened his mouth, and felt Andrew's tongue slip into it. As Pete began sucking on Andrew's tongue, the two boys began caressing each other's bodies. When they finally broke the kiss, Andrew had Pete slide down in the bed.

"I want you to look at my dick as you think about how much you love me Pete." said Andrew. When Pete began looking longingly at Andrew's dick, Andrew said, "Now I want you to open your mouth, and watch my dick as it passes between your lips."

Pete opened his mouth, and stared in awe as he watched Andrew's dick slide between his lips. Pete then closed his mouth around Andrew's dick, and felt the most wonderful sensation he had ever felt. Andrew's dick felt better against his tongue and the roof of his mouth than he could have ever imagined. When Pete began sucking Andrew's dick lovingly, Andrew turned himself around, and took Pete's dick into his mouth. The two boys pleasured each other like that for the next five minutes, then Andrew had Pete lay on his back on the bed.

"Oh my God Andrew, making love to you is so incredible!" moaned Pete softly.

Andrew knelt between Pete's legs, and as he lubed his erection, he said, "You haven't felt anything yet, my love." As soon as Andrew was lubed, he put Pete's ankles up on his shoulders and said, "I'm not going to lie Pete, the first time usually hurts at first. After my dick has been inside you for a little while though, you won't be able to believe how it's going to feel. Just remember how much I love you."

Andrew began to slowly push his erection into Pete's rectum, and Pete grimaced. Andrew stopped after about half of his swollen dick was inside Pete.

"I'm going to stop now, and let you get use to this before I put the rest of my dick inside you Pete." said Andrew. "Take as long as you need to, and let me know when you're ready to go on."

After several minutes, the look of discomfort disappeared from Pete's face. Then he told Andrew to go ahead. Andrew slowly pushed the rest of his dick into Pete, then began to slowly go back and forth. After a few moments, Pete was ginning wider than Andrew had ever seen.

"Oh God Andrew, I can't believe how this feels!" moaned Pete. "Please make love to me!"

As Andrew began to pick up the pace, he leaned down to kiss Pete. Andrew was shocked when Pete grabbed his butt, and made him thrust even harder and faster. Before long, Andrew was thrusting in and out of Pete as passionately as he could. Pete began breathing heavily into Andrew's mouth. Then Andrew felt Pete's rectum spasm around his dick, and felt Pete's cum smearing between their stomachs. That was all it took for Andrew to begin cumming into Pete. Pete moaned as he felt Andrew's cum shooting into his rectum for the very first time. Once Andrew's orgasm was over, he pulled out of Pete, and began licking Pete's stomach clean.

"I need more!" said Andrew urgently.

Then Andrew swallowed Pete's still erect dick, and began making love to it hungrily. After a few minutes, Pete was trying to keep his moaning down as he felt another orgasm coming on. Andrew sucked as hard as he could, as he felt Pete's cum in his mouth. Once Pete stopped cumming for a second time, Andrew climbed back up into the bed to take Pete into a hug.

"Is it always going to be that good?" moaned Pete softly.

"Who knows, it may get even better." replied Andrew. The two boys then kissed until they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The band had another interview on Friday after school, but this time it was for a local TV station. Once the cameras were set up and started, the reporter said, "I'm very excited to be here with what could become the hottest band to ever come from Orlando. Youthful Discretion's album has stayed at the number one spot since being released, and their hit, Still the One, is still the one as far as most radio stations across the country are concerned. Hi boys, a lot of people are still trying to classify your music in one particular genre. Can you help them out?"

"I'll take that one." replied Calvin. "Our music is really a mixture of all of the different types of music that we like, which is mostly country and classic rock. All of the songs we do have different elements of each of those in them, so we're not specifically a country group, or specifically a rock group. We are happy that both genres like us so much though."

"That doesn't help much though, for those who need to put a label on things like that." said the reporter.

"I guess if people have to label our music, we'd be happy being known as a country rock band." said Allen.

"Or a rock country band." smiled Shane.

"Well, I listen to your album all the time, and I'd have to agree with one of those two." laughed the reporter.

"What's really important to us is that our country fans like our music just as much as our rock fans do, and for the same reasons." said Devon.

"Yeah, we love to hear our song on a country station, then switch over to a rock station and hear it there too." said Rusty.

"And just wait until you hear the disco influence on our next album!" said Chris, as seriously as possible.

"Disco?!" replied the reporter.

"He's just messing with you ma'am." laughed Calvin. "I don't think Devon or I have a disco song in us."

"Although I suppose we could start listening to disco music until we have it drilled into us." smiled Devon.

"That's okay, you sound great the way you are now." laughed the reporter. "So, I hear one of you just won a big boxing tournament down in Miami."

"Yeah, that was me." replied Calvin. "I hope to be in the Olympics in 2008, and I'm still on track for that."

"What will happen to the band then?" asked the reporter.

"I hope everyone will go with me." replied Calvin. "Maybe we could play a gig in Beijing while we're there."

"So, you're sticking with the music?" asked the reporter.

"You bet I am!" replied Calvin. "The Olympics will be the end of my boxing career, unless the band goes bad before then. I'm hoping we'll be around even longer than The Rolling Stones though."

"I certainly hope so too." said the reporter. "So, what's next for you guys?"

"The only thing we have lined up for sure right now is an appearance at a brand new park in Michigan." said Rusty. "We'll be there for Memorial Day weekend, which will be their official grand opening."

"We're really looking forward to that too." said Snoopy. "They have a five hundred foot tall coaster that we're dying to try out!"

"Is it okay to mention them?" asked Allen.

"Sure boys, but I'd only do this for you." smiled the reporter.

"Okay, thanks." said Allen, as he returned the smile. "If any of our fans want to travel there to see us, we'll be at Thunderdome Amusement Park. You may want to make a weekend of it though, as I'll bet they will be packed all summer."

"I know I'll be there." said the reporter. "My teenage son would kill me if we weren't. Not only is he a big fan of yours, but he loves coasters too. Now, I see you brought some equipment with you. Does that mean you might play something for us?"

"We'd be happy too." said Rusty. "We want to play the song that will be our next single, titled Where Did You Go. It was written by our other songwriter, Bryce Jansen, about his brother Trent. Trent was murdered by an online predator."

"Wow, you guys aren't afraid of serious issues, are you?" asked the reporter.

"Not when it's as important as this." replied Allen.

"Okay then, here's Youthful Discretion, and their upcoming single, Where Did You Go." said the reporter.

The boys went ahead and played the song, and the reporter was almost moved to tears, even though she had heard the song before. After the boys had finished, the reporter thanked them and finished up the interview. Then Allen called Andrew, to let him know they were on their way home. Andrew and Pete had planned on spending the weekend with Allen and Rusty.

As soon as Andrew and Pete showed up, Allen asked Pete, "Is Andrew okay?"

"What?" asked Pete.

"Is Andrew okay?" asked Allen again. "I sensed that something was wrong Wednesday, but I figured that if had been too serious, you guys would call."

"Andrew was beaten up Wednesday, but how could you know that?" asked Pete.

"Allen, Ricky, and I can sense things that are about to, or going to happen sometimes." said Rusty. "It helped us avoid that plane crash in Phoenix back in January."

"That's pretty wild." said Pete. "Andrew is okay, and I took care of the bully that attacked him. I think Diane had something to do with it though. It did do one thing though. It made me accept how much I love my new boyfriend Andrew." Then Pete gave Andrew a passionate kiss in front of Rusty and Allen.

"Dudes, that is so great!" exclaimed Allen. "Not that Andrew was attacked, but that you two are boyfriends now! We are going to have a great weekend."

"I hope so." smiled Pete. "I'm looking forward to making love to my boyfriend in the presence of the two great friends that helped it happen."

"I take it you guys have already done that though." said Rusty.

"Yeah, and it was the most incredible thing I've ever felt!" smiled Pete even wider. "I never imagined that making love could be as good as it is with my Andrew."

The boys talked for a while, before Mike called up to tell the boys that everyone was calling out for pizza. Andrew and Pete then got a chance to meet Rusty's family, and Joey and Skip's girlfriend Jennifer. After supper, Joey, Skip, and Jennifer went to Rusty and Allen's place. They were soon joined by Aaron and Erik, and Andrew and Pete got to meet one of their favorite TV stars. Everyone only got a chance to get together for a few hours though, as Rusty and Aaron needed to rest for the tournament the next day. Pete and Andrew was most amazed by how Skip, Joey, and Jennifer shared kisses with each other. Skip now seemed very comfortable kissing Jennifer, but still preferred kissing Joey. Jennifer didn't seem like she minded at all, seeing Joey and Skip kiss. She knew that both boys loved her too.

Once it was just Allen, Rusty, Andrew, and Pete, Andrew and Pete began getting affectionate. Rusty and Allen was trying to hold off, so they watched as Andrew and Pete pulled out the sofa bed, then laid down and began stripping each other. After kissing and caressing, Andrew and Pete got into a sixty nine position. Rusty and Allen could only watch that a few minutes, before undressing and joining the other two boys on the sofa bed. All four boys had a great time that night.

The next day, everyone got ready to go to the tournament together. Tom had his work cut out for him, seeing that Aaron and Rusty had been seeded in opposite brackets. Tom did manage to get the earlier rounds scheduled so that he could be in both boys corners though. Joining Tom in Rusty's corner was Allen, and Erik joined Tom in Aaron's corner. Rusty and Aaron did win all of their matches on the first day, but Tom could tell that they weren't doing as well as they could. After Aaron's last match, Tom got all four boys together.

"You all made love last night, didn't you?" asked Tom.

"I really tried holding off Tom, but I couldn't do it." replied Rusty.

"I couldn't hold off either Tom." said Aaron. "I'm sorry. How did you know though Tom?"

"You would think that sex would be good exercise, but it weakens your body instead." replied Tom. "I could tell exactly what happened when you two didn't look as good as you usually do. I'm not mad though. You guys did win your matches today. Tomorrow will be much tougher though. I do expect you boys to control yourselves tonight. You'll need to be as rested as possible tomorrow."

Andrew and Pete did their part that night, by letting Allen and Rusty drift off before doing anything. It was still tough for Allen and Rusty, but they did as Tom asked. Aaron and Erik also abstained from sexual contact that night, and it was just as tough for them. The next morning, Rusty and Aaron were well rested, but very irritable. In Rusty's first match, his opponent made a serious mistake during introductions.

"So, I get to fight the pussy boy today, huh?" laughed the boy. "Did you and your pussy boyfriend get any last night, or was it just him?"

By this time, Rusty was pissed. His first punch connected five seconds into the match, knocking the other boy down hard.

"You're going to pay for that, fag!" said the other boy, as he got back to his feet.

As soon as the referee stepped out, Rusty came out with a series of punches to the body. Rusty's last punch was to the head, knocking the boy down again. The other boy tried, but did not make it back to his feet in time before being counted out.

After Rusty had been called the winner by a knockout, Tom said, "I have to get ready for Aaron's first match now. Allen, please take Rusty back to the locker room, and see if you can get him to calm down."

As soon as Allen found a private corner in the locker room to take Rusty to, he said, "Tom may have said no sex, but he didn't say anything about kissing!"

Allen wrapped Rusty in his arms, and pressed their lips together. Rusty immediately felt all of the tension disappear from his body and mind. By the time Allen broke the kiss, he was pitching quite a tent in his pants. Rusty would have been tenting his trunks, except for the supporter and cup he was wearing.

"Thank you so much babe." said Rusty, as he finally smiled for the first time that morning. "I wouldn't have made it through today without that."

"Are you going to apologize to that other boxer now?" asked Allen.

"Hell no!" laughed Rusty. "He deserved that for the things he said anyway! You have to get to Aaron's corner though, and let Erik know how to help Aaron."

Aaron was near the end of a very wild first round when Allen came out to the corner. Aaron had also lost his temper, and finally had to be warned about punches to the back of his opponent. If Aaron did that again, the referee would disqualify him. Aaron's opponent has sized Aaron up quickly, and had been trying to work off Aaron's temper. He was sure that he could get Aaron disqualified eventually. Allen spoke to Erik frantically as Aaron was coming back to his corner. Then it was Erik's turn to speak to Aaron.

"Hi Aaron baby." said Erik, as Tom looked Aaron over. "I need you to calm down for me. That other fighter is trying to get you to get yourself disqualified. If you ignore him, and just fight him like he's a sparring partner, I promise to make it worth it to you back in the locker room. Tom just ruled out sex, and there are other ways I can make you feel good baby. Let's just forget about what that other fighter is doing right now, and win this match. Then I'll show you what I mean."

Aaron looked up at Erik, and smiled for the first time that morning. It was almost enough to make Tom laugh, but he held it in. He didn't want to set Aaron's temper off again. The next round was much more subdued as far as Aaron was concerned. He remembered Erik's promise, and the other boxer could not make him lose his temper again. This ended up making the other boxer lose his temper though. As Aaron was going back to his corner after round two, the other boy charged him from behind. Erik warned Aaron at the last minute though, averting an injury that might have ended the match for Aaron. The referee had no choice but to disqualify the other boy, and Aaron was declared the winner of the match after two rounds.

Erik kept his promised, and helped Aaron to relax as soon as the match was over. Now Aaron and Rusty would have one more match each, before potentially facing each other. Both boys knew it was time to talk about that possibility.

"I know that we both want to make it to the final match, but I don't want to face you with the way we're feeling today Rusty." said Aaron. "I love you like a brother, and I don't want to risk anything making either of us mad at each other."

"I feel the same way, but what are we going to do?" asked Rusty.

"Well, I am an actor now." smiled Aaron. "How good are you at pulling your punches?"

"Are you suggesting we stage our match?" asked Rusty.

"I've got an acting career ahead of me Rusty." said Aaron. "To be honest, if it comes down to a match between you and me, I could care less about winning it. I'd love to see you win it though. You could end your boxing career on a high note."

"I don't know if that's right though Aaron." said Rusty. "This really means something to the next two guys we'll be facing. Besides, the crowd out there paid to see a real competition. Would it be fair to them to fake it?"

"The only other thing we can do then is forfeit our next matches, and tell Tom that we've decided to retire from boxing." said Aaron.

"Would that be fair to Tom though?" asked Rusty.

"Would it be fair to take this from either of the other two guys in the tournament, knowing that it means something to them?" asked Aaron.

"I think it's time to talk to Tom, and see what he thinks about this." replied Rusty. "We'll agree to do whatever Tom asks, but he has to know that this is it for both of us."

"Okay, let's do it then." said Aaron.

Tom listened to the two boys talk, almost at the verge of tears at times. He knew right away that Rusty and Aaron wouldn't continue boxing. Now it was a matter of what to do about today.

"I care very much about both of you boys." said Tom. "It has been an honor to work with both of you. Even though I know you won't box again, you two are still very special to me. I can't ask either of you to do something that might hurt either of you emotionally. We're going to forfeit your last matches, and let the other two boys go after something that's really important to both of them. I'm glad you told me this now."

Tom then sent word to the referee, while Allen went to tell their friends and family in the crowd. Everyone was disappointed, but they understood how Rusty and Aaron felt. It would be wrong to force the two boys to go through with this. Not one person mentioned the matter after leaving the arena that day. Besides, next week would be spring break, and two of the boys had a ceremony to get ready for.

That evening, Greg called Tim and went to Tim's house for a visit. "I want you to know that I like the story you gave me to look at. I've read it twice so far, and I wanted to know if it's okay for me to make a copy of the manuscript."

"I'm glad that you like it that much Greg." replied Tim. "I'd be honored for you to have a copy of the manuscript. Now, why don't any of the agents I sent it to seem to like it?"

"I think I may have an idea there Tim." said Greg. "Although I like it very much, it's going to be seen as gay fiction by most agents, and that is very hard to sell to anyone. If you want it to be published as mainstream fiction, you'll need to rewrite it. That's why I wanted a copy of the original. I love it, but for it to be published, it will have to be drastically different. I hope you don't take that wrong Tim. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be a successful writer. It will require rewriting your book though. I would even be honored to help you, then help you get the book looked at again by agents."

"Well Greg, with as many books as you've sold, I have to trust you." replied Tim.

"Good, let's get together after next week then, and start on turning your book into a best seller." said Greg. "I have a few ideas that will keep the rewriting to a minimum."

Back at Allen and Rusty's place, the four boys there had all decided to use Allen and Rusty's bed that night. As Allen and Rusty kissed passionately, they looked over to the side and saw their two friends kissing with as much love as they had ever seen. After a few minutes of that, Allen turned on his back, and parted his legs for Rusty. He knew that Rusty needed this very badly right now. Allen was somewhat surprised when Pete laid next to him, and parted his legs for Andrew.

Pete looked over to Allen as he grinned, and said, "I had no idea I would love the way Andrew feels inside me as much as I do. It's almost like I can't live without that feeling now."

Rusty knelt between Allen's legs, and got himself ready. Then he passed the lube to Andrew, who was kneeling between Pete's legs. Once both boys were ready, they slowly pushed their cocks into their lovers. Allen smiled at the complete look of bliss on Pete's face, as Andrew's cock pushed into him.

"I knew you two had to be lovers." smiled Allen. "It was the way things were meant to be. I hope you and Andrew are together forever."

"Me too." moaned Pete softly, as he smiled back at Allen.

Then Rusty and Andrew leaned down, and kissed their lovers as they made love to them. Rusty and Andrew matched each other's pace so perfectly, that they even had their orgasms at the same time. Then the boys switched places, and Allen and Pete put their cocks inside Rusty and Andrew. Allen and Pete smiled at each other, as they tried to make it last as long as they could. By the time Allen and Pete shot their cum inside Rusty and Andrew, Rusty and Andrew had both cummed a second time. Then all four boys laid in a massive hug, and took turns kissing each other good night. By morning, they would be a tangle of arms and legs, and covered with Rusty's and Andrew's dried cum.

Well, Pete and Andrew are together now, and Rusty's and Aaron's boxing careers are over. Next will be Rusty and Allen's commitment ceremony. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 4.