Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

Hello fellow Americans. In my last campaign speech, I covered the environment, dependence on foreign oil, and foreign conflict. This time I will stick to domestic issues. The same disclaimer for my disclaimer from the last time still applies.

Civil rights: Let's start by examining how our civil rights have been destroyed lately. If you have called friends in another country, even Alabama or Canada, your phone has likely been tapped. If you have sent e-mails to another country, your internet connection has been hacked. The president says that this is necessary to protect us. I think he's doing it because he is a nosey piece of crap. Just because you have friends from countries other than the US, it does not make you a suspect under your constitutional rights. The government would now like you to believe it does though, because they would love to destroy our constitution and bill of rights. That's treason, if you ask me. I think we need new laws to strengthen our constitution and bill of rights, and to undo the damage that has been done over the last six years. If the government wishes to protect us, they should stop letting people into the country who want to kill us. All of the 9/11 suspects were denied access to the US under the Clinton administration. When Bush took over, he relaxed visa requirements, allowing all of them into the country. The government should not screw us because they screwed up. I also believe in supporting an equal rights bill for gay/lesbian/transgendered people here in America.

Health care: Our current system of making health care so expensive that all the sick people die off is not one that I endorse. The American people deserve much better than that. Preventative health care would reduce the cost of doctors and hospitals, but people can't afford that either. The government should provide preventative health care, instead of wasting money by looking for exciting new ways to kill people in other countries. Then private insurance companies could better afford to cover doctor and hospital costs for all Americans. Then there is the cost of prescription drugs. Am I the only one who thinks these drug manufacturers are out of control? Why does a pill that costs ten cents to make for Canadians, cost one dollar to make for Americans? The drug companies say they need that extra revenue for advertising, but to be honest, if my doctor is learning about new treatments and medicines from watching prime time TV, I'm going to have serious doubts about his or her competency as a doctor. I would support a ban on TV advertising for drug companies, and federal regulation until they learn to control themselves.

The economy: I'm no economics major, but the idea of giving all of my money to someone else, in the hopes that they fairly give me back what I need is ridiculous. It's also ridiculous to keep sending all of our jobs to China. I know there are a lot of people in China, but let them create their own jobs. It's not our responsibility. When every last American manufacturing or production job has been sent overseas, who do these companies think will buy their products? The Chinese? Not on your life! They are buying their own products with money they have made by taking our jobs. No one here will have money to buy anything except the richest Americans, who are laughing all the way to the bank over screwing the rest of us. I see nothing wrong with charging tariffs on any product coming into this country, even if it's the product of an American company that has been produced overseas. I think you would see an amazing recovery of our economy if that were to happen.

Immigration reform: The current administration's idea of immigration reform is to line the US/Mexico border with troops, and shoot anything that moves. That's not the least bit neighborly, is it? If a person didn't know any better, they would think we are at war with Mexico too. Although I don't support letting the whole world dip into our pockets, I do think it would be the right thing to do to help Mexico with their economy, so that their people have less reason to want to come here so badly. Besides, it looks very hypocritical to treat Mexico that way, when anyone in Haiti who sneezes is automatically granted refugee status. If the drug companies want to make more money, they should consider selling antihistamines in Haiti.

Election reform: We have the best election system that money can buy, which should be a national disgrace to us. When a known anti-semite wins a county that is 64% jewish, there is something wrong. When a candidate wins 8,000 votes in a precinct with 900 voters, there is something wrong. When black people demonstrate by the thousands because they were not allowed to vote, there is something wrong. When the average American has no idea if his or her vote was even counted, there is something wrong. The good ole boys have had their way for much too long now, and have corrupted the elections system to the point where we could do better with hand counted paper ballots. We needed election reform 35 years ago, not just today.

Well, I hope that didn't hurt too much. That is where M and I stand on the major issues, and we hope that's where many of you stand too. If elected, we promise that it won't be boring. Now, on to the story.

This story is © 2006 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit my web site at: Also also, I am now designing t-shirts, in addition to my other talents. You can check them out at:*. There are not many designs there yet, but I intend to add to them. Finally, I have been listing the fonts I have used in writing my stories, in case the reader wants to see them the way they were written. Most of the downloaded fonts I have used can be found at or The title for Allen 1 was written with Kids. The title for Allen 2 was written with Curlz. The title for Allen 3 was written with Bookworm. And finally, the title for Allen 4 is being written with BellBottom. The text in all four books was written using a standard windows font, and should be displayed correctly automatically. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 4

From the last chapter:

"I knew you two had to be lovers." smiled Allen. "It was the way things were meant to be. I hope you and Andrew are together forever."

"Me too." moaned Pete softly, as he smiled back at Allen.

Then Rusty and Andrew leaned down, and kissed their lovers as they made love to them. Rusty and Andrew matched each other's pace so perfectly, that they even had their orgasms at the same time. Then the boys switched places, and Allen and Pete put their cocks inside Rusty and Andrew. Allen and Pete smiled at each other, as they tried to make it last as long as they could. By the time Allen and Pete shot their cum inside Rusty and Andrew, Rusty and Andrew had both cummed a second time. Then all four boys laid in a massive hug, and took turns kissing each other good night. By morning, they would be a tangle of arms and legs, and covered with Rusty's and Andrew's dried cum.

Rusty and Allen were very excited to begin spring break. By the time it was over, they would be each other's husband. Allen called Luke and Elliott the morning after Pete and Andrew spent the night, to make sure they would make it up for the ceremony.

"You guys know we wouldn't miss that for nuthin'." replied Luke. "Elliott and I have been looking forward to it. As a matter of fact, since we're on spring break too, would it be okay if we came up in the morning, and spent a few days with you guys?"

"You know we'd love that!" replied Allen.

"Great then, we'll see you guys tomorrow, before noon." said Luke. "Don't do anything we wouldn't do."

"Does that eliminate a lot of things?" asked Allen.

"Nah, not much at all!" laughed Luke.

Later that day, the other boys came over for a little practice. Devon and Calvin were also thinking about starting to work on material for their next album. Meanwhile, Sean was talking to Allen and Rusty.

"So, this is the big week, huh?" asked Sean.

"Yep, we'll be unofficially official on Allen's birthday." smiled Rusty. "I can't wait either. Our parents have been planning this for a while now."

"I wish my parents could have had the chance to plan something like that for me and Devon." said Sean, a little teary eyed.

Allen wrapped his arms around Sean and said, "We're all sorry about that Sean. You know they are looking out for you from heaven though."

"It's still not the same." replied Sean, as he got closer to losing it. "Why couldn't we have listened to you guys as easily as the others did?"

"You can't blame yourself Sean." said Rusty. "If I hadn't been a part of it, I wouldn't have believed it either. That doesn't mean that you can't make things right though."

"What do you mean?" asked Sean.

"Like Allen said, your parents are still looking out for you." replied Rusty. "I know they would be happy knowing that you and Devon will always be there for each other. Why don't you make them happy, and you and Devon join Allen and me in the ceremony?"

"You guys would share something that important with us?" asked Sean. "Why?"

"Because, you and Devon are that important to us." replied Allen. "You and Devon are important to all of us. We all love you two, and any of us would do anything we could for you."

"I don't know what to say." Sean replied, as he almost smiled.

"Say you'll ask Devon, and that the two of you would love to share the ceremony with us." smiled Rusty.

"I'll ask him right now!" replied Sean.

Rusty and Allen watched as Sean went over to talk to Devon. The two boys talked for a while, with Devon looking over toward them occasionally. Then both boys hugged, and shared a very tender kiss. Sean and Devon looked happier than they had since before going to California. Rusty and Allen knew that another couple would now be joining them at the alter, and they gave each other a kiss. Then Allen went to tell his and Rusty's parents to begin including Sean and Devon in the plans. Meanwhile, Rusty received a very interesting call on his private cell phone.

"Hi, Rusty Cooper here." said Rusty, as he answered the call.

"Is this Rusty Cooper, from Youthful Discretion?" asked the female caller.

"Yes, who is this?" asked Rusty.

"This is ******* ******." replied the caller. "I hope you don't mind me calling like this. You had some very flattering things to say in a radio interview you did recently, and I wanted to call and thank you. I got your number from your recording company."

"I don't mind at all!" replied Rusty. "I meant every word I said too. You and your friends are one of the whole group's favorite bands. You were just saying how you felt, and I personally don't blame you."

"Thanks Rusty." said the female singer. "It's good to hear that some people still believe in free speech. We have an album coming out soon. How would you like me to send you an advance copy over the internet?"

"I'd be thrilled to death!" replied Rusty.

Rusty went ahead and exchanged e-mail addresses with the female singer, and even got her private number. Then the two talked for a few more minutes before saying good-bye. When Allen came back, Rusty told him all about the call. Allen was also excited that such a well known singer would call them. Then Rusty and Allen went to their computer, and sure enough, there was entire album of songs waiting there. Rusty downloaded the songs, then burned them onto a CD.

Rusty went over to the stereo, and said, "Hey guys, listen up. Do you remember that radio interview we did last week? I got off into talking about some of our favorite groups. Well, the lead singer of one of those groups heard the interview, and she just sent me an advance copy of their new album. I wanted all of us to hear this together, cause I'm sure it will be great."

Rusty began playing the CD, and all of the boys instantly recognized one of their favorite groups. Their sound was definitely different though, as it had much more of a rock sound to it than that group had ever had before. All of the boys immediately decided that they loved it though. They ended up playing that album back to back with their own for the rest of the day. Rusty did call the female singer back that evening, and told her that all of the guys loved the new album. She thanked Rusty, and told him that if he ever needed anything, just give her a call. Then Rusty made the same offer to her.

Andrew and Pete came back over that evening, along with Pat and Robin to tell the boys how their fan club was going. At almost a half million members and still growing, the fan club was keeping Pat and Robin very busy. Aaron and Erik were also there. That evening was spent with a room full of boys, all with their arms around the boy they loved.

By the next day, Judith and Emily had gotten Devon's mom involved in plans for the ceremony. Just before noon, Rusty looked out the window, and saw Luke's car pulling into the driveway. Rusty went down to the driveway to meet his friends.

"Aren't you guys planning on staying?" asked Rusty. "You didn't bring Elliott's chair."

"Don't worry buddy, we're stayin' right through the big day!" smiled Luke. "It's just that my boyfriend doesn't really need the chair anymore. Isn't that great?"

"You bet it is!" replied Rusty.

"You wanna hear something even better?" asked Elliott. "Considering that ole Ralphie almost killed me and Ricky, and that he did kill that Robbie boy, the state is asking for the death penalty in his case."

"I don't know that that's great news." replied Rusty. "I don't really believe in killing anyone, not even scum like Ralph. I know he did try to kill you though, so I respect your feelings about it. I guess if he had tried to kill Allen, I'd be the first in line to pull the switch."

"Well, even if he doesn't fry, this will make sure he never gets out of prison again." smiled Luke. "I'm sure you can agree with that."

"One hundred percent!" replied Rusty with a grin. "So, what else is new?"

"It seems that we have world famous friends now." smiled Luke. "Our friends at school won't believe us though."

"Who are these world famous friends?" asked Rusty. "Maybe I can arrange something."

"You're a hoot, Rusty!" laughed Luke. "That's why Elliott and I like you so much."

"Thanks." smiled Rusty. "So, would a personally autographed picture of the whole band, made out to our good friends Luke and Elliott do it?"

"I guess, if you can't swing a show in our honor." laughed Elliott.

"I'd have to check our schedule for that!" laughed Rusty.

Rusty, Luke, and Elliott went on inside, and the other boys said hi to their two friends. Most of the boys spent the day practicing, while Devon and Calvin continued working on new songs. By the time evening came, all the boys had decided that they wanted to spend the night together that night. Since there were three beds and eight couples, Rusty had his dad go out and pick up five air mattresses for them, to spread them out around the floor of the apartment. Before getting ready for bed that night, Allen had a great idea to help convince Luke and Elliott's friends that they knew the band. Allen had Pete take a group photo of Luke and Elliott with the band, and also with Aaron and Erik, so Luke and Elliott could show that they knew two actors as well. Once the photo was taken, Ricky's mischievous side kicked in.

"Now let's set the camera on a timer, and take another group photo." said Ricky. "This one will include everyone, and we'll all be naked. Of course it will just be for us."

The other boys laughed at Ricky's idea at first. Then when Chris and Snoopy began to strip, the other boys followed suit. Allen set the camera on a tripod, then started arranging everyone so that everyone's crotch would be shown in the picture. Once everyone was set, Allen set the timer and joined the group. All of the boys had been arranged so that they were kneeling in front of their boyfriend, and several of them were either letting their boyfriend's cock rest against the side of their face, or had their hand wrapped around it. Chris even had his face turned slightly to the side, letting Snoopy's cock rest on his tongue, against his lips.

Allen said that he would get the pictures ready in the morning, so the boys started getting ready to lay down with their boyfriends for the night. After the closest boy to the light switch had turned the lights off, everyone began making love to their boyfriend. Half of the couples settled for a sixty nine position, while the other half took turns putting their cocks inside their lovers. The room was very loud with the noises of love-making, and all of the couples paused at some point, to watch the other couples make love. It was a night that Luke and Elliott would remember forever, as they had never dreamed of making love at the same time as seven other gay couples. Eventually the room got quieter and quieter, until all of the couples had finished, and the sounds of passion were replaced by the sounds of gentle snoring.

Mike smiled the next morning, as he tiptoed around all of the naked boys to get to Rusty and Allen's bed. Mike gently nudged Rusty's arm, which was wrapped tightly around Allen, and said, "Hey Russ, wake up." When Rusty's eyes open as he smiled, Mike asked, "How does everyone feel about breakfast?"

"I'm sure you won't get any complaints with that idea." laughed Rusty lightly. "I think everyone managed to work up an appetite before falling asleep last night."

"I'll bet they did!" laughed Mike, as he looked around the room. "I'll get Emily and Judith started on it then, while you get the other boys up and ready. You guys don't have to worry about shirts if you don't want to, but at least a pair of pants or shorts would be good."

After Mike carefully made his way back to the door, Rusty smiled. He liked it that his dad was so okay that he was invited in any time, and didn't even have to knock. Then Rusty started getting everyone up, and ready for breakfast. Half of the boys went on downstairs without shirts. Mike and Ben had set up an extra large table this morning, and Jennifer, Joey, and Skip were already there.

Jennifer smiled as all of the boys came in, and said, "To think, so many cute boys together, and every last one of them is gay. You guys would break the heart of every available girl in the world like that!"

Everyone laughed, as they sat down together. Rusty sat next to Jennifer, Joey, and Skip, and asked, "So, how are you three lovebirds doing?"

"I think I could really get use to having two guys making love to me at the same time." laughed Jennifer lightly. "It helps that they are both the two most wonderful guys I've ever known though."

"Yeah, and I never saw myself being in love with a girl as much as I am with Jennifer." said Skip. "I love her every bit as much as our Joey though." Then Skip leaned into Rusty's ear and whispered, "Joey and I squeezed ourselves together last night as much as we could, and we both put our cocks inside Jennifer at the same time. It was so intense that I thought I was going to explode!"

Joey smiled when he could tell from Rusty's expression what Skip had just told him. Last night was a great night as far as Joey and Jennifer were concerned too. Jennifer and Joey laughed when Rusty looked Skip in the eyes and said, "Damn, we have to invite the three of you upstairs sometime!"

Emily and Judith finally came in from the kitchen, and began serving breakfast to everyone. It was a lot of work, but Emily smiled to see so many good looking and hungry boys at the table. Once breakfast was over, all of the boys headed back upstairs. This time they were joined by Joey, Jennifer, and Skip. While Jennifer helped Calvin and Devon work on lyrics, Joey and Skip helped them with music. Working sound for the band had given them a good ear for what instruments belonged where, and Calvin and Devon were glad to have the help.

Meanwhile, the other boys in the band were having a good time playing their instruments, while the boys who weren't in the band listened and joked around with the guys.

"When we did those shows at the arena here in town, one of the headliner's band member gave me a good idea." said Allen. "He said that since Rusty and I usually take turns with vocals, we should pick up a few minor instruments to make our band sound even better. How's this one?"

Allen then pulled out a Jews Harp and placed it between his lips. He plucked at it a few times, making the small instrument twang rhythmically. The boys all laughed and told Allen it was great, then Terry began playing on his guitar. Allen kept pace with Terry, and had learned to control the different sounds his instrument could make fairly well. It sounded so good that some of the other boys joined in. They had fun letting Allen work the Jews Harp into the music, and he did very well at it.

"That's great, but what about when Allen is singing?" asked Rusty. "What do I do then?"

"There are quite a few different instruments that are easy to pick up, as long as you have any sense of rhythm." replied Sean. "You could learn the tambourine, the harmonica, or you could even add some extra percussion, like the triangle or blocks. If you guys really want to work at it, you could even learn some of the wind instruments, like the saxophone, clarinet, or flute. Those would take a bit more practice, but it would really improve our sound. You already sing though, so we know you have the lung capacity for any of those."

"Then there's the easiest instrument in the world." laughed Allen. "A kazoo might sound really good with the instrument I learned."

That had all of the boys laughing except Luke. "What's so funny about that?" asked Luke. "Weird Al uses a kazoo quite often, and a lot of people really like him."

"He's got a point." chuckled Sean. "A kazoo is a perfectly valid musical instrument, even if it takes very little talent to play."

The conversation did give Rusty and Allen quite a bit to think about though. They were excited to think about all of the different ways they could help the band, besides with their singing. Even Snoopy started getting into the conversation, as he knew that the banjo might not be appropriate for every song. Everyone knew he was right, but felt that it was a shame because Snoopy had gotten very good with it. Most of the best banjo players often plucked it with two fingers at once. Every once in a while, Snoopy would start plucking with three fingers, and really blow everyone's mind. Shane was okay though, because all it took was adjusting his technique to turn the fiddle into a violin, and they could always use one or the other.

Another conversation that got Rusty and Allen's attention was with Luke and Elliott. "It's really cool that you two will basically be married after tomorrow, even if it isn't legally." said Luke.

"Well, we'll do it legally if we ever get the chance." smiled Rusty. "Allen is the only person in the world who could ever be my husband."

"We know how you feel." smiled Elliott. "Luke and I feel the same way about each other. I don't know if I would have made it through the attack without him."

"I had to be there for my lover." smiled Luke. "His recovery was so rough that he needed me, and I was willing to do anything to help. Now, Elliott almost feels like a part of me. I can't imagine him not being with me."

"Then you guys should have a ceremony, like we're doing tomorrow." said Allen. "That way, everyone will know what you two mean to each other. A lot of people still can't understand the feelings that two guys can have for each other when they love each other like we do. This lets them know how serious it is though."

Luke looked deeply into Elliott's eyes and said, "I'd love to marry my Elliott. It would make me feel that we'll always be the way we were meant to be."

"To recite the vows to Luke would be the most wonderful thing I could dream of." replied Elliott. "I know there will never be anyone like him in my life again. I'm not sure how our parents would react though. They seem to be okay with us being lovers now, but it took a lot to get to that point. This would make things final between us though, and I don't know if they're ready for that."

"They need to accept that at some point though." said Rusty. "I can tell by looking at you guys that you'll never be apart from this day on. You two are already a married couple, and maybe it's time to let everyone know that that's how it will always be. Besides, maybe they are ready to accept that, if you give them the chance. They already know how much you two love each other."

"He might be right Elliott." said Luke. "I can't think of anything I would rather do than to make you my husband. My dad might have a moment of doubt, but I think he knows how important you are to me. I think he and my mom might accept it. Then we can all work to help yours accept that this is how it will always be. I would really love to commit myself to you for the rest of our lives, in a way that everyone knows how I feel about you."

"How soon could we do it?" asked Elliott.

"We're already having a ceremony tomorrow, and another couple is joining us." said Rusty. "Why don't you and Luke join us too?"

"That's really short notice!" laughed Luke. "Can I call my parents?"

Rusty handed his phone to Luke as he smiled, and said, "Go for it dude!"

Rusty could tell that when Luke first told his dad, that there was a brief pause. This was the moment of doubt that Luke had talked about. Then Luke patiently explained how he felt, letting his dad hear all of his heartfelt feelings about Elliott. After that, Luke spoke with his mom. Rusty could tell that his mom was doing okay with the idea so far. After Luke told his mom that he loved her, and spoke to his dad a few more minutes, he told his dad the same thing and smiled.

Luke handed the phone back to Rusty while beaming from ear to ear. "They're coming up here first thing in the morning! They want to see me take Elliott as my husband! They'll call Elliott's parents as soon as Elliott has a chance to speak to them first."

"Cool dude!" exclaimed Rusty. "Now it's your turn Elliott!"

Elliott was a bit more nervous than Luke as he dialed his number. At least there wasn't any yelling as Elliott talked to his parents. Rusty, Allen, and Luke could tell that it wasn't going as perfectly as Luke's conversation had gone though. Elliott finally ended the call, and handed Rusty's phone back.

"Well, what did they say?" asked Rusty.

"They said that that was nice, and we'd talk about it when Luke and I got home." said Elliott, not sure how to take that.

"Did they tell you not to do it though?" asked Allen.

"No, they said I could if I really wanted to, and we'd talk about it later." replied Elliott. "It was really kinda weird."

"Aren't they coming up here?" asked Luke.

"I don't think so." replied Elliott. "They really didn't sound that interested in it."

"Well, my mom and dad will talk to them now." said Luke. "They'll even go over to your house if they have to. Let's wait until tomorrow, and see what happens. I still want to marry you, and make you my husband tomorrow."

"I do too Luke." smiled Elliott. "Then we can face anything we have to together, as husbands."

Rusty and Allen gave their friends a hug, and welcomed them to the ceremony. Then Allen went down to tell Emily and his mom that there would be one more couple making their vows at the ceremony. He told them that Luke's parents would be there, but he wasn't sure about Elliott's. That night was kind of restless for Luke and Elliott, as they slept on Rusty and Allen's sofa bed. Rusty and Allen slept happily though, knowing that they would be husbands the next day.

As Allen's eyes opened the next morning, Rusty was already gazing into them as he smiled. "Happy birthday, my beautiful husband." said Rusty. "Do you want your present now?"

"Sure, that would be great." replied Allen, as he smiled too.

Rusty had already prepared himself, so he gently turned Allen away from him, and slid his cock slowly into Allen. Then Rusty massaged Allen's chest and stomach, as he trust his cock in and out of Allen slowly. Allen moaned softly as he felt Rusty's cock sliding in and out of him. When Allen felt Rusty softly kissing his neck and shoulders, he gasped lightly in pleasure. By this time, Luke and Elliott were sitting up in their bed, smiling as they watched their two friends. Rusty held himself back for almost fifteen minutes, before finally shooting his cum into Allen.

"There babe, I want you to keep that inside you, as you become my husband today." moaned Rusty.

"I will my love, but I'm so hard now that it hurts!" replied Allen.

"I'll take care of that!" said Rusty.

Rusty rolled Allen onto his back, then hungrily devoured Allen's erection. When Luke and Elliott saw Rusty's lips massaging Allen's cock, they decided to join the fun. Luke and Elliott got into a sixty nine position, then lovingly licked and kissed the head of each other's cocks. Both boys moaned loudly at that, then went all the way down on each other's shafts. Rusty was still making love to Allen's cock, sensing that Allen was on the verge of a really good orgasm. Rusty sucked Allen's cock passionately, then began swallowing as Allen's cock erupted. Rusty sucked as much as he could out of Allen's cock, then he and Allen watched Luke and Elliott as they recovered in each other's arms. Luke and Elliott knew that Rusty and Allen were watching them now, and that was causing them to build up to a great orgasm. Elliott moaned around Luke's cock, as he shot his cum into Luke's mouth. The moment Elliott stopped cumming, Luke moaned around Elliott's still stiff cock as he had his orgasm. As soon as Luke's orgasm was over, Elliott began moaning once again. Luke could tell that Elliott was going to have a second orgasm, so he sucked passionately on Elliott's cock. Elliott was in complete ecstasy as he cummed a second time into Luke's mouth. He also kept on pleasuring Luke's cock though, and as soon as he was finished cumming, Luke was surprised by his second orgasm. This time when Luke's orgasm finished, both boys began softening in each other's mouths. Luke and Elliott let go of each other's cock, and Luke turned back around to kiss his boyfriend.

"You guys were hot!" said Rusty.

"I've never seen anything like that!" added Allen.

"Now, let's get ready for breakfast, so we can get ready to marry our boyfriends!" said Rusty, as he smiled.

"Oh shoot!" exclaimed Luke. "Elliott and I have to get rings!"

"We really better get moving then!" replied Allen.

The boys got dressed quickly, then went down to breakfast. Fortunately the ceremony was scheduled at one o'clock, so the boys felt they had time to get Luke and Elliott ready. As soon as breakfast was over, the four boys rushed out the door to Rusty's car. The jewelry shop at the mall seemed like the best idea this morning. Rusty just hoped that he and Allen weren't recognized. They tried to make themselves as unrecognizable as possible when they dressed that morning, so hopefully that would be enough. Everything went great as they made it through the mall to the jewelry store. After Luke and Elliott picked out a matched set of rings, they went to the tuxedo shop next door while the rings were sized.

As they went back to the jewelry shop while the tuxedos were altered, Luke asked, "Oh shit, how are we going to pay for these? I don't think Elliott and I brought enough to cover all this!"

"Don't worry." replied Rusty. "This is a wedding present from Allen and me."

"We love you guys." smiled Luke.

Once the rings were finished, the boys headed back to the tuxedo shop to wait for those. The clothes were finally finished and paid for, and the boys headed back toward the car. Just as it looked like they were about to get away, a group of girls screamed as they recognized Rusty and Allen. Elliott was by no means recovered enough to outrun an excited group of girls.

"Oh crap!" exclaimed Rusty. "Luke, you and Elliott stand off to the side, and Allen and I will run for the car! We'll pick you up at the exit."

Rusty and Allen took off, and Luke and Elliott barely got out of the way of the girls who began chasing them. After Luke and Elliott laughed for a second, they headed toward the exit. Rusty and Allen had to lose the girls before going to the car, and finally managed to do that by ducking down a service corridor that led outside. Rusty and Allen found the way out quickly, but the group that was chasing them took a wrong turn, and missed the exit. Then the two boys ran for the car before anyone else could see them.

Meanwhile, as Luke and Elliott were waiting at the exit with their tuxedos, they were approached by three rough looking boys, who looked to be about eighteen or nineteen.

"We saw you two back at the jewelry shop." said one of the boys.

Luke immediately knew that this didn't look good, so he set his and Elliott's boxes down out of the way, and moved in front of Elliott.

"Yeah, it looked like a nice shop." replied Luke. "Is there anything we can do for you?"

"You two looked like a couple of fags, buying rings for each other." said the boy. "Is that what you were doing?"

Luke knew that three against two wasn't going to go well, as he wished that Rusty and Allen would hurry. "Is there something wrong with wearing rings these days?" asked Luke.

"Not unless you're a couple of fags, wanting to act like you're married or something." said the boy. "So, does one of you act like you're the girl, and pretend your butt is a girl's pussy?"

"I don't think you guys need to know about our sex lives." said Luke, before thinking how that would sound.

"I knew it!" replied the boy. "Now you're going to get it, unless you and your pussy girlfriend want to suck our cocks. Then you might still get it. Get it?"

"Don't you guys think it's a little public here to show the whole world your homosexual tendencies?" asked Luke, trying to scare them off.

"He's right guys." said the boy. "Let's drag these fags behind those bushes over there, and teach them that they should act like guys. I'm going to love ramming my cock down your throat, you mouthy fag!"

When Rusty and Allen pulled up to the exit, three older boys had Luke and Elliott cornered. When one of them grabbed Luke, and Luke began to struggle, Rusty and Allen jumped out of the car. Before the older boy could hit Luke, Allen grabbed his arm and took him down. Then the other two boys went after Allen, so Rusty cut one of them off, and leveled him with one punch. Then Luke threw a kick to the other boy's stomach, knocking the wind out of him. The first boy got back up, and was going to get the person who threw him down. Allen blocked his punch, and leveled him again with a chop to the midsection. Then Luke and Elliott grabbed their boxes, and everyone ran for the car.

Once they were safely away from the mall, Luke asked, "Are all of your shopping trips that exciting?"

"For some strange reason, we don't go out much anymore." laughed Allen. That had all of the boys laughing, as soon as their heart rates had returned to normal.

As soon as the boys got home, they went upstairs to get dressed. By the time the boys were dressed, Luke saw that his dad had pulled in. The boys ran downstairs, but Judith was the only one in the house at the moment.

"Oh my goodness Allen, you look even more beautiful than usual!" gushed Judith.

"Thanks mom." smiled Allen. "Where is everyone? Luke was kinda excited to see his parents here for this."

"Everyone went out back, to check out the job Emily and I did on preparing the back yard." replied Judith. "Everyone seems to love it so far."

"I'm sure it's great, seeing that you and my mom did it." said Rusty. "Well, we got to go see Luke's parents."

"Okay boys." replied Judith. "Just remember, we're all so happy for you boys today."

The boys went on out to the back yard, and saw everyone gathered under the canvas awning the ceremony would take place under. Mike was the first to see them.

"You boys look spectacular today!" said Mike. "This is going to be such a great day."

"Thanks dad." replied Rusty.

Then Luke spotted his parents. Before he could say anything though, Elliott spotted someone he didn't expect to see.

"Mom? Dad?" said Elliott. "You came! I'm so happy you came today!" Then Elliott ran over and hugged both his parents at once.

"I'm sorry about yesterday son." said Elliott's dad. "It came as kind of a shock, and I didn't stop to think exactly what you boys mean to each other. Luke's dad came over though, and made me see what a butt I was being. If Luke is the boy you want to marry, and spend the rest of your life with, I want to be here to see it. Do you forgive me son?"

"Of course I do dad!" Elliott almost cried. "I'm just so happy that you and mom made it here!"

"We love you too Elliott." said Elliott's dad. "Your happiness means everything to us, especially after we almost lost you once. I'll do my best not to forget that again."

"I'm glad they made it too." said Luke to his parents, as he hugged them. "Your being here and supporting us means the world to us. Now, I can't wait until he's my husband. Do you ever think the day will come when it will be able to be nice and legal?"

"I don't know son, but if anyone saw the two of you together, they wouldn't question it at all." replied Luke's dad.

"Well, I'm going to go in and see if Judith needs help with the reception banquet." said Emily. "We're glad that you and Elliott's parents made it too."

As a few more people arrived, Joey and Skip went out front to help people park their cars. Mike didn't want too many cars on the yard, and the driveway was already full. Then Joey came up with an idea. He pulled all of the family vehicles into the garage, which only left Luke's, Luke's dad's, and Tom's vehicles in the driveway. Joey then parked them across the driveway, and pulled them into the grass until just the drive wheels were on the driveway. Once the driveway was filled on one side, they would park a row of cars off the other side of the driveway. That would also leave an aisle wide enough to park a few cars in the driveway the normal way. The rest of the parking would have to be in the street. Joey and Skip had researched street parking the day before. If no one parked on the other side of the street, and they had everyone park diagonally, the street would still be wide enough for traffic both ways, and they might have enough parking. Joey had already asked all the neighbors across the street if they could keep one side of the street clear for the afternoon, and everyone agreed. Then Skip had gone out and found some traffic cones, to put at the beginning of where they would start parking everyone. That way traffic would be safely guided around where they were parking.

After Tom arrived, next was Devon, Sean, and Devon's parents. Sean and Devon were already dressed for the ceremony, and they looked very nice together. They still had to find two guys to be their best men though. They wanted to ask Calvin and Ricky, but they were promised as Rusty and Allen's best men long ago. Luke and Elliott were also going to need best men, but Rusty had an idea.

"Hey guys, how would you like a pair of famous actors to be your best men?" asked Rusty. "I know the show Aaron did hasn't aired yet, but when it does in May, he'll be famous too."

"That would be really nice, if they would." replied Luke. "Do you think you could convince them to do it?"

"Let's see." giggled Rusty. Rusty then turned in Aaron and Erik's direction, and yelled out, "Hey guys, I talked them into it!"

"Woo hoo!" yelled out Aaron and Erik, as they ran over to where Rusty, Allen, Luke, and Elliott were. "Okay, who wants the famous one, and who wants the soon to be even more famous one?" asked Aaron.

"Oh no, I think I've created a really cute monster!" giggled Erik.

The boys all laughed as they decided who would be who's best man. The next to show up was Greg and all of his boys. Then Stu showed up, along with the recording company owner. They had flown in just to see Rusty and Allen, and now Devon and Sean, on their big day. Then the boys had also invited Tim, and he showed up on foot.

"Damn Tim, you should have told me you were coming too." smiled Greg. "I'm sure you wouldn't have minded being stuffed in the back of my Hummer with a bunch of boys, would you?"

"I might just take you up on that offer for the ride home!" laughed Tim.

Then came Andrew and Pete, Pat and Robin, and Mark, Stevie, and Gary. All that was left now was a few assorted family members, some friends from school, and the minster who Rusty and Allen had met when Stevie and Gary were in the hospital. He had offered to do the ceremony, and he meant it. It would probably be a bit of a shock though, to have three couples who wanted to have a commitment ceremony.

Once the minister arrived, he wanted to talk to the other two couples. He had to make it quick, but it didn't take long at all to see that Devon and Sean, and Luke and Elliott belonged together. Devon and Sean had finally settled on asking Shane and Terry to be their best men, so right at one o'clock, twelve boys disappeared to get ready. The music finally started, and Calvin escorted Rusty down the aisle. Next was Erik escorting Luke, and Shane escorting Devon. Now it was time for the three boys mates to join them. First Ricky brought Allen down to be with Rusty. Then Aaron walked Elliott down the aisle to be with Luke. Finally, Terry escorted Sean down the aisle to join Devon.

The minster smiled at the three couples he was joining together, then began the ceremony. The first part was better than Rusty and Allen thought it would be, even though they thought it would be pretty cool to begin with. The minister made sure to make the boys feel that they were right to love each other the way they did. Then came the vows. Rusty and Allen almost choked up while promising their love and dedication to each other for the rest of their lives. Luke and Elliott hadn't had time to think about it yet, but it hit them suddenly when it came time to make their vows. They were just as emotional as Rusty and Allen. Devon and Sean were sure they would fare much better. As they pledged their love and dedication to each other for the rest of their lives though, the emotions hit them the same as they had the other two couples. Then all of the best men presented the rings, and all six boys took turns nervously putting the rings on the finger of their mate. The minister finally ended the ceremony, and told the boys to kiss their new mates. All of the boys friends cheered during the kisses, and five sets of parents smiled.

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