Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

Hello everyone. Since the campaign platform is now out of the way, M and I thought we should get to work on our campaign promises. We promise to keep these promises rational, and try to include something for everyone (at least everyone who might vote for us). By the way, this will be the last campaigning we do for a while, as Baldisore is getting mad that I have not mentioned him lately. So without further ado, here we go.

1) We will have the current administration investigated for possible criminal charges. Our leaders should be held accountable for their actions.

2) We will establish an official White House rock band, which may possibly be granted cabinet level status. I'm personally leaning toward The Dixie Chicks, since they are a rock band now.

3) We will introduce legislation guaranteeing equal rights for gays and lesbians. This will include the right to marry, and the right to scorn and ridicule religious denominations who aren't happy about everyone being treated fairly.

4) As an extra measure, we will introduce legislation to strengthen the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and protect them from abuses by future leaders.

5) We will call in a top florist, to redo the White House rose garden. Right now it looks very drab, and I can't have that for the man I plan to marry there.

6) We will introduce new tariffs, designed to discourage American companies from moving all of our jobs to other countries.

7) We will introduce legislation for the regulation of the prescription drug and medical providers industry. We feel that it should not cost more to get sick in this country than anywhere else in the world.

8) For those still without the means to afford health care, we will develop and institute a National Health Services Plan. I'm sure I can come up with a better name, with a really cool acronym, before the election. This plan will also cover those on Medicare, so they will finally get the same health care as everyone else for a change.

9) While we're on the subject of the elderly, Social Security will be strengthened. We will eliminate benefits for those drawing a retirement fund that is better than most people's salaries, and increase benefits to those who need them. To raise the money for this, we could cut the salaries of top elected officials in half, including mine. This could pay benefits for quite a few people.

10) While we're on the subject of saving money, I have a few ideas there. First, no more wars for oil. This can be done simply by offering tax incentives for auto makers who build cars that don't use any oil products. Next, no more government supply contracts. Any government agency that needs supplies will be given a purchase order to take to their nearest Wal Mart. Their toilet seats are slightly less than $500. Finally, we need to combine some government agencies, and eliminate others. The NSA will be the first to go. Then we will combine the CIA and the FBI to form the CIAFBI. Kind of rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it? FEMA will be absorbed by the Department of the Interior, and the Department of Homeland Security will be taken over by either The National Guard or CIAFBI. There are many others, as that is just a start.

11) We will call in a top decorator to redo the outside of the White House. I'm sure my future First Life Mate will have ideas there, but I was thinking of a patriotic theme. We'll leave it mostly white, with red and blue trim on the columns, facings, and window trim.

12) We promise to name a fair number of gays and lesbians to top positions, to make up for our past treatment. I would like this to include the first openly gay Supreme Court justice, if I get that chance.

13) We will name an official White House Christmas song. I'm thinking of either "Who Put the Stump?" or "Walkin' 'Round In Women's Underwear." Both of these songs can be heard at

14) M is really pushing for this one, so I'll let him have it. We will push Congress to lower the age of consent across the entire country.

15) In the same vein, we will push to have the legal voting age lowered to 12. Let's face it, it's their future that we're fucking up anyway, so they should have a say. (By the way kids, I'll lobby for you to be allowed to stay up later on non-school nights. wink, wink)

16) We will introduce legislation for a National Violent Crimes Act. Let's face it, there are states out there (including my state of Florida) that are allowing people convicted of first degree murder to get out on probation after only a few years. I think the states need to be told what to do when it gets to that point.

17) In order to improve our damaged image, we will start an international advertising campaign called "America: Love It or Leave It!" Okay, maybe this is aimed more at people thinking of coming here.

18) In that vein, we will tighten and enforce visa requirements for people coming from countries that sponsor terrorists. That will not include friendly countries, unless the person came to that friendly country from..., let's say Iran for the sake of argument.

19) We will do away with the concept of a National Day of Prayer. You should be free to pray to whom you want, when you want, and for whatever reason you want, without the government mandating it. It's not the government's business to tell you how to practice religion, or even that you should.

20) If we are going to require children to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, it needs to be updated. I was thinking of something like:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, as long as I don't have to denounce my homeland or my heritage.
And to the republic for which it stands.
One nation under God, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, or whoever else I choose to worship.
With liberty, justice, and equality for all, regardless of race, religion, economic status, or sexual orientation.

I like it much better that way myself.

Well, those are our campaign promises for now. If we left anyone out (except for fundamentalist religious zealots), don't worry. We will add to our promises as much as we need to to win this election. Now, in order to make things up to Baldisore, I will let him write until he loses control.

Oh Geez Tim, thanks a lot! Here you and M are, running for President and Vice President, and lucky me, you threw me a bone to gnaw on! Grrr!

Remember Baldisore, until you lose control.

Oh, sorry. Nevermind me everyone, I was just venting. I really hope Tim does become President this time. Besides, he promised me National Gnome Day. This story is © 2006 by my good friend tim, and is protected by copyright law and us gnomes. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission, or us gnomes will chew your legs off. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental, so we don't want to hear about that. This story contains sex between teen males. We like it that way, so if you don't, then don't read it. Also, if you get in trouble because you get caught reading this when you shouldn't, it's not our fault. You were warned ahead of time. Please send lots of really nice e-mails to: Also, please visit tim's web site at: He has done some really wonderful things with it. I especially like the link with t-shirts, and the links with guys without t-shirts. Hehe. Anyway, thanks and enjoy the story, and let's see how long he lets me continue writing.

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim and Baldisore

Chapter 5

Well everyone, Tim is letting me continue. Here is where he left off in the last chapter:

Once the minister arrived, he wanted to talk to the other two couples. He had to make it quick, but it didn't take long at all to see that Devon and Sean, and Luke and Elliott belonged together. Devon and Sean had finally settled on asking Shane and Terry to be their best men, so right at one o'clock, twelve boys disappeared to get ready. The music finally started, and Calvin escorted Rusty down the aisle. Next was Erik escorting Luke, and Shane escorting Devon. Now it was time for the three boys' mates to join them. First Ricky brought Allen down to be with Rusty. Then Aaron walked Elliott down the aisle to be with Luke. Finally, Terry escorted Sean down the aisle to join Devon.

The minister smiled at the three couples he was joining together, then began the ceremony. The first part was better than Rusty and Allen thought it would be, even though they thought it would be pretty cool to begin with. The minster made sure to make the boys feel that they were right to love each other the way they did. Then came the vows. Rusty and Allen almost choked up while promising their love and dedication to each other for the rest of their lives. Luke and Elliott hadn't had the time to think about it yet, but it hit them suddenly when it came time to make their vows. They were just as emotional as Rusty and Allen. Devon and Sean were sure they would fare much better. As they pledged their love and dedication to each other for the rest of their lives though, the emotions hit them the same as they had the other two couples. Then all of the best men presented the rings, and all six boys took turns nervously putting the rings on the finger of their mate. The minister finally ended the ceremony, and told the boys to kiss their new mates. All of the boys cheered during the kisses, and five sets of parents smiled.

The newly married boys had a great time at the reception. They were a lot freer about kissing, although with the parents there, that was all they could do. The party lasted the rest of the afternoon, and well into the night. Then Luke and Elliott told Rusty and Allen that their parents had rented them a honeymoon suite there in Orlando, and they were now eager to go there to consummate their vows. Rusty and Allen wished them well as the party broke up, then went upstairs to their place. As soon as they were inside, Rusty dimmed the lights very low and took Allen into his strong arms.

"Now I get to make love to you as my husband Allen." said Rusty softly. "I've wanted this since our first time on that beach we shared."

Holy shit! Is Tim going to let me write this?! Do you mean I get to write the two sexiest boys ever making love for the first time as husbands??? Oh my goodness, this is a dream come true for me! I promise that I'll do my best!

Then Rusty slowly began to strip Allen's shivering body. Allen was shivering in anticipation of what they were about to share as a married couple now, and it was a dream come true for him. As Rusty stripped Allen, and kissed every square inch of his body, Allen thought back to him and Rusty as kids. Allen could clearly see that this was always meant to be. Allen was meant to be with the most beautiful boy he had ever known, and make love to him as his husband. Rusty was now removing Allen's underwear, and lovingly kissing his penis. Allen worked as hard as he could to keep his penis flaccid for this. He didn't want to get erect until they were in bed, making the most passionate love ever to each other. Rusty was not making it easy though, as he lifted Allen's penis up, and kissed his balls. As Rusty kissed Allen's balls, Allen felt Rusty massaging his cheeks. Rusty finally began lowering Allen's pants and underwear, and covering Allen's legs with kisses. Allen's knees almost buckled when Rusty lightly sucked the backs of his knees. Rusty finally removed Allen's shoes one at a time, and kissed and sucked on each one of Allen's toes. Allen felt a warm and loving glow spread over his body as he watched Rusty suck on his last big toe. Then Rusty finally rose back up, and gave Allen a warm kiss.

"It must have been difficult for you to keep your beautiful cock flaccid through all of that." smiled Rusty, when he broke the kiss.

"It was almost impossible when I thought what it would have been like if I had first sucked your dick when we were five." giggled Allen. "Why don't you try it my husband, and see for yourself?"

Allen then stripped and kissed Rusty exactly the same way Rusty had done him. It was very difficult, but Rusty also kept himself flaccid through Allen's kissing and caressing of his body. Then Allen rose back up and gave Rusty the same warm kiss Rusty had given him.

"I think I've always known that I've been gay Rusty." said Allen. "When we were little boys, I just didn't have a name for it. Whenever I looked at you though, I always hoped you would be more than just my best friend someday. Now that you're my husband, this seems like the way it has always been meant to be for us. I love you more than I could ever explain with words."

"I can't tell you how happy I am for that day I realized I loved you Allen." replied Rusty. "It was like a part of my life that had always been missing. If you had sucked my dick when we were five, I think I would have returned it, and we would have grown up as boyfriends. I look forward to spending the rest of my life as your husband Allen. Now, let's lie down and see if we can find ways other than words to tell each other how much we love each other."

Rusty pulled Allen down onto the bed with him, and embraced his new husband. As Allen and Rusty shared their most intimate kiss yet, their hands caressed each other's bodies. Rusty and Allen both knew that they both wanted to cum inside each other, but they both also wanted to take their time getting there. After caressing each other until they were both shivering in anticipation, Rusty turned around next to Allen.

"Let yourself get stiff Allen, but do whatever you have to to hold your cum back." said Rusty softly. "I'll do the same."

Rusty then lovingly took Allen's cock into his mouth, as he felt Allen's mouth engulf his cock. Both boys then let their cocks stiffen in each other's mouths. Rusty concentrated on nothing but holding himself back, and how good Allen's cock felt in his mouth. Allen was doing the exact same thing, and both boys had an indescribable look of ecstasy on their faces. Neither boy knew how, but they managed to make love to each other's beautiful cocks for the next ten minutes without cumming. Rusty finally let Allen's cock out of his mouth, as his tongue traced a trail to its tip. Allen then let go of Rusty's cock in the same way. Rusty smiled as he turned Allen onto his back, and knelt between Allen's legs. Allen felt a warmth spread throughout his body as he felt Rusty's cock slowly push all the way into him. Then Rusty leaned down and placed his lips against Allen's, as he slowly drove his cock in and out of his husband.

After a few minutes, Allen broke the kiss and moaned, "Hold still for a few minutes Rusty."

Then Allen used his grip on Rusty's body to drive his body back and forth on Rusty's cock. Rusty was now holding perfectly still as he kissed Allen, but still felt his cock going in and out of Allen. After a few minutes of that, Rusty couldn't hold back any longer. Rusty took back over, and his thrusting in and out of Allen became more urgent, but still just as loving. Rusty grunted into Allen's mouth as Allen moaned into his. Then Rusty began cumming so hard that he didn't know if he would pass out or not. Rusty didn't know it, but he was now thrusting in and out of Allen like a wildman, and Allen was enjoying every second of it. Allen also knew that Rusty was cumming more now than he ever had in his life. When it was finally over, Rusty could barely move, so Allen laid Rusty down on his back. Then Allen knelt between Rusty's legs, and drove his cock as deeply into Rusty as he could. Rusty moaned and smiled as he felt Allen's cock drive into him as far as it could. Then Allen leaned forward, and began kissing Rusty passionately. Allen thrust in and out of Rusty as hard as he could while still doing it lovingly. Allen's cock now throbbed as it thrust in and out of Rusty, but Allen held himself back as much as he could. When Rusty summoned all of his energy to make his rectum clench ahold of Allen's cock though, Allen's throbbing cock finally exploded inside Rusty. Both boys yelled in joy as Allen shot the largest load of his life inside Rusty.

As Allen finally collapsed on top of Rusty, his cock pulled out of Rusty's rectum, and both boys kissed as their cocks ground together. Rusty and Allen held each other tightly as they kissed, until they both fell asleep in a tight embrace.

Arrgh! Uhh!

Geez Baldisore, next time why don't you use a condom? Well folks, our gnome friend seems to have written himself out for now, so I'll take over.

Rusty and Allen woke up the next morning in each other's arms, and smiled at each other as Rusty asked, "How is my husband this morning?"

"I'm great!" replied Allen. "How is my husband?"

"I couldn't be better at this moment." smiled Rusty.

The boys then got cleaned up after a long good morning kiss, and went downstairs for breakfast with Rusty's family. Allen's family had joined them that morning too, and Aaron and Erik were sitting at the table when Rusty and Allen walked in.

"I hope we look like that after our honeymoon night!" snickered Aaron.

"I'm sure you probably will!" laughed Rusty. "So, when is our teen actor couple planning on tying the knot?"

"We don't know." replied Aaron.

"Yeah, it kind of depends on how soon Aaron gets established well enough in the cast." said Erik. "We want the public to like both of us enough so that it won't hurt us."

"Well, we can't wait to see that day." said Allen. "It'll be cool to see both of you filled with that kind of love for each other."

"We could show you that right now!" winked Aaron.

The boys laughed all through breakfast at the last remark. As everyone was finishing breakfast, Mike answered his business phone.

"Hiya Mike, this is Stu!" said Stu happily. "Your boss lady and me are still in town. She wanted to talk to you and the boys before we headed back, but she didn't think it would be appropriate for yesterday."

"Well Stu, tell her I can have everyone over here in about an hour." replied Mike. "Any hints as to what it's about?"

"Summer plans." replied Stu. "It's really about time we made them. When fall comes, the boys will have to start working on their second album."

"Okay then Stu, we'll be ready." said Mike. "Can we expect to see you here too?"

"Sure buddy, I don't have anything else to do until we fly back to California." replied Stu.

Mike and the boys then called the rest of the band, and told them to come over. While Mike, Rusty, and Allen were waiting for the band, Luke and Elliott showed up. They were going to leave and come back later, but Allen and Rusty wouldn't hear of it. Then the rest of the band began arriving. Sean and Devon almost looked like they were on another very beautiful planet. Then Stu and the boys' boss finally arrived. After Rusty introduced their friends from Miami, the record company owner got down to business.

"I know you boys already made a commitment for Memorial Day weekend, and I'm not going to interfere with that." said the owner. "As a matter of fact, I was wondering if you can ask your friends in Michigan if they would be okay with a film crew in their park. This could turn out as great publicity for them too."

"I'll ask, but I'm sure they would love the idea." replied Rusty. "So, you want to film our concert there?"

"It's more like we want to film your entire visit." replied the owner. "Your fans can't get enough of you, and they'd like to see you guys having fun. Now, about after Memorial Day. It seems as though you've made other fans too. A top female country band wants you to be with them this summer. They hit a snag a few years ago, and they hope you can help them."

"Does the lead singer's first name begin with N?" asked Rusty.

"Then I take it you know about them?" asked the owner.

"Yeah, I talked to them not too long ago." replied Rusty. "They sent us an advance copy of their next album, and we all think it's great!"

"Do you think I could take a listen?" asked the owner. "There's talk of them eventually looking for a new label, and I might be very interested!"

"I'll be back in a flash!" replied Rusty.

Rusty went and got an extra copy he burned, then came back and gave it to the owner. "Thanks Rusty, I'll listen to this as soon as I get a chance." said the owner. "Now, would you boys be interested in touring with them this summer?"

"Okay guys, show of hands if you'd like that." said Allen. After everyone raised their hand, Allen said, "I think we'd like that very much!"

"Good." replied the owner. "Now all we need is an opening act, since you guys are obviously better than any regular opening act."

"I have an idea." said Rusty. "I heard of a group online that some guy used to make a video about the President. I liked them a lot, and I think they'd be great for us."

"Do you mean that song about a certain part of the body, below the spine?" smiled Calvin. "I thought it was hilarious! I think they'd be great for us too."

"I know they're a rock band, but we're part rock and part country." said Rusty. "Then we have the other band, which is technically still a country band for now. I think the lineup would flow along fine."

"I know that band, and I think you're absolutely right Rusty." said the owner. "I kind of came across that video myself. I'll see if they're free to join us, then make all the arrangements. And Mike, you're doing a great job. We've only just started seeing how big this thing is going to be. I'll call you guys back when I have the details, then send you a contract for the tour. If there's anything in particular you guys want that we don't cover today, let my staff know."

Mike, the owner, and the boys spent the rest of that morning working out as many details as they could. The boys would join the tour on the Friday after Memorial Day. Then the owner went over a couple of appearances she wanted them to make in the next few weeks. By the time she and Stu left, the boys knew that this would be a very busy summer. Luke and Elliott spent the rest of the afternoon with all of the boys, before returning to Miami with their parents that evening. Luke's and Elliott's parents had become very accepting of their sons now being married to each other in their eyes, and promised to help the boys develop as a happily married couple.

The first of the appearances was that weekend, at the end of their spring break. It was a network show, being taped at the local park that the network owned. It was also the same park that Tim worked at, and the boys who didn't live with Greg looked forward to seeing him again. They immediately requested that Tim be their personal assistant while at the park and studio.

"Hey Tim, how's the book going?" asked Rusty.

"Greg and I got to working on it, and he ran into the same problem I did." replied Tim. "To make the changes most agents would want would really change the story drastically. We're now working on two versions of the story. One is a polished version of the original, then another version more like what agents would accept. We want to show them how much better it is if they just accept the story as it was written."

"Wow, sounds like you and Greg are really putting some work into it!" said Allen.

"I'll say they are!" laughed Shane. "We hardly ever get to see dad anymore!"

"I'm sorry about that boys." said Tim.

"I was just kidding Tim." smiled Shane. "We actually like having you around, and we hope you do well with the book someday."

"Thanks Shane." replied Tim. "Now, what do you boys want to do? You have about three hours before you need to get ready for the taping today."

"How packed is the taping going to be?" asked Ricky.

"Well, we're using our largest soundstage today." replied Tim. "They've put in as many seats as they could with the sets and stage we put in there, and handed out all of the tickets less than an hour after the park opened this morning. It's going to be a loud show." With that, Tim and the boys laughed together.

"I guess we have time to take in a few rides then." said Rusty.

"I suppose you boys want to start with the indoor coaster in this park, right?" asked Tim.

"Yeah, that would be cool!" replied Calvin.

"Okay, anything you guys want." smiled Tim. "You know how much I love all you boys."

"And we love you too Tim." replied Rusty.

After each of the boys gave Tim a hug and a kiss on the cheek, everyone set out to ride a few rides. After a few rides, and a stop at the VIP cafeteria, it was time for the boys to get ready for their show. The soundstage was indeed packed as full as they could get it, and the audience went wild when it was time for the portion of the show with Rusty and his friends. The producer was very pleased with everything on the first take, and the show ended right as scheduled.

The next week at school, the principal gathered all the boys together after their last class on Monday. "I realize that you boys are popular all over the world now, but I was wondering if you could give us a show this Friday for the last part of the day."

Since the kids at school had become use to having very famous schoolmates now, the boys decided to go ahead and do it. They loved their school, and had become very comfortable there again. The gay/straight student alliance that the boys had helped form was now flourishing, and most of the students had either become accepting of their gay classmates, or had transferred out to other schools. Once that happened, everyone was surprised at the number of students who began coming out. Even several of the school's top athletes came out and said that they were gay, and was proud of their school for being so open and accepting now. One of them was a boy by the name of Kip, who happened to be the basketball team's star center. Kip made his announcement with his entire team beside him, and they all gave him a warm hug immediately after the announcement. Kip was very tall and dark skinned, and most of the available boys in school immediately had their jaws hanging open.

After last summer and fall, the principal was now very relieved at how well his school was doing, which was why he wanted the boys to play for the other students. The principal didn't know it yet, but that night Rusty called a few friends, and rounded up another act to play with them on Friday. Then Rusty called the principal, and told him they would need the last hour and a half on Friday. The principal naturally wanted to know why, but all Rusty would say was that another band would be playing with them.

When Friday came, the band the boys had gotten to play came out, and everyone recognized them. The first band played a great set, and the students gave them a loud round of applause. When Rusty, Allen, and the boys came out, Rusty looked out at the audience and smiled. He recognized the basketball team's center sitting in the front row, with his arm around another boy.

"Hi everyone." said Rusty into the mic. "Before we get started, I see a really cute couple sitting in the front row, looking like a brand new couple. Kip, why don't you join us up here and introduce you and your boyfriend."

Kip did look a little embarrassed, but the crowd applauded until he finally got up, and took the boy sitting with him to the stage. Kip and his boyfriend looked like exact opposites, with Kip being a good foot taller than the other boy, not to mention that he was a very dark skinned black teen, while the other boy was a very fair skinned white teen. Rusty and the other boys in the band could see there were quite a bit of feelings between them though.

"Hi everyone, I'm Kip." said Kip. "I'm the starting center for our basketball team. This beautiful guy standing next to me is my new boyfriend Hank, and he's in the marching band. We got together the week after I came out, and we love each other very much now."

"That's great Kip, and I'm glad you and Hank had the courage to come up here with us." said Rusty. "We want to play our first song today for you and Hank. It's a new song we've been working on, and it'll be on our next album. This is the first time we've played it for anyone outside the group."

Kip and Hank took their seats, then the band began playing to a duet between Rusty and Allen. The song was about finding your very first real love, after coming to terms with who you were. Rusty and Allen did a great job singing it together, and the crowd gave them a thunderous applause after the first song. It was enough to make Kip give Hank a very warm kiss right there in the auditorium, in front of all of their schoolmates. The boys continued with the rest of the show, and once again when time ran out, the audience would not stop applauding.

"I know we all love our schoolmates, but the busses are waiting outside now to take most of you kids home." said the principal. "I promise to see if I can get them to give us another show before the end of the school year."

Then Rusty came back out and said, "I know the busses are waiting sir, but we can't leave our most important fans like this. The band wants to play as long as our friends want us to. We'll pay any overtime the drivers have to be paid for waiting until we're through."

Everyone in the auditorium went crazy with that announcement, so the principal finally agreed. After another half hour, the boys began running out of material to play. The next half hour was spent playing requests from the audience, as long as the band knew the song. When the crowd finally let them leave, everyone in the auditorium was as happy as they could be. Once the boys began packing their equipment, Rusty smiled as he told the principal to send him the bill for an hour of overtime for all of the very patient drivers.

The next appearance the record company owner had set up for the boys would be in three weeks, in London England. It was a pay-per-view benefit concert that would be shown live around the world, and the boys would be playing with the biggest names in music. They were actually looking more forward to going to London though.

The weekend before that concert, Rusty called Doug and Darren up in Michigan. He had already asked if they could bring a film crew with them when they came up for the show, and just wanted to check on how things were going.

"Hi, Doug here." said Doug, as he answered the phone.

"Hey there friend, it's Rusty." replied Rusty. "How are things going up there with the park?"

"Hey Rusty, it's nice to hear from you." said Doug. "You wouldn't believe how busy it is around here man. Darren and I have had to get a tutor to pass the rest of the school year without going to school, so we can concentrate on opening the park now. We're getting ready for a huge group of employees to come in Monday, so we can start training them. We hope to run the bugs out of everything enough for a soft opening in three weeks. Plus we have supplies arriving every day, and we're trying to get all of our food and merchandise locations ready to go."

"Heh-heh, it does sound like you're busy!" replied Rusty. "Have you and Darren put your little baby brother to work yet?"

"I think it might violate a few labor laws to put little Charlie to work!" laughed Doug. "Besides, he doesn't do much except demand attention from mom right now. We'll see about it when he gets old enough to walk and talk though."

"Well, I'm glad you can make time to talk to me." said Rusty. "All the guys say hi, and Allen would love to talk to you and Darren too."

"We always have time for you guys." replied Doug. "Let me put my phone on speaker, so Darren can talk too."

"Okay dude, I'll do the same." said Rusty.

Once Rusty set the phone to speaker, Allen said, "Hi guys, can you hear me now?"

"You sound like a commercial Allen!" laughed Darren. "So, since Doug already told you about the big soft opening we're preparing for in three weeks, I get to ask if you guys want to come up for a sneak peek in two weeks. How about it?"

"That sounds fun!" replied Rusty.

"It sure does!" said Allen. "We have to go to London next weekend, but we'd love to come up in two weeks!"

"Is everything running now?" asked Rusty.

"We have everything ready, we hope, except for The Cyclone." replied Doug. "That won't be ready until July."

"We're glad you guys can make it early." said Darren. "Every hotel within twenty miles of the park is booked for Memorial Day weekend, and now that word of the soft opening has gotten out, we've sold gazillions of annual passes, and the hotels are getting crowded through most of the soft opening too."

"Sounds like you guys are going to kick some butt up there!" laughed Allen.

"We hope so!" laughed Doug and Darren in unison.

"Anyway, the sneak peek is just for our friends." said Darren. "We have some friends from Cincinnati coming up, and a whole bunch of friends from Lansing coming over. It'll be a great chance for all of our friends to get to know each other."

"We're very happy that you guys consider us friends, even though we haven't met in person yet." said Rusty. "It'll be an honor to get to meet all your other friends."

"Even though we haven't met, we've talked enough so that I'll bet Darren and I can tell who you guys are when you get here." said Doug.

"You have our CD, don't you?" laughed Allen.

"Damn honey, we can't get anything past them, can we?" laughed Darren.

"Oh well, at least I tried." replied Doug.

"Well guys, we can't wait to see you in two weeks." said Rusty. "Just make sure you have rooms reserved for all of us. The parents will all probably want to drive up with us. We'll talk to you guys later."

"Bye guys." said Allen.

"Bye." said Doug and Darren together.

Rusty and Allen immediately called a few friends, to see if they wanted to go too. Pete, Andrew, Gary, Stevie, Mark, Pat, Robin, Luke, and Elliott all said yes. Erik and his mom would be going too, so it looked as though they would be renting a charter bus, and hiring two drivers so they could make the trip non-stop. There would still be a little room on the bus, so Allen called Kip and Hank since they had become friends with the two boys. When Kip and Hank said yes, that filled the bus. Then Rusty called Doug back with the final count.

The following Friday night, Mike gathered Tom, Bryce, and all of the boys together at the airport. "Okay guys, I know how we all still feel about flying, but we have no other choice to get to London." said Mike. "We've flown a few times since the accident, and nothing bad has happened since. Does anyone have any problem with doing this?"

All of the boys looked at each other, and seemed okay. Then Sean said, "As long as I have Devon and all my friends with me, I'll be okay."

"Good!" smiled Mike. "Now, did everyone bring their passports with them?" Everyone answered yes, so Mike said, "Tom and Bryce have agreed to go along to help chaperone, and thanks again Tom. If you boys have any problems at all during the flight or the trip, just come to one of us. Let's go to England!"

Mike led everyone down the jetway once their flight was called, and everyone seemed okay as they boarded the plane. The English flight crew immediately recognized them, and guided them right to first class before letting anyone else board. As the plane began to taxi, Mike could see that Sean looked a little nervous. He quickly switched seats with Calvin, so he could have Sean between himself and Devon. As the plane got ready to take-off, Mike took one of Sean's hands and Devon took the other. Then he had Sean lean into Devon, and he gave Sean a quick kiss on the cheek. Once the jet had been airborne for about fifteen minutes, Sean seemed to relax again.

Sean smiled as he looked at Mike and said, "Thanks a lot Mike. You are a very wonderful man. It's just too bad you're straight, but I guess we all can't be perfect."

Mike laughed as he ruffled Sean's hair, then switched back with Calvin so Calvin and Ricky could be together.

"He's right Mike." smiled Jennifer, as Mike sat back down. "You are a wonderful man. Maybe not as good as my guys, but still pretty wonderful."

Then everyone finally ended up dozing off on the overnight flight. The plane landed at Heathrow Airport in London early the next morning, and everyone felt pretty good. They would be taking the stage that evening at about nine o'clock London time, so that gave them quite a while to see London. The first two stops after checking in at their hotel were Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. Even though London was under an increased alert at the time, the boys still had a great time. The double decker busses were a great way to see London.

After going to a nice English restaurant for lunch, everyone wanted to go to the Millennium Wheel next. While queuing for the ride, Rusty noticed a sad looking teenage boy watching them. After the ride, everyone decided to walk to their next stop. Rusty stayed at the back of the pack, and kept an eye out. Sure enough, the same boy seemed to be following them. After about an hour, Rusty had the group stop. Then he circled around and came up behind the boy.

"Okay, why are you following us?" Rusty asked the boy.

The boy was startled at being caught, and almost cried. "I'm so sorry mate." said the boy fearfully. "You and your mates seemed to be having such a wonderful time that I couldn't help myself."

"It's okay dude, we're not mad." said Rusty, who then guided the boy to the group. "We just wanted to know who you are, and what you want."

"I'm ever so sorry!" said the boy. "My name is Liam, and like I said, you looked like you were having a wonderful time. You mates are yanks, aren't you?"

"Yeah, we're Americans." snickered Rusty.

"You're also like me, aren't you?" asked Liam.

"Let's see, two legs, two arms, two ears, hair, nose, mouth. Yep, I guess we are!" smiled Rusty.

"No, I meant all of you are gay, aren't you?" asked Liam.

"Yes, we're gay too." replied Rusty.

"Oh my goodness!" exclaimed Liam. "You are that American group that is playing the benefit tonight, aren't you?"

"Yeah, we're doing that too." smiled Rusty.

"I'm watching it on the telly tonight!" replied Liam excitedly. "I can't believe that I'm talking to you right now! You mates are the reason I'm watching it. I think it's so great how you are open about being gay. It must be nice not to be tortured for who you are."

"We still run into our share of trouble." said Rusty. "We do look out for each other though."

"I wish I had a group of mates to watch out for each other." replied Liam. "Maybe things wouldn't be so bad then."

"Maybe we can help with that Liam." said Rusty. "A good number of our teenage male fans are gay, and I don't see why that would be any different here in England. If you were the president of our London fan club, you would meet quite a few young gay people that way. Once you do, you could form groups to look out for each other."

"Would you mates really do that for me?" asked Liam.

"Of course we would, right guys?" replied Rusty.

"Right!" replied all of the boys together.

"Now, as the president of our London fan club, you shouldn't have to watch us on the television." said Rusty. "We'll have tickets waiting for you at the concert. Do you have any plans for the summer?"

"No, not really." replied Liam.

"Good, then you should also join us in America on our tour for at least two weeks." said Rusty. "We want our English fans to be able to keep up with us this summer, since they're such wonderful people. Don't worry, we'll take care of your expenses."

"But you barely know me!" said Liam. "Why?"

"Because we see a friend who needs us." said Allen, taking over for Rusty. "As a friend, we want to get to know you better too. This will be a perfect way to do that."

"I don't know what to say, except that I'll see you at the concert!" replied Liam. "You've made me so happy today!"

"You have a beautiful smile Liam, and we want you to stay happy." said Allen. "We'll see you at the concert tonight, and plan on coming back to our hotel with us so we can get to know you better."

"I most certainly will!" exclaimed Liam happily.

The boys called the promoter, and left Liam front row tickets for their stage at the concert. There were four stages set up in the large arena, and any seat on the floor was a great one. When the boys took the stage that evening, they saw Liam there having a great time, even though he was by himself. When the boys left the stage after a great set, followed by the two encores that the promoter would allow, they asked Liam to join them in their dressing room. Once the boys had changed, they went right back to their hotel with Liam.

"Wow!" exclaimed Liam. "This must be one of the nicest hotels in London!"

"It's not too bad." laughed Rusty. "So Liam, tell us a little about yourself."

"There isn't much to tell there." said Liam. "I'm fifteen, but I'll be sixteen in one month. I've pretty much known that I'm gay for about two years now, and my life has been miserable since. The other boys who talk to me call me fairy and sissy boy all the time. I've had six black eyes and three cut lips in the last year."

"Don't you have any say in who you hang out with?" asked Allen.

"Supposedly I do, but very few boys in my area will come right out and say that they're gay." replied Liam. "I wish that I could spend all my time with other boys like me. It would make my life much easier. As it is, I'm looking forward to leaving school soon. My mum and dad want me to stay in school and go on to University, but I see no point in it. It will just cause me more years of the same treatment."

"That's terrible!" said Calvin. "Well, maybe as our English fan club president, you can meet guys like us."

"That would be so nice." said Liam. "I really did do well in school though, besides being beaten up for being gay. I'll kind of miss not learning anything new."

"It's too bad your school isn't like our school." said Shane. "It use to be really bad, but now it's a very friendly and accepting place toward gay kids. All the gay kids in school got together and changed things there. It was scary at first, but it paid off."

"It would be nice to be able to do something like that, but the kids in my school would never speak up." replied Liam.

"Well, as soon as your school is over, you're welcome to join us on tour for as long as you want." said Rusty. "I only said two weeks because I assumed that's all you could get away for."

"No, I'll be free of school in two more months." replied Liam. "Spending a summer traveling around America sounds like it might be fun. Are you guys sure this is okay?"

"We insist!" smiled Rusty.

When the boys had finished talking, and exchanging addresses and numbers, Mike called Liam a taxi to get home. The boys felt very good about making a new friend on the trip.

The next morning everyone got ready for the long flight home. Their first visit to England left a favorable impression on the boys, with the exception of how their new friend had been treated. Sean had a much better time on the take-off from London, and the trip home was as uneventful as the trip there. Now the boys were looking forward to the trip to Michigan in less than a week.

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