Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

I know everyone was expecting Sweet Sixteen to be my next story to be updated. Baldisore did such a good job in the last chapter of Allen though, that I let him take a look at Sweet Sixteen. That turned out to be a grave mistake. It seems as though Baldisore has managed to create a rift in the space time continuum. I don't know how this will affect my stories, but I am trying to contain the damage as much as possible. Sweet Sixteen will resume in the next round of my story rotation, so for now, I hope you enjoy this chapter of Allen.

This story is © 2006 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Also, please visit my web site at: Before I start, I want to thank the greatest guy in the world. Of course I could be biased because he's my boyfriend. Thanks though Jason, for writing the lyrics to "Where Did You Go?" and giving life to my characters' talent. The song will be performed during this chapter, and the lyrics will be enclosed. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 6

From the last chapter:

"It's too bad your school isn't like our school." said Shane. "It use to be really bad, but now it's a very friendly and accepting place toward gay kids. All the gay kids in school got together and changed things there. It was scary at first, but it paid off."

"It would be nice to be able to do something like that, but the kids in my school would never speak up." replied Liam.

"Well, as soon as your school is over, you're welcome to join us on tour for as long as you want." said Rusty. "I only said two weeks because I assumed that's all you could get away for."

"No, I'll be free of school in two more months." replied Liam. "Spending a summer traveling around America sounds like it might be fun. Are you guys sure this is okay?"

"We insist!" smiled Rusty.

When the boys had finished talking, and exchanging addresses and numbers, Mike called Liam a taxi to get home. The boys felt very good about making a new friend on the trip.

The next morning everyone got ready for the long flight home. Their first visit to England left a favorable impression on the boys, with the exception of how their new friend had been treated. Sean had a much better time on the take-off from London, and the trip home was as uneventful as the trip there. Now the boys were looking forward to the trip to Michigan in less than a week.

That week, Tim noticed that Greg and his boys were preparing for a trip. "So, where are you guys going to be off to?" asked Tim.

"The boys were invited for a sneak peek at a new park in Michigan." replied Greg. "They'll be playing there on Memorial Day weekend, but the park will be so busy that they won't be able to see much of it then."

"I've heard about that park." said Tim. "They are suppose to have a five hundred foot coaster there. I'd give anything to be able to go there."

"Well then, come along with us!" said Greg. "There are so many of us going that I don't think anyone will notice one more. It's a good thing Mike found those extra large tour busses to charter. He didn't want everyone to be too cramped."

"If I could get the time off from work, I'd love to." replied Tim. "Then I could have my boyfriend come over from Canada, so we could get together."

"You have a boyfriend in Canada now Tim?" smiled Greg. "Congratulations then! Now you have to go. I'll call your boss, and arrange everything for you."

"I don't know what to say Greg." said Tim. "You guys are just too great! I guess I better call my boyfriend then, and let him know the plans."

"Okay Tim, we leave here on Thursday at noon." said Greg. "That will put us up there Friday afternoon. Then we'll spend Saturday and possibly Sunday at the park. We'll start home on Monday, and be back here Tuesday. And don't worry about missing work. I'll make up your pay for those days."

Since Greg had more space at his place, everyone except for Mike, Ben, and their families would meet there. Then Mike and the two busses would come by Greg's place to pick everyone up. Everyone was excited as they saw the two large busses coming up Greg's street. They were going to be a part of a VIP party at the best new park ever. Once everyone stowed their luggage and boarded the busses, and Mike and Greg did a head count to make sure everyone was there, the busses headed out toward the freeway. Each bus had two drivers, so one could rest while the other one drove. That meant that the back of both busses were quiet and dark zones, so the drivers could keep well rested, and no overnight stops would be necessary.

Mike had made sure there were plenty of snacks and refreshments on both busses, and both busses had dvd players hooked up to monitors that went all the way to the back of the bus. Due to the noise restrictions though, the monitors in the back half of each bus had been turned off. By evening, Mike was amazed at the progress the busses were making. At six o'clock, the busses passed into Georgia, and it was time for a supper stop and driver change. The drivers had decided they would drive for six hours, then rest for six hours. As evening approached, the busses headed back out toward central Georgia. By the time they approached Atlanta, it was very late. Only two monitors were on now, as most everyone moved toward the back of the bus, and reclined their seats back. By the time the drivers made their next switch north of Atlanta, everyone was sound asleep.

The next driver switch was made north of Knoxville Tennessee, just before reaching the steepest of the mountains. Mike and Greg got everyone up for breakfast before taking off again. The morning driver had rested well, and everyone was wide awake for the drive through the mountains of northern Tennessee. By mid morning, the busses had made it to Kentucky. Mike figured they would make it to Cincinnati by noon or one, and to their destination by five or six. Once they made it to Ohio, all the boys began getting excited. When they made it to Michigan, everyone was excited. Tim did look a little nervous though, and Greg noticed that.

"What's the matter Tim?" asked Greg.

"I guess it's just bad memories of this area." replied Tim. "It's too bad we only passed within fifty miles of where I use to work at up here. I'd love to stop by there and tell them I hope this new park kicks their ass."

"Well, from what I've heard, that just might happen." smiled Greg. "It's a shame they have such a great park, run by such complete douche-bags. As for those other memories, we'll try to stay away from any areas that might trigger them. Besides, you get to meet up with your new boyfriend too! I can't wait to meet him."

That made Tim feel a bit better, and Greg was happy about that. At six o'clock, the busses rolled into the hotel Doug and Darren had told Rusty and Allen to come to. As the busses came to a stop, two cute but normal looking boys came out to meet them. Rusty and Allen figured out who it had to be, so they were the first ones off the busses.

"You have to be Doug and Darren." said Rusty, as he held his hand out to theirs.

"And you two awesome looking guys have to be Rusty and Allen." smiled Doug, as he shook their hands. "You guys look just the same as you do on your CD cover. The people at the hotel here have been told to give you guys as many rooms as you need. As for finding the park in the morning, that shouldn't be too hard. You can see the lift hill of The Sky Diver from here, or anywhere else in town for that matter!"

"All of our friends are meeting there at ten o'clock, so make sure you rest up from your trip." said Darren. "Tomorrow is going to be a great day, and we want you to meet all of our closest friends. That's what we hope you guys are too now."

"I don't see any reason why we wouldn't be." smiled Allen. "I guess we better save the introductions for tomorrow then."

"Cool, we'll see you guys at the park then!" smiled Doug.

After Doug and Darren left, Tim finally made his way off the bus. Once everyone was off the busses, they went into the hotel. As soon as Tim signed in, the clerk told him that there was someone waiting there for him. Tim turned, and spotted his boyfriend Jay. As soon as Jay saw Tim, the two ran for each other, and wrapped their arms around each other.

"Oh God Tim, it feels so good to put my arms around you!" said Jay.

"How does this feel then Jay?" asked Tim.

Tim then placed his lips against Jay's, and gave his boyfriend a very deep kiss right there in the hotel lobby. That was accompanied by whistles from quite a few of the boys.

"I love you so much Jay!" said Tim.

"No more than how much I love you Tim!" replied Jay.

"Let's go to my room and see who loves who more!" smiled Tim.

The boys did manage to get Tim and Jay out of Tim's room for supper, but not much more than that. During supper, Tim introduced Jay to Greg and the boys. Greg smiled as he remarked they made a great looking couple. As soon as the group left the restaurant, the other Tim and Sky came in and got a table.

"I can't wait to introduce you to Youthful Discretion tomorrow Sky." said Tim. "I haven't seen them since my last job. I just hope they remember me."

"How could anyone ever forget you Tim?" smiled Sky. "Of course I may be biased because I'm your boyfriend. I'm sure they do though."

"I'll bet they'll be really surprised to see me tomorrow." replied Tim. "I'm glad they've become as big a hit as they are. They really are great boys, and they deserve it."

"Well, you've become a big hit with me." giggled Sky.

"Thanks, my cute little lover." smiled Tim. "I'm glad we got all the staff trained for this weekend. We're going to show everyone a time they'll never forget tomorrow."

"I'm sure they'll love it when Doug and Darren tell them that all souvenirs and food are on the house too." said Sky.

"Well, we have to give everyone a chance to practice for the real thing next weekend." replied Tim. "I want this soft opening to go off flawlessly, and show the other parks around here that we're not going to be bullied. I want us to set the mark that they'll have to shoot for, because I know they can't do it."

"Doug and Darren were really lucky to meet you Tim." said Sky. "So was I though."

The next morning, Greg and Mike gathered everyone at the busses. Greg caught Tim and Jay and asked, "Did you two have fun last night?"

"I don't know if I should kiss and tell Greg." chuckled Tim.

"What about doing all that other stuff we did and telling?" asked Jay.

Tim looked at Jay for a few seconds, and then burst into laughter. "I want to make sure I get it right babe, so we'll do it again tonight, then tell Greg about it!" laughed Tim.

"I'm so glad you came along Tim." smiled Greg. "You look like you really needed this trip."

"I'm sure it's a trip that I'll never forget!" replied Tim, as he put his arm around Jay.

The busses were finally loaded up, and then everyone set out toward the park. As the tour busses pulled into the service gate, everyone stared out the windows at the dome, and the park behind it. The staff was doing final test cycling of the rides, so everyone especially watched The Sky Diver as a train climbed its mammoth lift hill.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Rusty. "These dudes really went all out here! I've never seen anything like this!"

The busses finally pulled up and parked, along with quite a few other vehicles. Then Doug and Darren came out to meet the busses. As Rusty and Allen stepped off the busses first, Doug said, "Welcome to Thunderdome Amusement Park! Everyone else is here already, and they're waiting over there by the service entrance to the entrance plaza. Just have everyone head over there, and we'll get started as soon as everyone is off the busses."

"This has to be the most impressive and awesome park I've ever seen!" replied Rusty. "You guys did a great job putting this together!"

"It wasn't all us." said Darren. "Doug and I had quite a bit of help. You'll meet everyone that helped pull this off though. Now, since there are so many people on both sides here, we'll wait until your group is off the busses for introductions."

Doug and Darren turned their backs to the busses as they were about half unloaded. Tim and Jay quietly followed everyone toward the entrance, as Jay said, "I hope I don't ruin your day by not doing too many rides babe."

"Don't be silly babe." replied Tim. "It will make me feel good that you'll be waiting for me at the exit to the rides you don't go on. I'm sure there will be others who won't ride everything, so you won't be alone." By this time, Tim and Jay had made their way toward the back of the group, out of sight of the front of the group.

"Okay, we're going to be ready to open the gates in a few minutes." said Doug over a megaphone. "I want Rusty from Youthful Discretion to join me, so we can make some introductions really quick." When Rusty joined Doug, Doug said, "Okay, when I call you off, please raise your hands so our new friends know who you are. First of all, we have mine and Darren's rather large extended family. The adults in this group really helped us get this park to this point. That reminds me, where is Tim and Sky?"

"They were going to make sure everything was ready to go babe." replied Darren. "They'll join us in a little while."

"Okay then, we'll move on." said Doug. "Next we have mine and Darren's close friends. After that, we have the state high school champion Lansing Central High School Warriors football team. Okay Rusty, now it's your turn."

"Hi everyone, I'm Rusty Cooper." said Rusty. "First I want to introduce the band. By the way, I want all of us to consider each other friends here today, so don't be shy about coming up to any of us to talk. Next we have the family members of the guys in the band. The last group is our friends we brought with us from Orlando. Has anyone seen Tim and Jay?"

"I saw them toward the back of the group." replied Allen. "They're probably so busy kissing that they didn't hear you honey."

"Well anyway, like I said, I want all of us to be friends here." smiled Rusty. "If you want to introduce yourselves to anyone more personally, don't hesitate to do so."

"Alright everyone, I think we're ready for the national anthem." said Doug. "As soon as that's over, we'll go through these service doors into the entrance plaza. You can split the groups up any way you want. All the rides are ready for today, and we have people there to run anything you want to do. Also, all souvenirs, food, and drinks are on the house, compliments of Darren and myself. If you want something, just ask."

As soon as Doug finished his last announcement, the national anthem played over the parkwide PA system. Then Doug and Darren opened all the service doors, and led everyone into the park. As the back half of the crowd came in, Doug glanced back. He was shocked when he thought he saw Tim with his arm around a man with the people that came with Rusty and Allen. No too surprisingly, almost everyone headed directly to Sky Diver, and by that time, Darren could see something was bothering Doug.

"What's the matter babe?" asked Darren, while they waited for the ride crew to start loading people.

"Could we have been wrong about him Dare?" asked Doug.

"Wrong about who babe?" asked Darren. "What are you talking about?"

"About Tim." replied Doug. "I thought I saw him with his arm around a man from the group that came with Rusty and Allen. How could he do that to Sky? I really thought they loved each other!"

"I'm sure they do Doug." replied Darren. "I'm sure there's a good explanation for what you saw."

"I hope so." said Doug. "After what Sky has been through, I don't want to see him hurt like that. I'd hate to have to make Tim our first termination."

"Let's just wait and talk to him later, before we jump to any conclusions Doug." replied Darren.

"Okay babe, that sounds like a good idea." agreed Doug. Then Doug noticed Kevin and Carter from Cincinnati standing in line next to them. "So Kevin, I take it that the doctor says this one is okay with the restraint harness."

"Yeah, I gave him the one you sent us to look over." replied Kevin. "He said that even though there's no shoulder restraint, he would still be concerned about the g's on this one. Then he looked at the harness and said it should provide more than enough stability to my head for me to take it."

"I'm glad about that." said Doug. "I know how much it would have sucked for you to sit this one out."

"Yeah, I really got excited when he said that it should be okay." replied Kevin. "Carter and I are both looking forward to this."

When the ride crew was ready to go, Doug and Darren let Carter and Kevin go ahead of them, and take the front seat. Doug smiled as his two friends giggled all the way up the more than five hundred foot tall lift hill. As the train crested the lift, the giggles turned into screams. Carter and Kevin couldn't believe how fast they were going as they climbed up into the first high turn. Then the train came back down into an impossibly large three hundred and fifty foot loop. After getting the feeling they would loop forever, the train screamed into the next climbing turnaround, and went on to the back part of the ride.

After the ride was over, Carter and Kevin went on and on about how great it was. Several trains later, Doug saw Tim and Sky coming off the ride. There was no sign of the man Doug saw Tim with earlier.

"Hey Tim, can I talk to you alone?" asked Doug.

"Sure my friend, anything for you." smiled Tim.

As soon as they were out of range of the others, Doug asked, "So Tim, is there anything about today that you haven't told us?"

"No Doug, everything seems to be one hundred percent ready, or at least close to it." replied Tim. "Why do you ask?"

"Because you and Sky are both friends of mine." said Doug. "I don't want to see either of you hurt."

"What are you talking about Doug?" asked Tim.

"I saw you earlier Tim." said Doug. "You had your arm around someone from Rusty and Allen's group."

"What?!" exclaimed Tim. "That's ridiculous Doug! I love Sky with all my heart. Do you think I would do that to him, after what he's been through?"

"I don't know what to think Tim." replied Doug. "I know I saw you though, unless there's someone here who looks just like you. You might have changed shirts, but it was you."

"I don't know what's going on Doug, but please believe me." said Tim. "It wasn't me. I would never have my arm around anyone except my Sky. I could never love anyone the way I love him. I swear that whoever you saw, it wasn't me."

"I believe you Tim, but what the hell did I see?" asked Doug.

"I don't know, but I'll try to find out." said Tim. "If someone is trying to get me into trouble with you guys, I want to know about it!"

Then Doug and Tim went back out to join Darren and Sky. Meanwhile in the line, Rusty and the rest of the group filled in the last seats on the ride, leaving Tim and Jay to wait for the next train. Tim said good-bye to the boys, and said he and Jay would catch up to them later in the day. When the boys got off that ride, they made their way back toward the big wooden coaster. As they got in line there, Tim and Sky spotted them, so they joined the line right behind them.

"Hi there Rusty, remember me?" asked Tim. "Long time, no see huh?"

"You have the greatest sense of humor Tim!" laughed Rusty. "That's why we like you so much. Who's the dude you're with, and what happened to Jay?"

"Who's Jay?" asked Tim. "I don't know what you're talking about. Anyway, this is my boyfriend Sky. We've been a couple since last fall, and officially since last Christmas. Since I hadn't seen you guys since I worked at that park in Ohio where I met you guys, I thought I'd introduce him."

"Are you on something Tim?" asked Allen. "We see you all the time, and we've never seen you with this guy."

"What!?" replied Tim. "I'd like to know how that's possible, since you guys live in Orlando, and I've been working here since last fall. What is going on here? Doug thinks I'm fooling around on Sky, and you guys act like we see each other every day."

"I agree with Tim." said Sky. "Something really weird is going on here."

"Maybe you have an identical twin around here Tim." replied Rusty.

"An identical twin with the same name?" asked Allen. "And who we also met at the park in Ohio? That's just really weird!"

"Whatever is going on, I wanted Sky to meet you guys." said Tim. "Sky, this is Rusty, Allen, Ricky, Calvin, Snoopy, Terry, Chris, and Shane. The other two guys must be Sean and Devon. Guys, this is Sky."

After everyone shook Sky's hand, Rusty asked, "So Sky, you've been with Tim for a while?"

"Yeah, he's a great guy." smiled Sky.

"And you and him live here in Michigan?" asked Rusty.

"Yeah." replied Sky. "I'm the place kicker for the Lansing Central High Warriors, and Tim is the assistant manager here."

"This is just too weird!" said Rusty.

After that ride, Rusty and the guys ran across Doug and Darren at the exit.

"Hey guys, we wanted to show you where the stage will be when you guys play here on Memorial Day weekend." said Doug. "We've built a semi-permanent stage back here at the end of the walkway, then we'll rope off a path so people can still get to the coaster and flume. The rest of the walkway will probably be packed, as far back as you can see. If this works out, we're going to try to get other bands to come here occasionally."

"What if it rains that weekend?" asked Rusty.

"We're going to keep an eye on the forecast." replied Doug. "If it looks like that might happen, we've made plans to move to a temporary stage inside the dome."

"Can we practice on this stage, to see what it's going to look and feel like?" asked Allen.

"Do you mean that you guys brought your equipment?" asked Darren.

"We always take some equipment with us, no matter where we go." smiled Rusty. "It's packed in the underside of one of our busses."

"That would be really cool then!" said Doug. "Just have your bus pull up down the service drive back here, and we'll have our entertainment people set everything up for you. Then you can play a few numbers for us at five o'clock. The guys will love this, since the park will be too packed for any of them to want to be here that weekend."

"Okay, consider it done." said Rusty. "By the way, do you guys have an assistant manager here named Tim?"

"Yeah, he helped us open this place." said Doug. "Something really strange is going on here today though."

"I'll say!" said Rusty. "We brought a friend named Tim with us from Orlando, and the two look exactly alike!"

"You're kidding!" said Doug. "I might owe Tim an apology then. I thought he was fooling around on his boyfriend, who's another really close friend of ours."

"I might too then." said Rusty. "I accused him of trying to mess with our heads. We need to catch up to both of them, and straighten this out!"

About fifteen minutes later, Doug had a parkwide announcement made that Youthful Discretion would play at the outdoor stage at five o'clock, and all rides would close for one hour at four forty five, so the staff could have a chance to see them too. After that, Doug and Rusty set out separately to find both Tims.

At about four o'clock, Doug found Tim and Sky talking to Kevin and Carter from Cincinnati. Kevin and Carter's friends Lester and Billy were also with them. Billy and Lester were also boyfriends, and Billy was Kevin's cousin.

"Are you guys having fun today?" asked Doug.

"This harness your people designed is helping me ride just about everything!" smiled Kevin from ear to ear. "The only things that still look too extreme are Tumblebug, and a few of the wilder spinning rides."

"And you feel okay?" asked Doug.

"I've never felt better!" replied Kevin. "I'll never be able to thank you and Darren enough for this Doug! The other parks around here will definitely have to catch up to you guys!"

"I'm glad you're having a great time Kevin." said Doug. "Darren and I care a lot about you and Carter. We'll see you guys at the show in about an hour. Tim, could I have you and Sky meet me off to the side of the stage about fifteen minutes before the show starts?"

"Sure Doug, no problem!" smiled Tim, as he hugged Sky close to him.

Rusty had found Tim and Jay, and talked them both into helping the group set everything up at about four thirty. Once everything was set up, and Joey and Skip had the sound levels set, Rusty, Allen, Tim, and Jay walked down toward the side of the stage. A few moments later, they were met by Doug, Darren, Tim, and Sky. Rusty, Allen, Doug, Darren, Sky, and Jay all shook their heads and rubbed their eyes, not believing what they were seeing. Tim and Tim looked at each other, their eyes wide with shock.

Tim reached out and ran his hand over Tim's face, as he exclaimed, "You look like me!"

"You look like me too!" exclaimed the other Tim.

"No, you look like me!" exclaimed the first Tim. "What's going on here?"

"I don't know." replied Tim. "Can you guys excuse the two of us, while we figure out what's going on?"

Everyone was in shock at what they were seeing, as Doug numbly replied, "Sure Tim. I mean Tims."

Tim led Tim across the service drive, then into a service entrance to the dome. Once inside, Tim found an empty break room to use. "Okay, who are you?" asked Tim.

"I seem to be you." replied Tim.

"You can't be me!" replied Tim. "I'm me!"

"How do you think I feel?" asked Tim. "I don't have any idea what's going on here!"

"If you're me, let's find out." said Tim, as he locked the door. "Now, take off your clothes."

As the Florida Tim started taking off his clothes, so did the Michigan Tim. Then the Michigan Tim ran one hand over Florida Tim's body, and his other hand over his own. Florida Tim gently explored Michigan Tim's face with one hand, and his own face with his other hand. Michigan Tim couldn't believe how identical their bodies were, right down to the same appendectomy scar. Then Michigan Tim wrapped one hand around Florida Tim's cock, and his other hand around his own.

"We're the same person!" exclaimed Michigan Tim. "I don't know how, but we are! You're me man!"

"And you're me!" replied Florida Tim. "Please feel our balls while I do this."

Then Florida Tim took Michigan Tim into his arms, and pressed their bodies together as he put his lips against Michigan Tim's lips.

When Florida Tim broke the kiss, Michigan Tim softly said, "Even our balls are exactly identical. I love Sky with all my heart, but I have to do this to be sure."

Michigan Tim slowly lowered himself down in front of Florida Tim, then took Florida Tim's cock into his mouth.

"I love Jay too, but I'm looking down at me making love to myself." said Florida Tim.

Then Florida Tim began lowering himself, while he gently lowered Michigan Tim down to the floor. As soon as Michigan Tim was laying on the floor, Florida Tim turned around, and took Michigan Tim's cock into his mouth. Both Tim's began making love passionately to each other, doing the exact same things at the exact same time. As soon as they both felt themselves beginning to build to an orgasm at the same time, they both stopped at the same time.

"I can't finish this with anyone but Jay." said Florida Tim, as Michigan Tim said, "I can't finish this with anyone but Sky."

"I still don't know how, but we're the same person!" said Michigan Tim, as he and Florida Tim got up and got dressed.

As the two Tims talked, trying to figure out what happened, Rusty and the group was ready to begin playing. After playing a very good performance of Still The One, Rusty said, "Thanks everyone. Next we're going to play the other big hit off our first album, Where Did You Go?"

As the group began playing, Rusty sang:

Do you look down at me tonight,
and see my candle burning bright?
The candle I burn to remind me of you,
wishing you were with me too.

Then Allen joined Rusty in the chorus:

Brother mine, where did you go?
My life's so empty, don't you know?
You fought so hard, it tore me apart.
Now you live in my heart.

The group picked up a little bit as Rusty began the next verse.

Many are the nights I cry to sleep,
into the pillow my tears run deep.
Longing for my brother's embrace,
to once more see your gentle face.

Brother mine, where did you go?
My life's so empty, don't you know?
You fought so hard, it tore me apart.
Now you live in my heart.

Every day I watch pass by,
living on as I know you would try.
Loving you though you're gone,
Your memory keeps me going on.

Brother mine, where did you go?
My life's so empty, don't you know?
You fought so hard, it tore me apart.
Now you live in my heart.

The band played a brief bridge, then for the final verse, they raised their pitch and picked it up a little more.

One day things will go my way,
cause I know you're with me every day.
Gone is the emptiness in my heart,
knowing we will never part.

Then Rusty and Allen sang the final chorus.

Brother mine, I've found you now.
I've made it though I don't know how.
There's nowhere else I'd rather be,
hand in hand just you and me.

Where Did You Go? © 2006 by Jason Finigan

Most of the audience cried lightly, even though they had heard the song many times before. They all applauded as loudly as they could though. Rusty and Allen smiled as they took a slight bow, then they had the band take a bow too. Doug and Darren had wanted the rides to open back up at five thirty, but the band played a bit longer than that, so Doug and Darren let it go. Tim and Tim came back out after Where Did You Go? had finished, and took their places beside Sky and Jay. Doug knew they would all talk later, but for now everyone looked happy.

After the show was over, and the employees went back to reopen their rides, most of Doug and Darren's friends went right to Sky Diver. At eight o'clock, the rides closed for the day. Doug and Darren had arranged for everyone to have dinner at the Overlook Restaurant, inside the dome. Doug also asked the night maintenance crew to cycle Screaming Eagle during dinner.

As everyone was settling into their seats for dinner, Doug went to the PA and said, "I hope everyone enjoyed themselves today. We'll all meet back here tomorrow at ten in the morning. I would like to know what everyone thinks of our park though, so if anyone has any comments, please come on up to the mic while we're waiting for the dinner that's being prepared for us. First, I'd like to hear from someone from the group from Orlando."

Greg went to the mic and said, "I've been to quite a few parks over the years. I want to say that today was a very good time for most of us. Doug and Darren, you have a great park, both inside the dome and outside. The rides you have here are the best of their kind, and other parks are going to be trying to catch up for quite a while. I think you boys are going to do quite well."

Shane went to the mic next and said, "I think Sky Diver will be named the best steel coaster in the world, and Wooden U will be the best wooden coaster."

"And the park will definitely be named the best park." added Terry.

Then Rusty went to the mic and said, "I know that we can't wait to get back here on Memorial Day weekend. We're going to help you guys break every record in the books that weekend, and you and your park deserves it."

Then the Tim from Orlando got up and said, "I've worked for quite a few parks over the years, so I talked with your staff quite a bit today. The people you have here act like they've been working here together for years, which is a great compliment to how you've trained them. They also seem ready to provide some of the best guest service that any park around here has ever known. When you throw in some of the most incredible rides I've ever seen, you guys are going to have a park that everyone will want to come to."

Then the Tim from Michigan got up and said, "Thanks Tim. You may not realize it, but you helped them quite a bit with that. I just want to thank Doug and Darren for giving me the chance to help them put this together. I think what everyone has said so far will be what everyone who comes here will say. I know our staff is determined not to let anyone leave here without loving us."

Then Rondell, one of Doug and Darren's friends from Lansing, got up. "Last fall, Doug and Darren were being very tight lipped about what they were doing out here." said Rondell. "Then they let me in on what was going on, and I couldn't believe it. Even after today, I still can't believe everything they've done. I can understand why they kept this under wraps though. This will be the only thing around here that people will be able to talk about this summer. I'm glad I have two friends as incredible as Doug and Darren."

After a few more people said what they wanted to, the restaurant staff began serving dinner. Doug and Darren's mom Mary was in charge of food services, and her staff had prepared an excellent dinner. Doug and Darren had asked Rusty, Allen, Tim, Sky, Tim, and Jay to join them at their table, so they could all have a talk.

"So Tim,... I mean Tim,... uh,... either one of you, do you guys know what happened?" asked Darren.

"We really don't know how to explain things." said Tim from Michigan. "Something happened last year after we were fired from the park in Ohio. I went on to come to work for you guys, and Tim from Florida has no recollection of that. I also have no recollection of what he went through that drove him into returning to Florida, and from what he's told me, I'm glad of that."

"I know that I'm happy I went back to Florida though." said Tim from Orlando. "Tim seems to be just as happy that he came to you guys though. This whole thing is just really weird!"

"Maybe you guys were driven into being two separate people inside after being fired from the park in Ohio." said Rusty. "Then somehow, it became a physical separation."

"Or maybe it was some gnome somewhere, playing around with the space time continuum." laughed Allen.

That comment got a round of laughs from everyone, then Rusty said, "Well, a few of us from Orlando have had some very weird moments with psychic phenomenon. When we get back to Orlando, we'll try to help Tim figure out exactly what happened."

"I'll take you guys up on that, if Tim and I decide we even want to know." replied Tim from Orlando. "The Tim here in Michigan does have a very cute young boyfriend though, and I'm very happy with my relationship with Jay, so we don't know if we even want to do anything that might mess things up."

"I was kind of hoping to talk you into coming here, and working with the other Tim to help us though." said Doug. "One Tim has been great so far, so just imagine the job two Tims could do for us."

"It does have some very strange possibilities I guess." smiled Tim from Orlando. "This would have to be something that Jay and I discuss carefully though. Like I said, we wouldn't want to mess things up for any of us."

"We'd hate to see you move away again Tim, but we'll be happy for you if you do what's best for you." said Rusty.

"Thanks boys." smiled Tim from Orlando. "I promise that whatever happens, I'll always think of you boys, and try to play a role in your success."

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