Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

Hi everyone. I think I have contained the damage caused by Baldisore's meddling with the space time continuum. Now I will begin the campaign against my most likely competition in 2008. Our first victim will be Jeb Bush, the Governor of Florida. It's no secret that he would like to follow in his brother's shoes, by being another complete asshole. BTW, when was the last time you saw a Presidential candidate with the nerve to use that word. lol. Anyway, there should be no doubt in anyone's mind that Jeb can be every bit as much of an asshole as George. After all, Jeb did scam the US government and taxpayers out of four million dollars in 1988, and was allowed to do so because he was the son of George Bush Sr. (Mother Jones report: Sept. 1, 1992) The fun doesn't end there though, as Jeb has been a business associate of people associated with the mob in Miami. (Counterpunch: May 13, 2005) And Jeb's daughter Noelle's problems with drugs (TalkLeft: search term Noelle Bush), combined with the Governor's attempts to lighten its impact are well known stories in Florida. There are many more examples of Jeb's extreme incompetence, and all you have to do is search his name on Google to find them. I hope by this time one would ask: Should another Bush become President, or should we put away the entire family for our own good? Let's face it, anyone could make a better President than Jeb Bush, and I certainly am anyone. Thus concludes my campaign against my first esteemed opponent for the Presidential race. I should hope that we never have to mention his name again. Then again, maybe I'm just miffed because I'm still waiting for ANY member of the Bush family to condemn Prescot Bush's financing of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party in the 1930's.

This story is © 2006 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story, except unfortunately for my campaign above. Any similarities to actual people or events in the story though, are purely coincidental. What are the odds of two Tims anyway? This story contains sexual situations, mostly between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Also, please visit my web site at: It continues to be updated with new features. Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 7

From the last chapter:

"Maybe you guys were driven into being two separate people inside after being fired from the park in Ohio." said Rusty. "Then somehow, it became a physical separation."

"Or maybe it was some gnome somewhere, playing around with the space time continuum." laughed Allen.

That comment got a round of laughs from everyone, then Rusty said, "Well, a few of us from Orlando have had some very weird moments with psychic phenomenon. When we get back to Orlando, we'll try to help Tim figure out exactly what happened."

"I'll take you guys up on that, if Tim and I decide we even want to know." replied Tim from Orlando. "The Tim here in Michigan does have a very cute young boyfriend though, and I'm very happy with my relationship with Jay, so we don't know if we even want to do anything that might mess things up."

"I was kind of hoping to talk you into coming here, and working with the other Tim to help us though." said Doug. "One Tim has been great so far, so just imagine the job two Tims could do for us."

"It does have some very strange possibilities I guess." smiled Tim from Orlando. "This would have to be something that Jay and I discuss carefully though. Like I said, we wouldn't want to mess things up for any of us."

"We'd hate to see you move away again Tim, but we'll be happy for you if you do what's best for you." said Rusty.

"Thanks boys." smiled Tim from Orlando. "I promise that whatever happens, I'll always think of you boys, and try to play a role in your success."

The dinner that night was outstanding, and everyone near the windows jumped in their seats every time The Screaming Eagle roared past. Tim, Jay, Tim, and Sky were still trying to figure out exactly what happened. Rusty and the other boys signed quite a few CD's before, during, and after dinner. They also made quite a few new friends.

Also during dinner, Carter asked Kevin, "Do you feel okay after all those rides today babe?"

"I feel great my love!" replied Kevin. "That harness has made it so I can enjoy almost everything I use to before the aneurysm. There's a few that I can't ride, but they'd probably make me puke anyway."

"Great dinner conversation babe!" giggled Carter.

That night was very busy back at the hotel. The group from Orlando was treated like visiting royalty, because the hotel knew that the new park could throw a lot of business their way. After making love that night, Allen and Rusty talked about the best way to help their new friends. They were going to have Joey come up with the most spectacular show that he could. If the show were outside, they wanted it to include pyrotechnics and lasers. If it were inside though, they wanted to be able to switch to lasers and a video screen. They were certainly going to give Joey plenty of work, either way.

In Tim and Jay's room, Tim was asking Jay, "So babe, what do you want to do? It seems like we have three alternatives here. We can live where you do now, in Florida where I'm at now, or take up Doug and Darren on their offer."

"Well babe, I want to make a change from where I'm at now in my life." replied Jay. "Moving here with an identical Tim would be kind of creepy though, don't you think?"

"Yeah babe, I'm not really sure how that would work out." replied Tim. "I can't help but to think it might destroy the universe. I just hope it was some damn gnome, like Allen said."

"I guess that leaves only one alternative then." smiled Jay, as he wrapped his arms around Tim again. "You and me, making a great life for ourselves in Orlando. I do have to admit though, I think I'll miss snow up to my butt."

"That settles it then!" smiled Tim. "I don't want snow covering that cute butt of yours!"

With that settled, Tim and Jay made love for a second time that night.

It was another beautiful day the next morning, when everyone began getting ready for the park. After spending the previous day riding the kiddy rides, Beth and Timmy were becoming best friends. Greg was glad he brought Timmy now, as the boy needed this after the plane crash back in January.

Everyone was waiting at the gates again by ten o'clock, and the national anthem played once again. Then the gates opened again, and everyone rushed happily toward their first ride of the day. Allen had noticed something on the way into Sky Diver, so he decided to ask about it since Doug and Darren were next to them in line.

"What is that box I saw back at the entrance?" asked Allen.

"That's something my babe Darren came up with." replied Doug. "This park is going to be so busy that a lot of people might not get the chance to ride Sky Diver if we don't do something. The box at the entrance is a fingerprint scanner, and we're going to limit this ride to first time riders for a certain time period at the beginning of the day. That will help the most people ride."

"Are you going to have an express ride system?" asked Rusty.

"We think express gives people unfair access to the ride." replied Darren. "If you couldn't get express tickets, wouldn't you feel irritated seeing other people zip right past you, just because they were luckier than you? Besides, some people have learned how to take advantage of the system, and abuse their privilege. We think one line and no cutting is fair to everyone. We will make exceptions to people with disabilities though, if the disability prevents them from going through the queue, because that isn't their fault."

"Of course if someone belongs to a coaster enthusiast club, we'll set aside times when we're not normally open to give them exclusive access to the rides." said Doug. "We already have two events scheduled for the largest of those clubs, and we stole one of the events from our competition."

"I'll bet they're not happy with that!" laughed Allen.

"Who cares if they're happy?" smiled Doug.

After riding Sky Diver, Doug, Darren, Allen, and Rusty ran across Beth and Timmy in the outdoor kiddy area. They also came across one of the park's employees, trying out a new gadget.

"My name is Gizmo." said the small robot in a mechanical voice, as Beth and Timmy approached it. "I want to be your friend. Are you lost?"

"Nah, I'm fine Gizmo." replied Beth.

"Come to think of it, I haven't seen my daddy for a little while." said Timmy.

"What is your daddy's name, and what does he look like?" asked Gizmo.

"His name is Greg, and he looks like a daddy." replied Timmy.

By this time Doug and the boys were having fun trying to control their laughter. "How is it doing that?" asked Allen.

"Do you see that employee over there, who's trying to stay out of sight?" asked Doug. "He's controlling the robot, and providing its voice. He can also hear anything anyone says to it."

"Sweet!" exclaimed Rusty softly.

"Where is your daddy suppose to be?" asked Gizmo.

"I think he was going to ride something with his boyfriend." replied Timmy. "His boyfriend's name is Toby."

"Do you want to try to find them with me, or wait here until they come back?" asked Gizmo.

"I guess we should wait here." replied Timmy.

"Good, then let's play a game!" said Gizmo.

"What kind of games can a robot play?" giggled Timmy.

"We can play Gizmo Says, or hide and seek." replied Gizmo.

"Let's play hide and seek!" laughed Timmy.

"Okay Timmy, I will turn around and count to thirty." said Gizmo. "You and Beth hide, and I will find you."

Doug, Darren, Allen, and Rusty snickered and laughed as the robot counted to thirty, then went and found Timmy and Beth both. The little kids were entranced by their new playmate, and couldn't understand how Gizmo could be so good at hide and seek. Then they played Gizmo Says with the robot, and had a blast.

"I'm sure you can see how a lost kid will soon forget that they're scared with Gizmo helping them." smiled Doug. "Our thinking was that kids are told not to go with strangers, but no one ever told them not to go with a robot friend. I think Gizmo will be a huge help with lost kids, depending on who's operating him."

"Well, the guy you have operating him now is pretty good at it." said Allen. "He has Beth and Timmy playing with it like it's another kid!"

"Yeah, I think he's going to be one of our best Gizmos." smiled Doug. "And to think, the first toy Darren and I bought our baby brother was the inspiration for Gizmo."

"So, what else are you guys going to do that no one else is doing?" asked Rusty.

"There's a few things we wanted to try." replied Darren. "We're trying to match people up better in housing than other parks who provide it do. The people who are living in our housing have filled out a questionnaire, and we put them together according to their personality, likes, dislikes, and habits. Everyone seems to like it so far. Then for the guests, we have central wait time boards for our major rides throughout the park. Other people have those too, but ours show the current wait times, as well as estimated wait times for various times throughout the day. That should help people plan what they do better."

"Then we have a computer system that the guests can use." said Doug. "Right now we have it programmed for food in the park, and lodging in the area. The guests tell the computer what kind of food they want, and the computer automatically tells them the nearest location for what they want. Then if they get here and decide they want to stay more than one day, they can make reservations for that night at a hotel in the area. We have quite a few area hotels in all price ranges that wanted to be a part of that system. Tim wants us to use it as a guest message system too, but we're still programming that."

"You guys are thinking of just about everything, aren't you?" asked Allen.

"We're trying." laughed Doug. "Tim even wants to put in a guest suggestion page on the computer, so people can tell us what kinds of rides they want us to build in the future, or services we can provide."

"With all of that, and as friendly as your people here are, you guys should get the award for best park!" said Allen.

"Okay, I think I got you guys!" said Rusty. "What if a guest goes out to that mammoth parking garage, and doesn't have any idea where they parked?"

"Sorry, we have that covered." smiled Darren. "Every parking space out there has a keypad. When the driver pulls in, they'll be prompted to enter their Social Security number into the keypad. Then if they come out at the end of the day, and can't remember where they parked, the parking information system can tell them exactly where their car is."

"Damn!" exclaimed Rusty. "You guys HAVE thought of everything!"

"Yeah, Tim wants to help us show everyone up a little." laughed Doug. "We even have someone researching a way to deflect objects from the air, in case of terrorist attacks. He use to work for the government, but they didn't like his ideas."

A little while later, the boys came across Jay, who was waiting for Tim as he rode Wooden U.

"You really don't like rides much, do you Jay?" asked Doug.

"It's not that I don't like them, they just don't like me." replied Jay. "I think it's an inner ear thing, but they make me so queasy that I become really sick."

"It's still a shame that you have to wait out here for him though." said Darren. "If we were really open, you'd probably have to wait quite a while. We need to do something about that Doug."

"Like what babe?" asked Doug.

"Maybe we could make a crossover path just before the platform, and put one of our fun hosts there." said Darren. "That way they could make sure no one enters the platform who shouldn't, and people could go through the queue together, even if they can't ride. I know it's short notice, but that's something that we didn't stop to think about."

"I like that idea Dare!" said Doug. "We'll get someone right on it! Hey, here comes Tim."

"I take it you like our wooden coaster Tim." said Darren.

"I love it!" replied Tim. "All of the drops before the loop are so tall, and the turns are nice and fast, except for the one coming off the safety brake. I think people will love it."

"Cool." said Doug. "So, have you and Jay considered our offer?"

"Yeah Tim, are you staying in Orlando with us, or coming up here?" asked Rusty.

"Jay and I talked it over, and we think it would be best if I went back to Orlando, and he joined me there." replied Tim. "The idea of me and myself working here together sounds like something that might cause a rift in the space time continuum. Not to mention that it would confuse the hell out of everyone!"

"Well, it would have been interesting, but if you two think that would be best, I can't blame you." said Doug.

"Thanks Doug, I'm glad you understand." said Tim. "Now I hope Tim and Sky does. They wanted Jay and me to meet them in Tim's office."

"Just don't be surprised if they want to have a foursome before you leave!" laughed Darren.

"Yeah, that's probably why that gnome was messing with the space time continuum." laughed Allen.

"Do you have some kind of preoccupation with gnomes Allen?" snickered Doug.

"My husband just has a wild and playful imagination." smiled Rusty. "He's been like that since we were little kids."

"And Rusty loves it." smiled Allen.

"I love everything about you babe." replied Rusty.

Tim and Jay went to the other Tim's office after they left Doug, Darren, Rusty, and Allen. Tim and Sky were waiting there naked in each other's arms, locked in a deep kiss. Tim finally broke the kiss with Sky and said, "Hey guys, why don't you get comfortable, and join me and Sky here on the couch?"

Tim and Jay looked at each other for a few seconds as they smiled, then began taking off their clothes. As they were doing that, the other Tim pulled the sofa out to reveal that it was a sofa bed. Then Tim motioned for Tim to lay down next to him, so Jay could get on one side, and Sky could get on the other side. Sky laid his head on his boyfriend's stomach, then wrapped his hands around both Tims cocks.

"I can't believe how identical they are!" exclaimed Sky softly. "I can't feel any difference at all!"

"Their nipples are identical too!" said Jay, as he squeezed both Tims nipples. "They even have the same appendectomy scar!"

"Tim, can you join me in the next room for a second?" asked Tim. "Then when we come back in, we won't give them a clue as to who is who. I want us to all have some fun together without having to worry about that. Just before any of us cum, we can switch to our own partners."

When Tim and Tim came back into the room, Jay and Sky had no clue which was which. Both Tims laid on the bed, and Jay laid on top of one Tim while Sky laid on top of the other. Tim and Tim immediately wrapped their arms around Jay and Sky, and the four began kissing passionately.

After a few minutes, Jay raised up and said, "Let's switch now Sky, just in case."

After a few more minutes of kissing passionately, Jay and Sky had no clue which Tim was which. Then Jay and Sky turned at the same time, and took both Tims cocks into their mouths. Tim and Tim eagerly began making love to Jay's and Sky's cocks at the same time. The couples switched once again after a few minutes.

After about five more minutes, Jay pulled off and said, "I'm going to lay on my side, and I want one of you Tims to put your cock in my butt. Then Sky can put his cock in Tim, and Tim cam put his cock in Sky."

Everyone got into position, and soon everyone but one of the Tims had a cock inside him. As everyone got into a rhythm together, the room was filled with moaning.

After a few minutes, Jay moaned, "I want the two Tims to switch places, and then everyone turn around."

Once everyone got into position, both Tims had a cock inside them, and Jay was without. After a few minutes of that, Sky announced that he would have to cum soon. The Tim who was between Sky and Jay then pulled out of Sky, and got a wet towel to clean everyone's cock with.

Once that was done, he pulled Sky to him and said, "We'll always do that only with each other, my love."

The other Tim crawled back over to Jay and said, "And you're the only one I'll ever be with like that babe."

The two pairs, who were now back with their own lovers, began a pair of passionate sixty nines. Sky soon began cumming into his lover's mouth, then a few moments later Sky's Tim and Jay began cumming at the same time. Jay's Tim was the last to begin cumming into Jay's mouth. Once all of the orgasms had ended, everyone shared a very affectionate four way hug. It was something they would all remember forever.

At dinner that evening, Rusty stood up at the the table he and Allen were sharing with Doug and Darren and said into the microphone, "You guys have the most incredible park I've ever seen, Doug and Darren. It doesn't matter what anyone comes here for, they're going to love this place. We can't wait to get back here for Memorial Day weekend, and help you guys have the biggest weekend that any park has ever seen! We'll never be able to thank you guys enough for letting us come out here early, to see it before anyone else."

"Well, we couldn't have done this without the friends we've made, and the staff we've hired." said Doug, who stepped up to the mic next. "I'm sure that when this summer starts, we'll be the best park in the country. Especially if everything keeps running as well as it did this weekend. Granted, there were only a hundred and fifty people in the park this weekend, as compared to thousands when we open, but I think we're ready for it. I especially want to thank our new friends from Orlando, and with their help, we'll have a great opening weekend on Memorial Day weekend."

The dinner again was great, and Mary made sure to compliment her staff. Doug and Darren made plans to throw their staff a huge party on Friday, for all of their hard work to get the park ready to open for the first time. That night when Tim and Jay made love in the privacy of their room, it was their most intense experience yet. Jay would have to return home the next day, but he was sure that he would soon be in Orlando.

When Monday morning finally came, everyone loaded themselves into the buses. The drive back to Orlando would be long, but there was plenty of conversation to keep everyone occupied. As the buses neared Georgia, they became quieter again. Before they were very far into Georgia, everyone had dozed off except the drivers. By the time the buses approached Valdosta, the morning sun had begun to wake everyone again. The buses made a stop for breakfast, and to change drivers.

Everyone decided on a national pancake chain for breakfast, and the staff there had a look of panic on their faces when the group first walked in. Then the servers began to whisper amongst themselves, and the boys knew they had been recognized. They ended up signing quite a few autographs during breakfast, but they didn't mind. After a very filling breakfast, and saying good-bye to all the younger servers at the restaurant, it was time for the final leg of the trip home.

Okay, the boys are almost back in Orlando for now. Sounds like they had a fun trip though, huh? Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 8.