Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

Hi everyone. Today's target of my campaign will be John McCain. On the surface, Senator McCain seems like a good man. In reality, he is a very close friend of the current administration. I believe that the entire intent of his campaign in 2000 was to eliminate all of Bush's competition, then drop out of the race himself. Why else wouldn't he bring up Bush's military record, his drunk driving record, or Harken Energy? Now on to the real mudslinging. Senator McCain is also apparently very chummy with communists, convicted felons, and mafia leaders. In the case of communists, John McCain collaborated with the North Vietnamese within days of being taken prisoner. He willingly traded military information for medical treatment (US Veteran Dispatch, January - February 1997 issue). Since his father was soon to be the Navy Commander of Pacific operations, the North Vietnamese jumped at the opportunity given to them by John McCain. There is a word for that. What word am I thinking of? I think it begins with trai, and ends with tor. John McCain went on to become a Senator from Arizona, during which time he has sent help and support to Charles Keating, who was convicted of racketeering and fraud over the failure of his Lincoln Savings and Loan, which swindled Americans out of over 3 billion dollars. McCain, along with four other Senators intervened on Keating's behalf, and the convictions were eventually overturned on technicalities ( Keating has since been retried fortunately. McCain has also sent birthday wishes to Joseph Bonano, leader of the New York Bonano mafia family, and to Governor Fife Symington, who was removed from office due to convictions for fraud and extortion. Hmm, John McCain's constituents in Arizona should be really proud of their Senator, don't you think? If you are looking for someone who will most likely be removed from office within months, after disgracing our entire country, by all means vote for John McCain. I myself would sooner vote for Pee Wee Herman. I hope this helps everyone make an informed decision when it comes to deciding that McCain doesn't belong in Washington. In the next chapter, M and I promise we will take aim at a Democratic candidate. We wouldn't want to appear biased, now would we?

LATE BREAKING NEWS!!! - After choosing my campaign subject for this chapter, it came to my attention that former professional wrestler and Minnesota Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura may run for President in 2008. Do we really need to go there? If so, I am prepared. But is America prepared for our President to challenge Osama Bin Laden to a steel cage match, with a special guest referee of course. I hear that his running mate, Hulk Hogan, also wants to challenge North Korean President Kim Jong-Il and Chinese President Hu Jintao to a special tag-team lumberjack match. So help me, if he even mentions inviting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to appear with him on the Jerry Springer Show, I'm outta here! I'm not worried though, as I'm sure most Americans realize that it would be bad to turn Washington into even more of a circus than it already is.

This story is © 2006 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story, except unfortunately for my campaign above. Where have we heard that before? Any similarities to actual people or events in the story though, are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations, mostly between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Also, please visit my web site at: Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 8

From the last chapter:

"Well, we couldn't have done this without the friends we've made, and the staff we've hired." said Doug, who stepped up to the mic next. "I'm sure that when this summer starts, we'll be the best park in the country. Especially if everything keeps running as well as it did this weekend. Granted, there were only a hundred and fifty people in the park this weekend, as compared to thousands when we open, but I think we're ready for it. I especially want to thank our new friends from Orlando, and with their help, we'll have a great opening weekend on Memorial Day weekend."

The dinner again was great, and Mary made sure to compliment her staff. Doug and Darren made plans to throw their staff a huge party on Friday, for all of their hard work to get the park ready to open for the first time. That night when Tim and Jay made love in the privacy of their room, it was their most intense experience yet. Jay would have to return home the next day, but he was sure that he would soon be in Orlando.

When Monday morning finally came, everyone loaded themselves into the buses. The drive back to Orlando would be long, but there was plenty of conversation to keep everyone occupied. As the buses neared Georgia, they became quieter again. Before they were very far into Georgia, everyone had dozed off except the drivers. By the time the buses approached Valdosta, the morning sun had begun to wake everyone again. The buses made a stop for breakfast, and to change drivers.

Everyone decided on a national pancake chain for breakfast, and the staff there had a look of panic on their faces when the group first walked in. Then the servers began to whisper amongst themselves, and the boys knew they had been recognized. They ended up signing quite a few autographs during breakfast, but they didn't mind. After a very filling breakfast, and saying good-bye to all the younger servers at the restaurant, it was time for the final leg of the trip home.

Joey and Skip began working on a stage show as soon as they got back to Orlando. The rest of the boys in the band prepared for their final few weeks of school, and their return back to Michigan to kick off their summer tour. Most of the boys wondered exactly when Liam, their friend from England, would be able to join them.

The weekend before the end of school, Calvin and Ricky were staying at Rusty and Allen's place, so they could all watch Aaron's TV debut. Aaron and Erik sat in front of the TV with their arms around each other, smiling as they watched Aaron's premier on Camelot High. The other boys were amazed at Aaron's performance with Erik, and it quickly became their favorite episode. It finally got late though, so the boys went off to their rooms. After Allen and Rusty made passionate love to each other that night, they drifted off in each other's arms.

"Oh no!" screamed Allen, as he woke out of a bad dream.

Rusty and Ricky awoke at almost the same moment, looking like they hadn't been able to rest either.

"What's wrong Allen?" asked Calvin, who had been awoke by the scream.

"It was a terrible dream!" replied Allen, still shaken. "It felt like I was someone else. I knew I was in a hospital, but I couldn't see anyone around me. I knew there were people there, but I couldn't see them. Then I felt my surroundings fading away from me, until I didn't feel anything anymore! It felt like I was someone who had died! I wish I knew what caused me to be in the hospital though, and who I was suppose to be."

"I think I might know why." said Rusty, as he put his arms around Allen. "I had a dream too. The only thing it was about was people hitting me over and over, calling me fag."

"Oh no guys, I had a dream too!" said Ricky. "The only thing I can remember about it was that everyone spoke in an English accent, and that everyone was very sad!"

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Rusty. "It's Liam! What time is it in England now?"

"It's probably mid-morning there right now." replied Calvin. "Do you guys think that this just might be because we were all thinking about him?"

"It was too real Calvin!" said Allen. "It was like the dream about the crash!"

"Yeah Calvin, this was very real." said Rusty.

"And I could talk to people, just like I could to Robbie in Miami!" said Ricky. "They couldn't answer my questions though."

"We have to call him now!" said Rusty.

"Hello, how may I help you?" said Liam, as he answered the phone.

"This is Rusty, from America." replied Rusty. "Are you okay Liam?"

"Hello mate!" said Liam cheerfully. "It's very nice to hear from you, although it must be the middle of the night there. I am doing very well though. How are you mates doing?"

"Some of us just had a very bad dream, and we had to talk to you." replied Rusty. "We had to make sure you were okay."

"Why wouldn't I be?" asked Liam.

"Some of us have been able to see things before they happen in our dreams." replied Rusty. "Do you know about the plane crash that we were almost in?"

"Yes, I would say that was a good spot of luck." said Liam.

"It wasn't luck Liam." replied Rusty. "Allen had a dream about the crash. That's why we took longer than the record company had planned in the studio. Then the crash happened, exactly like he had dreamed."

"You mates are serious, aren't you?" replied Liam. "I do believe you, but I assure you that I'm fine. I'm more than fine really. I found a really great boyfriend just after you left England. As a matter of fact, I was going to ask you if it would be an imposition to bring him along for the summer. He would love to see America with us."

"Yeah Liam, that would be great." said Rusty. "I do want you to promise to be careful though Liam. In our dreams, a young English person was beaten to death for being gay. We seem to have gotten to you in time though."

"I promise mate, I'll be very careful." replied Liam. "I really am looking forward to spending the summer with you mates, and now I can bring Thomas too. It'll be a brilliant summer!"

"Yeah Liam, it'll be fun." said Rusty, a little relieved. "We can't wait to see you again, and your boyfriend too. Just remember to be careful though."

"I promise, I will." replied Liam. "Well, I have to get ready. Thomas is on his way over. We're going to Blackpool today."

"Okay Liam, have fun." said Rusty. "We all love you."

After Rusty hung up, he turned to the others and said, "We got to him in time! He seems to believe us, and he said he'll be careful."

"That's great!" said Allen. "I'd hate to lose a friend like Liam. He's so nice."

"Now I'm actually glad we all have this power." said Ricky. "It feels nice when it can be used to save someone we care about."

"Okay, is the psychic friends network ready to go back to bed?" snickered Calvin.

The boys all nailed Calvin with a pillow, then retrieved their pillows as they laughed, so they could go back to sleep. The rest of the night passed without any further dreams.

That week at school, the students seemed to turn their attention to Aaron for the first part of the week. His locker was besieged with fan mail and love notes. Aaron was ready to laugh it off until Wednesday, when the mail carrier showed up at Ben's house with a sack full of mail for Aaron. Then Erik showed up that evening to see Aaron.

"Hi baby, the producer called today." said Erik, as he hugged Aaron. "Our little show has just received the highest ratings it's ever had! We won our time slot during sweeps, and the network is going crazy over it. They think we are the best pair ever on TV babe. The producer can't wait to work with you again this summer, and he's had the show rewritten to include you in every episode, right alongside me! Isn't that great?"

"I got a sack full of mail today!" replied Aaron. "How can I possibly read all that mail?"

"If you read the first one babe, the other thousand will be exactly the same!" laughed Erik. "Welcome to the world of being a TV star! We can get you someone to read your mail though, and if there's anything out of the ordinary fan mail, they can tell you about it."

"Are they going to reply to all of them for me too?" asked Aaron.

"If you want, they can send a form reply, along with an autographed photo." smiled Erik.

"That sounds kind of expensive though." said Aaron.

"Babe, when we go back to Hollywood this summer, you will have to sign a regular contract." said Erik. "If I can get you what I get, you won't have to worry about anything!"

"Why would they give me that much?" asked Aaron.

"Because they want me, and because you and I are the best thing on TV right now babe." replied Erik. "They'll pay big money for that. Now, we have to get you some professional head shots, and a secretary. That mail is going to stack up pretty fast."

"If you don't mind me asking, how much do you make exactly Erik?" asked Ben.

"With residuals and everything included, about one and a half million an episode." replied Erik. "I guess Hollywood really likes me, and they like Aaron now too."

"And you make how many episodes per year?" asked Aaron.

"Twenty one, but we do most of them during the summer." replied Erik. "We only do retakes and rewrites during the winter, unless we ran into a problem over summer filming."

"You make thirty one and a half million a year?" asked Ben.

"Yeah, somewhere around there." laughed Erik.

"I guess that gives us something to think about." said Ben.

"What do you mean?" asked Aaron.

"Well, we have Allen going off on tour for the summer, and you going off to Hollywood for the summer." replied Ben. "We're trying to decide how to handle this. I've taken the summer off from my practice, and Judith has taken the summer off from from her office. We were wondering who was going to travel the country with Allen, but this seems like it's going to be a very serious career for you now. We may both go to California with you, since Allen will have Rusty and Rusty's father to keep him company."

"Are you sure you both want to go to California with me?" asked Aaron.

"Yeah son, why?" asked Ben. "Don't you want us there with you?"

"That would be the greatest thing in the world!" replied Aaron. "I can't believe you love me that much! My real parents probably don't even care how I'm doing now."

"We'll never stop caring Aaron." said Ben, as he put an arm around Aaron. "You're our son now, and we love you every bit as much as we love Allen. Allen has his life going great in the direction he wants it to go though, and you're just starting down your road in life. We feel you need us to be close to you."

"Thank you so much!" replied Aaron. "I really do need to know someone cares about me like family. Sure I have Erik now, but I need a real family too."

"I know son, and we want to be that family." smiled Ben, who then gave Aaron a kiss in the forehead. "We want to be with you for this. We've already talked to Allen about this possibility, and he agrees with us if we both go to California with you."

On the last day of school on Friday, the principal had the boys talked into doing one more show. The boys were eager to do the show for their schoolmates, as a way of getting in one more practice for a live audience before beginning what promised to be a wild summer. The show took up the last two hours, and the boys were greeted by a standing ovation before they played a note.

Rusty stepped up to the mic with Allen and said, "We want you guys to know how much we love you. We're about to go out on our first tour, but it wouldn't be possible if you hadn't believed in us."

"You guys gave us this chance, and we can't thank you enough for that." said Allen. "When our first locally made CD came out, you guys made it a hit around here. Then it went on to get attention from our current recording label. You guys helped us prepare for that too. We wouldn't be where we are right now if it hadn't been for the greatest schoolmates in the world."

"We wish we could take all of you on tour with us this summer." said Rusty. "We may not be able to do that, but we can do the next best thing. When our tour comes back through Orlando, we're going to set aside enough tickets for all of you to see the show. Thanks for everything."

That got the band even more applause as they began their first number. The boys played a flawless show, and went through every song they knew. It took up the entire last two hours of the school day, but it seemed to fly past. The band and the audience had more fun than they could remember in a while. The boys finally ended the show the same way they started, with a standing ovation from the entire school.

The next week was spent preparing to start the tour. The final arrangements for everyone who would be going were being made now. Emily would have to stay behind with Beth and the twins, with Beth promising to help her take care of theirs and the Martin's homes. Ben and Judith were ready to go to California with Aaron, to help launch his acting career. Mike would be going with the band, as would Greg, his mate Toby, and his youngest son Timmy. He had thought of leaving Timmy with Emily for the summer, but the idea upset Timmy, so he decided to take him along. Tom had found someone to take care of the gym for him, so he and Bryce were also going, so he could keep Calvin prepared for his boxing career. Ted and Chin would take care of the house while they were away for the summer. Jennifer had a tough sell to her parents, but they finally agreed to let her go, so she could be with Joey and Skip. That made for a total of nineteen people going on the tour. Three specially prepared tour busses and six drivers were being sent to Orlando, courtesy of the record company.

The busses arrived two days before everyone was set to leave for Michigan to start the tour. That gave the boys a chance to look them over good, and decide who was going in what bus. It was finally decided that Rusty, Allen, Sean, Devon, Jennifer, Joey, and Skip would be in one bus. Mike, Tom, Bryce, Calvin, and Ricky would be in another bus, along with training equipment for Calvin. The last bus would be Greg, Toby, Timmy, Shane, Terry, Snoopy, and Chris. Greg knew that Timmy would be getting a little bit of an education in adult matters on the cramped busses. He had always tried to keep Timmy from seeing too much when it came to sex, but there wouldn't be any way to avoid that now since the boy would be sleeping in a bunk right next to him and Toby, with the other boys not far away. So Greg took Timmy aside for a talk about the birds and the bees.

"Hi Timmy, do you remember how your mommy and daddy loved each other?" asked Greg.

"Yeah, they kissed a lot and always slept together, just like my brothers and you and Toby do." replied Timmy.

"Okay then, the sleeping together part was what I wanted to talk to you about." said Greg. "That was how they made you Timmy. When a man and a woman love each other a lot, and sleep together, it's so they can have sex together. When they do that in the case of a man and a woman, the man's penis makes sperm, which fertilizes an egg inside the woman."

"You mean girls have eggs inside them, like a chicken?" asked Timmy, with his eyes wide open.

Greg knew he had his work cut out for him, as he replied, "Well, it's not exactly like a chicken egg Timmy. There's no shell, and the egg makes either a little baby boy or baby girl. That how you were born Timmy. Your mommy and daddy had sex, and your mommy carried you inside her until you were ready to be born."

"Do you mean I use to live inside my mommy?" asked an amazed Timmy.

"Yes, you were a cute little baby boy, and you lived right here inside her tummy for nine months." said Greg, as he tickled Timmy's tummy.

After Timmy stopped laughing, he asked, "Boys don't have eggs inside them though, do they?"

"No Timmy, they don't." replied Greg. "Sometimes boys still like to sleep together though, and do the same things a mommy and daddy does."

"A daddy has to put his penis inside a mommy to make her pregnant though, doesn't he?" asked Timmy.

"Yes son, he does." replied Greg.

"Do you mean that some boys like to put their penis inside other boys?" asked Timmy. "How and why do they do that?"

"There are two ways a boy can put his penis inside another boy." replied Greg. "He can either put it in the other boy's mouth, or in his butt. Most boys feel a need to do that with girls when they become sexually active, but some boys feel just as much of a need to do that with other boys. Those boys fall in love with other boys the same way that most boys fall in love with girls."

"Why?" asked Timmy.

"Because son, we can't control who we fall in love with." replied Greg. "It's just a part of who some boys are that makes them fall in love with other boys."

"So, you and Toby, and my brothers all have sex with each other?" asked Timmy.

"Well, it's not exactly like that." replied Greg. "Toby is my mate, and we only have sex with each other. Terry is Shane's mate, and they also only have sex with each other. That leaves Chris and Snoopy, and they are mates as well."

"Daddy, am I going to grow up to like other boys, or girls?" asked Timmy.

"It's kind of early to tell that son." replied Greg. "When you are about twelve or thirteen, you will go through what is called puberty. Your penis and balls will grow, and you'll start to get hair around them. Then you will become sexually active, and you will feel an urge to fall in love with either other boys or girls. Whichever one it turns out to be is okay though Timmy, because it's who you were meant to be."

"So, if I fall in love with girls when I get older, that's okay even though all of you fall in love with boys?" asked Timmy.

"It won't matter whether you fall in love with girls or other boys son." replied Greg. "All that matters is that you do what feels right to you, and what makes you happy."

"That's cool!" replied Timmy. "That means that I don't have to worry about what anyone thinks, and just do what I want, right?"

"That's right son." smiled Greg.

"Cool!" exclaimed Timmy. "Why did you want to tell me all this now though, when it will be that long before I start feeling that way?"

"Because Timmy, these busses are very cramped to be living in." replied Greg. "You are most likely going to be able to see us having sex, and I didn't want it to confuse you."

"Wow!" exclaimed Timmy. "Daddy, why is my penis sore?"

"Let me see it son." said Greg.

Timmy took his penis out, and Greg took it in his hand gently to look at it. Greg gently caressed the very hard little two inch shaft, as Timmy leaned into him and cooed softly.

"It looks like you are having your first erection son." said Greg, as he continued to caress the little shaft gently. "That means that the gland that controls the blood flow into your penis has been stimulated. When your penis is filled with blood, it becomes hard like that. It's not uncommon for that to happen long before you become sexually active."

"It feels good to have it rubbed like that daddy." cooed Timmy softly. "It's not as sore anymore."

"No matter what age you are, it always feels good to have your penis rubbed like this." said Greg.

At that moment, Toby walked in and asked, "What's going on? It looks like I missed something!"

"I just had a talk with Timmy about the birds and the bees, and he got an erection." smiled Greg, as he fondled Timmy's penis. "I figured he would have to know, because he's going to be able to see almost everything that happens on the bus this summer."

"I remember when my dad talked to me about the birds and the bees." laughed Toby lightly. "It had the same effect on me. He would have never dreamed of making me feel good like that though. He just told me to stop thinking about my dick being sore. Do you mind if I join you?"

"I guess not, just be gentle with him." smiled Greg.

Toby sat down next to Timmy, and Greg let Toby take ahold of Timmy's erection. Toby stroked Timmy gently as he said, "It's so cool that it's so little, but still as hard as a rock!"

"Thanks daddy Toby." cooed Timmy. "Your fingers feel just as good as daddy Greg's do."

"I'm glad that you are cool with me and Greg both being your daddy, and doing things that a mommy and daddy do." said Toby. "We love you very much Timmy."

Greg then leaned down, and began kissing Timmy warmly on the forehead and cheek. Toby continued rubbing Timmy's dick gently, and began rubbing his ball sack as well.

"This feels so nice!" cooed Timmy, as Greg continued kissing him.

"It's suppose to son." whispered Greg into Timmy's ear, just before licking Timmy's earlobe.

"What's daddy Toby doing?" asked Timmy.

"It looks like he's kissing your cute little penis." smiled Greg.

Toby had the head of Timmy's dick between his lips, kissing it gently. After a few seconds, Greg had Toby sit up. Then he placed Timmy's arms around Toby, and bent over to kiss Timmy's erection too. Timmy ran his hands over Toby's chest as he purred contentedly. After Greg kissed Timmy's dick for a few moments, he sat back up.

Greg gently laid Timmy back as he said, "You can make it feel good yourself too Timmy. It will get sore again after a while though, so don't rub it too much."

Greg placed Timmy's hand on his own dick, then he and Toby got up to go to their room. They both needed a little release after being with Timmy.

The day before leaving, Rusty called Doug to make sure that everything was ready. Doug wanted to know what kind of a show Joey and Skip had planned, because the stage crew the two boys had hired was already there, and it looked like they were setting up for quite a spectacular performance. Rusty laughed as he told Doug not to worry, and that Joey and Skip hadn't gone too far overboard. Doug then told Rusty that the soft opening was going better than they had dreamed, and they were looking forward to the weekend. It looked as though they would have a record breaking crowd for the entire weekend. As Rusty ended the call to Doug, his phone rang again.

"Hi, this is Rusty." said Rusty. "Can I help you?"

"Hello Rusty, this is Liam's mum Dianna calling from England." replied Dianna.

"Is everything okay?" asked Rusty. "Is Liam okay?"

"Well, he has had a rough week, but he's doing okay under the circumstances." replied Dianna. "I wanted to call you because he's just not up to talking on the phone yet. He's going to be joining you boys on your first stop, so I was hoping you could retrieve him at the airport in Detroit on Friday evening. I think this may be the best thing for him right now."

"What about Thomas?" asked Rusty. "Liam said that Thomas was looking forward to this summer too."

"Thomas was looking forward to it very much." sniffled Dianna. "I hate telling you like this, but I'm afraid he's no longer with us. We had him laid to rest on Monday."

"What?!" asked a stunned Rusty. "How? What happened?"

"Thomas was ambushed by a gang of hooligans on his way here last Friday." replied Dianna, a little shakily. "They beat Liam's poor friend terribly I'm afraid. Thomas never awoke from the attack, and passed on the next day. I do understand the relationship the two boys had, and I wish it hadn't turned out this way. They deserved a chance to be happy together, but that was taken away from them."

"Did they catch the people who did it?" asked Rusty.

"Yes, they did." replied Dianna. "They were drinking ale and laughing about it, with Thomas's blood still on their clothing. They will be charged as adults, as they ranged in age from seventeen to nineteen. I'm just afraid that Liam may never be the same though. He's still in shock, and we're going to have to physically put him on the airplane to America. Like I said though, this may be the best thing for him. He really needs to be away from here for a while, and me and my husband just can't get away right now. He has talked so well of you lads though, and I know you will look out for him. We are planning a holiday for later on this summer, so we'll come to America to join him for two weeks. I hope you can help him deal with this by then, because as I said, he's not taking it well right now."

"I promise that we'll do everything we can for him this summer." replied Rusty, fighting back his emotions. "Liam is our friend, and we want to see him get over this. We'll pick him up at the airport on Friday evening, and keep him with us constantly. Don't worry ma'am, we'll treat him as if he were our own brother."

"I know you will." said Dianna. "I'm just so relieved that he has best mates like you right now. He needs that at a time like this. We'll make sure he's on the flight Friday, but I'll call back if anything comes up. If you don't hear from me by Friday, please have Liam call home after you pick him up."

"We will ma'am, I promise." replied Rusty. "We'll take very good care of him."

"Thank you so much Rusty." said Dianna. "You are a very sweet lad to care about my son so much."

Rusty sat in shock for a few moments after he ended the call with Liam's mom. Then he went to tell everyone what had happened. A few of the boys couldn't hold their emotions back, including Rusty. After they were through crying, the boys began to prepare themselves to have a very sad friend with them soon.

The next day, the trip to Michigan started off quietly. Allen, Rusty, and Mike were already sad to be leaving their loved ones behind for the summer. Then on top of that, there was the task ahead of them of meeting Liam at the airport in Detroit the next evening. They knew it would be a rough hello, but all the boys wanted to be there at the airport for their friend. When the busses pulled in at the hotel the next day, Rusty gave Doug a call. He let Doug know they had to go to the airport, and what had happened to their friend from England. In about fifteen minutes, Doug and Darren were at the hotel with two large shuttle vans.

"It's really great to see you guys again." said Doug. "I wish it were under better circumstances though. This weekend looks like it is going so perfectly except for this. We'll help you guys with your friend though, because we feel like we already know him."

"Thanks Doug." said Rusty, as the boys all piled into the vans. "I know that Liam will appreciate all of the support he can get right now. Hopefully we can all help him a little bit this weekend."

On the way to the airport, Doug and Rusty did talk business a little bit. The show was all set up now, and the TV crew to cover the band's visit to the park was already there. They would have to talk to the producer though about Liam, and respecting his time of grief.

"I'm sure they'll understand that." said Doug. "They seem like decent people. I think the crowd control issues may keep them busy anyway. Every hotel in the area is booked full for this weekend. We've even made backup parking arrangements at the arena down the road, just in case. I think everyone within three hundred miles wants to be here this weekend!"

"Well, maybe a large crowd is just what we need right now." replied Rusty. "It may help keep our minds off starting the tour off on a sad note. If we can get Liam through this weekend though, he may be okay."

"Well, Darren and I will do everything we can to help with that." said Doug.

The group waited outside the checkpoint at the airport, as Liam's flight was announced. A little while later, the first of the passengers began making it through customs. The boys finally spotted Liam in line, and it looked like he had been through hell and back. Rusty knew this wouldn't be easy, but they would do anything they could for Liam. Liam finally went through customs, and the boys immediately surrounded him. Rusty was the first one to wrap Liam in his arms.

"We're so sorry about what happened Liam." said Rusty, as he held back his tears. "This was suppose to be such a great summer for all of us."

"It's not that I thought you mates were lying to me when you called about your dreams." replied Liam. "I just didn't take them very seriously until Thomas...."

Then Liam broke down in Rusty's arms. Rusty held his friend tightly, as Liam sobbed heavily into his shoulder. "It's okay Liam." said Rusty, as he rubbed Liam's back. "You had no way of knowing exactly what would happen. We didn't even know exactly what was going to happen."

"But you tried to warn me, and I should have listened!" cried Liam. "Why did they do that to Thomas? Thomas would have never harmed anyone!"

"These things never make any sense Liam." replied Rusty. "I've almost lost people I care about for the same reason, and the people that do this are animals. It'll never make sense, but Thomas would want you to go on."

"I'll try as hard as I can, but I loved him so much!" cried Liam. "I'll never stop loving him, even though he's gone now."

"I know Liam, and no one would expect you to." replied Rusty.

After all the boys gave Liam a hug, and Rusty introduced him to Doug and Darren, it was time to head to the hotel. Doug could relate to what Liam was feeling, because his mate Darren almost ended up the same way as Thomas. It was only luck that kept Darren with Doug back then, and Doug knew it. Doug and Darren got the chance to talk to Liam, and they started to become good friends on the way back from the airport.

Once they were back at the hotel, it was time to rest for a big day on Saturday. The most important part would be to show their friend how much he was loved.

Rusty and the boys have a huge job ahead of them, as they start off a long summer. Hopefully Doug and Darren can help them start it off right again though. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 9.