Allen 4:

The Boys In the Band

by tim the story guy

It is with mixed feelings that I offer my concession for my Presidential campaign. Although I would love the opportunity to show that our leaders don't have to be incompetent imbeciles, there are other things in my life to consider. Most importantly, I plan to marry a very wonderful man. Since that isn't possible in most places in the U.S., I will be moving to his home in Canada. I'm not sure the laws would allow me to be the President of the U.S. from Canada. The campaign was fun while it lasted though. I did have quite a bit of fun exposing my opponents as the low-life scum that they are, and I hope everyone remembers those moments. Now I must turn to my personal life though, and leave the campaigning to those who wish to remain in the U.S. At this time I would like to ask all of my loyal supporters to throw their support behind the one person best suited to be the next President, Hillary Clinton. I think it's probably about time this country woke up, and realized that a woman can do the job of President too. Mrs. Clinton will do a very good job of returning the U.S. to a respectable position in the eyes of the rest of the world, after our current administration has done everything they could to make us look like a bunch of jack-asses. I guess Bush was just going with what he knew best. A good thing about withdrawing from the campaign is now I can blast Bush one more time. Bush doesn't even deserve to be the leader of the cell block that he rightfully should be living in. He has said on several occasions that the U.S. should have a totalitarian dictator, and he would like to be that dictator. If that isn't treason, please tell me exactly what is. The last day of his Presidency will be the best day that this country has seen in quite some time, whether his supporters want to take their heads out of their butts long enough to admit it or not. Since his approval rating is now at an all-time low, it is apparent that quite a few have, and I commend them for that. I guess the rest are so stubborn that they are waiting for his approval rating to match my shoe size. Anyway, I have informed M of my decision, and he understands completely. Thanks to those who supported me in my campaign. And for those who didn't because they like our current administration, please consider never voting again. Just kidding.

This story is © 2006 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events in the story are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations, mostly between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Watch for me in the next chapter to begin writing more creative disclaimers. Please send all comments to: Also, please visit my web site at: Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Allen 4: The Boys In the Band

by tim

Chapter 9

From the last chapter:

Then Liam broke down in Rusty's arms. Rusty held his friend tightly, as Liam sobbed heavily into his shoulder. "It's okay Liam." said Rusty, as he rubbed Liam's back. "You had no way of knowing exactly what would happen. We didn't even know exactly what was going to happen."

"But you tried to warn me, and I should have listened!" cried Liam. "Why did they do that to Thomas? Thomas would have never harmed anyone!"

"These things never make any sense Liam." replied Rusty. "I've almost lost people I care about for the same reason, and the people that do this are animals. It'll never make sense, but Thomas would want you to go on."

"I'll try as hard as I can, but I loved him so much!" cried Liam. "I'll never stop loving him, even though he's gone now."

"I know Liam, and no one would expect you to." replied Rusty.

After all the boys gave Liam a hug, and Rusty introduced him to Doug and Darren, it was time to head to the hotel. Doug could relate to what Liam was feeling, because his mate Darren almost ended up the same way as Thomas. It was only luck that kept Darren with Doug back then, and Doug knew it. Doug and Darren got the chance to talk to Liam, and they started to become good friends on the way back from the airport.

Once they were back at the hotel, it was time to rest for a big day on Saturday. The most important part would be to show their friend how much he was loved.

That night, Liam slept between Rusty and Allen, because the boys wanted to give him a sense of security. It worked, and Liam slept well that night. The next day started off beautiful, with only a small puffy cloud here and there. It was also very comfortable outside for late May. The boys were scheduled to meet with the TV producer just before the park opened, then they would spend the day getting footage of the boys having fun in the park.

"Mister Hurst, I know the special was just suppose to be about the band, but we'd like to include Liam as much as possible." said Rusty. "He's the President of our English fan club, and he'll be spending the summer with us on tour."

"Besides, he's had a rough time lately, and we think this might help." said Allen. "Just before he came over here to America, a very close friend of his was murdered. As a matter of fact, you may be able to work a little bit of his story into the special, so something like that won't be as likely to happen to someone else."

"You boys seem serious about this." replied the producer.

"We are." said Rusty. "Anyway, he's not leaving our side until the show, so you might have problems working around him. You might as well just work him in."

"I think we might be able to do something like that." replied the producer. "Why don't you boys give me a quick run down on his story."

After Rusty and Allen told the producer what happened in a little more detail, the producer was just as adamant about including Liam as the boys had been. Rusty then brought Liam into the production meeting, and the producer laid out the schedule for the boys. Tim had provided a central location for the boys to do make-up and rest while they were in the park, as well as a dressing room trailer back by the stage for their performance later. The first stop would be the central make-up location, and then the boys were told to have fun, and be themselves.

Tim, Doug, and Darren followed the TV crew around, to make sure that no one interfered, and the crew had timely access to the rides. The producer didn't want the rides emptied for the boys, as that would show on TV. He did prep everyone at the rides before filming began though. The visitors to the park were happy to cooperate, in the hopes they would catch a glimpse of themselves with one of the biggest bands in the country.

By ten thirty, Tim had been called on the radio and told that the park looked on track to break the one day amusement park attendance record. Tim, Fred, Doug, and Darren had set down to discuss this, when they got some idea of what the park would hold during the soft opening. They had decided that under normal circumstances, they would call the park sold out well before reaching the one day record. They also decided that there was nothing normal about this day, and this is the day they chose to try to beat the record.

Just after eleven, the producer noticed that the park was getting quite crowded. "Damn Tim!" exclaimed the producer. "How many people are you guys trying to stuff into this park today?"

"Well, I just got two calls on the radio." replied Tim. "The front gate says that we're closing in on the one day attendance record, and parking says that our parking structure is full. We have a deal with the arena down the road though, so we're going to send our overflow there, and shuttle them back here."

"So, you're going for the record then?" asked the producer.

"We figure that we might as well, while we're going to be getting all this publicity from you." smiled Tim. "There's no sense in wasting that kind of opportunity."

"I can see your point!" chuckled the producer. "Won't you have some upset visitors for packing the park so full though?"

"We hope not." replied Tim. "We've been giving everyone who buys a one day ticket today a second ticket to use any other day they want. We just hope they don't all use them at the same time."

The incoming crowd finally started to trickle down shortly after noon, and well after the park had set the record. That made Doug and Darren smile, as they knew their nearest competitor was only expecting a slightly less than average holiday crowd. It was decided that since The Sky Diver coaster would have the longest line in the park all day, they would have to limit it to one ride per guest. That was also where the producer thought he could get some great footage, so he had the boys placed into the queue about ten minutes away from the station. The guests in the queue loved being able to interact with the boys in the band, especially since they might end up on a TV special.

When the boys finally got to the station, they had to wait for the train that had been especially prepared for them by the park maintenance staff. It had recording equipment mounted in the nose of the train, and a very well secured mount for a miniature camera on one of the front row hand rails. The maintenance crew then attached the camera just before the boys boarded the train, and the TV crew made sure it was hooked up correctly. Once the producer signaled that he was getting a good clear picture from the transmitter, the boys boarded the ride. Rusty and Allen sat in the front row, and the other boys decided to let Liam ride right behind them. As Liam was ready to step into the train, he told the ride crew that he didn't want to ride alone, and asked them to find a single rider to ride with him. A flurry of hands went up from single riders who were near the station, so the producer stepped forward and picked one he thought would look good with Liam and the other boys.

"Hi, my name is Lee." said the teenage boy, as he stepped into the train where Liam was waiting.

"Hi Lee, I'm Liam." replied Liam.

"Are you in the band too?" asked Lee. "Youthful Discretion is my favorite band of all time!"

"I guess I am, in a way." replied Liam. "I'm the President of their British fan club."

"That's cool!" said Lee. "You're very nice looking, just like the guys in the band."

"Are you flirting with me Lee?" smiled Liam, at about the same time Rusty and Allen turned to make sure Liam was okay.

"That's so cool Lee!" said Rusty. "You just got our friend to smile for the first time in a few weeks!"

"Thanks Lee, maybe we can autograph a CD for you when we get off the ride!" added Allen.

By this time Lee was blushing a bit, so Liam said, "Oh drat! You're not gay, are you? I'm so sorry Lee, I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"I am gay." replied Lee. "I'm just embarrassed that I got caught flirting. Your group is so famous that I'm sure you wouldn't take any interest in someone like me."

"Then don't be embarrassed Lee." said Liam. "I really like you. Would you mind terribly being with me for the rest of the day? I have some wicked seats for the show later."

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Lee. "I can't believe this!"

"Then believe this!" said Liam, as the ride crew came by and checked their restraints.

Once the crew moved on, Liam leaned toward Lee, and turned Lee's face toward his. Then Liam placed his lips against Lee's, and gave his new friend a very nice kiss. Lee was speechless, but smiling incessantly. He normally wouldn't have kissed another boy in public, but he didn't care who had seen that kiss. As the train began to move out of the station, Allen and Rusty did something they had been talking about. They shared a warm kiss for the camera. They didn't know if the producer would use it, but they wanted to put it out there just in case.

The train climbed the steep lift hill quickly, since it was being pulled up by an electric trolley that ran up the center of the track. Once it got at the top, the trolley slowed to a crawl. Then the train finally advanced far enough to drop over the top of the lift. Only half the riders had ever been on the Sky Diver before, but the other half screamed loud enough to make up for that. The ride was just as fast and crazy as it had been when Rusty and the other boys had rode it less than a month earlier. Everyone loved the inclined helix after the impossibly large loop, as it planted everyone firmly into their seats. Rusty and Allen thought the bunny hops at the end might have even become faster than before. It was a great ride, and the producer was sure that he had gotten some great footage.

Lee did stay with Liam for the rest of the day, and Rusty and Allen caught the boys sharing a kiss a few more times. They also saw Liam forgetting the misery he had suffered before joining them, at least for now. When showtime came, Liam and Lee stood off to the side of the stage, next to the cameras that were filming the show. Lee never dreamed he would get a chance to see his favorite band this closely, as Liam held his hand. Once the show was over, the two boys shared yet another kiss.

"I can't believe what a great day this has been Liam!" said Lee.

"Why not?" smiled Liam, as he wrapped Lee in his arms.

"Not only am I closer than I ever imagined to one of the greatest groups ever, but I shared it with one of the most attractive guys I've ever met!" replied Lee.

"Me?" asked Liam, now being the one to blush. "I'm the most attractive guy you've ever met?"

"Without a doubt!" replied Lee. "I just never want this day to end, although I know it will."

"Well, it ain't over yet!" said Rusty, as the band filed past the two boys. "Please come with Liam back to our dressing room."

The audience was still thundering their applause, as the boys went back to the trailer. They would have played another encore, but they had already gone through most of the songs they were prepared to do. Besides, they wanted a chance to get to know Liam's new friend better. Mike had done a great job of stocking the trailer while the band was playing. The boys had water, soda, juice, pizza, burgers, chips, and a nacho platter with tacos around the side, just waiting to be consumed.

As the boys began to eat, and change out of their stage wardrobe, Rusty said, "So Lee, I see you and Liam are getting along together quite well. That makes all of us very happy."

"Yeah, Liam had a very rough time before joining us here in America." said Allen. "We're very glad to see you being such a big help to him."

"What exactly did he go through?" asked Lee.

"We'll let Liam tell you that later, if you take us up on our offer." smiled Rusty.

"Hey Liam, you have very nice taste in guys!" said Calvin, as he came up in just his boxers.

Lee couldn't help but to stare, as Calvin's cock was trying to poke out of the fly. Ricky laughed as he saw that, then he reached down and jerked Calvin's boxers to the floor.

"Here baby, but on some fresh boxers." laughed Ricky, as he handed Calvin a clean pair.

When Calvin heard Lee gulp, he chuckled, "Yeah, it's a bit on the large side, but my baby Ricky likes it that way."

Everyone laughed as Calvin put on the fresh boxers, and Lee finally came out of his stare as he asked, "You guys are all pretty open around each other, aren't you?"

"Yeah, and in case you don't believe that, Snoopy and Chris are already going at it on the couch over there." chuckled Shane, as he pointed.

Sure enough, Snoopy and Chris were both naked on the couch, and having a very hot sixty nine.

"It almost makes me want to join them, and put myself inside my Sean." chuckled Devon. "I think we'll wait until we're back at the hotel tonight though."

"We're all kind of like brothers here." said Rusty. "None of us would give a second thought to doing what Snoopy and Chris are doing around each other. You can tell how much they love each other, and it's kinda nice to see that."

"Then I take it that you're all gay too." said Lee.

"Every last one of us!" smiled Terry, as he wrapped his arms around Shane.

"We can tell you like the idea of that Lee." said Rusty. "You've never been around people who are this open before, have you?"

"I would have thought I'd only find that in paradise." replied Lee.

"I'm assuming you don't live in paradise though, do you?" asked Allen.

"Before today I've had to make sure that I kept my feelings for other guys between me and him." replied Lee. "I would have never thought of kissing another guy in public before today. Liam is so nice that I couldn't stop myself if I tried though."

"How would you like to spend your summer not having to worry about who sees you showing affection to the guy you love?" asked Rusty.

"What do you mean?" asked Lee.

"He's asking you to come on tour with us." smiled Allen. "You've made Liam very happy today, and trust me, that was no easy job considering what he's been through. I thought we were going to have our work cut out for us until you came along Lee. Would your parents consider letting you tour with us?"

"I don't know what they would say to that." replied Lee. "I came up here with friends of mine from Ann Arbor today. As soon as we got here, they said be back at the car at ten, then they took off."

"Then my dad will take you back in the morning, so he can ask them with you." said Rusty. "For now though, here's my phone. Call them and tell them that you'll be home in the morning. Your friends left you stranded, but you made new friends today that can bring you home then. Some of us will even go along too, to help."

"I don't know what to say guys!" replied Lee.

"Do you want to hang with us this summer?" asked Calvin.

"Heck yeah!" replied Lee, "Of course I do!"

"Then say yes!" laughed Calvin. "In the meantime, you can spend the night with Liam, and you two can get to know each other better."

Lee's parents did question him a little bit, but seemed satisfied that he was with someone who would look out for him. Lee thought it was time for some fun, but Liam wanted to tell him about everything first. Before too long, Liam's eyes were wet, and Lee was holding him tightly. By the time Liam finished, both boys were crying.

Lee finally composed himself, and said, "That is such an awful thing to happen Liam. I couldn't even imagine going through anything like that. No wonder your friends seemed so grateful that you had a good time with me today. I'd like to help you forget that as much as possible now."

Then Lee put his lips against Liam's, and the two boys became lost in a passionate kiss. As they kissed, Liam and Lee wrapped each other in their arms as tightly as they could. After a few minutes, Lee began undressing both of them for bed, while they continued their kiss. Lee started caressing every inch of Liam's body gently, including the inches between Liam's legs. At that point, Liam began to return the caress to Lee's body. The two boys did nothing but kiss and caress each other, until they both began to drift off to sleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, Lee was determined that his parents were going to let him hang out with the band over the summer. He wasn't prepared to take no for an answer, because he needed to be with Liam. Mike and a few of the boys took Lee back home to Ann Arbor, and let Lee start things off. Needless to say, Lee's parents were a little hesitant.

"I can understand your feelings." said Mike. "I'm a parent myself. While I'm on the road this summer with the boys, my wife and three other kids are back in Orlando. It's going to be a strain for us, but our family is strong enough to deal with it. This is an incredible opportunity for the boys though, and that's why we're doing it. They want Lee to share that with them as well. I promise that I would look out for him the same as my own son, and the rest of his friends. I'm sure that this summer would be an experience that Lee would never forget."

"You do make a good argument Mister Cooper." replied Lee's dad. "It's just that Lee would be away from us for the entire summer, and we don't know if he's ready for that."

"We don't want our baby getting in over his head." said Lee's mom, to which a few of the boys snickered softly.

"Okay, but I assume Lee is going to college after high school." said Mike. "Am I right?"

"Well yes, of course." replied Lee's dad.

"Which one?" asked Mike.

"I wanted to go to Lake Superior State." said Lee.

"Well then, in just two years, he'll be on his own anyway, and for more than just the summer." said Mike. "This might actually help him prepare for that, seeing how he won't actually be on his own this summer."

"That does kind of make sense." said Lee's dad. "When would he be leaving?"

"We have to take off this evening." replied Mike. "Our tour kicks off tomorrow in Nashville."

"Then he would have to get ready to go now, wouldn't he?" asked Lee's dad.

"Please mom, please dad, please say yes!" begged Lee. "I promise to be good for Mister Cooper. And when I get back, I'll be better around here than you've ever seen before. Please???"

Lee's mom and dad whispered back and forth for a few minutes, then Lee's dad said, "Okay, we'll let Lee go on this tour with his friends. We do want a few minutes to say good-bye, while he packs. We wouldn't want to embarrass him, now would we?"

Mike and the boys went outside, to give Lee and his parents some private time. Liam was about ready to burst, from being so happy. After about an hour, Lee came outside with two suitcases. Lee's dad came out with him, and went up to Mike.

"Please keep an eye on our son Mike." said Lee's dad. "We've seen a few things from him lately that do concern us. I know that boys will be boys, but we want him to have a chance to live a happy life."

"Okay, I'll keep an eye on him." replied Mike, hiding what he was really thinking. "Thanks for trusting us with Lee. I think this will be very good for him."

On the way back to the hotel, Mike said, "Lee, I hate to tell you this son, but I think your parents suspect that you might be gay."

"What makes you think that?" asked Lee.

"It was the way they asked me to keep an eye on you this summer." replied Mike. "My experience as a social worker also tells me that they might not be too accepting of that."

"Then why would they let me come on this tour with you guys?" asked Lee.

"I think they might be under the impression that we'll straighten you out if you are gay." replied Mike, trying not to laugh.

The other boys started laughing hard though, and Mike finally lost his struggle. Then Liam and Lee looked into each other's eyes, and they too started laughing. Once they were back at the hotel, it was time to start loading the busses for the tour. The TV special was to air the next evening, so Mike could record that in Nashville, for the boys to watch after the first show.

The busses had been made to be very comfortable, so the boys were well rested when they pulled into Nashville. That was a good thing, because they needed to get to the arena to do a sound check after setting up for the show. Joey and Skip were busy with sound levels, and making sure the show effects they had planned were ready to go. Once they were done, the boys had about two hours before they were scheduled onstage. This would be their first arena concert, and the boys were a little nervous. To their surprise, the headline act stopped by, and talked them into relaxing for the show. While the boys were onstage for their first show of the tour, Mike sat backstage in front of a TV, recording their special at the park. As he watched, he knew there was one part that might upset one of the boys. Once the show was over, and the boys had received the loudest applause of the evening, Mike took the boys to the hotel that had been booked. The next stop would be Atlanta, so Mike wanted the boys to sleep in a real bed that night.

First though, Mike put the recording into a VCR that had been brought on the busses. The boys watched their special, and thought it was very good. Then they got to the part where the boys were riding the Sky Diver. There it was, very clearly between Rusty and Allen, in the next row back. Lee and Liam had been caught sharing a kiss, and broadcast on TV. Fortunately for them, it was one of their brief kisses, but that was enough for Lee.

"They are going to know now." said Lee, as he looked a little frightened. "There's no doubt when you see me and Liam kissing like that. I'm gay, and my parents are going to see that kiss."

"How can you be sure they'll see it son?" asked Mike.

"My friends will make sure of it." replied Lee. "They can be kind of cruel like that. What do I do now Mike?"

"Well, we're going to wait until we get to Atlanta to worry about it Lee." replied Mike. "Whatever happens though, we're here for you."

"That's good." said Lee. "I might need a few real friends before this is over."

"How about a good boyfriend?" asked Liam.

"I'd love for you to be my boyfriend Liam." smiled Lee. "Can we make love tonight? It would be my first real time. I've done quick blow jobs and hand jobs, but I've never really made love to another guy before."

"I think you two boys need to go to your room." smiled Mike.

Once the boys were in their room, Liam slowly stripped Lee, covering Lee's body with kisses as he went. Once Liam was done, he said, "I want you to do the same thing to me Lee. I want you to love my body as you uncover it, That's the first step to making love."

Lee did as Liam asked, slowly caressing and kissing Liam's body as it was bared. The last step was when Lee knelt down, pulled the foreskin back on Liam's cock, and gently kissed the exposed head. Then the two boys laid down on the bed, and embraced as they kissed passionately. Liam began kissing down Lee's chest and stomach, then had Lee do the same to him.

Liam finally turned around to face Lee's cock, then said, "I want you to caress me with your mouth like you're making love to it Lee, not just sucking me to an orgasm."

The boys then began to passionately make love to each other's cocks. It was one of the most beautiful feelings Lee had ever felt before. After about five minutes though, Lee wanted to feel something else.

"Liam, could you put your cock inside me, and take my virginity." moaned Lee. "I've never had a guy inside my rectum before."

Liam smiled as he turned around and knelt between Lee's legs. After Liam lubed himself good, he placed his cock against Lee's pucker. Then he gently worked his cock into Lee, as not to hurt him. Once Liam could see that Lee's initial pain was gone, he began to slowly and passionately thrust in and out of Lee.

After about five minutes, Lee moaned, "Now I know without any doubt that I'm gay, and that you are my boyfriend Liam. This feels so good that I'm going to cum without either of us touching me!"

"Oh God Lee!" gasped Liam. "I'm going to cum too!"

Both boys had their orgasms at the exact same time. Both boys also felt their balls being drained more than they had ever been before. When both orgasms were finally over, Liam fell down into Lee's waiting arms. The two boys fell asleep with Lee's cum spreading between them.

The next morning, Allen got a call from his dad. Ben, Judith, and Aaron were getting ready to head to the airport with Erik and Sharon. After a nice talk, Allen wished them a safe trip, and he wish Aaron luck with his acting career. Then everyone piled onto the busses to head to Atlanta. While the boys were setting up in Atlanta, Mike was with Lee, as Lee made a call home.

"Hello dad, how is everything?" asked Lee, not sure if he wanted his dad to answer.

"It couldn't be better Lee." replied Lee's dad curtly. "Our son was on television, and we couldn't be prouder. Wait, I take that back, we could be prouder. We would have been prouder if he hadn't been kissing another boy like some kind of animal!"

"Come on dad, that was a pretty tame kiss!" replied Lee. "If you wanted animal, I could have done much better than that! You wouldn't understand though. I can't help it that I'm gay, and you'll never understand that, will you?"

"How can you admit that you're... that way?" asked Lee's dad. "I sure didn't raise you to be... that way!"

"You can't even say the word gay, can you dad?" asked Lee.

"Maybe not, but I can say this." replied Lee's dad. "I hope you like it out on tour, because you can stay there! Don't ever come back here!" Then Lee's dad slammed the phone down on his son.

Lee turned to Mike as tears welled in his eyes, and cried, "They threw me out!"

"Don't worry son, I'll take care of you now." said Mike, as he wrapped Lee in his arms.

And it looked like things were starting off so well between Liam and Lee. At least both boys are with people who care about them though. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 10.