I would like to apologize to those who expected the final chapter of book 1 this weekend. Due to a virus attack by a reader, and the total crash of my system, that will not happen. I do promise the final chapter will be out by next weekend. Do not worry about the boys. Allen, Rusty, Calvin, and Ricky are alive and well on a cd rom. To you other writers, this is exactly why nifty urges us to run anti-virus software on our systems. To the person who got me, you know who you are. More importantly, I know who you are. I have managed to save a copy of the virus, quarantined on a disc, and it has your computer's signature all over it. A word of warning, knowingly transmitting a virus over the internet is a federal offense and could result in a long prison sentence. I may or may not decide to turn this over to the proper authorities. Anyone besides this person who wishes to e-mail me may contact me at: . As of yet, my CompuServe account is still inaccessable. Thank you for your patience everyone.