Author's note

Well, the response to part 14 was not quite what I expected. For those who wish to complain, I would like to ask a question and please be honest with yourself. How many of you who are over 18 are with the first person you ever had sex with right now? If you are, then I am very happy for you but you are in a small minority.

My first sexual experience (a long time ago) was much the same as most other gay kids. I did it because I was horny and curious, not because I was in love. The boy I did it with is now married and has children. The fact is most first time sexual encounters are not with lifetime mates, especially for gay people. As much as we would like to think the world is perfect, and we can pick a mate as kids who we'll stay with our whole lives, the reality is very different.

I chose not to have Rusty and Allen be each other's first time because first time sexual encounters do not last. I intend to have Rusty and Allen's relationship last for a very long time, based in reality, not on some fairy tale about first love. As a matter of fact I do not even intend for Allen to believe Rusty right away. I sincerely hope I have not offended anyone, but the truth is the truth and we can't hide from it. I've tried that, and it don't work. As always you can e-mail me at: