Chris's Story

by tim

Hello everyone, things are going fine for me. Nador has not come back to do any more anal probes, and Baldisore and I are getting along fine. As a matter of fact, I may let him do some writing at some point. I wanted to add Chris's story to Allen because Chris will be a main character when Allen II resumes. I wanted everyone to have some background on Chris without having to take up several chapters at the beginning of Allen II.

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Allen - by tim

Chris's Story

Chris Patterson and Jimmy McCoy first met as babies, although Chris does not remember much from that time period. As long as he could remember though, they had always been the best of friends. They built their first fort at age 6. When the wind knocked it down the next day, they got their dad's help to rebuild their first fort shortly thereafter. They always had the same classes together. Actually when the teachers had tried to split them up, they became so disruptive that the teachers gave up.

Wherever one boy was, you could be sure that the other was not far away. They spent many night's sleeping at each other's homes. They dressed together, ate together, and bathed together. Their parents often joked that the boys were conjoined twins, born to separate parents. Eventually both sets of parents just gave up and accepted the fact that they both had two boys the same age. Chris had fond memories of them peeing together. They would always get into a piss war, crossing their streams as if they were dueling. They occasionally held each other's dicks while they would pee. They felt completely comfortable with each other, although neither boy thought of themselves as boyfriends. They were just two boys who were friends.

The boys continued showering together long after most boys would have thought it was improper. They just never thought anything of it. As they began getting older they would lay in bed at night, in whichever home they happened to be sleeping at, and absently play with each others dicks. They also didn't see anything wrong with that, as a matter of fact they didn't even talk about it. It was just something they did without thinking about it.

Eventually their thoughts did turn to sex, as all boys thoughts do. The first time they actually masturbated it was with each other. Although the first time they did work on their own dicks, every time after that they would work on their friend's dick. About the same time they did begin to realize what the term "gay" meant, but they didn't consider themselves gay. They were just two friends helping each other out.

They did develop their own likes and dislikes, but these tended to compliment each other. They had their first cigarette together when they were 12. Chris hated it, and would never try it again. Jimmy did continue to smoke very, very occasionally. Jimmy liked skateboards and was fascinated with cars, while Chris would enjoy watching Jimmy on his skateboard, and would sometimes join him on rollerblades. Chris would dare Jimmy to try and keep up with him, and to Chris's surprise, Jimmy usually would.

Whenever they tried to make new friends, it would be on the condition that it was either both of them or neither of them. They made a few friends along the way, but not as much as they would have liked. When they got into high school, they saw it as a chance to make more new friends. They met two kids named Rusty and Allen that they would really like to make friends with, but they weren't sure about Rusty and Allen's friend Calvin. Sure, Calvin could take care of himself, but they had also heard rumors that Calvin might be gay. Chris and Jimmy knew that they wouldn't want to be viewed that way.

Even though they didn't want to be viewed that way, their first non-masturbation sexual experience was when Chris sucked Jimmy's cock. It began as just normal mutual masturbation, but Chris was no longer satisfied with that. When Chris removed his hand from Jimmy's cock, Jimmy exclaimed, "Hey dude! Why are you stopping?"

Chris replied, "I want to try something different." Chris then moved down and took Jimmy's cock into his mouth. It felt so good to Jimmy that he couldn't stop Chris, even if he had wanted to. Chris was also having the time of his life. His cock had never been harder, knowing he had Jimmy's cock in his mouth. Jimmy was also having a good time, according to his moaning. Chris was sucking away, while stoking his own cock.

Suddenly Jimmy panted, "You better move unless you want a mouthful of cum." Just before Jimmy began cumming, Chris removed his mouth and began jacking his friend's cock hard and fast. He had Jimmy's cock pointed directly at his face when Jimmy began cumming. Most of Jimmy's juice landed on Chris's face, but he was able to aim some of it in his mouth.

After Chris cleaned his face with a t-shirt laying in the floor beside the bed, Jimmy exclaimed, "Dude! That was unbelievable. I never thought it would be that good doing that with another boy."

Even though Jimmy and Chris still did not think of themselves as gay, the next night Jimmy asked Chris to let him return the favor. The two boys seemed to enjoy sucking each other whenever they got a chance.

By grade 10 Jimmy and Chris were beginning to make progress in making more friends. Chris still had his eye on being friends with Rusty and Allen, but that year was a very tough year for all the boys. First, Allen got beat up. Everyone soon found out it was Calvin who did it. Rusty and Allen became closer, while Calvin began getting close with Ricky Mackenzie. During this time Chris finally began getting closer to Rusty and Allen. Then came Valentine's Day and all hell broke loose.

Allen ended up back in the hospital, in a coma. He was soon joined by Rusty, who was injured in a freak elevator accident. Fortunately Chris and Jimmy were still the best of friends. Chris knew that over the summer he would talk to Jimmy about going to the next step with their sex. He would have to convince Jimmy that they were indeed gay after all.

When Rusty and Allen finally woke up, they were friendlier than ever toward Chris and Jimmy. They had also seemed to be back to normal with Calvin and Ricky. Then came the day of the talent show. Chris and Jimmy had the time of their lives with Chris's juggling act. To top that off, Rusty came out in front of the whole school while singing to Allen about how he felt. Now Chris would have even more help in talking to Jimmy over the summer.

Then came the worst day of Chris's young life. It started as a normal Saturday night, with Chris and Jimmy going out in Jimmy's new car. Jimmy was so proud of his wheels, so when Joe challenged Jimmy to a race, Jimmy accepted the challenge immediately. Chris was a little nervous about it but felt that things would be okay, until Rusty came over to talk Jimmy out of racing Joe. At that point Chris started hoping that Jimmy would back down and let it go. Something that Rusty said gave him a terrible feeling about the race. Instead of backing down though, Jimmy had Chris get out of the car.

Chris watched in horror as a car pulled out in front of Joe, causing him to swerve into Jimmy's car. Then shock set in as he saw Jimmy's car roll into the signpost. When the boys made it to Jimmy, and Chris saw what had happened to his best friend, he felt a large part of himself die too. Chris had no idea how he could possibly go on without Jimmy.

Little did Chris know that Allen, Rusty, Calvin, and Ricky would find a way to help Chris recover from the greatest loss a person can suffer.

Well, it didn't take as much time as I thought it would to tell Chris's story. I know I may have been able to go into more detail, but I only wanted to give enough so that you would get to know Chris. Remember to send comments to: . I'll see you when Allen II resumes.