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Red Squared 

Chapter One


         "Bette Davis Eyes." My favorite song!

        I was laying naked on my bed, trying to cool off after my afternoon bike ride and shower, as the breeze from the window fan blew over me. I was just starting to bone up and was thinking about having a good jack-off when the DJ on Q-102 announced the number one request of the Top Three at Three.


        I jumped up from the bed and with my half-hard dick flopping around in front of me, I started dancing to the wonderful beat and Kim Carnes' very distinctive voice.

        It felt wonderful to dance to the song. I was naked, I was alone, I could feel my cock swaying with the beat. I felt free.

        And, then, it ended.

        "What the hell are you doing in there?"

        My mother's grating voice cut through the closed door to my bedroom and soured the wonderful music.

        "I'm just getting dressed," I called out as I turned the volume down.

        "Well, hurry up. You promised your father you'd mow the lawn."

        I sighed.

        "Mom, its ninety-five degrees! Can't I do it tonight when its cooler?"

        "No! You were supposed to do it this morning before it got hot. Now get out there and get it over with!"

        Shit. I flipped off the cheap Soundesign stereo my parents had bought at Target for Christmas last year, pulled on a tight pair of cut-offs, one of my dozen or so Ocean Pacific tee-shirts, and an old pair of Adidas which were about to fall apart.

        As I emerged into the hallway, Mom yelled from her bedroom, "Close your door! The air's on."

        I turned around and re-entered my bedroom. To keep the electric bill down, my brother and I had to keep the vents for the central air closed in our rooms. My parents figured we didn't need to stay cool. I went over to the window and turned off the fan. As I did, I looked out at the house next door. It was almost exactly the same as our house in this cookie-cutter neighborhood, except reversed, which meant there was another bedroom window just fifteen feet away from mine.

        The house had been empty for a month since our neighbors had been transferred to the west coast. But, I had heard my parents talking the previous night about how ridiculous it was that it had gone for forty-five thousand and I had seen a Mayflower moving van in their driveway as I rode my bike up, so I knew we had new neighbors. There was a fan going in the window opposite and my heart stopped.

        I had been so used to not worrying about anyone seeing me in my room over the last few weeks that I had become careless about walking around naked with the window open. Had someone seen me dancing naked to "Bette Davis Eyes?" Shit. How queer did that look?

        I sighed and hoped for the best.

        I went downstairs and exited the front door, before Mom could yell at me again, and walked over to the garage. As I lifted the door to get the lawn mover, I looked over at the neighbors' house to the left. The late afternoon sun was hot and I was already sweating. I saw the two movers come out the front door. One was an old guy, probably thirty or forty, but he had a good body! His long black hair was pulled back in a pony-tail and he had a thick chest and really developed arms. I usually didn't get off on older guys or muscle-men, but I could feel a swelling start in my cut-offs. Then the other guy came out and I really started getting hard. He was a lot younger, probably twenty or twenty-five and had the same kind of body as the older guy, big chest, thick arms. But, his long hair, also in a pony tail, was blond and he wore a red bandana around his head.

        OK. I'm one of those shallow guys who likes blonds.

        They went into the back of the truck, so, not to be too obvious, I went into the garage and retrieved the Lawnboy.

        Standing in the driveway under the burning, late summer sun, I debated whether to take my OP off. I was going through a serious growth spurt and my muscles were not keeping up with my skinny fourteen year-old body. I was tall for my age and way skinny. I had a great tan because I usually went without a shirt in the summer. But, I didn't want these hunks to laugh at me.

        After three unsuccessful attempts at pulling the chord and not starting the mower, I was already drenched. Oh, well. I took off my tee-shirt and threw it on the porch. The hunks were just emerging from the back of the van with a mattress and paid no attention to me. I wasn't sure if I was relieved or disappointed. One final try and the Lawnboy sputtered and wheezed and eventually agreed to run.

        I started on the right side of the yard and worked my way to the left, the new neighbors' side. The hunks continued to take furniture and boxes inside the house and they continued to ignore me. Any fear of the hard-on in my cut-offs embarrassing me faded, not just because the movers seemed oblivious to my existence, but because the heat and strain of mowing was taking care my boner.

        I had about three quarters of the yard done when the hunks came out again, but this time they were followed by the geekiest looking kid I had ever seen. He was tall and skinny, really skinny, with bright red hair, long and shaggy, and some really industrial strength acne. Well, it wasn't that bad, but it was more than normal for kids with acne. He was kinda clumsy as he loped down the steps and when he sat down on the next to the last step, his legs open wide in his own pair of tight cut-offs and his elbows resting on his knees, he looked over at me and gave the goofiest grin I had ever seen.

        What a dork, I thought to myself . I didn't take long to finish the remaining part of the yard, and my opinion was reinforced when, standing on the curb, I shut off the mower and heard the dork yell, "Hey Red!"

        OK. I "forgot" to mention that I have strawberry blond hair. OK. Its red. But, it turns blonder in the summer. But, if there's anything I hate more than liver, beets, and sweet potatoes, its being called "Red." What a dork.

        As I started to push the mower back to the garage, Goofus jumped up and lumbered over.

        "Howya doin'? I'm Randy."

        "Hey," I nodded. I tried to be friendly as I replied, "I'm Toby."

        "Hey, cool! Like Toby Tyler!"

        I rolled my eyes. That Disney movie was the bane of my life.

        "Yeah, kinda."

        We just stood there for an awkward moment as Randy looked confused. I could tell his dorky brain was trying to think of something to say and I didn't want to be rude, but I couldn't think of anything to say either. Suddenly his face brightened.

        "So, you like `Bette Davis Eyes,' too!"

        That did it. I could feel by face explode in embarrassment. I turned away and started pushing the mower toward the garage.

        "It's a cool song!" Randy said. I could hear desperation in his voice.

        "Yeah," I replied, looking back. "Listen, I gotta go take a shower. I'll see ya."

        I saw his shoulders slump.

        "Yeah," he said softly. "See ya."

        I felt like shit as I put the mower away. I sat down on a water cooler next to my Dad's fishing stuff. I didn't want to be a jerk, but the guy was such a dork and he saw me dancing naked. Of course, he didn't make fun of me. He even said he liked the song, too. I felt so stupid and I was irritated that he had made me feel stupid. What a dork.

        I got up and went into the house through the door from the garage to the utility room. I didn't want to risk running into Goofus outside again.

        That evening, I was sitting out on the patio reading the National Geographic when I heard conversation in the family room. Suddenly the sliding glass doors slid open and my parents emerged with another couple. Both had red hair. Gee, I thought. I wonder who they could be. I stood up as my parents introduced me to the O' Neils, our new neighbors. They were all holding glasses of iced tea as they moved to the benches beside the redwood picnic table.

        Mr. O' Neil, who looked almost a dorky as Goofus, more freckles, no acne, gave me the same goofy grin and said, "Well, Toby, your middle name isn't Tyler is it?"

        Mom and Dad dutifully laughed. I dutifully smiled.

        "Actually, its Brookfield. My mother's family name. Tobias Brookfield Wintergreen."

        "Ooh," said Mrs. O' Dork. "Very distinguished sounding. So Toby, have you met our Randy yet?"

        Oh, yeah. I met him alright.

        "Yes, ma'am. He's a cool guy."

        Mrs. O' Dork turned to Mr. O' Dork and said, "You know they could almost be brothers, don't you think?"

        Mr. O' Dork smiled. "Yes, they really do look alike!"

        Oh, yeah! In your dreams, O' Dork!

        He continued.

        "I'm sure you two are going to be great friends!"

        Yeah, right. When pigs fly and I declare "Funky Town" was the best song of last year!

        Mrs. O' Dork turned to my mother.

        "You, know, its been kinda tough for Randy. He's a really sweet guy, but he's kinda big for his age. He also has a little acne problem and the kids tease him. But, he's got a big heart and he's the kindest and most warm-hearted boy you'd ever want to meet."

        Oh, man. If my Mom ever said something like that, I'd either kill her or runaway! Man, I almost felt sorry for Goofus. And, then, I wanted to die.

        "I know what you mean," Mom said. "Toby's pretty much an introvert. He doesn't have a lot a friends."

        "Yeah," my Dad added. "He's pretty serious, aren't ya, Tobe. He's kind of an intellectual, I guess. He's a year ahead of his age group! We need one in the family to balance out Micky, our athlete!"

        Oh, my God!

        "So, where is Randy?" my mother asked.

        "Oh, he's busy unpacking and arranging his room. You know how boys are!"

        "Oh, yes!"

        And, all the adults laughed. One of these days, Alice! One of these days!

        I excused myself to go to my room and deal with my total and complete humiliation. God, what was it with adults? Is there something in the DNA, something like a dork gene that kicks in when your turn 21? Don't men and women remember anything about being kids or teenagers?

        Since I wasn't permitted air conditioning in my room, both my west window, the one with the fan facing Goofus's bedroom, and the north window, overlooking the patio, were open. I could see into Goofus's room, even with both my window fan and his going. He wasn't setting up his room. From what I could tell, it was already set up. He was sitting at his desk, still wearing only his cut-off shorts, with his headphones on, playing air guitar. He was singing, too, though I couldn't hear what he was singing. I rolled my eyes and sat down at my desk. Outside, I could hear the Wintergreens and the O' Dorks still chatting.

        It seemed that they had moved to Allenwood from Dearborn, Michigan, where Randy's Dad had worked for GM since he had graduated from college. But, with the recession that President Reagan had inherited from "that dolt Carter," (Mr. O' Dork's words), GM had laid him off. Apparently, he had been lucky to get a job as a supervisor at the Megatron plant here.

        I didn't want to hear anymore. I turned on the stereo, such as it was, and comforted myself with Foreigner on Q-102.

        Micky came into the room after half an hour and flopped down on my bed.

        "Have you seen that Lurch guy next door?" he asked.

        Micky was three years younger than me. The fact that we were brothers was the only thing we had in common. Micky had dark, curly hair and was short and stocky. He was great at sports, any sports. But, he wasn't the brightest light bulb in the chandelier.

        "Yeah. He's a real dork."

        "Yeah, just like you. You should be friends."

        "Yeah, well, fuck you."

        "Yeah, you'd like that. No, you want me to fuck you!"

        I frowned. "Micky, you're my little brother. We shouldn't talk to each other like this."

        "Yeah, but you're such a dork."

        I sighed and turned back to my National Geographic. Micky soon grew bored and left. Around ten, I heard my Mom yell for me to take another shower and go to bed.

        "Mom, I've had three showers today!" I protested.

        "And, you're going to have another one! I'm not going to wash your sheets every single day! Now get in there!"

        I sighed.

        "Yes, ma'am."

        Q-102 was playing "Celebration," by Kool and the Gang. I really liked that song and, sometimes, when no one was watching, I liked to dance to it, too. I turned the sound down a bit and went over to my dresser to get a pair of shorts for bed. As I walked to the door, I flipped off the overhead light. But, just as I was about to open the door, I could see light coming in from my west window.

        OK. I was curious.

        The room was dark. He wouldn't be able to see me. I crept over to the window and crouched down.

        Goofus was dancing! Not only that, he was dancing to "Celebration!" He was listening to Q-102, too!

        He looked pretty stupid, but I had to admit he wasn't a bad dancer. But, Geez. How queer. Dancing half-naked to disco music in your room. Well, OK. Never mind.


        I got up from the window and ran to the door. I didn't respond until I was in the hall and my bedroom door was closed.

        "I'm on my way!"

        I was half hard all through my shower. I couldn't overcome my curiosity. Randy was a serious goof. But, I could see into his room! What if I saw something interesting, like, I guess, he saw today in mine? And, what was even more, I had to admit, that I got kind of a thrill knowing he saw me naked.

        "Good night, Mom! Good night, Dad! I called out as I left the bathroom.

        "Shit! It took ya long enough in there!" Micky spat as he passed me going into the bathroom.

        "Yeah, well," I muttered as I hurried to my room. I opened the door and then quickly closed it. Looking toward the window, I saw Randy was still dancing. Since my stereo was on, softly, I knew it was "On and On and On," by ABBA. Man, they were playing all the good dance music tonight!

               He was wearing just those really short, really tight cut-offs and he seemed to have some serious bulge working in the front. I couldn't tell if he was hard or not, but if that was what he was like soft, God had been truly generous to him!

               I couldn't help it. I was finally getting hard all the way. The front of my running shorts was tenting out good. I was feeling really hot and nasty, all of a sudden, as I watched his gyrating. Dork that he was, he had some good moves. The way his hips swayed back and forth, in and out was really hot. He had his eyes closed and a dreamy look on his face. He was really lost in the music and having a great time. I knew what he was feeling. I loved it, too. I just would never admit it to anyone.

               His long arms were working around and sometimes I could catch a glimpse of a little bit of red hair under his arms. I really liked the way his shaggy hair flopped around with the beat. Man, I was hard as a rock and I wanted to beat-off something fierce! The chorus to "On and On and On" was coming on and I wanted to dance. I adjusted my boner so that the tip was under the elastic band. If he was looking hard, he might see it, but at least my shorts didn't look like an equilateral triangle in the front! I ran over to the door, opened it as if I were just entering the room, and flipped on the light.

               Pretending not to notice anything through the window, I walked over to the stereo and turned the music up a bit and started bopping a little to the beat. I wasn't full-fledged dancing, but it was obvious I was feeling the rhythm. I swayed over to my desk and flipped on the lamp. As I did so, I glanced through the window. Through the two fans, I could see he was facing the window. With a second glance as I went over to the door and flipped off the ceiling light, I could see above the fan that he was watching me. He quickly turned and continued to dance as if he hadn't seen anything.

               Man, this was hot! I closed my eyes and started really getting into the ending of the song.

               "On and on and on, keep on rocking baby till the night is done,

               On and on and on, till the night is done..."

               This was so great. I was really starting to get into when the DJ started fading into the ending. I kept dancing, trying to make the moment last a little longer.

               "ABBA, with the number three hit of the evening on Q-102, with 'On and On and On.' And, the hits keep rollin' on and on and on on Q-102."

               My heart stopped with the unmistakable beat of another of my favorites. It wasn't a disco song, but it was a great rough dance song. I clenched my fist and muttered, "Oh, yeah," as I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw Randy doing the same as he stood directly in front of the window, facing his stereo.

               "Here's some Gold from last year, Freddy Mercury and Queen! 'Another One Bites the Dust.'"

               My dancing changed immediately from the kind of faggy disco dancing I was doing to ABBA, to a rougher, harder dancing, my arms straight in front, pointed downward, moving up and down, my body jerking with the beat. I was sooo hard. Freddy's voice made me soooo horny.

               I made less of an attempt to hide my look this time as I turned toward the window. Randy was dancing much the way I was, though, surprisingly, with a lot more skill and rhythm. This dork could really dance and he was really getting into it. His eyes were closed and he had a look of serious concentration on his face as he bumped to the beat. I took the chance to openly watch him and he looked so hot. His tight shorts were fucking back and forth to the beat and the bulge in front was even bigger than before. Man, this dude had an elephant trunk for a dick!


               I jumped backward and spun toward the door. My mother was just outside the door.

               "What in the HELL are you doing in there?"

               I exhaled deeply and ran over to the stereo to turn it down.

               "I'm getting ready for bed," I replied.

               "Well, turn that crap off and get to bed! And, turn the light off, too! I don't want you staying up all night reading and then sleeping all morning!"

               I could assure her that reading was NOT what I felt like doing at that moment. Damn! Damn! Damn!

               I turned off the stereo, went back over to my bed, pulled back the sheets, and returned to my desk. As I passed the window, I saw Randy was still dancing, though further from the window. I could see, though, that he was trying to look over here out of the corner of his eye, too.

               That was when I got my idea. I turned out the light and then stood back from the window, making sure I was in shadow.

               Across the way, Randy was still dancing, but he was definitely looking over at my room. I saw him peer one way and then another as he bumped and swayed. I saw a slight upturn at the sides of his mouth as he turned toward his desk and started getting back into the beat. He really got into the beat this time, and with a gasp, I saw he was rubbing the palm of his hand across the huge bulge in his crotch. He was feeling his bone!

               "Oh, fuck," I whispered as I slipped my thumbs under the elastic band and pushed my shorts down. Freeing my iron-stiff boner, I stepped out of my shorts and spead my feet outward, thrust my hips outward and wrapped my fist around my cock.

               I didn't start jerking it. I just held it while I watched him working his hips and working his hand as he palmed his crotch. I could tell the music had stopped, as he gradually seemed to come to himself and stop dancing. He opened his eyes and stook a deep breath, I could see his lanky torso was sweaty and his bright red nipples looked big and hard. There was a hit of a red trail just emerging from underneath his tight cut-offs and his chest was heaving as he caught his breath from the dancing.

               I suppose his mother must have told him to go to bed, because he grinned sheepishly toward his desk and walked over to his stereo, which he kept in the same place I kept mine, and turned it off. The only noise I could here was the double hum of our window fans.

               This was going to be the moment of truth, I thought. My mind was racing with all the possibilities. I realized my slow stroking of my teencock had accelerated and I was pounding off like crazy now.

               Randy turned on the lamp beside his bed and pulled the chair from his desk and set it facing the bed. He went to the door and turned off the overhead light. Then it happended, Standing at the foot of the bed, he slowly unsnapped his cut-offs. It was almost like he was doing a show for me. He slowly slid the zipper down and pulled the flaps back to reveal a thick bush of bright red dick hair. Then, he stopped.

               Fuck, I thought. But, I had nothing to worry about. He slowly walked over to the chair and sat down, his left profile to me, the flaps of his shorts open, his elephant dick still hidden inside. I stopped beatin', afraid I might lose control and cum too early.

               Randy was breathing hard and I could see his hands shaking. He was way getting into this. I wanted to turn on the light and let him know I was watching, but something stopped me. There was something holding me back from showing another guy I was a fag, even if the other guy was a fag, or maybe a fag. Maybe he really didn't know I was watching. Or, maybe he wasn't sure, but he was hoping I was watching. Or maybe...

               All I knew was that this was the hottest thing that had happened to me in my life. This was the closest I had ever come to real SEX in my fourteen years of existence. Somehow, I knew that if I let him know I was watching, it would ruin it. This was too good.

               I walked over to the window and got down on my knees, peering through the whirling blades of the fan. Would he notice if I turned the fan off? His was on. Could he hear mine if I turned it off? Slowly, I reached up and twisted the knob. The blades gradually slowed and came to a stop. Unfortunately, I could see more with them on. But, what if I took it out of the window? No. He would surely guess something was up.

               Before I could waste more time contemplating the ridiculous, however, Randy leaned over and pulled a box out from under his bed. He set it down on the bed in front of him. I knew what was in the box. There was a three inch space between the fan and the adge of the window. I was on my knees, my raging dick in my hand, my face pressed into the space, breathing as if I was running as I watched him pull a magazine from the box. A porno mag! He held it with the front facing me. I could barely tell what was on the front. The title looked like it said "Torso," but I couldn't be sure. Then he tossed it back and slipped the box down to the floor before leaning over and pulling another one out from under his bed. This one he dropped onto his bed where the other one had been.

               I couldn't believe how lucky he was or how stupid his mom was. There was no way in Hell I could hide a porno in my room without my mother sniffing it out before I was out the door.

               He pulled a mag out of the second box. The was clearly a Penthouse; it had a blond on the front stretching. I realized I had starting jerking again.

               Randy opened it up and then turned it sideways, pulling the centerfold out. God, I wanted to see it, even if it was a woman. I didn't care. I was so horny I could have done it with the Greenwald's rottweiller.

               I could see Randy was really gazing at the centerfold. He held it with his left hand and reached down into his shorts with his right.

               Oh, yeah, I thought. Pull it out! Do it, dude. Pull out your bone and beat it! I had started talking dirty to myself lately when I beat off and I found it really turned me on, though I felt really embarrassed and stupid when I was finished and remembered some of the assinine shit I said in the frenzy of my horniness. But, at that moment, I didn't care.

               And, Randy was doing just what I wanted. He had slipped his flat hand inside the flap of his open shorts and then pulled out the biggest dick I had ever seen. Every once in awhile, you see someone get hard in the shower at school. Most of the time, the poor guy who gets boned in front of everyone else gets all sorts of shit dumped on him. But, every once in awhile, its someone no one would dump shit on. And, those were usually the guys with the biggest dicks. There was no ninth grader in South Haven Junior High who came anywhere close to what Randy pulled out of his shorts. It must have been seven or eight inches long with a big cone-shaped head at the end. He let it stick straight up out of the flap of the shorts his hands falling down at the side of the chair as his huge boner pulsed in the warm humid summer night air. I could see he was looking down, not at the centerfold spreadout before him, but at his enormous boner sticking up between his legs. Shit, if I had that dick, I gaze at it, too!

               Slowly, he raised his hands and hooked his thumbs over the edge of the shorts. Slowly, lifting his butt up off the chair, he slipped the shorts off his hips and down his long legs. He kicked them away and then spread his legs wide, sliding his ass forward and leaning back in the chair. His long dick fell toward his stomach, but it was so hard that it stood up bobbing a couple of inches above.

               Randy was one of those redheads with really pale skin, not a lot of freckles, just really red hair and white skin. He had a big bush of bright red hair around his dick, but, except for the small tuft under his arms, I couldn't see any anywhere else.

               Slowly, his right hand came up and slid across his right hip, through that red dick hair and down to his fat balls. He cupped them in his hand and worked them nice and slow while his dick bobbed up and down over his stomach. I looked up at his face and saw a look of total horniness. He was breathing hard through his mouth and his eyes were focused hard on his dick and balls.

               Suddenly, he grabbed his boner and started beating it like crazy. I knew what he was going through. There were times when I was playing with myself that I wanted to tease and get me going good before I really got into it. But, sometimes, it just got to the point that you just couldn't wait anymore and it just hit you that you had to beat it and beat hard. I guess that's what happened to Randy. He had been sitting there feeling his balls and gazing at that beautiful hard boner boinging above his belly and it must have just hit him.

               He started pumping on it really good and hard, throwing his head back and closing his eyes. I could see he was talking to himself. I really turned me on as I pounded my boner watching him beat his meat to see him whispering to himself. He got into talking dirty to himself, too!

               There's something about the word "fuck." You can always tell when someone is saying it, even if you can't here them. It is so obvious when that "f'" comes out and there's just no way that there can't be a "k" after it. And, it is just so expressive! You can pack so much emotion into a good "FUCK!"

               Randy was pumping on that bone so good and mouthing "fuck" over and over, getting into it good and hot. So was I. I was whispering "fuck" over and over as I pounded on my own boner.

               "Yeah, dude, jack that bone," I whispered as I watched him beating off. Randy was working his hips so good. He flexed his legs out and worked himself around in his chair like he was going crazy. Watching him made my so horny-crazy I thought I was going to pass out. I let go of my dick because I wanted to wait and cum when he did, but I wasn't sure I could wait!

               Suddenly, he stood up, rising so rapidly that he knocked the chair backward onto the floor. He spread his feet wide and staring down at his jacking fist, he pounded his dick. His hips were fucking in and out and he was leaning backwards as his right arm flew up and down, pounding on that hard teen-bone. He was clenching his teeth, his lips open like he was hissing. I could see him forcing the word "fuck" out between those clenched teeth as he beat his dick.

               God, this was so hot. My dick was so hard and I felt so crazy-horny as I jacked, watching him masturbate. My right had was pumping at supersonic speed and my left was clenching my left butt-cheek as I jacked. My hips were fucking forward as fast as Randy's were as I watched him.

               And, then, he lost it.

               I knew he was about to do it. I could see the way his body was tensing, the way his face was getting that agonized look, the way he was pushing his hips outward. He wasn't fucking them, he was holding them outward, his bone sticking out, his fist jacking it. Suddenly, his hips sticking out as far as it was possible for an teenager's hips to push out., his feet spread out wide, his face looking like he was growling at his boner, his head then whipped backward, his left hand flew backward, his right hand JACKED, and then long ropey strings of white cum shot out of his pumping cock and all over the bed and magazine and box. Over and over, his hips fucked outward as spasm after spasm shot wad after wad of hot teen cum all around in front of him. It lasted forever and I was going crazy and just as it started to slack off, I lost it myself.

               I don't remember what happened. It was so FUCKING intense and hot and horny and sexy that I don't remember any details of cumming except that when it was over, I was laying on the floor, my calves bent underneath me, with cum all over myself and the wall in front of me.

               I don't know how long I lay there, but it certainly took awhile for me to catch my breath and reach a point where I could sit up. My knees felt so good as I stretched them out when I sat up. I looked through the window across the way and saw Randy was standing by his bed, staring down at it, gasping, his shoulders drooping, his torso heaving with his breathing, his dick still boned up rigid and sticking upward at a forty-five degree angle.

               Jesus! I thought. He's got the superdick!

               And, that thought was the last thing I remember for the night.