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Extension 2
By Alex

* * *

Once upon a time after time
A boy was sent to the “Realm of angels”...

* * *

I looked at the front of my house with a feeling of contempt. Life had just hit me on the side of my head like a ton of bricks as I woke from my fantasy world. “Why would one of the most popular kids in school want to be my friend? There must be a catch somewhere. I have to find it. Oh well…” I thought, taking out my keys from my pocket and unlocking the front door. I entered the entry hall, put my field coat and scarf on the coat rack, and headed up the stairs two at a time. I entered my room and put everything I had in my pockets right next to the computer. I turned the old clunker on and let myself fall down onto my bed.

The day’s events flashed before my eyes as my head hit the pillow, especially the strange encounter with Cris Hess. First him staring at me at lunch and then after school… “What is happening in the world? I’m not supposed to be noticed,” I thought, letting out a sigh. That’s when I remembered I had got a hold of his number. I brought my palm to my face and read it several times over while I thought. I thought of what was to come if I actually did call him. I thought of what would happen if I didn’t call him? “Could all of this be a trap? I don’t want to be humiliated or anything, but this could be a thrill of a lifetime. For once, I will be looked at and envied. For once, it will be my time to shine, even if it may be for a day or two. Anything can happen. Should I call him or not? He said anytime, maybe he actually meant it. Oh gosh,” I thought, turning to lay on my side facing the wall.

There was a picture of me when I was a little kid. I had been around five-years-old when it had been taken. I was on a swing set and smiling at the camera. It was a beautiful spring day with a sweet breeze whispering fancy tales at every turn. How I wish for those simple days when everything was fun and games, not the tainted paranoia of being found out, of being hated for being different. Life had its perverted twists.

The computer had finally loaded up, and I heard the beep of completion. I stood up from my cozy position on the bed, stretching to let all my weariness slip away. I walked over to it and sat in my leather chair. I clicked for AOL and signed in. Alone. The screen name described me perfectly.

I surfed the net for a couple of hours, checking my e-mail, looking at forums that say “We can help anyone. We are your online family.” What a bunch of bull. No one can help a gay teen turn straight. If only… I logged off and turned to see that the house was still empty. I looked at the blaring red numbers on my clock. 7:39 p.m. “Maybe I should call him. He seems like a nice guy. It wouldn’t hurt to try, I guess,” and with that, I went to the living room downstairs and picked up the cordless. I dialed in his number. I was so afraid. I was so nervous. Feelings of anticipation and dread bubbled up from nowhere. It all came as the first ring of the phone went by. Caterpillars cocooned and became butterflies in a matter of milliseconds. The second ring passed and still no answer. My palms became sweaty and someone picked up. It was him.


I didn’t move when I heard his sweet voice. I didn’t breathe, I didn’t swallow, and I did nothing. My feelings had made me freeze.

“Helloooo? Is anybody there?”

I clicked the off button. I had just hung up. “What did I just do? I’m such a fool. He’s going to know that it was me. Stupid, stupid, stupid…” I thought, sitting down on my couch in self-loathing. “No wonder I’m such a reject at school. I have no gu,” I stopped immediately. The phone was ringing. “What do I do if it’s him? Loser, just loser…” I picked up the receiver and pressed talk.

“H-h-hello,” my voice was shaky. My brain was working overload. Fireworks were going off in my stomach.

“Hey, this is Cris. Did ya just call me?”

“Oh My God, he just called me back!” I thought, not saying anything for a few seconds.

“Hello? I know that you’re there.” His voice was so soothing and sweet sounding. My heart fluttered for the first time.

“H-hi, Cris. This is Mark”

“I know. I knew that ya were goin to call me. I never thought ya were goin to call me this soon though. I’m glad that ya did.”

“Y-yeah, it’s nothing.”

“Well, since ya did call, I want to ask ya a question.”

“S-sure. Shoot.”

“Tomorrow, Friday, the new Drumline flick is comin out. I was goin to go with some of my buddies but if ya want to. We can go together, alone.”

Did he know what he was doing to me? He had just basically asked me out on a date. What do I say? My face was ablaze. I was up and running through the living room. My mind was screaming. “Oh my goodness, what do I do? Go with him and maybe have a good time, or decline and stay at home for the rest of my life.” I ran through kitchen on my elation and tripped on the floor mat. The phone flew from my hands. My face met the carpet, too bad my side had hit the corner of the counter. The pain was going through me like a punch to the gut.

“Uuuuh,” I moaned, feeling my side. I crawled over slowly to the handset.

“Hi,” I said, making sure not to breathe hard because it hurt.

“What just happened? Are ya ok?” He sounded concerned. No one has ever been concerned for me.

“I’ll be ok, I kind of slipped and fell in the kitchen. He he.”

“I hope nothing was hurt that bad. But, I would sure like to know if would go with me?”

I made up my mind. “I’m going to the movies with him,” I thought, a small smile passing my face.

“I’ll go.”

“Great! I have to call my buddies and tell them that they’re not goin. We’ll go right after school so we can spend the rest of the night together. I’ll let ya go now. Nice talkin to yas. Bye.”

“Bye, thanks.” I said. The hugest smile was on my face. “YES!! I can’t believe it. I’m going to spend tomorrow afternoon with the most popular guy in school!” I thought. I screamed and ran about the house again. My pain was forgotten. “What do I wear? OH my goodness, I don’t know the first thing about this stuff.” I ran to my room and looked in my closet. Boring. “Oh well, this will have to do.” I thought, picking my second best outfit. It was a billabong red shirt with a pair of dark blue jeans.

I went to my bathroom that was connected to my room then. I looked in the mirror. I haven’t actually looked at myself really in quite a while. I was skinny. I had some muscle definition. I had bright blue eyes and short auburn hair. I had a minimal of pimples, and I didn’t wear any glasses. I was average height then, 5’ 10”. A little bit taller than most and a little bit shorter than most too. I took off all my clothes and entered my bath and sat dreaming of the events that could unfold tomorrow. Then the self-doubting began. “What if I’m boring? What if he hates me? What if we have an awkward moment? I have no clue what to say to him. Why am I such a dork?! Gosh,” I sat back and thought. I got out of the tub and dried off. I left the bathroom with my towel wrapped about my waist. I got to my bed and laid down.

Thoughts of tomorrow ran through my head. I know this is going to be great, I hope.

To Be Continued...

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