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Extension 3
By Alex

* * *

The way the wind reaches the stars
The way the sun reaches the earth
Is the way a man reaches his love

* * *

My mind was whirling with the dynamic colors of excitement. The conversation was ricocheting off of every one of my neurons as fast as shooting stars. My heart was fluttering, and my mind was doing cartwheels. "Something good is finally going to happen to me. I can't wait to see this movie with Cris. I just hope everything goes well. How am I ever going to be able to sleep? That's just my damn luck I guess," I thought, standing up from my bed. The electric shocks of his sweet voice were swarming all over my body. I danced in place, knowing exactly how I looked at the moment. I felt like singing. Have you ever felt like standing up and belting out some Annie? I sure do now. Hey, why not?

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow, you're only a day away..." I finished with my little Annie act and bowed to no one in particular. I looked at my clock. 1:13 a.m. "Oh my goodness, where the hell did the time go?" I thought, "This is what I get for acting retarded." I went quickly to my dresser and laughed at myself. I never in my life have acted like I did just then. Cris is a drug, he must be. "If he does this to me just over the phone, how goofy will I act when I'm around him in person? Better not think about it, something stupid may happen, hahaha, yeah, me." I thought. I let the towel slip from around my waist as I put on a pair of p.j. bottoms just over my hips. No underwear, thank you very much. It's the equivalent of a girl wearing an under-wire bra to bed. I crossed across the room and laid down on my cozy bed.

My thoughts mused over the spectrum of possibility. Doubt always seemed to always be lurking just around the corner. "Why this sudden interest in me? I've been here for over 3 months now. If they were to do something bad to me, why not do it when I was fresh and new? Also, Cris could be just like me. I will never know until it comes to that. Why me? Why am I so bipolar? One second I'm uber happy and the next I'm down in the dumps thinking about every bad thing that could happen. That's just who I am I guess." I took a careful look at my thoughts, laughing at myself at the last bit. I pulled the covers over me and fell into a deep sleep.

* * *

I walked through the halls with my head held high, thinking of what was to come later in the day. The first part of the day flew by, making it seem as if it were all a dream. Time was such an enigma to me. Happy as can be, it can go as fast as the Flash doing a lap, while it could crawl to nothing in a matter of seconds. I went through the halls to the eatery. It was lunch time. I entered the cafeteria and entered the line. Have you ever noticed how nasty some of the meals actually look? I wouldn't be surprised if some of the base ingredients were mud and cockroaches. I went through the line as usual, getting cut and bumped into by strangers all throwing their rude remarks my way. I paid for my lunch and went to my usual table, lonesome as ever. I picked at my food and looked for the "popular" table. It was filled with the popular with wanna-be's standing at their beck and call, hoping to be asked to sit down. I looked a little bit harder and found him. He was there laughing with the rest of the fools around trying to be like him. His presence had a great aura. He was the sun and the people around him were creatures of the dark, grasping and clutching to get a hold of some of the essence that was Cris. I looked on for a little bit more, trying to get my dose of Cris for the rest of the day, like that would be hard.

I started on in my lunch, lasagna and garlic bread. It looked more like pasta surprise with rat meat with buttered toast that mold had claimed as its territory. I ate a few a bites and had enough of the meal. I threw my lunch away and got up to go to the library. I went out of the cafeteria and went down the hall towards the library. I passed all sorts of cliques. The gangster clique with their radio playing out hard rap. The break dancing clique practicing their moves. The preps all talking within themselves wearing Abercrombie & Fitch. The jocks talking about all the booty they have scored. I passed them all by as if I were invisible. Not even one glance. They all lived their lives full of friends like themselves. I had no one. I continued my way towards the library. I was finally there. I opened the door and a hand went by my head closed the door. "Shit! Just my luck," I thought, turning around to see the fool. It was Cris. He had a little smirk on his face. I pressed against the door.

"Hi Cris," I said, looking down at my feet then looking into his face.

"Hi there yourself. Why did ya leave the cafeteria so early today? I was goin to go by your table today."

"You were?" This was a shock. I never would have expected that.

"Yeah, it doesn't matter anymore, I found ya. About tonight."

"Yes," I said, with a little bit of my nervousness coming through. I looked at him. He was less than a foot away from me and he had his arm blocking one way out. I looked around, seeing that a lot of people were looking our way. Many of the preppy girls were pointing at me, with a look of jealousy. "I can't believe this," I thought, pointing my attention back at Cris. He was looking into my eyes and the I became lost is his deep eyes. The hallway, the students, the noise flew from existence and all that was left was Cris and me.

"Mark, Mark, Mark, are ya ok?"

I flew out that tiny world that only consisted of me and Cris and saw him looking at me a little strangely.

"Sorry, my mind kind of slipped away."

"It's ok, I do that a lot in class. Hehe. OK, so, tonight, I'll come by around your house at about seven. The movie starts at eight."

"Eight? Why are you going to pick me an hour early?"

"Because, I wanna talk to ya over dinner before everythin. I wanna get to know ya better. I can already tell that you're a great guy."

I could feel the inescapable blush as it started to move from the bottom of my face to the very top of my head. "Does he know how he is affecting me? Too giddy to do anything but stare. Oh my gosh, why is everyone looking at me? I need to say something," I thought, looking from the public to him and back again.

"Umm... thanks. Ok, I'll see you at seven. Do you know where I live?"

"Yeah, I do. We are gonna have a great time. You'll see. See you then."

He leaned in real close to my face. I thought he was going butt heads with me but instead he winked at me with the cutest little smile. It made the withdrawing blush from my face flood back with a vengeance. He turned around in slow motion and waved as he went back down towards the cafeteria. "Oh my God! Did that just really happen? I think I'm going to have a heart attack," I thought, letting out a sigh out nice and slowly. People were still staring at me with the extreme ridicule that the jealous and the harmful have. It piercing me from each and every direction. I entered my sanctuary for the time being with earnest. The gawking stopped and with it, the feeling of great guilt. I went to the back of the library and found a spot of seclusion. "What is up with everyone? Am I getting the evil eye from everyone because they see me, a reject, with the most popular person in school? Well, they can kiss MY WHITE BOOTY!" I felt soooo much better. AAHH! The librarian was not even two feet away from me looking like the only way to handle me was to execute me with her eyes. CAUGHT! I've must've said everything aloud. Damn.

"Hehe... I, well, hehe, I will be going now," I said, the bell ringing then, "Well, see, the bell, hehe, I'll be off now." I scooted over slowly trying to make myself free. The death grip stare was never lifted away for a second. I soon got out of there and went to class. The rest of the day flashed into a sparkle in pasts' eye.

The final bell rang, and I dashed out of school, bumping into people as they yelled out and threw curses. I didn't care. I was going to go out tonight with Cris! I ran out down the stairs and down my way towards my block. The wind blew against my face, making my cheeks a nice rosy color. Nothing could break this mood. I had the feeling that I was being watched from behind. I looked back and saw him. He was right there waving seven fingers in the air. I gave the thumbs up and broke through the crowd. It made me happy and even more determined to do my best for him.

To Be Continued...

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