Extension 3

* * *

The way the wind reaches the stars
The way the sun reaches the earth
Is the way a man reaches his love

* * *

My mind was whirling with the dynamic colors of excitement. My conversation with Cris was ricocheting off of every one of my neurons as fast as shooting stars. My heart was fluttering, and my mind was doing cartwheels. I couldn't believe that something good was finally going to happen to me. I just didn't want to think of all the doubts, you know? It was tiring to always think negatively. I just couldn't help it sometimes.

I couldn't wait to see the movie or have dinner with Cris. I just hoped that everything would go well. I didn't even know how I was going to be able to sleep that night. I deeply sighed, letting all my frustration slip out of me. It would be a very good day on Friday hopefully.

I got up from the bed and stretched. I slowly reached for the roof and yawned. I was just so tired, like if I had ran ten miles or something. It was just the nerves that were stretching me thin. I glanced down at where I had hit the counter and gasped. The bruise was getting really dark. I knew that I probably wasn't going to be doing anything that would make me take off my shirt, but it was really ugly. I had hit the counter a little too hard, I guess. I went to the mirror in my room and looked at it. Nasty was the only word that came to my mind. I looked over my shoulder and saw that it was 1:13 a.m. Whoa, where the hell did the time go? I couldn't help but muse that this was what I got for acting retarded. No one sane would have ran around their house like a chicken with their head cut off.

I went to my dresser and laughed at myself. I never in my life had acted like I did just then. Cris was a drug. He must be if I acted like a lunatic. It did make me think of a few things. If he did that to me just by talking over the phone, how goofy would I act when I was around him in person? I didn't want to think of that, but I did think of similar things. Did girls go through the same emotions as I did? Did they act just as weird as me? They most probably did. Just thinking about those things made me a little wary. If I was always preoccupied with me not trying to act weird, I probably was going to do just that. I had to stop thinking like that before something stupid happened. I then chuckled to myself. Yeah, it was me after all that he asked.

I let the towel slip from my waist and reached into a drawer, picking a pair of black boxer-briefs out. I slid them to just over my hips and went back to my bed. Friday. I always knew that Fridays were my favorite. Now I have a definite reason to like them. I covered myself and turned off the lights and looked up at the ceiling.

Unfortunately, sleep wasn't going to come easily. My thoughts mused over the spectrum of possibility. The one bad thing about that endless scale was that doubt always seemed to always be lurking just around the corner. Why did he just show this sudden interest in me? I've been here for a couple of months now, and not once did he ever say hi to me until yesterday. If the popular kids were going to do something bad to me, why didn't they do it when I was fresh and new? Also, you know, Cris could be just like me. He could be hiding behind some fašade, waiting for the right time to show his real self. Who was I kidding? That was stupid. I will never know until it comes to that. But really, why me? I had to stop this thinking. Why am I so bipolar? One second I'm uber happy, and the next I'm down in the dumps thinking about every bad thing that could happen. It is his entire fault.

I took a careful look at my thoughts, and laughed at myself. I cleared my head as best I could, and got comfortable. I turned towards the wall and fell into a deep sleep.

* * *

I decided to walk to school that day. It was a bit windy, but other than that, beautiful. The leaves rustling was a relaxing back noise to my walk. It was nature's bells. I had left my house a little bit earlier than usual that day. I was thinking that if I got to school earlier, it would end earlier, letting Friday come a little bit earlier. I know that wouldn't totally happen, but I really wanted time to pass me by.

I passed all the same things that morning, except for one thing. One of the houses that was for sale didn't have its for sale sign up anymore. In a matter of fact, there was a car in the driveway where there shouldn't have been one. I wondered who the people inside were. Were the people who moved in rich and great people? Did they have kids? Well, that answer was answered shortly after it came into my mind. As I passed the front door, no other than Blake stepped out. His visage filled my range of sight. I didn't notice it until that moment, but he was really cute. I just stood there for a second staring. In the early morning light, his blond hair reflected gold and his blue eyes were like small tide pools made to trap souls in them. No wonder the popular kids wanted him so bad.

I started to walk again, thinking he would like to ride the bus that morning. I was wrong. I heard fast footsteps and the next thing I knew, there was Blake walking right next to me.

"Hey man! Why didn't you wait for me? I thought you were, but you just started to walk again," he said, touching my arm, "I'll let it slide this time." I couldn't help but chuckle at that. He was talking to me if we had known each other since forever.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude or anything. I just thought that you were going to ride the bus."

"I was until I saw you. Do you usually walk to school? Isn't it a little far?"

"I sometimes walk to school. You know, when it's nice." I looked across the street and then back at Blake. He was smiling a goofy smile. I couldn't help but smile back. It was just contagious.

"I used to walk to school all the time back in Florida. It was like only 3 minutes away though." He chuckled and pulled his coat around him. I guess he found one after yesterday.

"Florida, wow. That sounds great. Did you live near the beach?" We talked like that all they way to school. I found that it was easy to speak to Blake. He was great. We talked about how his parents decided to get a divorce. That was why he moved here with his father. He seemed like a free spirit. I loved his energy. He was like a beacon of happiness, and I couldn't get enough of it. We had finally got to school, and stopped to talk for a second. We decided that we were going to eat lunch together that day. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

Time dragged on with slug like speed. It seemed that every time I looked at the clock only half a minute had passed. I did what was asked of me in class. I did the homework, listened, took notes, and still everything was slow as heck. I really wanted to talk to Blake for some reason. Finally after ages, the bell that signified lunch rang. I got my food and sat down at my table. He was going to be here any second. I looked at the popular table in the mean time. There were the three girls from yesterday gossiping and two very bored looking boys. One was some sort of athlete. I didn't know his name. I really didn't know anybody's name still after months of being here. The other boy was no other than Cris. He seemed to know when exactly I was looking at him. The moment my eyes glided onto him, he turned to face me. He looked really happy. He smiled and waved. I didn't know if he were waving at me, so I looked behind me first. It would be a bit embarrassing to wave at someone who wasn't waving at you. It's horrible, you know. There was no one behind me, and I looked back at him. He laughed and waved again. I couldn't help but blush at that. I waved quickly and looked down.

"Who are you waving at?" Blake asked, surprising me to the umpth degree. I yelped and jumped and saw him laughing at me. "Sorry man. I didn't mean to scare you or anything." He was smiling his great smile again.

"Oh, to no one really. You totally spooked the snot out of me." He looked at me for a second and bust out in laughter.

"Spooked the snot out of you? What? I have never heard that before. HAHA." His laugh was infectious. I laughed too. He finally sat across from me, hiding Cris from my sight. That was kind of sad.

Blake and I talked for only a few minutes more until the three girls came again to take him away from me.

"Hey Blaaaake," the main girl from yesterday annoyingly said. "Why aren't you sitting with us? Didn't you have fun with us yesterday?" The other two girls were nodding as well. I looked to Blake to see what he was going to do. He slowly turned around and used his smile to calm them.

"I'm sorry girls. I told my friend Mark here that I was going to sit with him today. I will sit with you all tomorrow. I promise." They all looked at me once Blake said that. Their stares contained daggers that wanted to cut me into thousands of pieces. I could from that exact expression that I was low trash to them. They turned back to Blake to protest.

"Oh come on Blake. You know you would rather sit with us than this lame guy here," one of the back girls said, pointing to me. I was totally offended at that. They had actually said I was lame. Those bitches!

"Hey, hey, hey! Don't say that about Mark. He is great. You should give him a chance." I was ready to pull one of the skank's hair out, but Blake's comment surprised me. He was defending me! Not only was he defending me, he was complimenting too. This had never happened to me, even in my old school where I didn't have enemies. I looked to the girls faces then. They were as shocked as me. The leader of the three got over the shock first.

"Well, we will eat with you tomorrow then. If you would like to eat with... him, then go ahead. The fun will start then," she said, and then she turned to me, "Enjoy this time with Blake. It will be the last time it will happen." I couldn't believe she said that to me. I guess Blake didn't either. I was ready to get my plastic fork and stab the bitch in the eye. I knew that I wasn't all that much liked, but this was the first time that it was actually shown. Blake turned to me.

“Don’t listen to them. They are just jealous that I get hang out with someone like you,” he said with the cutest smile. I felt a blush from the other side of the world hit me then. What was that supposed to mean? He giggled at my blush and looked away. It was then that I noticed that Cris was looking at my table with a weird expression on his face. I couldn’t understand it. He looked at me and quickly looked away. The girls at the table looked over then and gave me the ugliest looks ever. Those girls were true bitches.

Blake brought me back to our table and the rest of our time was spent laughing about all sorts of things. I found out that we liked most of the same music. We both love watching anime and action movies. Unfortunately, lunch period was too short that day. We walked to our lockers and said good byes. He did say that he wanted to walk back home with me, if I wanted. I of course accepted.

The rest of the day moved pretty quickly, and the next thing I knew, the last bell was ringing. I had told Blake to meet me in the front. I was on my way there, but someone grabbed my elbow. It was Cris. I blushed the moment I noticed it was him.

"H-hi...," I said timidly. He grabbed my elbow again, and I looked up again. Cris was looking into my eyes for a second. There was something behind them, but I couldn't quite tell what it was. It disappeared and he smiled at me then.

"Hey. Wasup?" He let go of my elbow. I dropped my gaze and giggled.

"N-nothing. You?" I didn't understand why I was being so shy. Cris and his cute personality just did that to me.

"I'm aight. Um... We are still on for tomorrow right?" I looked up immediately. He really did want to go with me. It tickled my insides and giggles came up.

"I still want to go."

"Good," he said, getting really close to me. I could smell him, he smelled great. My nose was basically at his chin. I looked up, and he looked down. I breathed in deeply and so did he. We both let it out at the same time. "I will talk to yas tomorrow here to come up with the times. Ok?" I nodded, looking down at his chest. He grabbed my elbow again. I looked up. "See yas." He let go and left the school. I waited and watched him leave. The moment he left those doors, I couldn't help but jump once. Tomorrow was going to be a totally awesome day.

I left through the same doors that Cris did and looked for Blake. I didn't have to look for long. He was surrounded by a ton of girls, but his attention was to the door. When he saw me, he smiled and said something to the girls. They all groaned but left him. He was going to be really popular. I could tell. He came up to me and smiled again.


"Yeah. I am," I said. We cut our way through the crowd and made our way to our homes. We started talking again, and it picked up where we had last stopped talking. I was finding that I could talk to him really easily. That was a great plus. A plus plus in my book. Before I knew it, we were in front of his house again. We were laughing when I figured it out. I stopped then. Blake turned around and got quiet.

"Hey, I'm sorry about those girls today. I guess they don't like you, and I want you to know, no matter what they said, I will still hang out with you." I had forgotten about it, and it made me a little sad.

"Thanks." I smiled then. He really was nice. He then cleared his throat, and I looked up at him.

"U-um... Mark, I was wondering, well, you know there is that new Ring movie coming out tomorrow, and I wanted to go. So, what I'm trying to say, would you go with me?" His question totally blew me out of the water. What in the world?! Another boy has just asked me to go with them to see that movie. What is up with this movie? Does it cause straight boys to go dumb and ask boys out? I really wanted to say yes, but I had promised Cris already. He was waiting patiently for my answer, looking eager for an answer. I giggled.

"Blake, I would love to go..." He then cut me off.

"Great! What time do you want to go?" He didn't let me finish. So I began again.

"Hey. I would love to go with you, but..." He cut me off again.

"But what?" He still had a smile on his face, but it was going away fast. "You know that boy named Cris, right? He's the Asian boy who sits at the table that you sat at with those girls. Well, he asked me yesterday to go with him. If he hadn't asked, I would go with you." His face fell for a second, but a smile rushed back onto his face. His eyes didn't have the same sparkle like it usually did. I felt bad. This totally sucks.

"Oh yeah! Cris, he's cool, a cool dude. Well, its ok. How far do you live from here?" I didn't know what he was thinking. I answered though.

"I live about 5 blocks that way," I said pointing down the street. "I live in number 2008. You can't miss it. Why you ask?" He shifted and looked into my eyes for a sec.

"Well, since we can't do anything tomorrow. How about we do something on Saturday?" I smiled a big smile.

"Yeah! That sounds great!" I said with a little too much excitement. He laughed. He dug for something in his pocket and grabbed my hand. He took out a pen and wrote something on my hand. I looked down after he was done and found his number there. What?! It was this guy's number! I looked up, and he smiled.

"Call me on Saturday. You better. Anyway, I got to go in. You know, I have to set up my room and stuff. Maybe when I'm done, I can show you it. It's going to be great."

"Ok, that sounds cool," I said, looking back down at the number on my hand. His handwriting was a little messy, but it was cute.

"Cool," He then grabbed my shoulder, and I looked up into his face. He smiled. "I will see you tomorrow to walk to school?" I smiled at that.

"Yeah, sure." He squeezed my shoulder and then let go of it.

"Ok, see you then!" He ran to his door then, waving at the door. I watched as he disappeared inside. I stood there for a few seconds and then started on my way back to my house. Wow! That was all I could say. My luck really was changing! Not only was the cutest, most popular boy in school was going with me to the movies tomorrow, but an almost equally cute boy was going to hang out with me the day after! What in the world!! The excitement bubbled up from inside and spilled outwards in the form of the huge goofy smile on my face. I basically ran all the way home. The rest of the day went by as I did more homework, watched TV, played some video games, and finally went to bed that night.

I woke up the next day with a smile. It was Friday. It was the day that everything was going to change. I had decided the night before to try not to be so crazy around Cris and just go for it. I got ready, ate breakfast, and went on my way. I met up with Blake, and we made our way to school laughing the entire time. I did notice though that sometimes he would walk closer and closer to me, until we were touching shoulders. We would just walk that way, but then he would go further away. Maybe it was all in my mind, but I liked it. We got to school and said our byes. Since I was at school then, my mind wandered to Cris. I couldn't help but feel excitement course through me.

I walked through the halls with my head held high, thinking of what was to come later in the day. The first part of the day flew by, making it seem as if it were all a dream. Time was such an enigma to me. Happy as can be, it can go as fast as the Flash doing a lap around a track, while it could crawl to nothing in a matter of seconds. I had just been released to lunch. I entered the cafeteria and entered the line. Have you ever noticed how nasty some of the meals actually look? I wouldn't be surprised if some of the base ingredients were mud and cockroaches. I went through the line as usual, getting cut and bumped into by strangers all throwing their rude remarks my way. I paid for my lunch and went to my usual table, seeing if Blake would come again that day. I picked at my food and looked for the "popular" table. It was filled with the popular and various wanna-be's standing at their beck and call, hoping to be asked to sit down. I looked a little bit harder and found Cris. He was there laughing with the rest of the fools around trying to be like him. His presence had a great aura. He was the sun and the people around him were creatures of the dark, grasping and clutching to get a hold of some of the essence that was Cris. I looked on for a little bit more, trying to get my dose of Cris for the rest of the day, like that would be hard.

I started on in my lunch, lasagna and garlic bread. It looked more like pasta surprise with rat meat with buttered toast that mold had claimed as its territory. I looked up again, and saw Blake, good to his word, going to sit at the popular table. The girls over there went wild. I didn't understand how he could handle them with such ease. I didn't want to stay there much longer. I ate a few a bites and had enough of the meal. I threw my lunch away and got up to go to the library. I passed all sorts of cliques. There was the gangsta clique with their radio playing out hard rap, the break dancing clique practicing their moves, the preps all talking within themselves wearing Abercrombie & Fitch, the jocks talking about all the booty they have scored, and some random ones. I passed them all by as if I were invisible. I did not even get one glance from them all. They all lived their lives full of friends like themselves. I had no one. I continued my way towards the library. I opened the door and suddenly a hand went by my head, which closed the door. Shit! This is just my luck. I somehow caught the attention of someone, and it didn't look good. I slowly turned around to see the fool that was blocking my way. I was surprised to see who it was. It was Cris. He had a little smirk on his face and got a little bit closer to me. I pressed a little harder against the door.

"H-hi Cris," I said, looking down at my feet then at the arm that was next to my head.

"Hi there yourself. Why did ya leave the cafeteria so early today? I was goin to go by your table today."

"You were?" This was a shock. I looked up at his face and found that it was true. I never would have expected that. The only person to ever was Blake, and that is pretty much because he is new and doesn't know any better.

"Yeah, it doesn't matter anymore, I found ya. About tonight."

"Yes," I said, with a little bit of my nervousness coming through. I looked at him. He was less than a foot away from me, and he had his arm blocking one way out. I looked around, seeing that a lot of people were looking our way. Many of the preppy girls were pointing at me, with some looking like they were confused and some as if they were jealous. I can't believe this. What is up with those girls? I looked back at Cris. He was trying to look into my eyes, and I became lost is his deep chestnut eyes. The hallway, the students, the noise flew from existence and all that was left was Cris and me.

"Mark, Mark, Mark, are ya ok?"

I flew out that tiny world that only consisted of me and Cris and saw him looking at me small smirk.

"Sorry, my mind kind of slipped away."

"It's ok, I do that a lot in class. Hehe. OK, so, tonight, is it ok if I come by around your house at about 6:30. The movie starts at eight."

"Eight? Why are you going to pick me an hour and a half early?"

"Because, I wanna talk to ya over dinner before everythin. I wanna get to know ya better. I can already tell that you're a great guy."

I could feel the inescapable blush as it started to move from the bottom of my face to the very top of my head. He doesn't know how he is affecting me. I was just too giddy to do anything but stare. I looked over his shoulder quickly and saw that everyone looking at us basically. Oh my gosh, why is everyone looking at me? At us? I looked back at him.

"Umm... thanks. Ok, it sounds great. I'll see you at 6:30. Do you know where I live?"

"Yeah, I do. We are gonna have a great time. You'll see. See you then."

He leaned in real close to my face. I thought he was going to kiss me but instead he winked at me with the cutest little smile. It made the withdrawing blush from my face flood back with a vengeance. He turned around in slow motion and waved as he went back down towards the cafeteria. I couldn't believe that that had happened. Oh my God! Did that just really happen? I think I'm going to have a heart attack or something! I let out a sigh out slowly. I didn't notice, but my heart was running a thousand miles per hour.

I looked around and was shocked. People were still staring at me with these intense stares. Their eyes were piercing me from each and every direction. I don't know why, but I kind of felt guilty. I know it's stupid, but I couldn't help it. I quickly turned around and entered the library. It was going to be my sanctuary for the time being. The gawking stopped and with it, the feeling of great guilt. I sighed and went to my normal spot.

I went to the back of the library and found that it was still empty. I let out a sigh and thought for a few seconds.

“What is up with everyone? Am I getting the evil eye from everyone because they see me, a reject, with the most popular person in school? That is so stupid. Can’t they see that I’m finally going to be a little happy? The moment the outcast gets a friends, the start acting like this. Well, excuse me. I’m like everyone else and need friends too. You know what? They can all kiss MY WHITE ASS!” I felt soooo much better after thinking that. I turned around and screamed! The librarian was not even two feet away. They were trying to kill me with their eyes.

"Young man! You must leave the library immediately! Screaming and saying obscenities are against the library's rules," they said crossly, with their arms folded in front of them. I've must've said everything aloud. Haha. That is great.

"Hehe... I, well, hehe, I will be going now," I said nervously with a giggle in my voice, the bell ringing then, "Well, see, the bell, hehe, I'll be off now." I scooted over slowly trying to make myself free. The death grip stare was never lifted away for a second. I soon got out of there and went to class. The rest of the day flashed past like a sparkle in pasts' eye.

The final bell rang, and I dashed out of school, bumping into people as they yelled out and threw curses. I didn't care. I was going to go out tonight with Cris! I ran out down the stairs and down my way towards my block. The wind blew against my face, making my cheeks a nice rosy color. Nothing could break this mood.

I had the feeling that I was being watched from behind. I looked back and saw Cris. He was right standing at the edge of the crowd, waving at me. I gave the thumbs up smiled. It made me really happy and even more determined to do my best for him.

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