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Along the Way 13

The EMT was patching Brett's shoulder up. Brett seemed to be handling this better than anyone else, which was really strange. I'm not sure I could just brush off being the target of an assassination. There was no pain showing on his face either. So, he was just getting his wound patched up while being completely okay.

The man who did the shooting failed miserably. He barely shot Brett's left shoulder. Once security found the gunman among the crowd, he put up no resistance in being removed from the event.

"This is total bullshit. I want a press conference set up immediately!" Mr. Malcolm shouted to no one in particular.

"Calm down, Greg." Mrs. Malcolm ordered. "Brett isn't seriously hurt so there's no point in overreacting."

"Bullshit, Judy! Our son was attempted to be assassinated. I am going to have meeting after meeting with Tabuk until he relents and signs a new deal." Mr. Malcolm walked away in an angry fury. Mrs. Malcolm gave Brett and I a sympathetic look, but followed Mr. Malcolm.

I focused back on Brett who was now being finished up by the EMT. He still had no worry or fear showing on his face. It amazes me as to how calm Brett can be even in the most dangerous of times. The EMT instructed Brett to keep the bandage on and to not remove it for any reason except to shower. He also told him that after every shower he needs to go to The White House's on-site doctor to get re-bandaged.

"Pretty crazy, huh?" Brett said to me, standing from the ambulance.

"More like terrifying." I said shakily. "You could've been killed, Brett."

"I know that, Tanner, but I'm okay so there's no reason to be too freaked out." he said.

"I'm not too freaked out. This is just insane. I don't know what I would would've done if he didn't have a bad shot." The tears were burning in my eyes, but I was determined to not cry.

"Hey, come on, Tanner." Brett softly said. He stepped on the other side of me and wrapped his arm around my waste. I kind of flinched when he did this. "There's no reason to hide anymore. The press will be all over this, and besides, we've already been outted."

"Let's just go, okay?" I blurted out. He was trying to comfort me, but if I don't want to start crying, then his comforting has to stop.

"Okay," he weakly smiled.

Niles drove us back to The White House quickly. There were several more police escorts surrounding us than before. When Brett and I got back to his room, we immediately went straight to bed.

Early the next morning was a cold one. The air conditioning made it feel like we were in the freaking arctic. I snuggled up behind Brett being careful of his wounded shoulder. As I lie there, I couldn't help but feel I am completely responsible for Brett's injury. If we had never have met, then he wouldn't be lying here hurt right now then again, if we never met I definitely wouldn't be as happy as I am. My thoughts were interrupted by Brett, who was beginning to wake up.

"Tanner?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm right behind you." I said, squeezing him gently.

"Can we have sex?"

His question didn't register in my mind right away. "Um, sure,"

"Okay, later," he yawned.

"Um, okay,"

Brett chuckled, "What?"

"That was really weird."

"I know, but we haven't done anything in a while and it'd be nice to feel close to you again."

"Don't you feel close to me now?"

"I do, it's just that when we have sex it feels like we're really close, you know?"

"I guess,"

"Hey now, don't take any of this the wrong way. I'm telling you honestly that I always feel close to you. I just miss our intimacy is all."

I smiled to myself knowing damn well that I missed the heart stopping sex we had as well. Getting off just hadn't been on my mind lately at all. It's not like anyone can blame me, though.

"Yeah, I miss it too." I sighed. "So when do you want to?"

"Well, I think there'll be a perfect time for it later, but let's not plan it at all. I just want it to happen. It seems more romantic that way."

Changing the subject from sex, I asked him what he wanted to do today. He told me that he'd like to go swimming. Seeing as how the days are getting hotter and hotter, taking a dip in an ice-cold pool sounded brilliant.

After a quick breakfast, Brett and I changed into our swim trunks, then went outside and jumped right into the pool. The two of us had several water fights while in the pool. I won a few, but Brett still had more victories over me. Of course, after each game we would reward each other by making out until we literally couldn't breathe. Around two o'clock, both Brett and I got quite a surprise. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm came out dressed in their swimsuits.

"Hey boys," Mrs. Malcolm said.

"Who's up for a game of chicken?" Mr. Malcolm asked.

Brett climbed on his dad's shoulders whereas I carefully got on Mrs. Malcolm's. The father and son team kept saying we were going to lose because we were smaller. Well, let me tell you something I'm sure you didn't know. Mrs. Malcolm has a mean streak. The first game, we won. Our victory celebration included a lot of high-fiving and hollering. The men had no idea what they were in for. In fact, Mrs. Malcolm and I won every single game we played with the exception of one. The boys didn't know what to think of us.

After a while, his parents got out and said they had fun, but needed to get back to work. Mr. Malcolm told us that he had a press conference at four o'clock. Brett and I knew we had at least a couple of hours until then. We eventually grew tired, though, and decided to just float around the pool while working on our tans. Actually, Brett was already quite tanned. I was the one who needed some sun.

"Today was so much fun, Brett." I said as we floated around each other. "I can't wait for when we have sex though."

Brett giggled, "Yeah,"

The time came when the two of us both decided to get have some dinner. We showered and dressed super casually before we asked the chef to prepare us a couple of subs. Immediately following dinner, the two of us quickly changed in proper uniform and went into a room specifically designed for press conferences. We had just gotten there when we heard, "...the President of the United States."

Mr. Malcolm walked out to the podium with a deathly look upon his face. The audience finished clapping and grew completely silent. He looked into the crowd of reporters and just stared. Well, glared would be a better word.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is no secret that my son was attempted to be assassinated just yesterday at a fundraising event. I will not deny that the only reason I'm sure this was done is because of what his sexuality has done to this country. I'm also sure that all of you here and even those of you watching at home blame my son for what is happening to the price of fuel. Well, you know what I think? I do not blame him for anything. Now, I know you're probably thinking that I'm his father and of course I wouldn't blame him, but that's not the case. I do think that Brett and his boyfriend could have waited to be open until they were in private. Honestly, though, I admire my son for having the courage to hold his boyfriend's hand in public. I am not ashamed of having a gay son and completely approve of his lifestyle.

"You all can think what you'd like, but personally I am disgusted by the way most of you are handling this situation. Think not with your greedy minds, but with your deflating hearts. Is it my son's fault that he is gay? Can the price of fuel be traced back to the man who decided to release the pictures to magazines and newspapers all across this country? Would it be right to say that the President of Saudi Arabia is out of line for terminating our trade agreement? The answer to those questions is no.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am not ashamed of having a gay son. We should take a close look around and see with our own sight that the gays of this nation have been through enough anguish of not being able to have all the rights of married straight men and women. What all mighty leader around today says that gays cannot get married? Am I missing something here? I believe in God as much as the next person, but does anyone truly realize how many versions of the bible there are? And each and every one of those versions says something different about gays and how sinful they are. But which version can we actually believe? The reason for my talk on all of this is simple. I am pushing Congress to make gay marriage legal in every single state of America!" Mr. Malcolm's face was red with passion as he finished speaking. The audience of reporters erupted in applause at his speech.

"But now I am going to talk about something that needs to be dealt with immediately: the price of fuel. President Tabuk, I am sure you will be watching this soon enough. I am pleading with you to reconsider the trade agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia. What can we Americans do to help change your mind? Tell us what to do and we will do it.

"On a final note, I would like to remind you that we are all human beings. None of us are perfect and none of us are completely bad. Yesterday, my son was shot in the shoulder because he's gay. What does that say about our nation? What does that say about our freedom? Has it come down to if you're different and not accepted you will get shot? We as a country cannot let others think we are monsters. We as a single country of millions of strong and proud people cannot show any weakness. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your time and thank you for your continued support. Thank you."

The numerous reporters jumped up, but it was too late. Mr. Malcolm obviously did not want to answer any questions. When he walked up to Brett and me, he gave us a big smile. It was then that I felt the safest I've ever felt. Not only do I have an amazing boyfriend to protect me, but now I have his father to watch out for the both of us.

Back in Brett's room, we undressed and redressed back into our comfortable clothing. I realize that I still hadn't given him the heart that I made him.

"Hey, Brett," I nearly whispered.

"Yeah, babe?" He sat down on the bed, massaging his calf.

I walked around to my side of the bed and pulled out the heart from under it. "When I was still in high school, I made this heart for you in my art class. I meant to give it to you sooner, but we got preoccupied."

Brett looked up at the heart and took it from my hands. He just studied it for a few seconds, looking as if I had hit him in the gut or something. To be honest, the silence made me feel even more embarrassed that I had made it for him much less given it to him.

Finally breaking the silence he said, "Wow, Tanner, this is so thoughtful of you. I can't believe you made this for me."

"Well, it's not anything compared to what you have given me, but I'd like to think it's a start." I embarrassingly replied. I could feel the burning in my cheeks.

"Tanner, you don't owe me anything, but if you feel like you do, then there is one thing I'd like from you."

"Name it because I will do whatever..."

"I just want you to love me." Brett said, cutting me off mid-sentence. "Not only does this heart symbolize our love, but it reminds me of how amazing you are. This heart, Tanner, is so special to me already and it's just because you made it for me."

"So, you like it then?"

"Like it? I love it, Tanner." Brett stood from the bed and wrapped his arms around my neck. I'm not one hundred percent positive, but I think I heard him sniffle a couple of times.

"I'm glad you love it then."

Brett began to nibble on my neck, causing me to moan in pleasure. He lowered his arms from my neck, running a hand down my chest to my groin, which was completely hard. Between the nibbling on my neck and the massage on my groin, I had a deep feeling that an orgasm was not far away.

"I think now is the right time, Tanner." Brett said seductively. He moved back from me, flashing one of his sexier grins. The kind of grin that lets you know something dirty is about to happen.

"A-are you sure?" I panted.

"Oh, yeah," He pulled me onto him and started to stick his tongue in my willing mouth. The two of us fell backwards onto his bed, not even missing a beat.

The pleasure that was evident between the two of us was indescribable at that point. Brett continually massaged my groin, just egging my orgasm on. He knew exactly what he was doing too because somehow he knew just when to stop so I wouldn't reach my climax.

"Brett, I want you to fuck me now." I begged him. This pleasure he kept building inside of me needed to be released. Now.

He looked a little shocked that I was so blunt with him, but he did comply. We scooted up farther onto the bed, me on the bottom. We stripped each other's clothing off and tossed them aside. Brett's scent drove me absolutely wild. My dick was soaked with precum. He slowly jacked me off for a second, and then reached under the bed for a small tube of lubricant.

"I'll start slow," he said softly while squeezing a large amount of lube onto his hand. He lubed his cock up and lined it up at my entrance. I looked into his eyes, which were filled with lust, mine filled with both lust and slight hesitation. As horny as I am, I know Brett doesn't have your normal sized cock plus we haven't done this in quite a while. Slowly, I could feel him begin to enter me. I hissed with pain, but trying my damndest not to tell him to stop. Brett knew, though, just when to stop pushing in. Before I knew it, he was all the way. The look of ecstasy on his face was a huge turn on. "Ready?"

I stared into his eyes. "Yeah, I'm ready."

Brett started to pump in and out of me. He started slow and gentle, but within a minute his pace quickened. I placed my hands on his back, drawing him in closer to me. His skin was becoming moistened with sweat. God, that is so hot.

"Fuck, Tanner," Brett breathed, "this feels so good."

"I know," I moaned. I sat up enough to where our lips met. We kissed like it was going to be our last.

The faster Brett was pumping in and out of me, the sweatier he would become. Some people might find it gross that beads of sweat were dripping off of him and onto me, but I found it to be a major turn on. His bangs were wet from sweat, creating an out of the shower look. Can you imagine how hot I was feeling at that point?

Brett moaned every time he pushed into me. I moaned as he hit my prostate on every thrust. I could feel my orgasm getting closer and closer. But Brett was enjoying himself so much that I tried to think past getting off. I wanted him to be able to have as much pleasure as possible.

"Tanner, I love you," he whimpered out followed by a series of short moans and grunts.

"I-I love you, too, Brett." I panted, completely breathless as the result of the passion we both were giving off.

Our lips met again, this time around our kissing turned sloppy. Brett actually missed my mouth at one point and licked up by my nose.

Suddenly, during the waves of pleasure from Brett's cock hitting my prostate and us making out, I screamed out in pure bliss. "Fuck!" My cum splattered between the two of us. Brett moaned along with me, but he was still going strong.

"I'm close, Tanner." Brett groaned. He picked his pace up even faster. Although I already came, the way my boyfriend was fucking me was turning me on and I got hard again. The effects of my slippery cum and Brett's stomach massaging onto my cock caused me to have another orgasm.

"Oh, my God," I whimpered. "Fuck, fuck,"

"Oh, God, Tanner," Brett panted. "I'm cumming!" Brett shoved into me hard as I felt his cum explode inside me. I was breathing very heavily as was Brett. Our sex this time had been the best it's ever been.

"Brett, that was fucking amazing. I can't believe you made me cum twice!"

He chuckled, "Yeah," He pulled out of me and fell on my side. "That was the best love making we have ever had, Tanner. I don't even need to say that, though, do I, Mr. Cummer?"

I laughed, "Nope,"

We lied there basking in the afterglow of our amazing sex. But once the high finally did wear off, the two of us fell asleep in each other's arms.

Later that night, I awoke for no reason at all. The room was near pitch black except for a blue glow coming from an alarm clock. Brett was sound asleep next to me, looking as peaceful as ever. I took notice to the wound on his shoulder. He forgot to get it bandaged after our swim. In fact, we forgot to shower after our swim too, something that I need badly. Chlorine can turn my hair a light shade of green until I wash it out.

I slowly crawled out of bed, sneaking into the bathroom. After a quick rinse off, which by the way felt incredibly relaxing, I got back into bed with my boyfriend. Because of his wound being on his left shoulder, he had to lay on his right. Until his wound s healed, I have to hold him at night instead of the usual him holding me. I don't mind this, in fact I kind of like it, but honestly, I can't wait for him to hold me once more.

Somehow I know that everything will end up being okay soon. It's just a gut wrenching feeling, you know? But even if things take longer than soon, that'll be just fine as long as I have Brett. My Brett.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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