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Along the Way 14

Brett slipped his boxers off his lower half. He grinned a kind of grin that meant he wanted me in a way no one else could have me. I wanted it badly, probably more than he did, and the only response I could give was removal of my own boxers. He reached under the bed and pulled out a bottle of lube. While lubing the two of us up, I ran a quick errand list in my head. The list was interrupted as I felt him begin to push inside of me.

"I know we just did this yesterday, but God it feels so fucking good." Brett said, all the while trying to catch his breath.

"I know," I moaned.

Brett pushed in all the way, giving me a second to adjust. We locked eyes and he knew that it was okay to continue on. The feeling of his dick sliding in and out of me slowly was making me grow impatient. I know that seems odd, but I just wanted him to get into the passion right now.

Just as he was starting to pick the pace up, a knock came at his door. He stopped his movements and looked at me in panic. I pushed him off of me and pulled the covers up farther than they already were just as Mr. Malcolm walked in.

"Ah, good, you're both awake." Mr. Malcolm said. "Hurry up and get ready to go. Today we'll be taking a visit to the Pentagon. You both will be accompanying me in a meeting that I have with someone."

"Dad? What's this about?" Brett asked, obviously confused as to what his father had planned for him, planned for us.

"No questions. Just get ready to go and meet me in the dining room for breakfast."

The fact that we get to leave the White House at all was absolutely thrilling to me. I left Brett in a daze as I ran straight into the bathroom to take a shower. He eventually stumbled in reluctantly. He got in with me and I helped him clean himself. It was really fun doing that with him, though.

"What do you think your dad has in store for us?" I asked as I lathered up his hair. Two of the three showerheads were spraying out hot water. The one head on the ceiling was off at the moment so that we could wash our hair, or me wash our hair rather.

"Honestly, Tanner, I have no idea. He seemed kind of serious, but in a fun way." Brett was leaning into me a little bit. I knew he was becoming very mellow because of the massage I was giving to his scalp. "That feels so good, Tanner." He slurred out.

I giggled, "Yeah,"

"I really wish we had time to finish what we started earlier." Brett sighed disappointedly.

"Maybe we can when we're done with whatever your dad has in store for us assuming it doesn't take all day."

"Well, we can only hope, right?"

Our shower ended pretty quickly since no sexual actions were taken whatsoever. We dressed in a hurry because of how long our shower took, and then bolted to the dining room. His parents were finishing their breakfast just as we entered.

"Nice to see you boys finally joining us." Mrs. Malcolm sarcastically spoke. "Your boys' breakfast is now cold and we need to get going to the Pentagon."

"Sorry, I couldn't find my pants." Brett lied.

"You have four pairs of pants. Don't you dare lie to us, Brett." Mr. Malcolm said in a fatherly manner. "Now, sit down and eat in a hurry."

Both of us ate our breakfast quickly much to the delight of Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm. Afterwards, the four of us took a short helicopter ride to the Pentagon. His parents led us into an office where one man was sitting at a table. He had a serious look plastered on his face, but when he noticed us, he instantly lightened up.

"Brett, you remember Mr. Leroy." Mr. Malcolm said more pleasant than his previous attitude. "And Tanner, this is Dan Leroy, the Director of the Secret Service."

"Nice to finally meet you, Tanner." Mr. Leroy said as he extended his hand.

I gladly shook it, trying not to appear too nervous. "Same, sir,"

"Now, let's get down to business." Mr. Leroy began. "Brett, your parents and I have discussed how to allow you both to be able to venture out of the White House once again. With heightened security, you can rest assured that you both will be safe."

"Well, that's great news." Brett said unsurely. "But is this it? Is this what the big meeting was about?"

"We also discussed a plan to begin today." Mr. Leroy said.

"A plan? My God, we're not murderers or anything. Does us going out in public have to be such a huge deal?" Brett asked heatedly.

Mr. Malcolm stepped in at that point. "Given how you were shot, I'd say that this is a huge deal. Listen to what Dan has to say."

"The plan is to have you both go to the movies, sneak in during the previews, leave before everyone else, and then out to eat if you'd like. As I said earlier, security will be heightened all around you so the chances of anything going wrong are significantly reduced." Mr. Leroy continued.

"The movies?" Brett repeated, annoyed by something. "That is so awesome! Wow, the movies! The two of us in a dark room watching same stupid flick! That sounds like so much fun!"

"Damn it, Brett, this is serious!" Mrs. Malcolm interjected. "If you don't want to be able to leave home, then we'll just go back right now. But this is a huge deal. We can't just allow either of you to be out in full crowds just yet. The movie theatre would be dark enough to allow both of you to be mostly unrecognizable." Her hostility was something I was not used to seeing, especially towards Brett.

"I can understand how frustrating this must be, Brett, but like your parents said this is a huge deal. Both of your safety is on the line by just stepping outside. True, the movie theatre probably isn't your idea of an ideal location, but small steps must be taken first." Mr. Leroy explained. "The risk of throwing you both out into a crowd is larger than you may realize."

I completely understood what Dan was saying. The movie theatre would be an ideal place to start. The two of us would just walk in during the previews when the lights have mostly gone out and we could even sit at the very top. The chances of someone recognizing us would be very small. As long as we got out of the theatre before anyone else, too, then the chances would be even smaller. I just can't seem to figure out why Brett is making such a big deal out of the plan.

"This is just-" Brett started, but immediately cut him off.

"Brett," I blurted out. "I think the plan will be fine. Besides, I'm dying to get out. Please, do this for me?" I summoned up the power to produce the best pouty face that I could muster up.

He eyed me weirdly for a few moments before nodding his head. "Fine, we'll go to the movies."

"Great," Mr. Leroy smiled. "You boys pick a movie and we'll discuss more from there." He handed us a list of movies and the times they started. While the two of us scanned for a movie we wanted to see, Brett's parents and Mr. Leroy could be heard talking in the background.

"So, what movie do you want to see?" Brett asked me.

"Not sure," I replied. "Never even heard of these movies."

"Well, this one is supposed to be really good. Plus, there're some hot guys in it I'm sure." he grinned devilishly. "And on top of that, it's one of the longest."

"I figured you'd want a movie with the shortest run time."


"So you can hurry and get out of the theatre."

Brett shook his head in disagreement. "As long as you're sitting next to me, then the movie needs to be very long. This is our first outing since our outting." We both let out a small chuckle.

"You're right about that. Okay, well, let's just see the one you picked out."

Mr. Leroy and his parents eventually stopped talking and Brett told them what we wanted to see. Dan explained some more detailed things about the plan like how security would work and all that. The thing that was most emphasized, though, was security-for obvious reasons, I guess.

"I'm sorry, but what is the point of this plan? What do you expect to be the outcome of us hiding in a movie theatre?" Brett asked angrily. He was becoming increasingly agitated.

"If society can see that the recent events haven't affected you guys in a negative way, then perhaps society will begin to calm down."

"So, Tanner and I are lab rats basically." I just looked at Brett with astonishment.

"Believe me, Brett, you and Tanner are no lab rats. Do either of you have any other questions?"

"No, that's all." I spoke for Brett, ending this somewhat embarrassing meeting.

The movie wouldn't be starting until seven-thirty. Seeing as how we had several hours before then, Brett and I went swimming in the pool. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm didn't join us this time as they were extremely busy with things, as they said. But that was okay because Brett decided he wanted to do some heavy kissing in the pool. An assistant came to tell us that dinner was being served shortly and that we were expected to be there. I guess us going to dinner after our movie was cancelled.

Dinner wasn't anything noteworthy other than how great the food tasted. All four of us discussed the little plan that would soon be put into action. Brett again was being difficult, but in general he actually seemed to be excited to at least be able to get out of the house. After we ate, Mr. Malcolm told us to get ready to go to the movies and to not forget all what we talked about.

Mr. Leroy met us out in the driveway where Niles was waiting for us. In the distance I could see a numerous amount of police cars, probably waiting to escort us to the theatre. The adrenaline of all this was beginning to sink into me. I was growing increasingly excited to see the movie.

"Brett, do not forget anything we talked about. If you sense any kind of aggression from anyone, push your panic button immediately, do you understand me?" Mr. Leroy spoke seriously. "If you don't, confrontation could ensue and that would not be good. We'd have to keep you in the White House even longer."

"I remember everything we talked about, Dan. Don't worry, if anything happens I'll be sure to push the button."

Mr. Leroy slightly smiled. "Well, I hope you both have a good time. Other agents and myself will be readily waiting in case anything should happen."

Mrs. Malcolm stepped up to the two of us. "Have fun boys, but do try to stay out of trouble. I'd like you both to return here tonight safely." Brett hugged her and then I hugged her, making sure to really soak in the feeling of being hugged by a motherly figure.

"Don't worry, mom, Tanner and I will be fine." Brett said impatiently. I elbowed him in the side.

"Have fun you two." Mr. Malcolm threw in while handing us two tickets for the movie we chose.

With a police escort, Niles drove us to the theatre. Through the cars' windows, I could see onlookers staring in curiosity and awe. Many people were running up the sidewalk trying to keep with us, but apparently that wasn't allowed because the police and Niles drove down different streets. Brett told me that this tactic was used because the crowds could become too great and we'd be in a jam. Nonetheless, we arrived at the theatre uneventfully.

"Well, this is it." Brett sighed.

Niles got out and came around to our side to open the door for us. Secret Service men moved around everywhere, making sure we had a clear path to enter the building. Once that was done, Niles opened our door and ushered us inside. So many people were trying to get closer to us, but the Secret Service would have none of that. Neither Brett nor I wanted anything to snack on so we were directed straight into the theatre. Just as planned, the previews were playing when we walked in. The room was near lightless, the perfect opportunity to sneak up to the very top. Luckily, the theatre wasn't very crowded at all so two seats at the very top were easy to find.

"So far so good," I said to Brett. He just nodded acknowledging that he heard me.

The movie began shortly after we sat in our seats. The entire time, the two of us held hands, but didn't show any other affection than that. Although we were at the top and Brett was in his camo stuff, it was a risk showing serious open affection. I found it funny that I was taking this plan very seriously whereas Brett was just had a whatever attitude about it.

Just before the end of the movie, Brett and I walked out of the room stopping short of the exit to finish the rest of the movie. When it finally did end, we simply walked out with the Secret Service surrounding us. Many more people were outside I noticed. The news of us being out and about apparently has caused quite a stir. Maybe this plan would be a bigger success than previously thought.

Once in the car, Brett finally seemed relaxed.

"Did you have fun?" I asked him. He shot me a morose look. "Okay, so fun might not be the best word, but still."

"Yeah, I had an all right time."

"You could have lied a little better than that." I sighed sadly.

"Well, fuck, Tanner. Tonight was lame, okay? A movie? How stupid is that?" Brett blurted out at me. His temper was starting to show its face again.

"Oh, so that's all tonight meant to you? Just a stupid time with me, huh? Fuck you too, Brett!" I yelled. I folded my arms and turned my head away from him.

Only a few seconds later did he place an arm over my shoulders. He also scooted a lot closer to me, practically on my lap. I couldn't help but crack a very small smile.

"Baby," he said softly, "you know that no time spent with you is stupid to me." He nuzzled into my neck a little bit and then continued. "I guess I'm just impatient with not being able to be ourselves. Maybe the stress is just getting to me, you know? But that doesn't give me any excuse to be mean to you so I'm really sorry, okay? Do you forgive me?"

I looked at him, but said nothing. "I don't know," I turned my head away so I could try and avoid laughing.

Brett poked my ribs. "What do I have to do to make it up to you?"

"I'm thinking of a couple things." I smugly let out.

"God, you are such a punk." Brett laughed for the first time in a while.

"I'm just teasing you anyways."

"So, I'm forgiven then?" he pouted.

"Yeah, you're forgiven,"

He leaned in for a kiss. "Good."

Back in his room, we talked more about the movie and how good it really was. Brett told me that he expected to see the Governator in the movie and was disappointed when he didn't appear. I really didn't care because honestly I've never seen any other movie in the series so I didn't even know who he was talking about. His parents came in and asked how things went; Dan was with them, too. All three of them were excited that things went smoothly. Now all we had to do was wait. Wait and see what America thought of us being out in public.

While lying in bed, Brett began talking of our future, which was unlike him. He's never really talked about our future really.

"Someday soon, Tanner, I'm gonna take you back to Vegas so we can finish our vacation the right way. And we're going to do something that I know you want to do." Brett had on a small smile that was cute enough to create butterflies in my stomach.

"What's that, babe?" I asked, completely clueless as to what he was talking about.

"Remember when we went to the Secret Garden? And there were people swimming and playing with the dolphins?"

I instantly got excited. "You mean we'll do that!?"

"Of course we will," he chuckled.

"Oh man I can't wait to go back!" I snuggled closer into his firm grip on me. "Gosh, I love you so much, Brett."

"It's not even close to how much I love you, Tanner."

Brett and I were eating a big breakfast that their chef whipped up when Mr. Malcolm greeted us the next morning. He seemed to be really excited about something. He tossed a newspaper in front of us on the table.

"First son and boyfriend spotted having a nice time." Brett read the title on the front page aloud. His face lit up in a blink of an eye. "This is great news, right?"

"Just read the article." Mr. Malcolm laughed.

The two of us read the article together. The story that the writer wrote was a very positive one. To sum it up, he said that it was nice seeing us finally out of the White House and in public. And that it was also nice to see that the people who were around didn't make too big a fuss about it. All in all it was a relieving thing to read.

"Dad, this is great!" Brett shouted happily.

"And do you know what this means?" We both shook our heads no. "It means that society is beginning to change their views, not only in the short-run, but also the long-run. I'm talking about gay marriage."

"Isn't that shooting way too high way too soon, dad?"

"I think not, Brett. But we'll just have to wait and see how things go. For now, you two are still stuck in here."

"Oh boy," Brett groaned loudly.

After we finished breakfast, the two of us tried to figure some things out to do, but were coming up short.

"Wanna watch a movie or something?" I asked him.

"Nope," he mumbled. "Swimming?"

"I'm kind of over swimming right now." The conversation, however minimal, died fast. I was sitting on his bed trying to think of something to do. Actually, there is something I want to do, but I'm not sure it's allowed. Or something that should even be done at all, but I guess I'm about to find out. "Can we go house?"

Brett looked at me incredulously. "You mean your mom's house?"

"Um, yeah,"


"I... I just think that it's time I forgave her for all she's done to me. And I want to at least let her know that I'm still alive. It has been quite a while since she last saw me, whether or not she cares."

"Tanner, that's not your home anymore."

"Of course it is. It's all I have."

"This is your home now. We will have our own home someday."

I tried to comprehend what he said, but it wasn't turning out so well. "What do you mean this is my home? This isn't my home."

"Tanner," Brett sighed, sitting next to me. "My parents and I have talked about this before and..."

"Wait, we've been together every second of everyday. When did you find the time to talk to them?"

"Sometimes I snuck out of bed and other times while you were in the shower." he said plainly. "Anyways, after a lot of convincing, my parents finally agreed to allow you to move in here."

"You mean they didn't even want me here?" I asked sadly.

"It's not that, Tanner. It's not that at all. They just weren't sure about us because when I first brought this up it was in our beginning weeks." Brett paused for a moment. "I'd like you to move in with me. You pretty much are now anyways."

"But I'm going to be such an imposition. I don't have a job or anything and I wouldn't want your parents to think that I'm just using you or them."

"They don't think that at all. And if you haven't noticed, I don't have a job either."

"Yeah, but you're their son. I'm just a teenager who has a hopeless-"

"I love you," Brett interrupted me.

I smiled at his attempt to get me to shut up. "Fine, I won't say it." Now it was Brett's turn to smile.

"So, will you move in?"

A long silence filled the air. This is a major decision on my part. On the one hand I can move in with my boyfriend and his executive parents, but on the other hand if I move in then it could spell disaster for mine and Brett's relationship. Then again, it could bring us even closer even though I don't see how we could be any closer than we already are.

I think Brett just liked the idea of having his boyfriend living with him. It does have a nice ring to it; to know that we'd be officially sharing a bedroom. It'd be fun to even be able to think that. Ah, I guess I know what I'll be doing, but first I still want to go to my mom's house to pick up what I have.

"Okay, I'll move in with you, not that there's really anything to move in." I tried to be funny, but Brett didn't laugh. Neither did I for that matter.

"Good because this is the start of our lives together."

"Gosh, Brett, I've never heard you talk like this before."

"Like what?" He really didn't know what I was talking about.

"You keep talking about our future and that's not like you."

He laughed, "Okay,"

"I'm serious,"

"Babe, I've just had a lot of extra time to think about things, you know? And I think it's sort of fun to think about us in the future. I mean, you have all this hair now, but what about when you turn thirty? Will you be fat and bald by then?"

I slapped him playfully, but hard enough to make him rethink. "Would you love me if I was?"

"I would love you even if you didn't have an arm, or both. I'd love you even if you decided to pierce every inch of your body and changed your name to Tate. No matter what I will always love you."

Laughing was the only response I could give him. He was romantic and sweet in saying he'll always love me, but a little overkill with the whole piercing thing. Brett stood me up and told me to put my shoes on. He called Niles and told him where I wanted to go.

Niles wasn't too happy about this, but obliged anyways figuring it at least wasn't to a theme park or anything. Although Mr. Malcolm pretty much put Brett and I on house arrest, Niles either missed this or he just didn't care. I guess him and Brett are closer than I had previously thought.

Mom's house was as fucked up as always. The lawn was completely dried up and dead. There were no decorations or even signs of it being remotely considered a home. Her car was sitting in the driveway. I think it was actually dirtier than the house. The front door wasn't even shut all the way-just barely open. Surprisingly, she wasn't passed out on the sofa. Brett pulled back a little and wandered around, taking in where I used to live. To avoid any confrontation, I quickly went into my room and grabbed what I wanted, however little there was. And just as I thought I was done ransacking through my room to be able to leave this horrid place, I heard some commotion from the living room.

"Get the fuck out of my house, fucker!" mom shouted at Brett. He looked like a deer caught in headlights, not knowing what to do at all. She then saw me down the tiny hall. "Oh, now what are you doing home!?"

"Just getting some stuff," I mumbled, lowering my head and gaze to my feet.

"No, you're not taking shit from my house! Leave all that stuff in the room. I'll just throw it out when I get some time."

Her negativity towards me brought back so many memories. But it was worse this time. Worse because my boyfriend was standing on the sidelines having to watch and listen to this.


"No buts," she barked. I glanced over at Brett with tears filling my eyes. He looked stunned still from all that was transpiring in front of him. My head sunk back down and my gaze back at my feet. "I said move!"

I slowly began to turn around. "Okay," Not even half turned, my mom decided that I needed more torment.

"Move faster you piece of shit!" She began to charge towards me. I awaited my painful lesson, but was surprised when I didn't feel anything. When I looked up, there stood a defiant Brett.

"Don't you dare touch him." Brett warned her. All of a sudden, I knew I was safe.

"Get out of my way, asshole. This is my son and I will do what I want with him!"

"He's not your son anymore. You can't just control him any longer." Brett spoke viciously. "He's eighteen now and you have no holds on him anymore." The two tried to stare each other down, but both failed. The silence in the room was more painful than the shouting. Finally, Brett spoke again. "Tanner, take your stuff to the car. We're leaving."

Brett let me walk passed them, keeping a close eye on my mom so that she wouldn't try anything stupid. As I got to the door, I turned back around. There were so many things I wanted to yell at my mom, but none of the things I wanted to say seemed to be good enough.

"I forgive you," I said in almost a whisper.

"What?" she crankily asked.

"If it weren't for you, I don't think I ever would have found this amazing person to call my boyfriend. At least one good thing came out of all the years of physical and verbal abuse that you gave me." I was being calm, which I thought in my mind was kind of eerie. The tears from before finally came dripping from my eyes. "So in the end it was all worth it."

Brett walked up next to me. "I always knew you were a faggot!" Brett tensed up again, but I motioned for him to take my stuff to the car. He reluctantly left my side.

"After I walk out of this door, you will never see me again. I hope someday you begin to feel the slightest bit of remorse for the way you've treated me since I was a little boy. Remorse for all the nights you left me to fend for myself. To find my own dinner at the age of only six! I hope it rots inside of you and eats you alive." I had to take a breath so that I wouldn't start to hyperventilate. "You always blamed me for dad leaving, but now I see that it was never my fault." Mom just sneered at me. The hate she felt for me could be felt, but it wasn't going to affect me any longer. "Good bye, mom. Forever."

I closed the door and walked back to the car. Brett was leaning against the door watching me closely. When I got up to him, he gave me a hug.

"Are you okay?"

It took a second to answer him. "Yeah, I think I am."

Four days later...

It was four in the morning when Brett and I were interrupted from our blissful sleep. Only a few hours ago, we made love for the third time that night.

"Boys, boys," a voice boomed. "Wake up!"

"Dad, what the fuck?" Brett groaned. "It's four in the morning!"

"I know, but I have extremely good news." Mr. Malcolm said.

"What?" I asked so that Brett would retort with something rude.

"Tabuk has agreed to talk about a new trade agreement." The two of us sat straight up after he said that. "We start discussion later on and if things eventually work out, he is going to be flying here to sign the new deal."

"This is amazing! That means the gas prices will go back down!" I said excitedly. "And won't this mean that our house arrest can disappear?"

"If things go the way they're planned, then yes, but gradually." Mr. Malcolm said.

The three of us talked a little longer. Mr. Malcolm filled us in on some more intricate details. Brett seemed so relieved. I could almost see the weight being lifted off of his shoulders. Mr. Malcolm finally left us after a while.

"Baby, this is so great." Brett said, pulling me back against his chest. "Hopefully things will turn out great. I'm sure they will."

I let out a content sigh. "I'm sure they will, too. They just have to."

Brett and I will be together forever, I just know it. I can feel it in the pit of my stomach. Hopefully someday we can get married and even have kids. Hopefully we'll live in a nice house with careers that we love. I think we will. With my dental hygienist and his cruise career, our kids are bound to not grow up the way I did. Oh, and the fact that Brett is the President's son gives us nice reassurance as well.

Growing up, I never thought I would be wanted. I never thought I would be with the President's son either. But here I am. I'm in the arms of the most amazing and gorgeous person alive. For those of you who think things are hopeless, that your life will never change, then I say to you that things will. Maybe not right away, but they will. Mine did and I am no one special.

The End

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