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Along the Way 02

The air outside was warm along with the ground I was sitting on. I'm here at my high school just reminiscing my time with Brett and our night out. He's such an amazing person both on the inside and most definitely on the outside. There is one problem, however. Today is Friday. The last time I saw him was on Tuesday. This doesn't surprise me, though, seeing as how we didn't exchange anything whatsoever. I knew this would happen anyways. My luck is just that bad.

I come to my high school nearly every day to think about things without being disrupted. There's a softball field in the outskirts of the schools' humongous area that is perfect for thinking in peace. I cannot tell you the number of times I've run away to this spot. When my mom gets too drunk to handle or she's "entertaining," then I just come to the field and fall asleep.

Most teenagers are out partying with their friends and having a great time. I on the other hand am stuck in a miserable life. I'm lucky that I do get food and at least a roof over my head, don't get me wrong, but you have no idea how nice it would be to have at least a little bit more. It'd be even nicer to have someone to make it better. That would be where Brett comes in. If only that kid were gay, then it would make everything better. Although if he was gay I'm sure he would not want me as a boyfriend.

I walked home as slowly as possible. Mom wasn't home and probably won't be until the wee morning hours, but I don't want to be home alone right now. I so badly want someone to just kidnap me just so I don't have to be alone. That would literally be the best day of my life. At least it would show me that someone cares enough to make an effort to be with me. As I was rounding the corner where the infamous liquor store was I ran into someone.

"Oh, man, I am so sorry. I'm so sorry." I said quickly, hoping I didn't piss someone off.

"It's all right, Tanner." the guy said.

"Huh?" I looked up at the guy and saw it was Brett! He's here for me! I mean, it's cool we happened to run into each other.

"I was hoping I'd run into you." he smiled.

"Really!?" I shouted happily. "I mean, really?" The sudden rush of happiness that charged throughout my body was evident, but I tried to hide it as best I could.

"Yeah, in fact I've been here every night hoping to run into you."

"Well what time were you here?" I asked.

"I got here at six every night."

"Oh," I grinned. "Usually I'm inside by five-thirty unless my mom is... Um... Well, I'm glad to see you now." I cannot believe that Brett has actually been looking for me since that night! I am so giddy inside it's not even funny.

Brett chuckled lightly. We looked into each others' eyes. His were so shiny and interesting. I felt at that moment that I could just look into his eyes and all my troubles would disappear. Brett was wearing the same getup as he was Tuesday night, aviators and a black hoodie.

"So, you wanna catch a movie tonight or something?" Brett asked, placing a hand on my back and leading me towards the same car that we were in Tuesday night.

"Uh, I don't have any money and I'm not sure..."

"Aww, come on. I'll buy for you. It's no trouble at all." He gave me the cutest pouty face ever. I couldn't stop myself.

"All right," I muttered.

"Awesome!" He still had his hand on my back. Just him touching me was enough to pump blood somewhere where I really didn't need it at the moment.

Niles drove us to one of the city's theatres. On a Friday night going to the movies was one of the top things to do here. To me it seemed like everyone was there when we arrived. Brett and I walked up to the ticket counter. There was a huge line, but I honestly didn't mind because I had Brett with me. God, I just can't stop myself from thinking about him.

"So, what do you feel like seeing?" Brett asked me. I was in la-la land and wasn't paying attention to what he was saying. He got my attention by waving his hand in front of my face, though.

"Huh? What'd you say?"

"I asked what you wanted to see." Brett laughed.

"Oh, um, whatever is fine. Since you're paying you can choose." I said, trying to hide my embarrassment.

Brett just smiled and shook his head. While we were waiting to reach the ticket booth, we had a nice conversation consisting of nothing in particular. When we finally got to the booth, Brett got two tickets to a movie that I had no clue about. Hell, I haven't been to a movie theatre in years. The last time I went was when my dad took me when I was young. After our tickets were purchased, Brett asked if I wanted anything to eat. Honestly, I could've eaten a cow at that moment, but I'm not comfortable with how he's paying for everything, so I just said I'm not hungry. Brett, however, didn't buy it and instead bought us an extra large popcorn to share and two sodas. Finding a seat inside the theatre was surprisingly easy. The two of us sat at the very top, middle of the row.

"Um, what movie are we seeing? Why is there no one here?" I asked Brett once we were settled in. He was on my right and the popcorn bucket was in the middle of us.

"It's a scary movie and the reason it's so empty is because it's been out for a couple of months now." Brett replied. "You're okay with scary movies, right? Damn, I should've asked first. I'm sorry."

"No, no, I like scary movies. Thanks a lot for all of this by the way." I smiled at him.

"You said that in line and out in the lobby and now in here. If we go to the bathroom are you gonna say that in there too?"

"Maybe," I said, laughing. Brett also started laughing.

Eventually we had to quiet down because the movie was starting. The movie started out in a very scary way. I was already quivering in my seat. At one point, I think towards the middle of the movie, Brett and I reached into the popcorn bucket at the same time and grabbed each others' hand instead of popcorn. We instantly looked at each other, but didn't move our hands. Brett looked extremely nervous, but the ends of his lips began to curl upwards into a smile. I blushed and jerked my hand away, turning my attention back to the screen. Brett moved the popcorn bucket on his right side and put the armrest down between us. He rested his arm on it and placed his hand on the cup holder, palm down.

Towards the end of the movie I got so scared I literally covered my eyes. The one time I peeked through my fingers it was at the scariest part. I jumped and grasped onto the cup holder, I mean, Brett's hand. I didn't even realize it until I felt something move under my hand. Brett was again looking nervously at me, but he was smiling. I looked at our hands and saw mine was covering his. I quickly removed it and went back to watching the movie.

The movie ended only a few minutes after the incident. Brett and I walked out of the theatre silently, side by side. He pulled something out of his pocket. It was a small clicker looking device. He pushed one of the buttons on it and a few seconds later Niles pulled up. Brett opened the door for me to get in, and so I did.

"Well, that was a really good movie." Brett meekly got out. I glanced at him. He looked really sad about something. I really hope he isn't upset about what happened in the theatre.

"Yeah, I liked it a lot. Thanks again, Brett. When I get the chance to repay you I'll do it." I said kindly.

"Nah, don't worry about it. I don't like throwing this around, but my family has enough money to spend. At least I'm spending it on fun stuff."

"I guess, but I feel bad for letting you pay for everything."

"Don't be sad, just be happy that we're together." Brett immediately blushed. "You know, together like hanging out together."

"Of course," I chuckled. For the first time tonight I wasn't nervous being around him. Maybe it's because he's getting embarrassed instead of me right now.

"So, are you hungry? I could go for a burger and a shake."

"Actually the popcorn filled-"

"Oh, well, you're still coming with me." Brett interjected with a huge smile. I smiled back at him and blushed, then turned my gaze away from his.

Brett talked me into getting a meal even though I said I wasn't hungry. I lied. I was starving, but him paying for me for the fourth time just doesn't feel right to me. He insisted, however, and said that it was money well spent. During dinner, we chatted just like we did Tuesday night, except tonight was even better. The two of us learned a lot more about each other.

"Well, Tanner, I've had a really great time tonight, but my dad set a time limit on me tonight so I have to be going home now." Brett said, reluctantly I could tell.

"Okay, I had a great time too."

"I have some time left so how about I take you home this time?" Brett questioned.

"Uh, like my house?" I asked nervously.

"Yeah, instead of the liquor store."

"I-I don't think that's a good idea. I don't mind walking home from the liquor store at all."

"I'm not taking no for an answer. I'm driving you to your house. Besides, it's late and I don't want you to get jumped or anything. That liquor store is in a bad area."

Brett's kindness almost brought me to tears, but I held myself together. Brett paid the bill and then we were on our way to my house. I was so terrified and nervous about him seeing where I live. If he thinks the liquor store is in a bad area, he's gonna flip when he sees my house. I just hope that once he sees my house he'll still want to be friends. I'm still mystified as to why he's hanging out with me now. My clothes are old and ratty today especially.

The car came to a slow stop in front of my house. Brett was looking through the windows at the neighborhood. I know what he was thinking, 'Niles, get me the hell out of here.'

"Thanks for everything tonight." I said quickly. I just wanted to get out of that car and into my house where I could hide away.

"I'll walk you up to your door." Brett smiled.

"What?" I asked, puzzled as to why he'd want to step out of the safety of his car. He ignored me and got out of the car. At least my mom isn't home to ruin this moment.

When we got up to my door, Brett said, "So,"

"So," I replied. The two of us started laughing at our inept conversation. "Thanks for everything today, Brett. It means so much to me that you're doing all this without even really knowing me."

"I told you a million times it was my pleasure. And I think I'm really starting to get to know you. I wanna get to know you even better." Brett blushed brightly after he spoke.

"Same here, Brett," I said quickly. "Do you think we'll be able to hang out tomorrow?" On the inside, I was doing back flips and praying to God that we can hang out tomorrow. I just can't get enough of Brett.

Brett thought for a second. "I'm not sure, Tanner. You see, my dad has this fundraiser thing to attend tomorrow at five and I'm supposed to go with him. So what about Sunday? We can spend the whole day doing whatever."

"All right, that sounds like a plan then."

"Awesome," Brett grinned. "Well, I need to go. I'll see you Sunday!"

"Wait, what time and where are we going to meet?"

"Oh, um, I'll pick you up here at eleven. Is that okay?"

"Y-yeah, that's fine. I can't wait. Bye, Brett."

Before he walked away, Brett quickly leaned in and gave me a short hug. His scent filled my nostrils and sent me to heaven. I took in a sly whiff of him one last time. I returned the hug, and then he walked away with a smile on his face.

I cannot believe he gave me a hug. The hottest, cutest guy I've ever seen in my life gave me a hug. Just out of the blue, he gave me a hug. Me, the poor, pathetic looking seventeen-year-old with an alcoholic, sex addict, hooker mom.

From the moment I woke up the next morning, I was instantly bored out of my mind and starving. I went into the kitchen for something to eat, but surprise there was nothing. Mom's door's shut which means she has company over. At least they're in her room for once. Usually she takes them on the couch. Disgusting.

I checked the empty cupboards for something in particular: sleeping pills that'll knock me out all day long. I want to take them for two reasons. The first being sleep will burn hours and hours of the day. The second reason is that I wanna be extra rested for tomorrow when me and Brett hang out. I have no idea what we'll be doing, but I just want to make sure I have lots of energy. Finally I found them and downed two of them with a glass of tap water.

At six-thirty I was awaken by the sound of a door slamming. I guess my mom was leaving for work so it's safe for me to leave me room. When I stood up I became slightly light-headed. My stomach roared so loud it could've scared away a dinosaur. There was no food in the morning so there definitely wouldn't be any food now. I checked the cupboards anyways. I don't know what God has been doing lately, but there was a pack of soda crackers in one of the usually empty cupboards!

I jumped on the couch and turned the TV on. There was nothing good on at all so I just watched some special program about the President on channel seven. He was at some fundraising event for cancer-stricken people. When President Malcolm was elected into office just last year, I had a feeling he'd be a good person to be in the White House. Plus, he's pro gay marriage. How great is that?

"Yes, ladies and gentlemen, President Malcolm's family is here with him. His wife and son look just as happy to be here as everyone else. If we can zoom in closer, we can see that the First Lady is wearing a lovely pastel pink party dress here on this warm summer evening." the anchorwoman said in a feminine tone. "His son is looking extra handsome in his black suit with what looks like a dark pink colored tie."

The cameraman zoomed in closer on the President and his wife and son. As the camera took focus on his son, my heart stopped as I realized who I was staring at.


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