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Along the Way 07

The plane landed in Ontario at approximately eight at night. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm immediately gave us instructions and rules for our trip. They told us that we had to be extremely careful in public to not get caught in any homosexual behavior. Brett and I were not offended by this, and told them we completely understood. Until the time was right, Brett and I would have to keep our relationship private.

"Now Brett, I am trusting you implicitly. There will be no guards, no secret servicemen, just you and Tanner. Please don't let me down." Mr. Malcolm said in a fatherly tone.

"Don't worry, dad. I think Tanner and I can handle ourselves."

"Yeah, I haven't forgotten that little incident at the theme park." Brett and I both blushed. "That should not happen again."

"Yes, sir," we both said.

"And for God's sake, drive safely." his dad continued.

"I will, dad," Brett groaned.

"Have fun you two." Mrs. Malcolm said, grabbing us both in for a hug. "If anything goes wrong don't hesitate to call us."

Brett and I were eventually freed from the clutches of his parents. He tossed our bags in the back of some sort of truck and off we went on our way to Las Vegas. He told me it'd be about a three-hour trip depending on traffic.

An hour passed by before I grew tired. Brett lifted the center of the front seats up and told me to lay me head on his lap so that I could stretch out. The truck itself was quite comfortable. The seats were black leather that matched the black exterior and tinted windows. Inside it was very spacious and roomy. The outside was bold and kind of square. Before we left the airport, I noticed a golden cross-like symbol on the grill. I'm not sure what that company is, but by the looks of this truck it appears to be a higher end company. Then again, who am I to talk about higher end? City buses are luxurious to me!

The two of us talked on the airplane, probably an hour before it landed, about sexual stuff and what we'd like to try. I felt kind of awkward talking to Brett about it, but who better than my boyfriend? Anyways, he told me that whenever I'm ready he's ready.

This thought brings me back to my high school days (like they were so long ago, right?). I remember one day I heard this jock talking about how great his girlfriend gave him road head while going to school. I didn't know what that was at the time so I searched it on the internet. When I read what road head means I was blown away-no pun intended. A blow job so early in the morning? Holy crap! The reason I'm talking about the convo me and Brett had is, well, is because with my head pressed against his lap I swear he has a boner, and since we are on the road...

My horniness level suddenly rose to a new level. I could give him road head, but what if he doesn't want me to? What if he's repulsed by the idea? Ugh, I hate my indecisive mind. On one hand, I could give Brett road head and possibly have him hate me. On the other hand, he could absolutely love it. Without wasting another second, I sat up and began pulling Brett's zipper down.

"What? Here? Now?" Brett asked, surprised at my forwardness. No words left my mouth. "Fine, let me just pull over..."

"No," I blurted out. "I want to give head."

Brett chuckled, "What?"

"I heard about it at school and I want to try it. So just don't kill us, okay?"

"Okay," he laughed.

I slowly took his cock out threw the opening in his boxers. This was kind of difficult, however, as his cock was massive. If I had to guess the length, I'd definitely say at least eight, maybe nine inches. There's no way in hell I'll ever be able to get it all in my mouth. Putting the negative thoughts aside for the time being, I took in the scent of Brett in his private place. It smelt of soap and a hint of a boyish musk. In other words, his scent created chills which traveled down my spine. I looked up at Brett who appeared to be in ecstasy, and I haven't even put him in my mouth yet.

Brett took his right hand off the wheel and placed it just below my neck. Slowly and carefully, I guided his cock into my moist mouth. With his head in my mouth I stopped. I just wanted to savor the taste of him before going any further. My cock was at full mast. The feel of moisture down below tipped me off that I was already leaking precum. Brett's cock throbbed, silently begging me to go further down. I went further and further down until I began gagging.

"Careful, babe," Brett chuckled lightly, sounding a little out of breath.

"God, Brett, you're huge." I engulfed his cock once more. This time I went about it slower than my first attempt. I'd say I got down at least five inches. I'm not sure if that's a lot, but to me it seemed like I took the whole damn thing. Brett was loving every second of it. An occasional low moan could be heard coming from his mouth. He would gently thrust upwards every once in a while. There eventually was a distinct flavor I tasted. It was salty and bitter so I guessed it was his precum. Even as salty tasting as it was, it made me leak twice as much.

The time came when Brett moaned loudly, "Tanner, I'm gonna cum!" I sped up to increase the pleasure. He twitched and accidentally floored the gas pedal as burst after burst of cum shot in my mouth. The truck sped forward as I continued sucking every last drop of cum out of him. His juice was dripping from my mouth. I was trying hard to swallow as much as I could, but I soon felt nauseated. Luckily for me, Brett told me to pull off mentioning how sensitive he is after he shoots.

"Damn, Tanner," he breathed heavily. "That was so amazing. I must've shot like seven or eight times!"

"I can't believe I didn't throw up." amusingly I said. "That was really great, Brett. I'm glad I could do that with you as my first." I tucked his semi-hard cock back into his pants and zipped them up, then scooted back into my own seat.

Brett panted, "You're mine too,"

"I'm your what?"


"No way?" I asked, astounded that I was his first anything.

"I'm serious. That was my first blow job ever."

"But you're the President's son. How is that possible?"

Brett's face grew serious, almost angry looking. "Just because I have that title does not mean I've used it to my advantage." Brett started defensively. "You think just because I'm the President's son I've gotten offers for sex left and right?" I didn't answer him. I was too afraid. "Well, I have! And I've refused every single one because those girls wanted a head of mine that didn't have a brain. They wanted nothing from me but sex. What if I wanted something more? What if I wanted a relationship? Did I get one? No, just offers." Brett wiped his eyes and sniffled.

"I'm sorry, Brett. I didn't mean to upset you." I softly said, hoping not to upset him even further.

"Come here," he said, patting his leg. I scooted over right next to Brett. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pulled me in even closer to him. "It's all right. I kind of overreacted."

For the next hour, the two of us had light conversation. We began to come up on a place called Primm, which is after the state line. Brett asked if I wanted to stop for something to eat, but I told him that I just wanted to get to Vegas. He smiled and said that I was like a little kid.

Only twenty more minutes passed before the bright lights of Las Vegas came into view. I sat straight up in excitement. The closer we got the more antsy I became. Brett turned the air off and rolled the windows down so that I could see better; the windows were deeply tinted. We pulled onto what is known as the strip. Brett told me that the strip is where Vegas happens. We drove further up and just on the left of us was this massive hotel called Mandalay Bay. The hotel was absolutely beautiful with its golden yellow color. With palm trees lining the property, the Mandalay Bay had this tropical aura about it.

The Luxor was right next to Mandalay Bay. The gigantic black pyramid shoots this beacon of light into the night sky. Brett says that you can see the light from outer space. I'm not sure if I believe that or not, but Brett must know what he's talking about. The Pharaoh at the entrance made it seem like we were in Egypt, except for the luscious greenery surrounding it. I was curious to know what was inside of the pyramid. Brett told me that most of the rooms are in the pyramid along with a casino and several restaurants.

The Excalibur was just as incredible. I was so excited to see all this stuff I climbed into the backseat and practically hung out of the window just in awe of all these sights. It's amazing how these are built. I mean, when you enter Las Vegas you start at paradise, then Egypt, then Medieval Times, and then New York! The New York New York was a sight to see. Luckily, the traffic was heavy so we were only creeping along. That gave me plenty of time to bask in the glory of these awesome sights. There's a rollercoaster that goes through the hotel. I think I might like to try that if Brett wants to, too. I've never been to New York, but I'm assuming it looks similar to what the hotel looks like.

"This is our hotel," Brett said, pointing to the right at a huge, bright green hotel. I climbed back into the front seat and hung out the window again.

In front of the MGM Grand, sits this giant golden lion. The lion really stood out against the green glow of the hotel. Brett pulled up to the main doors where a guy came up to him and asked his name. Brett gave his name and ID. The guy looked like he was about to pass out, but he managed his excitement. He told us that the truck would be well taken care of. Another guy went up to the truck and put our luggage on a cart of some sort.

Brett and I walked into the hotel's lobby, straight to the check-in desk. The woman behind the counter was quick with our check-in. But while Brett was dealing with our room, I took the chance to take a quick walk around. All the people in the lobby alone is amazing. I've never been in such a large crowd. It was kind of making me feel very uneasy. All the uneasiness was lost, however, when I saw a giant glass thing. I walked up closer to it and read a sign.

"It's a lion exhibit," Brett said from behind me. "They're out at eleven in the morning till ten at night. It's something you'll definitely want to see."

I turned around with a huge smile on my face. He took my hand in his and led me to the elevators. Our room was on a very high level. When we got to the door, Brett let me slide the card in. the door unlocked, slightly opening. Brett pushed it open and led me inside.

Immediately when we walked, there was a bathroom on our left. I investigated and found a whole bunch of cool things. Did you know they give free soap and shampoo and stuff? How crazy is that! Brett was just laughing at me probably because I was so fascinated with the bathroom. He showed me the rest of the entire room. There was a dining table with four chairs out in the open. In the semi-closed room next to it was a TV and a couch as well as a couple of comfy looking chairs. Brett pulled back some curtains which revealed a sliding glass door onto a patio. He took me outside, and I just about dropped dead.

The view from the patio was simply breathtaking. The New York New York was dead on our left. The entire strip was viewable from the patio, though. I could see all the way down, straight to a really tall tower and even beyond. All the lights were so amazing, so pretty.

"I could've gotten us a nicer room, but this was the only one with a patio. I figured you would've liked the patio the most." Brett said softly.

"The room is great, Brett, and so is this view. I don't know how I can ever repay what you and your family are doing for me."

"There is no need for any pay back, Tanner." he assured me. "If you really want to pay me back, just promise me you'll have a good time for however long we're here."

I chuckled, "Okay, I promise."

Brett came up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. "When we're all tuckered out from the days' activities we can soak in the hot tub and just enjoy the view." He pointed towards a hot tub behind us. "Wanna see the rest of the room?"

"Sure," I whispered.

Brett took me back inside. I noticed that there wasn't a bedroom from what was visible. But he told me to follow him upstairs. And my questions were answered. Our bedroom was right off the stairs. The bed could seat an elephant and the view from the oversized window was just as good as the patio's open view. Back near the doorway was the bathroom, or should I say the path leading to the bathroom. A giant countertop lined most of the wall on my left. It held two sinks and lots of free soap. The tub was massive. Brett said that it was a whirlpool, whatever that means. But it does look rather comfy and I can't wait to try it out. There's a separate shower that can probably hold twenty people easily. Get this, the actual toilet was in a separate room with another sink! It's crazy how they build rooms like this, so luxurious, so magnificent. To top the relaxation factor of this incredible bathroom, Brett opened a cabinet door revealing another large screened TV.

"Well, I hope you like everything, but I am starving, babe." Brett whined. "Can we please get something to eat? I can call room service to bring us something up because honestly I am done driving for the night."

"Yeah, that sounds good." I said, walking out of the bathroom into the bedroom.

Brett gave me a menu to order from. I chose a pasta dish that Brett got because I had no idea what any of the items were. The descriptions were not helpful at all. Let's face it, the best meal I've ever had, before Brett, was a box of macaroni.

Brett showed me that our luggage was already in the walk-in closet. I changed into a giant shirt and slipped out of my shorts. Brett undressed completely except for his boxers. This trip was going to be filled with a lot of nakedness I could already tell. We went downstairs into the living room to watch TV. Twenty minutes later, our food arrived.

The two of us ate our pasta back upstairs in our bedroom. Nothing was really on TV so Brett decided he wanted to go to bed.

"Happy birthday, Tanner." he mumbled tiredly.

I blushed. "It's on Monday. Tomorrow's only Saturday." I knew he was just exhausted so I scooted my back against his chest and closed my eyes. He draped an over my chest.

"Mmm," he hummed. "I love you."

My eyes snapped open. "You love me?"

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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