All content or otherwise are works of my own imagination. All events are fictitious in nature.

Any similarities to persons living, dead, or otherwise are purely coincidental.

This story contains strong themes of homosexual content, if this offends you in any way, please refrain from reading further. If you are not of legal age to read this, please leave now.

American Differences
-By EmulatedLove

Call me sceptical but we've been through this before. We've already had two new boys join my class earlier this year and both times I had gotten my hopes up, always expecting something special. But they let me down; they were straight. Not only that but one was annoying as hell and one was a prick, so why would new boy #3 be any different? Ok, so maybe he's an American, big deal! It's not like those real hotties we see on TV actually exist. And even if they do, we all know that they only come in 'hetero'.

That's probably why I wasn't expecting much when I heard a knock at the classroom door. I looked over and watched as it opened fully. Everything around me seemed to drone out as I focused on the American teen standing there. It was as though I was watching in slow motion as he walked over and handed our tutor a note, before glancing around the class. His steely grey eyes connected with mine. I seemed to lose all self control in that instant. He broke the stare and turned back to the teacher, smiling at something he said. I swallowed hard and wiped my sweaty palms on my trousers. '
Enter boy #3...'

Chapter One: Something special

I walked into my bedroom and closed the door behind me, locking it. I had just finished having a shower and now had to get dressed for school. Today would be the first day back after the Christmas holidays. I had been dreading going back for the past couple of days. Not because I hate school, but because I would rather stay at home and play my new console games some more and hang out with my friends. At least I would be seeing them soon and we can get back into our little routine of things.

I threw the towel over the radiator and walked over to my drawers and put on some boxers before I turned to my wardrobe to get my school clothes. It's not that bad as uniforms go; no blazer or rough shirts, just a white, short sleeved polo shirt and a black jumper, complete with plain black trousers. I put them on and walked over to my mirror and looked at myself. I was of about average build and stood at a nice height of 5'9”, which actually gave me a slightly slim appearance. I liked to play the casual sport and enjoyed being quite active which had given me a nicely toned body, not bulging biceps or abs of iron, but decent enough being only 16. My dark brown hair was still slightly damp but I was fortunate to have quite straight hair which required little maintenance, but I always liked it to look real good. Right now it was of average length and covered my ears, but fell short of touching my shoulders. My eyes were a deep blue colour, which contrasted nicely with my hair. I was also quite blessed to have white, straight teeth and thin lips. I smiled at my reflection before I made my way downstairs.

I stepped into the kitchen to retrieve a yoghurt or some fruit, I didn't eat a lot for breakfast as I'd rather eat a larger lunch which I would take with me to school. I noticed my dad was standing there dressed in his suit and making himself some tea before he set off to work.

“Morning Dad.” I called out as I walked past him.

He turned around and faced me, “Morning Matt, sleep well?”

I nodded as I grabbed a yoghurt from the fridge, “Yeah I did, you?”

“Yeah.” He replied while stifling a yawn.

I heard someone else move about in the room and I turned around to see my younger brother walk in, with a grin on his face.

“Hey Matt.” He smiled.

“Hi Josh, why are you so happy this morning?” I asked.

He giggled.

I regarded my brother curiously. Josh looked a lot like me, we both shared the same hair colour, the same blue eyes, and apparently the same laugh according to my parents, but I always dismissed that. He was 12 years old which meant he was in year 8, three years lower than me. As little brothers go, he is one of the best, of course the fact that he is my only sibling might make me a little biased, but he wasn't some little brat like some other kids in his year. I finished pouring myself some juice and took a seat at the breakfast bar in the kitchen,

“Come on, what is it?” I asked him before eating a spoonful of strawberry yoghurt.

He grabbed a cereal bar and took a seat opposite me, he looked across at our dad who was reading his mail on his PDA. He leaned in toward me, “I'm going out with this new girl.” He whispered.

I thought he just got himself a new girlfriend, mind you, Josh always seemed to have a girlfriend of some sort, but I'll never understand what was up with all the secrecy. I shook my head, “Another girl? What happened to the last one?”

“She kept texting me all the time, so I dumped her.” He replied simply.

I laughed, he has always been like this, but some of the girls he has gone out with take it so seriously. For Josh, having a girlfriend meant little more than a statement, as there was no
real dating involved. Half the time they are too shy to talk to each other! Waste of time in my opinion, then again, dating any girl would be a waste of time for me.

I smiled, “Just try to let this one down a little nicer when you 'get bored' of her.”

He just grinned as he took another bite from his cereal bar, filling his mouth.

Someone could be heard coming quickly down the stairs before my mum walked into the room, also wearing a suit, “Morning boys, sleep well?” She asked Josh and me.

“Yes, mum.” We replied in unison.

She looked over to my dad, “We'd better get going Joe, don't want to get on the bad side of the new boss.”

My parents both worked for a large company involved in stocks and banking. They didn't work in the same department, but still in the same building so they take each other to work. It was also thanks to this job where they both met each other almost 20 years ago, suffice it to say that they are now two of the top people in that branch and make a decent income. Anyway, due to some changes in the company they've got a new boss who has been brought in from another branch overseas, so they wanted to arrive there early to make a good impression.

“Yeah sure babes, I'll go grab my coat.” He said before walking out into the hallway.

Mum walked over to both us, “Make sure you both leave on time, I don't want you late on your first day back.” She said before she kissed me on the cheek.

“Don't worry Mum, I'll make sure we do.” I said, rubbing the side of my face in case she got some lipstick on me.

She walked over to Josh and kissed the top of his head, “I've made your lunch for you Matt, it's over there on the side. We'll see you later around half 5.”

Dad stood in the doorway carrying their briefcases, handing one to my mum as she walked toward him, “ I'll see you guys later, have a good day at school.” He said before stepping out the door.

“Bye boys.” Said Mum before closing the door behind her, leaving Josh and me alone to finish our food.

I took a sip of my drink before looking up at the clock, “We have to go in a couple of minutes if we want to meet up with Connor and Adam.”

Connor and Adam Reed were two brothers who were also the same age as Josh and me. Connor had been my best friend for years, ever since we joined the same primary school some 12 years ago. While Josh and Adam always knew each other, they have only been close friends since they started high school, but now they're inseparable, much like Connor and me. It works out quite well because whenever I'd have Connor over, Adam will come as well to see Josh. They only lived two streets away, so it's a common occurrence to be around each others houses. Their house is also on the way to school, so we would usually walk in together.

“Ok, I'll be ready.” He said whilst getting up and walking upstairs.

I stood up and put my washing in the sink before grabbing my lunch and heading upstairs to get my school bag. I walked into my room and headed over to my desk where my mobile was on charge. I picked it up and slipped it in my trouser pocket before grabbing my bag and heading downstairs. Josh was waiting for me at the door while I put my school shoes and coat on. He opened the door and we stepped outside. I locked it behind us before we set off for Connors house.

While it wasn't cold enough to snow, our exhales could still be seen sending steam into the air. I was lucky that I was wearing a thick coat otherwise I would have been freezing right now. It only took us two minutes to get there and we still had more than enough time to get to school. I walked up to his door, pressed the doorbell and waited until I saw Connors appearance through the small glass panel as he opened the door. Nice warm air blew out of his house, temporarily providing me with a small source of heat. I looked up at Connor standing there. At 5'10” he was slightly taller than me, but he shared my build which made the difference in height hard to notice unless we were standing next to each other. Today his short brown hair was spiked up with gel and actually suited him nicely, obviously a new look that he was going after. As usual his dark brown eyes were full of life, a familiar trait of the Reed household.

“Hey Matt.” He said before turning and shouting back inside, “Adam, they're here.” He put on his coat, slung his bag over his shoulder and stepped out, shutting the door slightly.

“Hey Con, hows it going?” I asked as he stood next to me.

“It's all good, you?”

“Yeah, I'm fine.” I replied as Adam came out of the house, closing the door behind him.

Connor and Adam were virtually identical, however Adam had black hair instead of brown, and also had light brown eyes. But while they might look similar, they are both very different people. Connor was a very confident and very quick witted person who didn't hesitate about speaking his mind. Adam on the other hand, while still quite confident, was a lot more laid back, not in a bad way, but he definitely had a coolness to him as opposed to his older brothers edge. Like Josh and me, it was only them two and their parents, which is really good because it is like having two extra brothers, who just happened to live two streets away.

We turned and began our 10 minute journey to school. Connor and I walked up front with the other two following us behind, engaged in their own conversation. I always liked the walk from Connors house as we had to pass through the local park. At one end there was a small playground and the other end had a small lake that was currently frozen over. I found it amusing to see the ducks walking over it and were probably wondering where all the water had gone. Connor looked over at me,

“You seem quite happy this morning.” He joked.

I smiled at him, “Yeah, I'm ecstatic.”

He didn't reply and instead laughed aloud at my response. He had a really cute laugh. I'd always seen Connor as a brother rather than a friend because of how long we've known each other. But the fact that he was good looking and a great person didn't really do me any favours. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't like I fancied him or anything, but he could be a distraction sometimes. Connor didn't know that I was gay. Actually nobody knew about that part of me. I didn't really let it bother me though as I saw it as their loss rather than mine and in all honesty, I really didn't mind being closeted. Sure at times it could be a real shit, but with the only other option being coming out, I didn't really have that much of a choice.

We exited the park and saw the school opposite us, across the other side of a small road. We crossed over and walked through the main gates. On the other side of the gates, about 30 metres back, was the main school building. The school was separated into five large connecting buildings, each one being two storeys high. The main structure housed the main hall as well as reception and the other administrative areas, while the other four housed the classrooms for all the subjects taught there. At the time there were about 1200 students attending the school, but because of its generous size, it wasn't exactly claustrophobic.

I turned around and faced Josh, “I'll see you after school at the front gates, have a good day.”

He wasn't paying all that much attention and was instead looking over to a group of girls in his year, “Yeah, sure Matt. See ya.” He replied before walking off with Adam.

I turned back to face Connor, “Let's get this done.”

He nodded as we headed off to our form room.

After dodging past the erratic movements of some younger kids, we stepped inside the school building and walked down the corridor. I inhaled deeply and immediately regretted it once the sickly smell of school filled my lungs. I grimaced briefly before we turned down a hall before entering our form room. Our tutor wasn't here yet, but seeing as we were in year 11, we were 'trusted' enough to be able to walk in without wrecking the place.

As we stepped inside, there were only a few girls sitting at some tables at the back; Sarah, Lisa and Julie. They were quite nice people but we didn't know them that well as we didn't share any of the same classes. We said a brief hello before walking over to our corner and sitting down. I removed my coat and rested my head in my arms on the table in front of me and closed my eyes. Waking up at 7:00 after three weeks of no school really takes it out of you. Call me lazy, but I would have given anything to be back in my bed at that moment. I heard some more people walk in but I didn't bother to look up, I just stayed there for a while longer.

“Bored to death already Mr Blake?” Called out my form tutor, Mr Pierce.

I sat up quickly and watched as he walked over to his desk, “Just fell asleep waiting for you to arrive sir.” I replied.

Mr Pierce was a really down to earth guy and always liked to crack a joke, even if the quality of them were poor. He was in his mid forties and had short black hair and green/grey eyes. He was a little over 6' tall and was of average build. Mr Pierce had been our form tutor since we started this school and therefore knew each of us really well and didn't mind our smart remarks every now and again as he usually had enough playful comebacks of his own.

He grinned, “Actually Mark ambushed me on the way here, and we know what that means.”

Mark, or Mr Jones rather, was our head teacher. He was quite a short man in his early fifties but he somehow managed to uphold a sense of superiority above everyone else, regardless of his height. Mr Jones was a nice enough guy, but at times he could keep talking and talking, he doesn't seem to stop. It was a bit of a running joke that our teachers used that as an excuse if they arrived late to a lesson. I played along,

“Oh really? What was it about?” I inquired.

He stopped unpacking his bag and looked at me, “School matters.” He grinned.

“School matters, that's a new one.” I joked, causing Connor to laugh.

Mr Pierce went back to sorting out his stuff and I glanced around the room, looking to see who had arrived. Almost everyone was here except a couple of people and another one of our friends, Max. I turned to Connor,

“Max is coming in today, isn't he?”

He nodded, “Remember he has to drop his younger sister off on the way here...” He trailed off as he flicked his head toward the door.

I looked over and saw Max strutting in. Max Carpenter was the real clown of our group, he was always saying something funny or playing a practical joke; therefore it wasn't really that much of a surprise when he said that he wanted to be an actor a couple of years back. Max had blonde hair and blue eyes, and was just generally really good looking, like super hot. He was around the same height as me, but boy, he had like the best body ever. Max really liked his sports and his beautifully toned arms, legs, everything, was the achievement of his work. I couldn't begin to count the number of times where I had to tear my eyes away from his body in the changing rooms. But his looks aside, Max was a really good friend and always put us first above everything else, even girls.

Mr Pierce looked over at him, watching his walk, “Everything alright there Max?”

Max faced him, “Everything's just fine sir, how are you?” He said, grinning at us.

Mr Pierce just stared at him for a moment, “I'm good thank you.”

Max nodded and came to sit down on my left, “Hi guys.”

“Hey Max.” We called out.

“I just want to do the register, will you all settle down for a moment please.” Called out Mr Pierce as he walked over and closed the door.

He sat down and quickly conducted the register before we went back to chatting again.

“Hey, you guys watch the game yesterday?” Asked Max.

For the next 5 minutes or so we discussed the football match again, most of the time I just listened as I wasn't as passionate about it as the other two. But it was what Sarah Childs asked next which peaked my curiosity.

“Sir, is there a new boy starting today?” She asked.

Pierce looked up from his book, “Yep, apparently we do, he should be along in a moment.”

Connor and Max also seemed to take an interest and stopped talking about football for a moment.

Sarah spoke again, “Is he American?”

Pierce answered while reading, “Yes, he's American.”

The girls at the back started to talk and giggle amongst themselves, obviously pleased with the information.

Connor leaned toward us, “An American, this could be fun.” He said, causing Max to nod in agreement.

Call me sceptical but we've been through this before. We've already had two new boys join my class earlier this year and both times I had gotten my hopes up, always expecting something special. But they let me down; they were straight. Not only that but one was annoying as hell and one was a prick, so why would new boy #3 be any different? Ok, so maybe he's an American, big deal! It's not like those real hotties we see on TV actually exist. And even if they do, we all know that they only come in 'hetero'.

That's probably why I wasn't expecting much when I heard a knock at the classroom door. I looked over and watched as it opened fully. Everything around me seemed to drone out as I focused on the American teen standing there. It was as though I was watching in slow motion as he walked over and handed our tutor a note, before glancing around the class. His steely grey eyes connected with mine. I seemed to lose all self control in that instant. He broke the stare and turned back to the teacher, smiling at something he said. I swallowed hard and wiped my sweaty palms on my trousers. '
Enter boy #3...'

Mr Pierce stood up, “Ok class this is Jamie..” He turned to the boy, unsure of his last name.

“Keller, my name's Jamie Keller.” He replied.

Oh my god, his voice was so perfect, so very American. I am terrible with accents, but I'd guess that his was from the west coast, possibly California. I swept my eyes over his body as he stood there. Jamie was around my height and had a build between mine and Max's, indicating that he had a nice muscle tone under his uniform. He had short dirty blond hair which looked perfect with his grey eyes. His dark eyebrows were thin and beautifully placed above his eyes. He had a really cute little nose which sat on top of a pair of thin lips. His lightly tanned skin gave him a very healthy look and just radiated warmth. I looked at the tip of his nose and his cheeks, they were both pink from the cold outdoors. Perhaps I could take him somewhere and get him warmed up a little bit, maybe I could sneak a little cuddle in there too.

The sound of the girls giggling again brought be back to reality, causing me to suddenly become aware of the lump in my trousers. I quickly adjusted myself and glared at the girls at the back, before turning around and setting my eyes on Jamie.

“Looks like you have a couple of fans already Jamie.” Remarked Mr Pierce, causing Jamie to smile again before he continued, “Well I'm sure I don't need to tell you all to be polite and help Jamie out over the next couple of weeks until he sets in and gets used to how things are done around here.”

There were a couple of murmurs before Pierce placed a hand on Jamie's shoulder, “Because it is the start of a new term, Jamie hasn't been given a timetable yet so he's going to have to shadow somebody today. Anyone like to volunteer?” He said.

I watched as Jamie looked around the class, he looked so cute standing there in his uniform. I so badly wanted to say something or raise my hand, but I couldn't seem to do anything. I was too damn nervous and it frustrated the hell out of me. I was practically being asked to take him, why didn't I say something?

Max raised his hand, “I'll do it.”

“Ok then, Jamie if you would like, you can follow Max around for the day and go to his lessons. We should have a timetable set up for you before tomorrow.” Said Pierce.

Damn. I should have been the one with my hand up! And now I'll only see Jamie twice today, as I only share two classes with Max on Tuesdays.

Jamie nodded, “Sure that's fine.” Oh god, that accent was killing me!

Mr Pierce turned to Max, “Actually, do you have an outdoor lesson in P.E today?” He asked.

Max nodded, “Yep Mr Church said we'll be doing rugby on our first day back.”

“That's going to be a problem because Jamie doesn't have a sports uniform.” Replied Pierce who was quiet for a moment before continuing, “Sorry Max, but Jamie has to be paired with someone who is doing an indoor P.E lesson.” He looked around the class again, “Would someone doing an indoor lesson like to volunteer?”

I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye and saw that Hayley Burch had her hand in the air. Hayley was a nasty piece of work. She was the type of girl who would befriend a guy just to get into his pants and half the time it worked. I really don't know what some guys see in her, all I see is some stuck up bitch with more make up than brains, but I guess they just see sex and that's it. Mind you, the type of guys who date her pretty much share her mentality so good for them. But how dare she try her shit on with Jamie!

Mr Pierce opened his mouth to speak but not before my hand shot up into the air as I interrupted him, “I have indoors P.E today sir, Jamie can come with me if he would like.”

Jamie looked at me, our eyes connecting once again, “Yeah, that'd be great, thanks,” He replied.

“Alright then, Jamie, you can go and sit down next to Matt and he'll be your guide for the day.” Said Pierce, clasping his hands.

Jamie nodded and headed over. I turned and looked at Hayley who was trying to stare me down. She knew that I hated her, so it wasn't that much of a surprise that she hated me back, especially now that I had stolen her new toy away from her. I flashed her a toothy grin and mouthed the words, 'sorry'. She turned away, looking very pissed. Our little confrontation didn't go unnoticed as Connor started to crack up in laughter. I looked back toward Jamie as he came and sat down on my right.

Suddenly all of my confidence went out of the window and my sweaty palms returned. Jamie turned to me,

“Thanks for being my guide, I'll try not to be too much of a nuisance.” He said smiling.

I looked at him. He was so gorgeous, even at this closeness. I loved his smile. I loved the way it made me tingle inside, causing me to start grinning.

“I think I'll manage.” I replied. “I'm Matt, Matt Blake.” I said offering my hand.

He reached out, “Jamie Keller.”

Our skin came into contact and it felt surreal to be touching this boy, even in such a trivial way. His skin was so soft and his hand felt so perfect in my own. I pulled back and looked across at Connor.

“These are two of my good friends, this is Connor, and this is Max.” I said gesturing to both of them.

“Hey guys.” Said Jamie.

“Hey Jamie.”, “Hey mate.“They replied.

“I'm terrible with accents, but I guessed that you're from California, am I kinda close?” I asked.

“Yeah, spot on. I come from a city called Stockton, its about 70 miles from San Francisco.” He replied.

“What made you come over to England?” I asked.

“Well my auntie has lived over here for the past 2 years and my dad had an offer to transfer over here with his job, so he took it.”

“What does he do?” Asked Connor.

“He's like high up in some office company, really boring but he gets paid well.” He replied before the bell started to ring.

“Alright people, lets get to our lessons.” Said Mr Pierce while standing up. “Have a nice day Jamie.”

“I'm sure I will sir.” He said while looking at me, making me feel tingly again.

I managed to control myself, “We've got English first this morning, it's just across the hall.”

“Sure thing.” He replied whilst standing up.

Neither Max nor Connor were in my set for English, so I said goodbye as we walked out of the class and stood outside the English room and waited until the form in there was dismissed.

I looked at Jamie, he was busy looking around, watching while the other kids went to their first lesson. I leaned close to his ear so I didn't have to shout over the noise,

“I bet it's a lot different to what you're used to.”

He turned to me, “Yeah. It's really weird because suddenly there's no one older than me, this is the last year.”

I smiled, “Yep, just this grade left to go.”

The room emptied and we walked inside, I went up to the teacher and told her about Jamie, she didn't mind him sitting in for this lesson. I found two empty seats and we sat down.

Once everyone had arrived, the teacher briefly explained what we would be doing this lesson. It wasn't anything too difficult, actually it was for a media piece of our coursework. Over the holidays, she'd given us the homework of watching any one of the Indiana Jones movies, and now we had to write a review as if we worked for a magazine company. She told us what we had to do and left us to it, nice and simple.

“You've seen one of these movies, right?” I asked Jamie.

He nodded, “Of course, what one are you picking?”

“The Last Crusade, the only one worth watching.” I replied.

“What? No way. Raiders of the Lost Ark is much better.”

We spent the next 20 minutes thoroughly discussing which was the best of the two, but we both stayed loyal to the one we had chosen. The teacher walked over to us,

“As happy as I am to let you two talk about class work so enthusiastically, you should be writing something down instead of discussing it.” She said, smiling.

I turned to Jamie who waited until the teacher walked away before he poked his tongue out at me. Jeez, did this boy know what he was doing to me? He winked at me, causing me to blush, before he turned and started writing on some paper. I sat there for a moment, watching the way his long fingers gripped the pen and glided it across the page. Even his writing was neat and tidy. I clicked my pen and started writing. The first word I wrote was
Jamie, before I realised what I done and crossed it out, hoping that he wouldn't try to read it.

The next few periods flew past in a breeze. The classes with Connor and Max were great, it was as though Jamie was meant to be part of our group. It was during these next few hours that I tried to form a basic understanding of what type of person he was like. Jamie was a highly likeable person, he just seems to get on with everyone and they seemed to get on with him. He also had a great sense of humour and it was refreshing to hear some new jokes. But beyond all that, I knew deep down that he was special. Whether it was the way that he smiled at me or the way he acted, I just knew that he was different. I won't lie to you, after our first lesson I started to wonder if he was gay. I only assumed that because I wanted it to be true, but it seemed that the more I wanted it to be true, the more he appeared to be straight, so I forgot about it and put it to the back of my mind.

By the time lunch time arrived Jamie already seemed to have settled in really well and had made a good impression on Connor and Max. I had also learned that he moved over with his mum and dad along with his younger sister who is two years younger than us. He was going to introduce us during lunch, if he saw her. I grabbed a table in the lunch room and waited for the others to finish getting food from the cafeteria. The reason I hate eating the food from here is because it tastes like crap and costs a fortune. Now before you start shaking your head and thinking that I am some weirdo who can't manage a packet of fries or a burger, then I urge you to try them, then you can comment.

Jamie headed over first, carrying a sandwich and some juice, I grinned at him,

“I hope you don't assume all English food is bad as the stuff they serve up in here.”

He smiled, “Not at all, Burger King makes a really nice Whopper over here.” He said taking a seat next to me.

I shoved him lightly on the arm, “Hey! I bet they taste exactly the same as the ones at home.”

He wiggled his eyebrows, “They do, almost.”

Connor and Max walked over, carrying fries and burgers.

“I told him not to have these in case you had a go at us for feeding him rubbish.” Said Max while waving his burger.

“Good.” I replied while starting to eat my
home made sandwich.

“So what do you think of this place so far?” Asked Connor.

“It's alright, just really different to what I'm used to.”

“Are schools in America really like what we see in the movies?” Asked Max.

Jamie shrugged, “It really depends, some are like that, but yeah for the most part they are very similar.”

“Hi Jamie.” Came a girls voice.

The American accent immediately betrayed her as I turned around to see Jamie's 14 year old sister. She had the same dirty blonde hair, but had green eyes. She was quite tall for her age at 5'4” and had a slim appearance. All in all, she was quite a good looking girl, a fact reinforced by the boys who were checking her out.

“Hey Sam.” Replied Jamie.

“Guys, this is my sister Samantha, or Sam. Sam this is Matt, Connor and Max.”

“Hi.” She replied. I looked behind her and saw two other girls following her, obviously she has made some friends. “Anyway, I gotta run. I'll see you outside after school. See you later guys.”

We said goodbye as we watched her walk off.

“Well that's my sister, brief as always.” Said Jamie.

“She seems like a nice girl.” I replied.

He nodded, “She is.”

The rest of lunch and the following period seemed to pass by in mere minutes, leading us up to the end of the school day, 3:15. It turned out that Jamie lived quite close to me, which meant that we could walk to and from school together. Jamie, Connor and I waited outside the school gates for our younger siblings while Max headed off to his sisters primary school, as he lived in the opposite direction.

Once they all arrived we set off for home, but we stopped when a car beeped its horn before pulling up alongside. Jamie seemed to recognise it as he walked toward the side door. The window rolled down to reveal a smartly dressed middle aged man. I couldn't really see much, aside from his grey hair and tanned skin tone. He smiled at us before looking up at Jamie and Sam.

“Hi Dad.” Said Jamie

“Hi do you guys want a lift?” He asked in that familiar accent; there was no mistaking this man for Jamie's father.

Jamie looked back to us, “I was gonna walk with these guys, if that's ok.”

He nodded, “Sure it is, what about you Sam?”

“I'll go with you dad.” She replied before stepping into the car.

“I'll see you a little bit later then Jamie.” Said his dad.

“Ok, see ya.”

His dad waved and pulled away in the car. Jamie walked back over to us, “You guys don't mind if I tag along?”

“Course not, besides, it's not that far anyway.” Replied Connor.

We walked all the way to Connors house before Josh decided that he wanted to hang out with Adam and will come home later, I turned to Connor,

“You don't mind if he stays, do you?”

“No not all.” He replied.

“Ok Josh I'll see you later then.”

“Yeah, bye Jamie.” Replied Josh.

“See you guys.” I said.

They entered the house as Jamie and I headed for mine.

I glanced across at Jamie, it was nice to be alone with him outside of school.

“What was your deal with that girl earlier?” He asked, turning to look at me.

“What girl?”

“The one in our form, she offered to take me around before you.”

“Oh Hayley. She's just a bitch, stay away from her.” I warned him.

He laughed aloud. Damn, he even gave Connor a run for his money over the cute laugh award.

“I mean it. All she wants is...is to sleep with guys. She'll be all friendly then BAM, she's in your pants.” I said.

“I hope you're not talking from experience.”

I scrunched up my face, “Oh come on! Hayley? That's just nasty!”

He grinned, “So you saved me from her?”

I nodded, “Yeah, I didn't want her to try to corrupt you.”

“Corrupt me?” He giggled, “She's not really my type anyway.”

I glanced at him, “Oh and what is your type?”

He looked at me, “Medium length dark brown hair that just covers the ears, deep blue eyes, about your height.”

What? I stopped walking and faced him.

He kept a straight face before he suddenly burst out in laughter. Shit. False alarm.

I shook my head and started walking again, “You almost had me there.” I replied.

“Sorry, I couldn't resist.” He said, still giggling.

I reached my house and stopped, “Well this is me right here.”

He stopped and looked at my house, “Nice place.”

“Thanks.” I said while looking at him.

He looked at me, “I'll see you later then.”

I nodded, “Yeah.” Our eyes connected again and he gave me that look, the same look he'd been giving me all day.

I looked down to the ground and then back up to his face, “Erm, do you want to come inside?”

He was silent for a moment and I spoke again, “You don't have to stay long if you don't want...” I trailed off.

He smiled, “Yeah, yeah, I think I'll come in.”

I smiled, “Ok, good.”

He followed me into my house and glanced around, seemingly impressed. I took him into my room before I left him to look around as I went to grab some Cokes. I walked into my room to see Jamie lying on my bed looking at some gaming magazine. He was resting his head on my pillow, with his legs bent at the knees so his socked feet were flat on the bed. I swore to myself in that instant that I'd never wash those sheets again.

He sat up when he saw me walk in, “Sorry, I hope you don't mind.”

I shook my head and handed him his drink, “Make yourself comfortable.” I said while taking a seat on my desk chair.

I waited until he took a sip of his drink before I swept my eyes over his body. Every part of him was so perfect, top to bottom. He looked so adorable just sitting there on my bed. I had to avert my eyes before my groin started to draw some unnecessary attention.

He placed his drink on my desk and laid down on my bed again.

“Do you have a PS3?” I asked.

He shook his head, “Xbox.”

I turned on my TV, “Well it's your unlucky day.” I said while tossing him a controller and moving to sit next to him.

We played a couple of games that I got for Christmas, and despite Jamie not having the same console, he was quite good. But to be honest, my mind wasn't on the game, it was on the American teen sitting on my bed. Every now and again we'd glance over at each other and share a smile, nothing significant, but it meant a lot. After a while we became hungry, so we headed off to the kitchen to get something to eat. We ended up having some oven pizza. We sat in the kitchen on the breakfast bar opposite eachother as we ate. It was so great to be talking to him, regardless of the subject. I was just happy to be spending some more time around him.

Once we had finished eating, we went back up to my room and sat side by side on my bed as we watched some TV. There wasn't anything good to watch until I flicked onto a Travel shop channel which was advertising California.

“Fancy going on a holiday?” I joked.

“Not really, I'm quite liking it here.”

“I'm glad to hear it.”

“I really like your accent.” He said.

“I really like your accent,” I mocked, attempting to copy his accent.

He giggled and playfully shoved me, “Hey I was being serious.”

“So was I.” I said continuing in his accent.

He sat there quiet for a moment, waiting for me to take a sip of my drink before he spoke, “Fancy a game of cricket, old chap?” He said in a phony British accent.

I choked on my drink as it dribbled out of my mouth and nose, it was hilarious, save for the messiness.
I ran into the bathroom and cleaned myself quickly before I ran back into my bedroom,

“You bastard!” I called out, still laughing.

Jamie was laying there in fits of laugher, his cheeks wet from tears, I walked over to him and sat down on the bed.

His laughter was contagious and I started laughing heavily again.

“That doesn't sound anything like me!” I said in between breaths of air.

He looked up, “I know, it was terrible!” He replied, still laughing.

After a while we calmed down a bit and he sat up, leaning lightly against my shoulder.

He turned to face me, tears still rolling down his cheeks, “You're hilarious.” He said.

I reached up and wiped his face with my thumb, “It was all you.”

We grinned at each other before we both
realised what I was doing, I quickly pulled my hand back and suddenly everything became serious again. I looked across at Jamie and he didn't seem to be angry. He sat up smiling,

“It's been great Matt, but I think I should head back home before dad comes looking for me.” He said.

I nodded and silently cursed myself,
'Shit, I crossed the line.' We both stood up and tidied our clothing.

I walked past him to my bedroom door before he walked up to me and stood there. Time stopped. We stared at eachother, our eyes immediately resuming that connection again. We both knew what we wanted, but we didn't know if we should take it; if we should act on it. I peered deep into his eyes, looking for something, anything. He blinked, his eyes flashing me the answer. We closed the gulf between us, circling our arms around each other. We closed our eyes just before our lips touched. Heaven. I pulled back, stared into his soul, before moving in again, restarting the clock. I felt his tongue flick at my lips, I opened and let him inside. He reached up with his hand and ran it through my hair, pulling me toward him. I hooked my arms under his shoulders and held him close, never wanting to let go. I danced in his mouth, tasting my American love. I pushed him toward my bed, removing our shirts before he fell back onto the sheets, pulling me on top of him. The fever resumed control, our lips connecting again in a frenzy. His bare chest felt so hot on my own as he pushed up against me. Our hips ground together; two swords fighting over the impending eruption. He rolled me over and put himself on top, in control. I slid my hands across his back, feeling his muscle work under his soft, moist skin. I almost unloaded in my boxers when he pressed himself onto me. I had to get out of these extra clothes before it's too late. But I couldn't move, he was on top, it was his call. He didn't stop. I gripped him tighter as our breathing quickened, I felt him become rigid as he began to move with urgency. We both tensed. We both came, staring into each others eyes as we shared the universal act of love...

We pulled apart.



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