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American Differences
-By Emulated

Chapter 17: Unwelcome

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Connor! Happy Birthday to you!” We all called out loudly.

Connor held his hands up to his ears, “Stop it! Make it stop!” He cried, causing us all to laugh.

Yesterday after school, we all decided that we’d get up earlier and go over to Connor’s house before school, so he can open his cards and presents. I was already there, of course, but I waited until Max and Jamie turned up before we all started the Happy Birthday chant in his lounge. Much to the dismay of the poor neighbours!

Connor picked up the present that Jamie wrapped yesterday, “To Connor, Happy Birthday, love Matt & Jamie.” He said, reading the tag.

I turned to Jamie, surprised, “You wrote ‘Love Matt & Jamie’?”

He nodded, “Yep.”

Connor laughed at that, before he ripped open the wrapper, looking at the game inside, “Oh thanks guys. This is great.”

“No problem, mate.” I said.

“Yeah, you’re welcome.” Added Jamie.

Connor placed that to one side, before he picked up a slightly smaller box, one without a tag on it. Connor looked up at Max, “I guess I’ll know who this one is from once I’ve opened it.”

Max looked at him, glancing at Connor’s parents, “Yeah, but I’m sure you’ll like it. I thought I’d get you something that you’d actually use.”

Connor looked at us, “Sounds interesting.” He remarked.

I shared a look with Jamie, I think we both knew what was inside.

Connor ripped open the wrapping paper, stared at the small box for a few seconds, before he blushed deeply, and hid the packet behind him. But I managed to read the words
‘Durex’ on the package. While Connor didn’t believe that Max wouldn’t have brought them for him, he did indeed get him some condoms. A nice large pack at that!

“What?” Asked Adam, unsure of the gift, “What did he get you?” He asked, much to the angst of Terry and Amanda, who were also stunned at the present.

“Sweets.” Replied Max, “Some Strawberry flavoured sweets.”

Connor blushed even more at that.

Jamie leaned close to me, “I told you he’d get the flavoured ones.”

I just shook my head at him.

We stayed at Connors for a little while longer, as he opened his other presents, before we set off for school. None of us were in that much of a serious mood all day, as we’d be going out later on, but hell, it was all fun.

It actually felt good to be at school again. Don’t get me wrong, I know I went the day before, but after everything that happened after school, I really needed to get back into the swing of things. Sure things were different in an odd kinda way, now that quite a few people knew about Jamie and I, but…I dunno…It felt…good. It felt good that they knew.

What wasn’t so good about school was the constant reminder that we had our exams in a few months. Seriously, after everything that Jamie and I had gone through in the past week, the last thing we wanted to worry about was exam revision. Still, we knew it was there, so we had enough time to get ready for them. But more importantly, perhaps things at home would have sorted themselves out by then.

It also felt good to have Max hanging around with us again. After our little chat around Connor’s house the day before, he seemed to be coming around to accepting us. Perhaps it’d be better to use the word ‘tolerate’. He was beginning to ‘tolerate’ us, but we still had a way to go before he began to accept us. It was a sad fact, but at least we were moving forward.

It was lunchtime at school, and thanks to it being quite cold and wet outside, we were inside the somewhat crowded dining hall. Connor had gone off to get some of the ‘nasty’ food from the canteen for Max and himself, while the rest of us, Jamie, Max, Ayo, and myself, sat down at a table.

“Bloody weather.” I commented, watching as the rain hit against the large window.

Jamie smirked at me.


He shook his head, “You’re right, you English are always talking about the weather.”

“Not always, but it’s a good conversation opener.” I turned to him, “Why, how do you American’s do it?
‘Hey, Dude, wanna go get a cheese burger?’” I joked.

He shoved me, “Shut up.”

I giggled as I reached down and pulled my lunch out of my bag, lunch that Connor’s mum had so kindly made for me earlier that morning, “Sorry.” I said, before I looked up at them, “I think tonight’s gonna be
awesome.” I said, putting on my appalling American accent at the end.

Ayo nodded, “Yeah, a good bit of fun.”

I looked at him, “You don’t drink, do you?”

He shook his head, “No, my parents would
kill me if I drank at my age!”

“What if they didn’t know?” Asked Max, “Would you drink with mates?”

“No.” He scrunched up his face, “I’m not really into that kinda stuff.”

I glanced over at my American beauty, “I bet you’ve been a bit sneaky every now and again.” I remarked.

“I don’t drink. You know that.” He replied.

I nodded, “I know, but I still reckon you’ve had some, a few bottles at least.”

“Nope. I’ve had a bit.” He turned to me, “Never a whole bottle though, and I’ve never been drunk.”

Ayo looked at Max, “I bet you have though.”

“Been drunk?”

He nodded.

“Once.” He replied, grimacing, “I felt like shit.”

I turned to Ayo and Jamie, “And there’s a good story behind it too.” I said, before Jamie tapped me on the shoulder, pointing across the dining hall.

“That’s the kid.” He said.

I glanced across the room and looked at the boy Jamie was pointing at. I turned to Jamie, “He’s the one dating Sam?”

He nodded, not talking his eyes off the boy, “Yeah.”

Max seemed to take an interest and looked over too. “Who you guys looking at?” He asked.

“Some idiot dating my sister.” Replied Jamie.

“Which one?” Asked Ayo.

Jamie faced forwards again, “The one in the black coat talking to Sam.”

I glanced over at the kid. Seeing as he was in Sam’s year, he was probably fourteen-years-old too. After watching him interact with his mates for a second, he didn’t seem like a bad kid, I mean, Jamie made him sound like he was some real rough guy, always in fights and stuff, but he didn’t seem like that. Still, he did have that all too familiar ‘I’m untouchable’ aspect to him, perhaps that’s what irked Jamie.

Max turned around, “Oh, you mean Eddie? Yeah, he’s a bit of a prick.”

Jamie looked at him, surprised, “What? You know him?”

Max shook his head, “He just likes to piss people off. He’s a real lippy kid. ” He looked at Jamie, “Keep Sam away from him.” He warned, “He’s trouble.”

“Who’s trouble?” Asked Connor, as he came over, carrying his lunch, and some stuff he picked up for Max.

I flicked my head in the direction, “That kid who’s dating Sam.”

“Dean almost punched him a few months back.” Said Ayo.

“Really?” Asked Connor, as he sat down.

He nodded.

“What happened?”

“He just started mouthing off, but you know Dean, he won’t take that from anyone.” He replied, “Let alone someone two-years younger.” Replied Ayo.

“I don’t blame him.” I said, looking at Jamie, “I guess you have a real piece of work on your hands.”

“Oh, please don’t remind me.” He said, “I can’t wait to talk to Sam later.” He replied sarcastically. Clearly he wasn’t too sure on how to approach the topic with his sister.

I leaned closer, “We have our next period together, we’ll sort something out.”

He smiled at that, “Ok. If you don’t mind sorting out my family issues.”

“Not at all.” I replied, before I looked over at Connor, “So how’s it feel to be sixteen.”

He grinned, “Really cool, now I’m just like you guys.”

“Hey, I’m not sixteen yet!” Replied Ayo.

I nodded, “Yeah, he’s just a kid.” I said, causing him to give me the evil eye. I giggled, “What? When’s your birthday anyway?”


“That’s not too far away.” I replied, looking at him, “Anyway, how come you haven’t got a girlfriend?”

He rolled his eyes, “You asked me that yesterday!”

“Well, any luck?”

He raised an eyebrow, “I’m working on it.”

Jamie turned to me, “Who’s he working on?” He asked, causing Ayo to blush.

Connor and Max laughed at that before I turned to them, “What about you guys?”

They both quietened down at that, “What about us?” Asked Max.

“Girls, you’re both single. What gives?” I replied jokingly.

“Well he, “Began Connor, pointing to Max, “Says that he’s on a break, and me, well I’m looking. It’s just not very important at the moment.”

Ayo nodded, “Yeah, that’s what it’s like for me.”

Connor looked at me, “Anyway, what’s with the questions?” He asked, “You after someone?” He asked with a grin.

I kicked him under the table, “Bastard.”

He laughed at that, “No, seriously, why you worrying?”

I shook my head, “I’m not, it’s just that. Well, you guys have always had the odd girlfriend and stuff…” I said trailing off and glancing at Jamie, “And now I’ve got someone…I dunno, I just…” I said, thinking of the right words, “It feels really good. Why be single?” I finished looking at them as they took it in.
‘Perhaps a little too ‘gay’ Matt. I thought to myself when they didn’t answer for a few seconds.

Connor smiled, “Well unlike
someone, we don’t get a hot American flown over for our pleasure!” He retorted, causing me to blush.

I looked at him, “But there’s girls here too. Some nice ones.”

“And I guess there’s some…” He lowered his voice, “Nice boys here.” He sat back, “We’re ok. Just you worry about keeping him entertained. Wouldn’t want to see him run off with some
English girl now, would you?”

“Well maybe another English
guy…” Joked Jamie.

“Want me to kick you under the table?” I asked, staring at him.

Connor looked over, “Do
what to him under the table?” He asked cheekily.

I blushed again, “Bastard.”


After lunch, and the subsequent afternoon registration, Jamie and I headed to our last lesson of the day: English. We didn’t have much to do, mostly go through our coursework and see where we could improve so our teacher could mark it and send it back for a new draft. Fortunately, both of us were quite good at English. Well, I say that, but I was commonly messing about with Jamie, saying how his work was in American English, not in my ‘proper’ English. I don’t know what it was, but the language seemed to ‘fear’ the letter ‘u’. He’d write these words; color, humor, honor, and I’d stick these ‘U’s where they should have been. Sometimes he’d believe me, but others he’d shoot up his hand and check with the teacher. Most of the time I was right, unless I purposely wanted to confuse his pretty blond head.

“You cannot be serious!” He retorted.

“Sure I am, ‘vacuum’ is spelt with three ‘u’s” I replied jokingly.

He shook his head, “Naah, I’m not even falling for that one.”

I giggled at him, “Ok, you win.” I replied, smiling.

He simply nodded and scanned through his work. He looked so cute when he was concentrating, it was like his eyebrows frowned ever so slightly as he took everything in.

I was in quite an active and playful mood, so I leaned close to him, “You’re so beautiful.” I said softly.

He pretended to ignore me, but he stopped working for a second as I spoke, listening to what I said, before he started working again.

I quickly glanced around, noticing that some people were talking, so I wouldn’t be heard. I leaned close to his ear, “I want to kiss you so badly right now.” I whispered.

He blushed slightly at that.

I pulled back, “I mean it, Jamie.” I said, slightly louder, so people could hear if they were trying to listen. “Sooo badly.” I repeated.

“Stop it, Matt.” He replied.

I giggled, “Why?”

“Cos then you’re gonna make me start.”

I leaned closer again, “Like when we played rounders yesterday? When you…” I lowered my voice, “Whipped my ass?”

He blushed again.

“You know…I was so close to making out with you back then, in front of everyone.” I paused, “I wanted to reach out, grab your shirt and-“

“Matthew?” Called out someone.

I jerked back, my heart drumming madly in my chest, blood flowing immediately to my cheeks. Jamie seemed to be equally surprised.

Li stood next to our table, looking at us oddly, “Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to make you guys jump.” She said, watching us, “Are you ok?”

I swallowed, and quickly glanced about noticing that no one seemed to hear what I said, “Erm, yeah.” I looked at her, “You just caught us off guard.” I paused, “Can I help you with something?” I asked, curious as to why she was there.

She nodded, “I was wondering if you could look over my work.” She said, handing me some sheets, “Don’t worry, Miss said that you can do it.” She said, before she said hello to Jamie.

I looked at her, “Why me?”

She grinned, “Because you’re good at English.” She paused, “Besides myself, of course.” She joked.

I glanced back over to Li’s table, looking for Sarah Childs, who was undoubtedly the smartest person in our year.

“Sarah isn’t in today, she’s ill.” Said Li.

I smiled at her, “So I’m the backup plan then?”

She nodded.

I grabbed the sheets, “Ok, lets see what you have here.”

“Erm…” She began, “It’s a romance story, so it might be a little…girly in places.”

I grinned, “Ok.” I replied.
‘If only she knew how ‘girly’ I got when it came to Jamie.’ I thought to myself, before I glanced over at my boyfriend. He seemed to have calmed down some. I smiled at how I was teasing him just moments before. I almost had him squirming. I swear, just two more minutes and I would have had him screaming-

“You gonna read it?” Asked Li, disrupting my thoughts, as she pulled up a chair next to me.

I blushed and swallowed again, “Sure.” I replied, before my eyes made their way to her printed page and began to read.

The first paragraph went ok, it introduced us to the main character, a young, Chinese girl who was on holiday to America. Wait, no, she was going to a new school, in America. I read on more. A few more paragraphs explained the country, the school, but then came the part I was interested in. The part where the young girl noticed the cute American boy for the first time…
…His smooth, creamy skin…his gorgeous blond hair…his steely grey eyes… Wait!!! WHAT!!!

I glanced up at her, offering her a small smile before I read on. An odd feeling began to appear in my stomach, I didn’t like where this was heading…

His unique and tranquil accent was like music to my ears. His voice so quaint, and so soothing. I watched with interest as he drew on the card. He liked buildings, structures, anything with straight lines…

I stopped reading but kept staring at the page. I glanced up again to see Li looking at Jamie. It wasn’t some little look either, she was watching him intently, ‘with interest’. I frowned at that, but I found myself drawn to her writing…

His long, thin fingers worked on the card, roaming its surface as he made art. He looked up to stare into my brown eyes when my voice called his name…Jayden…

I finished reading and looked at the page before me. My hand was shaking slightly. With fear, with anger? I wasn’t sure. But I didn’t feel very well after reading that. I read the last few lines again, before I glanced up at Li, catching her look at Jamie again.

“What d’ya think?” She asked.

I glanced up at her, into her
‘brown eyes’, “It’s good.” I squeaked.

She smiled, “Really?”

I nodded, “Mmm.”

She glanced at Jamie, and then back to me, “Could you guess who it was?”

“Who?” I asked.

“The guy.”

I hesitated, “Jayden?”

“Well, who he’s supposed to be.”

I nodded, “I think I know who.” I replied.

She smiled, “Yeah, good.”

Jamie looked over, “Do you want me to read it?” He asked.

Li quickly reached down, grabbing the sheets from my hand, “Actually, I’d better go check a few things with Miss. Maybe later.”

He nodded.

“See you guys.” She said, before she turned and left, “Oh, and thank you, Matt!”

I gave her a smile, something that quickly became a scowl when she turned her back. I sat there for a few seconds. Li fancies Jamie!?!?! MY JAMIE?!?! I swallowed again. Not only that, but her writing was so intense, I mean, it was like what I felt, how I felt when I first saw him. But seeing it written there from someone else’s perspective made me feel…well, it was quite troubling. And if that was the kind of stuff she wrote for her English coursework, I dread to think what else she could conjure up in her mind.

I glanced over at her, watching as she read through her work. I had always considered Li to be a friend. She was kind, smart and funny. She was great. But now, after reading through that. I felt like she’d betrayed me.

RING, RING, RING, Sounded the bell, signalling the end of the day.

“Ok, that’s it class.” Called out our teacher, as she stood up and walked to the door, “Hand me your coursework on the way out and have a good weekend.”

We stood up, packed away our bags and handed her our work as we left the class. We walked outside and met up with the others before it was decided that we’d all go home to change, and then we’d go back to Connor’s house. Seeing as I was staying at Connor’s anyway, I decided that I’d follow Jamie home.

Seeing as Jamie would be going out tonight, Sam was also allowed to go over to one of her friends straight from school. So once we’d left Connor, Adam and Josh at Connor’s house, it was just Jamie and me. An opportunity that Jamie didn’t pass on.

He looked at me, “Ok, so you going to tell me what’s wrong?”

I turned to him, “What do you mean?”

“I’m talking about you being really quiet and walking back with me.”

I smiled, “What, can’t I walk my boyfriend home?” I asked quietly.

“Matt…” He said, “Talk to me.” He paused, “Did I do something wrong, back in class or something?”

I shook my head, “No, of course not. It’s not you.” I said.

“Then what is it?” He asked.

I thought for a moment before I sighed, “It’s Li.”

He frowned, “What about her?”

I stopped walking and faced him, “She’s mad about you Jamie.” I said looking at him, “Her whole coursework was about you. The way you look, the things you do. God, she really, really likes you.” I cried dejectedly.

He stepped forwards, “Hey, hey, hey, what’s wrong?”

I looked at him, “She likes you, that’s what!”

“And?” He asked.

I shook my head.

He smiled, “I don’t see why you’re worrying. You don’t care when Hayley starts her stuff.”

“But Li isn’t Hayley. She’s a nice person.”

He looked at me, “Wait, you don’t think that I’M going to start to like HER, do you?” He asked with a smile.

I smiled at that, “No, of course not.” I frowned again, “It’s just…” I looked into his eyes, “It’s another thing to worry about.”

“And we’ll deal with it, ok?”

I nodded.

He reached out with his hand, but caught himself and put it back down again. He leaned close to my ear instead, “I love you, Matt.”

I grinned at him, “Me too.” I replied, as we started to walk again.

“What did she write?” He asked.

I thought for a second, “She wrote about your blond hair…and your steely grey eyes.”

“Steely grey?” He asked, “I like it.”

I frowned, “I thought the same things when I first saw you. That’s what bothered me.” I paused, “It was weird to see it from someone else’s point of view.”

He nodded and turned to me, “Don’t worry about it. It was just words. And no matter how she feels about me, she can’t have me. She
never can.”

I faced him, lowering my voice, “Can I have you?”

“You already do.” He replied, giving me that signature Jamie look.

I blushed and turned away.

We walked in silence until we reached his house, where Noah was already at home. We spoke to him for a few minutes, before we headed upstairs, so Jamie could get dressed.

“How are you going to tell Sam to stop seeing him?” I asked, as he pulled off his trousers, “She’s bound to get angry with you.”

He stopped moving and looked at me, “Yeah. She wants to be on her own and stuff, but what else should I do when she’s going out with an idiot?” He paused, “I dunno how I’m gonna tell her.”

I thought for a moment, “Couldn’t you tell your dad, and have him tell her?”

“You kidding me? She’d never talk to me again if I went to dad!” He replied.

“What about your Mum?” I asked, “Perhaps Sam will listen to her more.”

He pondered over that, “It’s an idea. And it would stop Sam from being angry at me straight away.”

I smiled, “I thought you guys got on pretty well anyway.” I leaned closer, “Especially now that she knows.”

He grinned, “Yeah, she does seem a bit closer.”

“Well that might be a good sign.” I paused, “Whatever you do, just let her know you’re doing it because you care about her. Not because you wanna ruin her life.”

He shook his head, “No, I just wanna make sure she’s safe and stuff.”

“I know.” I looked at him, “You’re a good brother.”

“Yeah, I don’t know if she’ll think that though.” He said, pulling off his shirt.

I gave him this look.


I smiled, “I could get used to this, having you strip off and stuff.”

“Perv!” He retorted.

I stood up off his bed and wandered over. I watched as his eyed flicked down to the tent in my trousers, and back up to my face, blushing when I caught him. “See what you did?” I asked sexily, looking down.

“See what you’re doing?” He replied softly, as his boxers started to tent out.

I slowly inched forwards, so our erections were pressing against each other.

Jamie looked at me hungrily as he reached out for me.

I slid my arms under his shoulders, running my hands over his bare, scorching back, “Come here.” I said, as I pulled him closer. I cocked my head to the side, parted my lips and pressed them up against his. I exhaled deeply at the touch. My body falling into a deep state of relaxation. I pulled my hand up to his face, running my thumb across his cheek and burying it in his golden locks. His tongue swept out, wetting my lips and entering my mouth. We sampled each other for a few minutes before we pulled back. We both knew that if we didn’t stop there, we wouldn’t have been able to.

“You have no idea how much I need you right now.” I panted.

He nodded his head against me, “Yeah, I do.”

After a few moments we managed to calm down some, and Jamie managed to get dressed, once he changed his damp boxers. We were both still hard, still throbbing in the confines of our trousers. He walked towards me and pressed his head against mine, “This weekend…” He said, trailing off, “We’ll finish what we started.” He sighed, “What we started
twice.” He added, recalling our interruption yesterday.

I nodded against him, “This weekend. Ok.”

He kissed me again, “Good.”

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