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American Differences
-By EmulatedLove

Chapter Two: Getting closer

I could hear Jamie's quick, short breaths as he laid there next to me. Everything seemed to happen so quickly, yet I could still remember the tiniest detail. My mind rewound back a couple of minutes, letting me experience everything again...

My gaze drifted over his perfect body before resting on his eyes. He was giving me that look again. That look with empowering confidence.
“Am I just imagining it? Am I getting it all wrong?” I asked myself while looking for something, anything that would tell me what to do. He blinked. Was that a sign? My heart was hammering in my chest as he leaned forward, with my world fading black as I closed my eyes.

Our lips met, sending electrifying sparks throughout my body and causing me to squirm inside. His lips were so soft and smooth against my own. And his gentle breath across my cheek was heavenly. I gripped him tightly, my knees feeling like they were about to give way. My pulsing erection was straining against my trousers below, begging to be released. His tongue flicked across my lips. I parted them, letting him inside. He snaked his tongue into my mouth. I shivered in ecstasy.

I had to feel his skin against my own. I broke the liplock. Jamie looked at me panicky, but smiled when I started to tug at his shirt. He got the message and pulled it over his head. My cock jerked at the sight of his smooth, tanned chest and hard, lickable nipples. He grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it up off me. I stared deep into his eyes, before moving in again. I felt his hard erection digging into me. God! He was driving me crazy! I needed more.

I broke the kiss and pushed him up against my bed. He fell back against the sheets as he pulled me down on top. I ground my hips against his, pressing our erections together. I moaned into his mouth, giving into my new addiction. I felt his soft hands roam across my back as he pushed up against me. He rolled me over on the bed, putting him on top, in charge. I ran my fingers over his back, feeling his muscles, before going lower and gripping his ass, eliciting a moan. His body felt so good in my arms, like we were carefully shaped, just for this purpose.

I could feel my orgasm starting to form. He was close too. His breathing became short, quick bursts against my face, as his humped with more urgency. He came first. I felt him squirmed against me as he let out a boyish whimper. He pushed me over the edge. I felt it began from my toes, quickly working its way up to my cock before I exploded in my boxers. I came so hard I saw stars. I became paralysed with the never ending waves of pleasure. I felt him breathe heavily in my arms as he came down from his orgasmic high, his head resting on my chest. I buried my face in his hair and inhaled his perfect scent. Jamie was perfect...So very perfect....


I broke my trance and looked across at Jamie to see him frowning slightly, obviously concerned.

“Matt, are you ok?” He asked me.

I smiled at him, “Yeah...I'm...Good. Really good.”


It's amazing how quickly one week seems to pass when you fall in love for the first time. Never in my life had I felt so satisfied, so content that it felt like I was gonna burst! I'd fallen for Jamie Keller big time and he had fallen for me. Every second that I spent with him was really special.

I'm not talking about sex either because it has only happened the once. It wasn't like we didn't want to but there was always someone about whenever we wanted to get close. But that didn't stop us from our clothed make out sessions though. With the added protection of a locked door, that is. But in hindsight, it has let me appreciate the smaller things. Like just being with him, being in his presence, it was by far rewarding enough.

Jamie was a real romanticist at heart. At school when I'd go to open my locker, I'd often find a little slip of paper there with the words, “I love you.” or even just a drawing of a heart. He'd always deny putting them there, but that cute smile of his always betrayed him. He also had this unnerving power to reduce me to a giddy mess, just by exposing me to that look in his eyes. That same look that he'd have whenever we were together alone.

School hasn't been the same since Jamie started. I actually looked forward to spending those lessons with him. To my surprise, my work hasn't suffered because of this
distraction, if anything it has improved. Yep, my man had brains too! Of course this and his good looks didn't go unnoticed by the swarms of girls who'd want to cling-on to him and not let go. They'd always comment on his accent, and ask him ridiculous questions. Jamie found this unsettling at first and would always give me this look that cried, “Help me!” But I found it hilarious. I made sure though that if any girl started to get too close, or they started to enjoy themselves a little too much, then I would step in. He's MY boyfriend after all!

It was on a Friday afternoon after school when Jamie, the guys and I went out to the town centre to hang around the shops. Jamie hadn't been there yet so we thought we'd show him around. Connor and Max were finishing looking inside some sports shop while Jamie and I waited outside. I began to wonder what Jamie thought of the place.

“I bet you're used to large shopping centres, sorry I mean shopping malls.” I said to him.

Jamie shook his head, “Not every shop is inside a mall, there's still shops in the town and stuff.”

“There's no Bloomingdale's over here though.”

He smiled at me, “And what do you know about Bloomingdale's?”

“Only what they say in

He laughed at that.

“What? That show taught me a lot.”

He just shook his head at me again and smiled.

Once Connor and Max finished up in the sports shop we walked around for a while longer before we caught the bus home. We said a quick goodbye to the other guys and said that we'd make plans tomorrow, before we set off for my house. Jamie's parents had invited me over for dinner tonight so he was going to be walking with me to my house so I could get changed before we went over to his. His sister wasn't going to be there as she was having a sleepover their cousins, so it would just be Jamie, myself and his parents.

I actually learned about Jamie's mom and dad from my own parents. As it turned out Jamie's dad, Noah Keller, was their new boss at work. And judging by the couple of times that I've met him, he seemed to be a kind and nice man. Sue Keller his mum, sorry, his
mom, was also a very nice person. All in all, he had some very nice parents. After Jamie introduced me to them, they had been quick to tell me that I was welcome over any time. Tonight was the first time that they specifically asked for me though, so I wanted to impress them. Not that they knew that I was dating their son, but I knew that so it just felt right somehow.

I walked into my room and headed over to my wardrobe to find something to wear tonight. I heard the door being locked behind me and seconds later felt Jamie's arms snake their way around my waist, making me tingle inside. I always liked it when he held me close to him, so I could feel his warm chest against my back. He nuzzled his face in my neck, causing goosebumps to form on my skin,

“I love you.”

I leaned back against him, “I love you too.”

He inhaled gently, “You always smell so good.” He moaned.

I turned around to face him, and kissed him softly. People always talk about the first kiss, but with Jamie, every kiss was like the first kiss. It had the same feeling of excitement, that same feeling of electricity passing through us. It was always special.

His mouth moved against mine as our kiss deepened. I moaned into him as we danced with our tongues. I suddenly became aware of an tapping noise, but it wasn't until I heard my name being called out did I pull back and realise where I was.

“Matt? Matt? Why is the door locked?” Came Josh's voice through the door.

“Just a minute.” I replied before looking around, trying to come up with an excuse.

I walked over to the door and opened it before Josh walked right past me and looked around my room, “What were you doing in here?”

I couldn't believe my little brother, never has he been so interested in what I was doing before, but now he's all on the scene. I was about to answer but Jamie interrupted,

“Matt was just about to get dressed, so he locked the door.”

Thank you Jamie! Somebody was in for a treat tonight.

Josh wasn't so gullible, “But you were in here.”

“He's a guy! I was locking it in case mum came up here, if you must know.” I replied, suddenly able to speak coherently.

He seemed satisfied with that.

“What do you want Josh?”

“Oh, Adam's coming over and I wanted to play Fifa with him...”

“What do you need?” I asked, interrupting him.

“Your Playstation controller, please.”

Usually I wouldn't lend anything to Josh as he was prone to breaking things accidentally, but in this case I wanted him to go. I walked over to my desk and handed him my controller.

“Thanks Matt. Bye Jamie.” He replied while running out of my room.

I walked over and closed the door behind him, locking it again, “You're lucky you don't have a younger brother.” I said.

“You're kidding, I have a sister. That's much worse!” He replied while sitting down on my bed.

“I can imagine.” I replied, while choosing a pair of black, bootcut jeans and a loose fitting pink t-shirt. I turned around to face Jamie, holding them up against me, “What do you think?”

He stared at them for a second, “I think you'll look sexy in pink.” He replied quietly, “But I think you look sexy anyway.”

I smiled at him, “Ok, what are you after?”

“Nothing.” He laid down on my bed and propped himself up on one elbow, “Well, you could get changed right there. I've got a good view.”

“Perv!” I replied.

He just winked at me in response.

I started to remove my shirt. I made sure that did it as real slow. Just to tease him. Once it was off over my head, I dropped it to the floor. I looked over at Jamie who was watching my every move. I turned around and bent over slightly, flashing him my boxer covered bum as I began to remove my trousers. I pulled them down my thighs and kicked them off my feet, leaving me in my socks and boxers. I stood up straight, causing my erection to be squeezed tightly against the waistband of my underwear. I turned back around again and watched as Jamie's eyes roamed across my body before focusing on my hardness.

“You're so beautiful Matt.” He said, making my cheeks feel warm as I giggled softly. It was the first time Jamie's seen me with this little amount of clothing. Part of me wanted to strip completely, but I wanted to save it for a special time.

He continued to watch as I put on the pink shirt and pulled up my jeans, but pouted somewhat when I zipped them up.

“Sorry, show's over. Next time I watch you strip.” I said, grinning at him.

“Deal. It was well worth it.” He replied.

I walked over to my bed and sat down next to him. He looked so deliciously cute laying there on my bed. I wish I could just lay there next to him right now and not have to get up, ever. But his parents would be expecting us soon, so we'd have to leave in a little while.

“Your parents, how are they with...erm...the whole 'gay thing'.” I asked.

He giggled, “Gay thing?”

“You know, what do they think about gay people and stuff?” I asked.

He thought for a moment, “Well my dad doesn't really seem to care, but my mum is kinda repulsed by it.”

“My parents are like your mum.”

He sat up, “It's not easy, is it?.”

I shook my head, “Especially when all I want to do is tell them about my hot American boyfriend.” I said, before giving him a small kiss.

“Mmm.” He moaned against my mouth.

I pulled back and patted his leg, “You good to go, babes?”

He smiled, “Yep, let's go.”


Everytime I go inside Jamie's house is special for me. The design and layout was really nice as it had a very modern feel to the place while still being cosy. He may have only recently moved in, but it was already filled with his intoxicating scent. His house was about the same size as mine with three storeys and four bedrooms, but the layout was slightly different. Downstairs was the lounge, dining room, study and kitchen. On the second floor, were three bedrooms along with the main bathroom and upstairs in the loft was Jamie's room.

As we entered the house I could already smell something familiar being cooked in the kitchen. I removed my coat and shoes at the door as Jamie's dad walked up to greet us,

“Hey Matt, how you doing?” He asked, shaking my hand.

“I'm fine thank you Mr Keller, how are you?” I replied.

“Not too bad thanks, and please, call me Noah.” He replied before turning to Jamie, who was sniffing the air.

“What are we having?” Asked Jamie.

“Your mom wanted to try her hand at some English food, so we're having
Cottage pie.” He said.

“Well it smells delicious, she's doing a good job.” I said.

“I'll tell her you said that.” He replied, “You can go on up. I'll call you guys down when the foods ready. Give us another 20 minutes.”

“Ok, Dad.” He replied before turning to me and ushering me up the stairs.

Jamie's room was lovely, it was a perfect personification of him. To the left hand side was a double bed, next to to that was a slanted window, in the roof. On the right of his room was his desk with his computer and a wardrobe alongside that. On the wall which housed the door were some posters, there were a few of some baseball players that I had no idea about, but they were very good according to Jamie. And there were also a couple of movie posters. Opposite his bed, mounted on the wall was a nice sized TV, along with an Xbox on a cabinet below.

I walked in and headed over to his bed before falling head first onto the sheets. I buried my head in his pillow and inhaled. It smelled so good! Just like my American god. I turned around to see where he was and noticed him standing there next to the door with a smile on his

“Do you want me to leave you and the bed alone?” He asked.

I blushed, “Sure, or you could come and join us.”

“I might just do that.” He replied, heading over and laying down next to me. Placing his face inches away from mine.

I stared deeply into his steely grey eyes. Wondering how I was so lucky to have met someone as special as Jamie. Everything about him was perfect. From his cute little nose, to his dirty blonde hair. I watched as he reached out with his hand and pulled my face towards his. I closed my eyes as his soft, moist lips made contact with mine, fading out the world around me. I exhaled out of my nose as his tongue entered me. I ran my hand through his short, soft hair while I explored his mouth. He tasted real good. He wrapped an arm around my back and drew me closer, pressing our chests together. I moaned at the extra contact, feeling safe and loved in his strong arms. Time seemed to have little meaning as we were engaged in that lip lock. It was easy to get lost in the passion of the moment, but we pulled apart at lightning speed when we heard his dad's voice shout up to us,

“The food's ready guys.”

We sat still and listened in case he was coming up, but heard nothing. I looked up at Jamie. His swollen, red lips betraying our recent activity. I could feel his hardness pressing against mine. I so badly wanted to stay there and finish what we started. He leaned in and gave me a quick kiss,

“We should head down there.” He said softly.

I nodded as I caressed his cheek, “Yeah. I love you Jamie.”

“I love you too Matt.”

We untangled our legs from each other and got up off the bed before adjusting ourselves and heading downstairs.

His dining room was quite a large space, dominated by a big six seater table in the middle of the room. The table was set beautifully, it was clear that Jamie's parents went the extra mile to make sure everything was perfect. It didn't seem like they were doing it to impress me either, it was something that they did for every meal. Although if they were trying to impress me, all they really had to do was throw Jamie into the same room as me and deal done, I would have been more than happy.

Sue had made quite a large amount of food. The Cottage Pie itself was lovely, complete with carrots, peas and gravy. And while she had adhered to the recipe that she found, it still had an original taste to it. Everyone seemed to enjoy, myself included. It was great sitting there having a formal meal with Jamie. Whenever someone would say something funny, he would do this cute little smile, even flashing his beautifully white teeth more than once. Jamie's parents were asking me quite a few questions, either about my school, the area and just about England in general.

“So you're both doing GCSE's now, right?” Asked Sue.

I nodded, “Yep, all our exams are this year. In the summer.”

“And that's it, no school after that, right?” Asked Jamie.

“Yeah, after that, we're finished.” I replied.

Jamie grinned.

“What about A-levels?” Asked Noah.

“Oh Dad! I don't want to hear about more school!” Moaned Jamie, covering his ears and causing Sue and me to laugh.

Noah laughed too, “Ok, no more talk about school. You can relax now.” He said before turning to me, “So what about the girls in your school, any good enough for our Jamie?”

I had expected something like this to come up, so it wasn't that much of a surprise for me. It was for Jamie though. I glanced at him to see a false smile on his face, obviously concerned with where this could lead. I initially wanted to answer his question with a simple,
'NO!', but I decided to have a little bit of fun instead.

“Actually, now that you say that, there is this one girl
...” I said trailing off, causing Jamie's eyes to widen.

Noah smiled and leaned forward, “Really? What's her name?”

I looked at Jamie, “Hayley. She seems to be quite interested in Jamie. She's always saying how cute his accent is.” Ok, now that was a lie. I don't think Hayley has ever said that, but I have! All the time! And Jamie knows this.

Sue and Noah laughed, while Jamie gave me this small smile. He knew what I was doing.

“So what's this Hayley girl like?” Asked Noah, facing Jamie.

I saw a devilish look in his eye, he was planning something, “She's nothing special, besides, I have my eye on someone else.” He replied, looking his dad in the eye before giving me that sexy look that he does.

Awww, he was talking about me! What a cutie! I wanted to lean over and place a kiss on his lips there and then.

After a short and futile attempt, Sue and Noah finally gave up about trying to get some more information about this
someone else that caught Jamie's eye. Once we'd finished dinner, Jamie and I cleared the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher before heading back upstairs for a while.

I stepped into his room before Jamie spun me around, “Sleep over here tonight.”

“What?” I asked.

He placed his hands on my hips, “Sis isn't here and mom and dad don't usually come up here. We'll be alone.”

The idea of that was really tempting,
really tempting, “But they are only one floor down.” I replied.

“Then you'll have to be quiet.” He said before giving me a quick kiss.

I giggled and smiled at him, “Ok, let me call home.”

He nodded, “I'll check with mom and dad.” He replied as he walked out of his room.

I stood there in disbelief for a couple of seconds. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone before I dialled home. I kept hitting the wrong buttons, my fingers were trebling slightly, in anticipation of what could happen tonight. What could happen between me and my American god.

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