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American Differences
-By Emulated

Chapter 27: Expansion

I reached down and carefully removed the plate from the dishwasher rack, before bringing it closer and wiping it dry with a cloth. It was later in the evening, about an hour after Jamie left. Dinner had gone surprisingly well, once we’d gotten over the rocky start, but all things considered it was safe to say that Jamie hadn’t ‘barred’ himself from the home. And while it wasn’t directly mentioned, I assumed that my parents wouldn’t object if he set foot in the place again. That alone was worth a celebration, but that was something I’d have to save for a later date.

I wiped the plate again, catching any rogue drips, before looking over at Mum, “See? I told you Jamie was a great guy.” I said, handing the plate to her.

She took it and placed it in the cupboard, “I never said he was bad.”

I pursed my lips for a second, before I relaxed them, “You weren’t keen on him coming over.”

“That’s different.” She said, “Before he was just your friend and now…”

“He’s my boyfriend.” I finished, noting her grimace. I sighed, “You don’t have to do that every time, you know.”

“Do what?”

“Act like it’s something disgusting, because it’s really not.” I replied, “It’s just love.”

She pulled a face again.

“What, don’t you think that two guys can love each other?” I asked.

“I’m not sure.” She stated.

I frowned, “I do, Mum, I really do love him.” I paused, “Yeah he’s a guy, but he’s an amazing one. Maybe he isn’t perfect to everyone, but he is to me.” I looked at her, controlling myself before I got too agitated, “But even
you have to admit that he’s hot.” I smiled.

“Matthew! You can’t say that!” She warned, as she handed me another plate to dry.

“Why not?” I asked, “He is.”

She looked at me, “He is a good-looking boy, yes, but I’m the same age as his Mum!”

“I know. I just wanted to see if you could notice how I’m attracted to him, if only physically.”

She nodded her head slightly.

“But he’s more than that.” I replied, “You have no idea how great it’s been to have him around, if only to talk and stuff.” I put the plate to the side, “To have someone like me to talk to, someone who understands.”

She remained silent.

I handed the plate to her, changing the subject, “You know, the prom’s coming up soon.”

She faced me, “Will you be going…with Jamie?”

I sighed, “No.” I looked at her, “I want to, but it’d only cause trouble for us.”

She nodded, “It’s probably best that you didn’t.” She said, before quickly adding, “Because of what the other kids might say.”

“Yeah. Just really sucks.” I looked at her, “Anyway, we’re thinking of going as a group. All us guys together.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a nice idea…” She mused, her mind someplace else.

I finished drying the last plate and turned to her, “Erm, Jamie wanted me to sleepover at his house tomorrow night…” I began.

“Oh…” She said simply, “I didn’t realise they finished redecorating the guest room.”

I frowned, there was nothing that needed to be done to the guest room, “Uh, I’m not going to be staying there.” I replied.

She paused, closing the cupboard, “We have the sleeping bag upstairs in our room, and the blow up mattress in the loft. I’m sure Dad won’t mind getting it.” She said.

I knew what she was trying to do, how she was trying to deny everything. But where would it get her? How would it help her in the long run?

“I won’t need it.” I replied, hoping she’d get the message.

She nodded, before a smile flashed on her lips, “Silly me, Noah has that fold-up bed, doesn’t he?”

“He, uh…” I didn’t want to say it, but something inside me wanted me to confirm it. I wanted her to face the truth, “Jamie has a double bed.”

She froze for a moment, before she gasped inaudibly and placed a hand at her mouth, spinning around and facing towards the sink. My eyes widened in alarm. I was half expecting her to be sick. I walked forwards, ready to comfort her, but stopped when I heard the
tap-tap against the metal basin. I looked down and watched as more tears dropped from her eyes.

“Mum, I…” I began.

“No.” She sniffed and shook her head, wiping her eyes, “No, it’s just me...” She added, facing me. “You can have your sleepover.” She said as she turned to walk out of the room.

My eyes followed her across the kitchen, “It’s just hard to find some time where we can be alone, to talk about stuff...” I said randomly.

She stopped walking.

“Jamie and me…we, uh, like to talk.” I said. I wasn’t even sure why I was saying that to her, probably because I was feeling really guilty in case she thought that all I wanted to do was jump into Jamie’s bed. Sure there was nothing wrong with that, but I didn’t want her to think that all we did was have sex all the time.

She nodded, still facing away from me, “Anything serious?”

I was surprised by her sudden interest, but it seemed natural that she’d want to know if there was something wrong with me. “Nothing in particular, just…” I trailed off, “Just the things we can’t say to each other during school and stuff.” I looked at her, “Being closeted just complicates things. It’s like we’re together but we’re not together.” I paused, “That’s why I wanted him to come over today, so you can see what we’re like together, so you wouldn’t mind him hanging around.”

“Yeah.” She replied plainly.

I stepped forward, touching her arm lightly, “And it was great to have him around today, with you guys. I know it didn’t start off that well, but it got there.” I turned and looked at her, “I know it was just dinner, but it really meant a lot to me, to us…” I choked up a bit, but swallowed, “I just wanted you to know that.” I said, before I walked out of the room.


I wasn’t really expecting Li to join us on our table given the events from the day before, but sure enough, she noticed us sitting at our usual spot and wandered over. I was a little apprehensive at first, unsure of how she’d feel now that she’d had some time alone to think things over. I regarded her expressions closely as she drew near.

“Hey, Guys.” She called out, “Mind if I join you?”

I shook my head, “Of course not.” I replied, glancing over at Jamie to see if he was alright with it. He didn’t seem to be too concerned so I didn’t dwell on it further.

It was the following day at school, a Friday, which also meant that I was going to be sleeping over Jamie’s that evening, so I was having a little trouble trying to concentrate on my work, something made much harder whenever Jamie would look at me, or worse, wink at me. I swear that guy just wanted to corrupt me in some devious way! I tried hard not to let him ‘affect’ me too much, especially when we had the whole night together, but Jamie always had a way of getting to me. He was getting to know me too well.

We decided not to tell the guys about the sleepover, not wanting to ensure the endless onslaught of their inevitable jokes. Connor and Ayo were bad at the best of times, they didn’t need this extra event to ‘fuel’ their teasing. We did, however, tell them all about what happened with Li. They were surprised at first, wondering why Jamie and I decided to tell her, until we told them the whole story, and how it was down to the note in my locker. Jamie kept on saying how stupid he was for having left it in the first place, but I never blamed him, and neither did the guys. At the end of the day it was an accident, plain and simple. But for something like that, it could easily have blown up in our faces. We learned from it and made sure that we wouldn’t be leaving any more love notes around, especially in school.

I looked up and watched as Li sat down, placing her bag on her lap before pausing and staring at me. I met her gaze, “What?”

She smiled, “I dunno.”

I frowned, “You don’t know?”

“You seem different now.”

“Different?” I questioned.

She flinched at my tone, “Not in a bad way, “ She began, unpacking her lunch, “Just more…” She paused, “I’ve known you for so long, it just seems like you’ve changed suddenly.”

“I’m still the same person I’ve always been.” I replied, taking a bite from my sandwich.

Jamie leaned forward, “I bring out the best in him.” He said, earning a glare from me.

Li smiled, “Yeah, there’s definitely that. But there’s more, it’s like I really know you now.”

“Because I’m…you know?”

“MmHmm.” She hummed with a mouthful of food, before swallowing, “You’re like one of us.”

“Us?” I asked, “As in being a girl?”

She laughed, “No, as in being one of us, being yourself.” She said, eating some more.

I shared a look with Jamie. Li was making little sense.

I frowned, looking at her closely, “Li, are you ok?”

“I’m fine, why?” She asked.

“You seem distracted?” I asked, trying to find the right word, “It’s o-“ I began, before someone briefly placed their hand on my shoulder.

“We’re back.” Came Con’s voice, before I looked up at him, Ayo and Max.

“Hey, guys.” I replied, as I pulled in my chair, making room for them to sit down.

“You ok there, Li? You look a little lost.” Commented Con as he sat down.

“No, I’m really fine. Thinking about the exams coming up.”

It wasn’t the exams, it was something else. I could tell that something was still bothering her. I just wanted to find out what it was, and if possible, to try and sort it out. The last thing I wanted was for her to be uncomfortable around Jamie and me, especially seeing as we kinda ‘threw’ our relationship on her.

I leaned close to her, “Li, uh, are you sure you’re ok about Jamie and me? Well, more about knowing that I’m…different?”

Something flickered across her face, “It doesn’t really bother me.” She paused and smiled, “Just pleased that you can finally be out. I know it’s hard for people like you.”

“What do you mean, ‘you know’?” Asked Ayo.

“I think she means Stephen.” Answered Jamie, looking at her for confirmation, “You know what it’s like because of what he went through, right?”

She nodded, “A little bit. But yesterday I was checking on the internet and found a few things out.”

Oh, boy! The internet! This was going to be fun. Knowing Li, she probably spent a few hours surfing about, going from page to page. I bet she memorised everything she read too! All the coming out stories, all the psychologist reports, the statistics, and all the bad stuff too, like the bullying. I was quickly beginning to hope that she wasn’t going to go all ‘motherly’ on me, all over protective and stuff!

“So you researched stuff, huh?” Asked Jamie

I shot him a glare. NO!!! Don’t invite her to talk about it!

She nodded, grinning, “Yep. After our talk yesterday I…It just wasn’t that easy for me to understand, so I went on my computer and ran a search.”

I sighed and sat back in my chair, looking at Max, “Oh here we go…” I muttered, causing him to snigger. Li was a great person, someone who could easily see something through till the end, but it was that same quality that was also a weakness. Sometimes it felt as though she could go over the top, but as long as I made it clear that we were going to be ok, I didn’t think that she would cause that much of a problem.

“There was this one girl, and her parents sent her to go live with her Auntie,” She shook her head, “What kind of parents do that? All because she was a lesbian.”

Her use of the ‘L’ word caused several kids to look in her direction. I had to change the subject, and fast, “Where’s Sarah?” I asked.

“Yeah!” Called out Max, “Where is my girl?”

Li rolled her eyes, “English coursework.”

“I thought she already got an A.” I replied.

Connor looked over, “You know her, it isn’t good enough until she gets an A-star.”

Max let out a sigh.

Jamie grinned, “Why don’t you go join her, perhaps work some more on your coursework?” He teased.

Max snorted, “Not a chance. I’ll see her later.”

“How are you guys anyway?” Asked Connor, “She bored of you yet?”

“Bitch!” He called out and punched Con lightly, “Of course she isn’t bored of me.” He replied, grinning, “I’m so much fun.”

We sat there idly talking to each other for about ten-minutes before Sarah turned up, plopping herself down next to Max, before sneaking in and stealing a quick kiss. I glanced over at Jamie, sharing a look with him.

“Is your coursework an A-star yet, or do I need to go ‘speak’ to someone?” Asked Max, causing me to look forward again.

Sarah laughed, “I got it done. You can calm down.”

I leaned close to Jamie, “You never made that offer to me.”

He coughed, putting on a deep voice, “Why? You need some grades taken care of?”

I laughed, nudging his arm playfully.

“So you guys going to the park later? Beth is going to be there.” Smiled Sarah, looking at me.

I managed a weak smile, ready to reply, but Li cut me off.

“Matt doesn’t like Beth in that way.” Spoke Li.

I looked at her, wondering where the hell that came from.

“You don’t?” Asked Sarah.

“I don’t?” I asked looking at Li.

Li flashed me this, ‘work with me, Matt’ kinda look, “That’s what you told me...”

I got the message, giving her a small smile, “Yeah, that’s what I said.”

Sarah frowned, “Oh, that’s too bad. She wanted to go to the Prom with you.”

“Yeah, how was that going to work anyway?” Asked Connor, “She doesn’t even come to this school anymore.”

“Mr Pierce told her to come along.” Replied Max, “So she’s invited.”

“But you’re not into her?” Said Sarah, “She’s gonna be upset.”

I stared at her. ‘Oh, so now I’m supposed to like her because she’s upset?’ I thought to myself.

“You know, “ Began Li, “I remember someone else who did used to like Beth.”

Connor knew who she meant, “What? So now I’m the ‘back-up’? Is that it?” He laughed.

Ayo nudged him, “Yeah, you still like Beth, don’t you?” He asked.

“Or he still likes to check her out.” Laughed Max.

Connor blushed, causing me to smile.

“Hehe, when was he checking her out?” I asked.

Ayo grinned, “The other day at the park. He was like,“ Ayo widened his eyes for effect, “Looking at her like this.”

Jamie and I laughed madly.

“No I didn’t!” Cried Connor, “I looked at her once!”

“Like a MILLION times you mean.” Corrected Ayo.

I placed a hand on Connor’s shoulder, “Hey, leave the guy alone…you’ve got him all embarrassed now.” I giggled.

He pulled away from me, smiling, “Shut up you.”

“So do you like her?” Asked Sarah.

He thought carefully, “She’s nice, I guess.”

“Just nice?” She pressed.

Connor shook his head, pushing his chair backwards, “Stop ganging up on me!” He said comically.

I laughed, “Fine. We’ll let you off…” I leaned closer to him, “But I’m gonna interrogate you on it later!”


Dude, you are totally into her!” Called out Jamie, as he battled me on the Playstation.

It was coming up to six o’clock later that day, and we were all over at Connor’s house playing some Fifa. The gang and I did end up going to the park, namely just to see how Connor acted around Beth, and to have a little kick about with a football. As it turned out, Sarah had ‘let Beth down easily’ about me not being interested before we arrived, so there wasn’t anything too uncomfortable going on. Well, there were these little anxious ‘phases’, mostly how she kept glancing at me, but other than that it was ok. I also wasn’t sure of what Sarah said to her, what she exactly said, but it seemed to work. I seemed to be off the hook.

As for Connor, we didn’t bring anything up to Beth, but one of us were constantly making some hint here and there. Connor quickly got too embarrassed and excused himself to play with the ball some more, taking me along with him. I didn’t mind, it gave me time to talk to him. He didn’t say much, probably because he didn’t want to be overheard, but it was clear that he liked her in some way. At first I couldn’t understand how I missed it, but then again I was too busy seeing Beth as an issue, but that obviously wasn’t the same for Connor.

Connor sighed, “Just…just go make out with Matt or something.” He smiled, laying back against the sofa as he tapped on his controller.

Jamie stood up and wandered over to me, “He knows how to shut me up. Scoot along Matt, we gotta make out!”

I held up the controller and focused on the screen, “JAMIE!! We’re playing here…” I stammered, trying to stop Ayo’s team from getting the ball on the game.

Jamie perched himself down, placed the palm of his hand over my lips, and leaned me back over the bed. He started to make out with the back of his hand, twisting his head from side to side, making all these loud ‘kissy’ noises. I couldn’t help but giggle madly under him. The other guys started laughing too.

“Not the tongue!” Cried Ayo, causing Jamie to start to snigger above me, before he pulled back, wiping his hand on his trousers.

I giggled, licking my lips, “Fantastic, Babes. I needed that.” I said, playing along.

“Yeah, looked like it.” Called out Max, giving me a wink.

Jamie leaned near to my ear, “Tonight.” He whispered, before pulling back, giving me a really intense Jamie-stare. I watched him for a second before it got to me. NOO! Too intense! I was starting to feel my boxers getting heavy! I quickly looked away, before pushing Jamie slightly, making him giggle as he realised what happened.

I sat up and looked over at Connor, “So come on, tell us. Do you like her or not?”

“She’s ok. I really like her as a person and stuff…I don’t know.” He said, “She might not even be interested.”

“She’ll be VERY interested. She’s dated you once before. Perhaps she thinks you’re not available.” I paused, “But with Sarah working her magic, she’ll make something happen.” I smiled, “Just you wait and see.”


It was almost half-past seven and I just couldn’t get the grin off my face as I packed my bag, ready to spend the night over at Jamie’s. We were at my house, and I had just finished eating dinner when Jamie arrived back from his home, where he had his meal. He did invite me over, but I wanted to spend it with my parents, not wanting it to seem like I was going to bail on them now that they’d asked me to return home. Not only that, but it also gave me some time for us to be together as a family, something that had been in short supply for the past month or so. That alone made me feel great, knowing that it was bringing back some stability into Josh’s life. The poor guy deserved that, and a whole lot more. I vowed that I was going to spend some more time with him, whether it was just us messing around on the Playstation or something, I wanted him to know that I was there, as his big brother.

“Come on! Hurry up and get packed already!” Cried Jamie as he lay on my bed.

I spun around, “Need to be somewhere, Honey?”

“Don’t you ‘honey’ me.” He grinned.

“Or what?” I asked, facing the wardrobe again, “You’ll spank me?” I mocked.

Jamie erupted in laughter, covering his face, “What have I gotten myself into?!”

I giggled, “What do you mean? I’m an angel, and you know it.” I replied as I walked over to the bed, carrying my choice of clothes before I started to slip out of my old ones.

He stopped laughing and became serious, his eyes travelling up and down my bare torso, “You sure look like an angel.” He said, rolling onto his side, propping his head up on his elbow. “I’m so lucky to have you.”

I blushed lightly, “I’m the lucky one.” I smiled, as I slipped on the light blue t-shirt I’d chosen to wear.

Jamie licked his lips, “I love you.”

“I love you too, Babes.” I said, before I leaned down, picking up my school bag, now filled with stuff I needed for the sleepover, and zipping it up. “Don’t you think Connor and Beth would be cute together?”

Jamie nodded, “Yeah, he’s cute.”

Jamie!” I warned.

He yawned, “Come on, quit teasing me and lets get going!”

“I’m ready. Just you quit fantasising about my best friend!” I retorted, slinging the bag over my shoulder.

He sat up, “There’s only one person I fantasise about.” He said, flashing me that look.

I blushed again, walking to the door, “Come on. I gotta say goodbye to the parents.”

“And then?”

I faced him, mustering up the best look I could give him, “And then I’m all yours.”


You, me, and the bed.” He whispered, flashing his grey eyes at me.

“You bet.” I replied, before poking him in the ribs lightly, “I need some of that American hotness you keep locked up under all these clothes.”

We were over at Jamie’s house, and were getting ready to go to bed. Sam and Sue had just called up saying goodnight, with Noah about to turn in too, so that left us as the only ones up. Seeing as our moment had arrived, we quickly shut of the Xbox, ready to start our evening.

He smirked, “Yeah, all my hotness.”

I feigned a hurt expression, “Oh, so I should stay fully clothed then?”

He laughed, “Not a chance of that happening.” He replied, pressing his forehead against mine, “Not tonight.”

I relaxed against his body, “I can’t wait.”

Jamie pulled back, raising his arm and sniffing himself, “I think I’ll need to shower first though.”

I laughed, “Me too.” I replied, “After you, I mean.” While little could have stopped me from climbing onto Jamie’s bed in that instant, just the thought that I hadn’t showered since the morning was a complete turn-off. Jamie still smelled and looked great from where I was standing, but I didn’t want to smell bad for him.

He cocked his head slightly, “You go first. I’ll wait.”

“You sure?”

“I’m sure.” He replied, handing me his gown, “Just…don’t take too long, k?”

I bit my bottom lip, nodding.

He kissed me again before I turned and headed down to his bathroom. Luckily I didn’t pass anyone on the way down there, as it wouldn’t have taken a real genius to figure out why I was showering. I think I’d have died on the spot if they questioned me!


I jumped and spun around, seeing Noah standing there.

He smiled, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

I shook my head, “That’s fine. I was just thinking.”

He nodded, “I just wanted to say goodnight.” He said, “Sue and I will be going shopping in the morning, so we might not be here when you two get up.”

I smiled, “Sure. Thanks for letting me stay over.”

“No problem. Have a good sleep.”

“You too.” I replied, before he turned down the hall and entered his room.

I stepped into the bathroom and locked the door. I headed to the shower and switched it on, letting the water flow through as I shed my clothes. My boxers dropped to the floor just as it occurred to me that Noah didn’t mention the fold-up bed. I stood there, musing for a moment before I stepped into the shower with a grin on my face.

I quickly showered, making sure to clean myself thoroughly, before I shut off the water and dried myself. I didn’t want to take too long, knowing how Jamie was upstairs waiting for me. I felt my body tremble slightly at that thought. I slipped on the robe and unlocked the door, stepping out into the hall. I glanced about and then headed back upstairs to Jamie’s room. I pushed the door open to see him laying on his bed, flicking through one of his magazines.

“You might wanna watch the floor of the shower.” I said as I emerged into his room.

He looked up at me, sliding off the bed and standing up, “Why?”

“It’s a bit slippery.” I flashed him a grin, “I had an accident.” I explained, as I made a wanking motion with my hand.

Jamie blushed, “You what?”

I shrugged and focused on the TV, “I couldn’t help it. Just happened.” I added. For the record I didn’t do anything in the shower, aside from the washing myself part. Jamie could probably see through my lie anyway, but I wanted to see him squirm a bit.

He stared at me for a second, his eyes locking on mine, “Fine. I might just have an accident too then.” He teased, turning and walking out of the door.

“Jamie!” I called out when he disappeared from sight.

He poked his head around the corner, he had been waiting around the door. “Yeah?”

I grinned, “Uh, try to not waste it all.”

“The warm water?” He queried.

“Umm, no…” I trailed off, pointing at his groin.

He smirked, “I’ll try my best.” He said, turning and walking out, “But no promises.”


My right hand grazed past his ear as I tilted my head to meet his kiss, his tongue squirming against my bottom lip before I let him inside. Jamie had just returned from his shower and I had practically pounced on him once he walked through the door, once locking it of course. He smelled and tasted so fresh. His damp hair in my face, his minty tongue in my mouth…Heaven.

Five-minutes later found Jamie and me laying naked on top of each other on his couch, our tongues battling it out as we humped against each other. I reached up, cupping his face and pulling him closer to me. Jamie responded by pressing his hips into me, his steel cock leaking all over my abs. I dropped my hands to his burning back and gripped onto his shoulders, squeezing his smooth chest against mine. He moaned softly, exhaling over my cheek. I could have laid like that forever, with his gentle weight pressing down on me as I tasted his fresh, pink lips. His body was so hot to the touch. I could feel the heat coming off him onto my sweat-beaded skin. Jamie pulled off my lips and stared down at me.

“God, I love you.” He moaned, still humping against me.

“Mmm..me too, Babes.” I whispered.

He lowered his face and kissed me lightly. He pulled back, before doing it again, peppering my lips with little kisses, driving me insane. He reached out with one hand, stroking my cheek with his thumb. I pressed up against him, my balls aching and my hardness straining. Jamie shifted his angle, rubbing his erection against mine. I was getting close. I clutched onto his bicep.

“Stop!” I panted.

Jamie froze, scared he’d hurt me, “Matt?”

I closed my eyes, holding back the urge and keeping myself from going over the edge. My cock throbbed painfully, wanting to be released.

I breathed steadily and the moment passed. I let my eyes flutter open, feeling Jamie stroking my cock lightly, “You okay?” He whispered.

I smiled, “Yeah.”

He sat back on his heels, his slick, hard cock jutting out from his groin, throbbing with his heartbeat. He tilted his head and held out a hand, “Come.”

I reached out, taking his hand and stood up, following him over to the bed. I watched as he climbed on, flashing his perfect ass to me. I lifted my leg and climbed onto the cool sheets. I crawled up to Jamie’s face, leaning in and kissing him. I felt his hand circle around my erection as he jerked me gently. I reached down and gripped his, feeling a bead of precum dripping down the length. I swabbed the head with my thumb, eliciting a deep moan from him. I repeated the action, making him tremble at my hand.

I broke the kiss, staring at his pink, moist cheeks before I grinned. I pulled back and spun around, putting us in a sixty-nine. I shifted closer, making a point with my tongue as I dabbed the tip of his cock. Jamie moaned again, seconds before he took me in his mouth. The feeling of his warm, wet lips against my pole sent my mind spinning. He flicked his tongue against me, making me leak profusely into his mouth. I eyed his balls in front of me, pulling my mouth off his cock, and licking my way over his sack. I sucked on his oval eggs gently, teasing them.

Jamie slipped his hand from my balls and let his fingers trail downward. Seconds passed when I felt a finger slowly slip down my crack. I relaxed myself, exhaling softly as his finger went over my moist, sensitive hole. My hips spasmed against him, driving my cock deeper in his throat. He gently ran his finger around my hole, feeling how the muscle would involuntary contract. I seldom ever played with myself back there, so it was all very new, and very hot.

He removed his finger, and pulled his lips from me. I was about to pause and look down, before his finger found my hole again. A wet finger. He started these spiral motions, moving his finger round and round. I moaned on his cock. Jamie took that as a sign and slowly applied pressure to me. I instinctively clenched myself, but tried to push, releasing the muscle. He pressed further before the tip slid in, up to the second knuckle. I exhaled deeply, my cock throbbing at the feeling of his finger inside me. It felt so…weird, yet so good at the same time. He kept his finger where it was, as I lubed up a finger of my own, before I parted his cheeks and searched for his hole.

I slid my finger down before I felt the small ring contract against my fingertip. I found it. I mimicked his action and teased around his opening, just as he started to pull his finger from me. I relaxed again, seconds before he pushed back inside, wiggling his finger about and rubbing up inside me. I almost lost it again, feeling precum emerge from my tip. Jamie repeated the motion, as I began to apply pressure to his muscle. He relaxed, letting my finger slide in. He was CRAZY tight and hot in there! I felt him push his finger further inside me, twirling it about again, making my cock begin to throb. I couldn’t take anymore.

My body tensed painfully, as I pressed my hips into him, my orgasm on the edge. Jamie entered me again, starting shockwaves in my hole that rippled through my body, making the cum squirt out of my cock and onto his tongue. “Unnnggghhh!!!” I cried, my cock feeling like it was gonna rip apart! Wave after wave hit me as I lay there, unloading into him, my body in constant spasm.

I gripped onto him, causing my finger to squirm inside him, pushing him over the edge. He moaned loudly on my dick as he came. I felt his muscle begin to contract before he squirted powerfully down my throat. I swallowed, instantly rewarded with another rope of cum. His hole kept tensing against my finger, keeping me hard in his mouth. He shoved his hips closer, pushing him further down my throat. I sucked on him, draining his balls of their load. He came a few more times before his contractions subsided. I carefully removed my finger, as he removed his, and rolled onto my back, catching my breath.

“Omigod…” He breathed, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

A toothy grin broke out on my face as I stared at the ceiling, “Yeah.”


You’re so beautiful.” He sighed, kissing me, “I love you so much.”

I slid my foot up and down his leg, feeling his small, soft hairs there as I snuggled closer to his chest. “I love you too, Babes.” I lay there in his arms, feeling his breath on the top of my head as my grin widened, “We need to do more sleepovers.” I whispered.

He giggled softly, “Yeah.” He replied, kissing my shoulder, “I could live with that.”

I nodded, “Sleepovers
just like this one.”


I kissed his chest, closing my eyes.



“Will you go to the Prom with me?”

I pulled back and looked at his face, “You know I would.”

“I just wanted to ask.” He said, “In case we could.”

I interlaced my fingers with his, “Like I’d ever say no to you.”

He leaned over and kissed me, “Same here.”

We lay there for a second before I yawned, Jamie following suit.

“You better get some sleep,

He smiled, “You too.”

I leaned over him, kissing his soft lips gently, “Goodnight, Jamie.”

“Goodnight, Matt.” He replied, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I replied before I turned around, my back against his chest. He reached around and hugged me close with his arms. I closed my eyes and relaxed, falling asleep to the sound of his gentle breathing.

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