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American Differences
-By Emulated

Chapter 28: Incursion

“It was wet, dark, and muddy.” He said, pacing across the front of the room, “The smell of death, mud, and blood. The sound of people screaming, guns shooting...bombs exploding,” Mr Pierce paused, “Can you begin to imagine what it was like in those trenches?” He asked, before picking up the poem, “Line 23, do we know what that means?”

“Uh, is it about his wife? ‘Human touch’.” I called out.

He thought for a moment, “You’ve been stuck down there for weeks, months. You have had little Human contact; NO intimate contact. How would that make you feel?”

“Pissed?” Called out someone.

Pierce nodded, “Yeah, I think you’d be a little pissed.” He said, looking down at me, “Matt’s been stuck down this trench and he wants Human intimacy. He wants a woman!” He called out, deepening his voice, and causing Jamie to laugh next to me. Pierce straightened up and looked at me, “Or maybe not, I don’t know.” He said with a small smile. “But that’s what this poem is about. The narrator is yearning for someone, he wants to feel someone, hold someone.”

“On a cushion of roses.” Spoke Sarah, reciting one of the lines.

Pierce nodded, “On a cushion of roses. Away from the war and the fighting.”

We sat there for a moment, scribbling down what he said, Jamie still laughing to himself, before the bell rang, signalling the end of the lesson. “Ok, I hope that helped you guys out in understanding that one a little better.” Called out Pierce, as he then went on to quickly issue some homework. Grrr!

Almost two weeks had passed since I had that amazing sleepover at Jamie’s house. I swear, all I had to do was close my eyes, add a little bit of thought, and then I’d instantly be back there, laying on his bed, our bodies stiffening as we came. It was…
sigh…it was perfect. It was ALWAYS perfect. But as great as it was, it was still somewhat of a rarity of us to be together. Aside from a little smooching here and there, I hadn’t even SEEN Jamie naked since that weekend! And that really pissed me off! Double Grrr!

On the better side of things, life at home was…well it was getting
somewhat easier. Things were still miles away from getting back to how they used to be, and to be completely honest, I was beginning to realise that some things will never be the same. At first I didn’t give up, I was determined to get the family back to how it used to be. But despite my best efforts, it seemed that the more I willed things to stay the same, the more they changed. I felt completely powerless to do anything. So in the end I threw in the towel. I stopped trying to be the perfect son, or the perfect brother. I simply returned to how I was before anything happened, before I came out. And looking back, it seemed to be the right decision.

So with things on the mend at home, and Jamie and I going as strong as ever, things were looking pretty good. Except for all the exams that started in the next month. No, they were
anything but good! Aside from being a royal pain in the ass when they arrive, they also took away most of the fun we had at school, leaving us with revision, more revision, and discussing the Prom.

“Do you think I’ll look nice in a pink tie?” I asked, looking at Jamie as we headed out to the field during our break.

He nodded, “I think you’ll look nice in a pink tie. Gay, but nice.”

“Oh, and what are you going to wear? Drag?”

He winked, “Don’t tease me!”

I checked him up and down, “I think you could pull it off better than I could.”



He punched me on the arm, “Bastard.”

“What?” I grinned, rubbing my arm, “I was telling the truth.”

He stopped and looked at me, a smile still on his face, “I can promise you that you will
never see me in drag.”

“Never?” I asked, walking alongside him.


I giggled, “Good, it doesn’t really appeal to me either.”

“Says the guy with the strawberry lip gloss.”

I blushed, recalling what happened the day before, “It was a yoghurt!”

“Hey, I never said it tasted bad.” He replied, licking his lips slowly for effect.

I watched him, “Fine, come over mine and I’ll
show you them in my fridge. Perhaps then you’ll stop with the lip gloss stuff!”

He reached over, squeezing my shoulder playfully, “Sure…as long as I get a taste…”

definitely be getting a taste!” I promised.

“A taste of what?” Came Ayo’s voice.

I grinned, “Nothing important.” I replied quickly, “How’s things with you?”

“I’m good.” He smiled, “How about you two?”

“Yeah we’re ok.” I replied, zipping up my coat further from the cold.

Ayo looked at Jamie, his eyes filled with excitement, “You’ll never guess what I did!”

Jamie looked over smiling, “What’d you do?”

“I made 7
th prestige last night!”

“Dude! That’s awesome!” He said, knocking his fist against his.

I looked at Ayo, “You did
what?” I asked, before it clicked, “Wait, don’t tell me. Xbox?”

Jamie nodded, walking around over to him, “You only made 6
th a while ago, you must have played it for ag…” He began, before I zoned out. As much as I loved my Playstation, there were just some games I hated. And it wasn’t because Jamie was really good at them either. I simply didn’t get all those war games, or those shoot ‘em up ones. Fifa 09 was my baby.

We made it out to the field to see Connor doing some kick-ups with a ball, while Max was talking to Li and Sarah. Jamie ran over to Connor, trying to tackle the ball from him, something that Connor found hilarious, as he kept one step ahead of my brilliant boyfriend.

“Hey, guys.” Greeted Max as he stood behind Sarah, hugging her. It had become quite a familiar thing, to see them together like that. It bothered me at first, because of how Jamie and I could never do that in school, but I dealt with it. I couldn’t exactly blame them, after all, in a perfect world I’d have been doing the same with Jamie. No, it was fine, great even to see them happy, especially Max. Even though Sarah was still in the dark about mine and Jamie’s relationship, I think that having her as a girlfriend helped Max stay calm about everything. Not only was he dating someone who was a decent person, but it also let him affirm
his sexuality. I could see that as having been quite an issue for Max. I smiled back at him.

“Heya, how’s things?” I asked.

“Well these two need to get a room,” Stated Li, pointing at Max and Sarah, “And I need to go shopping.”

“Shopping? Anything fun?” Asked Ayo.

Max smiled, “Yeah, maybe a

Sarah slapped him, “Hey, be nice to her.”

“Sorry, Li.” Replied Max, before he started to pull faces behind Sarah’s back.

I bit my bottom lip to keep from laughing out, “Uh, so what do you need to buy, Li?”

“A new coat for one thing.” She began, “It’s too cold out here.”

“It’s not THAT cold.” Interrupted Max, earning a playful glare from Sarah, shutting him up.

“It is to me.” She retorted, before looking back in my direction. “And I need to buy some more ingredients as I’m cooking dinner tonight.” That didn’t surprise me. Li had always been very particular about her food and very fond of cooking. Every time the guys and I went over to her house, she was always quick to whip up something for us. Oh, and her marinated chicken was

Max took a sudden interest in her, “You making some of your killer-chicken?”

She smiled, “So you can eat it all like last time?”

He looked at me, “Matt doesn’t eat a lot anyways, so I had what he left.”

I shook my head, “You never gave me a chance to finish!”

“So when do I get to have some of this ‘killer-chicken’?” Asked Jamie.

I turned around and watched as my rosy-red cheeked boyfriend stepped forward, breathing heavily from having kicked the ball about with Connor.

Li grinned, “Ok, ok, I’ll bring
SOME of it in tomorrow. But not a lot. I have a house to feed at home.”

“Sounds good enough to me.” Replied Max, rubbing his hands, “You wait till you taste this chicken, Jamie. It’s amazing.”

Jamie nodded, looking at Li, “I can’t wait.”

“Unless Max stuffs his face again.” I interjected.

“Yeah, and I didn’t even get any at all.” Added Connor.

Li giggled, “Calm down, Guys. I’ll make enough for everyone. Ok?”

We all seemed to be pretty content with that answer, and moved on to talk about other stuff. We didn’t spend much longer outside though, as we had to get back to our classes before lunch. Jamie and I had our next lesson together, so we broke away from the rest of the gang and headed to our lockers. I walked over to mine and unlocked it, while Jamie went over to his further down the hall. I quickly switched my books and closed my locker, waiting for Jamie to return.

I watched as he turned and headed back to me, “You good?” I asked.

His eyes locked on mine, “Erm…” He checked the corridor and leaned closer, “I thought we were gonna stop with the notes.” He spoke softly.

I looked at him, “We did.” I replied, smiling, “Do you miss them?”

“No, I just…” He frowned, lowering his voice, “I meant, I thought we were stopping them
for good.”

I nodded, frowning too, “We
did.” I paused, “What’s wrong?”

I watched as he reached into his pocket, pulling out a sheet of paper before handing it to me, “Look.” He said.

I glanced down at the square in my hand. A small, pink heart was drawn on its surface. I stared at it for a few seconds, “Who gave you this?” I asked.

“It wasn’t you?” He asked, clearly confused.

I shook my head, “Nope.”

He looked down at it, “I thought it was you…” He said, trailing off, “But it could be anyone.”

My mind instantly thought of Li, but it quickly dawned on me that it was unlikely that she’d go through all the trouble, especially given how much
better she seemed to be over the past two weeks. She seemed to have gotten over Jamie…unless it was all a front, and she wanted him again. But why go through the hassle of leaving a note, an anonymous note. It all made no sense to me.

“Who are you thinking?” I asked, “Li?”

He shook his head, “I was thinking Hayley. But it could be Li, I guess.”

“Hayley?” I asked, “I don’t think she’d be able to think up this.”

“You’re evil.” He replied.

“What? Do you
want the note to be from her?”

He frowned, “No, no way…but it’s still…weird.”

I took the note and examined it closely, “A secret admirer perhaps?” I asked, as we headed to our next class.

He sighed, “I don’t know. I still think it was one of those two.”

I handed it back to him, “Yeah…” I replied, looking at him, “We’ll figure it out.”

He nodded, clearly bothered by it.

I regarded his face, a small grin forming on my lips, “At least you got a note. I didn’t get anything.”

He leaned closer, “I’ll give you a kiss if you want.” He smirked.

“I’ll try to remember that for after school.” I replied, winking at him as I stepped in the class.

Jamie followed me in, his mouth next to my ear, “I’ll remind you.”


The next two periods were a blur, and before we knew it, it was lunchtime. A well deserved lunchtime too, I was starving! I was fine at break, but my stomach suddenly became an empty pit sometime during Maths. Jamie quickly picked up on that as I wolfed down my ham and cheese baguette.

“You scared I’m gonna steal your food or something?” He remarked, facing me.

I looked up at him, wiping my mouth, “Sorry. I missed breakfast.” I replied, taking another bite.

He leaned closer, “Is everything ok?” He asked, “At home?”

“Yeah. I just got up late. I had a late night.”

“Oh, getting some good use out of those bookmarks I sent you?” He teased, wiggling his eyebrows.

I shook my head, “You’ve never sent me any.”

“Why, you want some?”

I shook my head again, “I have a good imagination,” I began, my lips curling up at the side, “…and a photo of you.”

Jamie blushed, his mouth opening and closing a few times, but no words coming out. I couldn’t help but giggle at him.

“You’re so cute when you’re bashful.” I whispered.

He blushed again, “Not helping, Matt.”

I patted his back softly, as I noticed Li walking through the crowds heading towards us, followed by Sarah. My mind instantly focused back on the note. ‘Was it Li? Was it Hayley?’ I asked myself as they smiled down at us.

“Hey guys.” Called out Sarah, as she plopped herself down in her seat.

“Heya.” I replied, as I reached for some more food from my bag, before I sat back up, noticing the guys wandering over toward us with their food.

Ayo pulled out a chair before he paused, “Crap, I need a drink.” He said, putting his burger and fries down on the table, “Do you guys want anything?”

The girls shook their heads, along with the rest of us.

“I’m good thanks.” I replied, before Ayo turned and headed over to one of the vending machines.

“He wants a woman!” Spoke Jamie, mimicking Pierce’s voice and accent, causing Li and Sarah to giggle.

I swallowed some of my Snickers chocolate bar, “Grow your hair, buy a bra and I’m halfway there.”

“Bitch.” He replied, as the guys shrugged off our humour.

I grinned at him, before I reached out and lightly tugged on his blond locks in the least gay way I could muster, “Speaking of long hair, are you growing yours?”I asked.

He nodded, “I like the length of yours, just below the ears…” He leaned closer, “It’s cute.”

I smiled, “But you’re already cute.” I whispered, before I pulled back, “But I think it’ll look good on you long.” I wasn’t kidding either. I couldn’t get enough of his blond head of hair. It was sooo nice to run my fingers through, feeling all the thin hairs, smelling the soothing scent of his shampoo.

“Hey, you guys up for a party?” Asked Connor, bringing me from my daydream and alerting me to the tent in my boxers.

Jamie sat back, “Sure, who’s paying?”

Connor smiled, “My parents.”

Li laughed, “Why do you need a party?”

A switch flicked in my head, “It’s Adam’s birthday soon, isn’t it?”

He nodded, “In two weeks.”

“So he’s having a party, and we’re invited?” Asked Max.

Connor swallowed a bite of his burger, “Not exactly. Mum and Dad are paying for a party at the bowling alley. So while they are all there having fun, we have the house to ourselves.”

I raised an eyebrow, “This is your parent’s idea, right?” I asked, as Ayo returned.

Connor laughed, “Obviously.” He replied, “You know that I wouldn’t have a party without them knowing.”

“Yeah, well, I just wanted to check.” I replied, eyeing Jamie, “You hear all about those dodgy American teens messing up their parent’s houses.”

Jamie laughed, looking at me, “You just love seeing how far you can push me, don’t you?”

I winked at him, but not before Con and Ayo started giggling to themselves, “Oh, shut up!” I called out, pointing at them.

Anyway, about this party…” Began Sarah, “When is it?”

Connor stopped laughing, “The Saturday after next.” He replied, “About five o’clock till eight something.”

Ayo nodded, “Sounds good.”

“Yep. Quite a plan.”

Sarah leaned forward, “You know what else would be a good idea?” She asked, looking at us, “Beth.”

“What? Why?” Asked Connor.

She frowned, “I thought you liked her.”

“Yeah, but…” He thought for a moment, “You think she’ll come?”

Sarah laughed, “Oh, she’ll come. Especially for Connor Reed.”

“You and Beth,” I began, placing a hand on his shoulder, “It’s gonna be just like old times.”

Max nodded, “But this time don’t let her get away.”

Connor blushed and bit into his burger, pretending not to have heard him.

We stayed inside the dining hall for a while longer before we ventured outside, finding it a little warmer with the sun shining brightly. We were just kicking a ball about, chatting to each other when a girl, who I guessed was from one of the younger years, ran over to us.

“Are you Sam’s brother?” She panted, looking at Jamie.

He turned around, nodding, “Yeah, why?”

The girl turned and pointed across the field, “She’s just fallen over and hurt her ankle badly.”

We glanced over, noticing someone on the ground, reaching at their ankle. Jamie handed me his bag and immediately took off in a sprint. I slung it over my shoulder and jogged over there too, the other guys following close behind. There was already a small crowd forming, and Sam could be heard cursing and groaning in pain.

“Move, move.” I said as I walked through, seeing Jamie kneeling down beside her.

“Ayo, go get someone from medical.” Commanded Jamie, looking at him.

I grabbed Ayo’s bag off him before he ran off, heading towards the school building.

I looked down at Sam, “…it fucking hurts, Jamie.” She said, through teary eyes.

Jamie was carefully pulling down her socks, looking at her left ankle.

Connor knelt down next to him, “It might not be broken.” He said, “It cou-“

“It feels like it!” Shouted Sam through clenched teeth.

“Hey, can you all back off?!” Came Max’s voice as he stood next to us, pushing the crowd of kids back, “I said move back!”

Jamie looked down at Sam, holding her hand, “What happened?” Asked Jamie softly, “Did you slip?”

Sam squeezed her eyes shut, “I was playing tennis with Eddie, I was reaching for a shot, and then he-“ She grimaced from the pain.

Jamie looked about, before focusing on her boyfriend, “What did you do?”

“Nothing, we were just playing.” Eddie retorted, sounding a little pissed at Jamie’s question.

“You should be more careful then!” Jamie replied.

“Fuck you!”

“What d’ya say?” Fumed Jamie, standing up and walking over to him.

I stood up and blocked him, “He’s not worth it.” I began, flicking my head towards Sam, “She needs you.”

Eddie laughed behind me, “Yeah, control the stupid queer.”

I clenched my jaw, turning around and ready to shut him up before someone shoved past me. I watched as Dean ran forward, pushing Eddie onto the ground.

“Don’t you call him that you little shit.” He spat, standing over him.

Eddie sat up, wiping the mud off his hands.

Dean glanced at Sam, then back at Eddie, “Did you do that to her?”

I stepped forward, “Dean, relax man-“

“Did you?!” He shouted, looking down at Eddie, who was still sitting on the floor. At least he had enough sense to keep quiet.

I glanced over Dean’s shoulder, noticing Mr Jones quickly heading in our direction, probably wondering what the crowd was about, “Jones is coming.” I pointed out looking at him, “If he sees you-.”

“Chill, Matt. I’ll get the little shit later.” He threatened, as Eddie stood up, unsure of what to do.

“Can you excuse me, please?” Came Jones’ voice as he mingled through the crowd, before he appeared, looking down at Sam, “What happened here?”

Jamie looked at him, “She had an accident while playing tennis.” He replied, glancing threateningly at Eddie.

“Has someone gone to medical?” Asked Jones.

“Yeah, but it’ll take them a while.” He replied.

I stood up, “Can’t we carry her? Or let her lean against one of us?”

Jones nodded, kneeling down, “Do you think you can manage that?” He asked.

Sam frowned before nodding, “I’ll try, Sir. But I’ll need help getting up.”

The three of us reached forward and slowly eased her up onto her good foot, careful not to hit her damaged one.

“Ok, we’re going to get you to walk now.” Began Jones, “Put your weight on me and your brother…there.” Sam shifted herself so she was between them as Jones continued, “Right, we’re going to walk forwards slowly, use your other foot to hop along.”

She nodded, remaining silent.

I watched as they took a few steps, but she was in a lot of pain. The vibrations from the hopping was clearly hurting her, “Stop!” She cried, “It hurts too bad.”

Jamie paused and looked at her, “Uh, do you want to climb on my back, Sam. Then I’ll carry you there.”

She nodded again, her flushed face in a frown.

Connor and I stepped forward and helped Sam get onto Jamie’s back, before he slowly started walking.

“Is that ok?” I asked, looking at Jamie.

He nodded, “She’s quite light.”

“You’re just saying that.” Mumbled Sam, through gritted teeth. At least she looked a little more comfortable now.

We entered into the school and made it about halfway to medical before we bumped into Ayo and one of the medical staff carrying a first aid box.

“If you place her on this chair, then we’ll take a quick look.” Began the woman, pulling over a chair from the side of the corridor.

Jamie stepped in front, while Connor and I helped her down gently.

The woman knelt down examined her ankle, asking her how she did it and how it bent. After a minute she reached for the first aid box, “I don’t think it’s broken, so I’m going to treat it as a sprain.” She said, pulling out an ice pack, “I’m going to place this pack over your ankle and secure it on there, ok?”

“Yeah.” Sam replied, looking down.

“I’ll be as gentle as I can.” She added, before she pressed the ice on there, wrapping it securely.

Sam winced painfully, drawing in air through her teeth. Jamie gripped her hand tighter, letting her know that he was still there.

“Ok, it’s all done now.” She said reassuringly, “We’ll take you down to medical and see what else needs to be done.” She looked at Jones, “Someone should take her up to the hospital as soon as possible to let them have a look.”

“I can call my dad.” Answered Jamie, pulling out his phone, “He can be here in ten-minutes.”

“Ok.” Said Jones, “Lets get her to medical.”

“I’ll carry her.” Spoke Max, stepping forwards, “I’m the strongest anyways.”

Jamie nodded, placing the phone to his ear, “Thanks, man.”

We helped her onto Max, where we headed down to medical, while Jamie was on the phone to his dad.

“It doesn’t need five of you to bring her in here.” Spoke one of the medical staff, looking at the guys and me as we carried her in.

“It wasn’t like you were going to come and carry her from the field.” Retorted Max, causing me to grin as we placed Sam down on a bed.

She widened her eyes, “What was that?”

“Nothing, Miss.” He muttered, as he walked out.

I looked at Jamie, “Your dad coming?”

He nodded, “He just left the office now.”

“Good.” I replied, before the woman exhaled deeply again, seemingly getting annoyed. Why the hell work with kids when you’re gonna get pissy like that? What gives? I faced Jamie, “We’ll just be outside.”

He smiled, “Thanks.”

Noah made it to the school in eight-minutes and seventeen-seconds. I was surprised he didn’t rouse any Coppers on the way over here. As usual he was being his calm and controlled self as he and Jamie helped her out of the school and into the car.

Jamie turned to us, “I’m gonna go with her.”

“Sure. Leave your stuff with me, I’ll drop it over yours later.” I replied, as he reached out for his bags.

He stopped and smiled, “Thanks, Matt.”

I watched as he stepped into Noah’s car, nodding at me from the window as they pulled away, heading to the hospital.

“She really messed up her ankle.” Remarked Dean, “You see how swollen it was?”

I grimaced, trying to put the thought out of my mind, “Yeah.” I focused on him, “Hey, you really gonna get Eddie later?” I asked.

He grinned, “Probably not. Just leave him to sweat it out a bit.”

I calmed down at that. The last thing I wanted to worry about was Dean hitting Eddie. Ok, the guy insulted my boyfriend, so perhaps he deserved something, but it wasn’t worth Dean getting suspended over. No, I think Eddie was humiliated enough when he was pushed down. Maybe he’d think twice before issuing such crap from his mouth.


Jamie took my coat and hung it up as I closed the door behind me, “How is she doing?”

He flicked his head to the lounge, and I followed him over. “She’s just resting at the moment. The Doctors said she sprained it.”

I winced slightly, as Sam came into view, flicking through the TV channels, “Hey, Sam.”

She managed a smile, “Hi, Matt.”

“How’s the foot?”

“Hurts like a bitch.” She replied.

I laughed aloud. What she said, coupled with her accent just made it hilarious.

Noah smiled at her, “Sam, language.” He warned.

“Sorry.” She replied, with a small smile.

We stayed downstairs for a little longer, just talking to Sam and Noah, before we headed up to Jamie’s room. I walked over to his couch and sat down, pressing my back against his chest as he snuggled next to me.

“Wow, today was a little messed up, wasn’t it?” I asked.

He nodded, “You could say that.”

I lay my head down against his chest, “She’s lucky to have you as a big brother.”

He was silent for a moment, “Is she?”

I smiled, “Of course she is. You’re great.”

“And gay.”

I frowned and looked up at his face, “What’s wrong?”

He shook his head.

“It’s what Eddie said, isn’t it?”

He reached down and toyed with my hair.

“Jamie, you know the guy’s a jerk. Just forget about him.”

He breathed deeply, “I can’t.”

“Why not?” I asked, sitting up and facing him, “What’s really bothering you? I know it’s not just what he said, because you never usually let stuff like that affect you.”

He looked at me, before looking down, “I always thought that coming out would only affect me. Like, if I came out at school, it would only affect me.” He said, “And you, if you came out as well.” He paused, “I never thought about Sam.”

I sat back, glancing at the TV. Jamie had a point. Throughout all the times that I had thought about coming out at school, I’d never thought about how it might affect Josh and my family. Sure, perhaps
I could deal with people saying things, but what about Josh? How would he feel if people started teasing him about his ‘big-gay-brother’? I was beginning to understand what Jamie was getting at.

“I never thought about that.” I replied, my hand finding his.

Jamie nodded, “Every time I begin to think that I’m one step closer to coming out, there’s always another catch.” He looked at me, “It was bad enough seeing Sam get hurt today, but to see her get hurt because of something that I did.” He shook his head again, “I can’t do that to her.”

I squeezed his palm, “Sam isn’t a little girl.” I pointed out, “She’ll give someone a mouthful if they started crap about you.”

He smiled, “Yeah, she would. But I don’t want her to have to deal with that, to have people teasing her.”

I could almost imagine it, how everyone would assume that Josh is gay because of me. It would suck enough people saying stuff if he really was gay, but if he wasn’t…”I couldn’t do that to Josh either.” I said, before I pushed the idea from my head, looking at Jamie, “Come on, cute, blond boys aren’t allowed to be upset.”

“Neither are hot, brown-haired boys.” He replied.

I looked about, “I didn’t know Con was here.”

“I wasn’t talking about Con.” He rasped, flashing me the ‘Jamie stare’.

I smiled before I lay my head back against his chest again, just relaxing against him.

I heard him sigh, “And now we have to worry about the note.”

I frowned, “It could have been anyone. Perhaps they put it in the wrong locker.”

He was silent for a moment, before he said what was on both of our minds, “It could have been Li.”

“I’ve been thinking about that, but I’m not sure. I don’t think she’d go and stick a note in your locker. It makes no sense.”

“Then who else? If it isn’t Li, and Sarah’s dating Max…” He turned to me, “Someone

I shrugged, “Could be.” I sat up, “Or it could have been a mistake. If it is then it’s not that big of a deal.”

Jamie nodded but still had this little frown on his face. I leaned over and kissed his eyebrow.

“Stop worrying about it.” I whispered, kissing him softly again, “But even if it was for you, I’m not letting anyone get their hands on MY Goldilocks.”


I nodded, “Mine.” I said, looking at him, “Oh, I just remembered.”


I smiled, and leaned closer, “You still owe me that kiss.”


I parted my lips, “

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