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American Differences
-By Emulated

Chapter 29: Groove

Two weeks later…

“You sure you got everything?”

He nodded, “We went shopping yesterday. We’re all stocked up for tonight!”

“Food?” I checked, swallowing the remainder of my lunch.


“Drink?” Asked Jamie.


Max’s blond head shook madly, “Whoa! Hold up, I thought we were getting pizza.” He exclaimed, “You can’t let us down now, Con.”

Connor nodded, “The pizza
is the food.”

Max grinned, before Sarah leaned across the table, “
Only pizza?” She frowned, “What else?”

“Uh, other stuff too…” He began, glancing at Li, “She’s bringing some of her chicken.”

That is what I’m gonna be eating.” Smiled Ayo, scratching his stomach.

“And…uh…Beth said she’d bring stuff too.” He said quickly, “I told her not to, but she wouldn’t list-“

Ayo focused on him, “She’s your girlfriend, she’s going to want to do something.”

Connor frowned, “She’s not my girlfriend.” He replied, sounding mildly disappointed.

“Dude, you’ve seen her twice now,
alone.” Jamie pointed out, “I’m pretty sure that means you’re dating her.”

Max nudged me in the arm, a grin creeping onto his lips, “See? I was thinking of this when I got him his birthday present.”

I laughed, “I’m sure he’ll get some real use out of them soon!” I joked, quiet enough for Connor not to hear.

“Quit worrying, she’s your girlfriend alright.” Piped in Li, throwing her empty crisp packet into the bin.

“I’m not worrying.” He insisted, “I just don’t want to misread things.”

“Here,” Began Sarah, looking at her phone, “I have a whole text from Beth. Guess who it’s about, Con?”

The pink hue returned to his cheeks.

Jamie pointed at his face, “I think he knows.”

Sarah flipped her phone closed and leaned forward, “She really likes you, Con. She’s really pleased that you two are seeing each other again.”

He smiled, “The feeling’s mutual.”

“Awww, that’s sooo cute!” I teased.

“Shut up, Matt!” He warned, flashing me a look.

For his sake, I changed the subject, “So what time you want us to come over tonight?”

“About six o’clock. Mum, Dad and Adam should be at the bowling alley by then, setting up the party.”

“And then
we party all-night-long!” Called out Jamie.

I giggled, “Guess I know who’s doing karaoke tonight!” I joked.

He winked at me, “You bet. I’m getting very good at

I scrunched up my face, “You listen to them?”

Sarah shoved my arm, “Well, I
love them, so no insulting!”

I raised my hands, “No insults from me.” I smiled, as the bell started to ring in the background. “One more lesson to go.” I yawned.

Max tutted, “We’ve got science, right?”

Con nodded, “Yeah, unfortunately.”

We all slowly stood up from the table, taking our bags and heading out of the dining hall. Seeing as Jamie and I shared the same class, we headed off, vowing to meet up outside the school gates after school. We didn’t have our books with us, so we made a swift detour to our lockers first. Jamie waited next to mine as I fished out my homework that he had helped me complete over webcam the night before.

“I don’t know how you’d survive without me. All my help with your homework.” He teased.

“I’d survive just fine, thanks.” I said, folding it neatly and putting it in my bag, before looking up at him, “We just don’t all have pretty heads filled with brains.” I whispered.

He laughed as we walked down to his locker, “No idea who you’re talking about.”

“I think you have a good idea though.” I smiled.

He grinned back, inserting his key into his locker, before he paused, as if he was making a silent wish. He turned the key and pulled it open. Jamie and I watched as a piece of paper fluttered down out of his locker. The
fourth note that he had gotten in two weeks. He bent down and retrieved it, casually glancing it over before his eyes widened.

I walked around him and looked at it, whispering the printed text aloud, “
I would be a better boyfriend.” I stared at Jamie, my heart skipping a few beats. It’s a guy? A gay guy?

Jamie was as speechless as I was, before he took the note and screwed it up, shoving it into his pocket. “I guess that changes things…” He mused, as he pulled out his books.

“Yeah…” I mumbled, my mind wakening again, “But a
better boyfriend?” I asked, “That means they, he, knows about me.”

He nodded, his face one of deep thought for a few moments, “It must be someone who knows, who we’ve told. Right?” He asked, looking up at me for agreement.

“I think so. It can’t just be some guy randomly guessing…” I trailed off, my mind instantly started to draw up a list of everyone who I thought was gay. There was that guy in our Science class, Ross. I always thought he was gay, but that was until I saw him making out with some girl down the park a few months back, so it wasn’t him. And then there was Jon, he always struck me as being a little…I dunno…
something, but then again he had dated girls in the past.

Perhaps I was clutching at straws but we
HAD to find out who had sent that note. Especially now it was a guy. Like Jamie said, it changed things. I shared those guesses with Jamie, but he quickly stated that they didn’t have to be gay, they could be bisexual.

I shook my head, “But I don’t think they’re
both bisexual.”

“No, but it only needs one of them.” He pointed out, “Besides, they’re not all dating at the moment.” He said, sighing, “I don’t know. It has to be someone who we’ve told…unless someone has been telling other people.”

I frowned at the thought. I really hoped that it never came to that. I could live with someone finding out by accident, but by having one of the guys, or Li purposely tell someone about us…I wasn’t quite sure what I’d do. Jamie and I trusted each of them enough with the information. I very much doubted that any of them told someone.

“…I just can’t see any other way to explain it.” Continued Jamie.

I looked down the hall, noticing Dean walking past. If anyone knew about Jon’s private life, it’d have to be his best friend.

“Hey, Dean!” I called out, getting his attention.

He waved at us, before heading over, “Hey guys, how’s it going.”

“Not bad, you?”

He nodded, glancing down the hall, “I’m alright, just gotta meet Jon in a sec.”

“So how’s Jon these days, don’t hear much about him.” I remarked.

“Yeah, well he’s hanging out with a new girl and stuff.”

I shared a look with Jamie. We could cross Jon off our list.

“Hey guys I gotta run.” He said, catching sight of Jon down the hall, “See you later.”

“Sure thing.” I nodded, watching as he walked off.

We were screwed. It was hard enough trying to figure out who it could’ve been when we thought it was a girl, but another
guy? It was going to be borderline impossible to find out who it was. That alone didn’t worry me so much. What did worry me was that this guy knew about Jamie and me. Was he watching us? Spying on us? I nudged Jamie’s arm and headed into our science class, but not before sweeping my eyes around the corridor again, wondering what the hell we were going to do.


We stood there waiting outside of the school, watching the kids pour past us until we caught sight of her limping out of one of the doors. Despite the crutches, which she seemed to be getting the hang of, she seemed to be just like her usual self. Chatting with her friends, making plans for the weekend. She was quickly back to being the Sam Keller we all knew and loved.

Following the sprain to her ankle, on the advice of her Doctor, Sam had to take one week off school, to rest it, but started going the following week. She was a tough girl, she wasn’t about to let her ankle stop her from doing anything she wanted, however the walk home was a little too much for her. So as usual, Noah was waiting outside the school in his car to pick Sam up, to save her from the journey home while on the crutches.

“How she doing?” I asked, watching as Noah’s car pulled away, “She looks a lot more used to that.”

“MmHmm, she is.” Jamie replied, “Just wish it didn’t happen at all, you know?”

I nodded. Sam did confirm that it was an accident, Eddie didn’t mean to hurt her, but she was however, furious over him calling her brother a ‘queer’. Jamie told me he heard her on the phone telling him that it was over, that no one said those things about her brother. Of course Jamie loved her for supporting him like that, and told her so, but I could easily see how much it affected him. He didn’t want Sam to have to fight for him, least of all dump her boyfriend because of it.

Having Josh, I could sympathise with Jamie’s position, but also reminded him that Sam was well within her rights to dump Eddie. I even went as far to suggest that he’d be equally as pissed at me, if I were to insult Sam. He laughed that one off, saying that Sam would just whip my ass before he could do anything. And seeing how tough she was over the ankle, I didn’t doubt that for a second.

During our walk back from school, which we had opted to take separately from the other guys, giving Jamie and me some time to talk, we reflected over the note once again. Even so, it still seemed like somewhat of a futile effort, as there was very little we could do. Hell, I’d argue that there was nothing we could do. We were going to have to wait this one out, and keep our eyes and ears open in case we notice something, or better still, we find out who was posting those damned notes into his locker!

“It makes no sense that he’ll do anything that’ll out us.” Spoke Jamie, “And even if he does, we’ll find out who he is.”

I nodded, looking at him, “It does make you wonder though…how many other gay guys are in our school, in our year.”

“Well if we assume it’s one in ten...”

I done the math in my head, “We have about one-thousand kids in our school, so that means there’s around one-hundred gay kids?”

He nodded, “I’m guessing that includes lesbians and bisexuals though.”

“I guess. But that’s still a crazy figure.”

He grinned, “Guess I have a lot of potential competition then.”

“Hardly.” I replied, leaning closer, “I wouldn’t have any other guy anyway, even if they were all available.”

Jamie smiled, thinking for a moment, “The note was wrong, Matt. No one can be a better boyfriend for me.” He spoke softly, “Ever.

I reached out and squeezed his shoulder, holding my hand there for a few seconds before the sound of kids playing in the park made me remove it.

We entered my home and went upstairs into my room. I walked over to the wardrobe, pulling the two doors open and stood back. I turned to Jamie, “Dress me.”

He walked over, “I always wanted a doll.” He muttered, making me laugh.

“Not like a doll, you know, pick out something good for me.”

“Why? You’ve got a good fashion sense.” He replied, nodding in agreement with himself.

I sighed, turning back to the wardrobe, rummaging through my shirts, “Some gay guy you are.” I teased.

I felt his hands on my waist, “Do you want me to prove it? Prove my gayness to you?” He asked, making me smile, “It’ll only take…well it might take a while.” He rasped, his warm breath against my ear.

I laughed again, leaning back against his chest, “I’d really like that.” I replied, “But we gotta get ready.”

Jamie gently kissed the side of my neck for a moment, before pulling back, “Ok, we’ll get ready.”

I spun around, grinning into his grey eyes as I cupped his face, leant forward and placed a kiss on his lips. Jamie’s hands returned to my waist again, pulling me closer as he kissed me back. I reached up and slid my fingertips through his soft hair, sighing as I parted my mouth and searched for his tongue. I found it as our kiss deepened. Nothing could beat that feeling. Kissing Jamie was one of the wonders of the world.

After a few minutes of lip lock, we pulled apart. My eyes opening and Jamie coming into focus. His creamy cheeks were tinted with a perfect pink as he watched me. There was no denying the look in his eyes. He wanted me, like really wanted me. My erection throbbed. I wanted him too. I eyed the clock again. Quarter to four. If we were fast, perhaps we could’ve made it, but with my parents finishing work at around four I didn’t want to risk it.

“Hey.” Came his voice, getting my attention, “Don’t sweat it. We’ll uh, do something over the weekend.” He said, his voice soft.

I wanted to do something with him there and then. I wasn’t sure I’d make it until the weekend without my Jamie-fix. Yet, I found myself agreeing with him. At least we wouldn’t have to rush the something on the weekend. I could spend some proper time with him. “Uh, sure.” I replied.

He watched me for a while longer, before focusing on the wardrobe, and then to me, “Let’s get you dressed up.”


I walked over to the door and answered it, finding the pizza guy standing there. He was the same one that delivered to me. The same one I used to go crazy over whenever he knocked on my door. Too many online stories had me fantasising about the ‘delivery boy’ for ages. But he was no longer in my fantasies. I had Jamie in reality.

I handed him the cash and took the pizzas from him, “Thanks.”

He smiled at the couple of quid tip, “Cheers, Mate. See ya!”

I stepped back, closing the door, before spinning around to come face to face with those killer greys.

“He was cute.” Smiled Jamie, “I’ll have to take down his number.”

I raised an eyebrow.

He put on a faux serious expression, “For the pizza.”

Suuure.” I giggled, walking past him and into the lounge, where the guys were battling it out on the Playstation we’d plugged into the large TV. “Dinner is served guys!”

It was around half-six and we were all over at Connor’s house. After Jamie and I finished deciding on something for me to wear, we headed over to Jamie’s house, where we picked out his clothing, and then hung out a while. As Sam still found her ankle awkward to move about with, she had some of her friends over, so that ruled out any chance of us having some fun. So we had fun, just not the fun we both wanted and needed.

I did find it hilarious at how we bumped into Sam’s friends in the kitchen, and the way they were fixated on Jamie. It was as though they’d never seen a boy before! They were virtually staring continuously at him. But once Sam made some comment about their tongues hanging out, they quickly looked away blushing, with me giggling at the whole thing. Jamie didn’t mind, he found the whole thing flattering. That was until I teased him about it for the rest of the afternoon, putting on a girl’s voice and asking to see his muscles and stuff, which he obliged to do for me.

“Ahh, wicked!” Called out Max, pausing the game and heading over, as I placed the three large boxes down on the table.

I flipped open the lids, “We have…these two with every kind of meat, uh one with a stuffed crust.” I said, pointing to them, “And here we have the one with extra olives and peppers on.” I finished, looking at Beth and Ayo, as they asked for that one.

“Great!” Exclaimed Beth, grabbing a few slices.

I looked at the other guys, watching as Max, Ayo, and Connor attacked the two pizzas. I grabbed a plate and took some slices for myself, as Jamie did the same.

“Here, Sarah, have one slice at least.” Called out Li, holding out a plate.

Sarah took it, before piling up some of Li’s chicken and Beth’s salad on the side, “This is the stuff that tastes good.”

“You gotta be joking.” Spoke Max through a mouthful of food as he sat back down on the sofa.

“Be quiet you, we aren’t all lucky to have your kind of body Max.” She replied.

He swallowed, “But yours is great.”

Connor and Ayo giggled, “Max, you old flirt!” Laughed Connor.

Sarah sat next to him on the sofa, “I only have this great body because I don’t eat that.”

Max started a heavy conversation about the benefits of pizza, but I focused on Jamie as he sat across me on the dining table.

I inhaled, “It smells delicious.”

Jamie eyed his slice, “There’s a few things here I’d like to eat.” He smiled, his eyes on mine, flashing me his look.

My eyes widened before I looked away, concentrating on swallowing without choking. I looked over at Connor, watching how he was interacting with Beth. I couldn’t help but smile at him. It had been a long time since I’d really seen him at such ease with a girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like he was uncomfortable around girls, but he just naturally seemed to get on so well with Beth that it was a shame they broke up in the first place. And looking at the way Beth had her long brown hair, and the way she was dressed, it was clear she was trying to impress him. Of course the same could be said of Connor, who was sporting a loose fitting shirt and jeans, with his hair spiked up in quite a ‘cute’ yet handsome way. I was really pleased for the both of them.

“Cute couple.” Remarked Jamie.

I looked at him, “Yeah, they are.” I replied, taking another bite.

He winked at me, “How’s the food?”

I nodded, giving him a thumbs up as I chewed, before swallowing, “It’s great. Yours?”

“Not bad.” He said, before chewing on a piece of Li’s chicken.

I glanced over at the other guys, “Hey, Beth, I heard that you’re coming to the Prom.”

She looked up and nodded, “Yep, I’ll be there.” She replied, taking a quick glance at Connor.

“You better be,” Began Ayo, “Wouldn’t want Connor to turn up without a date.”

Connor punched his arm, “You ass!”

Max laughed, “So what about you, Ayo. Got your eye on anyone?”

“Huh?” He asked, looking up.

Li grinned, “I think he does…”

Ayo blushed, “No, I don’t.”

“Hehe, leave the poor guy alone. I’m sure he’d find someone if he wants someone.” I offered.

“Thank you, Matt!” He cried.

“…Just have another slice. It’ll do you good.” Came Max’s voice, as he offered another slice to Sarah.

“No it won’t.” She argued, “Do you know how bad that is for you?”

He flexed his bicep, “Nothing bad happened yet.”

She reached over and squeezed his arm, “Feels a little soft.”

Max took a bite out of some of Li’s chicken, “This will fix it.”

Jamie laughed at him, “Where’d you guys find him?” He asked quietly, watching Max.

I shrugged, “Someone was throwing him out, so we took him in.” I winked.

After ten-minutes had passed since we finished eating, we started to get into some deeper conversation. Nothing too serious, mostly gossip or light-hearted banter, but it was great to just chill with the rest of the group. Seeing as he’d finished his early evening meal, Max wasted no time in pulling out the six-pack of beer he brought with him. I had no idea how he smuggled that one in, least of all how he snuck it into Connor’s fridge, but there they were, as he pulled them out.

“Who wants one?” Asked Max, taking one for himself.

Connor stood up, “I wouldn’t mind one, thanks.” While Connor seldom ever drank, his parents, being as they were, didn’t object to him having alcohol, as long as he didn’t go crazy and knew his tolerance. He turned to me, “Matt?”

I turned him down. My Coke was all I needed.

Jamie stood up and wandered over, “I’ll take one too, Max.”

Now this was amusing. Jamie had made it clear before that while he had drunk alcohol on occasion, it wasn’t something that he done regularly. Not that his parents would have minded, Noah even told Jamie earlier that evening that he wouldn’t mind, as long as he ‘drank responsibly’ as he put it. But to me, it was going to be a first.

Jamie took one, “Cheers.” He replied, in his British accent, making me laugh. He focused on me, “You sure you don’t want one? Not one bottle?” He offered.

“No, thanks.”

Jamie shrugged, “More for me I guess.”

“Only if someone will let you drink it.” Teased Max, looking at me.

Jamie turned to me, “Can I please have a beer, Matt?”

I laughed, “Go ahead. Just don’t make me carry your sorry ass home later.”

He pried the cap off the top and took a sip, “No promises.”


I must admit that the idea of a drunk Jamie appealed to me on some level. It wasn’t like I was going to ‘molest’ him or anything, but I figured that it’d be amusing to see him like that, just to see how he would act. I very much doubted that he’d get physical or boisterous, instead I guessed that he’d become a comedian, or just start giggling madly. So I was somewhat disappointed when I wasn’t given the chance, when he decided that one bottle was enough.

“I think Matt wants to see me intoxicated.” He teased as we headed into the kitchen to get some drinks, as we’d moved them there with the remainder of the pizza once we’d cleaned up. It was getting close to eight o’clock, so we had around a half-hour before Connor’s parents would return with Adam.

I smiled, “It would have been fun…but then I’d have to look after you, make sure you know where the toilet is, get you home, mop up your sick…” I listed, turning my nose up.

Jamie laughed, “When you put it like that…” He said, giggling, before focusing on me intensely.

I took a double take, “What?”

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” He blurted out.

Blood rushed to my cheeks as I quickly glanced about, “Jamie!” I whispered sternly.

He stepped closer, “It’s true.”

I walked over to the door and closed it, hearing Jamie laugh softly. I faced him, “You sure you’re not drunk?”

He giggled, shaking his head, “I’m just playing with you.” He replied, “You saw how Sarah and Beth are sitting with Max and Con. Neither of them were about to move and get up.” He pointed out. I regarded him curiously, making him giggle again, “I had one beer, come on!”

I smiled, “Well, you are a lightweight.”

He winked, “And you’re still beautiful.”

I stood there, watching him.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked, dumbfounding me with his confidence.

“What? Here?” I exclaimed, looking around.

He took another step forward, “Why not?”

“Cause someone could walk in at any second for one, or wor-“ I spoke, before he placed a finger on my lips.

“Shhh.” He purred, taking my hand. He lead me over to the door, leaning back against it. “Now no-one is going to come in.”

I shuffled on my feet, “I dunno, Jamie.”

He pulled me to him, “Kiss me.”

I stared into his grey pools as I slowly nodded my head, falling closer to him and pressing my lips to his. I gingerly slipped my tongue into his mouth, immediately tasting the beer on his lips. His long fingers raked through my hair. I sighed heavily. I let my hands drop to his waist, sliding them under his shirt so I was touching his bare skin. He was so hot under those clothes. Oh how I wished we were back in bed.

I heard someone turn the door handle before something heavy collided with the other side, pushing Jamie into me slightly. I pulled back lightheaded, drunk of Jamie.

“Are you guys ok?” Came Connor’s voice from the other side.

“Yeah, we’re fine, come in.” Answered Jamie as he straightened out his shirt.

I quickly done the same, to realise I had a massive tent in my jeans. I quickly ran over to the other side of the counter and leant against it, where my waist was hidden from view. I watched as Connor walked in, taking a quick glance about.

“Sorry, Jamie was blocking the door.” I replied, pressing my hip against the cupboard.

Connor looked at us, as he grabbed a few cans of Coke, a grin on his lips, “Uh huh, just try to keep it vertical, yeah?”

Jamie smiled, “Sure, I might just have Matt sit on my lap in a minute too.” He teased.

Connor blushed, “I didn’t make her sit on my lap.”

“You didn’t stop her.” I pointed out.

He opened his mouth, but closed it and shrugged, “And?”

Jamie walked over, patting the top of his back, “I’m pleased for you, Man. Really.”

“Same to you guys.”

“Thanks, Con.” I smiled.

He stood there for a second before picking up the drinks and turning around, “Now I’ll let you two get back to making out.”

I blushed furiously and looked away. I was half expecting Jamie to come out with a retort, given the relaxed mood that he was in, but he managed to control himself, aside from the soft blush appearing on his face.

Connor closed the door behind him as he left, allowing me to step out from behind the counter, causing Jamie to giggle at me, looking at my groin, “Did I do that?”

I nodded, “Yeah, you did.” I replied, watching as he walked toward me, grinning.

“Now where were we?” He asked.

I giggled, “I’ll show you.”

Jamie smiled and closed his eyes, leaning closer.

I moved closer towards him, closing my eyes and pursing my lips, ready for…I opened my eyes half way to see where he was, but found him chewing on a piece of pizza! I pulled back and looked at him, “You bitch!” I called out, slapping his bicep.

“Mmmm.” Came the reply through his full mouth.

I waited until he swallowed, looking up at him expectantly, “Well?”

He glanced at the pizza, “I definitely need to take that guy’s number. This stuff is good.” He answered, bringing the slice to his mouth again.

“Hello? What about me?” I grinned, watching him take another bite.

He swallowed, “Sorry.” He said, before offering the slice to my mouth.

I almost felt like comically putting my hands to my hips I was that unimpressed, but instead I decided to humour him. I leaned forward, lining my open mouth up with the pizza and slowly taking a bite as I stared up into his eyes. I suddenly found the whole thing strangely erotic. Jamie was just giving me some pizza, yet it was super hot. Really hot. Perhaps it was his eyes, the way they focused on me as he offered the slice to my mouth again. I swallowed, leaned in, and took another bite.

“Hehehe, what game is this, ‘Feed the Matt’?” Came Ayo’s voice as he peaked his head around the door.

I jumped backward, quickly chewing before swallowing, “Don’t you knock?” I asked.

“It’s the kitchen, I didn’t know I had to.” He teased, poking his tongue out, before he looked back to the door as Max stepped in, “Which pizza did you want again?” He asked.

Max walked over and inspected them, “That one.” He pointed, as he looked over at us.

I quickly started to blush and turned to Jamie to see him casually munching on the pizza slice as though nothing had happened. He even had the nerve to raise his eyebrows and ask me, “What’s up?”

I stared at him, watching as he focused on the other two, before something faltered on his face. He pulled away the slice of pizza and put it down. I glanced at Ayo and Max as they piled up some more food, and then back to Jamie, “What?” I asked.

He pulled me to one side, “Ayo.”


“The note. It could be Ayo.”

I shook my head, “I’ve already asked him if he’s gay. I don’t think he’d lie for this long.”

Jamie frowned, “Think about it, he’s the only one who hasn’t had a girlfriend since we’ve been together, he guessed that we’re together, AND he’s also cool with it.”

“But so is Connor.” I pointed out, “It’s just a coincidence.”

“And…” He began, “He’s been quite…close to me recently.”

“How d’ya mean?” I asked.

“With this whole, ‘Call of Duty’ thing on the Xbox.”

I glanced over at Ayo, “Well you are the only other guy who plays the game as much as he does.” I faced Jamie, “It doesn’t feel right, Ayo’s a friend, a good friend. He wouldn’t do this.”

Jamie sighed, “Someone’s sending the notes, Matt. I just don’t know who else it could be.”

I looked over at Ayo again, watching as Max left the room, “We’ll ask him.” I replied, as I looked at him, clearing my throat, “Ayo, can we talk to you for a second?” I asked.

“Sure.” He replied, as he made his way over.

I watched him carefully, examining each of his movements, exposing him to the best of my gaydar.

“What’s the matter?” He asked.

“Are you gay?”

He laughed, before noticing my expression, “Are you serious?”

I nodded.

“No, no, I’m not.” He frowned, “You know that, why, what’s going on?”

I pulled the note out of my pocket, handing it to him, “Is this yours?” I asked, noting Jamie looking at me, probably wondering where I’d gotten the note.

He read it closely, “Um, no.” He looked up at us, “Where did you get this?”

I glanced at Jamie. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that Ayo didn’t send it.

“Erm…it’s a long story.” I began, not sure if Jamie wanted me to tell him about it just yet.

Ayo looked at us questioningly, before we all turned and looked down the hall as the front door opened, revealing Terry stepping through the door.

“Hey, guys!” He called out.

We greeted him too, walking over to the door. Jamie leaned closer to me, “You took the note?” He asked, “I thought I threw it in the trash.”

“You did. I took it and put it in my pocket.” I replied, “I just forgot to take it out.”

He frowned, “Why did you keep it?”

“So we can show it to the guys, besides, there might be some way we can use it.” I replied.

Jamie giggled, “I think you watch too much CSI, Matt.”

I looked at him, shaking my head and grinning.


Soon after Connor’s parents arrived home, Li and the girls signalled that they had better head home, something that became a fact when Li’s dad arrived in his car to drop them all off. Jamie and I quickly began to tease Connor about the look on his face once Beth had left, but that was cut short when I glanced at Ayo, catching the expression of concern on his face.

We were up in Connor’s room, winding down for the night when I nudged Jamie, pulling him to the side, “Did you want to tell them about the notes?” I asked, holding the note out to him.

He took it from me and nodded, “Yeah, we should.”

“Hey, if you two wanna head off, we won’t mind…” Began Connor, talking to Jamie and me.

“We’ll just tease you while you’re not here.” Finished Max.

I offered him a small smile before we headed over to the couch where the guys were. I glanced at Jamie, where he nodded again. I took in a breath, “Guys, there’s something you need to know.”

They looked up at us, frowns on their faces.

“Someone’s been putting notes in Jamie’s locker.” I said, “We don’t know who it is, all we know is that it’s a guy and that…he has a thing for Jamie.”

“What d’ya mean ‘a thing’?” Asked Max, “Someone fancies him? Another guy?”

Jamie nodded, handing him the note, “Yeah. Another guy.”

They were silent for a few seconds, looking down at the note and musing it over in their minds. Connor spoke up, “I didn’t even know there were any other gay guys in our school.” He said, “I mean, those who are out.”

“Yeah…” I began, sharing a look with Jamie, pulling the note from my pocket, “But that’s not all. Whoever it is, they obviously know that Jamie and I are together.”

“I haven’t told anyone.” Spoke Max almost immediately, “About you two being gay.”

“Neither have I.” Added Ayo.

Connor nodded in agreement, “Do either of you know who it could be?”

I shrugged, “I thought it could be Jon, but he’s got a girlfriend-“

“And?” Interrupted Ayo, “He could be bisexual.”

Max shook his head, “Not Jon. I don’t think he’s gay, or bi.”

“You didn’t know Matt was gay.” Said Ayo, “So Jon could be.”

I sat down on one of the beanbags, “I dunno. It’s all messed up. Why go through all the hassle?”

“Exactly.” Agreed Connor, “Why doesn’t he just come out and ask Jamie.”

“Perhaps he can’t.” Began Ayo, “Not everyone has parents like yours, Con.”

“True, but he obviously knows that we’re gay.” Said Jamie, sighing, “It’s so frustrating.”

Max sipped some of his beer, “It’s not like he can out you two.” He said, “Maybe it’s something you shouldn’t worry about.” He added, pausing, “Besides, it’s not like you’re alone. We’ll be there if anything messes up.”

I smiled at him, appreciating how he was trying to calm me down, but my mind had different thoughts. I’d read many stories online where another gay guy comes along, and it
always ended up badly. I could almost see this guy trying to blackmail us in some way. He would threaten to out us unless…unless I gave up Jamie or something as equally as messed up. I glanced at the guys sitting there, my mind easing some. Even so, they were simply stories. I just had to keep reminding myself of that.

But it was easier said than done…

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