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American Differences
-By Emulated

Chapter 31: The Prom

My hair had NEVER caused me as much trouble as it did that afternoon. Seriously, it always managed to ‘behave’ itself, but on that night, that special night, it just didn’t want to work with me. I pressed down the twenty-something strands of hair again, only to watch them ‘bounce’ back up as soon as I let go. Dammit!

“Matt? You done yet?” Called my dad from the other side of the bathroom door.

“Argh, almost!” I replied, wrestling with the hair again.

“Jamie’s going to be here in five minutes.”

“What?” I paused, “What’s the time?”

“Almost six.”

I looked at my reflection and cursed. I wet my fingers and lightly dabbed at the hair, hoping it would stick. I quickly flicked my hair over to the left, finding that it was all sitting nicely.
Finally. “Ok, I’m coming now.” I called out, walking to the door and opening it, finding Mum and Dad standing there.

Mum looked me over as Dad held out my tie. A tie that he had already made for me. I took it from him, doing up the top button of my shirt, before placing it over my head. I fixed it in place, tightening it, before fixing my collar, only to have Mum step forward and fix it some more. I stood there and let her finish, finding it odd to have her dressing me, but thankful that I wouldn’t look a fool.

She pulled back and grinned, “You look so handsome.”

I smiled up at her, “Thanks, Mum.” Over the past month, she had really started to come out of her ‘shell’, if you will. My coming out really threw her and created some sort of barrier between us that seemed impenetrable. But over time, something continuously gnawed away at it, until it had virtually dissipated altogether. That was where we stood at that moment. Things were much better between us. She was back to treating me as ‘Matt Blake’. And that meant everything to me.


I glanced down the stairs at the door, “That must be Jamie.”

They nodded, “Want me to get it?” Teased Dad.

I shook my head, flashing him a brief smile before I went down the stairs and over to the door. I stood there for a second, seeing Jamie’s blurred image through the small, frosted window before I reached out and opened it. There he stood. 5’10” of pure American hotness. I eyed the smart ebony suit he wore with interest, grinning at how it just seemed to hug his form so closely, following the contours of his shoulders. He had the front open, granting me a peek inside. Beneath he was wearing this beautiful champagne-coloured waistcoat, on top of a pearly white dress shirt. Shifting my eyes lower, I found his trousers fit him perfectly, along with his black shoes, which were glistening in the light of late afternoon.

I think I stared at Jamie for a whole minute before I actually spoke to him. He looked
INCREDIBLE! Ok, he always looked incredible, but in a suit…wow! My eyes rose up to meet the grin on his lips.

“You look amazing.” He spoke softly.

I flashed him a smile, “You too.” I replied, before my eyes took in a new sight, “You cut your hair?” Actually it looked to be around the same length, only it had a whole different style to it. It was kinda ‘flicked’ over to the side, but not too much. It appeared smart while also being classy too.

“Do you like it?” He asked cutely.

I nodded, “I love it.” I replied, pushing away thoughts of me ‘playing’ with it later on.

“Aren’t you going to let him come in, Matt?” Came Mum’s voice behind me.

“What? Oh, sure, come in, Jamie.” I stammered, stepping aside.

He stepped in, smiling at my parents, “Hi, Monica, Joe.” He greeted, nodding at them.

“Aren’t you dressed up like quite the gentlemen, Jamie?” Remarked Mum.

He blushed, instantly bringing a smile to my face, “Thanks.” He said.

I closed the door, “So, we gotta be at Connor’s for half-six?” I asked.

He nodded, “Mom and Dad are going to meet us there…” He began, turning to my parents, “They want to take pictures of us outside the Hummer.”

“Yes, I remember Noah talking about that earlier.” Spoke Dad, before he produced our camera from his pocket, “We’ll be getting a few too.”

I groaned inwardly. I didn’t mind the odd photograph, but I could easily imagine all the other parents crowding Connor’s driveway as they had us lined up against the car, taking far too many photos. And then, hours later, they’d all be easily accessible on
Facebook no doubt. Including all the ‘you-caught-me-at-a-bad-moment’ ones. Lovely!

Seeing as we’d benefit from getting there early, I hurried up getting ready and we set off for Connor’s house. We’d decided on his house as a meeting point as he didn’t live on the busiest of roads, while it also being quite large. In addition to this, everyone knew where it was, so we didn’t have to worry about anyone getting lost.

We were scheduled to get into the Hummer at half-six, while the prom was scheduled to begin at half-seven. For the hour in between, we were going to be chauffeured around the town and neighbouring villages, before we were to finally be dropped off at the Prom’s venue, which was in a large hotel near to one of the villages. I’d never been to the hotel myself, but my school’s Proms had always been held there, so there must have been some lingering appeal.

We arrived at Connor’s house to find most of the guys and girls already there. It seemed that we were waiting for Max, Dean, and his girlfriend Tanya to arrive. Mum and Dad headed over to Connor’s parents, while Jamie and I headed over to Ayo, grinning at the other familiar face standing next to him.

“Wow, you guys look so handsome!” Remarked Tanisha, grinning at us.

We both blushed, “Uhh, thanks.” Replied Jamie.

“So how are you?” I asked, “I haven’t seen you in ages.” I quickly recalled that the last time I had seen her was a few days after I had moved back home again. Ayo had invited both Jamie and me over, which finally gave her the chance for them to meet.

“I’m great thanks. How are you two?” She asked, lowering her voice, “Still deeply in love?”

I coughed and looked away. She had a way of making us squirm.

Ayo nudged her, “Stop that, you’re embarrassing them.”

I smiled, thanking him before looking his suit over closely. I leaned closer, “Look at you! Guess Jamie and I aren’t the only handsome ones here.”

“Shhh!” He warned, blushing. It was easy to make him squirm too.

“Hey, Guys!”

I turned around to see Connor walking over, with Adam and Josh in tow. “Hey yourself.” I replied, glancing at his short-spiked up hair, “Nice hair.”

“Thanks.” He replied, giggling slightly, “Ahh, can’t wait for tonight.”

I watched as he all but danced on the spot, “Hehehe, chill, Con.” I glanced over to the girls, Beth and Sophie, as they stood there chatting to Jon. Beth waved at us, “Looking good, boys!”

I gave her a thumbs up, “You too!”

She giggled softly, as my focus returned to Connor, “Guess we’re all excited, huh?”

He started to nod, before his eyes widened, “Oh! Yes! There’s our baby!”

I spun around, watching as the black stretch Hummer turned into the street and approached the house. We were all speechless as it stopped outside. The limousine was MASSIVE! The pictures online didn’t give the beast of a car the justice it deserved. A true predator of the highway.

“That’s freaking amazing!” Came Dean’s voice, as he, Max, and Tanya appeared, followed by their parents.

I leaned close to Jamie’s ear, eyeing the car, “You Americans do everything big, don’t you?”

He laughed, “We try.”

The driver got out of the car and walked over to Terry, chatting with him while Amanda headed over to us, carrying her camera, “You all look so lovely today.”

“Thanks, Mum!” Called out Connor, making us laugh.

“You’re welcome.” She said, before waving the camera, “If you don’t all mind, I think we all want to take some photos before you all head off.” She added, noticing the other parents pulling out cameras. Noah, Sue and Sam appeared at this point, making Jamie groan slightly.

I giggled, “You’re not getting away that easily.”

He groaned again.

“Actually, why don’t you all stand up against the limo.” She added.

We all shuffled over to the beast and stood alongside it, getting into some sort of a pose. The parents crowded in front of us, their cameras at the ready. Josh was there with his phone pointing at us, with Adam doing the same with the new phone he’d gotten for his birthday. Great.
Facebook mug shot in 3,2,1…

“Say cheese!”


The cameras flashed, taking far too long in my opinion. I didn’t mind one photo, or even a couple, but I couldn’t hold a smile forever! I could feel my cheeks beginning to strain before they stopped, glancing down and looking at their cameras, at the pictures they’d taken.

The driver had opened the door at the back of the limo, and we started to pile in. Sarah went in first, followed by Max. Jon, Dean, Tanya, and Sophie followed them. Then Ayo, me, and Jamie entered, before Connor and Beth followed us in at the end.

“Have a great time guys!” “See you later!” “Bye!” Came the voices of our parents, before the driver closed the door, blocking out their sounds.

We all took a quick moment to marvel at the insides of the car. It was very chic and modern. Dark, leather upholstery, a special ceiling with a ‘starry sky’ effect, a large flatscreen TV (large for being in a car), and even a Playstation! A little window rolled down from the driver’s section as he grinned back at us. He briefly explained what we can and can’t do. Nothing we didn’t expect, although Max seemed a little put out that he wasn’t allowed to stick his head out of the sunroof. But he just laughed it off. Seconds later, with a CD in the music system, and the driver sealed away in the front, the limo pulled away. It was time for the Prom.


As we drove around the town and local area, the speakers banging out the music, I couldn’t help but keep checking Jamie out. I still hadn’t gotten over how AMAZING he looked in a suit. Honestly, if he had walked into class like that on his first day, I’d probably have pounced on him there and then. He caught my stares, returning them with a wink as he leaned closer, “You clean up real good, Matt.”

I glanced around the car, making sure everyone’s eyes were elsewhere before I blew a kiss at Jamie, “Yeah, I love you too.” I replied.

He put an arm over my shoulder and drew me close briefly. He didn’t hold it that long, only a few seconds, but it instantly got my heart racing a little. I loved having him close to me.

“Anyone want a drink?” Called out Max, as he fished out some cans of Pepsi from a little fridge beneath the TV.


“Yeah, pass some back.”

Max started to pass them around, before he took one and started to unzip Sarah’s bag.

“What are you doing?” She asked, snatching it back.

He looked at her, “Putting this in there.”

“Why would I want to carry that around?” She asked, “You can get drinks at the place.”

He proceeded to place the can in her bag, with little resistance, “I can, but I ain’t paying a fiver for one.”

I leaned over to Jamie, “Where’s your bag?”

He didn’t say anything, but clenched his jaw slightly.

I giggled, “Did I hit a nerve?”

He turned to me, “I’m going to get you back for that later.”

“Don’t tease me.”

He patted my thigh, before he picked up the case belonging to the CD that was playing and read the back of the track list.

A few minutes later we started going down these smaller country roads. I dreaded to think what the view was like upfront, knowing how wide the limo was, but it seemed that the venue wasn’t that far out. The limo started to slow, before we felt it turn to the right. I glanced out of the windows, seeing other cars and limousines parked up, students from my year walking about all dressed up. We had arrived.

The limo came to a complete stop outside the front of the hotel. Beth, who was sitting closest to the door, swivelled around and got out, followed closely by Connor. Jamie was next, and I followed. I stepped out, blinking a few times from the brightness, before I turned around and looked at the hotel. It was relatively large. Not overtly so, but more than enough for us. It was somewhat of an older building too, but in a good way that retained some modern aspect to it. Sharing a quick glance at Jamie, we wandered over to the entrance.

Mr Watson, our head of year, was there, looking rather…casual. It was a little puzzling at first, I couldn’t quite figure out what was different about him. Sure he was still wearing his suit, albeit a different suit, but he lacked that ‘I’m the boss’ kinda aura. He seemed more like one of us.

He smiled at us as we walked towards him, “It’s good to see you all here.” He spoke, before handing us these little tickets.

“You too, Sir.” Replied Max, “You here to show us your moves on the dance floor?”

He laughed, “We’ll see.” He spoke, before gesturing to the tickets, “You get a free drink with these, just show it at the bar.”

Max let out a laugh, obviously giddy at how he also had the hidden can of Pepsi in Sarah’s bag.

Sarah nudged him forward and into the hotel. We followed them in and through a set of double doors, where music could be heard playing behind a second set of doors. We passed through them as we entered into quite a large room. I say room, but it was more like a hall, only it didn’t have a high ceiling. Quite a few people were already there, including many of our teachers. Around the room, dotted about, were several large circular tables, each having several seats each. At the front of the room was a DJ, speakers, and his equipment. Immediately in front of him was a generously sized dance floor, vacant at that particular moment. To the left of the room was a bar, where I noticed Mr Pierce chatting to one of the other English teachers. At the back of the room were many tables, each full of plates of food, more than enough to feed everyone there. And finally, over to the right of the room was a large set of glass, sliding doors, with access to the patio and gardens.

I turned to face Jamie, but already caught sight of Max holding a paper plate, picking up some food. I shared a look with Sarah and shrugged, before focusing on my boyfriend, “Pretty cool, don’t you think?”

He nodded, “It’s better than what I thought.”

I glanced over at the other guys, seeing that they had quickly begun to disperse about, chatting to the other students there. I placed a hand on Jamie’s shoulder, getting his attention, “Lets go check outside.”


We skirted around the tables and headed towards the sliding doors. We reached them and stepped outside onto the patio, thankful for the warm weather and evening sun. The large, green gardens were lovely. I could easily begin to see why this was a popular venue for weddings. The whole garden area was surrounded by high, neatly cut hedges, which helped give a ‘cosy’ feel to the place. As we walked about, behind some of the trees, and towards the further end of the garden, we found that you could no longer see the hotel. A plus in my opinion as it gave anyone there some privacy. No doubt that’d be a ‘hot spot’ later that night.

Continuing further away, partially hidden from the patio, was a medium-sized pond, with a bridge going across it. It was so romantic. More so when we stood on the bridge. I leant my back against the stone ledge, my eyes on Jamie’s.

“Not bad, is it?” I asked.

He continued to stare at me, giving me his best Jamie stare.

I looked away, down into the pond, still feeling his gaze on me, “What?”

“You. You’re so perfect.”

Checking the surroundings, finding we were alone, I smiled back, “You too.”

Jamie stepped forward, raising his hand to my face, before he dropped it suddenly at the sound of a girl laughing nearby. Li’s laughter. We glanced over to the trees, watching as she came into view, followed by a couple of guys. She noticed us, on the bridge and headed over.

“Wow, isn’t this something?”

Jamie nodded, “Yeah, it’s pretty cool.”

She stood there for a moment, glancing down at the fish swimming about in the water below, “Pierce is over at the bar,” She began, turning to look at us, “You should go say ‘hi’ to him. Mr Franklin is there too, you must remember him.”

I laughed, “Really? Franklin?”

“Who’s he?” Asked Jamie.

“Some teacher we had a few years back. Funny as hell.” I replied, glancing at him, “Lets go see them.”

He nodded, flashing me a toothy grin, making me tingle, “Sure.”

We headed back inside and went over to Mr Pierce, where he sat at one of the tables. We drew up some chairs and made some small talk for a while. During which, it felt weird to be so casual around him. We always had a joke about in class, but there was still the invisible barrier that meant we had limits to what we could say and do, but at the Prom, everything seemed to be a lot more relaxed. I only wished school was more like that, wondering if perhaps things in sixth form would be more to my liking.

“So, who are you two with this evening?” He asked, before smiling, “Or did you have to make do with each other?”

I feigned a hurt look as I gripped onto Jamie’s arm, “He’s not that bad!”

Pierce laughed, sipping some of his Coke, “Jamie, you have my sympathy.”

“Thanks.” He replied, “Matt can be a real pain in the ass at times.”

“And Jamie can be a real bitch too.” I retorted, much to Pierce’s amusement.

“Ok, I don’t want you two wrestling each other, so play nicely.”

“He started it.” I grinned.

Jamie poked his tongue out at me.

“Don’t make me call Watson over.” Warned Pierce.

“Anything but Watson.” I giggled, before calming down, looking at Pierce, “You’re happy to see us go, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” He immediately answered, before slowly shaking his head, “It’s hard.” He mused, “Like I said last week, I’ve known you all for so long, watched you coming in as children, and leaving as adults.” He pointed at Max, who was messing around with Dean and Jon, “Not everyone left as adults though.”

I laughed again, but couldn’t help notice the small hint of misery in his voice.

“Hey, it’s not like we’re all leaving.” Spoke Jamie, “We’ll be back next year.”

“Shh! I’m trying to picture school without having to run a form all the time.”

I grinned, “It’ll be very boring.”

We sat there talking to Pierce for a while longer, before I decided that I’d better go see Franklin, seeing as I hadn’t seen him in a couple of years. If anything, I was curious to see if he was the same. So after a few minutes, we excused ourselves and wandered over.

“Sir!” I called out, as we approached him.

Mr Franklin turned around, his dark eyes examining me for a moment, before his expression softened, “Matthew.” He replied, offering his hand, “You’ve changed a lot.” He smiled, “Last time I saw you, you were this high.” He held his hands a few inches above my head. Yeah, he hadn’t changed one bit.

I shook his hand and shared a look with Jamie, “See, Jamie. He’s always trying to be funny.”

Franklin faced my boyfriend, “Jamie, Jamie, Jamie…” He repeated, his brow knitted in thought, “You must have joined this lot after I left.”

Jamie nodded, “I started this year.”

“An American?” He exclaimed, glancing at me, “Since when did your class become so cool?”

“Haha, we’ve always been cool. You just cramped our style.”

Franklin laughed, “I always said I was the most disruptive in class.” He spoke.

“Pierce is good at that.” Pointed out Jamie.

I shook my head, “Not as much as this guy.”

“Hey, Jamie!” Called out someone from our left. I glanced over at the small group of guys across the room. I only recognised one of them, Jacob. He was cool, but also a little quiet. He was in Jamie’s music class, a class that we didn’t share together.

Jamie turned to us, “I’m going to go say ‘hi’.” He spoke, shaking Franklin’s hand, “Good to meet you.”

“You too.” Nodded Franklin.

Jamie focused on me, “See you in a bit.”

I paused for a second, gazing into his eyes. A smile formed on my face, “Sure.”

He nodded at us, before he turned and headed across the room, my eyes following him.

“So how’s things been, Matt? Anything new?” Came Franklin’s voice.

I smiled, glancing over at Jamie across the room again, catching him looking back at me, “Yeah, a few new things.”

“All good things I hope.” He added, sipping his drink.

I nodded, “Yep, they’re good.” I replied. And for a few seconds I wondered what it would have been like to have told him what it was that was so good. Franklin was a cool guy, I’m sure that he wouldn’t have cared. Maybe surprised, but definitely not angry. Even with this in my mind, I still couldn’t make that commitment. Jamie had made it clear several times that he was a lot further along about being out than I was. Perhaps he’d even be out, if it wasn’t for my reluctance. But that was me a few months before, after having returned home and found tolerance in my parents. Since then, I’d been thinking a lot about being out, being free, being me.

Being Matthew Blake was easy, wait, it was easy, but it had been getting a lot harder. I’d read somewhere that being closeted is like wearing a mask. If that was the case, then my mask was fractured, pieces completely missing in places. Hell, I was practically holding it up to my face with my hands, keeping it together. I needed to let go. I wanted to let go. To let my arms fall to my sides, the mask slipping off my face, shattering beyond recognition on the floor. Why couldn’t I do that?


Catching up with Mr Franklin was great. He really was a fantastic guy, and a fantastic teacher too. It was just a shame that we only had him for two years. Still, after having shared a long chat, I stood up and went over to where Ayo was sitting, next to a laughing Li.

“You two seem happy over here, should I leave you alone?” I asked.

Li focused on me, “And what is that supposed to mean?”

I shrugged, winking at her, “Nothing.”

“Speaking of happy,” She began, flicking her head to the other side of the room, “I see Jamie’s quite content over there.”

I sighed, “I know. I miss him.” I spoke, keeping my voice below the music.

Li laughed, “Then go over there and steal him back. He’s your boyfriend, not theirs.”

It was my turn to laugh, “He’s alright, good to see him chilling out with other people.” I replied.

“What’s wrong with us?” Teased Ayo.

“Nothing, but it’s better he has his own group of friends, you know. Otherwise he’d be stuck with me all the time.”

“Like you wouldn’t love that.” Said Li knowingly.

I grinned, “I would, but I want him to have a life too.”

“You love him too much.”

“I didn’t think that was possible.”

“What’s possible?” Came Connor’s voice as he sat down beside me.

I smiled, “You and Beth making out on that bridge when the sun goes down.”

He laughed, as Ayo pointed to the glass doors, “The sun’s already down.”

“Well then, no need for me to ask where you’ve been.” I commented.

He shook his head, “We were just outside.” He gestured over to the door, which led out to the hall, “They have a photographer here and stuff.”

My ears perked up. I remembered the teachers mentioning something about that a few weeks back that a photographer was going to be at the Prom to take photos of us. Moreover, they said that he’d print the photos there and then, so we could take them away with us.

“You want to go get one done of us?” I asked him.

He glanced at Li and Ayo, “We could. Just gotta get the other guys here first.”

I nodded, catching sight of Jamie, “Sure, I’ll get Jamie, you go get Beth, Sarah and Max.”

“Sure.” He replied, standing up, “We’ll be back in a few.” He said, looking down at the other two.

“Why, where are you guys going?” Asked Ayo.

“To get the rest of the clan.” I replied, before heading across the room, over to Jamie. He was sitting down at one of the tables with Jacob and a few other guys I recognised from sight. Jacob noticed me heading over, flicking his head in my direction to cause Jamie to turn around.

“Hey, Matt.” He grinned.

“Hey.” I replied, “Can we borrow you for a little while?”

He sat back, “Depends, who’s ‘we’?”

“Well, me and the rest of the guys.” I answered, “Please?”

He gave me this cute little smile, before turning towards Jacob and the guys, “Duty calls, I’ll see you guys later.”

“Sure, see you.” He replied, knocking his fist with Jamie’s, as he stood up.

I watched as he turned to me and headed over, “So, what do you want me for?” He asked.

“A photo.”

“Oh, yeah, Rob said something about that.” He replied.

I raised an eyebrow, wondering who Rob was.

“The guy sitting next to Jacob.” Replied Jamie, sensing my confusion.

“The cute one?” I teased.

His nose wrinkled, “If you say so.”

I nudged him as we arrived back at our table, finding Max, Sarah and Beth already there. We hovered around for a moment, before we all stood up and walked out into the hall. There was a small queue outside a door, which I assumed led to where the photographs were being taken.

“Hey,” Began Jamie, tugging on me lightly, “We should get one done of us.” The ‘us’ being Jamie and myself.

I glanced over at Dean and Tanya, who were ahead of us in the queue, watching how she laid back in his arms as they stood there. I faced him, “I dunno.”

“Why not?” He asked, “No one else can see them being taken.”

“Uhh, I don’t know, Jamie.”

“Please?” He all but begged, “I don’t have a photo of us together.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Yeah you do. You have the one on your phone.

“I mean a proper one.” He said, as the queue shortened, Dean and Tanya going in through the doors.

“It IS a proper one.” I replied, reaching for his pocket.

He jumped from the contact, “Hehehe, you trying to frisk me?”

“I’m trying to get your phone.”

He turned sideways, offering his pocket, “There.”

I glanced around the hall, noting that everyone else was preoccupied, before I let my hand slip inside. My fingers found his phone, but I made out I hadn’t felt it, letting my hand press against the fabric.

“Matt!” Warned Jamie, “What you looking for? Oil?”

I laughed, securing my grip on the phone and pulling it out, “Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.”

“Couldn’t help sexually harassing me?”

“Was I harassing you?” I asked, searching through his pictures, before stopping on one I hadn’t seen before. A grin formed on my lips. It was a shirtless one of Jamie aiming the camera at a mirror. He looked really good.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

I flashed the screen at him, “Your entry for cute-twink-pics.com.”

His mouth dropped slightly, before he snatched back the phone, “I’m NOT a twink!” He whispered.

I squeezed his bicep, “Could’ve fooled me.”

He pulled his arm away, “Bitch.”

I winked at him, before the door opened. Dean and Tanya exited, flashing us their photos as they walked passed us, as we started to enter inside. The room was quite large, with a ‘flowery’ backdrop at one end, with lights facing it, and a table with a computer and printer set up. There was one guy standing there holding a camera, he looked up at us as we entered.

“Don’t we have a handsome lot here?” Spoke the somewhat flamboyant photographer.

Jamie nudged me, “I don’t think we’ll have any trouble with our photo.”


Jamie nodded to the photographer, “My gaydar is tingling like mad.”

I laughed, “Be nice.”

“I always am.”

As soon as we were all standing in front of the backdrop, the photographer came over and positioned us, thankfully keeping Jamie and I together over to the right. The girls were in front of us, as the rest of the guys surrounded them. The man stood back, “Ok, you all ready?”


He raised the camera to his eye, “Ok, 3,2,1, say ‘cheese’!”


The camera flashed, taking the photo. He quickly took one more, before letting us stand in a more natural way, as he headed over to the printer. We quickly ordered our prints and watched them come out as we paid him. Once mine was done, and put into a card booklet, I pulled it close and looked at it. We were a handsome lot. And quite a diverse group too!

“Thank you all for stopping by, I hope you have a fantastic night.” Spoke the photographer as we drifted over to the door, “If you could just send in the next people as you leave, that’d be great.”

“No problem.” Called out Max, as he reached for the door.

“Actually, Jamie and I are going get a photo…” I trailed off, the guys all nodding quickly. Beth nodded too. Although she didn’t know about our relationship, I guess she didn’t see anything odd about two friends having a photo together. Actually, standing there in that room made me wonder why we hadn’t told her about us. I mean, we’d told everyone else in our group, but not her. Perhaps it was because we didn’t see her that often, or that she had only begun to hang around with us more often since dating Connor. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it was something I was going to bring it up with Jamie later.

“Sure, we’ll be back in the hall.” Replied Connor, as he led them out of the room.

Once they’d left, the photographer turned his attention to us, “You two staying for more?”

Jamie nodded, “Yes, just us.”

He walked over, “If you two would like to stand opposite each other like this…” He began, before positioning us. He placed me opposite Jamie, facing inwards, about a foot away from him. The guy smiled and stood back, lifting his camera.

Jamie took a step towards me, “Uh, actually, we’re together.”

I almost jumped at that statement. I knew it was coming, but admitting it to a stranger felt…weird. And oddly exhilarating at the same time. I looked over at the photographer, watching his reaction.

He lowered the camera, watching us for a moment before a look of realisation flowed over his face, “Oh, do excuse me, I didn’t realise.” He spoke, stepping forward.

He pushed us closer together, so now our sides were touching. “Ok, now put your arm around there…and your arm around…yep, like that.” He instructed. “Ok, now if you lean your heads slightly…fantastic.” He grinned, stepping back, “You two look great.” He smiled, lifting his camera. “Ok, now say ‘sexy’.”

Jamie and I laughed, “Sexy.” We called out, as the camera flashed, capturing the moment.

After paying the man, we anxiously awaited the two printouts. I kept on glancing at Jamie, a huge smile on my lips every time his eye caught mine. I was feeling pretty damn good. As soon as the first printout was done we both crowded over it, examining it closely.

A few seconds passed, before Jamie spoke first, “It’s beautiful.” He said softly.

I nodded, letting my fingertips brush over the image. It was perfect, so very perfect. “Yeah, it is.”


After we met up with the guys in the hall, making sure our photos were stored away from prying eyes (they took the vacant space used by Max’s Pepsi in Sarah’s bag), we grabbed some food and began to eat. I was surprised by the variety of food available. There were small slices of pizza, fries, crisps- chips as Jamie calls them, burgers, hot dogs- wieners as I called them to tease Jamie, and tonnes of other things. Oh, and Sarah was pleased with the salad, she made sure to tell us that. So with our bellies becoming full, and Coke all around, we sat back and chatted to each other around one of the large tables.

While it was great to see Mr Franklin, and even Mr Pierce at the Prom, it was equally as special to be around the guys and girls. Aside from the people who were going to come back the following year, I’d probably never see some of them again. At least not in a school environment. But hey, that’s how things happen, people come and go, but as long as Jamie was near, I couldn’t see any problems on the horizon.

Once we’d finished eating, including the ice cream for dessert, we continued to chill out at our table, shifting it ever so slightly so we could be next to Dean and his group next to us. There were quite a few people sitting down, but over the past twenty-minutes or so, more and more were up dancing on the dance floor. Ok, perhaps there were ten people up there at the most, but it was still something. I watched them closely, noticing Jacob up there dancing with some girl who I’d assumed was his girlfriend, given their closeness. They were quite a cute couple, something that immediately reminded me about the photo. I smiled and looked over at them moving on the dance floor, trying to picture Jamie and me in their place, moving with the music.

I looked over at my American beauty, catching him looking back at me. He watched me for a moment and leaned close, “I’d really like to dance with you right now.”

Once again I glanced at the dance floor, and then peered into his grey depths, into his soul, “Me too.” I replied, wishing that our situation was different, wishing that we could have that opportunity.

We broke the eye contact and looked away. I sipped some of my Coke, my eyes catching Connor staring at me, before whispering something to Ayo, whose face was one of excitement and dare. I watched as he turned to him, “You sure?” He mouthed, over the sound of the music. Connor nodded in return, before leaning over and talking to Li, seemingly telling her the same thing, given the same face she pulled, before looking at me.


Connor winked before he stood up, looking down at Ayo, “Want to dance?” He asked, offering his hand.

I nudged Jamie, making sure he was taking this in.

“Sure.” Replied Ayo, taking his hand and following him over to the sparsely populated dance floor. I stared intently as they stood opposite each other, one hand on each other’s hip, before they started to sway with the music, holding back giggles.

“What the hell!?” Called out Dean, before laughing, “Those guys are crazy!”

I was about to agree, wondering what they were up to, before Li brushed past me, holding onto Sarah’s hand. ‘Now what are THEY doing?’ I thought, giggling at them.

“Come on, I ain’t missing out on this!” Came Max’s voice as he stood up, dragging Dean.

Dean laughed again, standing up, “You seem way too eager!”

“Come on!” Insisted Max.

Dean shrugged, “I’m coming!”

Jamie and I giggled, wondering what had gotten into them. I looked back out and watched them dancing, before Connor’s eyes flicked over at me, and then flicking his head over to the dance floor, “Dance.” He mouthed. Li was giving us similar looks, along with Max too. Jamie turned around, his eyes on mine when it all clicked. They weren’t dancing with each other to simply mess about, they were dancing for us.

Jamie stood up, not breaking the eye contact.

I stared up at him, the world around me droned out as I focused in on my boyfriend.

“Would you like to dance?” He asked softly, offering his hand.

I interlaced my fingers with his and nodded, “I’d like that.”

We walked over to the dance floor, hand in hand. Forget the earlier sketch with the photographer, walking up to that dance floor was the most exhilarating thing I’d ever done. Knowing that everyone’s eyes were on us, eyes of our friends, peers, and teachers made the pounding of my heart intense. My legs almost gave out several times, but Jamie’s constant pull on my hand kept me going as he led me over to an empty spot. He spun around, his perfect smile lighting up his face. I smiled back, getting lost in his eyes. Time seemed to have frozen in place, just like the first time we kissed. I jumped slightly when his hand gripped my hip, before I did the same to him. He nodded slightly and we started to move gently with the music.

The first few seconds were demanding, but after that I quickly became accustomed to the dancing, even somewhat used to people watching. I eyed the other guys on the dance floor, seeing that they were still together, ensuring that Jamie and I didn’t look out of place. Connor caught my stare, winking at me. “Thank you.” I mouthed. He nodded, flashing me a small smile. I owed that guy so much. Jamie moved his mouth to my ear.

“This is amazing.”

I smiled, “Yeah, it is.”

After a few minutes, the music slowed as a love-song came on. I glanced over at the DJ. Clearly he wanted to see how we responded to this. I was a little unsure at first, before Jamie turned my shoulders, facing Connor and Ayo. They were much closer together now, with Con resting his head on Ayo’s shoulder.

I watched as Con’s hand slipped to his ass, before Ayo reached down and pulled it back up to his waist.

I laughed softly, as I clutched onto Jamie tighter, closing my eyes. In that moment it was just us. We weren’t at a Prom, or on a dance floor, we were simply together. And nothing mattered.

I felt his mouth next to my ear again, “I love you, Matt.”

“I love you too, Jamie.” I whispered back.

We pulled apart, as I stared into his eyes, sensing the end of the song, what later became our song. I felt my eyelids closing, my mouth agape…it felt so right…so real and natural. I needed to kiss him. I felt his breath tickling the side of my face as I leaned closer. Soo close…before I stumbled to the side, Jamie catching me.

“Easy, Matt.” He said, grinning, “Too much to drink I think.”

I stared at him, my eyes semi-open. I was this close to kissing him. THIS close. My face flushed as I looked down, seeing where his foot was, before he quickly pulled it back. He tripped me up. He stopped us from kissing. I stared up at him, a small frown on my face.

“Give it up for our couples for the evening!” Called out the DJ over the speakers.

The audience started to clap for us, bringing me into reality. A hint of embarrassment touched me, before I turned to Jamie again, the frown still on my face. Why the hell did he do that? I asked myself, as we made our way over to the table. I sat down in my chair, before I immediately stood up.

“Just gonna go get some air.” I spoke, as I headed towards the doors. I pulled them apart and stepped outside, finding that it was quite a nice temperature out there. The sun had long set, but there were a few small lights outside, illuminating parts of the garden. I stepped off the patio and onto the grass, walking behind the trees ahead of me. I continued forwards until I found the pond with the bridge. I stepped onto it, looking down at the illuminated water, seeing the small fish swim about. I let out a sigh, finding myself touched by sadness. In my one moment to show the world who I am, he went and took it away from me. It could have been perfect. I could have finally come out, to everyone. I could have shown them the real me, shown them that I didn’t care what they thought, shown them-

“I thought I’d find you here.”

I jumped back, seeing Jamie walk up onto the bridge. I narrowed my eyes at him, “Why did you do that?” I asked.

He frowned, “Do what?”

“You know what I mean!” I retorted, rather harshly.

He leant against the side of the bridge, remaining silent for a moment. “You’re angry at me.”

“I’m…” I sighed, “I want to know why you did it.”

The blue light coming from the water shone off his face, “I didn’t think you were ready.”


He sighed, “To be out. I thought you weren’t ready.”

I shook my head, “No, no. You’ve been ready for ages, and the one moment when I’m ready, you go and trip me up!” I looked at him, my voice softening, “Why?”

“I wanted to kiss you, Matt.” He looked at me, his eyes moist, “More than anything I wanted to kiss you.” He swallowed, “But I didn’t want to do something that we’d regret. I wanted to talk about it first.”

I wanted to punch myself in the face. He was right. He always had been right about us coming out, yet, I felt that a rash decision would’ve been the best thing ever. I looked over at him, feeling like a complete bastard for acting as though he made a mistake when he was really only looking out for us, looking out for me.

“I had no idea you wanted to do that, Matt. I’m sor-“

I reached out and gripped his hand, “You were right. You done the right thing.” I squeezed his palm, “We’ve got to decide this together, not do it on impulse.”

He stared up at me, confused.

“I’m sorry, Jamie.” I said, “I’ve just…” I glanced at the water, “Everything was so perfect today, the car, the photo, the dance…I just wanted to make it even more special.” I spoke, “But I didn’t think…I wasn’t thinking.” I squeezed his palm, “I’m lucky I have you to look out for me.”

He watched me closely, “I don’t mind us being out, I just wanted us to be ready.”

“I know.”

After a few minutes, he stood up and heading closer, “So…do you feel ready to come out?”

“I…I think I am.”

He stopped in front of me, “You think?”

My hand slipped to his bicep, as I gazed into his eyes, “I’m ready.”

“You sure?” He asked, his face hovering inches from mine.

My fingers crept into his hair, pulling him toward me, “I’m sure.”

My eyes closed as our lips touched, sending sparks through me, and making my heart swell in my chest. I gripped onto him tighter as he parted his lips, his moist tongue searching for mine. I let him inside, tasting the sweetness of his mouth. His breath tickled my cheek as he deepened the kiss, pulling me closer to him. Holding him in public felt amazing, but kissing him felt incredible. It felt so real being out in the open, like we had returned to nature, giving into it, giving into our instincts, the feelings we were born with. Jamie cocked his head, sweeping his tongue over mine.

“Ah-hem!” Came someone’s voice behind me, making us jump. We pulled apart as I spun around, ready against an insult, but found Max standing there holding Sarah’s hand.

I wiped my lips and swallowed, breathing steadily, “Oh, hey guys.” I replied, blushing madly under the moonlight.

Sarah smiled, “You two should get a room. Seriously.”

Jamie laughed, pulling me closer, “I couldn’t wait.”

Max laughed at him.

“Hey, thanks you guys for dancing and stuff.” I spoke, “It meant a lot.”

“It was Connor’s idea. You should thank him.” Replied Max.

I nodded. I’d be sure to thank him for that later.

“We’ll leave you guys alone now,” Began Sarah, “Just try not to suffocate.”

That one got our faces blushing again, as they headed off. A few seconds passed, before I leant closer to Jamie, smiling up at him.

“I want every day to be like this one, where we can be ourselves without having to hide.” I spoke.

His fingers grazed the back of my neck, “Me too. But we’ve still got to be careful.”

“Yeah.” I replied, “But if people ask, I don’t want to hide it anymore. And I want to be able to hold your hand, or to kiss you whenever I want.”

He leaned forward, kissing my forehead, “Me too, Babes.”

I grinned, “You still staying over mine tonight?”

His grey eyes flashed at me, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


I never liked saying goodbye at parties, usually because I was always having so much fun towards the end and really getting into the partying spirit. But the Prom was a bit harder to say goodbye to. Unlike a party, where you’d see your friends or family again, there was a real sense of closure there. In some cases it really was goodbye. Still, after promising to keep in touch with a few of the guys, or better still, finding out that they’d be returning to school next year, things weren’t so bad after all and the evening still went out on a high.

Exiting the hotel, we easily found the Hummer parked out the front and all jumped inside. Unlike the journey down, where we had the music pumping out, we opted to have the sound system off, simply chatting with each other and talking about the night.

“And what was with the dancing, Con?” Asked Dean, “You have a thing for Ayo?” He teased.

Connor reached over and squeezed Ayo’s knee, making him jump, “I just can’t keep my hands off him!”

We all laughed, including Ayo at his antics. At least Dean had gotten that question out of the way early, letting Connor handle it coolly.

Part of the payment for the Hummer was to have it drop us all off at our respective homes. Of course Jamie was staying over mine, and Tanya and Sophie were crashing at each other’s too, but that didn’t matter, at least we didn’t have to walk around at that time of the night. Even better, it gave me more time with my beauty.

Jon, Tanya, and Sophie were the first ones to be dropped off, before we set off towards Beth’s house. During the journey, I paid close attention to Connor and Beth, smiling at how close they were together, at how they seemed to be in their own little world. I began to wonder if that’s what Jamie and I appeared like to bystanders. Hopefully we looked as cute as they did. But after a few more minutes, we came to a stop outside her home and she opened the door.

“Goodnight, guys!”

“Night, Beth.” We called back.

She stared at Connor, before she leant over and kissed him on the cheek, causing him to smile broadly. “Goodnight, Beth.” He said.

“Night, Connor.” She replied, before she stepped out of the car and closed the door.

I glanced at the others, seeing how they fought to suppress their giggles.

As the car pulled away, Jamie spoke, “Dude, that was so cute!”

That did it for me, and the others too as we erupted in laughter, making Connor blush furiously, “Shut up!”

“Awww, you don’t mean that!” Teased Jamie, squeezing his shoulder playfully, “I think you like the attention!”

Dean laughed, “I think he liked that kiss!”

Li swapped seats and sat next to Connor, “Leave the poor guy alone…he’s all vulnerable now.”

Connor slid closer to the window, “Oh, jeez!”

We continued to tease him a while longer, before tiredness started to overcome us, well, except for Jamie who seemed good enough to run the London marathon! He kept giving me his Jamie stare too, and I soo wanted to kiss him. But Dean was just next to us, so I didn’t dare risk it. Fortunately for me, Dean happened to be the next person to be dropped off. And as soon as that door closed behind him, Jamie wasted no time in leaning over and planting a wet one right on my lips! He pulled back, grinning madly at me. I turned and looked at the others, feeling my face flush.

“Now that was too cute.” Giggled Sarah, turning us both into a blushing mess.

“Leave them alone…” Began Connor, “Otherwise they won’t do it again.” He finished, making loud kissing sounds.

“Connor!” Cried Jamie.

“What? Don’t dish out what you can’t take!”

Jamie leaned close to me, “I’m pretty versatile.”

I laughed lightly, before I discovered the innuendo and turned to look at him, but he kept his eyes ahead. I smiled up at him as I shifted in my seat and leant against his shoulder, looking at Connor, a grin on my face, “Thanks, Connor.”

He glanced over, “For what?”

I sat up, “Letting us dance.” I replied, before looking at the others, “All you guys. Thanks for doing that for us.”

Jamie nodded, “Thanks guys, it was a really nice thing to do.”

Connor smiled, “You’re welcome, Mate.”

Sarah grinned, “It was worth it, just to see you two dance together.”

“Were we that bad?” I giggled.

She laughed, “No, but you were that cute.”

I blushed and looked to my left, glancing out of the window, and finding that we were nearing my house. I nudged Jamie, “We’re here.”

“Good.” He replied.

“Can’t wait to get rid of us?” Asked Max.

“No, I just…” Jamie tugged on my arm, giggling, “Come on, Matthew. Let’s go!”

I stood up, crouching down, “Matthew? Since when do you call me, Matthew?”

“Since you started being a bad boy.” Remarked Connor, with Ayo mimicking the crack of a whip.

Jamie opened the door but paused, “You told him about your whip?”

I swatted him on the arm, “I don’t have a whip!” I said, turning to the others, “Honest, I don’t have a whip!” I repeated. They weren’t convinced.

“Sure, see you guys later!” Replied Sarah.

“Yeah, try to get SOME sleep tonight, boys!” Smiled Li.

I held up my hands, “I give up. Goodnight guys!” I spoke, before stepping out, closing the door behind me. I took a few steps towards the house, watching as the limo drove off. Once the taillights turned down the street, my mind was instantly back on Jamie. I checked him out as he stood there, watching them drive off, before tugging on his arm, “Jamie…”

He turned, the light from the streetlamps catching his eyes for a moment as they set on me. Ecstasy flowed through me.

“Come on.”

I led him up to the front door, fishing my keys out of my pocket, and entering the right one into the lock, turning it. We stepped into the house, careful to be quiet in case we woke anyone. I flicked on the light in the hall as we slipped off our shoes. I looked up, making out the display of the microwave in the kitchen showing the time, 11:07. I placed the photographs down on the table next to the door as I helped Jamie out of his jacket, hanging it up as I did the same with my own.

I stepped back and turned to Jamie, “You ok?” I whispered.

He nodded, “Yeah.”

I was about to speak again, but saw something move in the corner of my eye. I jumped suddenly, noticing my mum walk out of the lounge.


“Sorry, didn’t mean to make you jump.” She said, her voice soft, “Did you have a good time?”

I nodded, “It was amazing.” I replied, taking a small glance at Jamie, and then back to her, “You didn’t have to wait up, Mum.”

“Don’t be silly.” She smiled, “I’m just pleased that you had a good time.”

“We did.” I confirmed, once again glancing at my boyfriend.

She looked from Jamie to me, “I put some extra pillows on your bed, Matt.”

Even in my relaxed state, my head shot up, “Pillows?” I asked, before blushing, “No, I mean…thanks.”

“No problem.” She replied, yawning, “You two have a good sleep.”

“You too. Goodnight Mum.”

“Goodnight, Monica” Spoke Jamie.

“Goodnight.” She replied, as she headed up the stairs, before entering her room.

I stared up the stairs, as Jamie wrapped his arms around my waist, his face near to my ear, “I thought I was your pillow.”

I let out a small moan, “You are.”

He kissed my neck softly, “Then we better head upstairs.”


Five minutes later, after a trip to the toilet and having brushed our teeth, we found ourselves in my bedroom. Jamie was getting undressed out of his suit, as I closed and locked the door, being as quiet as I could. I slowly turned around, watching Jamie pull his shirt off, facing away from me. I scanned the room, my eyes stopping on my bedside cabinet. My heart began to drum in my chest as I stared longingly at it. Akin to my star sign, I weighed out the decision. My eyes flicked at Jamie’s bare back as he shed his trousers, and then over to the cabinet again. I eyed the top drawer. They were just in there, waiting; waiting right where I left them.


My vision returned to him, watching as he sat on the edge of the bed, clad in his boxers. His fingers were itching at the waistband of his underwear, his erection throbbing against the material.

I swallowed, dampening my throat, “Yes?”

“Are you coming to bed?” He asked somewhat tiredly, but the need in his voice overruled any sense of fatigue.

Taking one last look at the top drawer, I made my decision to wait and began to remove my tie.


Jamie sat there patiently, rubbing his erection through his boxers, watching as I shed my clothes. Once I was down to my boxers, I hooked my fingers underneath the hem, and dropped them to the floor, my hardon springing free. He stared at it, before he too pulled his boxers down, sitting naked opposite me. I jerked at the sight of his organ, stepping forward as he climbed onto the bed. He moved backwards, his head against my pillow as I inched between his legs.

I stared down into his beautiful eyes, my fingers reaching out and cupping his immaculate face.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“I love you too.”

I glanced over at the lamp next to my bed, before I leaned over to turn it off, but Jamie’s hand gripped mine. “Leave it on.”

I flashed a look at him, a grin forming on my face, “Okay.”

I settled above him and slowly lowered myself against his perfect form, grinding my hips against his. I moaned at the contact. Jamie reached up and brushed the hair away from my eyes, seconds before he pulled my face to him, my lips coming to rest on his. I sighed deeply, shifting my head and flicking my tongue against his lips. He opened his mouth, letting me slip inside. The mint from the toothpaste refreshing my mind, and his natural taste soothing my heart. I needed more.

I gripped onto him, my fingers toying with his shoulders as we rolled over, putting him on top. He pulled back. I smiled, feeling his soft breath on me as he recovered from our lip lock.

“Lay back.” He cooed, letting his words flow smoothly as he climbed down the bed.

I shifted on the sheet, resting my shoulders against the pillow as I felt Jamie gently nudging my legs apart as he placed himself in between them. I glanced down, watching as he shifted forward, his right hand coming up to slowly encircle my erection. I pressed my hips forward as he stroked me. His eyes full of curiosity as he brought his hand up and down, watching my foreskin slide over the moist glans. He licked his lips briefly, before leaning forward and swiping his tongue across my tip. I exhaled sharply, letting my head drop backwards as he serviced me. I felt his lips slide over my head as he went down, sucking on me as he took hold of my balls, massaging them in his soft hand. Fireworks were exploding in my mind, heightening my senses.

He stopped sucking on me for a moment, causing me to glance down, watching as he lubed one of his fingers in his mouth. My erection throbbed in his hand as he drew the slick digit and moved it down under my balls, tracing around my perineum before finding my hole. His eyes locked onto mine as he ran around my small muscle, probing it ever so softly. He pressed harder and nodded at me, as if to tell me to relax. I let myself go, allowing him entry, sliding up to his first knuckle. I arched my back, feeling him press further inside. It felt good. He’d only ever done that to me a few times before, so it was still somewhat of an odd sensation, but a good one, an
intimate one.

He went down on me again, sucking my cock as he pulled his finger from me, and then pressing back inside. I moaned again, my eyes rolling in their sockets. I felt his finger squirm about, before finding that spot, that tender spot inside me. He rubbed it with care, timing his motions with the bobbing of his head. I was getting close. He quickened his pace, sliding his finger in and out faster and faster. His tongue toying with my tip painfully, making me ooze precum like mad. I reached down, resting my hands on his head, burying my fingers in his hair, as he buried his finger in me, rubbing up against my prostrate. I felt my balls tingle and draw up close as every nerve on my body cried out, my muscles tensing painfully. I was so close…on the edge…

I was careful not to cry out, instead pressing my hips further up against his mouth. I let out a deep, muffled groan as I shot into his mouth. Every wave through my body paced with another contraction. I was paralysed, my orgasm ruling over me. I panted quickly as I continued to unload into him, my eyes half-open, but only seeing the stars on my eyelids. I jerked in his mouth a few more times, before it lessened its effect. My mind started to reboot again, my awareness increasing. Every pore of my body had perspired, drenching me in sweat. I breathed steadily, feeling Jamie’s mouth move off me as he kissed his way up to my mouth, removing his finger and holding me close in his arms.

I lay there as he kissed the side of my head softly, feeling his fingers interlaced with mine as I emerged into reality. I turned and kissed him.


He smiled, not saying a word, but kissing me again in response.

I let my hand drift lower, over his smooth abs, and down to his cute patch of pubes. Reaching lower, I collided with his bar of iron as it jutted out perfectly from his groin. I traced along its length to the head, while rubbing my thumb over his dripping tip. He moaned softly. I did it again, making him squirm on the sheets. If I hadn’t have just cum, I’d have been hard for sure. Leaning forwards, I kissed his lips, before I slid down the bed, putting my face in front of his cute cock.

I reached out with my tongue, touching the side of his length, and tracing over that faint line below his glans, his American difference. I worked my tongue up and over his tip, tasting him. Jamie exhaled contentedly above me. I inched upwards and took him into my mouth, swirling my tongue over his glans, finding that spot just behind the little ‘v’ that drove him crazy. His fingers wormed their way into my hair, his hips pressing upwards slightly. I smiled around his bone, I’d found the right spot. I kept this up, repeating this move, eliciting more precum to emerge from his tip and into my mouth.

After a few minutes, I lubed up a finger from my mouth, soaking it, before I pulled off his cock, wanting his attention. Sure enough he looked down, his pink cheeks beaming at me as he focused on my glistening finger, before I moved it behind his balls, tracing lower. I found his hole, running my fingertip around the smooth muscle, making him squirm and making me smile. I moved to the centre and applied some pressure, as I leant down and kissed his navel softly. I felt him relax beneath me as I entered into him. He was incredibly tight and crazy hot inside. Jamie squirmed again. I loved making him do that. I took his cock into my mouth again, as I slowly began to pull my finger out, and then pressing forward again. I heard him panting softly, his breathing increasing, he was getting close. I started to jerk him faster with my left hand, bringing him closer to release. I pushed my finger further inside, finding his sensitive spot and massaging it. He humped up against my face.

His gasps suddenly became hurried and demanding as his balls drew up to him. He arched his back and inhaled deeply. He froze for a second, before I felt him unload onto my tongue. His ass squeezed on my finger painfully, each new contraction coupled with a squirt from his cock. I swallowed down his essence, as more entered my mouth. His gentle moans were music to my ears, knowing I’d brought him to orgasm. He slowly began to level out, as his stream turned into a dribble. I gently removed my finger and cleaned up his softening dick. I pulled my mouth from him, letting it drop softly against his pubes.

I kissed my way back up to his chest, sucking his neck tenderly as I let him recover. Around a minute later, he turned and grinned at me. I leant in and kissed him, cupping his face and stroking his cheek with my thumb. We were like that for a while, our shadows dancing on the wall as we kissed in his afterglow.

“I love you.” He whispered in between kisses.

I grinned at him, “I love you too.”

Naturally, having both just orgasmed, we were quickly getting overcome by sleep. So after one more peck on his lips, I sat up and reached over for the light switch. My eyes, in their drooping state, noticed the top drawer again. I looked over my shoulder at Jamie, watching as his eyes rose from my ass to my face. I grinned, turning off the light, my mind on what lay in that drawer…


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