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American Differences
-By Emulated

Chapter 32: American Differences

I felt him slowly shift against me in his sleep. I inched open my eyes, checking that he was still next to me as I blinked a few times, gaining some focus in the well lit room. Jamie looked super cute while asleep. It was the way his face looked completely relaxed, his chest rising and falling with the sound of his breathing. I snuggled closer, closing my eyes and savouring the closeness and warmth of his body. I felt his hair tickle my face from the way it sprawled over the pillow, my pillow. I inhaled deeply, relaxing further. He smelled so good, so Jamie.

I must have fallen asleep again, for the next thing I knew, Jamie was stroking the side of my face and grinning down at me as I lay there. I stretched out and yawned, my eyes meeting his.

“Good morning.” He spoke gently, his fingers brushing my earlobe.

I smiled, “Morning.” I replied, yawning again, before leaning over to look at the clock.

“It’s half-past eleven.” He grinned, laying down and resting his head in front of mine.

I nodded, not really caring how long we’d slept, given that I spent the time naked, with an equally naked Jamie.

He traced my lips as he smiled cutely, “I really liked kissing you last night, on the bridge.”

I flashed him a toothy grin, “I liked kissing you too.” I replied, rubbing his knuckles gently, before kissing them, “You been awake for long?”

“A while.” He said, “You look so peaceful when you’re sleeping.”

“You too.” I smiled.

“So…” He began, placing a hand on my waist, “Anything special you want to do today?”

The word ‘special’ jumped out at me, as I was instantly reminded of the top drawer. I looked at his face, “A few things.”


I leaned forward, kissing him softly, “Mmm.” I pulled back, “Yeah, a few things.” I confirmed, squeezing his hand, “Starting with a shower.”

“Am I invited?”

“You need to ask?” I grinned.

He pulled away from me and slid out of the bed, almost dancing, “Come on then!”

I giggled, watching the way his semi-erect dick jiggled around with his movement.

“Matt! Shower!” He insisted.

I groaned, covering my eyes, “Come back here and lay with me.” I mumbled

I heard him step across the room over to my side of the bed, “I want to go with you,” He whined, pulling the duvet off me, “You have to get up.” He added, pulling the duvet off me completely, as his eyes focused on my throbbing groin. He giggled, “Oh, you’re already ‘up’, huh?”

I flexed it for him, “I’m staying here.”

He sat on the bed, his hand tracing down over my abs before circling around me, holding me. “Please?” He said, “I’ll make it worth your while…” He cooed, jerking me slowly for effect.

I unshielded my eyes and laughed at him, causing him to giggle softly too. “You need to work on your sexy talk.” I grinned.

His cheeks flushed lightly, “I…” He bit his lip and tugged at my hand, “Come on.”

I relented and swung my legs off the bed, giggling at him, “Ok, you win.” I spoke, as I stood up, wandering over to my window.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, appearing beside me.

I eyed the empty driveway outside, “Checking that we’re alone.”

He nodded, “I haven’t heard anyone yet.”

“Mum and Dad are at work,” I began, turning toward him, “And Josh is at school…” I reached down, taking hold of his hand, “Wanna shower with me?”

He sighed, a grin on his face as he tugged me toward the door, “It’s about
bloody time.”

He still sucked at the accent.


I love you…” He murmured, pressing his lips against my wet shoulder, as the steamy spray from the shower flowed over us.

I sighed, “I love you too, Babes.”

He moved his hand down my abs, starting to jerk my erection. I let his hand slide up and down a few times, before I pulled away, not wanting to shoot. I turned around and faced him. He looked at me quizzically, his mouth opening slightly. I placed a finger to his lips, and then dropped to my knees. He flashed me a small smile, a look of understanding. I reached out, taking hold of his hardness, and letting my tongue graze the tip. I teased him a few more times, before I formed an oval with my mouth, and went down on him.

I started to bob forward and backward, his hips moving in sync as he filled my mouth. I gently cupped his sack and massaged the orbs inside. Jamie moaned softly, his hands coming to rest in my hair, wet from the warm, cascading water. I flicked my tongue over his head, finding the right spots and driving him to an orgasm. He was incredibly hard in my mouth. I’d practically jerked him off when soaping him up earlier, hence why he was so ready, so needy to cum. I reached out with another hand, moving between his legs and exploring behind his balls, feeling for his hole. I found the smooth muscle and ran my finger around the rim, feeling it contract. I didn’t get far before I heard him call out from above.

“Matt…” He panted.

I sucked him harder and increased my pace. I heard his breath quicken as his muscles stiffened beneath my fingers. His cock jumped wildly about, throbbing with need as he shot his load. Jamie moaned loudly, his hands holding my head close as I swallowed him. My hands continued to rub his balls, making him last. He gently rocked his hips a few times, humping into my mouth as his orgasm began to subside. I slowly pulled off his softening cock, making sure he was left clean.

I stood up, gazing into his eyes as we locked lips again. Just being in the shower seemed to make things hotter ten-fold! Everything was so slick, so warm and so steamy. After a few minutes, Jamie began to lower to his knees, but I stopped him, keeping him on my lips. A few kisses later, he pulled back, looking at me, “Are you ok?”

I nodded, “I don’t want to…” I looked into his eyes, “Not here.”

Jamie had little idea of what I meant, as far as he knew I wanted to continue this in the bedroom. Sure that’s what I wanted, but I wanted something more too. I just wasn’t sure if he was up for it. He nodded, seemingly understanding what I meant, before I shut the water off. We climbed out of the shower and dried ourselves. We stood next to the door for a few moments, making sure we were alone, before we headed across the hall and into my room. I locked the door behind me, letting the towel fall to the floor.

I turned around, watching as Jamie stood there ogling my erection. My eyes glanced over to the top drawer and then back to him, noticing him looking at my face. He turned around, looking at the cabinet, “What?”

I stepped towards him, pulling him into a seating position on the edge of the bed next to me. I faced him, completely unsure of what to say and how to approach it. He watched me closely the other time, a small frown on his forehead.

He placed a hand on my shoulder, “Matt, Baby, are you ok?”

I swallowed, “Jamie…”

“Yes.” He replied, his grey eyes piercing mine. I peered deep into them, into his soul. I breathed steadily before I stood up and wandered over to the drawer. I pulled it open and lifted up the small tube and packet. I closed it and headed back over to Jamie, his eyes on the items in my hand. I sat down and placed them on the bed between us. Jamie continued to stare at them.

“Jamie…I…uh.” I stammered, getting his attention. “I love you so much, Jamie. I really do.” I began, reaching for his hand, searching his eyes, “I…” I swallowed again, “Jamie, will you make love to me?”

He looked down at the lube and condoms.

I tugged on his hand, capturing his attention, “Only if you think we’re ready…if not then we can wait…” I trailed off as his hand reached out and cupped my face.

Jamie smiled, his creamy cheeks flashing me a pinker tone, “I’m ready too.”

I looked at him, a wave of emotion washing over my body, “Really?”

He nodded.

“Ok.” I spoke, my heart drumming madly in my chest as I sat there, unsure of what to do. Jamie made the first move as he leaned toward me, his mouth agape with his eyes closed. I leant into him, connecting our lips and kissing him back. I secured my arms around his neck, as one of his hands ventured down my abs and into my groin, massaging me back to full mast. Minutes passed before we pulled apart and crawled up the bed, stopping to kiss as we went. We stopped at the headboard as I laid back against the pillow, with Jamie lying on top, rubbing his erection on me.

He pulled his wet lips from me with a smack, moving his mouth to my ear, “Roll over, Babes.” He purred.

I paused, not moving, “Uh…I wanted to…” I looked up into his trusting eyes, “Face you.”

He smiled, “That’s fine.” He reached over for the lube, “I was going to…” He pointed to my crotch with the tube.

I blushed, “Oh.” I replied quickly, before I turned over, careful not to bend my erection as I laid down, “Sorry.”

I felt him shift onto the bed, his lips coming into contact with the back of my neck, “Don’t be.”

I rest my head against the pillow, as Jamie positioned himself behind me. He gently nudged my legs apart, giving me the message as I opened them for him, granting him access. He shifted on the bed, between my open legs, when I was suddenly overcome by this feeling of being naked. Sure I was naked, but having him see me like that, knowing where his focus would be, it had to be feeling a little…different. This became even more so apparent when Jamie laid his warm hands on the cheeks of my ass, cupping me. He moved on the bed again, before he slowly parted them, opening me up. I felt my face flush lightly as I closed my eyes, surrendering myself to him.

After a few seconds, I began to wonder how long he was going to sit there, not moving, before I suddenly felt a cool sensation ripple over my hole. I sighed softly, as I heard him inhale again, before blowing once more gently over my hole. It was quite an odd feeling, feeling the cool air flow over my hole. But that was soon replaced by an amazing sensation. It was warm and moist. Given the way it moved, I knew immediately what it was. His tongue rubbed up against me again, running around the rim softly, making me moan into the pillow. I felt his warm breath flow over my ass as he continued teasing me with his tongue. I lifted my ass up to meet him, revelling in the newly discovered feelings he gave me. I gripped onto the sheets as he pressed inside me, forming a point with his moist muscle. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t done that to me before, he just seemed to know where to go, how to move.

Minutes passed before he pulled back, removing his tongue as he shifted on the bed. I heard him unscrew the lid from the lube, before he worked silently for a moment. I then felt his cool, slick finger toy around my ring. He traced along the edge, and slowly began to press it into me. I relaxed as he wormed it inside, tickling my prostate until it was all the way in. I felt him twist and turn his finger around gently, like a corkscrew, opening me up. He did this for a few minutes, before repeating it with a second finger. It didn’t hurt that bad, but I could feel myself being stretched as he worked on me. Jamie was sure to use a lot of lube, something I was thankful for, especially when he pressed a third finger against me. I struggled with that one. Jamie leant close to me, kissing the bottom of my back, telling me to relax. I listened to him, unclenching my muscles further, allowing him to slip inside. After a lot of patience, he managed to embed them deeper in me and twirled them around gently. I was ready.

Jamie removed his fingers slowly and sat back. He was silent for a moment before he cleared his throat, “You’re ready.”

I slowly spun around to face him, my ass feeling quite stretched. My eyes locked onto his dripping erection. Leaning forward, I slipped the head into my mouth and bobbed forward and backward a few times, cleaning up his excess precum, before pulling off. He sighed above, obviously wanting me to continue, but I didn’t want to get him too excited. I’d already jerked him in the shower to keep him from cumming too soon.

I reached across the bed, over to the small packet, opening it, before pulling out a small square wrapper. With trembling hands, I tore it open, dropping the condom into my palm. I picked it up and checked I had it the right way, before I hovered it over Jamie’s throbbing hardness. In a steady motion, and pinching the tip, I slowly rolled it down his length. Once in place, I squirted some lube across it and jerked him a few times, spreading it around.

“Is that ok?” I asked, my eyes on his cock.

He nodded, “Are you ok?” He asked.

“Yes.” I replied, looking up and kissing his lips, pressing my forehead against his. I closed my eyes, taking a moment to breath, “Make love to me, Jamie.”

He lifted his head, kissing me back, before he pulled away. I took this as my cue and laid back against the sheet. I shifted about, getting myself comfortable. My eyes focused on his as I parted and lift my legs, pulling them to my chest. He inched towards me on his knees, holding down his erection as he lined himself up. I felt his head brush against my hole before he held himself there firmly as he let go, holding onto my thighs. His eyes searched mine, looking for my approval. I licked my lips and nodded my head.

He shifted closer and began to press against me. I bore down, breathing deeply and relaxing myself. He pressed harder, to the point where it was really starting to burn, when it suddenly seemed to ‘pop’ through, his head entering me. He froze in place, his eyes darting over my face, making sure I was alright. I focused on his eyes as I tried to get my muscles to relax, wanting things to be smooth.

I nodded my head slightly, signalling that I was ready. I continued to stare up at his face as he entered deeper and deeper into me. He kept stopping every few centimetres, letting me get accustomed to him, waiting for me to nod before he carried on. It wasn’t the quickest process, but I finally felt his thighs come into contact with my ass, as he squeezed my palm gently. I opened my eyes, seeing him nod at me. I lifted my head and glanced down, seeing how he was pressed right up against me. I clenched instinctively as I let out a small moan, my head against the pillow again. He felt HUGE! It was as though he’d expanded inside me or something! It was this feeling of ‘fullness’ that really got to me. It was an incredible feeling.

I looked up into his grey eyes, his damp hair cupping his face slightly, “Ok.” I breathed.

He nodded his head at me and I nodded back.

Jamie slowly began to pull himself out. He kept moving until only the head was inside, before he pressed in again. It hurt a bit, just not as much as the first time. It wasn’t like a sting, more like a burn, an achy burn. After a while it didn’t hurt as much. It was still there, but becoming more and more manageable. I let my hand slide down my abs before I picked up my dripping cock, stroking it lightly as Jamie made love to me.

I stared into his glazed over eyes, watching his beautiful face as he picked up a steady rhythm with his hips. The feelings coming from his cock rippled throughout my body, making me quake and shiver beneath him. It was ridiculously intense, and crazily intimate. My ears were alive with the sound of my heart drumming in my chest, and of Jamie’s gentle moaning. He was all but purring as he moved. I reached down with my other hand, cupping the rise of his ass, feeling his muscles work with every thrust.

He leant forward and started to kiss me. His angle inside me changed, causing him to rub up against my prostate with every hump. I was leaking precum like mad! My abs becoming coated in the stuff. I cocked my head to the side and parted my lips, flicking my tongue against him. He pressed into me deeply, making me moan aloud. I was starting to get close. I hooked my legs around his lower back, wrapping my arms around his shoulders as he started to drive into me faster. I sensed him getting close too.

Jamie kept up his rapid pace, before he stiffened beneath my fingers, “Matt...” He moaned.

I felt him begin to throb inside me as he came. That pushed me over the edge, “Jamie!” I cried, my body going into spasm. My cock jerked fiercely, spraying a load to the top of my chest. I gripped onto him tighter, feeling myself contracting around his cock as he gently humped against me. Wave after wave of my orgasm hit me. My balls were on fire and my cock was starting to ache. I squirted a few more times, before it slowed to a dribble, oozing out on to my navel. Jamie lowered himself onto me, still embedded inside as he caught his breath. I continued to hold him close, keeping his moist chest pressed tightly against my own.

He lay on top me for a moment, kissing me lovingly a few times, before he slowly pulled out. I moaned, feeling his absence inside me. I watched as he moved about, sat on his heels and stared down at his condom-covered dick. He gently reached down, pulling it from him and held it up, tying the end. He grabbed my box of tissues and took a few out, wrapping them around it, before placing it down. He grabbed some more tissues, telling me to roll onto my side. I followed his instruction and turned on the sheet, facing away from him. He tenderly parted my cheeks and moved forward with the tissues. I lay there as he wiped up my hole, making sure I was clean as he checked me out.

After a minute or so, he finished cleaning me up and set the used tissues to one side, before I felt him snuggle up to me. I felt so empty. I shifted backward, wanting to be closer to him. Jamie tightened his grip, squeezing his chest against my back.

“I love you.” He whispered in my ear, to preserve the mood.

“I love you too.” I whispered back, not wanting to move. My mind was still trying to process everything that had happened. It all seemed to have passed so fast, yet it took all the time in the world. I laced my fingers with Jamie’s, squeezing them. He squeezed back as he kissed my shoulder, letting me know that he was near.

With my heart content and my soul complete, I closed my eyes and relaxed in the gleaming moment of total harmony…


We showered again. Together. The cute way he took extra care washing my hole, making sure I was clean and dry back there, made me smile. He even offered to add cream or something if it hurt. I took him up on that, opting to rub some anti-septic cream around my hole, which still burned a little. I tried to not make a big deal out of it, simply accepting that the little discomfort was the by-product of making love with a man, but Jamie, being his usual self, went the extra mile, making sure that I was one-hundred percent alright. Once he was satisfied that it was the case, he let me get dressed, something that led him into a little conundrum, seeing as he had no clothes with him, save for the suit. But that was quickly remedied through him borrowing some of my clothes.

After we had gotten dressed, we emerged from my bedroom and headed downstairs in search of food. We fixed ourselves some breakfast, ok, lunch, and sat down in the kitchen. I glanced over at him, across the table, finding myself lost in his steely greys. We’d barely said five words to each other since we sat down in the past half-hour. We didn’t need words, we knew how the other person felt. I was elated. On cloud nine.

“Are you ok?”

I nodded, that grin still on my lips.

“I mean…” He trailed off, causing me to look up at him, “Down there.”

I blushed, “Oh.”

“I really hope I didn’t hurt you.” He spoke, with a small frown of concern.

I shook my head, “You didn’t hurt me.” I spoke, watching him nod. “You…uh…” I bit my bottom lip, looking down at my breakfast, “Felt good.”

I could feel the smile through his words, “Uh…you too.”

I raised my eyes and looked at him, still finding it hard to comprehend what we had done together. I felt my muscles twitch back there, instantly reminding me what had happened and how he felt. I looked at my plate again, unable to help the grin.

We finished our meal in silence, simply enjoying each other’s company. Our eyes, aside from being on our food, were super glued to each other. It was as though we’d just fallen in love again. All those little glances, the giggles, the butterflies in our stomachs; they all seemed to have returned. Yet, at the same time, it felt like something more, as though we’d forged something really special through our act of love upstairs. It was magical by definition.

I glanced at the clock, noticing that it was coming up to one o’clock. I smiled at Jamie, “Any plans for today?”

“Not really.” He replied, “But I want to head home and get some clothes.”

“Something wrong with mine?” I teased.

“No.” He said, tracing his hand over the front of the shirt he was wearing, “I just don’t want to mess them up.” He spoke, “And Dad is home today. I promised I’d go see him to tell him about the Prom.”

I nodded, “Sure. I was going to give Con a call in a bit, see what the other guys are up to.”

He sipped some of his juice, “Cool. I can meet you there, after I’ve been to my house, if you want.”

“I don’t mind going with you.”

“You don’t have to.” He pointed out, “Besides, how can I tell Dad about how awesome you were last night with you there?”

I flashed him a toothy grin, “Fine. I’ll let you go home on your own.” I said, “And be sure to tell your dad how awesome YOU were last night.”

“I was awesome?”


We sat there for a while longer, before we cleaned up our plates and headed over to the door, ready to get out for the day. But as I walked past the lounge, something caught my eye. I stepped inside, heading over to the mantelpiece where the photo stood there. The photo of Jamie and me together at the prom. Having it with the other photos made it seem genuine, as though my parents wanted to display it to any guests that walked through the door. In reality, I knew that it wouldn’t remain in that spot for long, but at least Mum and Dad showed their feelings about it, by putting it up.

Jamie came and stood next to me, “How did it get there?” He asked.

“I must have left it here last night. Mum or someone must have put it up.” I replied.

He nodded, wrapping an arm around me, “It looks good.”

I leant against him, looking into his eyes, “Yeah, it does.”


I probably looked like a right idiot as I practically skipped across the pavement, on my way to Connor’s house. I had this massive grin on my face, but I couldn’t help myself. My boyfriend, who also happened to be the kindest, hottest AND sexiest boy on the planet had just made love to me. I was over the moon.

I was almost pinching myself to make sure that it was true, that I hadn’t imagined the entire morning. I smiled again, recalling how amazing it was to have him like that in my arms. To have him on top, to see the look of passion and love in his eyes as he…I tugged on my jumper and pulled it lower, trying to cover up the growing bulge in my joggers. But I just couldn’t get him out of my mind. I wanted to go right back to my house and make love with him again and again. Until we ran out of condoms.

I arrived at Connor’s doorstep with practically a full blown erection in my trousers. I adjusted myself and stood there for about a minute, trying to concentrate on some maths, my classic anti-erection remedy. Once I was in the clear, I reached up and knocked on his door, waiting for him to answer.

After a few seconds, the door opened and his face appeared, “Hey, Matt.” He grinned, standing aside to let me enter.

“Hey Con.” I replied, as I stepped into his house.

He peeked his head out the door, “Where’s Jamie?”

“He’ll be here a little later.” I replied, “He’s just got to go home first.”

He nodded, closing the door, “Sure.”

I kicked off my shoes, “You heard from any of the other guys yet?”

“Ayo’s on his way over, and Max is spending the morning with Sarah. They might come over later.”

“No Beth or Li?” I asked, as we started to climb the stairs.

“They’re in town. They said they’ll be back soon.”

I nodded, sighing, “I guess I’ll have to put up with you.”

He shoved me lightly, “Only because Jamie is sick of you.”

“He’d never be sick of me.” I retorted, entering his room and heading over to his couch, plopping myself down.

Connor raised his eyebrows at me, “Yeah, right. Just wait till he sees what you’re like underneath.”

I laughed, “As in ‘underneath my clothes’?” I asked.

He blushed, tossing me a Playstation controller, “I didn’t mean it like that.”

I giggled, “I was gonna say, he has a pretty goo-“

Connor placed his hands over his ears, humming a tune, “La-la-la, I can’t hear you!”

“Oh, shut up.” I replied, “I know you secretly want to know.”

He shook his head, “I don’t want to know anything.” He said, inserting Fifa into the console, before heading to the door, “You want a Coke or something?”

“Sure.” I replied, “Some ice and a slice of lemon would be great!”

I got the middle finger instead.


Five-minutes later, Ayo arrived. Connor quickly ushered him upstairs with our drinks, before we battled it out on Fifa.

During the half-time break, Connor nudged Ayo, “Matt is quite the gentleman, you know, Ayo. He gave up his bed for Jamie last night.”

Ayo laughed, “Did you?”

I scoffed, “I don’t give up my bed for anyone.”

“Oh.” Replied Connor, seeming confused, “I figured you slept on the floor, seeing as that’s what gave you the bad back.” He said with a small smile.

I frowned, “Who says I’ve got a bad back?”

He shook his head, “It was the way you sat down, like you hurt your back or something else.

Ayo started to laugh. It didn’t take me long to realise what that something else was that he was alluding to. I blushed, “I didn’t sit down funny.” I retorted, standing up and sitting down for effect, “See?”

Connor let out a laugh, “I’m just playing with you.”

I grinned, “You’d better be…don’t get me started on teasing you and Beth.”

Ayo started making these kissing noises, before Connor shoved him playfully, “Hey!”

We played for a few more minutes, before turning to Connor, “Hey, Con, about yesterday, I wanted to thank you aga-“

“Matt, quit thanking me.” He smiled, not even looking away from the screen, “I’m glad it worked out well.”

“It worked out a lot better than that.”

He glanced over at me for a moment, “Max told me about last night, on the bridge.”

I recalled the event vividly. The way Jamie stroked the back of my neck as he kissed me, to the way the cool evening nipped at my skin. I blushed lightly.

Ayo looked over, “Are you two…coming out?”

I focused on him, “We want to.” I paused, “It’s hard though. We don’t want to overdo it.”

“How d’ya mean?”

“We don’t want to be too obvious, like we don’t want to just come out and tell people we don’t know and stuff.” I said, “But we don’t want to be so ‘closeted’ as we are.” I added, before frowning, “Am I making any sense?”

Connor nodded, “Yeah, I get you.” He smiled, “You wanna be out a little more. Nothing wrong with that.” He said, before thinking for a moment, “What about Beth?” He asked, “Have you thought about telling her?”

“I have, not sure if Jamie has though.” I paused, “How do you think she’ll take it?”

“I’ve brought it up a few times with her, I think she’ll be cool with it.” He smiled, “Hopefully a little better than Sarah.”

I laughed. While Sarah had taken it well, she really didn’t make it that easy for me to come out to her, “Yeah, hopefully.”

“Anyway, it’s your call if you tell her.” He said, “I just wanted to ask.”

We continued to play for about a half-hour, until Connor’s phone rang. Li and Beth had returned from the town centre and were wondering if we wanted to hang out. We decided that we’d go to the park, to make the most of the sun while it was out. Connor pumped a football as I stepped outside to give Jamie a call, but found him walking down the street. I headed over to him.

“You guys going somewhere?” He asked.

I eyed his deliciously cute choice of clothing, “Uh, yeah.”

He laughed, “Where are we going?”

I looked up at his face, “The park. Li and Beth are going to meet us there.”

He nodded, and glanced over at Connor and Ayo as they exited the house. He groaned, “Soccer, again?”

“Football!” I corrected, “And what do you mean, ‘again’? It’s an amazing sport.”

Jamie laughed, throwing an arm around my shoulder, “I’m just teasing you.” He replied.

I grinned, “I think you like seeing me annoyed.”

“Sure, it’s hot.”

I raised an eyebrow, ready to say something, but was interrupted by Connor and Ayo, telling us to get going. We headed over to them, with me giving Jamie a sideways glance. I’d be sure to bring up the whole, ‘annoyed equals hot’ thing later, but at that moment, I could settle for whipping his ass with my football tricks.

A short walk later, we entered the park, chose an area devoid of trees, and started to kick the ball about, idly talking to each other while the others arrived. We didn’t have to wait long, and were quite surprised to find Max and Sarah accompanying the two girls.

“I was scared that you two wouldn’t leave the house.” Teased Connor.

“What?” Called out Max, “Nothing was stopping you from going over to Beth’s house.” He retorted.

“She was at town.” Mumbled Connor, causing Beth to laugh, before she wandered over to him, dragging him off away from us a little, wanting some privacy.

Jamie chose that moment to come and tackle me, stealing the ball from my feet. I stared over at him, watching as he placed a foot on top of the ball.

“Eye on the ball, Matt.”

Ayo nudged me, “I think he means the football.”

I laughed, “You dirty boy, Ayo.”

Li called his name and he headed over, looking back at me he replied, “Hey! You’re the one who wasn’t thinking about the football.” He winked.

I blushed lightly, wondering how he knew, “Shut up!” I shouted after him, as I turned to Jamie.

Jamie waved over at me, beckoning me with his hand, “Come and get it.”

I started to run his direction. He was soo going down for that!


It wasn’t long before kids started to walk through that section of the park, on their way home from school. Instead of having our kick-about disrupted, we moved to a more secluded spot in the park, closer to some trees. In the summer, the area was often home to people having picnics, and depending on the weather, it was also home to: a bouncy castle, an ice cream van, and even a band once, playing their music to families having fun in the sun. But for us, it simply became our new football pitch.

We kicked the ball about for a while longer, before I headed over to Jamie, as he sat on the ground, chilling for a minute. After sitting down and messing about for a moment, I focused on him, “Jamie, I’ve been thinking about telling Beth. About us.”

“Me too.” He replied.

“You have?”

He nodded, “She’s started hanging around us a lot more, and she seems to be a nice person.” He said, “And Connor’s dating her, so that says a lot.”

I smiled, “Yeah. Yeah, she is a nice person. Always has been like that.”

He reached out, his warm hand settling on my shoulder, his fingertips tickling the side of my neck, “I don’t mind if you want her to know about us.”

“But is that what you want?” I asked.

He thought for a moment, before smiling, “I think we should tell her.”

I looked over at her, as she sat on a bench next to Connor. “Should we tell her now?”

“We can do.” He replied, “I’ll stay here though.” He added. I turned to him, about to reply, but he cut me off, “Call me over if you need me. It just might go better coming from you. She’s known you longer.”

It was hard to argue with that, so after thinking about it for a few more seconds, I stood up and wandered over to the bench. As I drew near, Connor smiled up at me.

“You two tired already?” He asked.

I smiled back, “Yeah a bit.” I paused for a moment, “Hey, Beth, can I speak to you for a minute?”

“Sure.” She replied, ready to move, before Connor stood up, “It’s ok, I’ll leave you two.” He said, regarding me closely.

I nodded at him, silently letting him know what I was going to do. He nodded back, before running over to Jamie as I sat down on the bench.

“So, you want to talk?” Asked Beth.

I faced her. Instead of beating around the bush, I decided to face it head on. “Beth, what do you think about gay people?” I asked.

She rolled her eyes, “Not you as well! Con keeps on bringing them up.” She said, before grinning, “You’re not secretly dating him, are you?”

I laughed, “No, he’s not my type.” I replied, before becoming serious, “Besides, Jamie wouldn’t like that.”

“What do you mean?” She asked, smiling, “Jamie gets to decide who you date?”

“Not exactly.” I replied, glancing over at Jamie, deciding that I’d rather have him there, “Hey, Jamie!” I called out, grabbing his attention, “Come over here!”

He started to jog over. I turned to Beth again, “You never answered my question.”

She shrugged, “It really doesn’t bother me.”

I nodded, before an idea flashed through my mind, “So if you saw two guys kissing, right now, you wouldn’t care?” I asked, watching was Jamie drew closer.

She laughed, “It’d probably be cute.”

Jamie reached us, looking down at me, “You called.” He grinned.

I nodded as I stood up. I quickly glanced about, finding few people in that part of the park, before I stepped closer to him. I gazed into his eyes, wondering if I was making the right decision. I slowly reached out and wrapped my arms around his neck, giving him time to back out. My heart began to race madly, my mind acutely aware of what I was going to do. I felt Jamie’s hands attach themselves to my hips, affirming his stance. I inhaled deeply, the smell of fresh air filling my lungs. I watched as he began to lean towards me, his mouth slightly agape, before I closed my eyes. I felt his gentle breath ripple over my cheek, followed by his soft lips touching mine as he kissed me. I gripped him tighter, feeling a cool breeze whip around me as I stood there, in public, kissing my boyfriend.

Some things never get old

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