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American Differences
-By Emulated

Chapter 7: The Storm: Part I

I smiled as I looked up at the clear blue sky. It was quite a nice change from the rain and snow that we had been receiving. I began to wonder if Jamie and I would spend some time outdoors later. It was a Sunday morning, a week after our trip to London and I was on my way over to Jamie’s house. Well, I was all but skipping my way over there. But I had good reason to. He told me the night before that his parents would be going out, along with his sister, so we should have the house to ourselves. But Jamie, being the innocent little boy that he was, insisted that I should bring my schoolwork over, then we can do it together before we can do something…fun.

We would also have no interruptions from Connor and Max either. Connor had spent the last three days visiting his aunt, who lived on the other side of the country, so he wouldn’t be back until Monday. Max was also visiting family, but he would be back later in the day. That still left us with the whole morning, plus some of the afternoon. And I wasn’t going to waste a single minute!

Actually, I wanted to do something fun with Jamie the day before, as it was Valentines Day. But both our houses were full, so that was out of the question. We did get to spend the whole day together though, so it wasn’t a complete loss. Then again, I’d consider a whole day with Jamie as being nothing less than a complete
win! Jamie had also surprised me with a really cute card. While I had also gotten him one, mine was the generic, ‘I love you’ type, but Jamie went the whole way and had gotten me one with ‘I love my Boyfriend’ written over the front! I almost did a back flip when I saw it!

“How the hell did you get this?” I asked, pulling back from a super hot lip lock.

He licked his lips, “I bought it.”

“Yeah, but…you actually bought it!” I exclaimed, still shocked.

“I looked at the other ones, but I liked the look of this one.” He replied, running his hand over my back.

“Didn’t they say anything? In the shop?”

He smiled, “Why would they? They don’t know me.” He paused, “It wasn’t in our town anyway, I wouldn’t have done it here, just in case.”

He had a point, but it was still quite risky in my opinion. Hell, I was too scared to even contemplate doing something like that. Let alone actually doing it! No, Jamie was sometimes a mystery to me. And that made me love him even more.

That’s why I could wait to get together with him that morning.

I felt a slight tingle flow over my body as I walked up the path leading to his house. Once I reached the door, I pressed the bell and waited a few seconds before his dad answered.

He smiled at me, “Hi Matt. Come on in.” He ushered, opening the door further, “How are you?”

“I’m great thank you, Noah, how are you?” I asked, being extra polite to my
boyfriend’s father.

“I’m fine thanks.” He replied, closing the door, before he walked towards the stairs, “Jamie, Matt’s here!” He called out. But there was no reply, he turned to me, “He’s probably listening to music, just go on up.”

I grinned, “Thanks. I’ll see you later Noah.”

“Sure. See ya.” He replied, before he walked off toward the lounge.

I quickly removed my trainers and trotted my way up the stairs, heading towards his room. I made it to the first floor, before I went up the extra flight of stairs that led up to Jamie’s room, or
the penthouse suite, as I liked to put it. I walked towards his door and knocked lightly. I didn’t hear a reply, so I knocked slightly harder. I paused and listened. Nothing. I frowned as I reached out and grabbed the handle, unlocking the door as I pushed it open.

I stepped inside and noticed that Jamie was lying on his bed, with his iPod lying next to him and ear buds in his ears.
‘So that’s why he couldn’t hear me.’ I thought to myself as I closed and locked the door behind me. I placed my bag on the floor and walked closer. He was laying there with his eyes closed, gently humming along to the music. It was super cute! I made my way to the side of the bed and looked over at him. He still hadn’t noticed me enter, so I watched him for a few seconds. He looked so peaceful and gentle laying there. His soft blond locks were darker than usual, signalling that he’d recently showered. I watched as his cute, pink tongue flicked out and licked his lips. I had to have him!

I crouched down and leaned closer, being careful not to nudge the bed as to alert him. I closed my eyes and parted my lips slightly, before I pressed them against his. I felt him jump slightly, but I stayed connected to him for a few more seconds before I pulled back. I stood up and climbed onto his bed, straddling his hips as he removed the ear buds. He giggled at my actions.

“You scared the hell out of me!” He exclaimed.

“Sorry.” I replied, winking at him, “You just looked too cute laying there.”

He stared up at me, those big grey eyes shining brightly. He was so beautiful. Jamie blushed lightly, “What?”

There was just something about that moment. The position that we were in, the way that I was looking down at him. I felt a wave of emotion flow through me. I couldn’t explain it. I grinned at him, before I lowered my face to his and began kissing him. I could kiss those lips for a lifetime and not want to stop. They were so warm and soft. They were so
Jamie. I felt him exhale across my cheek as my tongue entered his mouth. I could taste the mint from the toothpaste he’d used. It felt so good to be with him. I pulled back and rolled off him, so I was lying beside him. He looked over at me.

“Good to see you too, Matt.” He said, smiling cutely.

I giggled and wrapped my arms around him from the side, “I missed you.”

He started laughing, “We spent the whole day together, yesterday!”

“That was so long ago.” I cocked my head, “What? Didn’t you miss me?” I asked, pouting.

He gave me one of those
Jamie stares, “Of course I did, I was just saying…”

I grabbed his hand and interlaced our fingers, “I love you.”

He pulled my hand to his mouth and kissed it, “I love you too.”

We stared at each other for a few more seconds before we both broke out in a fit of giggles. I’m not even sure what we were laughing about, but it seemed to be contagious, neither of us could stop. Jamie managed to control himself and stood up.

“Ok, lets get that work done so when the ‘rents go we can…” He started, before he blushed again.

I stood up and faced him, “Awww, you’re so cute when you do that!” I exclaimed.

“Do what?”

“When you blush. It’s adorable.”

His blushed deepened, “Ok, stop it.” He replied, turning away from me. Jamie always seemed to control me with his stare, so I loved it when I was able to make him blush.

I giggled at him, “Alright, but no promises.” I said as I walked over to my bag and pulled out some books.

We spent the next twenty minutes or so finishing off our schoolwork. It wasn’t the most enjoyable thing to do with my boyfriend, but at least we were working together, rather than apart. Unfortunately his parents still hadn’t left by the time we came to the last worksheet, so that meant we’d have to wait around for them to go. On the plus side, Sam had already left for her friends house earlier, before I arrived, so we didn’t have to worry about her hanging around.

It felt weird when I thought about her ‘hanging around’ as this was HER house after all, not mine. But the fact remained that Jamie and I hadn’t been together in ages. I was beginning to suffer from Jamie withdrawal! I needed him!

“Here.” He said, nudging me with his arm.

I stopped writing and looked across at him, before I scowled at the packet of biscuits he was handing me.

He giggled, “What?”

I looked closely at the brand, “Those things are nasty.” I replied, “One of the worst things to come from that great country of yours.”

He laughed, “I like them.” He said, taking a large bite out of one for added emphasis.

I sighed, “Can we get back to our homework now?”

He smiled devilishly at me, “What’s the hurry?”

I looked at him in surprise, “You said that once we do our homework we can…” I trailed off.

He licked his lips, “We can what?”

I stared at him for a second, before I leaned over and kissed him lightly. Our lips touching for the briefest of moments. It still made me light to the head. I pulled back and smiled at him.

He giggled cutely, “Oh! That!”

I swatted his arm gently, “You won’t be getting
anything if you act like that!” I grinned at him, “Now, show me how to do this.” I said, waving a worksheet in the air.

It didn’t take very long for us to finish our homework, which amusingly happened around the same time that his parents decided to leave, but low and behold! Sam decided to return home, with several of her friends. ARGH!!! That really annoyed me, I mean, REALLY annoyed me!!! However, there was nothing I could do, so I just bit my tongue and tried to calm myself down. But Jamie on the other hand was slightly pissed by the whole thing.

“Why the hell is she back?” He asked aloud.

I shrugged, “Dunno, don’t worry about it.” I said, watching him pace the room. Actually it was kinda hot seeing him all angry and stuff.

He caught me staring, “What?”

“You’re hot when you’re pissed, you know that?”

He smiled slightly before he frowned again. I stood up and walked over to him. He was about to say something but I placed a finger on his lips, “Shhh.” I whispered. I watched as his expression softened.

“I’m sorry…I just…” He began before I interrupted him.

“I know.” I said, staring into his eyes. After a few moments I spoke again, “It’s quite sunny outside, why don’t we go out and do something?”

He thought for a moment and smiled at me, “Ok, lets go.”

We ended up walking all the way to town, where we just walked around for a while. We wasn’t shopping, we were just looking around for something to do. Once we’d walked about for around an hour, we decided to get something from
Subway for lunch. We got our sandwiches, sat down, and talked for a while. It was quite empty at that time, just before the lunch rush.

“Do you still keep in contact with your friends back home?” I asked, slurping some of my drink.

He nodded, “Sure. I used to talk to them online once a day, but it’s more like once a week now.”

I frowned, I was hoping that I wasn’t the cause for that.

“It’s not because of you, if that’s what you’re thinking.” He said, watching me curiously.

I looked at him, wondering how he could read my mind so easily, “Yeah, I was.”

He swallowed some of his sandwich, “Things have changed. It’s just hard to keep up with things that are happening on the other side of the world.” He paused, “It seems like it was another life, you know?”

I nodded. I wasn’t exactly sure about what he meant, but I assumed it had something to do with the culture change.

“But yeah, I talk to them.” He grinned, “And they still miss me.”

I smiled, “I can see why.” I leaned closer, “Do you think they would have been alright with…you?”

“Being gay?” He asked bluntly. I quickly glanced about, checking to see if anyone overheard. Jamie always seemed to be a little more at ease about discussing his sexuality than I was, even though he was still closeted and hadn’t told anyone. He giggled, “No one heard, relax.”

I looked back at him and relaxed some, “So? What do you think they’d have said, if they knew?”

He thought for a moment, “I think I could have trusted one of them, Jack, but I’m not sure about the others.” He paused for a minute and looked across at me, “You know I was thinking about telling my dad.” I looked up at him, “When we still lived in America.” He added quickly.

“What? Really?” I asked, surprised.

He nodded, “That was some time ago, just before we decided to move.”

“Do you think he would have been ok with it?”

“I think so, like I said before, he’s never spoken out against
us, but it’s different when it’s his own son.” He said.

I nodded, “Is that why didn’t you tell him? In case it went badly?” I asked.

“Not really, it was more because we were moving. I didn’t want to stress him out.” He said, “Anyway, I was only thinking about it, I’m not sure if I would have actually told him.”

“What about now?”

He shook his head, “I dunno. Maybe, someday. Things have changed.”

I looked at him quizzically before it clicked, “Me?” I asked.

He smiled, “Yeah.”

“Oh.” I said, looking down at the table.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that.” He said, looking concerned, “I just meant that I wouldn’t want to risk this, risk us, by coming out.”

I was silent for a moment before I glanced up at his face, “Neither would I.”

We sat there for a while longer before Jamie spoke, “Do you wanna get that game for Connor? For his birthday?”

I nodded. It was Connors birthday this Friday and I had picked out a Playstation game that I was going to get him. Jamie was going to pay half towards it. When he first suggested the idea I found it to be ‘cute’. I mean, there we were, not two months into our relationship and we were already buying gifts as a couple.
Sigh, a couple. A freaking hot couple at that!

We finished our lunch and went over to the music/video store where the game was and picked up a copy, along with a nice gift box that would save the hassle of wrapping it up later.

“Should we get him a card?” Asked Jamie as we exited the store.

“Yeah, but we should probably get two.” I said, heading in the direction of the card shop.

“What’s wrong with, ‘
Love from Matt and Jamie’?” He asked, giggling.

I shook my head, “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

He giggled again, “Ok, two cards.” He looked at me and leaned closer, “I’m still putting, ‘
Love Jamie’.”

I swatted his arm, “Behave.”

“I thought you liked it when I’m naughty.” He remarked cheekily.

I opened my mouth to reply, but blushed when I realised what he said.

He laughed at my response, “I’ll behave.”


It took us a while to pick out the cards, well, Jamie picked his card quite quickly, but I spent a while longer. I always took a long time when I picked a card for someone. It had to have just the right words and the right images to make it perfect. I eventually settled on a humorous one, quite unlike me, but it made Jamie laugh, so I guessed that Connor would like it too.

“What’s Max going to get him?” Asked Jamie as we approached my house, on our way back from town.

“What d’ya reckon?” I asked rhetorically, as Jamie already knew the answer.

“I thought he was joking.”

I shook my head, “I don’t think so. I think Connor knows that.”

“Maybe we should have gotten him some too.”

I turned to him, “What?”

“Well there’s all different types: there’s the plain ones, there’s the ribbed ones, there’s the flavoured ones, there’s the-“ He began, before I cut him off.

“I know!” I said, blushing.

He giggled.

“Jeez, what’s into you today?” I asked, grinning at him.

“Nothing.” He said innocently.

I laughed, “Right.” I said as we turned onto my street. I looked at my house and eyed the empty driveway. At least one of my parents must have gone out. I was silently wishing to myself that they’d both gone out and that Josh was playing out or something.

I walked up my path and retrieved my keys from my pocket before I opened the door. We stepped inside and closed the door behind us.

“Anyone home?” I called out, listening intently for a reply, but there wasn’t one. I turned to Jamie and raised an eyebrow at him, “I think we have the house to ourselves.”

He nodded and looked over toward the kitchen before he walked over there, where he picked up a note, “
Matt, We are in town with Josh. See you later. Mum x.” He said, reading aloud.

“Does it say when they’re coming back?”

He threw the note in the bin and shook his head, “No.” We didn’t see them while we were down town, so perhaps they had just left.

We stared at each other for a minute before Jamie reached out and took my hand, “Come on.”

I followed him as he led me up to my room. We walked inside and I closed the door behind us, leaving it open slightly so we could hear if anyone returned.

“Do you have any music?” He asked, looking about.

I looked at him for a minute, “Erm, yeah. On that.” I said, pointing to my computer, which was connected to my speakers.

He walked over, opened up the music player and looked through the list. He found one that he liked and clicked on it. I smiled at the choice when it started playing. It was a nice rendition of
‘The Look of Love’.

He turned around and smiled at me, “This good?”

“Perfect.” I grinned

Jamie walked toward me, “Come here.”

I moved closer and met him in the middle of the room. I placed my hands on his slim waist as I stared into his eyes. He reached out and put his hand on the back of my neck. I trembled slightly at the touch. He slowly inched his face closer to mine as I closed my eyes and tilted my head. Our lips touched, sending those fantastic shockwaves of pleasure throughout my body. He brought his other arm around me, holding me. I relaxed against him as his tongue flicked against my lips. I parted them and let him inside. He felt so good in my arms. It was where he belonged. His tongue squirmed in my mouth, tickling me sensually. My erection was straining painfully against my boxers. Jamie humped against me. He was begging to be released too!

I felt him reach down the sides of my waist before he started lifting up my shirt. I pulled back, opened my eyes and looked at him, lifting my arms to help him remove my shirt. He pulled it up over my head and ran his hands across my chest and nipples. I cooed softly before I reached for his shirt. He lifted his arms, and allowing me to lift the shirt over his head. My cock jerked when I caught a glimpse of his sparse underarm hair. It was so hot.

I dropped his shirt and tugged on his arm, pulling him over to the bed. I climbed on and laid back, watching as he crawled up on top of me. I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him closer, pressing our lips together again. Jamie kisses were so heavenly. He knew when to be slow or fast, hard or gentle. He was always wonderful. I felt him hump against me, squeezing our erections together. I moaned in response.

“What the

We pulled back, causing our lips to make a loud
‘smacking’ sound. Jamie quickly rolled off me as I bolted upright, making myself light headed from the quick movement. Everything seemed to slow down as I focused in on the doorway. My eyes widened in horror…

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