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An Albemarle Tale:


a Young Man's Coming of Age on the Tidewater,


a continuing true story that I hope will turn into a love story,

but ya never can tell, life bein' as weird as it is.



"Still on for the weekend man?" David asked me when he saw me in trig first period Friday morning.

"Oh, hell yeah!" I said, and he and I high-fived.

"The parental units still leaving?" he asked.

"Oh hell, yeah! They've already vanished. Nobody gonna be at home but the evil sisters, and you and me," I said.

"Excellent!" Dave said.

"Most excellent!" I said.

My two older sisters, who at twenty-seven and twenty-four are way older than me, think I'm pretty much a pain in their ass, and retarded to boot, so they don't pay all that much attention to me, or to much of what I do, except to bitch me out if I forget my share of the chores, or leave my athletic bag laying around, or don't clean up the bathroom. It's fine if they leave the bathroom a disaster area, but let me leave a pair of sweat socks in the corner and all hell breaks loose. I'm used to being the youngest, and not having siblings to play with. Beth was eleven when I was born and Susan was eight. My parents didn't think they'd have any more children but Mom and Dad went on a cruise, and Mom got off the boat pregnant! Go Dad! Of course it also meant that my parents had sort of grown away from the idea of small children around.

Being mainly ignored has benefits. When the parents go away I can do pretty much what I want, as long as my sisters don't have to cover for me, and spin a tale for the parents. I have to say that they have never ratted me out even though we fight all the time. Even the time I came home drunk, and puked in the kitchen, they helped me clean it up. I always clear everything with Dad and Mom first anyway, like going out on the boat on Saturday with David, my best friend. Beth, my older sister, is a nurse, and is now going for her physician's assistant degree, and Susan is an accountant. They both still live at home, mainly because home is really nice, and because our parents are actually pretty cool, and there aren't all that many rules. Beth is thinking about getting an apartment of her own.

On Friday, Dave and I went to school and then to practice like usual. We have three classes together and we were talking about how cool the weekend was going to be. We are totally into fishing, and messing around in boats. We had been planning a weekend together at my house with some serious fishing on Saturday and some serious school term paper writing on Sunday.

David has been my best friend since we were little. We are used to each other in that cool way guys get used to each other. Like we can ride in the car for long trips and not say much but feel like we've spent a great time with each other. At least that's the way I feel about Dave. Over the years we've been in trouble together, and covered for each other, laughed together and encouraged each other. We've fought and argued and made up more times than I can remember, about stuff I that was so stupid it was never remembered the next day. And we had one completely weird experience together, when we were with two girls together in a motel room last summer. And that experience, seeing my best friend in that situation, feeling the things I felt towards him, started me thinking I might not be as straight as I thought. A new friend of mine I met through the Internet wrote to me that most guys drift along a scale from being totally straight to totally gay, with most guys falling someplace in between. I'm not sure about all that, but I'm sure as hell not about to come onto any of my team mates or classmates or friends. I mean, a guy needs to preserve his rep, ya know? Especially in small-town North Carolina. But I think about Dave, and what we did together, and the freaked-out feelings and thoughts I had while we were with the girls.

The things I feel towards David get even more confused when we watch my porn DVD together. See, last year I loaned another guy my biology notebook to use, and he traded me a porn DVD in exchange to use it. The movie is a guy and a girl supposedly stuck in a motel room during a snowstorm. It has zero real plot or acting, but lots of action. The guy supposedly "teaches" the girl how to have sex, and I do mean everything, including taking his dick up her ass. David found out I had it, and we watched it together sitting in front of my PC in my bedroom. From then on, every time we spend the night at each others houses, we usually end up watching the "fuck flick" as we call it. Either at my house or I bring it with me to David's. I always get hard, and lately I've been getting hard thinking about Dave getting hard. I know he is because I see his cock bulge in his pants or shorts. After watching the movie for a while he always hits the PAUSE button, and goes to the bathroom. I know he jacks off, and I do the same thing while he's gone. I've thought about, you know, maybe doing something with him while we are watching the fuck flick. Just jacking off with him, ya know? I thought it might be cool to do that. But I'm so freakin' worried of what he might think about me if I suggested anything like that.

So after practice Dave went home to collect his stuff and fishing gear for the weekend and then he came over in the early evening. My parents had left for the four day golf weekend with their friends in Myrtle Beach. The evil sisters were home from work and in their rooms yakking on their cell phones. I saw that David still had his practice gear on, so I asked him if he hadn't showered yet. He said not yet, he just wanted to get to my house as fast as he could. I asked him if he wanted to shower here. He said that he was sort of hoping I would say that. I had already cleaned up and was wearing boxers and shorts and a tee shirt. My standard wear for knockin' around the house.

Dave got undressed down to his boxers, grabbed a clean pair from his bag, and walked into the bathroom. He left the door partly open, and we talked through it. I caught glimpses of his body through the opening, and I thought it was weird to be perving out on my best friend, but I couldn't stop looking.

He showered and when he came out of the bathroom in nothing but those new boxers he looked so freakin' hot. He wears a small necklace with a mezuzah hanging from it. It was a gift from me at his Bar Mitzvah three years ago when we were thirteen. I was the only guy from school get invited, and I rode up to Richmond for the weekend with him and his parents. Before the big day, my Mom drove me all the way to Norfolk to a jeweler's to buy that present. I think it must mean a lot to him because he never takes it off unless we're doing swimming or some other athletic thing. Suddenly a flood of memories came rushing into my head, seeing the mezuzah swinging as he bent over while he got dressed...

"Damn!" I thought, "She's got pretty hair."

That was my first thought when I saw this girl with her parents, at the restaurant where I was working as a busboy. This girl had the most amazing long curly red gold hair I had ever seen. It was like it glowed!

"She's pretty!" was my next thought.

And she was too. Nice smooth skin and freckles on her cheeks and across her nose, and when she smiled, she had braces just like me. This girl and another girl I guessed was either her sister or her friend, and a man and lady had been eating supper in the place, and I had caught glimpses of them while I was running in and out of the kitchen. I was clearing the table next to the one where they were sitting, and the man turned to me.

"Hey son!" he called with a smile behind his voice.

"Yes sir?" I asked, and I smiled. People always tell me I have a nice smile so I turned it on full blast.

"How old are you young man?" he wanted to know.

"Sixteen sir" I replied.

"There!" he said to the two girls, "I told you he was the same age as you two!" and he turned back to look at me.

"Do you live in the area?" he asked.

"Yes sir. Not in the town itself, but nearby," I said. "Up on the river."

"So, you know where the beaches are over on the coast, and where the best places to swim are?" he asked.

"Well, yeah," I said, "I mean, yes sir, but there's no need to go all the way over to the ocean to swim, unless y'all want to. There're good beaches on the Sound too," I said.

"No, we're staying over in Kitty Hawk," he said. "We're here on vacation, and we're thinking about buying a vacation property on the Outer Banks. Or maybe up on the Virginia coast. We like it here. We were in Edenton today because the guidebooks say its one of the prettiest small towns in the area."

"Well, I never thought of it as pretty, but I guess it is," I said. "It's historical, I know that much."

"It's lovely," the lady said. She had hair the same color as the one girl did. I thought "this is what the little red-head is gonna look like when she's her mom's age."

"So if y'all are looking at houses on the coast, then you're in the right place for that `cause Kitty Hawk is right in the middle of the whole thing," I said.

The two girls were looking at me, and I smiled at them, and they smiled back. The man caught the smiles.

He turned to the two girls, "Katie, maybe this young man can show you where the best swimming is," he dude said. "That is, if you don't want to go with your mother and me house hunting again tomorrow!"

"DADDY!" the red headed one he called Katie said. "We can get our own dates if we want them!" She looked really pissed off. "Really Daddy!"

"Oh, no!!.... I mean.... ya know.... I'd really like that.... and everything.... but I have t' work tomorrow afternoon and night," I said. I was trying to prolong the conversation because I really, really wanted to see this girl named Katie.

"Um... so...ah... are y'all sisters?" I asked Katie. God, I felt like a total dork.

"No," Katie said very abruptly, and I thought, "Well, Little Miss Attitude....Miss Prissy Pants..." Dealing with two older sisters I got to know all about shit-headed attitudes from girls.

"I'm Allison, her friend," the dark haired one said and she smiled.

"Oh, hi," I said, "I'm Jeremy." I sort of stood there feeling like a dork again... And they kept looking at me, and I thought "Hell, nothin' to loose!"

"I have to work tomorrow but I'm off on Thursday, if you're still going to be in Kitty Hawk. Maybe we could hang out... ya know... if you want to?" I said. "My best friend David is off too, we were just gonna go fishin'... but it would be cool to go swimming with you guys... I mean... if that's what y'all want to do..."

Allison and Katie looked at each other. I've never understood how girls do that shit, like they talk to each other through their eyes without saying anything.

I was feeling desperate, so I said, "I can ask my Mom to pack us a picnic... we can go up near the dunes near the inlet if you want....there's always a breeze there and good waves too."

"Oh, that's so sweet!" The lady said and she turned her attention to the two girls. "You two should go!"

And the three of them did the eye thing all together. She turned back to me. "Is your friend David as nice and polite as you are Jeremy?" she asked.

"Oh, no ma'am..." I gave her my best smile. "He's much nicer. He taught me everything I know," I said.

The lady and the man laughed, and even Allison smiled at me. Katie was pouting a little I think, because she sort of just got railroaded into a date with two guys she probably would never even look twice at wherever she was from. God, she was pretty!

"So, um...I mean, where are y'all from?" I asked in my most polite voice.

"Mount Lebanon, in western Pennsylvania," the guy said. "It's near Pittsburgh." I thought they were Yankees from up North, they all had that talk through their nose accents.

"Cool," I said. "We drove through Pennsylvania on our way to Canada a couple of times, but I've never been to Pittsburgh."

I was trying to say something intelligent, ya know how it is when you meet girls, so they don't think you're a total geek.

"I was in Philadelphia though, and saw the Liberty Bell.... and Carpenter's Hall... ya know... where they signed the Declaration," I was watching Katie, and she rolled her eyes and looked at Allison.

"Are you interested in history Jeremy?" her father asked.

"Yep sure am!...Oh!...I mean yeah!... I mean, yes sir, I am!" I said and that made Katie smile, and in spite of her braces she had a really cute smile, and I thought, "This one is mine, if this comes off and we do this swimming gig Dave can have Allison, but I want Katie."

So we talked a little more, while I got dirty looks from the waitresses for spending time with Katie's family and not clearing the tables fast enough. We fixed it up with the two girls, and with Katie's mom and dad about Thursday, and I gave them my name and address and telephone number, and also all the same information for David, which totally impressed the mom and dad. I said they could call my parents and Dave's parents if they wanted. I told them I had an S-10 Chevy truck that I had bought myself, but could borrow my Mom's Cherokee for the day on Thursday so we could all ride inside. I told the girls we would bring the lunch and the sodas, and asked them what kind they wanted, and what sandwiches they wanted, and they finally started to look interested in the whole idea. Like maybe I wasn't just some grit busboy from off the Tidewater.

The second I got in the door at home that night I called David, and told him all about the two girls, and how I had fixed us up for Thursday. I was going on and on when he interrupted.

"What do we tell Meghan and Joselyn?" he asked, naming our two girlfriends.

I had thought about this, and said, "Dude, it's only for one day, a picnic and some beach time with two girls we'll never see again." There was this silence on the other end of the phone. "Dave?" I said, "Dude, you there?"

"Yeah, I'm here," he said. "Ya know, if the two of them find out, we're dead meat."

"Look," I said, "they already think we're going fishin' all day together, they're not expecting to see us. We're just going over to the coast and see two girls man, lighten up!"

"Right," He said. "You sure they're pretty?"

"Yep! Definitely worth the trouble!" I told him.

So Dave and I made the plans, and I asked for and got the Cherokee. Mom told me that Katie's mother had already called her and made sure the whole thing was approved by the parents. Mom helped me make a shopping list and I went to the store and got all the picnic stuff. Eventually Thursday dawned bright and clear and not too hot. Just right! I was up before dawn, packed the Cherokee, swung by Davey's and we got a really early start.

Dave and I were pretty much dressed alike; our board shorts and tee shirts, and sandals. For some reason I still don't understand I decided not to wear any underwear that day. Usually, if I know I'm going swimming I'll wear an old pair of tightie whities or a jock strap. We drove over to the coast, and found their motel. We knocked on the door and Katie's dad answered.

He gave Davey and me the once over, and Davey must have passed some test because Katie's dad smiled, and Katie's mom smiled, and we smiled, and I thought, "Damn! They like us!"

"The girls share the next room over," he said, and pointed down the balcony. So we walked to the next door and knocked.

Allison answered the knock in a bikini that nearly made me forget about Katie, but when the little red head appeared I forgot all about Allison. Katie was in a one piece suit, this pale green color that totally went with her hair and her eyes. Girls must come with a built in sense of color and clothes. Katie didn't have big breasts like Allison, but she was petit and just put together perfectly. God, she was a knockout. If she went to my school I'd kill guys to be able to date her. I swear I would literally kill guys to go out with Katie.

They were eyeing Davey, and we made the introductions, and I told them everything was ready, if they were, and they put on tee shirts and flip-flops and we left. I made sure to take Katie's hand walking out the door, and she didn't pull away. In fact she sort of squeezed mine and got closer to me. I started to get a little hard, just thinking about how she looked. Her hair was pulled back, and she had one of those scrunchie things holding it high in the back. I'm tellin' dudes, this girl was an absolute knockout. We stopped at the parent's room door and Katie knocked.

"We're leaving now," she said.

"Have fun!" her parents said nearly together. I think they meant it too.

"We're going down to Avon today, and won't be back until very late. We'll have dinner there with the real estate agent, so you girls are on your own for tonight," Katie's father said.

"Don't worry about that sir," I said, "I packed enough for lunch and supper and then some." I looked right in his eyes, like my Dad taught me to when you want another man to take you seriously, "When would you like us to have them home?"

"We're not babies you know! We don't have curfews!" Katie interrupted, showing her temper again!

"You hush!" her mom told her, "That's what a proper young man asks!"

Katie's dad looked like he just got knocked in the head, "Oh, well.... I guess midnight is late enough.... don't you?" he said.

"Yes sir, midnight it is," I said, and dragged Katie down the balcony!

"You know, it's disgusting! You guys down here turn on that Southern Charm, and parents are putty in your hands," Allison told Davey.

"You can say that again," Katie said, "but you made major points with Dad though, lemme tell ya!"

"Nah," Davey said, "we're just bein' proper young men!" And we all laughed, even Katie.

"Well, let's hope you're not TOO proper!" Allison said. I caught that but didn't think anything of it then.

We drove up coast to a beach nearby, and set up our stuff. The girls brought this huge quilt thing and we could all fit on it. We laid in the sun a while, just talking about school and college plans, and stuff we liked and didn't like. They were in their school band, and did marching competitions. They noticed Davey's mezuzah, and asked him about it. We told them about how we had been friends for a long time, and how I had given David the chain for his Bar Mitzvah.

"Are you Jewish too?" Katie asked me.

"No, my family are Episcopalians, but I'm sort of a deist, like Thomas Jefferson," I said.

"Don't believe him!!!" Dave said. "He's a heathen!! There's a golden calf in his bedroom." The girls laughed.

We got into a discussion about different religions, and found out they were Methodist. I explained about my personal beliefs and God, and we talked more. After an hour or so I was starting to sweat as the day got warmer, and I suggested we get wet. Also I needed to cool down, from being next to Katie, and smelling her perfume, and looking at her. When she was on her back I could see the swell of the mound between her legs, and thought about what color her hair might be down there. Cripe! Talking about God and lookin' between a girl's legs! If there is a hell I'm goin' there.

I took Katie's hand, and Dave took Allison's, and we walked into the ocean. Dave and I are used to the cold, but the girls took a long, long time getting all the way in. We swam and ducked waves for a while, and I ran out to the beach and grabbed the mat and ran back in. We showed the girls how to ride waves in, and it was a total blast. I ducked underwater and came up with my head between Katie's legs and stood up with her sitting on my shoulders. When Dave saw this, he did the same to Allison. We played chicken fights for a while, with the girls sliding all over us trying to hold on and not fall off. I felt Katie's pussy against my neck, and felt her breasts rubbing all over me, and got instant wood. Once her leg slipped between mine, and I know she felt that I was hard down there. If it was possible to do, I got even harder. I tried to feel her up without being too obvious about it, and she never said anything so I guessed whatever I was doing was fine.

Dave and I got sore shoulders after a while of them sliding all over us, and we pulled them off, down into the water again. I held onto Katie, and put my arms around her and kissed her. She kissed me back and grinned. Her braces flashed in the sunlight, and there were water beads in her eyelashes, and she was just perfect. I mean, if I could dream up a girl, she would be the one.

"Is this the behavior of a proper young man?" she teased me.

"No, but you make me feel like being very improper!" I said. "You're beautiful!" I blurted.

She kissed me, and I noticed Dave was kissing Allison, and I was lovin' it. We kissed in the ocean for a while and the girls said they were getting cold and wanted to get out.

"Um.... well... let's stay in a while longer," I said. The last thing I wanted to do was get out of the ocean with full wood going down the leg of my shorts. I looked over at Dave.

"I'm hard!" he mouthed, and I knew he was thinking the same thing.

The girls ran out onto the beach, and grabbed towels and dried off a little, then walked back to the edge of the water. Dave and I got under control, sort of more or less, and got out. I needed a little more time to soften down between my legs and started mounding up sand for a sand castle. They knelt down and helped. We did the sand castle for a while and Katie suggested lunch. We had got pretty sandy by that point, so we ran out into the surf again. Katie jumped up on my back and wrapped her legs around me. Her hands were brushing over my chest muscles and she bit my ear. She rode me piggy-back for a while, until a big wave broke over us, and she washed off me. I grabbed her hand, pulled her into my arms and planted a kiss on her lips. I was instantly, achingly hard again.

Katie leaned close to me, and pushed her leg between mine, and found I was hard as a rock. Damn if she didn't rub her leg up and down a few times!

"You got a boner?" she asked.

"Well, you caused it!" I said, and we giggled.

She grabbed my hand and started pulling me out of the water, and Allison already had Dave half up on shore.

When we got to the blanket, Allison looked at my shorts, and then at Dave's shorts. She giggled, and then Katie giggled, and then we were all giggling like lunatics.

"Nice to see you Southern boys come with all the standard equipment!" She said, and she and Katie got into even more of a giggling fit.

"Oh yeah, all the standard stuff, just better!" Dave said and he groped himself and hefted his package.

We lay down on the blanket and started seriously making out with them, and after a while I could feel the stuff running out of my cock, and my leg was all slimy with it.

"We should eat. Whew!" Allison said after a while. "Take a breather."

So we got out the stuff for our lunch, all the stuff they said they liked, and feasted. I had got roast beef for Dave and me, with a bottle of horseradish and one of mayonnaise so we could make sandwiches the way he likes, and chicken and honey roasted ham for the girls, and nice Grey Poupon mustard, and pickles, and those little white pickled onions that Katie said she liked. There was rye bread and whole wheat bread too, and chips. Mom sliced up some tomatoes and I brought those and some lettuce.

God, it was so funny! Allison had never tasted horseradish, so David gave her the jar and before he or I could say anything she had a big scoop of it on her spoon and put it in her mouth!

"Gorf...Ack......ah hit....ah HIT" She went, and leaned over and spit it out into the sand. "Oh my God," she wailed.

Tears were running down her cheeks and she was wiping her nose on the back of her hand. I felt so sorry for her. She drew in this huge breath and then took this long pull at her Coke. Then she let out this freakin' wild assed burp! I thought, "Damn sakes these girls are fun!"

"Oh, good one Allie!" Katie said. "Real romantic!"

When we had calmed down from laughing so hard, and patting Allison on the back, and wiping her eyes and nose off, we got back to eating. Every so often, Katie or Davey or I would go "gorf, ack, ah hit, ah hit" and we'd all be laughing again. Dessert was two bags of chocolate chips cookies.

When we had finished eating Allison threw a bottle of sunscreen at Dave and asked him to do her back and the backs of her legs. Dave blushed every shade of red there is, but he started rubbing the stuff on Allison.

Katie looked at me, and I offered the same for her, so she got her bottle out of her beach bag and gave it to me. She held a towel over her chest and slipped off the straps of her swimsuit, and pulled the top part all the way down to her waist. Yep, you got it! I boned right up. She lay down on the blanket, face down, with her head on her arms, and I thought I would cum in my shorts just looking at her skin. I mean this girl was totally beautiful.

I put some lotion on her back and started. I was so hot I could hardly breathe. I rubbed her back a while, and then got some more lotion on my hands and moved down to her legs. I was kneeling in between her legs, and she had her knees just slightly bent, and I was looking right up into her crotch. I could see a few little golden red hairs sticking out of the seams and I thought I'd cream myself again. My heart was beating so fast, and I looked over to Dave, and he winked at me and flashed this huge grin. He had his hand right up on Allison's pussy! I mean holyfuckingshit! So I got bolder. I rubbed the lotion gradually up Katie's thighs, and ran my thumbs up into her crotch.

"Ummmmm," she went, and wiggled her ass a little and spread her legs open a little more. My mouth was so dry I could hardly swallow. My cock was so hard it hurt. It really hurt.

I let my two thumbs run in under the seams of her swimsuit, and felt the hair on the sides of her pussy slit. I pushed a little more into the suit and the tips of my thumbs were in her gash, and it was hot and wet, and soft, and I thought "God, please let me hold it! Please don't let me cum in my shorts and ruin this. Please!"

My thumbs were wet, and I put the tips together again and pushed them both into her vagina. She gasped this little breath.

"O God, you know just what to do!!!" she whispered.

Allison moaned. "So does David," she said.

I kept one thumb inside Katie's vagina and let the other one search for the magic button girls have. My thumb found the target, and I started teasing her clit. I couldn't believe I was doing that! My first time touching a girl's stuff and I knew what to do! It was like everything I had ever heard about girls replayed through my head and I just knew what to do!

Katie held the towel in front of her again, and rose up. She pulled up her suit top, and turned to me with this little smile, "Your turn!" she said.

She pushed me down onto the blanket, and made me turn over onto my back. My cock was lifting the leg of my board shorts way up, and there was this wet spot at the tip of the bulge. Katie pushed my legs together and straddled my shins.

"You're not as hairy as David is," she said.

"Yea, I know. He's a gorilla," I said, and we four laughed. David by this time was on his back too, and his shorts were even more pushed out than mine, but then, he's bigger than me down there.

Katie got some lotion on her hands and leaned over me. She smiled at me, and started rubbing my chest.

"You guys have really great bods," she said. "Really hard!" she looked down at my hard-on in the shorts. "Really hard!" she said again and the two girls giggled.

I have this faint trail of hair down from my belly button, and she was running her thumbs up and down it, pushing my shorts down a little more every time. They were low on my hips to start with, and pretty soon her thumbs were into my cock hair and pushing at the root of my cock.

I looked up at her, "You know what to do too babe," I said.

"Oh, I haven't even started to tease you yet!" she said and she moved down a little, and started running her finger tips up and down my legs and tickling my leg hair. Not that there's all that much of it, but she was driving me crazy.

Dave was panting, and I looked at him two feet away on the other side of the quilt, and he was flushed and had his head back with his eyes closed. I looked down and Allison had her hands up both legs of his board shorts, and I could see she was stroking his cock.

Katie ran her hand up the leg of my shorts, and put the tip of her finger on the head of my cock. She smeared my precum stuff around a little, and I moaned. I mean, a guy can only take so much, ya know!? She put her whole hand around me, and pulled and pushed on my cock, stroking me. She held onto my cock, and pushed it up so it was pointing up towards my belly button, like Dave's was, and started jacking me off for real.

Allison took her hands out of David's pants, "Guys?" she asked.

I levered myself up onto my elbows, and Dave did the same.

"You guys want to go back to our room at the motel?" Allison asked.

I looked at Dave, and he looked at me, and we exchanged looks with the girls.

"Are you kidding?" Dave said incredulously.

"Let's go!" I nearly yelled.

We had our little encampment cleared away and packed up in no time, and ran back to the Jeep and piled in. Katie played with me all the way back to the motel. I couldn't turn around to see what Dave was getting, but Allison was sitting on his lap facing him and they were making out like crazy. I could see that much in the rear view mirror

We got to the motel without having an accident, which was a freakin' miracle what with Katie's hand up my leg and me watching my best bud get his in the mirror. They let us into their room, and we drew the shades and turned on the lights. Big king sized bed, yes!

We started making out with them as soon as the lights were on, and were just standing in the room, and I had Katie sort of sideways, and her head was bent back and I was kissing her, and running my hand over her breasts and over her pussy.

"Way too many clothes on in here," I said, and shucked out of my shirt and shorts, and stood in front of her naked.

She reached out and held my cock and squeezed me, and some of my juice leaked out. She smeared it around on the head of my cock. I reached up and put my thumbs under the straps of her suit, and peeled them off her shoulders. Then I slowly lowered the top of her suit down, like I was taking the skin off a beautiful piece of fruit. I glanced over, and Dave already had Allison naked, and he was naked too. They were lip-locked like they'd never come up for air.

As I lowered Katie's suit, I knelt down and pulled it all the way down, and she stepped out of it. I ran my hands up the outsides of her legs, and then over her belly, and up to her breasts, and let my thumbs tease her nipples.

I heard her suck in her breath. I pinched them lightly, and she gasped again. "Oh, God.... Jeremy!" she whispered.

I was kneeling in front of this incredibly beautiful girl, I could hardly stand it. "Katie, you're so beautiful!" I whispered. I was right at the level of her belly button, and I leaned over a put my tongue into it and swirled it around. She moaned. I did that for a few seconds and then I trailed my tongue downwards into that bush of golden fur she had.

With the seawater, and sweat, and breeze, all our deodorant and perfumes had disappeared long ago, and I smelled raw girl for the first time in my life, and nearly fainted from the blood rushing to by groin. I thought my dick would explode it was purple, and engorged and hurting.

I put my tongue into the crease, and brought my hands down and put my thumbs into it to spread her pussy lips apart a little. I had to bend my neck back and scrunch down to get my face where I wanted, but my tongue found her clit and I made her gasp again. My nose was buried in this incredible patch of hair, and it smelled like the sea, and salt, and what I guessed girls naturally smelled like. I had heard all the jokes about girls smelling like fish and "get past the smell and ya got it licked," but Katie, oh man, Katie smelled wonderful. I licked her pussy for a while, and she was sort of humping her hips against my face.

She leaned over me and I felt her hands under my arms, and she lifted me up.

"Hold off lover, I don't want to cum yet," she said, and we kissed some more. She ran her hands over my butt while I played with her breasts.

Allison broke off with Davey, and asked if we wanted to trade, and sample the other products, and I was a little hurt when Katie said yes, and left me and walked the few steps over to David. I went to Allison, and we all started kissing each other. And ya know, that was fun too!

I did the same thing, sliding my tongue down her body that I did with Katie, only with Allison I stopped over and sucked both her nipples a while, and fingered her clit at the same time. I knelt down and did the pussy crease spreading thing with my thumbs, and put my mouth on her.

Allison started that same humping thing that Katie had done, and she put her hands on the sides of my head, and her little fingers were twirling around my ears. It felt awesome. She smelled just like Katie, all fresh and salty and girly. Like Katie did, after a while she lifted me up and then backed up and sat on the bed. I was standing right in front of her, and a drop of precum was hanging off the tip of my cock. I can't believe what she did! She reached up and cupped my balls in her palm and licked the juice off me! Then, holyfuckingshit! Her mouth was on me and I was getting my first ever blow job!

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Katie giving Davey the same treatment, and I turned my head and watched. I felt a little twinge of jealousy that Katie wasn't doing that to me, but Allison's mouth and tongue were doing unbelievable things to my dick. Davey caught my eye, and we grinned and just shook our heads. He couldn't believe what we were doing anymore than I could.

I looked at Davey's body and thought what a totally studly guy my friend is. Like me, he had a sheen of sweat all over him, and he was hard, and I could see his cock sliding in and out of Katie's mouth. He had his hands linked behind his head, and I could see the patches of hair under his arms, and there was suddenly in my mind a picture of me in Katie's place, sucking on him, and making him grunt like he was. Running my hands up and down the outsides of his huge thighs, feeling the hair he has. Fuck! What's wrong with me! I must have shaken my head, because Dave grinned again and shook his too, and I turned back to Allison and watched my shaft get wet with her spit. Dude!

Katie stopped sucking Davey and she got up and sat down next to Allison. She had dragged Dave along with her by his dick. He and I were standing side by side in front of them.

She nudged Allison, and she pulled off me.

"David and Jeremy need lessons in eating pussy," Katie said. I nearly flipped! I grinned again at David, and I pulled him over to Allison and went to stand in front of my little red head. If there was pussy eating to be done, I wanted to be eating Katie.

"I didn't hear any complaints from either of you two!" I said.

"Hey, no fair! I haven't had a chance to eat pussy yet!" Dave said.

"Well, now you will!" Allison said.

The two girls leaned back on the bed with their knees at the edge and feet on the floor. This made their pussy mounds sort of stand up, and seeing the one golden and the other black hair patches, I could have cummed with three pulls at my cock.

"On your knees, slaves!" Allison said.

Dave and I knelt down, and we had our hands on their thighs. I was getting totally into the slave thing, and sort of joked with them and said "Oh my lady, please teach me how to eat pussy, please don't punish me!"

Davey laughed, and said, "Yes mistress, yes mistress, I live to please you mistress."

So we lowered our faces into their bushes, and I did the thumbs in the pussy slit for the third time and found my Katie's little button. This time I started sucking on it, and she reached down and with two fingers held her pussy lips open for me, and with the other hand she grabbed my wrist and brought my hand up to her breast. I started teasing her nipple, and then reached over and teased the other one. They rose up and pointed, and I remembered hearing guys talk that when girl's tits do that it means they're totally ready for fucking.

For a while in the bedroom the only sounds were us guys panting, and the girls moaning, and slurping noises. Katie reached down again, and got my other hand off her thigh, and pulled on my middle finger so it stood out, like I was flipping somebody off, you know?

"Make a little bend in your finger and put it inside me," she said. God, I nearly died! So I did what she asked me to do.

My fingers were against my chin, and I was still teasing her clit with my tongue, and she said "Turn your hand over Jeremy." And I did that.

"Push in me, and lift your finger tip up.....can you feel that little ridge up in my vagina?" she asked.

"Ummmhummm!" I nodded against her mound. I figured that ridge she wanted me to touch was a ridge of bone inside her or something. I kept my mouth on her too, I wasn't going to let go of her clit for anything.

"Now sort of hook your finger tip over that little ridge and keep a little pressure on it!" she said.

I nodded again, and she said, "Now, keep sucking and with your tongue make long slow strokes on my clit, and keep pushing on that spot inside me." She was starting to pant, big time, and her hips were doing that humping thing again against my face. So I ate Katie's snatch for a few minutes.

"Oh, my God pass the test Jeremy, you pass the test!" she moaned and then pushed my face off her.

"Alright slaves, one of you passed the test, and now you'll learn to please another woman. On your feet slaves, and change positions." Allison said, and both girls were giggling and Davey and I got into our new positions in front of different girls. I looked down at Allison's pussy, and it was wet, and the lips were swollen, and I couldn't help thinking, some of that wet is my best friend's spit, I'm going to eat Allison's pussy but taste some of Davey too. My cock surged up even harder than before just thinking about that. Shit! What the fuck is wrong with me! Guys don't think about their best friends like that!

Davey started doing to Katie what I had been instructed to do when I was going down on her. With his mouth and his finger he got Katie sighing and panting too. I started the same thing with Allison. But Miss Allison liked it a little rougher than Katie.

"Suck really hard on my clitoris slave!" she said. "Suck it!"

I pulled a hard suction on her button, and put three fingers together and rammed them into her. She started the humping thing, and grabbed two handfuls of my hair and pushed my face into her crotch. I could hardly breathe my nose was so deep in her pussy fur. She let go of one handful, nearest the other two on the bed, and smacked Dave on the shoulder.

"Watch slave, this slave knows how to eat pussy!" she said. So Dave and Katie stopped and watched me munch Allison's cunt, and work my fingers in and out of her, and Allison was getting hotter and hotter and moaning.

"Stop! Stop slave!" she said. So I pulled off her. She looked at Davey again, "So, slave! Can you do this?"

"Yes mistress!" David said, and crawled over to between Allison's legs, and I scooted over to my little red bushed girl again.

I knew Katie liked it gentle and slow, and I put my mouth on her again, and my tongue started a slow up and down on her button, and I hooked my finger inside her vagina like she enjoyed. Then I played with her nipples with my free hand. She held herself open for me like before and soon I had her taking little short breaths and saying stuff like "Oh, Jeremy, just like that..... just like that... Oh, God Jeremy, you do this so good." I swear I felt like a million bucks to be able to make a girl say stuff like that.

Allison and Dave were going at it like demons. Allison was humping Dave's face and smearing her pussy juice all over him. God, they looked so hot. I concentrated on my girl, and gradually increased the speed of my sucking on her clit and the movements of my finger up inside her. On the other side of the bed, Allison was getting louder and louder, and then I heard her say "Yeah, suck it! Make me cum!" And the bed shook and I thought "Go Davey!" I kept concentrating on Katie, and I thought she was getting ready to cum too.

"Yes," she moaned. "Yes, Jeremy.... Yes......Just like that...... Just like that Jeremy.....Keep doing that Jeremy......Just like that...Oh, God Jeremy, oh, God....." she kept saying. And suddenly her whole body went sort of rigid.

"Don't stop!... No matter what, don't stop!!! she gasped.

Katie let go of her pussy lips, and they closed up around my mouth and nose, and I could barely breathe, but I thought she might be getting ready to cum and I was going to finish her if it meant I suffocated to death, so I kept on doing what she liked, and then it happened.

She grabbed a handful of my hair on either side of my head, like Allison had done, and started rubbing herself up and down on my face while I tried my best to keep a pull on her clit and my finger in her.

"Oh, Jeremy...Jeremy!" she shouted, and rose up like she was doing a sit-up, and shuddered and shuddered, and then fell back onto the bed and took this huge breath.

"God," she breathed. "Where'd you learn to do that?" she said, and she let go of my hair.

I was like in heaven ya know!? "I've just brought a girl off" I thought! "My first time with a girl, my first time eating pussy, and I made my girl cum! I made a girl get off, I made a girl cum! Fuck! I'm the man! I'm totally the man!"

"Oh, man.... Katie..... I could do this all day Katie..... Your drives me crazy Katie...I love your pussy Katie." I was sort of whispering and saying this with my lips brushing in her pussy hair and against her vagina and clit. I was so hot and so ready to cum myself I could hardly think. Her smell was driving me into craziness. Honest, I could hardly think.

I felt the bed shaking, and kinda came to a little more, and looked over. David had kept going with Allison and he was giving her another cum. She was holding his head like Katie had held mine and totally getting into pushing his face into her pussy. She had a noisier cum than Katie, with lots of loud talking to Dave about not stopping and other stuff.

I got up off my knees, and walked to the side of the bed, and put my arm under Katie and helped her scoot up onto the bed. I lay down beside her with my hard-on pressed up against her side. I played with her breasts, and sucked on the one closest to me, and fingered her some between her legs. Just really gently and I started whispering in her ear while I played with her body.

"You're so beautiful Katie...... you're so perfect....... I love your body Katie....... You're driving me crazy Katie...... You're so special...... you make me feel so special too." I said, and even more stuff like that, and I have no idea where it all came from, but it must have been the right thing to say to her because she opened her legs, and drew me over onto her. I had my face buried between her breasts, lying between her legs like that, and I took turns sucking on one and then the other of her nipples. She sucked in a hiss of breath between her teeth.

"Put your cock inside me!" she gasped.

"Baby, I'm not wearing a rubber!" I said. "You can just jack me off if you want to."

"It doesn't matter..... It's okay...... just put it in me!" she said.

I was way beyond any point where I was thinking rationally or thinking about much of anything other than getting my cum, so I inched up to where my cock head was right at her pussy lips. She reached between us and held me, and guided me into her.

I'd never felt anything like that before. All warm, and wet, and freaking hot as hell, and I kept pushing and pushing, and then I was all the way inside her, and my hair was mashed against hers, and I lowered my head and nuzzled her lips.

"Oh, God Katie...... you feel so good..." I whispered against her mouth, "You feel so good!"

I started rocking in and out of her, and knew I couldn't hold off for long. I did a few thrusts and then pushed all the way inside her and stopped for a while until I calmed down, and then a few more thrusts, and stopped. She looked up at me.

"Jeremy, take your time with me if you can, okay? I think you could make me cum again if you could just take a little time with me," she said.

Katie had her hands at my waist, and I looked down into those beautiful green eyes of hers, and I thought "Dude, if it takes everything you have to control yourself you're gonna do it, and get Katie off again, because you're the man, the man dude, and men please their women." So I pulled out, and bent far over and started gently licking and lapping at her clit, and I put my finger into her again and found that ridge. Just gently and with long laps of my tongue, then I stopped, and rose up and put my cock into her again, and stroked some, then went back to eating her, the then some more fucking. I kept alternating doing that and she kept moaning and sighing and telling me how great I was and what a great lover I was, and I swear dudes, I could've fucked that girl all day and into the night she built my ego up so much.

All the while Katie and I were busy with each other, the bed was shaking and Allison and Davey were playing around too, and somehow the two of them had got turned around at right angles to Katie and me. Once, when I was down with my mouth on Katie, I looked over at the other two, and the sight burned itself into my memory.

David was up on his knees, and had Allison's ankles in his hands, held up high and pulled far apart up in the air. She was literally hanging from his hands by her ankles. He was fucking her like no tomorrow, long strokes, and hard ones. I had a low view of his back, and every thrust into her, his ass muscles would clench, and his thighs would tighten. His balls were hanging really low, and swung back and forth with every stroke too, and I saw up into that dark place between his legs, all hairy and damp, and how thick the hair was up in there. Their bodies made a smacking sound when his hips hit her ass. What is wrong with me, God, what is WRONG with me!?!? I'm having sex with this dream girl, and thinking how fucking studly my best friend is. What the FUCK is wrong with me!

"Allison!" David panted, "Allison! I'm close Allison! I'm close!" He was fucking her a little faster, and a little drop of sweat ran down the middle of his back.

"Oh, God, God......Dave, Dave! Put your finger on me, rub it Dave, rub my clit!" Dave let go of Allison's ankles and supported himself on one hand and she wrapped her legs around him. Allison was going little pants like "Eh, eh, eh," every time Davey bottomed out into her, and I saw Davey reach between them and I guessed he put his finger on her button because about five strokes later, she yelled "GOD! YES!" and she shook and shook and had another cum! I mean holyfuckingshit! I didn't know girls could cum three times like that! Go David!

"Christ Allison, I can't hold it babe, I'm gonna cum Allison, I'm gonna cum inside you Allison!" Dave said. He was rocking back and forth on top of her, and his necklace was swinging back and forth, and he was panting, and totally hot looking. And then he lost it and shot, and grunted and panted and said "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" over and over and over again, and did all the stuff guys do when they have an unbelievable cum.

I had Katie humping my face again, and she did the hair grabbing thing, and the sit up move and I knew she was close. I kept going on her pussy with my mouth and finger, and she gasped, and shuddered again, and fell back. I knew she had cum, so I rose up and went into her with my cock. I pushed in, and pulled out, and then when I went in again I felt her pussy tighten around my shaft, and I couldn't hold it any longer.

"OH! YEAH!" I yelled. "TAKE ME!" And I went off in Katie's pussy, and I thought every drop of fluid in my body was flowing through my dick. I thought I'd never stop cumming. I collapsed down onto my elbows, and rested my head on Katie's shoulder. I felt the sweat break out on my body and Katie was hugging me hard, and pulled me all the way onto her.

"Jeremy...... Jeremy," she whispered, "That was so awesome!" She hugged me even tighter. "You let me cum again before you did Jeremy..... you let me cum again..... oh, Jeremy....thank you baby....... it felt so great..... I had a great cum Jeremy."

Lemme tell ya something you guys. You have no clue how great you feel when you hear a girl say stuff like that. I felt like I was totally the man. I had done a man's job, and held off my climax and got my girl her cum, not once but twice, and my cock was still freakin' hard as stone, and I knew, I just KNEW I could cum again. I felt it. I was so hot, and so pumped up with what Katie was still whispering to me, and I was still moving in and out of her, I KNEW I could go again. I mean it guys, you really feel like a man, even if you're only sixteen, and it was the first time for you, you just feel like you're ten feet off the ground.

I worked my arms under her, and hugged her so tight she gasped, and I said "Hold on!"

I rolled us over, together, and she got up on her knees with my cock still inside her! I reached up and gently played with her nipples, and she started moving up and down on my shaft.

"Katie?" I said.

"Hummmm?" she went, sort of dreamy. "What baby?"

"Katie, I can cum again..... if you'll let me...... okay?... I can cum again," I said.

"Okay lover, okay." She leaned over and we started making out. "Take your time, okay? Just enjoy yourself lover," she said against my lips.

I looked over, and David and Allison were watching us, and Allison looked like she was totally out of it. I guess so, cumming three times like that. Dave was looking into my eyes, and I winked at him, and he grinned. "Fuck her dude!" he whispered.

I had my hands on Katie's hips, and we were rocking together, her rising up a little and me thrusting up into her. Dave got up and walked around the bed watching us. He stopped at the foot of the bed and looked up into where my cock was in Katie's pussy, and then looked at me, and shook his head like he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He was still hard. I looked at that huge cock he has, and his heavy balls hanging in plain view under it, and how hairy he is in his crotch. The dark trail of hair up to his navel was wet with sweat and gosh only knew whose juices or what. He stretched up, and the hair under his arms showed and I thought "That is once fucking totally sexy lookin' guy!" And then I thought "Where the fucking hell did that come from?" I mean, what in God's name was the matter with me!? But when I thought those things, and looked at Dave, my cock swelled up even harder inside Katie's pussy, and it felt great.

Katie was smiling down into my eyes, and I smiled back. "God, Katie! You're fantastic!" I said, and she smiled wider. Fuck! She was SO fucking cute! Braces and freckles and that awesome hair! A dream girl, no lie. I brought my right hand up between our bodies, and put my thumb on her clit. I started rubbing it very, very gently, because I had learned that totally turned her on. She started to pant.

A shadow passed over me, and I looked up and Dave was beside us, and then he climbed up on the bed. He stood right over my head, and cupped Katie's chin in the palm of one hand and held his hard-on in the other.

"Suck me......Please Katie..... suck me" Dave said. "Please?"

I was laying on my back, my cock buried in Katie's pussy, fingering her, she was panting and I thought she was nearly ready to cum again herself, and I was looking right up into my best bud's crotch. "I am dead, this must be heaven!" I thought.

Katie opened her mouth, and started sucking on David's rod, and she was whimpering and breathing hard, and she had her hands on Davey's hips. We were all sort of moving in this united motion, and I felt a drop fall on my cheek. I looked up, I saw Davey's balls swinging back and forth, hitting Katie on the chin every stroke. I saw that hot, hairy place on him again, way up under his balls and the hair going up the crack of his ass. I saw the hair he has on his legs, and how it got denser up into his crotch.

Katie's saliva was running down Davey's cock, and onto his balls, and dripping onto my face! Oh, man! I thought this was so freakin' hot, I nearly shot off in her. We kept on, me fucking Katie and her sucking David, and after a while David gasped.

"Lemme pull out Katie.... Jesus! ....I'm gonna cum..... Katie!... I can't hold it!... KATIE!!!... Oh, shit!" Dave shouted.

I looked up again, and Dave's ass muscles clenched, and his balls drew up, and I knew he was cumming in Katie's mouth. She gagged a couple of times, and opened her lips, and his sperm ran out, and down, and fuckin' dripped onto my face! I mean, my buddy's cum was in my mouth, and I was eating it! Shit! I was tasting Davey's sperm!!

Katie started riding me faster and faster, and I rubbed a little faster on her clit, and she pulled her mouth off Davey, and looked at me, "YES!... Keep going.....Oh, Jeremy!!... Keep going..... Lover, God you fuck so great Jeremy... keep going!... I'm almost there Jeremy.....Oh, yeah, ohyeah..... ohyeah....ohyeah.." She was saying over and over, and then I felt her pussy muscles tighten up like before, and she went rigid and I thrust up into her for all I was worth, and then she cummed, and I lost it.

Feeling David's sperm dripping on my face, tasting David's sperm in my mouth, Katie getting off again, I just couldn't hold my cum any more. I blasted another load up inside her, and I think I lost consciousness for a minute.

When I sort of came to, Katie was laying on top of me, and I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her. My cock was starting to get soft, and slip out.

"That was the hottest thing I'll ever see in my life!" Allison said

"I can't believe I did that," Katie said against my chest, "I can't believe I sucked one boy off while I fucked another one."

I stroked her hair. "Babe, you're totally're beautiful.....and're just perfect!!" I whispered into her ear. She slipped off me onto her side, and I cuddled her against me. David and Allison were making out again, but not passionately, just pecking at each other's lips. I kissed Katie and smelled David's cum on her breath, and thought "My breath probably smells like his sperm too!" We kissed a little more, and Katie was drifting off to sleep. We fell into a nap in each other's arms.

David and Allison must have fallen asleep too, because the next thing I knew I opened my eyes and it was getting dark outside. I roused Katie, and she woke up like a little girl, all cute and yawning and rubbing her eyes. I stretched, and David stretched.

"Ummmmm," I went. "We're all dead, this is heaven." The other three laughed, and I laughed, and Katie tickled me. We rolled around tickling each other, and the other two joined in, and I felt more than one pair of hands on me. I realized Davey was tickling me too, and felt great that he wanted to touch me. I was laughing so hard I could hardly catch my breath.

"Oh.....Jeeze... You guys!...stop!... I give! I give up!... I GIVE!!" I gasped. And they stopped torturing me!

I sat up, and looked at the three of them. "I will never, ever, not in a million bezillion years, ever forget this afternoon," I said.

They were all like, "Yep!" and "Right on!" and "Never."

I stretched again, and I caught a whiff of my underarms "Whoa, I stink," I said. "Can I get in the shower?"

"Hey! Guys, how about a night swim and supper on the beach!" Davey asked. "Jer has tons of stuff left."

"Excellent," "Awesome," Oh, yeah, lets" we all said together. And we got back into our suits, and straightened up the room, grabbed all the clean towels out of the bathroom, and ran out the door.

The beach was fabulous, the girls were fabulous, and it was fun in a different way this time. It was just fun, not sexual. None of us seemed embarrassed or ashamed of what we'd shared together. We swam a little and washed off, and enjoyed the last minutes of the sunset together, and ate the last of the food, and drank up all our sodas, and just had the best time you can imagine. It was just FUN! Ya know? One of those very special times you know you'll remember forever.

Back at the Jeep, late in the night, we made out a little more, but it was goodbye making out, not get each other hot making out. We wouldn't see them again because of work and when they had to leave. We exchanged addresses, and email addies, and cell numbers got programmed into each other's phones, and when I told Katie I would never forget her, I meant it. And she said the same, and we kissed, and I believed her.

As it turned out, her parents ended up buying a house in Avon, and Katie and I either email or IM each other at least once a week, most times twice a week. I mail and IM Allison too, and Dave keeps in touch with them.

After we dropped the girls off at the motel, David and I didn't say much to each other on the way home. It was one of those times where words between friends weren't needed. I just enjoyed having shared that incredible experience with him, and I was still internally trying to come to grips with the feelings I had for him that were starting to go way beyond the friendship I'd always felt towards him. We got to his house, and he opened the door of the truck. He turned to look at me and our eyes met.

"It really did happen, right?" he asked.

"Yep! It really did!" I said.

"It's not a dream?" he asked.

"Nope! It really happened," I told him. And he was silent for a minute and looked down.

"Jeremy?" he said.

"Yeah bud?"

"Jeremy, this was just between us, okay? Nobody would ever believe it if we told them, okay?" he said.

"I would never tell anybody Davey. I couldn't disrespect Allison and Katie like that, and I could never disrespect you either," I said.

He let out this whoosh of air. I looked at him, all tousled haired and windblown, and had the nearly overwhelming urge to hug him.

"Thanks man," he said. "See ya in the ay em."