The small print stuff. If you have got yourself this far into the Nifty Archive you know where you are, and why you're here. This is going be a story about guys having friendships and ultimately sexual relationships with other guys, and it's also a story about guys having sexual relationships with girls, and all the mind-blowing confusion that those different levels of attraction and interaction can cause. You're not supposed to be reading this if you're not eighteen, or if it's illegal where you live, or all the other usual disclaimers. Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved. I would like to know what readers think about Albemarle Tales, both good and bad opinions are equally welcome if they're reasonably presented. Helpful and constructive criticism is likewise welcome. Please don't ask me for pictures, please don't send me pictures, please don't ask me to meet you, please don't ask me for more personal information. No, I no longer have a MySpace. School, my job, and my friends, all take up lots of my time. Please be patient if you don't receive an immediate personal reply. Deepest thanks to Josh and Michael who have become both mentors and friends.

An Albemarle Tale:

a Young Man's Coming of Age on the Tidewater,


a continuing true story that I hope will turn into a love story,

but ya never can tell, life bein' as weird as it is.




I never used to notice guys. I mean, I didn't check guys out in the showers, or on the street around town, or at school. But after what happened when David and I were making love to Allison and Katie together, when I saw him not just naked, but hot and hard and sweaty with sex, I don't know man, something happened in my head and I'm suddenly more aware of certain guys, and more aware of Dave especially. Like when I'm jacking off in my bedroom, and I'm thinking about my girlfriend Meghan, or about Allison and Katie, I get nearly to where I'm gonna cum and suddenly this picture comes into my head of Dave standing over me while I'm fucking Katie and she's sucking him off. Then I lose it totally. So I'm confused I guess, about what I'm feeling about all this.

I mean, Davey's not the greatest looking guy in school. He's nice looking, and pretty well buffed, but there's lots of guys who are "cuter" I guess you would say. Like when girls say a guy is "cute." Like our friend Ethan. He's blond, and the girls are all over him. But for me, there's something about Dave that just puts every other guy in the shade as far as thinking about messing around. I just don't look at guys that way, except for David. If I was gay, I would be after guys like Ethan or Mark, or some other way good looking guy. Wouldn't I? But Dave is the only one I think about like that.

When Dave came out of the bathroom, he got dressed pretty much like me in just shorts and a tee. Then we talked a while about school and stuff and started our homework. We wanted to get that done and over with so we could enjoy the weekend like we planned. I had a ton of trig to get through, plus a chemistry lab notebook to write up, plus French translations and grammar. I absolutely hate French.

Dave and I are doing a history project together for American History about Stonewall Jackson, my hero, and we worked on that for a while too. He is doing the biography writing mostly and I am doing the military descriptions and the maps.

Evil Sister The Elder Named Beth had a date which I will bet money Momma and Daddy knew nothing about. Beth is sort of interested in a doctor at the hospital who is Indian and that wouldn't ever go over well with the parents. Evil Sister The Younger Named Susie was staying in and having friends come over, so me and Dave went out and got pizza and had supper. Later two of Susie's friends came over and they took over the family room watching some chick flicks. Susie is way into the period of history called Regency England and shit like romance novels, and so they were watching a Jane Austin thing or something. This was fine with me since I wanted Dave alone up in my room. Don't get me wrong, I sort of like those movies too, but telling the guys that would be totally unter cool.

I just got Combat Flight Simulator 3 and David loves to play it. So we did that for a while and Dave sort of puffed out a bunch of air.

"Okay, it's official, I'm bored with this," he said. This is usually the clue that he wants to see The DVD. That's what we call it, "The DVD" or "the fuck flick."

"Well, you want to watch the fuck flick?" I asked him.

"Shit man, when don't I want to watch the fuck flick?" he told me, so I got it from where I keep it hidden from Mom and put it in the drive on the computer.

I don't have a TV in my bedroom so to watch it together, we have to sit close to each other in front of my computer. I have a desk chair and another old wood chair in my room. Friday night was the first time we ever watched it in shorts, and usually we are wearing jeans or school clothes. Our upper arms were touching and so were our knees and part of our calves. I thought I would lose it right then man, it was so hot. I could feel the heat from off his body and the hair on his leg tickling my leg hair. I closed my legs a little to see what would happen and he spread his a little more open and kept the leg contact. So I pushed back a little and shifted in my chair to scoot down a little, and he sat up a little and that moved our legs together a lot man. Then a while later into the movie, he scootched down, and I sat up, and that moved our legs and arms together even more.

I got hard right into the flick, and my cock was running down the right leg of my shorts. I sort of let my hand go there and started squeezing my cock and rubbing it a little bit. "Oh yeah, oh man fuck her hard," I sort of whispered.

I was watching the two on the screen and Dave said, "You too huh?" I looked at him, and then down at his shorts, and they were pointed right up. He was holding his cock through the material too.

"Oh, hell yeah," I said. "This flick would get a dead guy hard. I always get boned watching this."

"Shit yeah, tell me about it," David said.

The scene changed on the screen to the back of the guy, and low down on the bed so the camera was looking up into between his legs. He was up on his knees and he had her ankles in his hands and was holding them apart high in the air and was fucking her brains out. I mean this guy was totally fucking this girl. You could hear their bodies smacking together when he drove it into her. His balls were swinging back and forth and banging into her ass every stroke. It reminded me a lot of how David looked when he was nailing Allison.

"That's what you looked like fucking Allison," I told Dave, "your balls swing just like that. God that was so hot watching you get the work done on her."

Dave didn't say anything, so I said, "Your ass squeezes together like his does too, every stroke."

Dave looked at me. "Dude, we're in a bed fucking two girls, and getting sucked off, and being taught how to eat pussy, and you're looking at my balls and my ass?" he said.

"Man, it was the whole picture, you know? The whole thing man. You and me double fucking those two girls," I told him. "Besides, seeing you fuck Allison was way better than any fuck flick ever."

Dave and I were quiet for a while and the scene changed again and this time the guy was laying on his back and the girl was on his cock riding it up and down. He had his head raised up sucking on her tits. I shifted some more and our leg hair tickled together again.

David laughed and pointed at the monitor. "That's what you looked like dude! Just like that!" Dave said. "Every time you went up inside Katie your balls got tight and rose up just like his are doing."

I laughed at him and threw my shoulder against his.

"Dave, we're in bed with two girls and getting totally and completely laid and you're looking at my balls?" I said.

"Shut the fuck up asshole!" he said. He was laughing too. He pushed my shoulder with his shoulder.

"You're totally right. It was hot ya know?" he said. "Watching you fuck her like that. It made me so hot seeing you I stopped with Allison and went and stood over you so Katie could suck me. God man, when I was going down on Allison I watched your cock going in and out of Katie and it was all wet with her juice and you had your hands up on her hips pushing up inside her with your dick."

"Better than any old movie?" I said.

"Fucking right man. Fucking right. Way better," he said.

"Hey, Dave," I asked him.


"Ya know, doing that with you man, doing that with you was like watching a movie and being in it at the same time. Katie and Allison doing us both man.

"We did the work dude, that's for sure. We did all the work. That fucking Allison, she cummed three times," Dave said. "Three freakin' times!"

"Yeah, I think Katie did too. I shot twice!" I said.

"Me too," David said. "I cummed twice too. I got my second nut in Katie's mouth dude!" Dave shook his head, "I cummed in a girl's mouth!"

"Yeah man, I know," I said. "While you were standing there I was looking up and watching you. Your balls were bouncing off her chin Dave! Off her fucking chin!! I heard you cum and I lost mine inside Katie's pussy."

We watched the flick for a few more minutes with our legs touching and sort of gently rubbing together.

"Dude, can you pause this for a minute? I gotta take a leak," Dave said, and he was up and walking to the bedroom door.

"Hey, Dave! I called out to him. "Y'all can do it in here ya know."

He turned around and looked at me funny, "What, pee in here?" he said.

"God Dave, d'you think I'm stupid or what?" I said. "Every time we watch the fuck flick, and talk about fucking Allison and Katie, you jump up and run to the bathroom to pee."


"Yeah, so?" He said.

"Man, you're gone for like five or ten minutes! Nobody pees for that long Dave. You go into the bathroom and jerk off," I said.

"Yeah well, what if I'm taking a crap. Ever think about that?" he asked.

"Bullshit dude. You're in there jacking off. Know how I know? Because while you're in there jacking off, I'm in here doing the same thing," I told him.

I pulled off my tee and pulled down my shorts to my ankles and started stroking my cock.

"FUCK!!.... JEREMY... ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?? What the FUCK are you doing man?!" he yelled.

"Shut the fuck up, the girls will hear you. Just come over here and sit back down," I told him.

"Dude! Man! Jer there's no fucking way in hell I'm jerking off in front of you dude. Just no way," Dave shook his head. "Just no way Jeremy."

"Jesus Christ. You watched me fuck a girl, I watched you fuck a girl. You watched me get blown, and I watched you get blown. The fucking girls were side by side on the fucking bed giving us lessons on how to eat pussy and we were fucking doing it together man!" I told him.

I was still stroking my cock really slow. The clear stuff was coming out and my cock was pretty wet.

"So now, you get nervous jacking off in front of me?! You're fucking crazy man," I said.

I waited a few seconds and then over to him

"You know, when we were eating them out, and traded places, your spit was all over Allison's pussy, and it didn't bother me. I just dove in. So don't go all shitheaded about jacking off together man, just don't go there. You and me Dave, we got NO secrets from each other," I said.

Dave just stood there in the middle of the room. I started the DVD again and fast backtracked to the place where it showed the guy on his back fucking the girl. I knew that was Dave's favorite part. I watched for a few seconds. Then looked over at him again, and Dave was watching me, and not the screen! I mean holyfuckingshit! He was watching me!

"Dave," I said. "You gonna stand there with your stuff leaking through your shorts or you gonna join me?"

He took off his tee and held it in his hand. I could see the small mezuzah I gave him that he wears on the thin gold chain around his neck. He looked so studly.


"Jer, what goes down in the room stays in the room?" he asked me.

"Fucking right. Just us," I promised.

"You fucking well swear man?" he asked.

"Just us bro," I looked right into his eyes and I knew he was going do it! I just knew it!

"I never told anybody, not anybody about what we did with Allison and Katie, and I'm sure as shit not going to talk about jacking off with you," I said.

And then, oh shit! Oh holy fucking shit! He pulled down his shorts and sat back down and we were jacking off together!!!!

I totally forgot the flick. I was watching him. God he was so fucking hot man. I could see his hair trail and his cock hair, and the couple of hairs around his nipples.

I looked at his face and he was looking down at me jacking just like I was watching him.

"You interested in the fuck film anymore man? Want me to stop it?" I asked him.

He was like breathing hard and panting, God it sounded so hot.

"Yeah" he whispered sort of. "Yeah, fuck, this is better than the movie."

"I know man, I know," I whispered too. "Yeah, it's almost like having Allison and Katie here again, thinking about them, and talking about the stuff we did to them, and now doing this."

So we watched each other jerk off, and after a little while Dave says "Jeremy, dude, I gotta cum!"

"O hell yea man! Do it," I told him.

"Get some kleenex for me man, hurry up!" he was really breathing hard and he was really close.

"Just let it go man, just cum," I said.

He stroked a few more times, and groaned, and cum shot out of his cock up onto his belly and I totally lost it.

"Oh God, me too! Me too! Me too Dave!" I said.

I cummed so hard the first gob went up to my chest! I had never done that before when I jerked off by myself!! I thought the stuff would never stop cumming out of my cock.

We sat there holding onto our cocks and I looked over at his body, and saw all the sperm, and how some of it was in his belly button and one gob was running down the side of his hip. God we had sperm in our cock hair and everything. And fuck! The smell was unfuckingbelievable.

Our cocks were starting to go down, and I squeezed mine, and milked the dribbles out onto my belly and then sort of wiped my hand and fingers on my leg.

"Jesus," I said.

Dave laughed! "I know. God that felt great," he said. He looked over and laughed again.

"You're a Krispy Kreme donut!!" he said

I laughed too, because it was funny, and because I thought I was truly in fucking pig heaven.

"Yea, we're both glazed. Wanna shower? I asked him. "I'm not gonna wipe all this shit off on my shirt."

"You mean, like, together?" he wanted to know, sounding a little dubious.

"Well, it ain't like we got any secrets from each other anymore, is it?!" I said.

I laughed at him. He looked so fucking hot, but so fucking goofy sitting there holding onto a soft cock with cum all over his fingers and breathing hard still.

"Come on. Let's just rinse off," I said.

So we did. Holyfuckingshit! It wasn't that we touched each other or anything, or washed each other off. He stood in the water and rinsed off, and then I did. Then we got dried off.

I put my boxers back on and so did he. I got in bed and under the sheet. He knelt down on the floor and started to get his sleeping bag out of the case.

"Oh, man, just forget it. Just sleep up here," I said. I was on my side under the sheet and had my head propped up on my hand looking at him.

I figured I have this double bed and I only use one side of it, so he might as well not be on the floor. He looked up at me from where he was kneeling down and sort of shrugged.

"You don't mind?" he asked me.

"Fuck no," I told him. "It'll be like when we were little and doing sleepovers," I said. I looked at him sitting there on the floor, with his hair all tousled up from the shower. He still looked a little doubtful of the whole thing.

"It's always too much trouble with the fucking sleeping bag," I told him. "I always trip over you when I get up to piss."

"Least ways you never yet pissed on me," he said. "Guess I should be grateful, huh?"

"Yep, because I piss like I cum. In buckets full!" I was laughing. God, I was so fucking happy.

Dave started laughing too, "Fuck if you don't dude," he said. "You always cum like that? You know, do you always shoot that far?" he wanted to know.

"Oh, hell no. Watching you get off man, that was so fucking hot. I've never cum that hard, not even with the two girls. It's like now we've really done everything together," I said.

I was all wired up inside. It was a weird feeling. I was still horny as hell. I think I would have fucked a snake right then if I could have held it still.

Dave got under the sheet on the other side of my bed. He was lying on his back with his hands behind his head, so I turned onto my back too. I could see the patch of hair under his arm nearest me, and I could smell him a little. I was like half hard again, and the sheet was tented up a little.

"You know Jeremy, running with you is like running with a dog or something!" Davey said, and laughed. "You're like, perpetually horned up. Don't you ever get soft?" Dave was looking at the sheet at my waist. "You're freakin' hard again!"

"I know. Sorry man. I can't help it," I said. "I can't get Katie and Allison out of my mind."

"I sure as hell hope they come back 'cause I need pussy like you can't believe," Dave said, and he moaned like he was in pain or something. "Oh, I need pussy bad man, bad."

I sort of teased him, and pouted and said, "Aw, Joselyn not giving our hero any pussy lately? Poor boy, blue balls every date!"

"Yeah, like YOU get pussy," he said. He was looking at me, like he wanted to know.

"Are you kidding? Man, I get all I want and then some," I told him.

"Fuck. Really!?" He sort of scrunched up with his hands still behind his head and looked over at me. It looked like he believed me. It was so funny.

I held up my right hand, and wiggled the fingers at him. "Yea, from this piece of pussy."

"Like me then. Wearin' a groove in my hand every night!" Dave laughed. "You had me almost believin' you. So nothin' for you from Meghan either, huh?"

"Nope. Just me jackin' off twice a day," I said.

"Fuck Jer now you got me boned again. Shut the fuck up!" he said.

"Me!? How the fuck are your boners my problem man!? Not like I'm playin' with your dick or anything!" I raised my knee up and knocked it against his leg.

Dave kneed me back, and then I kneed him harder.

"Knock it off shit head, that hurt!" he said, and damn if he didn't put his whole leg over mine to hold mine down, and left it there. His knee was right up against my package. I thought I'd die.

I have two night tables on the sides of my bed. The two lamp shades are made from nautical charts and the lamps are really cool looking. They make this glow, and I looked at Dave with the light shining across his chest and every fine hair on his body was like glowing. I had never seen anything like that before and just stared at him.

"What the fuck are you staring at? Somethin' wrong with me?" he asked.

"Oh, no," I said. "Sorry."

"No man, why were you lookin' at me like that?" he asked again.

"The light was shining across your chest, and all the little hairs you have on your chest were glowing, like you had a light inside you. It looked so cool!" I said.

"Ya know man, you worry me sometimes Jer!" he said. But his leg was still over mine, and we were both hard. I could see the sheet throbbing with his heartbeats, like the sheet over me. I thought, "Well, see how far this goes because I might never get him in bed again."

"Hey Dave?" I said, real low.

He turned his head, "What?"

"I could go again. I mean, I could cum again," I kept my voice low. "Would you mind if I jacked again? I mean, if you want me to, I'll do it in the bathroom."

He didn't say anything for a long while and I started to worry if maybe I had crossed some kind of line. I swear, my heart was beating so hard I thought it would come out of my chest. Then he looked at me, like right in my eyes again.

"Me too," he whispered, "I could go again too."

I looked at him back, "You want to go into the bathroom this time?" I said.

"Nah, I'll just lay here and cum all over myself again! You got some kleenex this time?" He was grinning this cute grin he does when he's joking around.

"Yeah, sure. Look in the night table over there," I said and I pointed to the table next to his side of the bed.

He opened the drawer and looked inside. "No kleenex dude," he said.

"Christ," I said, "do I have to do everything?"

I rolled over, and sort of straddled the leg he had over me, and the sheet bunched up between us. I could feel his leg against my hard-on. I reached down and opened the little cabinet that is under the drawer. I couldn't quite reach the kleenex and scooted up and over his chest. I was practically laying right on top of him, and I heard him like grunt with my weight. I felt his cock press into my belly.

"Jesus Jeremy, I would have got 'em if you'd told me where they were," he said. I looked at his face, and it was like beet red. I grabbed the box of Kleenex and rolled off him.

I put the box between us and said, "There. Ready when we need it."

"Shit Jer, the way you were movin' around on me I thought I might not need the kleenex at all," he said. "Lets get going."

I pushed the sheet down off me, and he did the same. Then I raised my hips and slid my boxers down, and off. He only pulled his down to his knees. I was afraid to say anything else, because I didn't think he was comfortable with when I was laying on him. I think that was a little too much, you know? So that's why I backed off.

We started jacking off again, and we were watching each other again. I scooted up in the bed, so I was sitting against the headboard. I had like a birds-eye view of him, and my cock was right up in his face almost. We jacked off for a long while, saying shit like "Oh yeah!" and "God this feels great" and "I love jerking off." It took a while this second time, but then I could feel my cum building up. I reached between us to grab a hunk of Kleenex.

"You getting close?" he panted.

"Yeah," I whispered, "I'm right at the edge."

He got some kleenex too, "Me too. Let's go together if we can," he whispered back.

We cupped the kleenex over the heads of our cocks and started stroking again.

"O Christ Jeremy! Tell me you're ready Jer, tell me!" Davey said after a little while. He was going to cum, and panting like me. "Jeremy I can't hold it!"

"Nearly man, nearly," I grunted. I was jacking off as fast as I could, and then felt the feeling, "Now Davey, NOW!"

"O fuck me, yes! YES!" he said. And we cummed together. God, I thought the bed would shake itself to pieces. It was squeaking and everything.

Like before, I cummed very hard and this time some of my stuff leaked out around the kleenex and was running down my cock. It got all into my cock hair again. It was like beaded up in it. I could feel a stream of it running down between my balls and my leg.

I looked at David's package, and he was in the same boat I was. Cum was running into his hairs and even down the underside onto his balls.

"I'm drained man," he said. He blew out a big gust of air. "Drained."

"Thanks Dave. Man, I really needed that second cum," I told him.

"I didn't think I had anymore cum left in my balls Jeremy, but I think I went harder that time than before," he grinned at me again. "Well, anyway, that was fucking excellent."

I grinned back. "God," I thought, "I love him so much." "Totally man, most excellent," I said instead.

We got some more kleenex and finished cleaning ourselves up. Then when we had finished we just said "Night" and rolled facing the outside of the bed.

"What time should we get up tomorrow?" I asked him.

"Five," he said. So I set my alarm clock, and we fell asleep. I was still naked.

Sometime, really early on Saturday morning, like two, I was woken up by the bed shifting. I came to long enough to see Dave going into the bathroom, and hearing him pee and the toilet flush. He climbed back into bed, and pulled up the sheet and then pulled the blanket up over both of us. I don't know, but for some reason it made my heart do flips when he did that, and I got hard again.

Dave was facing me, on his side, and I waited until he was deep asleep again. I reached over and let the backs of my fingers brush along the hair trail he has between his cock and his belly button. He coughed and I stopped and waited.

When I heard him breathing deeply again, I let my fingers go into the fly of his boxers, and felt the bush of hair he has, and then I was holding onto his cock. I felt Dave up, and cupped his balls and everything. He didn't get hard but I was hard and leaking like an old rowboat. After a little while of playing with him I scooted down under the sheet and blanket and got my face as close into his crotch as I could. God, he smelled so good. Some cum smell, and that sweaty smell us guys get, and even a little pee smell from his last whiz. I couldn't take it anymore and went into the bathroom and jerked off another load of cum. Then I got back to sleep.