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An Albemarle Tale:


a Young Man's Coming of Age on the Tidewater,


a continuing true story that I hope will turn into a love story,

but ya never can tell, life bein' as weird as it is.



Saturday morning the alarm went off at five, and I don't know why I was so surprised since I was the one who set it. Dave groaned and rolled over towards me, and threw the back of his arm over my chest. He stretched and elbowed me in the ribs. I returned the favor. We elbowed each other a few times, traded a few raunchy insults as best friends do, then got up and got dressed.  I was first out of the bathroom, and went down to start coffee. He came down a few minutes later.

"Who's car?" He asked.

"Where?" I wanted to know.

"Some strange car in the driveway man," Dave said.

I looked, and saw the hospital parking sticker on the bumper and thought "Oh Beth, you little thing you, getting boffed by the Indian doctor while Momma and Daddy are away!"

Sure enough, the smell of coffee brought both Evil Sisters down, and Beth was followed by this Indian dude who looked terrific. I mean, this guy was drop dead studly good looking.

Beth looked at me. "Not one word twerp, Not ONE word!" she said.

I smiled, and put out my hand to the guy, and said, "Hey, I'm Jeremy, and this is my best friend David."

We all introduced ourselves and we all three shook hands, and Beth is like "Who are you and what have you done with my nerd like brother?"

We talked for a few minutes, and the guy seemed really cool. We invited him fishing but it turns out Hindu guys are vegetarians so fishing was right out. He eats butter, cheese and milk though, and sometimes eggs because it's the only way to get certain proteins.  But he doesn't like to eat them because eggs are actually unborn life.  Beats me, I don't believe in much of anything except just God, but if it makes him happy, I'm all for it. David and I had already finished breakfast, and we just filled the thermos with coffee, and filled the three water bottles and left.

Dave and I walked down to the pier, and loaded up our gear, and the fishing tackle and bait box, and cold box. We put out from the dock, and went downriver and around the point. It was a little breezy, and there was a chop on the Sound once we rounded the point. I was really high on life that morning, with what David and I had done together, and my sister actually acting nice to me, and just life, you know!? Just life.

The weather was supposed to be rainy but it was only overcast and partly sunny, and cold. We fished a little in the inlet to the river, but didn't have any luck. We ran up the North Coast of the Sound to the highway bridge, because that's where the sea bass feed around the pilings. It used to be a railroad bridge I think, but got converted to a state highway bridge. The wind had picked up, and the swells were fairly frequent and steep. Fortunately, Dave and me are both good sailors, so it didn't bother us any. Neither one of us are big talkers while we're out fishing. Just stuff like "Damn fish! They keep nibbling all the bait and not biting," or "Let's try over there a ways."

Sometimes you just don't need to talk, you know? Just being with somebody is enough. Like when Dave and I are together, it's like we have this silent communication thing going on sometimes. We go places together, and sometimes hardly say ten words to each other but those few are better than having an entire conversation with somebody else. I hope Dave feels the same.

We fished all morning and caught a couple of decent sized flounder and three middling sea bass. Nothing spectacular. Dave was using his special "flounder catcher" rig which is a small hook on a long leader, and the leader attached to a swivel with three split shot around the line a bit farther up. The shot weight the line to keep it on the bottom where the flounder feed and the swivels and long leader let the bait move around and wiggle. It works too. At least mostly.

The NC Marine Fisheries Police came by checking our licenses and they did a check of the boat. Dave said they were disappointed not to find beer aboard. Or weed. We decided to eat some lunch and work back into the river mouth for a while since the bridge piers didn't seem all that interesting to the fish that day. We were eating boloney sandwiches and swilling cokes, and just enjoying the day.

"It's great your dad lets you use the boat," Dave said.

"Yeah," I said. "Trust me man, he would never let me out alone, not without you aboard."

"Really? Why?" Dave asked

"Because my parents think you are a good influence on me. You get better grades than me, and don't seem to catch the shit I catch from my parents," I told him.

"Oh, I get rations of shit from the parents, and you know it too. Never fear," he said, and then was quiet for a while. "My parents think just the opposite.  They think you're a good influence on me!"

We laughed at the general craziness of parents. Then Dave said, in a much lower voice, "We weren't very good influences on each other last night!"

I looked over and he was doing that right into my eyes look he does when he's serious about shit.

"Davey, I didn't do anything I didn't want to do last night," I said. "Nothing," I said sort of forcefully. "I'm not ashamed of anything we did Dave. Like I told you man, you and me we got NO secrets from each other."

"Me neither man," Dave said. "I mean, I'm not ashamed either. was just us right... nobody else needs to know right?" He was still looking at me.

"I swore didn't I? I swore it was just for us. Our business and nobody else's," I replied. "Look, Davey.  Don't worry about what we did last night man. You know me man, and I know you. We're not gay Dave, it was just something that happened," I said.

I looked over at him and he was still doing the Radar Eyes thing like right into my skull. "You and me were horny to start with, and watching the fuck flick got us even hotter, and it just happened, okay?" I said.

"Remember what we said in your bedroom man? About what happens in the room stays there?" he asked.

"Yep. What happens in the room stays there," I promised.

"So, same for the boat? What we talk about here stays here man? I mean it Jeremy," he said, and I could tell he was serious, and I replied just as seriously.

"Same... I swear... I mean same for the boat. What ever is said or done aboard stays aboard," I told him.

I was wondering where all this was coming from and where we were going with it. I also felt a little dopey sitting there with my cock as hard as a rock in my jeans, and holding a half eaten boloney sandwich.

"When you... last night when you... you know... when you pulled your boxers down... and started jackin' off right in front of me... . . man! Oh, man... that was way wicked hot... I mean seein' another guy boned up shouldn't get me hot right?" he sounded puzzled.

"Why not?" I asked him.

"Because we're guys Jer, we see each other naked all the time man..... you know... after practice.  Even in our rooms we see each other naked sometimes..... but last night Jer..... last night was like....oh man..... I just don't know man..." his voice sort or trailed off. "It was like watching a live porn show," he said. His face was all red again, like he was majorly embarrassed.

"Look, we see each other and the other guys naked.  So what?  It's the locker rooms. It's not sexual," I said.

"Yeah, I guess," he said

"No, there's no 'I guess' about it man.  It's not sexual.  But last night when we were hard, that was sexual. We got turned on just by seeing each other turned on," I said.

"Yeah," he said.

"I mean look David, nobody wants to watch a porn movie with guys who aren't hard, right?" I asked him. "I mean, guys who are soft aren't sexual but guys who are hard, well they are sexual, you understand?" I asked.

"Yeah, sorta," he said.

"Okay, look at it this way then... when you look at the fuck flick, would it still be as hot if the guy wasn't hard?" I asked.

"Hell no," he said.

"So, what's the difference then? What's the difference if you are seeing some guy you don't know get hard in a movie, and fuck some chick, or if you see me get hard jerking off?" I asked again.

I was trying my best to explain what I was thinking. "Boners are boners Dave, and its just hot seeing another guy with a hard-on. It just is Dave," I said.

"Well it was sure as shit hot seeing you hard last night," he said.

"Yeah, and once you got into it, it was totally hot seeing you too dude," I told him. "You had like, wood of death!"

He laughed and said. "Yeah, that's me alright. Baseball bat dick."

I didn't say anything. I tossed my sandwich overboard and looked at him. I leaned back and my cock was tenting up my jeans. I just sat there for a minute. I could see him staring at me down there.

"Well," I said real low, "You want to?"

He looked up into my eyes again, and flushed. God, he was hot.

"Want to what?" he asked me.

"Jack off," I said.

He blushed even more.  "Are you hard?" he asked.

I looked down at myself, then up at him and smiled and said in my best gangster voice, "Waddayathink?"

"Me too," he said, and he stood up for me to see. His shaft was off to the side and hanging down. He rubbed his thumb up and down it a couple of times.

"So, answer the question!" I said.  I was like grinning from ear to ear!  "Oh my God! It was gonna happen again!  We're gonna be jacking off together AGAIN!!" I thought.

"What?" he asked, he looked blank, and then blushed again. "Oh, you mean jack off, huh?"

"Well duh, what have we been talking about?" I was teasing him.

"Sure, but... you know...  maybe we can go below and do it... not out here," he said. He looked around the Sound like we were the center of attention for a hundred boats. He got up and walked over to the hatch that leads down into the cuddy.

I got up and threw over the anchor, and then followed him down, and I swear I never had my pants opened that fast in my life.  He turned around and I already had mine around my ankles and was starting to play with my balls. I had my hands flat and was running the forefingers up and down in the creases between my balls, and the palms of my hands were rubbing the insides of my thighs. It felt great. I love doing that to myself. I lifted my balls up with my thumbs and my cock came up too.

"Damn!" He exclaimed. He was starting at my cock. "Do you?... I mean does it?... the precum stuff, you know?...I mean do you always make so much of it?" he asked.

I looked at myself, and fuck if there wasn't a drop of the shit hanging off the end of my cock.

"Yeah," I said, "I'm usually pretty wet." I ran my fingers up the shaft and pressed on the tube on the bottom, and more came out and the drop fell off onto the cabin sole.

"God! That's so cool!" he said. He was grinning. "I have to be hard for a while before my stuff starts to flow like that," he said.

"So," I said, "you gonna stand there all day looking at my package or we going to get some work done?"

The boat was rocking in the swell and we are both tall enough we have to duck when we're below. He unbuckled his belt and opened his pants, and the boat lurched and he fell onto one of the bunks that are on either side of the cabin. He got his jeans the rest of the way open, and then pushed his pants and boxers down to his ankles too. It was way too cold to take off our shirts, and I thought my ass would freeze when it hit the plastic seat cover. But all I could focus on right then was that guy with the sheepish grin on his face and his bone waving the air.

I sat opposite to him on the other bunk. We started jacking off, and we were watching each other do it.

"Your balls are bouncin' again," I joked with him.

"Yours are up tight again. Like always," he said. "Like a tennis ball that needs a shave!" And we laughed together.

We jacked off for a while, watching each other.

"Do you like watching me?" he asked a little shyly.

"Shit! Are you kidding!? It's like watching a fuck flick in person," I said. "In fact it's way better!"

I stroked a little and asked, "You like watching me?"

"Hell yeah," he said. "Can I come over there with you man? It was so cool last night... you know...when we were next to each other."

"Then get over here man. Better viewing," I told him. I was so hot I thought I would cum right then.

Dave got up and sort of staggered across the deck, and I know he was having trouble because of his pants being around his feet and the pitching of the Miss Betty Lou. If he wasn't so hot looking it would have been funny. He sort of sat and sort of fell onto the seat right next to me, and his right leg caught on my left knee, and when he sat his right leg was over my left one.

"Oh, sorry man," he said, and started to lift his leg off.

"Dude, leave it," I said, and I put my left hand right on the top of his thigh. "It feels good."

"Really?" he wanted to know, "You're nice and warm!"

"Glad you approve!" I said.  I opened and closed my fingers on his leg a few times, and felt the curly hair he has all over them. "You really are one hairy motherfucker," I told him.

"Glad you approve!" he said.  He looked at me and we both laughed.

We were stroking ourselves pretty fast, because it was cold in the cabin, and my ass was numb from the cold seat. It was almost a medicinal jerk off rather than passionate!

"You want to watch the fuck flick again tonight?" he asked me.

"Again? After this? Christ in tennis shoes, don't you ever get enough?" I pretended to be amazed.

"No. Never. I love jacking off," he said, "So, can we?"

"Fuck yeah! We'll watch the flick so much we'll wear our fucking cocks off jerking them so much," I told him.

"Be fun to try," Dave said.

I just grunted, because I was starting to get the feeling in my gut that tells me my cum is close.

I rubbed his thigh with my hand and opened and closed my fingers a few more times. What I really wanted to do was reach over and hold his package, and play with him, and feel his cum shoot out and get all over my fingers. But I didn't.

"Feels good Jer, you doing that," he whispered, and his breath was sort of raggedy.

"Like that huh?" I asked.

"Yeah man, totally turns me on," he said.

I brought my hand up closer to his crotch, but couldn't bring it all the way because my elbow hit the back of the bunk, and we were sitting too close together. I rubbed his thigh some more.

"Oh yeah! Oh fuck yeah! YEAH!" he said, and started to cum. I gripped his thigh.

"Oh yeah stud, get rid of that load," I said. I kept my hand on his leg, rubbing the hair and then I was there too. God, just touching his leg hair got me off. I didn't shoot as far as last night. It only went up onto my belly. I brought my right leg over and rubbed it against his leg that was between mine. God, it felt so fine! I love how he is so hairy. With his black hair and dark eyes, he is totally good looking.

When we were done cumming and squeezing the rest of our sperm out of our cocks I bounced his leg off mine, and with my clean hand I reached down and sort of pulled my pants up a little, and hobbled over to the little galley. I got some paper towels, and we spent some time cleaning up, not saying much, just stuff like "Way excellent" and "Felt great."

I hate it when sperm gets into my cock hair. It is hard as shit to get out and beads up and you never get it all. I told Dave this, and he agreed.

Then out of the blue, Davey says; "Wonder why sperm smells like this?"

I couldn't think of anything intelligent to say, so I said, "Because the smell of a guy turns girls on, and it makes them want to mate with us."

"Dude, guys don't walk around smelling like cum!" Dave said.

"No shit," I replied, "but when we were naturally naked, and running around with just hair on us, I bet the males had cum in their hair and on their cocks, and smelled funky."

"Yeah?" Dave sounded totally skeptical.

"Yeah," I said.  "I bet that's how the females knew the boys were old enough to mate, because the females knew what sperm smelled like, and when they smelled it on a boy they knew he was old enough." I thought about it for a while. "I bet something else too," I said. "I bet the females had their juice and stuff on them and that's how the males knew they were ready for fucking. Like dogs smell each other, humans probably stuck their noses up each other's crotches, " I said.

"No shit! If it would make Joselyn let me fuck her, I'd stop showering and rub jism all over me!" Dave said.  He sniffed his pits. "I smell like a guy, and Joselyn won't mate with me!" he said.

I sniffed my own pits. "Yeah, well Meghan won't mate with me either Dave, and I smell like a guy too," I replied.

"Oh dude, no. You smell WAY worse than a guy. You reek," David looked at me, and we both broke up.

"Really?" he asked. "You really don't get any off Meghan?"

"Nothing," I told him. "Not a thing except some heavy make out sessions that leave me with a steel hard cock, wet boxers and jacking off twice before I can get to sleep," I said.

I would never tell this to anybody but Dave. I don't think I would lie about Meghan and me, but I would never volunteer information. I mean, Meghan and me might not be having sex together but I would never just spread shit around about her.

Dave was quiet while we finished wiping ourselves off and getting our pants back up and buckled.  We went back up on deck and started fishing again. Davey caught two more flounder and then we turned for home. We trolled all the way, but didn't catch another thing.

"You asked me about Meghan," I said after a while fishing.

"Yeah?" Dave asked.

"Friday, her and me, we're going to movies and pizza. I'm going to try and get off first base," I told Dave.

"So, I mean, what's that exactly? You never did more than make out you told me, so now you want to do more stuff?" Dave wanted to know.

"Yeah. You know, we've been going together for a while. One time, she sort of asked to see my cock. She said she never saw one before. She just played with me a little bit, you know? Nothing else," I told Dave.

"Whoa! She touched you dude?! No shit!?" He sounded like he just discovered there really is a Santa Claus.

"Yeah, she was just curious about what guys look like and she wanted to see how balls felt and moved around in the bag and stuff," I said.

"Jesus man! That's totally more than I ever got!" Dave was shaking his head.

"Yeah, but she wouldn't do anything else Dave! Nothing! She felt me up and then nothing! She told me I was disgusting for letting my cum get on her hand, and I didn't! It was the precum stuff!" I told him.

"She thought that clear stuff was cum?" Dave asked me.

"I guess so, yeah. She's never seen cum I guess. But you know how I leak when I get hard man!" I said.

"Ya think?" Dave laughed and said, "Fucking water hose man, fucking water hose!"

"She makes out great, and gets me totally hot and turned on, then shuts it off the second I try to touch her tits or anything else," I said.

"Like Joselyn," was all Dave replied.

"Trouble is I really like her," I confessed. And I do to. I really like Meghan. "If she would just loosen up a little it would be great," I said.

"Freakin' girls. I hate `em," Dave said.

"No ya don't," I said. "You liked the hell out of Allison and Katie!"

"Yeah, I know. There must be girls like that around here. We just need to find us a pair of `em," Dave said.

"But the girls we know who are like that are the ones everybody else has fucked too. Least, they say they've fucked them," I told him.

"I bet some guys we know get laid," Dave said.

"Ya know, I'm not getting any, and you're not getting any, and I bet none of our friends are getting any either. I bet all their stories are just bullshit," I said.

"Think?" he asked.

"Think," I said. "Most definitely. Lyin' out their asses."

We talked about more stuff, but nothing about jacking off or what had just gone down in the cabin. It is like, he gets horny and hot, and doesn't mind messing around and jacking off, but once he has had his cum, he's ready to forget all about it until he gets horny again.

We tied up at our dock and unloaded the gear. There is a little hand pump there that pumps the river water up from below the dock and we use it for cleaning the fish. We just wash down the dock when we're done. It's kind of a tradition in our family that the fishermen catch and clean and the ladies cook. I grabbed the bucket of fish, and we started walking up to the house. We had talked it over while we were cleaning them, and decided we'd wrap them up and freeze them, and let my Mom know they were there.  When we got to the back porch, we heard lots of chatter and girl laughter from the kitchen, and when we opened the door we saw that both Beth and Susie were there with some friends.