The small print stuff. If you have got yourself this far into the Nifty Archive you know where you are, and why you're here. This is going be a story about guys having friendships and ultimately sexual relationships with other guys, and it's also a story about guys having sexual relationships with girls, and all the mind-blowing confusion that those different levels of attraction and interaction can cause. You're not supposed to be reading this if you're not eighteen, or if it's illegal where you live, or all the other usual disclaimers. Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.  I would like to know what readers think about Albemarle Tales, both good and bad opinions are equally welcome if they're reasonably presented. Helpful and constructive criticism is likewise welcome.  Please don't ask me for pictures, please don't send me pictures, please don't ask me to meet you, please don't ask me for more personal information. No, I no longer have a MySpace.  School, my job, and my friends, all take up lots of my time. Please be patient if you don't receive an immediate personal reply. 


An Albemarle Tale:


a Young Man's Coming of Age on the Tidewater,


a continuing true story that I hope will turn into a love story,

but ya never can tell, life bein' as weird as it is.



"Our heroes are back!" Beth exclaimed. "With fish! That solves the question of supper. You guys saved us from ordering pizza."

Beth took the bucket of cleaned fish, and said if we would filet the pieces, she would try to make Mom's fish stew. So Dave and me stood together at the kitchen sink and did the fish while the girls chopped onions, and green peppers, and potatoes, and bacon, and all the herbs and spices that Momma uses. We didn't have any fresh tomatoes so the girls used some that Mom had put up over the summer.  I don't know where y'all live who might read this, but I sure do feel sorry for you if you can't buy Old Bay Spice for fish and seafood where you live.

When we were done with the fish me and Dave said that we'd best shower, and Susie said she thought livestock got loose in the house or something the way it smelled, and we all laughed and we left to go upstairs. Dave and I did stink pretty bad what with the fish slime and bait blood and just how guys smell after a day on the water without a shower in the morning! We probably smelled like sperm too. I thought I would try something with David.

"Let's get this over fast. I'm starving. Let's do the same thing we did last night, and go in together," I said.

Davey didn't look like he was very happy with that idea, but I was acting really casual, and not making a big deal about it, just stripping down, sort of like the attitude I have in the locker room at school. I got a system, and it's if I don't look at the other guys packages or think about doing stuff with other guys, it's easier. I never make a big deal about being in my jockstrap or even naked in front of the other guys, and sometimes it's funny to watch them try not to look, and get embarrassed when they see I noticed where their eyes go.

"Come on, hurry up man," I said to Dave.

"Yeah, yeah! Jesus! You act like they're gonna eat up all the damn food before we get back down there," he said.

But he peeled off his clothes fast though, and we walked into the bathroom. I sat down on the lid of the john, and told him to adjust the water the way he wanted it, so he bent over and worked the knobs.

Oh wow! You know how, when a guy bends over, his ass crack opens a little? Well, David's opened a little and I saw his balls between his legs, and the hair up in the place between his thighs, and going up in his crack, and I nearly popped a load without even getting hard. No matter what, I'll always remember that picture in my mind. My best friend bent over, and everything he has, right there a foot from my face. I could smell him again! I could fucking smell his sweat and stuff. I wanted to put my face in there!  My fucking face! I mean, how fucking perverted is that?  I must be one sick pup. I was looking up my best friend's asshole and I thought about licking him between his legs. I'm sick. What in the hell is the matter with me!? I'm hot for girls one second and thinking about doing that to my best friend another second.

The hot water eventually got upstairs and we got in. Like the previous night, our shower wasn't sexual at all. He got wet and shampooed his hair, rinsed it and stepped back so I could do the same while he soaped up. Then we reversed positions. Once, when we were passing, I put my hands on his hips to get by and my dick brushed up against his ass cheek. But that was all.

We got dried off, dressed in clean clothes and went downstairs. Susie and Beth were making biscuits to eat with the stew from that Bisquick stuff, and soon they were ready and all six of us sat down. It was pretty neat, being the providers of the supper. Well, sort of the providers. The stew turned out great. Maybe not a great as Mom's but pretty damn close. Yummm. Fish stew, fresh biscuits and sweet iced tea, the National Beverage of The Confederacy as my Grandma would say. My Grandpa says bourbon is the National Beverage.

It was kind of fun being with those girls. They were lots older than us, being friends of my sisters, but they talked to us and we joked around and I tried to be on my best behavior and not say shit that was too stupid. Dave didn't say much during dinner. I thought one of them named Sharon might be just a little interested in me. She kept asking questions about stuff I liked and not just yakking about girl stuff like girls usually do. I was kind of flirting with her, and being real attentive like girls like. I kind of got hard talking to her at one point when she asked me about Meghan, and I remember thinking "I bet your boyfriend never has blue balls and needs to jack twice when he gets home. I sure do bet he doesn't."

 I couldn't help thinking about what she looked like naked, and even doing stuff with me. I know what to do with girls because of the fuck flick, and what Dave and I did with Katie and Allison. I think fuck flicks should be required watching for all guys and girls in middle school so they know what to do to please each other. She had on this dark blue tee shirt and it really set off her blue eyes and light brown hair. I thought she was really pretty.

We all washed the dishes together and cleaned up the kitchen. Sharon and me dried the plates together.

"Keep this up twerp and I might actually start to believe I have a real live human brother instead of a not too bright pet running around!" Susie whispered to me, which from her is a pretty good compliment. I felt great, and Dave and me said goodnight and went upstairs. Dave didn't say anything, and he's not usually quiet so I asked him if everything was alright.

"Yea, why wouldn't it be?" he said.

"Dunno, you seem really quiet tonight. Not your usual chatty self," I joked.

"Nothin to joke about I guess.  `K to play the sim?" He asked.

He put on the headphones, which we don't usually do because it excludes the other guy. I thought, "Okay, something is off kilter here" but I didn't go into it.

I have to get my French grade up to a B at least so I started to work on my translations and worked on my essay about de La Rochefoucauld while David played the flight simulator. I am getting A's and B's in everything except French and Dad is totally on the warpath about it. God, I fucking hate French! Every so often I had to tap Dave on the shoulder and ask him if he knew the French word for something, and he was very curt and abrupt.

"For Christ's fucking sakes, you want me to fucking write the fucking paper for you?" he asked me angrily, which is not like him and I was wondering what was under his skin all of a sudden. So I didn't ask him anything else and just used my big Larousse dictionary I got.

We didn't say anything for a really long while. You know, what I said about being together and not saying much about anything sort of goes here too. You get attuned to each others moods and you just know when to back off.

Suddenly he threw the controller across the carpet and took off the headphones. "Fuck," he nearly yelled.

"The Nazis win again?" I asked him.

"Fuck the motherfucking Nazis," he replied.

"So..." I started to say, but he interrupted.

"She's not going to go out with you, you do know that right?" he said. And he was doing the damned Radar Eyes thing again and his face was red.

"Who? Sharon?" I asked.

"Who else? Jeeze man! Yeah, Sharon!" he said.

"Dude, I know this," I told him. "She's what, twenty-four? She's not going to date me, I know this. God her friends would laugh her out of town dating a high school junior."

"So if you knew that why spend the whole fucking night drooling all over her?" he wanted to know.

"Man, I was not drooling all over her. She's great looking and she has a great figure, and we clicked, that's all. It was just friendly," I said.

"Whatever," David said, like real dismissive.  God, I positively hate when anybody does that to me and Dave knows it.

"What the hell is the matter with you David? Why this bullshit about me and Sharon?" I asked him. I was getting madder by the minute.

"You know, you let yourself in for disappointments with girls man," he said. "You spent a fortune dating that rich chick Michelle, and she dumped you for that guy from Christ, and then you dated Jenny and she dumped you for Pete of all guys, and now Meghan is tearing you up." He looked at me again, "Dude, don't fall for this older chick, it just ain't gonna happen man."

I am not usually at a loss for words but this kind of floored me. "Was Davey jealous of Sharon? It's all I can think of. Was he glad Meghan and me were maybe breaking up? Was he jealous of Meghan? Was he jealous of my being interested in Sharon? I mean look, I know Sharon would never go out with me or anything but why was Dave so pissed off about it?" All these thoughts sort of swirled through my head all at once.

"Dave, look man," I said. "Thanks. Really. But I know this is not in the cards with Sharon. She was just nice looking and seemed to like talking." I told him.

Then I don't know what came over me but I said, "I'm about ready to swear off girls totally anyway."

"Dude, man, let's not get carried away here, okay?" Dave said. Then he laughed, and whatever had been the matter evaporated. Just like that. Poof! I'm still trying to figure all that out.

So I stopped working on my French shit, and we started to play flight simulator. We did that for an hour or so, and didn't realize it was so late. After one battle sequence, we sort of stopped playing for a few minutes.

"Jer, look, I'm totally sorry for jumpin' in your shit about Sharon," Dave said.

"Its OK Dave, really," I told him. "You were concerned about me, that's cool."

"Well, I'm sorry," he said, and he looked sorry too.

"Davey, it's cool!  We're cool! Everything is cool!" I said. "Now stop

worrying about it!"

I stood up and stretched really high and then linked my hands behind my head, and twisted my torso around a few times. I yawned and looked down at him sitting on the floor.

"So?" I asked and raised an eyebrow.

"So? So what?" he said.

"I thought you wanted to watch the fuck flick again tonight," I said.

Davey didn't say anything. He was looking at the screen and just sitting there. I thought maybe I had gone too far when he took a deep breath.

"Sure," he said.

He got up, and I saw his pants pushed out a little down his left leg, and I thought he was getting hard already. I was hard but it didn't show because I had run through all my boxers and was wearing an old pair of tightie whities. We moved the two chairs into position in front of my PC and I got the DVD out.

I popped the disc in and did the routine to spin it up and play it, then pulled my tee shirt off and dropped my pants and briefs all at the same movement and stepped out of them. I threw my clothes up on the bed. Davey was staring at me like I was from another planet. I was hard and wet, and my cock was sticking straight out.

"What?" I asked.

"Jer, we haven't even started watching the flick and you're bare assed naked!" he said.

"No secrets, remember?" I said. "What goes down in the room stays in the room, remember?" I continued. "David look, you know this is going to end up with us jacking off again, so don't act like you don't want to do it as much as I do," I said.

"But . . ." he started to say.

"Dave, you can do whatever you want, but I'm getting comfortable, and this time I'm going to take my time cumming, and if that grosses you out dude, then go back to the video game," I said.

I walked over to the nightstand, and got out my bottle of unscented body lotion that I use to jack off with when I'm alone, and the box of Kleenex. I put both next to the computer.

"Well?" I said. I looked right into his eyes, like he does to me, and he blushed and looked down at my cock.

"Yeah, what the fuck," he said quietly. HHHHe shrugged and took off his shirt, and pulled down his pants and stepped out of them. He was as hard as I was. He looked just perfect.

We sat down and I pushed the play icon, and leaned back and started running my hands up and down in the creases of my thighs where my legs join my crotch. I let my thumbs run along the bottom of my shaft as I leaned back, and then over my balls, and through my cock hair. I moved my left leg so it touched Dave's right one and he didn't pull his away. I kind of moved my legs open a little and then closed a little, so our legs would rub together. He kept contact and let his legs go open wide so his was resting on mine. I pulled my balls tight with my left hand and my cock stood straight up and I put some lotion on it. I smeared the lube around a little and stroked some, with long full shaft strokes and twisting my hand around as I went up and down.  Then I went back to my hands in the sides of my groin and my thumbs playing with the package. I brought my thumbs and fingers together around my package with my thumbs in my cock hair and my fingers under my balls, and made everything stand out. I heard Dave sort of gasp. I looked over at him. He was looking at me play with myself, not at the movie.

"Hmmm?" I raised an eyebrow again.

"Man, you really get into it don't ya?!" he said.

"Anything worth doing is worth doing well," I said.

Dave started to copy my motions, and I thought that was really hot looking, then he used his fingers to make a tight collar for his package like I did. He has larger balls than I do, and they hung over his fingers. Mine sort of get high and tight so they sit right at the base of my shaft. Like Dave said, like a hairy tennis ball. Maybe like a peach with brown hair on it, since you can still see the lumps the two balls make inside the pouch.

I took my cock into my right hand and stroked a few times, and ran my left hand up and down my thigh, then cupped my balls. I ran my left thumb over the sack and felt my hair there, and watched as Dave sort of did the same thing. I remember thinking if only I had the guts to tell him how I feel about him, I'd be playing with his balls instead of my own.

I kept our legs together, and kept feeling his leg hair against mine. That is so freakin' hot I think. I thought "Oh well what the hell" and dropped my left leg and levered the knee under his thigh and hoisted his right leg over mine.

"What are you doing Jeremy?" he said.

"You liked it on the boat man, thought you might like it here too," I said.

He looked at me, like he was confused, and then shrugged again. I felt his leg relax and settle onto mine.

"Yeah," he nodded a little jerkily. "Yeah," he said again. "Feels cool."

"You liked this too Davey," I said, and put my left hand on his thigh. I rubbed it a little more than I did out on the boat that afternoon. I felt the crisp black curly hair he has all over his legs. Looking at them drives me nuts. I rubbed up and down his thigh, each time going just a little bit farther up and down.

We were still stroking, but slowly, not jerking off, but stroking our cocks. I finally got my hand up to the point where his thigh joins his torso, that little shallow valley there that the pelvic bone makes on guys.

"Oh man!" he whispered. "Oh man! Jeremy, that feels so awesome."

"Like that?" I whispered back. What is it about whispering to somebody that is so freakin' sexual? When his voice drops low, or gets that tremor in it, or he whispers, I get chills man.

"Oh yeah! I totally like that," he said. 

I kept rubbing his leg, and moving my hand up and down, and also in towards the inside of his thigh. I felt his muscles tighten under my fingers the closer I got to his crotch. I brought my hand up all the way down inside his thigh, and my little finger went all the way into the crease between his balls and his leg.

"Jesus!" he whispered. "You're drivin' me crazy."

"Good!" I grinned. "How about returning the favor man?" I asked. I kept my hand right up in his groin, I mean, right up in there. I moved it back and forth and felt his balls rub against the back of all my fingers. It was hot and damp up in there, and I thought about what he smelled like there, in that secret place.

He changed hands on his cock, and reached over to my leg. He rubbed the middle of my thigh a bit.

"This doesn't feel right man. Two guys doing this to each other Jer," he said. "God, you're nearly feeling me up Jeremy!"

"It's only the two of us Davey. Just us. Nobody else," I said. I looked up at him and met his eyes. He looked away and blushed.

"Dave, if you're not comfortable touching me like I touch you, then don't do it man, just stop." I said. "But I like touching you dude. I like seeing you get hot."

"Look... Jer.. .. I.. . Jer I've never done this with another guy... jerking off in front of you... . that's hot I admit... doing that with you man.. . that's hot." He was stammering and red faced, and I pushed him a little.

"Davey, it's just you and me. Just you and me here," I whispered to him. "You like me doing this, right?" And I rubbed his balls with the backs of my fingers. He sucked in his breath.

"Yeah," the whisper was so faint I could barely hear it. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I like it man."

"Then relax and enjoy it," I said. "Touching you up in there gets me hot man. Wicked hot."

I looked back down at his package, and he was wet too by then. But his strokes were awkward.

"Having trouble doing it left handed?" I asked.

I got that sheepish grin of his again, "Yeah," he said. "Doesn't feel right!"

"Okay man, let's change seats," I told him and started to get up.

"Whoa, dude, what? Change seats?" He said.

"Sure," I said. "I can jack off left-handed, no problem. I change hands all the time when I'm doin' myself. If we change seats we can each use our free hand on the other guy!" I got that dumbfounded look again from him.

"Jesus Davey, just do it!" I said.

So we got up, and untangled our legs and he leaned over the computer table and I inched behind him, and when I did my cock wiped a big smear of precum straight across his ass. It looked like a snail had walked across him. I giggled.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"I just dragged my cock across your ass and left a snail trail!" I said.  I took the flat of my hand and wiped it across his butt cheeks. He was hairy there too, and it felt good to touch him there. I wiped a little more than was strictly needed!

We sat down in the different chairs. "Ready?" I asked him.

"Yea, I guess so." He sounded a little skeptical of the whole thing but he was hard as a stone and the end of his cock was glistening. Like mine.

I levered my right leg under his left one, and he raised his to let me get farther under this time. I got my hand right up into his groin as soon as I sat down and started rubbing him. His balls hug down, not like mine, and I sort of arched my hand so I could feel them better against the backs of my fingers again.

"Shit Jer!" he said. "Feels great!"

He put his hand on my leg, and sort of rubbed it. I'm no way as hairy as him, and my leg hair is light brown and fine and mostly on my lower legs. I hope I grow more because I think leg hair on guys is totally awesome and sexy as hell.

"Davey, please man. Please bring your hand up and touch me like I'm doing you. Please," I asked him. We locked eyes for an instant before he looked away, and blushed again. "Please Dave, make me feel good too man!" I said.

"Jeremy... oh man... I'm sorry dude... I'm sorry. . ." he said, and swallowed hard. "I just. . . . I can't. . . .Oh God. . . Jer I can't touch another guy's balls man. . . I just can't. . ."

"It's okay Dave," I sighed, and felt let down, but lucky to have what I had so far. "If it freaks you out dude then forget it," I said.

I was slowly stroking, like before, only now with my left hand. He was going slow too. I kept my hand right up in the hair on the side of his ball sack. On the insides of his thighs the hair is really thick and longer, and up in that place under his sack it is totally dense. I pushed my hand far down and wiggled my fingers under his balls in that tangle of damp hair. This is going to sound totally sick but I wanted in the worst way to pull up my hand and sniff my fingers. I thought again what it might be like to put my face up under his package, and lick him there. Salty from his sweat and funky. When I wiggled my fingers again he groaned. I couldn't believe I was actually doing this with him.

"Oh man, Jeremy. You do that again and I'm gonna cum," he whispered.

I pulled my hand up and almost out of the crease. I moved my little finger up over his balls, and he gasped again. Then I felt it! I felt his hand moving up my leg! 

"I guess fair is fair Jer," he said as his fingers found that same place on me. That place up beside my balls. I know I was wet up there, I always sweat in my crotch. I hoped it wouldn't turn him off too much, or gross him out so he would take his hand away. He even moved his little finger over my tight balls like I had done to him.  I returned the favor at once! He groaned again.

"Dave," I whispered, "this is so totally excellent."

"I know man, I know," he said.

"Dave, I don't know if I can hold back too much longer man," I said.

"Me too Jer. Its all I can do not to let go," he replied.

"Let me know when you're ready to cum, okay?" I said.

"Well dude, I'm there!" he gasped. "Oh man Jer, I'm ready," he said.

Then I don't know what came over me, but I turned my hand around and cupped those huge balls of his, and closed my fingers around them.

"Jeremy!" he said loudly, and cum flew out of his cock. I mean it flew out man. "Jeremy! Shit man! What are you doing to me!?"

I pulled on my best friends balls a little, and thought how great it was to feel them in my hand while he cummed all over himself. When he was cumming, Davey squeezed my thigh, right up next to my balls, and I lost it.

"Davey, yeah! Davey, oh man Davey, I'm cumming too man," I grunted, and then my cum happened, and I shot my load up on my belly again.  I felt awesome.

We were both panting like we'd just run the mile relay, and I was still holding onto his balls and he was still squeezing my upper thigh with the backs of his fingers against my sack. He let go of his cock, and it fell against his belly and there was a puddle of sperm there, and more was still leaking out of him. God you just can't understand how hot this whole scene was. The bedroom just smelled like sperm. Sweat and sperm. Guy funk. I was high. I was actually high on the smell and the emotion of holding my buds testicles while he let loose a gusher of boy juice. He let go of my leg.

"Um, Jeremy? he said.

"Hmmm?" I sort of muttered from somewhere in my haze of cum induced high.

"Jeremy, dude! You're still holding my balls man!" he said. "Dude! Maybe not quite so tight!"

I guess I came to long enough to let his sack go, because he blew out a breath of air, and got up and went into the bathroom. He shut the door, so I knew he needed to be private and not just pee or clean up. I need some time too, to think about what I had just done to him. "Did I push too hard? Had I been selfish and wanted him to do more than he could handle? Would this ruin our friendship?" My mind was in that whirl again.  I mean, I grabbed and held onto my best friends most personal and private body parts!

I went to reach for the box of Kleenex, to start wiping up the ocean of sperm I had all over me when I saw a huge glob of it on my right forearm.  It had to be his. It had to be. I saw all of mine shoot out, and none of it hit that part of my arm.

I didn't think twice. I scooped all of it up with my left thumb and pointer finger and put it in my mouth. Sick. Perverted. Eating my friend's spunk. I rolled it around on my tongue. I let it mix with my spit and rolled it around some more. I breathed out some air and sniffed my own breath, and smelled Davey in my mouth. "This is what he would taste like if you had the guts to suck him off," I thought. And right then, I wanted Davey's cock in my mouth more than anything. Usually, right after I cum I lose interest in sex for a while, but not Saturday night. Having his sperm in my mouth kept my cock ramrod hard and straight. It was like being underneath him again while Katie blew him. I could have worked off another load right then, I swear, just from tasting him. God, I can't believe I just wrote that. I'm hot for Meghan one second and thinking about giving my best friend a blow job the next.

I swallowed. The taste lingered, and I savored every drop of it. Like a guy who tastes wine, only I didn't spit Davey out like wine tasters do. I swallowed again.

My cock was resting against my lower belly. It was coated with my sperm and my hair was wet with it too. I needed a shower.

I walked over to the bathroom door and saw that it wasn't closed all the way. I peaked in the narrow crack, and David was sitting on the lid of the john and he was staring into space, not moving or doing anything! I felt so bad right then, like I had forced him to do something that had made him sick with himself. I felt like dirt. Really I did. Really. You can think I am an animal because I lust after my best friend, and think about sucking him off and licking his ass crack, but I do have a conscience, and right then I would have given anything to be able to turn back the last hour on the clock. My cock had totally deflated as soon as I saw him.

I knocked on the door really gentle.

"What?" he asked.

"Davey, can I come in for a sec?" I said.

There was a real long pause, and I knocked softly again.

"Please?" I whispered with my mouth at the crack of the doorjamb.

"Yeah," he said. He sounded resigned. Like he had given up.

I went in and sat on the edge of the tub. We were both naked, and we both were smeared with sperm still and it was starting to get runny like it does, and it was running all down into our cock hair and everything.

"I'm sorry David," I said as softly as I could. "I'm so sorry."

"For what Jer?" he said.

"Dave, I'm sorry man. I let myself get carried away... I should never have touched you like that... I'm sorry," I told him.

He looked up at me, and his eyes were bright and wet. He shook his head.

"No," he said. "I liked it."

He looked at me for a few seconds and then blushed and dropped his eyes.

"When you held me... you know... when you held my balls Jer, it put me over the edge," he said. "Nobody ever touched me down there before... only me... and I really liked the way it felt."

"Really?" I asked very quietly.

He was silent for a while, and had his head down, and then he nodded. Little short jerky nods, but he nodded.

"Davey, when you touched me up there, it was like electricity was going through me," I told him.


We were quiet for a while, and just sat there not looking at each other. Part of me was embarrassed and part of me was elated and part of me, just a little part, was ashamed because I had caused my best friend so much confusion.

"Davey?" I whispered.


"Davey tonight was better than when Meghan played with me, just having you touch me up there," I whispered again. "Just doing that with you was awesome."

We just sat there for another little while.  I got up and turned on the hot water, and when it was ready I got into the tub. Before I drew the curtain, I looked at him, and he was looking into my head again with the Radar Eyes.

I put out my hand to him, and said "Get in here stud. Let's get washed off."

He looked at me for a few more seconds, then reached up and grabbed my hand the way guys do with the palms inwards, and I hoisted him up and he stepped into the tub. I pushed him under the stream of water. He stood there facing the wall away from me with his head bent and his shoulders slumped down. Just letting the hot water run down his back. I grabbed the soap and the big loofa thing that the girls have in there, and started washing his back.

"Ummmmmmm," he moaned.

"Feel good?" I asked quietly.

"Oh yeah!" he said. He raised his head and let the water hit him in the face.

"Sprish fursh shish sah spheresh shusrrush shoell," He said.

I giggled, and grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his face out of the water.

"What?" I said

"This sure is a full service hotel!" he said. "Sex and shower, with back wash, no extra charge!"

We both completely broke up. We were laughing so hard I wonder we didn't fall and break an arm or something. I think it was at that precise moment I finally admitted to myself that I loved him. Way more than just my best friend.

When we had calmed down a little, I handed him the soap and loofa and we switched places and I got my back scrubbed.

We lathered up the rest of our bodies, and washed off, then rinsed alternately. I looked at him, and he was picking stuff out of his pubes.

"What are you pulling out of there dude? Bugs?" I said.

"Shut up asshole!" he said, back to his old self. "The cum turns to this jelly shit when water hits it. I can't get it out."

"I know. I just let it dry then it brushes out," I said.

"Cool," he said, and we got out of the tub and turned off the water.

We got dried off and walked back into my bedroom. It smelled a little funky but not terrible. I got into bed naked. David didn't say anything but hesitated at the middle of the room looking at his sleeping bag and then over to me.

"Get in here for chrissake so we can get some sleep," I said, and I pulled the down the sheet on his side of the bed.

David climbed in. "Whoa! Brrrr!!" he said. He was naked too.

"I know. It's cold in here," I said.

And it really was. The bed was like ice. My Dad is constantly bitching about the amount of energy it takes to heat our house, and what it costs, and turns the heat off as early in the year as he can. We have four fireplaces downstairs, and we use them in the season between the really cold damp weather and the hot weather.

"Hey Jer! Remember when we had sleepovers, how you and me would get the bed warm?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah! I remember!" I said. I scooted over to him and he scooted over to me, and we put our backs together in the middle of the bed. Suddenly I was eight years old again, and Davey and me were in this same bed, but without the Spider Man PJs!

"Oh dude! Much better! You're like sleeping with a fucking furnace!" Dave said.

"Ummmmm," I said. I was nearly asleep. It had been one fucking hell of a day, all things considered.

It felt like from a great distance, I heard him whisper "Jeremy?"

"What bud?" I whispered back.

"Remember out on the boat, you said you weren't ashamed of anything we had done?" he whispered.

"Yep, and I meant every word too," I whispered back.

"I meant it too Jeremy. `Night." he whispered.

I reached my hand back and put it on the top of his hip and brushed the little hairs he had there. "'Night stud," I whispered, and went to sleep. I don't know if there was a smile on my face, but there sure as hell should have been!