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Andrew walked to his front door, anxious to greet Zach, who was quickly becoming his best friend. Besides the fact that Andrew and Zach had quite a lot in common, Andrew really loved looking at his friend's body. After discovering his homosexuality when he had just turned 11, Andrew had enjoyed looking at other guys; and jacking off to downloaded movies of them having sex.

Unfortunately for him, he had not been able to find any friends who were gay, and was not ready to come out himself. At 16, he still hoped sometimes that his life could be more normal and he would wake one morning to find that he really wanted to fuck girls; not guys. With Zach, he had found someone who, although not out as gay, was slightly effeminate and very sexually attractive. Zach's black hair, spiked slightly, framed a smooth, sexy face with green eyes that seemed to taunt Andrew.

Zach had well-defined pectoral muscles with large nipples. He also sported a very attractive six pack with a slight trace of hair following the trail from his belly button into his bush. And inside his Abercrombie shorts, covered by the thin fabric of his boxers, was a cock that Andrew really wanted to see. Throughout the years he had known Zach after the two had met via another friend, Daniel, Andrew had gotten several glimpses of Zach's dick, now surrounded by black pubes.

Several times he had seen the beautiful dick while swimming or wrestling, but lately he had seen it during his nightly raids into the forbidden territory. That was what he planned to do tonight; while Zach slept Andrew would wait, and when run his hand down his friends pants to let loose the cock he so wanted. Tonight his parents were staying with his dad's parents, so he could have a lot freedom.

He wasn't bad himself, he thought as he checked his appearance in the mirror, his blond hair, spiked messily above his blue-eyed face, corresponded well with the light skin and thin, wiry frame. Andrew was fairly buff as well; he had smaller nipples set in good pecs and very well defined biceps and abs. He also had a nice cock, seven inches with a cut head set above nicely hairy balls. He grabbed his crotch and mouthed, "Hey Zach, you look hot, wanna fuck?" then laughed at himself and opened the door.

Zach was waiting outside, his shirt drenched with sweat from lacrosse practice. His nipples were hard and his hair hung down on his face, surrounding his tired smile. "Hey Andrew. Wuzzup?" he said, walking in through the door.

Andrew smiled back, resisting the urge (only just) to grab at Zach's nipple through the shirt and yell, "Whistle!" Instead, he said, "Hey," and closed the door behind Zach.

Zach dropped his bag in Andrew's room, and then turned to Andrew to ask to use the shower. Andrew grinned. "Sure man, I can wait. You need clothes?" Zach shook his head. "Nah, I brought a change. I'll just be a few minutes." He walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. Andrew berated himself for not spending money to install a camera in the bathroom. He laughed at the idea, and walked in his room. He lay on the bead after closing the blinds and rubbed his dick through the shorts, feeling it harden.

Andrew didn't notice Zach stick his head into the room, a smile on his face, his hair dripping wet. He realized together that Zach was naked, and that Zach had seen him rubbing his cock. Andrew put the second one aside for the moment, and walked out of his room, making sure to catch a glimpse of Zach's cock, half hard, between his legs.

Andrew opened a closet, took out a towel, and turned to see Zach's ass for a second before the bathroom door shut again. He handed his friend the towel around the closed door, and grinned to himself. Zach had been smiling as he watched Andrew's hand rubbing at Andrew's cock. He would have to find a way to use that.

When Zach left the shower, he looked cleaner and more awake, his hair freshly spiked and his face clean. Andrew smiled to see the pecs pushing into the shirt and the shorts hanging off Zach's ass. The two walked into the living room, Andrew doing a pull-up as he walked under his pull-up bar. After fucking around outside for a while, the friends went online, to try to find some porn. Andrew didn't mind straight porn, especially when it wasn't lesbian and showed guys getting sucked off.

Andrew smiled to himself as he noticed his friend getting a slight bulge in his shorts. Zach seemed to feel eyes upon his crotch, since he moved into a position where it was less visible. Unfortunately, the scene they had downloaded ended much too quickly, and the rest of Andrew's porn had been recently wiped out by a computer virus. They set several new files on queue to download, and walked - after adjusting their pants with sidelong glances to each other's boners - to Andrew's room.

There, they quickly lay out some stuff for them both to sleep on, as the floor wasn't exactly soft. Andrew claimed that he didn't want to be rude to his friend by sleeping above him, but he had ulterior motives. After this was set up, Zach posed a question to his friend. "Wasn't Justin coming over?" Andrew grinned. Justin was another of their friends, also very attractive. Justin worked out at a gym and was very well muscled and had a nice amount of hair growing on his chest and armpits. Justin, however, wasn't coming and Andrew told Zach that. Justin, although Andrew thought he could be gay, would only be an obstacle in what Andrew planned to do during the night. Zach smiled and, before Andrew could respond, grabbed at his pec under the shirt. "Whistle!" he yelled in triumph.

Andrew groaned and they started to wrestle, trying to grab at the other's nipples through shirts that quickly became damp with perspiration. As they wrestled, Andrew managed to maneuver in such a way that his cock was being pressed into Zach's leg. Although neither let on, Andrew knew that Zach was definitely noticing his cock.

It wasn't until a couple of moments later that Andrew knew just how well he was doing. Zach, being stronger then his friend, overpowered Andrew and soon Andrew could feel something hard pushing against his thigh. It took him a moment, but as soon as he realized what it was, and idea formed in his mind. Andrew squirmed out of his friend's hold and grabbed at the hard cock. Zach moaned, letting his grip go as soon as he felt Andrew grabbing him. Andrew smiled at the sound, but then was smacked by Zach's hand. "What the fuck are you doing, bitch? Are you gay or some shit like that?"

Since Zach wouldn't say anything, neither would Andrew. He hated the way that society forced homosexuals to be closeted, but still felt the pressure. "Sorry man, you were hurting me." He paused for a sec to feint heavy breathing. "Fucking A, man, what the hell was that?"

Zach laughed at him, and they pretended nothing had happened. At maybe three in the morning, both teens went to sleep, talking about how much they ostensibly wanted to have sex with one girl or another.

Andrew slept only lightly, and woke up again at 4:30 to hear his cat scratching at the door to the room. He lay silent for a minute, until the cat left, and then crawled over to Zach's sleeping body. Zach lay spread eagle, luckily enough, the blanket thrown off his body in the heat that pervades most nights in Florida. His low, steady breathing assured Andrew that his friend, a deep sleeper, was out cold.

Andrew lay next to his friend and stretched a trembling hand out to lightly rub his friend's pec. He felt his cock grow hard in his boxers, and reached his other hand to move it slightly to a more comfortable position. He lightly moved his hand from Zach's pec down to his friend's waistband.

Andrew slid his hand under Zach's shirt, and rubbed the soft skin over his stomach muscles. Checking to make sure Zach still slept, Andrew leaned down and lightly licked his friend's belly button. He loved the taste, but wanted to move farther on. His hand slid to Zach's boxers, and he slowly moved his hand under the waistband, taking care not to hurt Zach. He felt his hot friend's pubes, and moved his hand down further to feel the base of his cock.

He moaned softly when he felt it, partially hard, and then carefully pulled back the fabric of Zach's boxer shorts. He lightly pulled it back until Zach's cock was completely visible in the dim light of the room, and then tucked the band under Zach's balls, rubbing the lightly hairy underside of the cock. Then, again checking to see that Zach was asleep, he leaned forward and licked Zach's balls, feeling the bumpy hairs and tasting the slightly salty sweat.

Andrew moved his head, and engulfed Zach's cock, enjoying the feel of hair rubbing against his lips. He went on like this for some time, before deciding that he needed to stop. Unfortunately, despite the time spent licking his friend's cock, dreams had stopped it from growing to its full length of what Andrew suspected - and hoped - to be 7 and a half inches. He pulled Zach's boxers back up, and then walked softly into the bathroom, rubbing his own 7 inch cock.

As he jacked off, looking at his hot reflection in the mirror, he imagined that Zach was fucking up the ass, his balls slapping against Andrew's ass, and his cum spilling into it as well, and as he imagined this, he came into his own hand and licked it off.

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